Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 20
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 20
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B-4--1NDEPENDENT.PRESS.TELEGRAM Lens BHCA, cilil., Sunday, July 11, mi MEDICINE AND YOU ? Clothespin Aid to Nosebleed (Prepared in collaboration with George X. Trimble, M.D., medical education director, Memorial . Hospital of Long Beach.) Stamps With Recipes Add Awards Presented High Interest to Contest By BEN ZINSER One good first aid measure for persistent nose bleed, believe it or not, is to attach an ordinary, spring- F controlled clothespin to the patient's nose. \t The advice is that of Dr. Albert P. Seltzer in the * doctor's magazine Consultant. j£ Place a piece of gauze on the nose and apply the \ clothespin over the gauze, he suggests. Leave pin in place for about 20 minutes. The procedure works for nosebleed not severe enough to warrant packing of the nose. * * * ARE YOU apt to faint when you donate blood? Dr. David T. Graham of the University of Wisconsin studied 414 consecutive blood donor' and came up with these findings, reported in the journal Circulation: The younger a donor, the more likely he'll faint. The higher his pulse rate at time of donation, the more likely he'll faint. And a donor who admits to anxiety is more than twice as likely to faint as the one who denies he's anxious. Among the 414 studied, 15.2 per oent fainted. * * * GALLSTONES occasionally disappear of their own accord, comments the British Medical Journal. Seven cases of spontaneous disappearance of gallstones have now been reported in medical literature, an editor of the journal discloses. Although recorded cases are few, such spontaneous disappearance probably is not unusual. Gallstones are very common, the report continues. And about half of all cases display no symptoms. Surgery is required when stones became impacted in gall bladder passages or when the gall bladder becomes inflamed. Evidence that gallstones can be dissolved by medical treatment is only theoretical, the journal says. * * * I LONG-TIME EXPOSURE to snuff can result in cancer of the mouth or gums, report Drs. Jerome J. ' I-andy and Harold J. White of the University of Arkansas Medical Center in Little Rock. i In the past 10 years the physicians have seen mouth cancer in 25 women who had been snuff-dippers for 20 to 50 years. Average age of the patients: 67.5 years. The exact chemical nature of the cancer-causing ingredient in snuff is not yet known, the doctors say in the American Surgeon. * * * PUBLIC HEALTH officials think that eight cases of human infectious hepatitis in Florida can be traced to a group of infant chimpanzees imported from Liberia for medical research purposes. Five of eight women lab workers assigned to play with the chimps developed hepatitis, a virus-caused liver inflammation. In addition, the project director and his assistant, both of whom had only casual contact with the animals, were afflicted. The eighth victim was a university student who visited the lab and handled the chimps. Researchers say they ruled out water, milk, food and medical injections as a possible source of transmission of the disease. * * * EXCESSIVE CRYING by a baby may sometimes be caused by the persons about him, says Dr. J. J. Slavens, teacher of pediatrics at the University of Toronto. It may possibly be due to his parents' method of managing him, he says in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Glynis Johns OK After Surgery HOLLYWOOD (CNS)--Bri- tish actress Glynis Johns Saturday was reported in satis factory condition following minor surgery for an undisclosed ailment. The surgery was performed by Dr. Paul Steinberg of Beverly Hills at Cedars of Leban on Hospital Friday. By MILDRED K. FLANARY (. P-T Food Editor WHICH IS WHICH? One could ask--"which are the most interesting, the recipes vhich are being sent in for he 7th Annual Cook Book ontest, or the stamps which iring them to us?" Quite a t u r a l l y , we'd say the ecipes--but the stamps are IEALLY something! Each ells its own story. They ange from the battle at "Fort Sumter" to "Boy Scouts of America," the "Winter Olympics," "World Refugees," 'Range Conservation," and .he "Kansas S t a t e h o o d " stamp, graced by a huge sun- lower, to mention but a few. Today, however, we're interested in reminding you that the deadline is nearing, so hurry and get your recipes in the mail. You have just one more week ·--· they must be postmarked by midnight of July 23. * * * + THERE ARE a few classifications in which YOU might top 'em all. For instance . . . there's "Ways with Eggs"-suggestions for "quantity Cooking"--"Dietetic Dishes" --"Game Cookery," "Leftovers" and of course "Flaming Foods"--such as elegant chafing dish recipes, desserts .flanibe, and, cakes and puddings, all "lit-up" with brandy. Why not whip-up your own imagination and send in a good one? Flaming foods speak true hospitality, you know! There are two wonderful grand prizes--$100 worth of bakery goods from Helms Bakeries Co. delivered by your Helms man, and a de luxe Gaffers Sadler automatic gas or electric range. There are three cash prizes in each category, as well. Members of 3G local women's and two men's clubs will do the preliminary judging. After they select the best recipes submitted in the 38 classifications, the clubs will then send their choices to a committee of five graduate home economists who will select the winner and the second and third place recipes in each. Apprentice Winners in the third annual late apprenticeship contest-a n d t h e first e v e r h e l d i n Southern Califo:iiia--were announced Saturday night at a sanquet in the Hawaiian Res- :aurant. Vern L. Doimage won the carpentering award and James L. Posey the mill-cabinet making prize. Both were winners in the regional contest held in San Diego. Host for the state contest was the Long Beach City College Business and Technology Division, where the competition was held Thursday and! Friday. Charles M. SanfordJ chairman of the sponsoring committee, made the presentations. HAVE YOUR OWN HOME by summer! You will find the home of your dreams in "Homes for Sale" in Classified, the town's marketplace of available property. to compete in the national district championships against winners from 11 w e s t e r n The winners are scheduled 1 states at Reno Aug. 10 to 12. CONTACT LENSES If you are curiojs or interested in seeing what Corneal Con- fact Lenses look like and if they are practical for you--or any information you may desire-you are invited to visit this office. Literature is availabte upon request. Dr. Chas. H. Fabish OPTOMETRIST 452 Pine HE 7-1351 GROUND FLOOR STAMP OF APPROVAL Jan Van de Water is putting her stamp of approval on a few of the stamps in Uncle Sam's "collection." The stamps were affixed to the envelopes containing the hundreds of recipes being sent in by readers for the 1, P-T Seventh Annual Cook Book contest. i!. Vegetables. 36. V/alF!ei, Mo) CakM, Fritters. 37. Yeail breach. 3), Yorkshire puddings, ioocn b THE JUDGING tluM are: A'aniMos 6av Garden Club. Ass i fan co Ueaxje. Auxiliary lo Children'* Memorial Ho*- UaL Bacteloretles. Ccmmun'fv Hciollal Auxiliary. Children's Beneht League. DcmocarHc V/c TIM'S Study CfL*b. Dental Auxiliary. Drucolils Wive;. Etell Club. EnecuMves' Secretaries. F-lorellas. Junior Elwll, Jtnlcr Lcagut. Lady Liens. Lafccwocd V/o-Tien't Club. L.iivver's Wives. Long Beach Ccw.cll of Republican ' Long Beach Food Sales Club. Long Bench Harr.e Ffcrnomish. Long D each Svmohony , Los Altos WDme.T'i Club. National Federation ol GrarrJ mother's . OcN Mrs. Oi'eODalhlc Auxiliary. Pdntiellenlc. Plaza Women's Club.' Hfck Pachas. Ron moor Womin'i Club. Satei C'ub. . Symphony Jr's. University Ckib Ww*», V.'omen's Auxiliary to V.rdleal Aiwciallon. V/omen'i Cllv Club. Young Ladies Institute. A Jv i Ml semen I) DOES GETTING UP NIGHTS MAKE YOU FEEL OLD ThousndAirfiTiaw rltsc ore fine how m u r h itronier and belter the; can feel bj combttJnj ordinary Kidney or Bladder Irritations. ThrTT Irritations often occur a f t e r 35, and ir.ay make you tnue and nervous Irom too frequent, burnire or H thine u r i n a t i o n both day ami r.lnhl. Bccondirllr, you ma5" lose aleep »nd 6"f- fer Irom Heatftcties. Backache and ftel old, tired, dfprejseri. In such Irritation, OY8TEX usually brlntci tail, relaxing comfort br c'-irblnir i r r L U t i n e ec-:n--s In Atror.g, tcld urine an rib reiving Analgesic pain relief. Safe tor ycuns or old. Gel OYBTEX M drurEUti. Feel better IwU Unredeemed Pledges, Etc. Watches Silverware Appliances Luggage Antiques Power Tools Guns Cameras Binoculars Tape Recorders Clocks Radios Musical Inst. Record Players Diamonds SOLD TO HIGHEST BIDDER REGARDLESS OF COST Long Beach Auction Galleries 149 E. Ocean at Locust · Long Beach FREE GIFTS · FREE PARKING · FREE GIFTS We Buy or Soil on Commission -- Jewelry Stores -- Furniture Stocks--Radio TV--Appliances--Estates--Bankrupt Stocks-Distress and Surplus Merchandise HARRY BRENT, AUCTIONEER IN CHARGE, LIC. BONDED C A R B U Y E R S watc "Auto for Sale" in Classifie daily. To get a buyer -- star an ad! Dial HE 2-5959 nov EARLY AMERICAN MAPLE FURNITURE FIRE SALE STARTS TODAY 1326 ALAMITOS lust North o! Anaheim War on Baboons CAPETOWN CD--Baboons have been menacing subur- jbanites on the slopes of iTable Mountain, and the city Council has ordered them ; caught with fruit-baited traps. ; About 50 have been caught in Iwire cages with a door that 'slides shut when the baboon j picks up the fruit. ALL RECIPES must be mailed to Mildred Flanary, Cook Rook Contest F.riitor, Independent, Press-Telegram, Long Beach 12, Calif. Entries must be postmarked not later than midnight, July 23. Hundreds of the outstanding recipes will appear in a special cookbook supplement to The Sunday Independent, P r e s s - T e l e g r a m which will be published Sept. Under the contest rules all persons participating must use only one side of the paper to type, print or write legibly their recipes. They must designate in which classification they are entering each recipe. All ingredients must he listed completely with accurate measurements. They must include their name, address and telephone number on each recipe. THE SHOW WHOLE FA FOR 1HE FIRST TIME 1 EINAR ERIKSSON The Man Wifh the Healing Hands Forty years practice. Testimonials from highest authorities in Norway.--An unusual gift for healing the blind, lame, arthritis, eczema, etc. --· Free information, 10-2 Monday thru Friday. Limited time in U.S.A. HE 5-1565 · 1583 ATLANTIC AVE.. Long Beach, Calif. "I hive for j-cjrs sought rrcdiral help in vain from specialists for i back condiiion of seven! years standing that £jve me considerable pain and made it difficult for me to worlc. Mr. Eriksson did not try to diagnose my a i l m e n t . A l l he Tias interested in was to heal me and that he did. Spiritual healing may be somewhat unorthodox in this modern age, but, believe it or not, it j u t e worS:s." Burt Carlsoa, Athembro "I had lost y)% vision on one eye and 6y/c, on the other one. Specialists told me they could not find out my trouble or help my vision. It wa at this time I went to sec Einar Eriksson. After ten treatments my eyes began to get better and now I can see lo lead, drive i car or do anything anyone else can do. I know for a certainty Mr. Eriksson was the one who helped me regain my sight for I hive not taken my shots, medicine or seen a n y doctor, nor do 1 wear any glasses." R. W. Corhern, Long Bench "Twenty-file years ago I developed a f u n g u s which spread ovet my hands and f«t. I soughl help at the Veterans Hospital in Long Beach, but nothing could be done to arrest it. The nails on fingers and toes were rolling awjy, a,-..i h'c.nd could be squeezed out of my finger tips. My wife said, 'Vou have tried everybody except Einar Eriksson, now try him.' I did. It tonk- 2 few months, hut he did cure me, and I stayed cured. Today my hands and n a i f s are perfect" ChuriK Hoff, takowood NAMES OF the persons submitting the recipes will be published with the recipes and none of the entries will be returned, all becoming the property of The Independent, Press-Telegram when submitted. In case the same recipe is submitted by more than one person, the one bearing the earliest postmark will be the only one considered. In the judging, simplicity will count. Availability of ingredients against difficulty of purchasing some ingredients will be another factor. Other points the judges will consider include: length of preparation, cost, involvement in preparation, uniqueness. * * * » HERE ARE the classifications which may be entered: INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITS Products, Gifts, Art Objects, Home Furnishings and many other articles from America and Foreign Countries Around the World . . , American, European, Asiatic, Oriental, Lutin and South American Displays. THE 1967 LONG BEACH INTERNATIONAL TRADE SH THSS WEEK-END ONLY!! ^h, 16th SAT R URD!Y in if I V I B I SUNDAY 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. LONG BEACH MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM COOPERATING CIVIC GROUPS LONG BEACH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LONG BEACH APARTMENT HOUSE ASSOC. LONG BEACH HARBOR DEPARTMENT LONG BEACH JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CONGRESS LONG BEACH BOARD OF REALTORS fer" ' !?: ·n. I ": I IS. u. 77. 23. a 31. ·AoceJlzers canacei, fcorj d'oeuvres Barbecue, Beverages (hot cr cold). Cakei. Candy ruts. Caiiero'es [main d'shes), cheese dishes. Ceokles. EXi..i lor men en TV. D:sh« marfe wllh wine or b«r. Eogi (wavs of preparing). F.sri g, seafoods, Flam'ng d'ihes, Game cookery.' Hoi breads (not vejit) coffee cafces. mjff'ns ice erearn, ices, st-erberii. icings, dessert sauces, firiinns. Jarr.s «, l e i i i e i , Leliovrrj fAarmad*$, meal i^ces, sMvKi sfuff.ngv p;r!, Sl Poraio d."sh«, P0-j:rry (tame). Qjflnliry recipes. R«frioerafcr denerli 6 pwidnss. ReU^ei pfckles. R'ce. laagtietu, fracaroii, rocd'ei Sa'arfs- S'acf dreti'/rgi. Scyps. INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CONGRESS QUEENS First public appearance of the lovely girls from around ihe World who will compete in the International Beauty Congress, following the Trade Show, for Miss International Beauty of 1961, SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE FOR THE MEN Beauty Cong/ess Contestants, Dlui SCOJ-EJ of Inlemt-fig Exhibits, including Special Auto Showing FOR THE LADIES . . . WorFd-whJa Faihloni and Horn* Exhibits, Plus a icinmiBllnfl "Faihioni from isratl" PaiMon Show Sunday, July 14, FOR THE YOUNGSTERS AND KIDS . . . Music, entertain, menl, balcsni and favwi from comic down?. Soeclal lor HI gfrh. a coJorfuf, animated toll straw. FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY . S«r« of Tntir«sting Exrifbiij from Over In* word arc* Too Enierrai'nm«nl. usr AHr, ana c i fry Ar SHOW GENERAL ADMISSION 95c CHILDREN UNDER 12 25c SPECIAL DISCOUNT TICKETS AVAILABLE AT ALL LEADING BUSINESSES

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