Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 35
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 35

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 35
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III 60 WOV6H THE 6 \T£ AW GET A FScE (JASESAlL CAP..TKEM I'LL CUA\B DOWN THIS WALL, 6ME TO THE CAP ANP 60 AROWiP THKWSK THE 6ATE A6A.IN. ^·^ A '/^ -*· HM L-tNEY 4-2-, P )AISV W FACtMAOE) TOGO our y -* ftX. ttOFHT HAS A FAIR\ /DIP NOU SAY OF-D1CETATT006P ON M IB) fl(g(i ^ , HIS RIGHT HAMD..^ ttihSi u ^^ * j THREE A H P f l F O U R . PcAN YOU\/ 1'U TELUME f TAKE WU WHERE X THERE i BJZ. CAN HMP / BUT HAVE YOU HIM'' X SOT A SURPRISE" COMING/ ^ ft FUN TJMe.TATER !' ' MOMMY'S'FIXIN 1 TO' HIDE HER BUTTER- flN'-EQG MONEY 9 _- 1-21 5OME GUY ACCOS-TEP ME I N - T H E P A R K / WHO'WAS-HE?/ JtLTEACH HIM to ACCOST tApies IM TH PARK/ 6000 IDEA, SONNY/ HE WAS PREtry . A M A T E U R I S M ---Believe R orAbt/ AlME ft SWISS SCHOOLMASTER., RODE HORSEBACK fROW BUENOS AIRES . NORTHERN 5t\ AMERICA, HAS A HE AD' L1KE7HW Of A SMALL -A DISTANCE OF fO.OOO MtLES (I91F-I927) FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily , Horoscope A · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, W«f., April 21, 197* KAYKl 1 KVII,1,13, A K K A X S A S lllLIIMtllllllllllillllllllillllliLllIILIIIILIlllLINIIUlM LESTER L COLEMAN, M D Man Incorrect On bmoking Dangers llll!LII!!!lll!)!Elllll[l1!ini!llli:illili11!!l11l[l1!l!l1]U^ I smoke about a pack «uid| opening in Front oT her ear huir iiF filler .lip. cigarettes' fcvcry. lew moulds a "Slnall a d u I m IDIIW to COIHHKD amount of flutcl com6s mil m wife tint, this is safe duel ihcn it disappears that she should "slop naming' - Mrs. T.E.V., N.D, ·:' Dear me. Am I correct? De«r Mr. K · air. M.K., W. VH'. Dear Mrs. V. - You seem t o ' b e - d e s c r i b i n g a b i r t h abnormality thai occurs occasionally. His said that-the tini opening hnds lo a bran ,, ,,_ _ ,,,,_ ,,, cjiial (not bronchial) cyst. smoking lobiLLO is c k a i K i These ci^s F I E - rcmiiaiiU of imprinted o t i ' a l l packages and'pmbroynic development, i v a r mi. r\.: You arc most certainly NOT correct. The Surgeon General's warning about the dangers of in advertisemcnU. This warning applies to both plain and filtered cigarettes. A recent study made at Oxford University in England sterns £o suggest;'that filtered cigarettes play a n ' important role in reducing (he.frequency ot lung cancer. However, there does scorn to be a greater tendency, ac turn to pus, a sign of infection iL-woulcl he wise lo ctiscuss-with your doctor a n d , a surgeoh-lho' possibility of having - t h e " ' cyst removed, ft: operation is a sate and simple one Many surpcoiia believe tlial iherp is value in doing t h i s - operation before o c c u r . cording to this study, - for,'repeated infections, scar'tissue ·smokers of filkrul ugircllts 1 _ H H \ form ami i imptc O/K d to- develop coronary boarti tiuii may be converted into one disease. The explanation is "byllhaL is more difficult. ·witching cigarettes, smokers ' ' ' ' ---«--- =-- Speaking of Your Health 1 \ e r \ organ of the lod\ is in sonic way adversely affected by emotional stress and tension, Most people can be taught to modify these tensions. It n naya p f f . m good health' WlLC:i]lllg ClgclIULtl'-a, S l l i w n i : i » ra'de'tar for cai'bun monoxide, jnd risk coronary heail disease SomGtiines. a nagging wife may save your life 1 . Mv daughter has - a tiny IIEUnilltirilllllllMliraiElintniinulfUlUILlllliniJim^ Look in-the section in which your birthday comes and Had what your outlook is, according to Hie stars FOR T I I U R S . ' A P H I L 22 ARIJ S (Mar 21 to Api 20) , Sqnie complications, indicated in job matters/Beware of instability, emofioiftilism. Consull with''others as io the best way to get on .the productive rodd. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Make your schedule a ricxi1Jo one. There arc possibilities of changes and variations in cer tain situation-, -- all promising to be.beneficial. GEMINI {May 22 to Jims 21) Wait, for cues before launching any project. An activity liapjiy person such as yourself could get into difficult situations if nnL on guard. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Break your day down to definite 'essentials uncl eliminate the unimportant Do not engage in untried ventures except \ \ h e i e n drv runs' seem feasible. LEO (July 24 lo Aug. 23) You may now expect a 'different" approach from others; also a real surprise. Work consistently on- endeavors " Your derably. . Soft-pedal complaints a ti d curb your . innate aggressiveness. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. "23 to. 21) Better dd^ntugcs than yoi m a j antitipTte An wpectallj footi pLnod foi icvilaliEing pro jects whtch j o u m i^ ]i :onsidcrcd dropping. CAPniCORN (Doe. 22 to Jan 20) Don t be UK own off guard b West dealer fanci ^ounclmt, but po sibh East West tulneiable misleading, propositions.* Study t h e , overall picture. Where there's , real \\tlue, however, don't hesitate. iJiiEiiiiitniiiioiiinnMimiiiiiiiiiiiEiiucMiiiiLiiiiiDi!^^^ JAY BECKER On Confront Bridge iTop Record Holder to Mssten' Individual Championship Play) AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Exercise your .keen mental faculties. Some indicated opportunities may be missed if you hasty or, worse, are too different. PISCES .(Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) \on JTIHJ i un into SOUK opposition but j o u need not let it disturb \ our equilibrium or y o u i . sense of , humor. \ou usinllv cnjov ouliviUinp op posing forces. YOU J30RN TODAY are dowEid 'with unusuat .versatility iiTiri could succeed' in any one of a wide range of occupations. NORTH *J 109 6 4 ·V.I109 · 10 3 4AQ J EAST * 8 5 1 * 9 8 4 3 Tlie bidding: Vi'esl Pass Pass North Pass 1 * East Pass Pass Opening lead - six of hearts. Most readers don't like fancj which net big dividends, prestige increases; VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept/23) Avoid /needless anxiety and tension. You can deal ettec- \vith difficult assignments by being your inherent ingen ious and.far-sceirrg self. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Re realistic now and pursue only woitbuhilc goals Tnkc h \ e Couple ill this mth your J 0 'h'" and here" is d case temporal y delays in stnrlp innate perse\crancc in the face inustiatcs the noint Opportunitj offered through -* -· ·-- --' " - - i . . ' .. clever use of your creative abil- SCORPIO (Gel. 'i'\ to Nov. 22) Ingenuity and a fresh ap- Iri the creative field, you would make an excellent writer, musician, artist (in almost any medium), or thespian. ' I n the professional world,- as a doctor, ismgeon or nuise none excels hanclb they gcncrtilly prelei the . Taureun. And -your fine nands that are simple, inter organizing·'ability-and amazing csting and instructive. But · tin memory for details qualify ycnijf a c (. j s (hat in some deals onl for success as i tasmess e\ccu f 1I1CJ shenamgins do the of obstacles «nrl t h e i c s no South \\as m three not rum] reason why you shouldn t reach' aiu ] u o n n ie ] i C aiE lead \Mt even the loftiest o[ goals. liirth- tlate of: Queen Isabella, .^of Spain; Henry Fielding^ Eng .lie queen After cashing the A K of spidci he led a club an proach Eo certain situations n o v e l i s t ; Inmianucl Kant, could brighten this day consi-'renowned German philosopher. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer you THERE.' TELL THAT NO-SOOP HUSBAND Of MINE I'M WAITING/ rl£ UP TOriEK.SriE'5 I OON'T L£T MY DOC OUT IN THE DAR^ WITH THIS, YOUR DOG CAM FIND HER V/AY HOME W THE DARK 41 Italian resort 43 Porbeagle, e t a t 47 Hooded snakes 51 Indigenous Japanese 52 City Jn Peru 51 Dimmish 55 Vault 56 Small chsld 57 Egyptian goddess 58 Being 59 Netherlands commune Avg. solution 60 Headland DOWN 1 Brewers need 2 Fencing svsord 3 Pelee's output 4 Three- legged stand 5 Diversions 6 Personality 7 Kind of file 8 A loose woman 9 East Indian woody vine time; 26 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 10 Peel 11 Angered 19 An alleged force 21 Black bird 23 Staircase post 25 Disfigure 26 Corrida cheer 27 Artist's medium 29 Devote. 30 Pierre's friend 31 Sesame 32 House wing 37 Certain travel goal 38 Request 39 Farm horse 42 Note of the scale 43 Bargain event 44 Hurries ' : - '~ K Literary collections 46 Location 48 Demolish 49 Aconite 50 Soap-frame bar 5.1 Food fish inessed the jack. East tooK: lha .ing ami returned a heart, to !eclarer's ace. When South tiow ntored dummy with a .filub, Vest showed out and therfi.Xvas ncn no ua for him lo rnaka e contract. Soutii was' certainly unlucky -Eilul East w i t h ' four j c t u h s o the K-10. out he couldUiaVe~ nsured the contract ICO.^per, :ent by adopting un unusual nethod of play. All he h a d , too. after cashing (he A ; K. of pades was I L I I ! a tluli \o 'he ace then pla (he jack of padcs from dumim and d s cafri the ace of hearts! West wins the spade withViha. jueen but is helpless. If hs persists' wifh hearts by leading low '· one to dummy's.;,.(L-ii, declarer winds up scorinrg four spade tricks, two hearts, :.twi diamonds arid one club. I f . West, instead, . shifts.'. Io a ow diamond at trick slx.'Soutn wins wi(h Ihe kind and ,pUys club 'to dummy's Q-J."East Lakes (he. king and can doliio beUer than return a diamond. Declarer wins with the acp, plays a club to the queen cashes dummy's spades -and has nine of (lie coldest Irfcki ever seen. They co' lp '*- ''f ^"r s p a d e ' s , one . heart, ', tw6 diamonds.and two clubs. » So -:dDn'( automatically, '.sell these fancy-plays short. Sorn*j- times (hoy'do a lot of good. PONYTA1L "The thing 1 like bcslabout Donald is his wide range of interests... everything from pizia to dune buggys!" RECORD CATCH Mr. Retailer: Cast your line for a bigger share of the marker by supplementing your Norfhwesr Arkansas Times advertising with low cost extended coverage -- USE OUR WEDNESDAY EXTENDED CIRCULATION SECTION --- DELIVERED TO MORE THAN 27,000 NORTHWEST ARKANSAS FAMILIES. Phone 442-6242 for Additional Information MR. BUSINESSMAN: REACH 14,500 ADDITIONAL FAMILIES EACH WEDNESDAY WITH THE , ' ;, '- ·' ·' ' :[ t ' · NnrthitiFst Arkanera Simps EXTENDED CIRCULATION,; SECTION It's being delivered to an acidili«al 1I.5M families · ui Fayellevilie, Springd»le, Kogers ltd Btmlnnville, which combined willi the regular paid cbculadpn of this Issue, provides an audience of nearly 27,«f Northwest Arkansas families. . i's · i The Advertising rale -- for this seclon, vhlch ii published each Wednesday I s reasonable. . j . . - ' - , Our slaff of professional advertlslig consnllaila will h« bappy In assist ym wllb copy and.kywit . COPY DEADLINE IS FR'DAY NOON PRIOR TO PUBLICATION Phor» 44J-6242 for Cempfct* Information

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