Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 11, 1976 · Page 31
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 31

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 31
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PAGE 32 Public BIRTHS ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL Mr- and Mrs. Gordon A. Davis, 4738 N. SMverbeil Road, a oirl at 7:11 em Mr. and Mrs. Peter Llcavoli. 8915 E. WrlaMsiown RMH, a boy at lo-l! p.m. Feb.?, TUCSON MEDICAL CENTER Mr. and Mrs. Patrick boolev, 2010 E granilo Vlsla, a oirl al ?:02 p m. Feu. 9. Mr. ana Mrs. Manuel Escobcdo, 3iSS 5 Liberty Ave., a bov at 4:24 p.m. Feb! Mr. ana Mrs. David OH. Sahuarila, a girl arll.-09 p.m. Feb. 9. Mr. and Mrs. William Qulhuls, 1601 W V. Clair St., a bov at 5:02 a.m. Febl Mr. and Mrs. Raul Fernandez De Ca tro. 7101 E. Lakeside Drive, a bov a . 6:M a.m. Feb. 10. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Mr. and Mrs. Mario Marline*. 4264 N . PocTto Place, i bov at 6:45 a.nvFet Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ventura, Sells, boval \:50p.m. Feb.s Mr. and Mrs. Luis Domlnouez, Maran tyvln girls al 4:40 o.m. and S:02 o m Feb. 5. Mr - ana Mrs. Dana Knepoer. 1902 Wilson Ave., a bov al 12:06 a.m Feb o. Mr-and Mrs. Francisco Miranda, 426 V, . atl !At.. abovall2:.40a.m. Feb. 6. Mr \?,n° Mrs ' Charles Sarando, 1400 H Wllmot Road, a bov a) 5:41 a.m Feb. o. Mr and Mrs. Joseph Martinez, 3416 E 3rd St.. a bov 416:25 a.m. Feb 4 Mr. and Mrs. Larrv Graham, 5505 N Shannon Road, a bov al 9:01 p.m Feb. 6. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lawrence, 6065 s Country Club Road, a bov at 8'2 a.m. Feb. 7. Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Pablo, Sells. girl at 2:59 D.m. Feb. 8 Mr - and Mrs. Richard Beaver. 4S26 E 19th St.. a bov al 8:16 p.m. Feb. 8. MARRIAGE LICENSES Tom A. Hartrarm, 24, Tucson, and Su A.Galllon, 23, Tucson. Eduardo N. Crui, 19, Tucson, and Pel M. Gwrrero, 19, Tucson Richard E. Isakson, 31, Tucson, an , Carol j. Eaglen, U, Tucson. John A. Archulela, 70, Tucson, and E zabeth R.Oorband, SO, Tucson Faisal M. Al-Shatti, 26, Kuwait Kuwa and Estwranza F. Zuiuarresul, i Tucson. Victor C. Thornton, 31, Tucson, and Lo A: Moll, 27, Tucson. Rene O. Salcldo. 23, Tucson, and Gcoro na J. Vargas, 20, Tucson. David J. Peters, 21. Tucson, and Kat leen A. Frame, 20, Tucson. Bruce N. Morton, 19, Tucson, and Pat eta O Bethel, leaal age, Tucson. John R. Helfrich. 23, Tucson, and Deb rah M. Rclneke, ZJ, Tucson John D. Martin, 17, Green Vallev. an Marv E. Culbertson, IB. Green Va Raymond w. Wilhelm, 22, Tucson, an LaDona S. Miller, le, Tucson Michael J. Raus, 29, Calallna, and M, lha N. VanLoo, 29, Calallna Jolin D. Meyer. 20. Sahuarlta, and Je niter D. black, 17, Tucson. Rumaldo D. Sardlna, 61, Tucson an Maria J. Moreno. 58, Tucson. Steoheri R. Hodoe. 27, Kingston, N.Y and Marv M. Blumenstetter, I Tucson. Jonathan p. DfMaoolo. 21, Tucson, an Cherl A. DeGeer, 21, Tucson. James E. Stephens. 17, Tucson, an Margaret E. Marscnlnke, 17, TU son. Lester D. Jones, 27, Tucson, and LInd M. Pavne, IB, Tucson. Gerald M. Blount, 21. Edenton, N C , an Phvllls A. Underwood, 17. Tucson. Steve L. Benelleld, 21, Tucson, and Su san G. Slrono, IB, Tucson. PETITION FOR LEGAL SEPARATION PATINO, Anoellna and Cruz 0. PETITIONS FOR MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION RYAN, Susan M. and Patrick F. HILL, Kenneth L. and Wendy J. RYAN, Kathleen L. and Michael R. WELLS, Lee and Ruth. BIELAK. Robert E. and Rebecca R. BENNETT, Raymond W. and Zelda l_. S'WF.?^' Donna M- * nd Davis H. TUCSON D A I L Y C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1976 LOWCOST SUPER M A R K E T S (Limits Reserved) 3el3Honte DOLLAR DAYS ,,', -· n o a n t . NEWMAN, Linda and Howard. GASO, Julia M. and Francis G. McMlLLlAN, Edith-Jane and Billy J. OARRE7T, Robert H. and Nancy K. MULLINS, Denlse M. and Sterling T HANANIA. Ellas and Sharon TYLER. Metody and Dennis. MORENO, Yolandaana Antonio G. XECXOrjEN. Cindy R. and Gary p. GR AN 1 LLO, irrna and Ted. DECREES OF MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION .', J J Jd y w - and William M. N, Nathaniel and Margot T. BETHELL, John M. and Ruth A. LEE, David H. and Gwendolyn J. CHAPPLE, Reglna A. and Edmond c. LANG, Delia P. and David E. BARRY. Lynne A. and Paul A. PUfBLAS, Aurora M, and Gilbert O. BURNS, Lewis M. and Jolle A. CLARK, Nancv E. and Richard F. HUYSER, F. Fay and Jerry L. GRADILLAS, Josfohlne and Frank s 1 sxr.Sl C ,'j' !rl ° t1 e A. and Charles B. DOUGLAS. Barbara A. and Silas A. HERAN. Frank and Rosemarv. DECREE OF MARRIAGE ANNULMENT BRYANT, Vlrotnla and Ben BURGLARIES Residence, J400 block ol South Nvasa, . lewelrv, stereo equipment movie . c ?'71S ra ' revolver, television, total of I6..140, reported lo police Mondav. Residence, 5500 block ot East Rosewood · lewelrv. pistol, camera, stereo . equipment, fofal of $1,475, reported to police Mondav. Residence, 100 block of West Elvira Street, cash and lewelrv, total ot S5i5, reported lo police vesterdav. ROBBERIES Highway, S. Liberty Ave. and w. Irvington Road, 7:45 p.m. Mondav. Man with knife robbed Tucson man of J240. No Inlurlcs reported. Highway, 6. Toole St. and S. 3rd A v e , " 10:20 p.m. Mondav. Two men with rock and club robbed man of wallet and S67. Minor Inlurles reported. LARCENY From residence, 300 block ol Norlh Martfn Avenue, lewelrv valued at SJOO, reported lo police MondayTM ARRAIGNMENTS Superior Court Manuel F. Monrano, robbery, trial sel 'for May 11. Cary M. Hard, kidnaping, aggravated .battery. Mays. Dennis D. srturrz, kidnaping, aggravated battery. Mav 5. Jose A. Lucero, possession ol marijuana 'for sale, transportation of marllua- "na, May 5. Harold Andreas Benson, aggravated -Baltery, kidnaping. May 5. Caemen Cuestas. drawing a check on .Insufficient tunas (seven counts), .drawing a check on no account, with a prior lelonv conviction, Mav 5 Timothy Malone, rape, burglarv, April 27. Walter j. przeploro, possession of a narcotic drug, possession ot marl. Euana, Aorll 21. Lerov G. Carnes, molor vehicle theft, .with a prior felonv convlcllon. April 20. Gary Lee Yarbrough, burglarv, grand 'Theft, with a prior felony convlcllon, -April 11. Harold Arthur Ccnwav, possession ot .marijuana, April 20, Dennis Kosmowiki, burglarv, April 21 Joseph Collins, burolarv. April 21. Terry Allen Bass, burgltrv (two counts), grand theW, April 21, John Sebastian Balrd, aggravated bat- · terv (two counts), April 20. RcMrt valles Catalan (also known as .Robert Lopez Cola), possesi'on of » .narcotic drug, charge dismissed because of Insufficient evidence. Anfonlo Ponce Martinez, possession of A 'narcotic drug, charoe dismissed 'because ol Insufficient evidence Hoy Robert Hernandez, possession ol d narcotic drug, charge dismissed .because of Insufficient evidence. · SENTENCINGS Superior Court Charles H. Surlln, possession of heroin, five years orofcatlon, Including con- Jlnued enrollment In a drug Ireat- ment program, 1220 ffne. Judge Ben C. BlrdsaTl. Francisco George Hendricks, burglary, ·four to elghf years In Arizona Slafe prlion: grand theft, four to eight ·ye»rs In Ariiona state Prison, sen- · wnws IP run concurrently Judge Blrdtall. Ernesto Agulrre, conspiracy lo commit robbery, five )o 10 years In Arizona 5Mfe Prison, Judge flfchard N. 'Revision. jodnnv David Heaslev, aggravated bat- -terv, with a prior conviction, probation revoked, one fo Ihree years In -Arizona Sfata Prison, Judge Rlctv ,ard N. RovTsron. Allan Lewis Went?, possession ot marijuana, ant year probation and a !2SO 'fine, Jueg« Lillian s. Flshtr. Rav A. Thornoton, buralarv, rhree to six 'years In Arizona Slate Rrfson, ·JudM William E.Oruka. Mlcrtael Franclt Pas«, burglary, hVea --'i proballjn; erand than, .thrae ., - " . , 'Wars probafion; assault wtfti ·,daad4y waaocn, mraa · , vaars proba- · ,ffon, tantancat to run concur rantlv, induem* |J month* ki Pier* Coun- · " Jafl, Jutf . Howard. "tv Jafl, Jutfea Pro Tetnpore Janws M. Kernel or · I Cream Del SPINACH Grain Pod Moor Boot T-BONE STEAK Ib. .X I-X Carve - W k o l o V Boneless Smoked HAMS Cudahy C/jHami $1.77lb.) Oral* Pod "BoiioloM" ROUND STEAK Steer Beef "Round" ib. Grain Pod Steer Beef SIRLOIN STEAK Beef "Loin Shell" MOT Ib. Fresh Fancy "Mixed" PARTS of FRYERS 3 Forequartert w/ Backs, 3 Hind- quartan w/ Backs. 3 Wingt, Glblet* Grain Fed "Bone-in" RUMP ROAST 4 "Bar-S" Boneless Beef Brisket I Cudahy Cry-O-Vac Wrapped "Bar-S" 1 Ib. pkg. Sliced Bacon Boneless" Sirloin Tip Roast Tender Beef Steak! Porterhouse i Bologna 831 Chip. Meats. Buddla'i-3OT.-Sliced All Varl.tUi We Welcome... FOOD STAMP SHOPPERS! .S.Nwnberl 15 to 16 01. Apple/Ctnn., Plain or w/Frult Carnation · 6Va OK. Chunk Tuna Carnation · Quart Buttermilk Apple Swirls 59 e Van de Kamp 4 Pack Yellow Popcorn H.p«ftp.-.»o... 49* Tomato Juice M«?-·.«- 53' Ore-Ma 2 Ib. "X'i*TM Hash Browns AIMfour Froien Food Favorites are at Low Cost! Boor Floor Wax i -- 6 pack -- 12 ox. cant · · · · · · · · · · · · · ( f l , t , , Aa)rawax-27ol. SOTf OltOr fpuntt-rfMc;20««. ' T^m^znrjn^^^,^.- Cherry "Cheer"... Detergent Atparagui Dog Feed. Mri. Smith's - .*.'! · · ( Mai. Automallc Dlahwaihcr* M or. Six* »· I** Disposable LIGHTER HAIR SPRAY Prlcet Effective Wed., Feb. 11 th [ "Sonny" Brand thruTuet., Feb. 17th, 1976. | " Aqua Net · 13 01. Reg. or Super Hold Everynight Shampoo 69 · oz. Lemon, Herb or Strawberry · * * · * « · * · *·« * * i LOWCOST SAVE 38 ·cott · 4 Pack ·atlirOOM Soft'n' - Pretty Tissue: : i^ar^l^^VMni · 39* (Without Coupon -77') Limit 1 Oood at Low Cost Dl*count Market thru 2-17-7*. S10.00 MIN PURCHASE REQUIRED MAY INCLUDE ALL SUPER COUPONS WHhtlihCoiiimi Milk (Without Coupon - 32') Limit 2 'S~ Oaodat Low Cart MM»untM«rli*t thru 2-17.7*. £1 $10.00 MIN PURCHASE REQUIRED MAY INCLUDE ALL SUPER COUPONS LOCATED ·»% I · · · « LOWCOST SUPCR MARKETS BROADWAY CRAYCROFT TUCSON, ARIZONA

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