Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 27, 1973 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 27, 1973
Page 3
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«e*» fftm MTIOMM. WlATHM UHVICI MOM, U*. Oee*. M : rom The People 'o the Editor: Mr. Allan. Gilbert in his machete swing at "indistinc- on," (TIMES, Saturday, 24 'ebruary.) reminded me of a lowfly, flying furiously without urpose and never landing long nough for his reader to swat im. To identify his central beme is difficult, but I gather hat he is against conformity n the City. Board's weighing of Chamber dues and country club memberships for the City Manager. Instead, he would lave the City.Board "lead up" vith imagination and courage o those mysteries and delights difference. To translate for us clods, that means: pay those dues and memberships if you, he City Board, are bright. Webster defines conformity as he condition or fact of being n harmony or agreement. Allan Weather Forecast Showers and rain are forecast for the western .United States. Snow flurries are expected in (he Great Lakes and the Mid- r west through tonight with the possibility of snow in the North Atlantic coastal states. The Northeast can expect collier weather while a slight warming trend is moving in to the central states. (AP Wirepholo) THE WEATHER Elsewhere By THE ASOCIATED PRESS Albany Albu'que Amarillo Anchorage Asheville . Atlanta Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Brownsville Buffalo Charleston Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Denver Des Moines Detroit Duluth Fort Worth Green Bay Helena Honolulu Houston Ind'apolis Jacks'ville Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville Marquette Memphis Miami ' Milwaukee Mpls-S.P. New Orleans New York Okla. City Omaha Orlando Philad'phia Phoenix Pittsburgh Pt'land, Ore. Pt'Iand, Me. Rapid City St. Louis . Salt Lake - San Diego San Fran High Low Pr 37 03 .02 58 29 62 39 21 00 58 42 63 45 67 39 52 34 60 43 34. 15 67 26 70 5B 56 43 31 24 46 30 58 29 32 30 29 14 20 clr clr clr clr .14 cdy clr . cdy cdy cdy .09 clr 57 2.40 cdy 6 clr .47 cdy .37 clr clr cdy 13. 57 36 27 0 53 29 81 65 78 48 46 25 78 50 54 3 6 72 54 51 35 22 13 50 33 80 59 29 25 29 27 73 54 39 25 10 26 33 31 82 55 50 29 79 51 38 30 52 46 27 5 60 27 38 29 56 38 68 54 62 54 clr cdy .02 clr .01 cdy clr .03 cdy cdy clr cdy cdy clr .36 cdy cdy cdy .02 cdy cdy clr clr cdy cdy clr cdy cdy clr cdy clr .05 cdy .36 rn cdy cdy cdy cdy cdy .79 rn Rain Soaks Both Coasts By THE ASSOCIATED PRES Fair weather settled over most of the nation today except for rain on both coasts and isolated activity inland. Gale warnings were posted for the Oregon and northern California coast. Scattered showers on the central and northern Pacific Coast moved into the intermountain region, but rainfall generally was less than an inch. Rain also soaked areas from South Carolina to New Jersey and in the northern part was expected to turn to snow. A heavy-snow watch was issued for the District of Columbia and parts of surrounding states. A few snow flurries swirled about the central Appalachian; and occasional light snow dui ed the northern Mississipp Valley region. Temperatures before daw ranged from -13 at Houlton Maine, to 64 at Key West, Fal Truck-train Fatality KENNETT, Mo. (AP) -- A truck-train collision in this Boot- heel community Monday after noon took the life of Carl Alley, 33, of Kennett, police said. Allen was driving a tank truck containing liquid fertilizer when it slammed into the engine of a Frisco Railroac freight train at a crossing, po- ice said. Gilbert Column Rapped oqk the marrow 'similarity" or definition o! "accordance vith rules and customs." Yes, any City Board or duly electee body w o r t h , its salt will e n d e a v o r to bring all e l e m e n t s of a city into larmony, not just the business men, no t just the University )ut all groups of society. The Chamber of Commerce has in the past and I pray will in the 'uture be a prime and moving oes to them. Agreed, their bby is narrowly dedicated by efinition, but not any more so lan the Chamber's (which is usiness). Most lobbies' ac- vities and purposes do in- uence the entire spectrum of ociety and so does the Chamber's. But is it fair for overnment itself to belong to a lobby? As Gilbert said this past Saturday, the City Manager hould be encouraged to use the Jountry Club even if he is tnown not to play golf, Indeed, 10 one is objecting to his belonging. He was hired last April at $20,000 per year and lis 5Vt per cent pay increase his January provides him an additional $1100. The basic cost of a membership at the Country lub was, at last reading, $500 refundable upon withdrawal. The monthly dues are $30 whether you play golf or not. low many Joe Blows can afford such a luxury or, put another f o r c e for a FAYETTEVILLE. QUALITV B u t . a s Mayor Purdy chided the Chamber at their luncheori for the Board Directors on IE January, "I don't see any Joe Blows here today." I gather that the Chamber membershii consists primarily of business men or of men espousing t h e businessman's point of view Absolutely no quarrel with tha and I understand membership for individuals are open for $3 per year. But, the Chamber i a lobbying organization, a stated by Mr. Gilbert, and wha Joe Blow wants to pay $35 pe year to lobby for something h isn't interested in. And what Jo Blow condones the spending o his tax money, $750, for the Cit to belong? If the City Manage wishes to belong out of his ow pocket, that's his choice and good one. Before leaving thi word "lobby," Allan's colum l i s t e d six other . group recognized as lobbies but no one single penny of city mone of this growth has not taken place as it should have. If so, one must ask if such growth happened the way It' did because of all that leadership you spoke of in your column. Food for thought, Allan, not only for you, but for all of us. T.C. Carlson, Jr. Editor's Mole: A discussion of city-owned Country Club membership for Fayeltevllle's city manager has become extraneous. The city's membership h a s been purchased by the manager who will pay all dues, and assessments himself. Also, he said today, he did not accept a board -'approved raise in salary prior to h I s being on the Job a year, and directed that the Increase be withheld until (hat time. Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues,, Mi. 37, 1973 e 3 Wallace's Doctor Denies Reports MONTGOMERY. Ala. (AP) -- George C., Wallace's chief ihysician has' called '· "totally ulse" reports that the Ala- jama governor is kept under constant sedation mid "half the Osmond Brothers May Leave U.S. LONDON (AP) The Os way, how many Joe Blows would you expect to find out there? If the manager is to be encouraged to use this Club at City expense, we must anticipate that in order to feel the raise of all the people in an i q u i t a b 1 e and harmonious fashion, he should be a City- paid member of other civic and fraternal organizations, labor organizations, v e t e r a n a n d retired organizations -- obviously an endless list. It would appear that the City Directors would be endangering the city manager form of government to take your advice. Allan, From what I hear on the streets, this is not a tempest in a teapot. Our present city government needs a better image and more credibiliy, as Manager Grimes has often stated. You're still buzzing too fast for me to swat, Allan, but I do wonder if your concern over Fayetteville's s t r i v i n g f o r "indistinction" ( s i g n ordinances, zoning codes, and city-paid memberships) doesn't stem from your concern that the people of Fayetteville are weary of the eternal push for growth -- BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER! Growth in Fayetteville has actually deteriorated the quality of life hereabouts -- and it would appear much mond Brothers, American sing ing idols of millions of young people, say they may move t Britain because of death anc kidnap threats back home. Fifteen-year-old Donny Os mond and his brother Alan, 23 wouldn't threats, discuss the but their reportec father George Osmond, said Monday "We've had a lot of bomt threats lately. Things are get ting pretty scary. We have hac to take tremendous securitj precautions." The brothers, members of six-strong group, flew her unannounced at the weekend I receive an award for sellin /SYITTBVILUI, ARKANSAS ime is in a daze." Dr. U.K. llutchinson said Monday that Wallace is in pain much of the time but takes only i mild pain-killer, "like aspirin, that you can buy at the drug store." Hutchinson said the 53-year- old governor, paralyzed in both .egs since he was wounded in an assassination attempt nine months ago, is "a good bit improved" since a recent prostate gland operation. He added thai Wallace has gained eight to 1( pounds since last week's operation. four million records in Britain last year. Standby Draft Lottery Set WASHINGTON (AP) -- A lottery for a standby military draft will be held here on March 8 even though it is unlikely that anyone in the lottery will be drafted. The Selective Service System said the men receiving lottery numbers will be those reaching age 19 during 1973; that is, all men born in 1954. "For the first time since the lottery was instituted in 1969, the men receiving lottery numbers will not face the prospect of possible induction into, the armed forces." a statement said. However, it explained that men receiving lottery numbers will be potentially vulnerable to induction (or all of 1974. , TELEPHONE SURVEY Key 73 -- Church Preference NOW UNDER WAY Conducted by Fayetteville Ministerial Association FEB. 27 thru MARCH 10 "Please Cooperate When Called" Business Man's PORTRAIT SPECIAL You Receive: 2--3x5'* Black and White Glossy Prints for Reproduction 1--8x10 Color Portrait REGULAR PRICE 40.00 (m MAYTAG LIMITED TIME ONLY 27 vl rjOQCPiel 50 IOQCPICI PHOTOGRAPHY 19 North Block Strut Phone 442-WZ5 New. MAYTAG young-family automatics SECOND EDITION^ new from Heritage IS A FRIENDLY CALL ENOUGH? The new neighbors will be · glad to meet you. And the/H want to visit with you... later. 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