Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1964 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1964
Page 32
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f*y D-»-3NDgENDENT !irt. cut »··-. rtv n. »M ^Television Log Orr Oannal t Irnir fannel 4 rrL» Ctanaat I ««»C Ctannel KIU OanM t KTTT CtaM II tCO, cm* U KMI * CUnM n tear c Mi rvtamJUUy for ««»C - ffym MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 'ir PAID ADVERTISEMENT 1:45 2 Farm and News Report 6:00 AJVL 2 Sunrise Semester: "Art" 2 Amf r. Political Heritage 4 (Color) American Family · "Famiry Philosophy" ii final week's topic. 6:45 7 Daily Word; Fana News 7:00 AJU. ' 2 Captain Kangaroo · 4 Today, Hugh Downs, with ' Turkish Ambassador t Turgut Menemencioglu * 7 Cartoon Capers ! 7*0 7 Zoorama (San Diego) 11 Columbia Univ. Lectures 7:4S , 5 For Kids Only (cartoons) 9 Cartoonsville I * 8:00 A-M. l . 2 Panorama Pacific, R. Rowe j 7 Cartoon Ciperi 1 9 Pancake Man (cartoons) 11 The Chucko Show 830 ; 7 Love That Bob! Cummingj i 9 Big Babysitter (cartoons) '. 9:00 AJH. 2 News with Mike Wallace 4 Say When, Art James 5 The Romper Room . 7 I Married Joan. J. Davis 11 The Jack LaLanne Show 13 Morning News 9-.1S 13 Gutdepost to Science (6) 4 Edwin Newman (925) WO 2 1 Love Lucy, Lucille Ball ; 4 (Color) Word for Word 7 The Pamela Mason Show 11 Movie: *Dr. KiWare's ' S trange Case." Lew Ayres 9:15 13 Assignment Education IO.-OOA.M. · 2 The McCoys, W. Brennan j 4 Concentrat'n, Hugh Downs 5 Restless Gun. John Payne ! 9 Movie: The Window," « Bobby Driscoll f 49) 10:15 13 Guidepost to Science (B-8) 2 Pete and Gladys 4 (Color) Missing Links : with Rudy Vallee. Kitty Carlisle, Sam Levenson 5 Yancy Derringer 7 Girl Talk. Virginia Graham 10: tS 13 Guidepost to Spanish U 11:00 AJM. ' 2 Love of Life j 4 (Color) First Impression : 5 The Cheaters, John Ireland ' 7 Price Ii Right, Bill Cullen 11 The Jean Majors Show 13 Meet the Future 11:15 13 Guidepost to Spanish 1 2 Robt. Trout new. (1L23) !.' , : 11:30 i 2 Search for Tomorrow · 4 (Or) Truth-Consequences 5 Peter Gunn. Craig Stevens ' 7 The Object Is. Dick Clark !' Week's guests are I ·. HtTschel Bernardi, Jeanne ' Criin. Ef rem Zimbalist Jr. 9 Contemp. Latin America 11 The Phil Norman Show 13 The Ann Sothem Show 11:45 2 The Guiding Light ' 4 RayScherensw(I155) 12:00 NOON 1 2 Bums and Allen Show t 4 (Color) Let's Make a Deal 5 Thin Man. Peter Lawford , 7 Seven Keys. Jack Nan 9 Eastern Wisdom U Sheriff John. John Rovick 13 Movie: 'Stork Bites Man." · Jackie Cooper f 47) 12:23 . 4 Floyd Kalber, News t'. 2 Al the World Turn* ' 4 The Doctors. J. Pritchett t 5 TV Bingo, Colin Male !.7 Father Knows Best.Your 9 Mr. DA, David Brian 1:00 P-M. 2 Password. Allen Ludden : Paul Anfca, Arlene Frncis i 4 Loretta Young Theatre · 5 Movie: "The Mignet." i - William Fox(Br.-'SI) · '.7 Tennessee Ernie Ford '· Guest: Woody Herman ' 9 Cartoonsville 11 Movie: "Slightly Dinger- ous," Lana Turner ("41) i 130 i 2 Art Linkletter House Part ; 4 (Color) You Don't Say! : - Richard Chamberlain. r Gopi Grant are guests. 7 The Mike Dough f Show. Howard Keel co-hosts. 11 Robin Hood, R. Greene 1:4$ 9 Feature Page, Joe DoUn 2.00 PJM. 2 To Ten the Truth. Robt. Q. Lewis is substitute . ' host, with M;lt Kamen on paneL '4 Match Game. G. Riybum · ' Dorothy Kilgaflen, Jack E. · Leonard head teams 9 Movie: "Wings the Woman." Anna Neagle 13 Vagabond: "Billy the Kid" 2:25 ,2 Douglas Edwards News '4 Sander V^nocur, New s 230 2 The Edge of Night 4 Make Room for Daddy 5 Movie: "Enchanted . VaHey," Alan Curtis f 48) .1 Day in Court: Fraud 11 Movie: "Frontier -- Marshal," Randolph Scott 13 The Ana Sothem Show 7 Liu Howard t the News "3:00 PJVL 2 The Secret Storm ' 4 Bachelor F»th»r, Fcriythe 7 Genl Hospital. J. Beradjw* 13 Felix the Cat (cartoons) 3:30 2 My Little Margir.G. Storm 4 Movie: "His Butler's Sister," Deanna Durbin f 43) 7 Queen for Day, Jack Bailey Queen Mary Dodd, 1760 Obispo, wins ramps for the Beachcombers* center. 34 ReloJ Musical (variety) 9 W»yne Thomas. News 4:00 PJVL 2 Life of RJley, Win. Bendix 5 Just for Fun, Tom Hatten 7 Traihnaster. Ward Bond 9 (Color) Mighty Hercules 11 Superman, George Reeves 34 Un Canto de Mexico 4:30 2 Movie: "Sweet Lowdown," Benny Goodman 11 Livin' It Up. Al Lohman 34 Escuela KMEX (English) 4:45 13 Rocky and His Friends 5:00 PJVL 7 Hawaiian Eye, A. Eisley 9 (Color) Engineer Bill Show 13 The Lfoyd Thaxton Show 34 Novcla Juvenil: Beugeste 5:30 5 Whirlybirds. Ken Tobey 1 The Mickey Mouse Club 4 El Seguro Social (soc. sec.) 5:45 (Color) KNBC News 3 Bill Johns, News 6:00 PJAL 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 (Or) KNBC News, Latham 5 You Asked for It, J. Smith 7 Newj Hour, Baxter Ward 9 Bowery Boys Movie "Dig That Uranium." Leo Gorcey f 56) I M-Squad. Lee Marvin 3 (Color) Touche Turtle 4 La Madrasta (serial) C^O Huntley-Brinkley Report 5 The News, Joseph Bentl 1 George Putnam Dateline 3 Woody Woodpecker Notttiero34_(News) 7 Ron Cochran, News 7:00 PJVL 2 Walter Cronkite. News 4 (Color) Golden Voyage Jack Douglas: "Budapest Today." Tour of Vaci Street. Budi section, the Palatinus Strand. Leave It to Beaver 7 I'm Dickens... He's Fenster, Marty Ingels 9 People Are Funny I 87th Precinct, R. Lansing 1 wan CARGO -- CPLOR * K I X G C O B R A S . . . StlH 4 Divorciadas (drama serial) 730 2 To Tell the Truth. Robt. Q. Lewis is sub host. 4 (Color) Movie: "Prince of Players," Richard Burton, Raymond Massey, John Derek, Charles Bickford ('55-1 »t run). Moss Hart's screen adaptation of Edwin Booth biography. 5 Addograms, Jack Barry 7 Outer Limits: "Specimen: Unknown." Stephen Mc- Nal!y, Gail Kobe, Richard Jaeckel. Spacecraft commander's decision to save his passengers can hasten the ravage of the entire world by lethal pas. 9 Dobie Gillis. D. Hickman 13 (Color) Holiday. Bill Burrud: "Oriental Odyssey" (pt. 2). Hong Kong as the tourist doesn't see it. 34 Casos y Cosas de Casa 8:00 PJM. 2 Fve Got a Secret, Garry Moore: Morcy Amsterdam 5 The Lawman, John Russtll 1 CnECORiriCK --COLOR! * "C1PUK HORKILOWEir with Virginia Mayo fSI) II Thriller, Boris Karloff: "Parasite Mansion." Pippa Scott, James Griffith. II STOUT «UR«--will JACK LORD Ii 'SIDEWINDER* Stoney's horse deliberate ly kills a woman spectator 34 La Desconocida (seriil) 8:30 2 Lucy Show, Lucille Ball, Gale Gordon. Lucy takes a job at the bank and poses as a holdup man to stop the resultant bank run. 5 Special of Week: The Presidents' Vhit." Taped highlights of the 3-day meeting between Lyndon Johnson and Lopez Mi- toes, including ceremonies at L'CLA, Sport Arena, LA. and Palm Springs. 7 (Color) Wagon Train, John Mclntirr, Scott Miller, Sharon Farrrll. Young beauty evicted from the train for multiple theft turns out to be western hamlf t's richest and most-hated citizen. 34 Fesivil de Canciones S.OO PJVL 2 The Danny Thomas Show. Danny's satirical nightclub routines net him poor service from iinitor, butcher and Lundryman. II TITLE FtSHT mVUH * USTOII-CUT HOUR SFICIU Interviews, training fiims and clips of past fights of Sonny Listen and Cassrus Cliy, with Utter waxing poetic on Tuesday's title match in Miami Beach. 13 (Color) Adventure Th'tr · Crocodile" ind "North cf the Arctic Circle" 34 Agonia de Amor (serial) Top Viewing Today ISO PJH.--PRESIDENTS TRIP on Channel i. An hour tpccul on President Johnson's visit to the South* lacd. » P3t--PRE-F1GHT SPECIAL on Channel 11. An hour special ihouirg past fight films of champion Sonny Listen and challenger Cassius day. Includes current interviews with each relative to outcome of Tuesday fight. *30 PJH.--STUMP THE STARS on Channel S. Of f- cetirork repeat run premiere features Tab Hunter and Mamie Van Doren. 10 PJkt--EAST SIDE/WEST SIDE on Channel 2. New format introducing Linden Chiles as a congressman for f hotn George C Scott will work. R A D I O Ult-TJI UU-IU1 uu-im HIT-IUJ UZT-IISI UiC-IUI U«X-IZII inn-- in KGIS-IKI PLB.H-7H UU-UI UIC-IIU au-iin lure--in imu-iua m-iiti cwiw-iici ooi--mi rru--«M MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1964 SPECIAL BROADCASTS-8 pjn, KNX--Basketball: USC vs. Stan/orf (Sports . Arena) " ' · . · ·. i 8-05 P-EL, KMPC--Basketball: UCLA vs. Washington (Seattle) · 7:00 A_M iri~fa tlttoi tnorl KAtC -- FranJt lnnnrio««V HKJ m.i. Scb fr**t mx-- MUar14 Mr*i ' KFOX-- Olarll* WIB KER-- OrW Ffttk ~ w fto»tf n»c-- «"» 4 JMcUvfcr* 4to tt) UBC--Htwl Arounrf WorU X--Mewl. n la M a r i l y n ' Maxwell, who guests on tonight's "Wagon Train," did a double-take when she read the tag attached to her wardrobe. "Size 44r* she exclaimed. "1 won't wear it." However, Monty MundvUle, wardrobe man. explained that 1872 -western outfits are listed by larger numbers -- no personal insult was involved. For example, on the same show Scott Mil!er wears a size 71 shirt. TWO MOXSTEROUS series may be upcoming next falL CBS-TV is considering : series called The Munstcrs." Members of the Munster fam ily are unaware they look like famous monsters. They think they're just plain folk. ABC-TV is thinking about a series based on the weird characters created by cartoonist Charles Addams. The series is described as "humor ously macabre" and you can't hardly get those anymore. 0 · · · JACK BARRY of channel 5's "Addograms" is looking for more prospective contest' ants. If you think you're pretty good at working crossword puzzles, write to him c/o Paramount TV. 5500 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood 28. Calif. · * * · / THERE IS one thing to be said in favor of those annoying candid commercials. If you happen to be the candid performer caught by the commercial c a m e r a , you're immediately eligible for payment of S10S. You're also entitled to residual payments. If, for exa pie, the commercial is repeated 20 times in 13 weeks on network shows, you can get a Check for a minimum of $900. Sounds to me that's the linirrmm they should pay each viewer who doesn't tune out, TUESDAY TIP Bobby Baker will appear before the Senate Rules Committee at 9 ajm. The proceedings will be telecast On channel 4. 7 PJVL "87th Precinct" (II) is about a death-house criminal who isn't convinced he's go; to die. 8 PJW, "Lawman" (5) brings an old friend to justice. 830 PJVL "Wagon Train* (7) suspects a pretty girl of looting the wagons. 930 PJH. "Broadway Goes Latin 1 (13) has the De Castro Sisters landmark Iturns PORTERVULE (UPI) -- A fire belie\-ed caused by faulty wiring Sunday swept through one cf this Tulare County community's oldest and largest food stores. Smith's mar KAC-Saorti; w (--·OB Crane Show L«--Heara t Monn Hr S.-00 AJVL _. .--Newi; Hit )ri« Read KABC--Mewl; Paul Harvey c New*: STorv-LJrte HOIK-- Ajrmail enxn Co* 1:11 KAtC-- JadI »'«"« SNM KFOX-Ask an" Tel ««-- CurKtia. r.A»C--W»lr Ktoorti KXX--Womaa'i SMirlrf tOO PJVL ___ --*.*wx; afmofc«ii; Oiv*r»:CM t2:1O IAIC--Xcwv X C Swivzi -"X--U*w« _. ox-Kincom«nofl K.CC ·--Social StKtrLTv; itcr SlKt n 05 KABC^act «,«t't Shew KMX-- KNX K»!«i*»V»W X-- AJ Kvtt (to n R-- Hw, Al Marian I.«S .CA»C-- FtriandJl Ftaul 4 S3 r NX-- Tom titty. Soorti KABC-- to» F«tT!l.- -.,, , Mcttviin* (1:401 ·--Wand Missions -An«n jKfcson (l:S 9^)0 A-\L 4.«wj; Hit ft Ro*d KA6C-- Myron X «««rett ane snow HCEK-- JoNl »nnni Hour 10^0 A3L KFt--New: latfin' Ovv ^.JLftC--News; alrTcfsJ Club KHJ--ftul COrrrcton (fo 1 t,H X--4lwij Arthur ISodfrry KGE (t-*«a,?*IWssioii SwifYBiTt* T«an {10:3S KCES--Ovcrcamircj Lit* tt.«a 11:00 A3L KFI--Mw«; SdriffOin' Year »BC-«ewvQo Allen KKX-Wrwi; Art LHi«T«-*r 10 P_M. Dan Dailey. Celeste Holm and Natalie Wood star in the] 12.-00 1949 movie "Chicken Every Sunday" on Channel 9. Comedy about flighty father and down-to-earth mother. FI--P«t Rilfioo: Soorts x-Kum x fa u*. KOE «-««».C T. WilMrt :et, causing an $500,000 damage. estimated when his tenor solo spot · is given to Gomer Pyle. Griffith's wife, Barbara, plays a member of the choir, with Olan Soule as director. (Gomer Pyle. starring Jim Nibors. will become a series in its own right next season.) t Hollywood i the Stars, Joseph Cotten: The Swashbucklers." A took at the de\il-may-care heroes of f ilmdom's costume epics--Douglas Fairbanks. Errol Fiynn, etc. S 1J1I iriuili * lilarissj Holljwotil fit II -JTUHP THE STlRS" (return premiere). Mike Stokey hosts regular charaders Sebastian Cabot, Ross Martin, Connie Stevens, Stubby Kaye, Richard Long and Joyce Jameson, with initial guests Tab Hunter and Mamie Van Doren (repeated Wed. at 8JO pjn.) 13 Broadway Goes Latin with DcCastro Sisters 34 Cornices y Canciones 5:45 1 tl£Tt ROIERTS HWJ! t IOW 11J II:S(P.M. 10:00 PJM. 2 East Side/West Side, Geo. C Scott. Candace Culkin. Linden Chiles. Rebellious teenager flees her pov- rriy-ridden riome. and the "parental" control of the boy friend with whom her mother has taken cp since her father deserted the family. Chiles will be seen in i continuing role as a N.Y. Congressman. 4 (Color) Sing Along with Mitch (repeat). Mitch, the Sing Along Gang and Leslie Uggams salute show business. 5 Robt. Taylorjs Detectives 7 Breaking Point. Paul Richards, Eduard Franz, Susan Strasberg. Jack Oakie. Oakie makes his all-time fifth TV appearance as a circus clown who throws some light on the life of a trapeze artist who becomes a psychosomatic cripple following her fathers fatal plunge. 9 Movie: "Chicken Every Sunday," Dan Dailey, Celeste Holm. Bill Frawley, Alan Young f49-Ist run). Adaptation of Rosemary Taylor's best-seller. 1 George Putnam. News 3 Bill Johns, News 34 Box de Mexico (boxing) 10-.1S nsHMii HEWS minis COAST FIDtRH SAYIIGS 10:25 13 Alan Sloane. Sports I WO 3 It's Country Music Time ll.-OOP-M. ElBC-Pa.4 Hartev Ham Hour I -Mi on tioon CAftC--Boa Ferris; Newt -ft--Cal.t *Brric. 112:201 Fl--Newt; E« Harr KABC--Wenten Noble HFOI--Chme Stone .Or^.b. K»X--stonr tn Hortvwo«4 1*0 PJVL Ft--New»; tmohnit; Diversion 1!:U KABC--N« ·»; AT Mann ~ Havn TB fl 7.-00 P3L New*: Motorist lotfv Tim* C7 tS» KAftC-- Oc« AJItn; Mcwf . ftcot MS KAftC-fcen HunW C* tZ) K.H-- Micfcact Jackvm K MX-- World Wide Srxrt» JtFt-- landst*!.. (7.21 V,K-f\t\f't- .. -Cam Head Holts J.-00 PAL tHK--Hml i C. S«TCt K M K · N « w l IGE«-C«1 f k, SHOW ) IS KABC--Jack Well, Snow USX--TM StI»Lre KF1--Music Time. C Cecl LMX-- Personal Ctew trv; I Re S1m4Jr« O:3St 4:00 P3L KFt--4Mt?wv Dav« S*«w IC*BC--««wt; Bob CoraJ- t\Tt: Aa abeuf IAane» KH--Jim Coy (la 7) K.NX--Mvws t r - ; Torn H«rmo« loom (4:401 H X-- Charm Coil inTwood; Trv» Jtory-Llr»» r:35J KEO-Rr-. Abt Schneider r-- Oirt Muinry (4:40) 4 tt F»-- World of S0ort KG-rB-- Chrlsr* Ceuni*!inff KARC-- Nr*» 14 K) K.NX-- T*nt MEly (4:55) 5:00 P3L Beeofter; Newv -- *«wv M.trixr1 Mewi K.MJ-- Clefi Roberts, N«wi 0w«l1 Tlrom.n; izzuta wn (5:TO KFOX-- Soueckn* D*sccm -Jkubrcy Lr* K*SC-- F«t McCuFnness RMJ-- Jim Coy snow -- c«rroa AJCOTT KMJ-- Lea Ounsch Coy SMTW KNI-- H.ncVIC«rt» Snort* -- Bonder* el fvlt* KFI~O.iv* ShMr, Kewl K**C-- Sam Bafttr; Wews X.MX-- Huaft McCoy; titvrt 6^X PJVL KF»-- Nw»; Busfness: Wttwr XABC-- tifmtra P. MWBan KMJ-- Clctifl Rot-prts. Hewi K N X -- NPW»: BLniftrn KER--B«ck la ffit i:b'« «;1» KFU- ^»*tur« Wlr* RABC-- K.tBC »*wt Beat KMJ -- Jim Cev Vww K.IOX-- Th* tVortd Tanlsht FM STATIONS i r wi»'*/i-». · ., ****. »· ^»·%·*.·»**· in-Cl,, fir multiplex it noon on KLMA. ««·« i*} iisi i . Manhattaa Pops Orches- JJ« g j JJft i tra at 2 p.m. on KGGK in JHi,----- JJ{ »y ! multiplex... . Bill Snyder *t!«~J --- g, "** ' 4 p.m. on KEBL.. New York* Philharmonic at 6 P-m. on 1 KFAC. .. Newport Jazz Festival in multiplex at 8 'p.m. on KHRM... Discussion witrj Upton Sinclair at 10:10 p.m. oa KPFK. . . Duke EDiogton in multiplex at 11 p-m. on KM LA. f w 3 AJItn; Mc trw*» Jr. Evtning *» wight . Victor Gtona I'*S tFJ-- Emoh.; ««!odv Tim* KMPC-- Bruins Wtvnvoa CNX-Ask Dinwnsion fcOO P.\L etnrf t IS «n **urrt*r Vie* KG EH -A. U. M.cMtson sJ*; T K.GER--JL Vcrnon 9:00 P3L KIAC-- *w pyn« Show Nmru t. O»att*rtnii -Nws; Flair Reports EXPERT - S SERVICE . HOST UUS Jioy Tlonif sei TV Co. ' HE 2-2022 NEW FACTORY ·DIRECT FORDS M limit Unix cm UN LINNRL WALT JENSEN ED COUSINS 3580E,Pae,Cst.Hwy. K.EK-- *« Lrt rnco. 'Bob Ktnr ICA8C-- Ben Hunfw Show KFI-- Commonw*a!9) CTu6; CX B«cfct We Now Hove Paris To Service Your vwisoo RICKETTS MOTORS d Poricie Dtalet lot ti. l_B- Harbor Arts 999 LONG BEACH BLVD. EEBYICE HE S-2KE SALES HE 7-71SJ . Bible KCER-Or KNX-v,rsaioootTi at 10:00 PJVL "ABC--«wi; Flair reports Construction News KNX~ra rcroc* Wire KFOX--Oanrv Michaels Lint KABC--ten Hunter S HEARING PROBLEM? Expert Testing end Consultation FREE -- ta jo-ai home, or our offices. ALL THE LATEST MODELS = F. F. McISHtS AGOUSTIGON of BELLFLOWER " ""' 1133 Flow if KFOX--Shortw Bacon ItCa--Canence wt: 11*0 PJVL KF1. Kews: Soon* Final KHJ--Fulton Lewis Jr.: Michael Jackson m:CS KNX--«ewu AAeoaiooolit Johnon T1:1S KF(--WraeUa KAftC--ten Hunter Snow n:ia KFOX--Jernr Mars KFI--Oia Sincla l r (ll:an KFt-T«in« CJlled life I2XW RnDXIGHT KFI--Ron McCev r?o 5) KABC-Kadie Tne-tre KH-stuaie X (mtisjct fa t (NX-Music 111 Dawn KFOX--Hugti Cherry (ta I) KOER--*an Pike Ita SI 5 Steve Allen Show (repeat) with Louis Nye. Tom Postpn. Terry-Thomas, Mavis Rivers 7 (Or) Laramie, John Smith 13 Movie "Rock Island Trail." Forrest Tucker f 49) 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 11:50 9 Clete Roberts, News 12.-03 9 Movie: The Window," Bobby Driscoll C49). 1230 7 Movie: "Man in Black." Valentine Dyall (Br.-'SO) 4 Changing Times, Ed Hart 5 Changing Times, Ed Hart 11 AH-Night Movies: "Carnival in Costa Rica," "West Point of the Air" 1:15 2 Movie:'Black Cat." Basil Rathbone ("41) 1:35 9 Contemp. Latin America pr-. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SEAL 2 News: Dunphy-Hart-Story ^ 4 (Or) KNBC News, Latham k 5 The News, Joseph Benti T 7 Bob Young; News Final r II -THE HEiVIIU lODf l Wo. Pewtll, Vtij Umirr ^ 13 Boston Blackie, K. Taj^or ± 11:15 [ "Tki Tn!(il Skew *ilk ' liknj Cirsoi" -- it Cilir f 6tr. Untti 6. Inwi, \ Iijn MusfiiM, Eeorji y also George Bums and the Calsons (Jugglers). From Burbank. ^ 5 Torn Snyder, Stout/Duggan i 2 Movie: "The Bullfighters." ' Laurrf and Hardy f45) ABromotie Trans. OVERHAUL $39.50 later + Part! NO MONEY DOWN · mi TO WINS · I LOCATIONS · Flit LOAN CAM QUALITY TRANSMISSION IOITH tCIS IUCH S3(l Attit!c ITL IIWIIT 11921 Finrotrt INI. j. n run TV TECHNICIANS NEEDED! I* mtui* · -- ly »· fvWK-- pt Trata -- Shert rraeltcal Cawrjet-- Ceier an I* -- TramJtfen-- Ra««-- E MOrvwo -- Affvraretf tar viri «M Cal-ven tt: TK» Tnii Scknls HSI JLSjtfta, Het luck U J Mil 2 Th« Andy Griffith Show. Barney'l pride ii hurt - . * NOTICE ^ PARTS AND SERVICE -- OPEN- MONDAY EVES. 'TIL 9:00 P.M. f AIT! AND JIITICI ON AIL iwomiv CAII m« IMPORT AUTO SERVICE | 14(0 LONG lEACHIlYD. HE 2-IfTi m TOU ttmr K DRA66IN'TRAIN fol crtt kncwi to let; tt roiriif pt ml evrf f*\ a (ml twkin| order...ignari »*iet!s wco I tj!j r.fxij- jour car is liHa' st«l m.n 4 tin yoi r e t ta LIII t(Ki Eciiot ltlilttn...Kaiiti liKl IVLKtl tivl if riroiirf sxoctk n sil ia M bin (t ill l»( i M'vC job frora 43 55, Rtar Int-ff. (jtoirtle tinmntant. It An tfiMt t rotors « ,,. (JL 44437. ·» DOOLEY "Smashes" GENERAL ELECTRIC PRICES! New 19(4 COLOR TV CONSOLE nil IIUTIII IB HI III II far mil 19(4 GEIERAL ELECTRIC :3-!i. COISOLE TV 168 rill IIUTtlT I II lit tllTICt 11(4 6HHUL ELECTRIC TIILE STERE3 SMicku LOIS 108 tin lomif a IHIT tirrtti Dooley's SITS 1018 HACK HYD. ·ORTH lOlfl IUCH FtEE Aden i%« Street ?AWINS , r FUZZ HARRIS 122 EAST THIRD ST. MOM HE 7-440C Doctor's Formula Relieves "Older Age" Itch When that brutal ileep-dij-jlifves tormenting *Older Age* turbin j "Older Age" itch tivw itch--and raw fiery itdi catxxd you frantic--get Dr. Dennis'iby eczema, chafing, dry slin. quick-actin; DJO.D. Presorp- scalei, rashes, acne, atk!ete*i tion for real cranfort. See hor foot mid cither hdi trouhlex. fast you get genuine rclicf-'Greaseless, stainless, antiseptic Used and prailed the vorld' .. helps prevent infection ... ov-er--this medication is a spe-jaids healing. Don't scratch. cial ccmhmation of efficadoos. Don't suffer. Asa: yocr druj^ist soothing, cooling ingredients.'today for D.DJ). Prescription-Almost isstactly DJ.D. re-'Iic{uid or cream. DOOLEY Smashes all Refrigerator-Freezer PRICES! 12,2 en, fl, TWO-DOOR REfRlGERATOJ- FREEZER 258 RCA WHIRLPOOL 14-co. fi. "FROST FREE" REFRI6ERATOR With URGE BOTTOM FREEZER r»i BFUVTIT. nrrxi MO cutuirrtf LOW. EASY TOMS -- f 0 D AYS SAME AS CASH mrtn eown rtTotrr i Arraovta ucarr «xjo«j ra ci wots DOOLEY'S Hardware Mart 5875 LDXG BEACH BLVD..-NORTH LOXG BEACI UlEST ATfUANCI tIAltl IN THt tKTltt AHA

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