The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 8, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS 1HE DAILY FREE PRESS E*tabll»hed Weekly 1877 Press Publishing Co MNft.~~JOHN T. GALBRAITH Sdltor Telephone - - 218 TERMS Subscription 15 cents a week. AdTertlsinu bills due weekly, • job worK smcuy casn. , ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION J7.80. Entered at the postofflce at C»rbon- llliBoU, as second class matter <NBce in the Free Press Building M»ln Street. March 8, 1920 ANNOUNCEMENTS T ^HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. - "The Free Press is authorized to an '• amimce GEORGE A. FORE as a candi -4Hte .'tor Highway Commissioner ot Carbondale township, subject to the flopubl^an Primary Maret»20. "r£e Free Press is authorized to an- Bounce JACOB ETHERTON as a candidate for Highway Commissioner - ot CMbondale township, subject to .,*jia Republican Primary March 20. t ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR. -•The Free Press Is authorized, to an•- - aoance WM. M. HOLLJDAY as a f >»Arid5d»te tor reelection tor Assistant '•'" Superriaor of Carbondale / township, '.-- • aofcjeot to the Republican Primary .• "March 80. ; ,.-<,. 4.. The Free Press ia authorized ttf an*••-• nounoe J. W. CRANDELL, as & candi- -•• tteia for Assistant Supervisor of Car- v ;' iondale to-wnship, subject to the Re\ publican Primary, March -20. TOWN CLERK. "The Free Press is- authorized to an- •nounee WM. M. GALIjBGLY, as a candidate for Town Clerk, of Carbon- date .Township subject to the Republican Primary March 20. ^ ASSESSOR. TSie Free Press is authorized to an, aounee Sam Anderson as a candidate • for reelection for assessor ot Carbondale township subject to the Republican primairy March SO. ITALIANS MUST WORK ••Need, of Italy Rattles Labor Chains for Idle. : BUT in Chamber of Deputies Would Compel All to Produce Something Helpful. Rome, March 8.—A bill" making _ work compulsory, and heavily taxing idlers and sociul parasites has been introduced in the chamber of deputies. i'lie first provision of the bill is said to be the most drastic ever introduced .into European legislation.' Evtry man, Bunder the clause, who is not engaged in agricultural, industrial, professional or Intellectual work usefu! (o the community, but lives on fixed income, will liave to pay over and above any other ;taxes a yearly tribute to the exchequer xaiual to one-half his income. Idlers and those without definite ;trade, or profession arc warned to get -sotnc sort of useful work and those ^vrtio refuse to work will be deported . • to an'agricultural colony • which will be established by the bill. Hundreds of thousands of acres of fertile land in Benadir and Cyrennlca, ,- . *lie report, accompany ing the bill sa.t.s. .-awnlr only the plow and tlie work of ^intelligent farmers to-emn-ncipjite Italy .-S'om her dependence for foods ami -cereals upon other countries. ?iRENT STRIKE AT CHICAGO "Tenants Plan Union to War on Profiteers—Mass Meeting Is Held. Ghicaso. March S.—Plans for a cib- -wide rqnt strike were.laid nt n tiniKs •meeting of indigrnant tenants of t!u' Wilson avenue district at St. Simon's - Psrisp House. Announcement of n --jilan to combine iiil of the nnti-rem ^profiteering agencies of the city under <ine centralized liend Jiy Ma.i. H. S. .-Sfantlisl). n lender in Ihe .c.iiiipniffn. i-was greeted by a sreat demonstration - of enthusiasm. First steps; in effcct- iqs the proposed organization will ho " taken this week. Divorces Mount McKinley Sealer. New York. March S.—Mrs. Evelyn --•Parker in twelve minutes obtained f> -decree of separation from Prof. Her- -rschel C. Parker, scientist and explorer, • who came into prominence eight j-enrs • --ago with Ms climb to the'top .of a'iount •McKinley and his subsequent dis:ip- ••proval of Dr. Clock's claims Hint h« V4»ad reached thu north pole. Mrs. ••fl»irker charged ::'Juadoument and non- II. S, INCOME TAX EXEMPTS NOBODY Every Person-Who Had Income in 1919 Must Determine Own Liability. MARCH 15 LAST FILING DATE. COURTS-MARTIAL ABUSES UP Surest Way Is to Follow Form 1040A. - Free Advice in Doubtful Cases. Severe.Penalties in ' Law. Nobody Is exe,mi«» from Income Tax. An obligation la laid directly on the shoulders of each citizen and resident to consider his own case and to get his return In on time if one is due, With each return showing, a tax due a payment must accompany the return In the full amount of the tax or at least, one-quarter .of the tax. All returns for 1919 must be flled on or before March 15. Must Show True Figure*. In figuring up his earnings for Income tax purposes a person must take Ipto consideration all items of taxable income, and each item Itself must be accurate In amount. Guesses and es- timatei • must be avoided, for the return la made voder oath. , Everybody who had an'income dur- ID( 1019 Bust n»w determine whether his or her net Income was sufficient in amount to require an Income Tax return. The best .way to find out is t» get a Form 1040A antf follow the Instructions printed on it. That form will serve as a remlnfler of every item of Income; and if a return is due. It tells how to prepare and file it. One of the Important points to keep In 'mind is that a person's 'net Income Is found bj a computation prescribed In the law, and that each Item of income from every source must be considered, unless specifically exempted. Another thing to remember Is that th<. personal exemption allowed taxpayers by law has no relation whatever to the requirement to file return. This exemption is not to be considered until a person has figured out his net income and determined whether it -iva? sufficient to require him to file a return. Then, If a return must be Hied, he should rend carefully the instructions for claiming exemption, nnd complete his return. If In doubt on any point as to income or deductions, a person may secure frep advice and aid from the nearest Internal Revenue office. Many banks and trust companies are also furnishing similar service (luring banking hours. Heavy Penalties in Law. For failing to make a return on time the penalty is a fine of not more than 51,000 and an addition of 2& per cent to the tax, if any. For making a false or fraudulent return -the penalty Is a Bne of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment hot exceeding one year, or both; and, In addition, 50 per cent of the tax. There are other penalties for failing to pay tax when due and for understatement of the tax through negligence, "i Many Sources of Income. Aside from what one may earn by his services, there are many other sources of Income. II he sold any property during 1919 he must figure out the gain realized. If he ren-ted buildings, land, apartments or rooms such rents must be considered taxa- able, and he may claim deductions for necessary expenses incidental to rents. Bank Interest is a common source of Income and is taxable whether withdrawn or not. Any amount of interest credited to a depositor is income to the depositor. Interest on mortgages and notes is taxable: also bond Interest received from corporations. A taxpayer who cashed his insurance during 1039 must report as in- 'come any excess received over the total of premiums paid. Members of partnerships or personal service corporations or beneficiaries of nu estate or rmst must report their shares of income distributable to them whether or not actually withdrawn.. Dividends of domestic corporations must be reported. Many other'forms of income are taxable, unless specifically -exempteC Rryai C. Johnson Will Renew Fight I -This Week to Put Through Reform Bill. / , . • , Washington. Murch S.—The fight: for re-forms. : in .tlie tirmy courts-martial sys'tp'm TCill ho .renewed .ih'"tliy!fl.ipusc | this 'week,' when Representative iRoyal j C.. Johnson. : Eep!il)iif:jiii. South Uirkpta, j will attempt to put through the fell] of which lie -and - Senator, Chrimherfntn nre joint authors, ns an amendment to the army reorganization bill. ';••• Mr. Johnson has written n. letter to ev^ry member of the house, 'aslrinsr support of the bill. Tlie' grliirlns Injustices to enlisted men under the existing courts-martial system ws-re,Impressed upon Mr.- Johnson during firs .service with the army i.n France. E. SiiciCfbnnerly of Blbbmingtnn. now otPeoria, president ;.of tin? -I,. E, Slick Grain company. in'corpoYuted. was found 'guilty by'n jury In the Cnited States district court nf :i cbnrfte of making a fraudulent and false income- tax return. Slick was charged' with failure to include an inconirS of $122,000 in his return' ro the revenue collector. NOT SLICK ENOUGH FOR U, S. Lincoln E. Slick of Peoria Fo.-nd Guilty cf False Income fax Returr?. • i',-!p^, j l,. Ill:,: M»reli :: 8-f^lr.eoln •LITTLE FEATHER' IS TRIMMED Rich Osage Indian Starts Out to See the World — Doesn't Get Far. " .' , Lincoln. Neb., March ' 8.—"Little Feather,": a member of The'Osage Indian tribe of OkJnhonin, whose royal-ties from nil-lands lie-claims are-$1.000 a.month, was arrested here as a vagrant.. The Indian say* lie left his home with plenty of funds to see n little of the. world, but fell in with white gamblers, who ; got. his money, and when .he reached Lincoln he was penniless. The police are convinced of 'the truth of. his story and he will be. discharged when i means are supplied to send him home;~ No. 7598 ., Reserve Dist. No^ 8 - Report of the Condition of THE CARBONDALE NATIONAL BANK At Carbondale, In the State of Illinois, at the cloicof bwtMM Feb. 28, 1920. ^ RESOURCES. and discounts, including rediscounts (ex- c«pt thosa shown in b and c) Overdrafts,, unsecured .-•.". Deposited to secure circulation (II, S' bonds' ralue par Pledged as collateral for State or other deposits or ' bills payable 410000 Owned and unpledged „.. „ ' - ' ' ii K^nnn •Tdtal TJJ 'S.' Government securities.."/.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'." * 1>0:>U - UO Bonds .and; securities (btheV'than U. S. securities') pledged as collateral for State or other depOBlti postal excluded) or bills payable ....... 5 4 50 on Securities,, other than TT. S-flbbnds (not includinK ' ' stocks), owned and unpledged 39 424 st Total bonds, securities, etc., other than U S " ' ' Stock of Federal Reserve Bank (50 per cent' of' siai- scription) '.. „ Vatae of banking house, owned and unincumbered ." Real estate owned other than banking house Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank ...'.'.'. Cash In vaulb and net amounts due from national banks ' Net amounts due from banks, bankers,"and"trust companies in the United States (other than included in- Item, s 12, 13 or 14) Checks on other banks in the same city or" town'as reporting banks (other than Item. 16) Total of Items 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 ..., >.. '.'.'.'. 3240518 Redemption tand with U. S. Treasurer and due from ' ' U. S. • Treasurer • •Interest earned but not collected—approximate— ou Notes and Bills Receivable not past due I $298,022.00 2,319.08 105,650.00 44,874.63 2,200.00 18,866.78 800.18 .. 26,47,7.20 16,635.96 5,000.00 6,384.61 3,000.00 6,736.12 Total $535,966.56 INCOME TAX IS ' LIABIUTIEa. Capital stock paid in Surplus fund • Undivided profits :..'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.]['.'. $ 25,820 66 Less current expenses, interest, and taxes paid 2 221 77 Interest and discount collected or credited in ad- ' vance of maturity and not earned—(approximate) Circulating , notes outstanding. ' Net amounts due to National banks '.'.'. Certified checks outstanding ., .'..'.' Totals of Items 30, 31, 32 and 33 !..".!! 2 104 93 Individual deposits subject to check. " Certificates of deposit due in less than 30 days (other than for money horro-wed) State, county, or other municipal deposits secured ^ by pledge of assets of this bank ... ; Total of demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject to Reserve, Items 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39 326,191.81 Certificates ot deposits (other than for money borrowed) ; - '....'' Total of time deposits subject to Reserve, Items 4o', 41, 42 and- 43 52,037.00 Bills payable, other than, with Federal Reserve Bank (including all obligations representing money borrowed other than rediscounts) Bills payable with Federal Reserve Bank Liabilities other than those above stated , Total ."..' __ Of the total loans and discounts s hown above, the amount on which/ interest and discount was charged a t rates in, excess of those permitted' by law (Sec. -5197, Rev. Stat). exclu sive of notes upon which total charee not to exceed 50 cents was made, was $9.37.00 The number of such loans was 30 x . . ; ,. . a State of Illinois, County of Jackson, es. 1. Chas. A. Gullett, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear -thai/the* Above statement is trne to the test of my knowledge and belief. _.'.„.'» -••:•-, • Chas. A. Oullett. Cashier. ; Correct Attest: ' . •-- •. I Jas..M. Etherton, ' .-•-.- - ^ 1 F. M. Hewitt, . : • Chas B. Hamilton, ' : • •''•-_• -. Directors. ' • Subscribed and sworn to before me this ' 5th day of M-arcS", 1920. Mabelle Bert», Notary Public. ; , $ 60,000.00 12,000.00 '23,598.89 33.93 60,000.00 2.044.93 60.00 278,475.06 37,716,75 10,000.00 52,037.00 None None None $535,966.56 An Opportunity To Brighten Up OPERA HOUSE J)RU6 STORE Porter's Old Stand. Claude Fox, Prop: Brightening up the ^ one of the .chief pleasures of the housewife. A bright, cheerful home makes for contentment and comfort; ^ . • . -There are marred and scratch• «d pieces of furniture—the worn floor and ttair tread*—the woodwork, which needs refinishing— the 'ice chest—the kitchen cabinet and many other places about the home can be brightened up « . with • • SHERWIN- WILLIAMS FLOORLAC a varnish stain of unusual wearing qualities, adaptability and< beauty. It stains and varnishes in one operation—is durable' and''waterproof. . - . • Floorlac is made in all the popular shades., of .oak, mahogany, ' walnut, etc. It 13 inexpensive to use and easy to apply. We are making a special offer in order to introduce Ploorlac quickly to the housewife. Cut the coupon from this ad. bring it to our store with lOc and we win give you a 2Sc can of Floorlac and a 15c varnish brush. 'Bring in the coupon today. • : Nmmm COUPON Addrms, . . ' ^ 1 -' Town ' " • " Thia couponaoa lOc ^entitle, beawr to X pint can of MooriM i one Varnish Bruah. (Only one of c«ch to e*ch purchMcr.) nd .J r I "'TiiGooti-Kcsi fFit&m the Smt Right Vn" l^f .•• ^»* ^J'Hf PM. ^n, • B^HJ^ B»" It you waat to know what real goodness'in table syrupa B, try the deliriously-flavored JUST RIGHT brant It.Biimly can't be beat-for griddle cakes, waffles, hot Biscuits, bread, preserving, candy making, etc. One can mil convince you. At your grocer's, i • »f AMOS "J-^ MES GROCER CO., ST. LOUIS FOOD PRODUCTS "VIRGIN" WAS ONLY SHADOW Pri««t Solved • .Mystery -Which Cauutd Excitement Among French Villager*. • .> Metz.—Excitement among the' people of Noveant, a small village near here, over the supposed appearance ot the Virgin near a church yard, has been calmed by an. investigation conducted by religious authorities. It was said^ the apparition appeared at- a certain time each day, seeming to _£*SP!tY' 0 £. the steps, of a little villa. raaer. Bentz p'oslea' 1 'almself r>ae «rening'at a point where others aaU they nod seen the Virgin,' and at once solved the mystery. He found ttro .(trees some-distance, a^y wiilcTS, 5fist at sunset, cast. : a : shadow presenting a clear outline ot a statue" of the Ma--, ffonna, the resemblance being striking Bishop Ruch of Metz, commenting on the case, said- when It was er- ~ plained to him: "We must not expect too many mir^ acles. We have just witnessed om« of the greatest miracles of all times —the return : of Lorraine to" France —and we can afford to wait a Uttla while for another." $1,000,000 "in Tobacco. Burns. Dayton, p., March S.T—Fire here destroyed the' tobacco warehouse leased by the American Sumatra. Tcbacot company of New York, causing $1.000.000 damage. Di)E_MARCH 15 Penalties for Delay and Failure to. Make Returns—Early Compliance Urged. All income tax returns covering the year 1919 roust be flled by Monday, March 15. Each taxable,return must he accompanied by check ior mouey order tor the full amount ornt least one- quarter of the amount of tax due. Cash payments are accepted only at the collector's main office; if sent by mail, thev'are^it the sender's risk. Residents o£ Illinois should send returns and payments to Harry "IV. Mnger, Collector of Internal Revenue, Chicago, or John L. Pickering, Collector of Internal Revenue, Springuelc 1 ,, 111. Those who must file returns but lave not done so are warned that the revenue law Imposes heavy penalties !or failure to get returns in on time or to make payments on time. Early filing and early payments 'are^ irged, In order to relieve the Internal revenue offices as much .as possible of I ah o'rerload on the final day, March 15, • nted Several Hundred Girls AND WOMEN , IICu F3. MOST OF THE WORK, HOWEVER, IS ON A THAN Western Gartrid^e Go East Alton, Illinois

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