Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 40
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 40

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 40
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C-4-JNOEf£ND£NT Itna. Hack. C*M. T«m. *ari 1 to] i- L.H. Golfers Open I'ublinx Play ; · Long Beach area golfers face stiff tests in the open- Ing round of the. Southern California Public Links Championship at Rancho Saturday. Jim Moss of Recreation! . Park goes up against medalist «"H. n. u · Al Wells of Willowick; Earl Kitfedf'!! ; Svenningsen of S k y l i n k s ' * " ' ""*· '"''"*· meet* 1962 finalist Ed Tefe- ,,.,,,,..,..- . -teller of Griffith Park, and 1 : HACIENDA'S sharp-shoot ..Mike Blackmore of Lakewood * duo of P" Howard Smith draws John McLain of Grif-;* 1 ^ President Mike Fitzpat- ».., rick teamed on a 65 to win . Top L.B. hopes. Hank Gow-l 111 * Southern California PGA dy of Meadowlark and Bill ; Pro-Presents tourney at " McCormick of Skylinks. are,J lnd - swe P t R '"*« CC Moa- ·. favored over Art Rimdrus etr*?: . , , Ventura and Tom O Neil] of, , Jua ': eland lnd ** North Ventura, respecth-ely. , of Ltkewood wtre high However, if McCormick is * mon S °* !eadcr$ « 68 as Successful, he will face t h e w e r Lakewoctfs Monty] w i n n e r between defending^S*" » nd Bul Gregory - champion Henry Batista of,* 1 * * ^ m "* Pro-Dircc-, _ Brookside Park and touma-, torj flight "*** Utter "*** "" icent favorite Bud Bradley of w o n Wltn a m "y a ^ the . .Rancho in Sunday's second Bel Air teaa of BlE Creigh- r round at Griffith. l toa *°* J - T - J 01 **_ In a first round battle be-! Unofficial individual hon- tween a pair of old Skylinks ors wwlt to Bud Holscher of rivals. Larry Griggs Sr. tangles Lakewood, who fired an evcn- '· . with Ed Donahue. Pairings: 'f 3 * 7I - Elodgett had a 74. i - ' VPPI« .«AC*TT I At the evening banquet. '.I irS?. KSZ .V^VmS. ^Griffith Park's Paul Scott was p: for outstanding con- Rhi l.mcrjs. n. Marr. A wl rd VC3T " .'** *' 1S SC-PGA "pro of the PHIL BAKER, one of Long Beach's most ardent golf and baseball fans, is also the luckiest this week. He is in Augusta to watch the Masters. . . . Caot. Sol DactK'l Virginia CC day SCGA team was ucset bv CrrstaV- ·ir», 2V22, In clavott semitinars. De- hmdmB ctsamsien Palo* Verses will faca Crvstalalre tor »ie title. ... Dick Ctover of Gilmtn Hot Sort and Joha Walter cf Woinia. rlvats ,, me recent L. B. Masfcrs. tied for second Blact at 74 hi Vit Tournarneni of Chamaiont at California CC. JMH we- putt of Arrownead won vlTh a 72. ... Marrr E. Crawtartf ckctured ^e Soimi Coorsa President CUD tourney w ! tn Prtv Rrawa second and Janws Tultr ~ Qualifytrg tor ^f annuaf Vn/m Op«n begins Saturday. A3 polf- I1EST One of CIFs top spikers is Poly*s Charles son, a senior who has broad jumped 23-10J4, run the 440 in 50.1 and the 100 in 10.1. In three dual meets, Swanson has totaled 35 points, most En the city. He also runs on Polyps relay team. TOP MARKS LISTED City Spikers Rate Among Best in GIF ...ALL OUTDOORS... Spotfin in Marina Channel Activity in the Marina channel Tuesday brought out the shore Pishing clan in almost perfect weather to score with some of the finest spot- in croakers of the new year. There were a number of good strings of fish on the ocks during the afternoon. Turk Werner checked in at Sima Bait and Tackle at the end of the day with a spottie that weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces, another 4 pounds 4 and several smaller. There were other 5-p o u n d e r s checked in during the day. Werner also left the in- brmation that there are units of corbina to be had in the surf at San Onofre. * · · * THERE HAVE been abun dant barred perch at Bolsa but otherwise the beaches close at hand have been on the barren side. Pier fishing got a lift since the weekend's storms. There were a dozen or so fair-size halibut on Seal Beach Pier Tuesday, the largest 4'/j pounds. There also were some bonito. and a couple of bar racuda showed up there. New port Pier also has produce* a few barracuda. UNTOUCHABLE GrunionDuc But Only to Look At You can look--but don't touch. So says the Department of Fish and Game, which reports that the next four- night grunion run is expected to begin at 9-30 pm. Tuesday. Hour-long runs on the following three nights are due to start at !M5 pm, 10:15 pjn, and 10:45 pja, April 10-12. It is unlawful to take grunion during the months of April and May. but this is an excellent chance to visit some quiet, sandy Southland beach to observe the unique spawning behavior of the silvery little fish as they come out of the water to lay and fertilize their eggs in the wet sand. Clean Up, Sunset Ordered In a move aimed at step- By LEW ALLISON Fishin* (or DoaneD Culpepper Barracuda busted loose in local waters Tuesday as the sea calmed and cleared after Monday's storm. Seal Beach's Valencia and Pacific's Estrella both reported catches over the 200-mark--limits for almost everybody. Bonito have made things interesting almost everywhere offshore, and the good bass catches are continuing. Exploratory tries at San Clemente Island located a lot of big barracuda and bass this week, but the fish were a bit spooky. Results were even raore uncertain at Catalina, where ie water is beginning to clear. Conditions point to an excellent weekend and Easter vacation week- Local landings will offer extra service during the holiday week, expecting to mount a heavy schoolboy offensive against the big barracuda schools, and maybe Mom herself couM be induced to try a half-day on a bright, calm sea. Pacific Landing is booking an all-day local boat through the week, starting Saturday, and is scheduling Whitey Ashley's Fisherman for San Clemente Island on weekends. Seal Beach Landing is scheduling a 7 and 12 o'clock half-day boat in addition to the 8 and 1 o'clock Valencia. LOADS OF BIG Spanish jacks are making things lively south of here. Dave/s Locker counted 375 for 660 fishermen last week. The jacks are hard-hitting fighters that provide excellent sport, especially for the feather addicts. Manning Moore relays words of white sea bass at Silver Canyon. Catalina. His son Steve took a 30-pounder there with a green and white Shamrock lure, yo-yoing frem the bottom. The State Fish and Game tabulations for February showed a spectacular increase in bonito--a total of 23,281 taken in the southland that month, or almost twice as many .w- --... . ping the contamination of one With the upturn continuing of the Southland's recreation as the weatherman was re-.beaches, a cease-and-desist covering his aplomb, there ( order was issued to the Sun- were prospects for a good set Beach Sanitation District as in January. * * * T 1 T , TO THE SURPRISE of many persons. Travel Row at the Sportsmen's Vacation, Boat and Trailer Show, now at Pan Pacific Auditorium through next Sunday, is attracting more than usual attention. score on the weekend, and ( at a meeting of the Santa Anaj Many states and some provinces of Canada are repre- into next week's Easter ho!i-'~ days for the kids.--L.A. vlsit Sculnen Cal»ftmia pert wee* « drscuss a tabuFous ott«r to rtoresatit the *".*. . trs*Sly r 'a*l:lncx"bIif rtta'eilt,' 9 '" 01 ** than fifth tor An Wal toi Itie Masters. He ft ·ver-' rvpn « K..« .L^ ov» tor a maior vicnrv. ,e^eni DUI me Moore Leaguers rank no|and shotput among top CIF in every 'track and field marks. sprints, m2e| Poly hurdler Earl McCuI- lough shares the top time of fjmtj D t l r a t t Sl.Cr.j D . r t f stir, steps JuJy SewImU ef LA. ThiinjirfcWs. ft* fw« f'rTt will l« ;« «:fTo« *"« fr'iij .'jVl it 1:11 r.U % Ion, Ai-ini. wtl T-lirJf inttt DcvTTs. S» dp?*'* Ten! Teg? ttttlt C«p*«'i Ttrri tyndi fri3»f ·?*·. 5.000 IIL AJ-n. i«.H: «iut-» I!. t^ SOc. far r*TMrv«t*orti, ctft HEmlocl 7-JZSS. Another 4 Bahy' Added to Ranis Coach Crew By JERRY WVNN Corps, other-'and Lake Calls Opening Its Best Ever Lake Regional Water P o l l u t i o n sented by excellent displays and there's a friendly pitch at Control Board. | every booth to get you on a plane, into an automobile, or Department of Fish and perhaps even on a horse. Game pollution coorindatori Bin Haerr, operations manager for Great Bear Lake, Js John Barry testified at }he one of those who can show you some trout pictures that meeting that the activities of clara diggers and surf fisher-! men are curtailed or ham-' pered as a result of sewage going into the ocean from t make you say, "No critter ever got that big." Bill appeared before the Southern California Tuna Club last Thursday when he flew in from Sioux Falls. He showed his movie, in color and sound, and the film proved that those big "crittersTM really do exist. This writer can vouch for those fish, inasmuch as I . ,,,,,, ,,« .^ ..^ ,, WohlfonTs weekend broken outfall pipe about 350 . ,, ,, . , . with two others in the opening of the season, ia the feet offshore. Sunset Beach saw them last July on my trip to Great Bear Lake. ISO-low hurdles and Po!y,ba!my spring weather that also is a grunion run beach. Bill and wife. Dolly, run Great Bear just through July broad jumper Charles Swan-'preceded the big blow, was Barry added. Other agencies and August; that's all the fishing time there is at Great son ranks in a second-placejkeralded as one of its best deadlock with 10H. Stan Bauer (SSO), Jeft Hen- a best of 23- ever with 3,273 anglers at work at the lake. There were and persons also were heard by the Board. S u n s e t Beach has been 507 boats used, and 11,448 posted for about a month by drix (pole vault), James Miles fish were checked, according ' the Orange County Health Dept. with signs warning that the water is contaminated The Kiddie Corps, other-'and a seven-year NFL vet-,£°. w hurdles). P« Finley t to the Escondido lake man- 2*^rto^tS£^£^TM ^^ a'e^LT^ -raged 21 fishjwith sew.g. The Sanitation SSfSLT"' h11 ""l^criUrUnd^r,^ '"« best. Leaders: _ _ \TM^j^^jrt»^TM~«« »«* He is Jack Patera, former) Selection of the 29-year-old rJ 0 t$^7. H ? r ^ l ^.V'V.. Vr ° h '' all-America guard at Oregon Portland. Ore, product cnm-|!£"dTn"jVAB«*'(r.n!C Morhctifi it a bleod of fine IXT/. : »hisUa Eecrae it'i ihiyiped frcm Scoc^sd in tcrnh, yon uve oa Hut tad enjoy t Iffct, toe QU»£rj Scotb it i tensile price. · - FIFTH MUIRHEAD'S SCOTCH · no*. n va IT lunssoi Ban. ·£. tit mat. it C tout, na tinenbotnim rVent. T0.t If* Sooer (San.1 til. iLnai-i Jli. »re» at 49*. II Muenca [Pih/l Zl.f. rCenf.l 411. pletes the youngest coaching staff in pro ranks. Svare and backfield coach Don Heinrich are 32; offea-lNnt~s:*«vj sive line coach Ray Wietecha (( JSf rttaTiS'",^:?!. and end coach Bob Schnelkerl 1 *" '" are 34 and defensive back-KO' field player - coach Lindon · ~ Crow is 30. Patera Oregon in pro ball with the Colts, Chicago Cardinals and'""""" ' Dallas Cowboys. At Dallas,'*':^' · he was tutored in the de-|I«»^t fensive style of coach Tom «*«»«· Landry, who also had a great " ^ influence on Svare's career. trout second. There were'rect the situation by June 1 some good bass catches. Best! fish of the weekend included a 7-pound channel cat. a 5'/j- i pound bass, 2 ^J-pound trout. iThere will be regular plants of trout through the season. f r o m , ' JSS8 V.i l!W ' '"· " Boost Seen in Aiitlerless Deer Hunts SACRAMENTO t?V--The State Fish and Game Depart- 1 _,.,, _ 'ment has recommended 37 iminml Blake Jones, veteran Sierra antlerless or either-sex deer ciamJguide, now at the Sportsmen's hunts with 16,050 permits for RAILROAD CANYO.VLake so is r'^i bass, which are kitting night « , . My ""^crawler, and deep lures. The Bear, which fs 1,000 miles north of Edmonton and which lies partly within the Arctic Circle. Drop in on BUI when you visit the show and hell convince you that the greatest trout in t he world inhabit his cold lak e. * * * THE MYTH ANNUAL California Sportsman's Award goes to Alex Kerr, 47-year-old conservation leader from Beverly Hills. President John P. Click of the sponsoring Shasta-Cascade Wonderland Association announced that Kerr had been voted the honor by California outdoor writers. Kerr has served two terms as president of the Southern Council of Conservation Clubs and now i$ secretary. He is serving hij third terra as president of the National Skeet Shooting Association and is in his fourth term as a member of the Los Angeles County Fish and Game Commission. Since 1941, he has won the National Skeet Shooting Championship 14 times, has been a member of the AU- American Skeet Shooting team 12 times and captain of the team four tmfi Kerr win be honored at a banquet in Redding on May 10. is rising. Fishing Facts u *' ·"·-»·*···.dieting a big ," w«M3 ,c^?sl B " d S e P ort """ ° ' i n n c ' o f £Vo5',7ffi!!l («rf.i M i itr« " Pai« vaulf-- Savtoe ineer (Pail uv-iT tl. H«n*i 'I. « Ms the ke'lake has been planted heavily. i.lJones plans to guide at Crow- seasoa^ forj That's two more hunts and ^^,2,730 more permits than the " Fish and Game Commission approved last year. The 1962 Schedule oi [Marine Stadium Events and Closing Given . «« tau, a KulMn. O tonito. kiMCut. Seal Black--49 aassenoen e« I boa*i caugM Ml tarraoida. H bonito. ns. la misc«nan«oinL r.«r».mt Vanant--t aassmoen a* I boat* cauont 230 tarracuda. V bonite. II --·-- lass. ]«4 roct - -· until June I, Ihea move 5,050 deer. "Something else--the high Ipecia i ,, AL Hockey Hrsulls Jlakes behind June and Mammoth will be much better ftLjfTala 10. Prwldencl I Hershry 4. laitimore 1. generally would be the first Tuesday T than previous yean when they ^ d .open up." Jones predicted. JHe'i looking for top fishing at Twin Lakes and Koka nee. Trout Plant List Given The Department of Fish and Game has scheduled the stocking of through of the late or in- season, proposed for Sept. 21 through Nov. 3. For the guidance of those 4 _ r £ [who wish to ose Marine 'dium for water-skiing [speedboat racing, here is ·j'^.j^SJI* 5£J schedule of public events £"***"« **· ·est'KSne when the stadium is closed to!. H*^*^.*"* *""?*.· J^» all except the participants: Salvraar n4 Smtfay, Apr! 3» and "fSar. Mar I ««wtog. tor. ·eac* 1 ; 1 '^^"'"'*' ritot"3£"rt*L»r'.~ fate CoHtoe. no aomissioa ctiar ··«=- n. 1*4- oropowii fcyrtfi »» county, fiame of fcvnf wticrt tftfcrvnt t LUII county «nd .limber of permit-- Tetiama--41v« seoara-e zor«s 1ola( 1KB rrrr-^; latsn-eUArdw M tilt lakt lloi Oovie 40t: Bur*--norm Vutre 150. sovm «utt» ZS9: Placer oeitara Placer 2:9; Mevada--»t^*eia Nevada JOB. Ir Ooraoo--wester* $70, ctntrat two rores IA10; Arnador 40D: Vato MC; Ian " ine-ian Joasutn SO. Korm f'eina-Ttflart Hume_ 23; _T Club Names Its Winners , Frijar. imrttar ·»« SunUn, OO. following lakes and streams of Southern C a l i f o r n i a . Anglers are reminded that this list is tentative and subject to change, depending on weather, water and road conditions. 3J5 Cliargccl With Violations ·surface fish, a 7 pound 14 .ounce calico bass taken near Catalina Island. He was fishing from the Sea Sport, skip- pered by Jim Goldsworthy, including^ y ' """ ',Ships Fleet Spring Regatta ^ Heaviest bottom fish regis-, 011 . AUmito « ? f tered during the week was · ' « « » w " fotlw ed by Jim pound ?3 ounce halibut,.^* to Frej-a. and Max by Ed Grant of West G a P T He was fisKng .Monte took a 39 rocad hali- ' ofaub i ..~ »»^.« ^v*~n M,P i«».-;iuii »i«j g*ice uw lor uicuua win Degm iu Pientn an- uig event win _ feature out-) 13th consecutive month, with'nual summer «alt water fish- board competition in every 89 cases entered in horsepower class. [records. the ir.g competition within Inext few weeks. the The stadium also probably will be closed from 1 to 5 p.m. |0n the Thursdays preceding Six S o u t h e m California, 1 ?"*- P^ate boater, and anglers registered award-win-, **" shoul l first check with : fish in the final week of tfce Lon 8 Beach Recreation annual Schenley Sports-i 0 *! 0 " 1 " 111 b « for * making 's club winter salt water P 1 * 2 * to "Bach a boat at the *! fishing competition. jEast Second Street bridge ·| Stanton Pearlman of Long """P- ' Beach landed the heaviest Celine Captures Class A Race BUI Moss iKppered his Bob Gun Qub to Stage Ham, Dacon Shoot Lynwood Rod »nd Gun Outboanls lo Race ^afso*^^^'^*?^^ 01 ' ""**{* M\*m .hoot* Sundly .t 3 am. e i f · i i trl f . "rTM w Si J rs fa pound 8 ounce flattie. Harlan'at the Long Beach-Domintruez SlinrJay alCarlsliad |jaa dunng the month and had Palmer of Canoga Park closed Gun Crub. California Outboard Racing 56 jail day! suspended lout the bottom fish entries' There will be scuadi for Assn. w-21 fiiVd more than Fishing without a licease.with a halitwt that weighed ladies and begmnen and '100 boats in competition a^ia ocean and inland waters 33 pounds 15 ounces. [splatter board eventf. There arlsbad Lagoon Sunday. .was the leading violation ofj The Schenley SportsmeaVwin be 5- aad I0-raan fouad*. The closed course lap rac- fish and game law for the dub wiH begin its eighth an- The trap range is on Ar- \f aM.*af*nt ^riTl «f»»fTrrj» rvrt-11 ?tt» rrm t »rnf In · ·KAAOV --?*«- * · - -- - - - _^.i« - - r- _«. + - -j_ TllT^I » "T Jt L. If southwest cf Compton, then I entrance en Central Ave.

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