Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 8
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A-b--UNULi'tMLJtNl (AW) PKt^S-ltLliGKAM (I'M) L»og Beach, cam., Man., March ii, mi Think small, use a Classified Ad for big results. Place your ad today! HE 2-5959 RATINGS AB SOK aJ.T1,HKf Vftf» Pa-eiHii Gwitor« stwced rW ARnn «;miiei. no' ar wrwxi bv ars^i NOTt: II ·» IWurn HYC d,"er«l gv It*? mae re^iiKinrf- r^ng '· o-' I;.' I Get busy or quit, Margaret is told by London press Tl MANN THEATRES (AKOAIN PC 1C [SI IEIMONT 11 » Mon.-Frl. '1116:30 51.50 Sal. 'HI 5:00 Sun. Kol. SI.50 'III 7:00 ROSSMOOR .»l.50Mon..FH. '1114:30 SI .50 $31. 'Ml 5-00 SI.50 Sun iltcl IM?:OC CREST, NO. LONG BEACH 4273 Atlintk; 474-2619 "BEYOND THE CRAVE" 6:--IO:10 (PGt "BREAKHEART PASS" "This film is d rriumph" Rex Reed "HESTER STREET" IMPERIAL LONG BEACH 3H i. Deem 436-3973 Adults Only. No one uixlcr IB admillcO "SNUFF" 17:457:703 5 5 5 : 3 0 /:05 8:40 10:X 1X1 WINDSOR, England (AP) -- Piinct'ss Margaret was licensed by London newspapers Sunday of not shouldering lis'r share of royal duties in (he months before her separation from Lord Snowdon. ami two papers said she should either gel busy or quit being a princess. "To'lic frank, she hasn't earned her 35,000 pounds (about $70,000) a year," said the Sunday People, r e f e r r i n g to Princess Margaret's s a l a r y in a front-page editorial headed "What Margaret Owes Us All." The Sunday Mirror said Princess Anne, Margaret's niece and Queen Kiiziihelh ll's ilaugbler, "has taken on one extra engagement after another because of Margaret's inability to pull her full weight in recent months." "Is she now prepared lo really gel (town again to the job of being an efficient royal princess and a 100 per cent reliable member of the royal family's hard-pressed ' w o r k i n g team?'" the Mirror askcrl. A Sunday E x p r e s s columnist s a i d he f e l t sorry for the queen's -15- yearolcl sister, "hut what I fail lo understand is why. if she finds it impossible to obey the royal rules, she does not also quit thi 1 royal life and the royal priviletje and the royal 3:"),000 pounds a year." Princess Margaret, secluded with two children at Ihe queen mother's Royal Lodge since the separation announcement Friday, attended services at a semiprivale chapel Sunday with the queen. The monarch drove over from nearby Windsor Castle lo visit her younger sister and (heir molhcr. I/KM I residents reported seeing lliom at the chapel on the royal grounds amid the rolling fields and fore s t s of Windsor G r e a t P a r k . The chapel is attended by mcmlxM's of the royal family and a few others wilh special passes, mostly castle slaff. Later, molhcr and daughters were reported (o have lunched at the R o y a l Lodge and strolled on (he private grounds. Lord Snowdon, horn Antony Armstrong-Jones, was in Australia fov an exhibit of his photographs. He told reporters in Sydney Sunday lo call him "Tony" after unconfirmed reports circulated that he no longer wished to he LATE SHOWS EVERY FRIDAY 4 SATURDAY ., BARGAIN PRICE EARLY BIRD SHOWS l A T T I M f S I I E L O W ) PRINCESS MARGARET and her family leave Kensington Palace in London to spend the weekend at the royal lodge. -«· WITO**. called Lord Snowdon. the title conferred on him by Queen Elizabeth. The queen's ordeal over Ihe breakup of her sister's 15-year marriage- drew widespread sympathy in newspaper articles and editorials, but press treatment of M a r g a r e t contrasted sharply with ]'M. when newspapers tactfully ignored the romance between King Kdwanl VIII anil Mrs. Wallis Simpson. That silence, a product of tacit understanding hf- tween [he palace and the p r e s s , continued even after the American Mrs. Simpson had started the divorce proceedings that woul(l leave her free to Sarah Churchill fired from star rqJFe Washington Hlar WASHINGTON-- Siii-jih Churchill, the Cl-ycur-oltl of Ihc hilc Sir W i n s t o n Churdiill. lins eii (lischiirycil from her rolo in "Tin 1 Hoy S M I«")X COLOR COPY PRINTS J Who Made Ma«ic" .it (ho Hayloft Dinner Theater. Tlie tempestuous British ncliTSs. who (ru|ucntly has been arrested in the past for public drunkenness, was unable to complete her performance lasl Thursday night in . the original nui.sic-al After tier firs! number, .she was not permitted to return on s t a g e . Her understudy look over the part, that of a gypsy fortune teller. On F r i d a y . Miss Churchill's tontrad was abruptly termini!led "for TORRANCK irq HJIiTwh, TBCridrt P.ic. Csl. Hwv. Cremluw MUSKET£ERS"iPoi "3 MUSKETEERS" IPOI (I).] "BARRY LYNDON" in BLAZING SADDLES W.ill NO MKKn. MO IETUKN" 12:35 : CHAILtY AND THl AN«L" From r,r..,. SL ULUVi.'J LT rOG 'MAN WHO WOULD U KING" 1:155:355:40 (PC) "Om 1M HELL HARRY" D:W-7:45(PG) BEYOND THl OtAVI 1:101:«-«:?$ (PG] 735 Silver Spw 377-S«3 Acarlciny Nom "DOG DAY AFTf RNOON" "BREAKHEART PASS" 1.30 IF'G) "3 MUSKETEERS" (PO) "4 MUSKETEERS" (PO) "BEYOND THE GRAVE J.OOIO-.YI i r o i BLACK CHRISTMAS' "BLAZING SADDIES" JULIA FRAHKL1N IN COLOR - RATED X CERBITOS/NORWALK "DEVIL WITHIN HER "ONE FLEW OVER TH£ CUCKOO'S NEST" 1R "WHITt LINE f tVIR" |PO) ALOHA »OBBY « «OSl riipqo F»i it Riillcl GABLE AND LOMBARD 217 East Ocean Blvd. i 437-1267 J i\ "GONE WITH THI WIND" Bo OKice Opens: 10.45am SAVAGE" ( MAJESTIC LOS ANGELES PHILHARMONIC THE STORY Of 0 " ( x ZUBlKJ MEHTA, MUSIC DIRECTOR in Long Beach This Saturday 0:15 p.m. Daniel Lewis concluding Michele Zukovsky cl.lri-K'1 BUTCH CA5S1DY SUNDANCE KID m a r r y the British mon- a r c h . King E d w a r d renounced the Ihrone, became the Duke of Windsor and was estranged from the family until his death in 1972. This lime, p a l a c e sources were quoted as saying newspaper reports of Margaret's friendship with Roddy Llewellyn, 28- year-old member of the jot set counterculture, and l a t e r of an i m m i n e n t breakup, hastened the official announcement. The News of the World quoted unidentified friends of Llewellyn as saying his .reported romance with the princess "is a fairy story come trje. They will slay together come hell or high water, even if marriage is impossible." Llewellyn and the princess were photographed together recently on the Caribbean island of Mns- tiquc, where Margaret has a holiday house. The paper quoted the friends as saying romance blossomed a f t e r one of Margaret's friends acted as go-between three years ago and arranged a meeting b e t w e e n her and Llewellyn at a wealthy landowner's home near Kdinburgh, Scotland's capital. Later, friends provided places where the couple could be alone, the paper said. RIVOU: II Ji MOHDAY Ihrv F R I D A Y I 10-7 CO S A r U R O A Y 1 10-S M · SUNDAY I HOLIO* LAXEWOOD CENTER: 11 SO ·! 00 TOWNE: II tO MONDAY Uilu F R I D A Y t 00 * ]0 · S A I L J H D A V I? 00-S 00 SUNDAY H O L I D A Y S U 00 J 00 L A M I R A D A 4 : tl 10 MONDAY 'hi* S « 7 U H O A Y |Cic«pl Holldll*} 1IJO · % 00 S U N D A Y 1 HOLIDAYS II 3» A 1 OO " DOtMU THIIlli CHULS FROM BEYONDJHE GSAVt iw THE DEVIL U ''S'RAINK) AAATimiS DAILY · Oflti I3:3P HIL UOOU' SMASH! BLAZING SADDIES [·) GANG fflAl COUWISHOOT STUBHT |«| MATINIU DAILY .OMN I Ji» » ACAMMY AWUO NOMNAT1OMS ONE FIEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST i» CALL KM SHOWTIMIS · HO fASSli MAT1NIIS DAILY · OWN 17:10 THf IHDOf TW L1HII CHAILIl MOMtOH BREAKHEART PASS I POSSE IPO) LAKEWOOD CENTER WALK-IN t ACAMMY AWAtO NOMINATIONS ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST ID CALL, lot SHOWTWIS · NO HUMS _M*nNIIS OA.ILT · OfIN 13:10 ""T»CAB«HT AWAKJ MO*IMAHO« THE SUNSHINE BOYS wi UUCI DUN SMILE IK» MAT1NCIS CMLILY · O*IN \T.*O LAKEWOOO CENTER WALK.IN 7 ACAMMY AWAID NOMINATION* BARRY LYNDON IK) 9UH.-TMUH. liM-9:00-»i» FHI.-SAT. 1;OWll7-7si*-0-.J3 MIL MOOKV SMASH! BLAZING SADDLES ID Gang That CovfaVt Shoot Straight i»i OKN 13:10 · MAHNUS oHlY 4 ACAMMY AWAI9 NOMINATION) onto* c. SCOTT HINOENBURGiroi WILD McCULLOCHSiFo) MON- HI. t:lt . SAT.-SUN. liM KACKMULM · MINMllt · IIYNOtDS LUCKY LADY IKI WILD McCulloCHS ( po) MON.-ftl. ArOO · SAT.-SUN. 12:00 i-anse, the c a u s e being she could not perform uinsistcnliy," according lo K r a n k Matthews, prcsi- dcn! of Ihe suburban din- ni'r theater in M;innss;is, V:i. Matthews acknowledged Miss Churchill had missed an e a r l i e r performance entirely am! (hat heractiny varied radically from ni^ht lo night. liolh the actress and the musical, based on a children's s t o r y she wrole under Hie eiitoiirabCnicnl EARL'S PEARLS Today's Best Laugh: Ulickcy freeman snys tic ilidn't reali/e Iww bad the current TV season was till lie saw some kids reading Ixioks. Wish I'd Said Thai: Alxinl Hubert Humphrey: "He could lalk a revolving door inlo Koing the olher way." [iemenilvrrd Quote: "It lias taken me all my life lo understand thai it is not absolutely necessary for me lo understand e v e r y thing."-- J. I'aul Octty. Karl's Pearls: The late Herb Shriner warned a friend a Mending a presidential convention: "Now you tic 1 careful anil don't K*.'t nominated'", . ..... --harl Wilson PALACE 30 WNI AVI. 4M-4429 MOH.-IH. lOOtl 1 M*. II MON.4U. ARK 1 P.M. t 1A1. a UN. t HOUMYt $1.10 KIM t UHKM cmzna ?s OPEN All NKJKT OMNS 9:45 of her celebrated father, r e c e i v e d a clobbering from the critics. A two- week closing notice, culling the announced seven- week run short by two weeks, had been posted last Tuesday. Ironically, Actors Equit y , which regulates the employment of professional n c t n r s , had refused earlier this year lo grant Miss Churchill permission lo act here on the grounds that she was a foreigner. The decision was reversed afler Equity won signifi- c a n t salary and employment benefits for the American supporting cast. Best known for her appearances as the hostess of television's original Hallmark Hall of Fame series. Miss Churchill had not a p p e a r e d on the American stage for two decades. Prior In her opening, she confided lo the press that she looked upon her role in the musical as a comeback. Matthews said [hat the red-haired actress drew more autograph seekers (ban any other star who had appeared at the Hayloft, bul that crowds averaged o n l y about 200 a nighl. Miss Churchill's under- sludy, Patricia Kilgariff, will complete the run, which ends next Sunday. PLAZA SPRING PA1O VERDE 479.1OI2 PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES x Ofike Opens D«uy at 6:00 · Show Sfarts 6 mreNi^t NSTICEI CHUBIIEK HHCEK 12 FREEI DOUIU TTHIIUS ft CHILL* | FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE trot PLUS · IT'S ALIVE iroi "3 MUSKETEERS?,., | "4 MUSKETEERS' BEST SURF FILM ^ OF THE YEAR! Surt\nq A'lW.l/frv? Bud Browne'v GOING SURFIN IAw i lu« Ate. 22 4 23 01,! Open 6:45 Showi 7 9 P.M. BAV Seal Beach MIL UOOKS'SMASKI BLAZING SADDLES (·} TILLY SAVALAl INSIDIE OUT|oi niRlTYIHO FOUIUIONI l.rHKYlWTTHBHBKi] 1 SWASH lUCKLDLi 3 AIL STA1 CAJT1 3 MUSKETEERS irai 4 MUSKETEERS iroi tOBUT tIDNMLD · PAUL NIWMAN I. lUICH aSHOT I SUHD*NCt KID ( rd] J. RACE WITH THl DEVIL |«» 3. BEYOND THE DOOR 111 9 ACAMMY AWARD HOMIHJLTtONl ONE PLIW OVII THE CUCKOO'S Hi»T |l) RAMCHO MIUXE (II SOfaY. MO PAJltl TMTM £S.S,;L ML UOOKS' SMA5HJ BLAZINO SADDLES t» T11LT UVALAS INSIDE OUT ii» 1 SWUM UKKLIH 2 AIL STAJ CAjn 3 MUSKETEERS H) 4 MUSKETEERS IPOI ·. Doitkii maul i OIJILS FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE IPO P1UI* ' IT'S ALIVE IPO) QARQENA TWIH-VUE DRIVE.IM Flinin it Pr'ull IIIEI fl4 Clnama II "BREAKHEART PASS "REPORT TO TMt COMMISSIONER "NO DEPOSIT NO RETURN" o) HARUE t THE ANGUS" «J] "THE COLLECTOR" |PO) MIL UOOU 1 1MASHI BLAZINO SADDLES nUY IAVALAS INSIDE OUTw Film 5vmcx«'ijrn 1 only 1 Oill 'l^o.ilf'' 1 for (WCXiriinr I RiJ-M-lar wo' kxrvxrow -- ."·-·"» '·Mi«o(MS.50AJ«S"iPO) "IESVIOION5DU BAL" | 0,vni ISAVxi-Tu-% OI!Y! | vim JCrtn Louil L * »·" MIVI-IN »UN1 lOUITMNIIO THE TAXIE DRIVER (i, HARD TIMES IPO) 9 ACAOCJWT AWAU MOMIKATKiHi~ ONI FltW OVII THE CUCKOO'S NEST |l| ·APKHO WLUXI m Soi«Y. HO PAUft TIRIIFYINO POSSESSION THE DEVIL WITHIN HER PLUS · ft -._ BLACK_CHRLSTMAS in JILL CLAYUJtOM cJAMf'S* ··6LIF/ GABLE LOMBARD (·) PART Ih^ALKINO TALI IPOI OMT AIU MIVI^N ILW] ftOURT Dt HVO THE TAXI DRIVER in HARD TIMES IPOI 4 im i iti^m · ·E MIL UOOU' UUIKI BLAZING SADDLES (.] nur SAVALAI INSIDE OUTioi i GRAND PRIX ADULT THEATRE 1339 E. Art«la, No. Long B«ach "MOTHER'S WISHES" (X) "THE WAY IT WAS" (X)«ii!ti All j.roted (ilrm ^4.00 f|MDER TrlEfTTERS INC offar for your plcamrti II! Iim II -CHINA GIRf ANNETTE HAVENS i« FEATURE 177 ». OCIM !!. CONT. nod o IK utc sww nil su · ffiCEHRITOS MILL CWEII*S»1 M until 2 P;iW. MATINU (^ WESTMINSTER HALL CINEMAS M"uhtil2P.M.($mnniiin W - °* IIV ^ ..,^.^ W 11 »·: 0 .0, 2:30-3:'iV'7:Oi-IO:M' 17:30 i 258.25 MUSKETIIRS" iPs IOJ CUIIfM awil M| POT, M JOOtH ST. BUTCH CASSIDY AND SUNDANCE KID 11 00 2 40* 25 'OCi "RACE WITH THE DEVIL" 1 00 4 45 8 ?5 1050-2 JO* J O - 1 0 7 5 "REPORT TO THt COMMISSIONER" .» 1? 35-4 30 8 20 "BLUM IN LOVE" , 11 00-3207.45 "BEYOND THE GRAVE", 1? 103 -O7 10-1035 "TALES FROM THE CRYPT" 1030'! 55-5 J5B.55 3 Acodtmy fcwcrd Mom I n otl on s Ann Morgr»t ai "ftel Ac1r»si" Tommy BUTCH CAJSIDY J " ' » '«»' ^^^^ "THE ROILING '. "RACE WITH 2 2 5 5 4 5 J o s T H E DEVIL" 7 2 5 - 5 4 5 905 12 4O-4 20-« CO 1 "BEYOND THE GRAVE".. ! 2 JO 3 50 ' T O 10 JJ "TALES FROM THE CRYPT" ? 10- 5 3 5 - « 10 XUCE DOESNT UVEHERE ANYMORE J 5 0 6 J S - I 0 3 5 "·- TH 17 55 t 50850 "3 MUSKETHRS" "4 "JAWS" ,«, WALDO · 'HONI1714) (9»,IM1

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