Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1969 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1969
Page 16
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NwltoMt MVnTflVtlU. MMtAIMM L. COLEMAN, M. D. Numerous Causes For Fainting MMMI WHY PEOPLE FAINT has * tendency to faint at soon as she is upset. Can this be prevented by any drugs? What is the best way to get her out of a faint? Mr. A. G., Rhode Island Dear Mr. G.: It is undeniable p e o p l e become rom my nose four times and hey always grow back. Can his be because they have not been that faint easily than others. One of my patients fainted at the onset of every thunderstorm, At first this sounds somewhat silly but when one understands the process of fainting, even this unus- ition can call for rather than annoy faints it is loss of the blood that normally circulates sudden emo- telegram bear message, a sudden fall of blood sugar, se vere pain, may cause an attack of syncope or fainting. STUDIES NEEDED There are a number of phy as heart disease, lung disorders, and the taken out correctly? Now must have them removed _gain and I want to find a way to get rid of them ones and for all. Mr. H. M., Ohio Dear Mr. M.: The way to best understand why your polyps have been removed so many times is to lave an exact knowledge of what polyps are and what produced them. A polyp is a grape- ike mass of watery tissue that occurs in the lining of the nose or the sinuses in people who lave an allergy, infection, or both. Polyps may occur singly or, more often, in hunches, especially when the underlying condition is neglected. Polyps b e c o m e annoying when they become so large that : h e y interfere with normal jreathing through the nose. Wany people do nothing about this condition until the nose is completely blocked and they can no longer breathe comfortably. When once the polyps are removed it has been my experience that patients are so delighted to breathe freely that they refuse to he treated for their allergy or infection. This probably is a key to your problem. It is absolutely necessary that intensive treatment for ths allergy and the infection continue after the surgery in order to delay and often prevent the recurrence of the nasal polyps. Speaking of Your Health ..Poor progress in school mar he the result of had reducing habits with Inadequate lighting. Dr. Coleman welcomes letters from readers, and. while he cannot undertake to answre each one, he will use questions in his column whenever passi- ble and when they are of general Interst. Address your letters to Cr. Coleman in care of this newspaper. On Contract Bridge (Top Record-Holder in Masters' Individual Championship Play) I'M THAT idtf, cwac#*r EDWARD REMENYI (IS30-I898) WORLD-RENOWNED HUNGARIAN VIOLINIST DIED ON TIE CONCERT STAGE N SAM FRANCISCO, AND MUSCULAR REACTION DREW HIS BOW UP AND DOWN OVER THE STRINGS Of HIS STRADIVAEWS AFTER HIS DEATH May H 1896 DC OLD MAN NATURAL STONE PROFILE I«IIIMf*!»H FRANCIS DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope lardening of the arteries to the brain which can cause fainting Before an attack of fainting is entirely attributed to emotiona causes, every avenue of study iiiiMii»«iii«iiiiirafii;i»^ of the body must be made to RUZ REACHES THE BASE OF THE ROCK.THE RO»R OF THE FALLS IS ALMOST PEAFENIN6... THE WIDIYTOSSINS WATER 15 TERRIFVIMS' helpful influences by coopera- dition is not overlooked. Look in the section in which ng and it will pay off shortly. your birthday comes and find what your outlook is. according to the stars. APRIL 25 APRIL 20 Because it is the temporarj reduction in the blood flow to OCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Scorpio) the brain that causes fainting --Do not undertake enterprises FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 21 to flat with the head slightly lowei rest of the body t which you can't fulfill. You will (Aries) -- Weave together all encourage greater flow of bloo facts, useful information to the brain. Belts, ties, bras active day, so it would be pre and tight girdles should be loose : erable to handle "musts" before taking on new obligations. will have a sturdy frame for day's involvements. P l a n e t s should liquor be forced down the throat. A little patience and stimulate competent, powered action. capitalizing upon your tened fainter is all APRIL 21 to MAY 21 (Taurus) constant hut not hectic. Drugs to prevent fainting ar MOW vou CLAIMS THAT (ThsMhe \/M^^ifft-6K6timf?\ I -true btueorb |V^ . Jp, y Aid-theosten' v *^ ^^ used only after the exact phy Especially favored: Cultural ex- reasons for it have been 22 to JAN. 20 (Capri- learning, artistic endeavors and -- Do not be indifferent to the just demands of your work day and the added obliga- further mutual interests. MAY 22 to JUNE 21 (Gemini) tions that go with life. Empha- --Concern about complex busi- size constancy, common sense, ness matters may tend to make JAY BECKER you forget some personal needs and desires for the moment. But if the former D require JAN. 21 to FEB. 19 (Aquarius) -- Planets benefic. gen- extra attention, give it -- and willingly. It will help you carry on better next week. y o u r talent for enterprise, which is considerable. K e e p JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer) your practical side to the fore. -- M i l d planetary However, day has HIM flN'HIS WIFE-MOTE ORE SPENDIN' TH'NISHTOVER IN TWIN FORKS WHO SAID I VAJUZ GOIN' OUER TO VISIT LUKEV? I'MGOIN'OUER TO VISIT HIS CH1CKEN COOP defeat the fully charged action sides vulnerable. NORTH he alert and careful to this day deserves. Planets aus- drawing hasty conclusions. YOU TO LUKKVS PER A LEETLE VISIT, MflW- picious for the person who has can find openings others miss the facts right, and uses best JULY 24 to AUG. 23 (Leo)methods. Seek and conquer. Situations complicated? Confus · K 6 S + K Q 1 0 7 6 4 EAST 4109852 «1063 4 9 5 + A J 8 SOUTH A K Q J 7 3 You born today are an ing? They don't have to be - il couraging influence, with crea- you will look straight into the live ability, and gifted heart of maters instead of try ing to skirt them. Avoid tremes. You become enthused whatever you undertake which. AUG. 24 to SEPT. 23 (Virgo) -You may run into some con nivers and schemers now. Give teachers, physicians and horticulturists have astute Virgoan usually born in your Sign. are wrought in solitude, but do The bidding: South Wevt North Pass 2 4 Pass 4+ 4 V Pass 4 A not make it a regular practice perspicacious person can he taken in talker. to retreat from the world. Share with others. Birthdate of: Ed- SEPT. 24 to OCT. 23 (Libra) VOUR STRUOGLIN POINT? VOU'LLFIND SURELV A CHEAP Bur EXPENSIVELY DRESSEP THUG ISNT DOING r THIS FOR FUN -- ward R. Murrow. news commentator; Ella Fitzgerald, sing- --A potent Venus day stimu lates your artistic talents, in genuity and general tnenta alertness. Make the best use o Gugliemo Marconi, inventor Opening lead-- king of of wireless telegraphy. When you're playing a grand 5-1 or 6-0 spade break. slam, you should be willing to devote much more time and at- this possibility by first cashing tention to the project than when you're playing, say, two leading a spade to the ace. both opponents followed suit, ha could then claim the balance of You just can't afford to be HORIZONTAL 38. Glorify 1. Renown 40. Article 5. False god 9. - Hope 12. -- King 13. Vedic god of fire 14. Regret 15. Spanish dancer's needs 17. An ensyme 18. Narrow sand ridges 19. Examines 21. Note in scale 22. Hebrew prophet 24. Wagers 27. Energy 28. Jungle beast 21. Paddle 32. Erode 33. Female .sheep 34. Region 56. Hardy heroine VERTICAL 1. Confront ?. Exclamation 3. Disguise 4. Penetrates 5. Forbids 6. Mature 7.Insect 8. Records 9. Golf clubs 10. Eject 11. Work gatherings 16. Exist 20. Fish 22. Signified 23. Chooses 24. Fur scarf 25. Auditory organ 26. Swing- from them 27. Rind 29. Bird 30. Born But if either opponent showed Every means of protecting and 41. Serve 43. Puzzle 47. Past 48. Dwelling 51. Disease of rhickens 52. Elliptical 53. Origin 54. Goddess of dawn 55. Whitman out of spades, he would have insuring the contract should be still another possibility to fall investigated and pursued. It is back on. He could lead the king not enough to merely follow a of clubs from dummy and bank his hopes on East's having the there is a still better one avail- KW'S 3U3T PE5TLES5. WMV DOM'T YtfU TAKE . HOW M'JCH TO YOU measure would home the con- 0 PR1VE ME UP HIM POWM TO THAT / SUPPOSE WE 9UUD a heart, won by declarer WIUP-ANIMAU SHOW ;//·' THEY'RE MAVIN6- AT \ THE SsTTUMENT ? \ r\ ( ^Zt^r ' hfxW "ifc^^^fe Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Of COURSE, I DON'T TM.'N 36. Printer's measures 37, Emerald Umt ·! Million: i] nlntc \ '/·" WH YOU ONLY HA/E ONE HEAD 2ON'T V/C^O.'i' THOUGH"- ) ·, , ! CAN ,ST:i~ ) '_ CUTYC'JRHA". / :he contract was in danger from the start, but his prospects picked up greatly when he cashed the Q-J of trumps and both opponents followed suit. Indeed, t h e hand now appeared to be a cinch, since South saw that he could take three rounds of spades, discarding a heart from dummy, and then ruff his only apparent loser, a heart. But when he led a spade In the ace and another one back to the jack. West showed out and South was in trouble. There was only one trump left in dummy and he could not ruff both a heart and a spade with it. So he finished down one. A little more thought would have pointed to the right way of playing the hand. After finding the 2-2 trump division, South should haye realized that the only remaining danger was He could have prepared for then this Hobie, there'* nothing wrong with you that a car, ·ome personality, and a Digger allowance wouldn't correct!" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try em. Just Dial 442-6242,

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