Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 27
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 27

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 27
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Page VIII C«met«ries-Mausoleiims 5 Income Tax .'· And M.n»«miti) '.V Btt CEMETERY lot, Vi 01 cost. Call Pom Metharo, 07-7n. COMPANION--Ground crvol, GreCT llllll Cemelerv. n-OI?;. Z ^PLOTS-Or« lETfXPERIS PREPARE YOUR CRYPI5 -- Besul. Angtlei Abbey Mausoleum. Under cost. 3H7M 1 CEMETERY loll, SunnvUde M»u- SO'eum, «4n ea. HA 9-7350 4 .CEMETERY loll. Rose Hills, WMIIIer. Ccod buy. TE 4-5726 4 CEMETERY lots, Foreil Lawn, Cypress. NE 2-JS67 wkdays allcr 5 Income Tax jPrfparallons) LONG BEACH WILMINGTON RESIDENTS. ExMrl 1ax service INCOME TAX SERVICe-Bh«! ChlD slanvs. 206S Allanllc Ave. ' 59I.ID44 or 432-8157 INCOME TAX-ACCOUNTING SERV. BoofcfceeDlrg RAY LARSEN 16400 Bellllower Blvd. TO o-?ni Incoms Tax Consultant Vour home. 426-71M; e»» 4J1-UO CHARLES E. MARTIN enrolled to pfaclkc belore Itw 1R5. 5034 Us TAX SERVICE. « UP Call M-M77 or %i-P3i; 510 VI Fed. State $5 Up HR BLOCK. INC. 1432 E. 7lh SI. Long Bcaltl 1109 E. Artesla No. Long Beach 16128 S. Western Ave. Gardena 8105 Westminster Weslmlnsler «769 Garden Grove Bl. G. Grove 14317 Pioneer Blvd. Norwalk 12901 S. Hawlhorrw Bl. HammoTrve No acDolntmenl rwcosssrv Sat., Sun. 9-5 INCOME TAX 14 yri. experience. All forms lyoed Irlple checked. Your horn* II urclerrccf. Individual, small tusl- Lalesl Informallon. vailable weekerxls «. for opfil. HA 9-4545. . . Individual, small tusl- ness rental. Lalesl Informallon. Reasonaole. Available pv^lrxgs. Call for opfi PRUDHOM-Ex. EDWARD J. MORTON M4S BROAOYCAY, L.B. Hri. 10 am lo 9pm dally GEJJ4M MING TAX t, BKKPG. 5ERV, teoeritfable»Accufalc EXPERT Income Tax Your home. S3 up. Instruction · Preparation lucom* Tent f fpre#val[*n) INCOME TAX In Your Home Bolh Federjt state, short form 5 i Lonahrm S12. Plwrw (or »p- polnlmtnl. Til 11 P-TM- aTM 1 wet*.- FEDEKAL AND STATE TAXES Exoer Sla'r -- Permanen Office- ESTATE VLANHINO by APD-I. S. W. HORNER JR. 4 ASSOC. MM PACIFIC AVE. «7-355« | Personals 1 1 Psychic PALM CARD Re»d:ngi ADVISE YOU In ALL millers 433.9073 In a.m.; HE 3-9118 Inji.m. NU CASBAH HEALTH SPA 3 «wr. vouns lechnj, PfOSla''. ba , Iherasy. elc. 7 davs. 6W-WW- WILL parlv *h° saw an accKeni at SJulh eV Altanllc on Frt. Mth PATIENTS Kneaotd - Meam, Mas- saw, House calls. 4M E. P.C.H. HE 7.5141 SINGLE people seeking friendship la^^r^kTM J °To^V^ P Y\?0 T Y H S DAY INVESTIGATIONS MARITAL, ETC Evan C. Jones, S3? Pine. «6-S81l ANY CAR any color. "Si.. 8 "'?''! Palnl. 1708 Alamlloi. HE 7-2575 SINGLE adulls call lor recorded mcssagt " kri- day. GE 441731 AGED compost-- Exlra rich organ c .Si Mulclf. cliambllH, GE 3-44U M ^'RIGH?'g h c'il7 C ""27^ a V C E ER°F T U b !FD Mil, swap. Rodden/1, JU E. Bdwy. Schools Instruction 22 fnrmatinn Ptrtotxrh 11 ATTENTION: Church orovcl, clubs. soforllles other erganliatlons-- EARN llu. FOR INFO, leading lo sate of new conjlrvctlon, remodeling or additions. No lob loo large or loo small. Phone GA UHU Mon. tfiru Friday. MOTKER.IN.LAW problems? Up lo savings lo buv 1 way plane ticket for molherTn-Uw. Taylor Maid turn. 6559 Orange. L.D. GA 14M OPEN 9 lo 5 DAILY MON. FRI. 'TIL 9 P.rA. MAUREEN JONES. APPLEY, MCCUISTION. or acquaintances in Long Beach cr aiea: write, onone or wire collect lo John Mc-Culston 1721 Fern Pace. Vallelo. CW1I. Phone M?.«47-CTde 707. a Stanley Home Pro-duels Dem- ortslrallon receive a valuable utilllv bathroom set tree, -t- an extra gill If YOU mention this ad. HE 6-WW Knitting Instructions Mon. Wed. 2 lo 4 p.m.. Frl. 7 to 9. 11 lessons, S5- YARN MART, 630 Ptr.e, L. B. BODY BUILD 4 KARATE Fal or skliuiv? Dally 1-9 L.B. Gym. 2! Locust. HE J-9H9 B.J.'s PARK HARDWARE BIXBY PARK AREA J12I E. BROADWAY GE 9-3331 FI Classe1 Ur tl.a F£ hr.""prly? S2JO-S4 Parties, Fun. Friends. HE 5-6111 Melody Oance Slud'o, la Paclllc Ay WANTED-- Good Long Beach FoSler Home lor children of all ages Call Fosler Homellnders HE 5J311 WE love miners but MINORS Seaie by-Dais CIRCLE LIQUO-i! 4434 P C.H. 433-9315 WANT SHOST WRITER 436-SB39 "TRAKKITF" PIPF PROSPECTOR wanled wllh leeo. have a oood kad. 4334551 eyes PersorxrH 1) NEW MENU SUPERB LUNCHES t. DINNERS BRAD 1 S F RESTA URANTS I9?0 PACIFIC AVE. L.B. iann ATI ANTIP AVP I B LIM Trim exerciser lor wftmen In my home. 59M54). Social Clubs 11 -A LIFE LONG Kanplnrss begins wllh Friendship. Meel New Friends at CLARA LANE'S Friendship Center SINGLE ADULT SOCIAL CLUB 530 E. 41h Orbit Club HE 2-9330 Lost and Found 1 2 «Mle ooW, f dfanrvxitH, toil Frl. vie. Mav Co. of Blxbv Krwlls area. Liberal reward. ^W-iSJS 1500 REWARD for Made txrne. li)tact, loM M Eaw Ave. 'Vcd. nlohr 3/7/M, Ph. 477-0659. No Qusslloiu Asked. WHITE SHAGGY lov pood\t. Male Vic. Ava'on 733fd St.. Torranc* 550 Rev/. Na QUMttoni csVett. ?E 4-9527 LOST-- Pasl Prtiltfenl's o'n Gold Star Motherp i Jf avel - Reward LOST sliver 1ov poodle, Female Dutchm art's cut v 'Glgl.' 1 Reward LOST-- CoHlf, · Yeltow A while. 1 mo. oW. Ant. lo Bo Bo. Reward 424-7555 or 437-3SJS. LOST -- Bfack mln. r etiiale tXMKfe Gcnerovs reward. 866-7313. LOST-- Cfii.hua.iua. black whit m;lp. Paramoyol. Rew. W4'6M LOST: silver Grav Perilan Tabby Children's pet. Pleaic. 42.-406 LOST -- AUnlature Silver poodle "Domliwue," GENEROUS RE WARD. 821-0570 W 5?7-1927 aU .ost cmd Found 12 OST - BACK HOE. Mad*. i» CwMtrucllon Kfno, $nl*J S S2?. SIM. Yellow. Mkkitng IfOm V*c. Flr«i1orv« 8. OkJ River SfNooi rftdj Downey »irK* Fib. 7th, 19W7 LlDERAX REWARD lor lev (o. leading I 0 rtcovtry ol. Can 41*44n; NEv*-0773M7N)il7-7;)l V*rd« Mawnlc Ternoi* i Vcn'i Wit.- Blxbv Knotli SnODO'rg Center. Maionlc Mirk nxiMV c.h~E, [nlll*li E.D. Finder may ktto money as reward. Ptease return money cllu, seflftminlal value. GA J-«M or EH S4»(m3 LOST-- Brick drained WLllold v//kn- porlAnt pa«rj. Mary E. BraV;en- skk, 213-- 43WA94. Hypnosis 1 3 EMILE FRANCEL OF TV Private consultation. Ciaisei icll- ImDrovcmenl, conflcfencr. hvrnosli self-hvpnoiH. CHURCH o NEW METHOD 564-7738 Personal Problems, lenllon;, jtl Tnioroveinenl. Doctor Invllci un. WHY LIVE OHLY HALF A LIFE! Hypnosis-- Call 438-04 15 ETHICAL HYPNOSIS CENTER INC. FREE INTERVIEW. LAS 541 34 U Insurance 14 AUTo Cancelled, Mi'). 5'alo Filing. Drel. risks, youthful op?r's. Mlllrcrv all olher lines. 2387 AManllc. 47XC707 Au'o Insure any ao« cancelled LOW RATES, PAY MONTHLY. OPEN EVES 13)! Redomio. L B AKEMON INS. AGENCY 431 H» Drs., Dentists, Ch'rros, 1 7 NEW METHOD 564-7738 Backaches, headaches, lenilcns peny^al oroleim. DoclOf Invites txiusual casei. ResuHs, SW-7731 Htalth Aids 18 Atlantic H.alth Offices JOIN 7h* Cr»al SecNlY with Or. Wilt 4 3 Expert Operators For Good HeillD «. Rilwillon. 1IH ATLANTIC Ave. JS-W37 Open 17 noof · 10 p.m. Mftn.'Trrtirl. LIFETTE HEALTH STUDIO A\4»s»e« it«*m. 7 dkvi, 10 o I 51 E. DrojitvfiY. 4J7.7M?. MASSAGE-Enlov « rooro. mtsiavc Hunllngron iev IM? mJdnT Oolta jChlc^. H . way. 5 7 davt. 8-l/-?1)j Health Aids IS Eastsida Health Group 3 TECHNICIANS Ultra modern mauaal J**? 1 * 1 ^ E HY%^p" · iSS^^r*"' 0 *-'" COAST HEALTH CLUB t ll - Jan's New Different Sanitariums, Hospltalt, Hornet Help Wanftd ;24 If's Easy io Place an Independent, 1 Prcss-Telegrarh ·' Classified Ad;.-, HE 2-5959 % ?l 20 U l _!)73_Paclllc_Av« J 1 5TEPHAH1E T S -- Rclix'rg ph; 'ttv«A: . enl. CHERIES HEALTH STUDIO. Won- deflul hand maisaa« by Crirrlr, ^SjeaiT 1 - _M* G. 3rd. HE 7-U» THERESA'S MaHK« 2onMI -»lhl. 17II E. 4lTi. Open 4 P.nv p.m. 33-OQjJ Ho» Drlv. CONVALESCENT NURSING HOME al I'c.. 14 ^^. RN. chetr A itml-orlv. rmi., Mllo. SA 2-3208 WEST'S Physical Th«r»ov Hrs. 10-A. no Svn., Mon. HE 4IJI RAMA or Individual session. By appolnlmcnl Qfltv. CE Ieo6t TERRY'S Steam Bath . E. III. HE 3-lai COLOIE'S Swedish rnassaae.sleani wcefc dars 8. Sun. HE 3-A31S STUDIO D ^^ASSAOE 1713 CHERRY AVE. ft\ASSAGH-STEAM R«. SAIT-CLO. 9-4 D.m. M3 E. Broadway. 36-30l) T. MASSAGE. 1011 Blvd. Hours 1S-7. SWEDISVI Ma!sase_ lor^ llu . 1 T M 5 737 E 7«1. ltX CINDY HOLLAND MASSUESE S«. 2«5 Paclllc Avt. GA 49M6. A\AS5AGE, Sleams. Bromell .C.H. HE CRESTWOOD Convalescent Hospital I77J CHESTNUT AVE. MEDICAL care oallenls acccoled HE1HS1 or HEMUS FREE PLACEMENT REGISTRY _ Boord, Guest Homes 20-A FRONT rm., loveh/ /eflned horrt For latfv. The best ol car« food, CE 1075) _ PRIVATE or fm. wllh TV, good care. private, rtwnpys " ....... -"- (LICE'S Gueil Home. lov«l Cevole care. YOU will feel si home. HILLSIDE SUES! HOME -- Hcnv liVe home. Nurse In criaro* 24 hrs. 2027 E. 21it. SI. MEN-WOMEN AGE 18 TO M BE JOB READY MAKE MORE $ MONEY $ Caly 1 ra IrJn y Is oc^f cd lo me el the needs ol the «mpkv«rs vrlfri "EASY TO LEARN LESSONS." PHONE NOW Ask About CALY *'No RhX" Training You MUST Qualify or you pay mith'.r.g. IBM Keypunch** PBX Receptionist* . Groc, Checbr-Cashicr* Electronic Assembly* Garment Power Sewing* Drapery UPH Sewing* Garment Power Cutting* Up!:olstery Furniture* IBM Tab Wiring*** Drafting** FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE DAY EVE CLASSES Train Now Pay Later Caly Trade Schools £ LONG BEACH . Indicates Class Locnllon) , V IBM Keypunch V IBM Tab Wiring* V IBM Computer Prog. : MTI is THE KevcimcH school LONG BEACH authorized to tra bv IJic same method used bv IBM - PAY LATER / DaY 4 Eve. C ,' No K.S. Dldonia required. »' Free Pfcicement Aid. NEW CLASS MAR. 21 MTI Business Schools Lono Beach, 19 Pln« Ave. HE 5-8? 50 Schools Coast lo Coast 'Counseling 4 enrollment SWITCHBOARD-TYPING ,' Free Placement Aid .' No H. 5. diploma reculrco NEW CLASS MAR. 21 ALL CLASSES HELD IN L.B. MTI Business Schools Long Beach, 19 Pine AY. HE 5-8914 _ 50 Schools Coasl lo Coast MEN LEARN TO BE ' HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS OR TRUCK DRIVERS We Iraln You In Southern Calll. on Bulldozers, Graders. Cranes, Whllci, Kenworlhs, G. M. C.'s, To qua'llfv lor the big paving lobs, CALL DU 2-8327 Asicmbly-Technlc! a ni-RaJ!o-T V PIANO TUNING APPROVED FOR VETERANS Day' EvcrJno Classes Cal. Tech Trada School KM ATLANTIC _ GA 2-Mi: Barbara Moss College FOR REAL ESTATE KNOWLEDGE rt ... abwTr IN:THE.FIEL-D TRAIN IMG so essential lor a Illelim career. Visit 1h1s 1 wks, class an Mon. or Thurs. /P.m. Inslrudw 33 V.-S. cxper. »Vi% graduate iles man or broker license "· Brochure? HE-JMXM1 [Jew math, sod . saleim E. m 'RIVATE tuloring, Ing, . Norlh Long_Beac rOLLEGE- graduale will Jutor ! Ish fr your home. 432-5363 ait, ft Schools Instruction 2 WOMEN MEN GROC. CHECKERS ! EARN BIS W \ ·TRAIN HOW-PAY LATER i' Dav «. Eve. clane5. ,' No U.S. DWcma required. *' Free Placement Aid. NEW CLASS MAR. 21 ' ALL CLASSES HELD IN L.B. MTI Business Schools Long Bfach, 19 Pir.e Av. HE 5-8914 - SO School! Coasl In Coast " " ^PBX * SWITCHBOARD ·i; TYPING GIRLS. West Cossl Is a training racialist In ln« Held. Assure vcur AsV CeS |n'r L get--QuaJilv inslroc- tlon. Enler Calllornla'j business Mff 1 pAC "csf. HWY.--LOMITA '325-1570 Washer Dryer Repair Adual exoerltnce vihlle trainiim. Clyde Royal Tra'do School 3«3 A1!ailllc__4lo ; 7)la;_«i«Z CONTRACTOR SCHOOL 1«» Pino Ave. HE 6-/62I ·^Grocery Checkers High schcol not required. Train In a field for · career wher« sharp Youno people art In cemand. West Coast Trads Schools 22W E. ALONDRA - COMPTON NE 9-0213 Employment Agencies 23 Employment Agencies 23 Employment Agencies 23 Employment Agencies 23 TREE"PLACEMENT AID For GRADUATES. Be a Professional BARTENDER DAY OR EVE. COURSE LEARN EASY-EARN BIG NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOpL 534 E. Broadway, L.B. HE J-5M5 PHONE FOR FREE BROCHURE En PQWN-E-I MQ. PAYMENTS HOWARD BUTLER REAL ESTATE SCHOOL One ol Ihe oWeil schools Hi tW» area--thousands ol gratfiulK. 9 a.m. or 7 D.m. MON THUHS. Prepares you fully for Ihe new Slate examlnallons lor maklnn Ki IB/A hist i Key Punch 0«r»:o.- ... .. wttks. FrH = 1 »"' r '"'?5, r v -c Earn uo lo 1315 a monll* w start. B«tot Mllon. (Aornlnji «r alHrnoon dasstt Fr« anli!u« analysis assures vcvr success. COURSE WEEKS CORD-CORDLESS LIVE IOAIDS · Icglnning, Intenwdlott and Advanced Typing ImttucHta Lang Beach Business Coileg* i:tH \m 34 L. B. BlvrJ. HE KJS3 REAL ESTATE SCHOOL c n s ESklng lor » MONEY MAKING CHALLEHGE? Real Eslale pre- sctils Inls. Knowledge Is Djra- mount. Inslnjclloni bv «c«v« roallor. Call now lor kilervicw. JOE HODSE, REALTOR _nA_3-nu; GA 3-1338; HE 5-aai ELECTRONIC ·rfr ASSEMBLY Learn fast at Weil Coast, Callfcr- nal needs skilled workers. TRAIN NOW-- PAY LATER HREE PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE IHtl S. Allanllc. Lvnwd. Main __ NE 9-31 1 1 Schools Instruction 22 --- ^ _ 22 Schools Instruction 22 T U I T I O N F R E E REAL ESTATE LICENSE SCHOOL DKide t«dav to slarl making more rn.n.y lr. m« moil Intcrestim ar.a ctulteoolno prafcsslcn In California. YOU MAY CHOOSE TO WORK IN ANY OF OUR TEN MODERN OFFICES . . . SERVING . . . LAKEWOOO - LONG BEACH - ORANGE COUNTY 8 WEEKS COURSE . . . EVENING CLASSES ATTENDANCE LIMITED CLASSES START TUES. EVE.. MARCH I5II....CM.L NOW! EL1IS-SCHRADER, INC. 5715 lakewood Blvd. ME 3 ' 5133 ; . ASK FOR MR. SHINN oranw comly Area ... m Bill ... 1437 S. Euclid, Anaheim "one 774-2113 175 Graduate at Institute of Lifetime Learning March 18 New'Class Begins March 21 Are You Over 55? Keep Your Mind Alert -- Be a Better Penan to Live With JOIN CLASSES IN: Creative Writing, Spanish, French. Enjoyment of Mime, Speech Improvement, Investing, Appreciation of Literature, Psychology, etc. All Classes Conducted by Professional Teachers Enrollment Now Going On--Inslitnte of Lifetime Learning Only Institute of Its Kind West of Washington, D. C. Spon'ored by American AssociatiTM of Retired Person! and Retired Teachers Association Planned exclusively for people over 55. Enroll now! Many free activities in addition to classes. INSTITUTE OF LIFETIME LEARNING 501 EAST OCEAN BLVD. 437-8902 CONSULT THESE PLACEMENT EXPERTS AIRLINE CAREERS FOR MEN I WOMEN --Ground Hostess --Ticket AB«nt --Alrlkit Secretary --Reiervatlani A«enl --Travel Agent --Many other* CALL HOW! AIRLINE SCHOOLS PACIFIC Day and Nfehl Cl-met at iONG BEACH 433-6489 ClMiei *1S4 at: L.A., Santa Ana, Pan City. Covina, Santa Monies. * * * MEN! WOMEN! DO YOU NEED MORE CASH? A NEW CAR? A HEW HOME? WORRIED ABOUT PAYING BILLS? Many Califcrnians ar« '.living thcSr problem* by framing for better Jobs. They want fo enjoy {he high pay id security California In* 11 try offeri those vho qualify. Call this weeV! Don't dlay your future! 27 SKILLS FOR MEN WOMEN Aufo Mechanic! · Electronic Assembly · IBM Key · IBM Tab and Wiring · Color TV Radio Repair · AUTO Painitng* 41 Upholila.y · Paris CouMtrman · Industrial Oral ling · Power S«w!r.cj · PBX Reception!;) · Body and Fender* · Typing-Sriorrharid · Grocery Checking · Offset Printing · Welding* High School Not Required Tiain Kow! Pay Later! Call (or Appointment or Visit Ihe School Near You West Coast Trade and Business School Counseling A Registration 437-0497 591-5669 1633 Leng Beach Sir;! IONQ BEACH LOMITA )H-1S7 LYNWOOB _NE 1-31 COMPTON NE »·« ANAHEIM . ._. PR «-JW GARDENl_6 SO¥E__JEJ-1 '·Ainrttic-^CUu Starts «·» Chapman Personnel Agency MEMBER. OF SMELLING SMELLING WORLD'S LARGEST PERSONNEL SERVICE 120 E. OCEAN BLVD., L.B. 437-2iOI LEGAL SECY: I yr. eip. front ofc appsarn -.+$425 STENOGRAPHER: fypa SO, dictaph, lovtly new o)c -(-$300 OFFICE CLERK: (ig work add macti top bnffs __ J282 BANK TELLER: some, e.p pre(, 34 hrt oppry J303 TYPIST TRNEE: no exp nee 50 wpm slurp ..._ +$280 COMP OPERATOR: lite G/O 10 k«y add bast ip) _+350 CLERK TYPIST: lo 35 50+ wpm, lively spot. - $369 GENERAL OFC: H5 grad, type 40+, attract _ _ -...$270 EXECUTIVE SECY: front ofc, ec«ptional, discreet $500 TELLER TRNEE: It type, to 30, glamor spot - _$300 SECY: top Co. S/H 80, type 40, gilt edge -..- $375 MED INS CLK: age open. Ins blgd. Immad - io $350 RECEPTIONIST: yng, lite typo, well groomed + $250 CLERK TYPIST: IBM elec. moot greet, career $375 GIRL FRIDAY: G/O duties, responsible, sincere _...$300 MAIL CLERK: It type, varioui duties $250 TYPISTS: tev openings 50+WPM, poised gals $330 SECRETARIES: top Go's, confidential 4 eiec to $500 -- MALE PREFERRED -BOOKKEEPERS: gen ofc + payroll opportunities $6000 SERVICE-SALES: tops in training, HS grad $4800 MGMT ADMIN: to 30, training tops, oppty $6000 FINANCIAL AUDITOR: under 35, ep, best eo $12,000 ACCT CLERK: no degree, military over $6000 FINANCE CO: oppty somo op fee pd $6000 MGMT TRNEE, mfg Co., best program in area TRAINEE: oii Co. sharp, service over ACCOUNTANTS: several openings available CLERKS: several, type, phone, tome acctg $4500 SALES: major Co. indulfria! Co. payi fae '+ e«pn.'l -...$7200 SALES: Pharmaceuticals Co. pays fee car S eipni $6200 SALES: Route, bottling co., comm. + st. $6600 SALES: ma]ar food Co. fee pd. + car + expns .-- _.+7200 SALES: to hospitals, fee pd. +car + eipns $7200 YOUR FUTURE PRIV. RM. In wiv. home. Gd. cars food. Amoulalorv li ' 4MJS44 MEN WUMtN DRIVERS Full HflM (malovnient .^ , . Job securirv ' YELLOW CAB CO. . 1444 San Francisco, L.B. SEMI-PRIVATE rm.'(or (adv. oood food A can. GE 3--USO. Loans (SalCoHattral) 21 " T A X TIME LOAN PLAN Gel 1 SIM cash todayl Coitl only iS.OO in 3 monthly paymenli ol SJS each. Or vou may gtl any ftmovol lo 17,500 -- terms 1o 14 monlh*. Phons ahead lor vour loan -- Ihen, wrvtn arranged, pick up the mcnev on vour llrit vliit, LOCAL LOAN CO. AsX for Ed Sheeran, Onager Ooen Friday unlll 7 500 E. lh SI. HE M13) FREE parking 344 or 35S Locus! Help Wanted 24 $7200 sf. $7200 ..+ $10,000 DESIGN ENGR fdry $1400 RUBBER ENGR $5400 SEW MACH MECH 55300 PLATER: Kg fill J4IOO TRUCK DRIVER, »lnt $5200 HELPER, It driv'g $4200 SHEET MET MECH....J6200 SCREW MACH OP...$7300 PROD CONT ANAL $16000 PULSE ENG urgent $18000 ENGR BSEE, UHF ,,..$ [4,000 ENGR: B5 motlgit ..._.$11,000 MECH DFTSMN: tops $)000 WELDERS: non cert. $5100 MGMT Trnee, oppty ....$3100 FOOD HANDLER, loc $3100 TRAINEE, mach.op $3600 HOSP ORDERLY: eip $3500 SPRAY PAINTER: !nt $4100 AiE MECH: mai/it $6200 MANY MORE FEE t FREE POSITIONS 120 f. Ocean Blvd., L.B. Jergins Trust Bldg. Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 and by appointment GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 19 Pine, Rm 3 14 HE 7-0501 CHOICE LOCAL JOBS -REGISTERED NURSE _.MOO/y» Mater Co-, 7/4 p.m., lypfl, car. SECRETARY, car $375/5400 Min. 2 vrs exo,, diclfl^h cr S/M CONTRACTS ASSTNT -.W50/MW Sharp jal Frl, 1voe £0 +. car STENO, GAL FRI. S433/S476 Public confct, x1nt co., L.B., car SECY, 1 GAL OFC, . ,, M30 Varied. Pleasant ofc., L.B. JR. STENO I300/S325 life S/hanrf, tvo« 50 +, L.B. ACCTS/PAY BOOKPR. ^.MDO/S450 12 units Coll'fl accTg., L.B., c«3r DCOKKEEPER, L.B, 1350 Full charge, Or's office. TELLERS, exp'd S275/WM BanK or S L CXD, 20/35 BOOK'PR TRAINEE $?« Alerf. HS orad, Wilmtrvgton TYPIST, GEN. OFC. H25 1 girl ' " " Brlchl^HS jrad/cofnai'i'ec'urM'i IBM TYPIST S37S 21/35, moitlr ("9-Jre typing INTERVIEW/ CREDIT «00 20-30, nice manner i appear, CLERK TYPIST 1325 75/40, lype « +, varied lob, GENERAL OFFICE J300 IB/23, type 4$ -f, sharp armear. MEN ACCOUNTANTS, L.B. ,,.. iSOO/SiOO Dfrtt, will, 01- wilTwul exo. PAYROLL CLERK ..SilS Good eto. heaw uavroll w/35 COLL. GRAD TRNEFJS S500/M50 X1nt career oppfys, 72/35 PROO. CONTROL _toW76 ,SAIn. 6 mos, mach. shop exp. SHIP/REC'G. CLERK lo $500 Good exo, supervise. BKPR, GEM, OFC. 24/30, sharp, career oppty. INVENTORY CLK J1._..MM Prefer small parli exp., car SCHEDULER/EXPEDITOR tO«7A IS OUR BUSINESS CALL VIRGINIA PARKER OR JANE ALLEN JO8S OF INTEREST TO WOMEN SECRETARY--to pr.i. Gal Friday iyp. - -...EPF--$450 F/C BKKPR--local, all phasai, Co. r«!mbunei faa $500 ·COMP OPR--4 phase, acctg. baclgd ....EPF--to $450 NCR 3300 OPR--acctg backgd. Diversified EPF--$400 PERSONNEL SECY-- good baclgd. Stabl. APF--$433 GIRL FRI--tel»typ«, PBX reliet, G/O, Co. pays '/j $350 CLERK TYPIST--for production conlr, pirsoniblt EPF--io $350 ACCTG CLK--payroll accts/rec. Sharp __...APF--»o $375 ORDER DESK--some eiptriinci. Sh«rp APF--$325 SECRETARY-- tales dept. Good stills. Sharp EPF--$411 JOBS OF INTEREST TO MEN OFC MGR ACCT--suparvise, credit i collections EPF--to $900 GEN'L ACCTS--BS or BA. I yr eip. Co. reimburses (·· to $600 COST ACCT--dograe or eiptriance APF--to $600 ACCOUNTANT--degree, mfg. experleno APF--to $600 MGMT TRAINEES--personable, car, no ep. raq APF--$400 IND/MTM ENGVV-degree, or suitabl. wolt blgd APF--$550 + QUAL CONT. CLK--some coll pref, tost/wiie/cn«m Co. pays I/, lo$SOO PROD. SCHEDULER/EXPEDITOR--deg. gd. potential Co. pays l/i to $500 PROD. CHECKER-H/S, Km. ords/P/R Co. pays '/, $450 TAB OPR--2nd shift. I yr. eip. Co. reimburse fee $450 PACKERS--married, will train, freight dept EPF--fo $2.38 hr. ELECTRICIAN--clean cut, electrical/const, blcjd- APF--$2 Kr. SALES TRAINEE--deg. marketing. L.adersWp ability. Co. pays l/j... to $500 PRODUCT TRAINEE, married, car, H/5 grad EPF--$2.31 hr. MAIL BOY--H/S. Sharp. Lite type. 10 ley, car. APF--to $2 hr. 'EPF--Employer Pays Fee . *APF--Applicant Pays Fes N i W AGENCY -- Member of AvailABILITY 4130 Atlantic Av«. Oi.l GA 4-1331 Des'onAiloni Ht!o War\!« sex In QW ErnDlovmenl ,._ _ _ made orUv if] lo [rJlcaFe bona llde occvoa- llonnl ouallfkaUcni for efnotoy- menl *Mch art emnlover reoarpt anably neceisary lo the INDUSTRIAL' ENGINEER Graduate engineer to^ worlt in all phasas of industrial engineering Apply 9 4 .: \ Monday thru Friday Johns-Manville Products Corp. 223rd Alameda St. Long Beach An equal ocporlvnllv «molcY«r. Aqencv col urn m fl) lo trJitak L..._ .._ -yallfkallcni for il" normal oMfiVon'oVh'ls' bullneis or enlernrlse, or 13) ai · con- venlerK* lo our reader! lo let 1hrm know which ooilllons Ihe ·dvcrllser bcllevei wculo be ol moro Intereil to one sex than Ih* ofher because ol ttw worX |rv votve^. ADVERTISING 5ALES. Inyr.e cxDnilon. 2 exper. oeoole. IIcwer Dwny. Gulf, -t- cornm. K8-1741. Bell- hteh AMBITIOUS? to work I .aVe "lr-TnTnfl?"Warii J1JW rno. l.ncprr-,1? Call rfr. Kind- 1SOO mo. I schL TO ARE YOU IT* 'Man or V/oman for Ihtt chalking |cb? SONOtCNE CORP-r Elmsford, New York Is «.· pandlrx) and has openings to s«S ,wd service Hcarlno A'ds In the LaVewood or Seal Beach areas. Extluilw« territorv, ccnjltxied iiock, established clientele. No In- vcsl/ncnl unless Interested In advance menl lo ManaDer ol own ol- Ike. Kelptng 1he hard ol hearing Is orarifyinrj and reward I no. tx~ nol necesiarv- at Inler Train. For perional lo DI^rkT Manaiwr, ?i2 Eail 4th Sired, Lj Calif. 9«13. view write Sonolone. .oni? Beach, BEAUTY OPERATORS Wanted day or evening shllt, West- mlnsler, Muntlnolon Beach, Buena Park, Sflnla Ana. Tustln, Garden Grove. Bo nut ptan oooa chance for aavincenrvtnl. 7U-877-M11 541-9311 I37-7793 male, ILelWre'^'iT'^r.'d,* ShopprnflVc'eii'ferj Job Opportunities! BUSINESS WORLD AGENCY EXEC. SECY-- _..toi550 SECY _ SOM-t- -YPIST. S/H . S» wk. RECEPT.--local W50 BKKPR. TRAINEE _.i2*3 + ORDER DESK ,, 1360 RECEPT./PUB./REL. wkendi. S300 RECEPT. G/O ._ S375* ESCROW TRAINEE to S300 PAYROLL heavy ccnsl txo. S3»* TELLER TRAINEES t?) 5575 VARITYPE OPR. TRHE. . S30Q+ NCR BKKPR .._..WOO+ CLERK TYPIST ,, ISO v,k. ACCT.--P/R hw. exn. SSSSt GEN'L ACCT. o'eg.. exo. (2J S52S4- 5ALESMAN out. Him. M504 exu. WECH'L ENGR.--A B M90 PROJECT E«GR.-mcch'l deo. _._ $900+ MGMT. TRAINEE . to MM* exo. ACCTG. CLK _ SSOOt INOUST. REL. TRAINEE. J500-f TIME KEEPER, .W.. acctg. S7.43 hr. MECH'L DRAFTSMAN tfeo. S?3S + JR. DRAFTSMAN--A A (!co. S420 JOBS OF INTEREST FOR MEN AND WOV.EH NEW JOBS DAILY L A K E W O O D EMPLOYMENT AGENCY HA 9-5935--4143 NORSE WAY--NEv 6-3711 LAKEWOOD BLVD., CARSON ST. DIAGONAL GEN'L LEDGER BKKPR--NCR part time toJSOO QUALITY CONTROL CLK--«d bluaprinl. J sp«cs $485 KARDEX CLERK--ksavy oiperienco 1400 VERITYPE--cut sfancils, proof raaJing $350 STENO--data process, jood ilills $430 SECRETARY--salos, sharp for local company $411 SECRETARY-mfg. baclrjj _ 1475 SEN'L OFFICE--inyoicas, pnones, e« P ej;i« $400 CLAIMS CLERK--eiport. Much cfatarl $400 SECRETARY--Gov't contract bactgd. Local $400 TV TECH--profor color, will train if ep. B/W $563 GENERAL ACCOUNTING--accounting Jagrea $600 ASS'T PRODUCTION MGR--schadulin, i e.pjdillng ..... $550 ORDER DESK--varied job, credit, coding, pricing $500 MGR TRAINEE--H/S grad. Servic. over $375 ELECTRONIC TECH--solid slat, circuits $600 LAB TECH--2 yrs collooe chemistry lo $475 FREE PARKING BEAUTICIAN Salary + comm.* shopping center. Ml Arlcsla, L.B. HE 3-11M. Mechanical- Engineer ,p-. With c o l l e g e degree. Minimum of 2 years process plant experience with . good working knowledge, of process control hydraulic equipment. ' Good electrical bacV- ' ground »nd mechanica't design ability also'.re-.' quired. " L '- Salary commensurat*^.. with abilities and^ · - previoui experience... , Send resume to' 3 -'*''Employment Manager,'' P.O. Box 9067 L.B. 90810; An Equal Oopoflunity HmpfqV*f HAIR STYLIST With Advance Training Reno Grad. Preferred. CHARLES MARTIN HAIR ' FASHIONS , ' _ HAIR STYLIST LYLES Exclusive Co SI ATLANTIC Ph.. HAIR slviw wllh imlowlng. ."'.^ S4SO Del Amo 421-1112 HAIR STYLIST. E»Wr. Nl*l. W . . Hew shcp. BOYS NEEDED Need several young men, ages 13 to 16, for after school hours, throe afternoons weekly, full time all summer. Meal training period now. Attractive bonus incentive S program puts cash in your pocket weekly. Drop by 3838-A Atlantic, Room £8 (upstairs) Monday through Friday, from 3:15 to 4:15 P.M. CANVASSERS House to Home. Men or women. Salary to JIOO week. 11114 DOLAH. DOWtlEY BS Managers:..- MAY CO. LAKEWOOO HAS PPENINGS FOR DEPT. MANAGERS EXPERIENCED ' V PAINT * HARDWARE . "" · · ApfllY *mofoyminl office lo-*er level irvle^lno hovn '~ lo 3, Mon. thrc lnl«rvle*lno hovri 10 *o 11 1 lo 3, Mo*i. through Wed. , ' An Ewat OppOfturrlFv Employer MEN OR WOMEN WANTED man wHh.'.jji«'j { leet and .talks (· 3970 ATLANTIC AVE. GA fc-3933 NEv 6-6248 GE D M s oFcT"*:-.t4ji7«soi J~M~ Employment Agency ' ------------- INDUSTRIAL - CoristrucI or mfg. Co. exp. TYPIST, GEH OFC. foS400 Tvpe 4S 4, stable, good Co's car UTILITY MAN, 25/35 5430 IHOUST. ENGRSr I!-- ~~«i« "0 BEST IN THE WEST EMPLOYER PAYS FEE , EXEC SECY-- (or Pres. .. Open SECY-- for deol. msr. ------ to 5430 BKKPR--lt eP -- ....... ....... 10 S400 STENO-- It S/H ______ ........ _.|OS*» GEN'L OFC. S'H nice ........ !1» ASST BKKPR.typist ---- !o Sj90 BANK BKKPR ...... - _mln. 5355 BURR. SENSIMATICOP. mln 5350 CLERK for personnel deal. -.5325 TYPIST-PBX rHlel ------ OBSr ENCIES ' BEACH WOO Lakewood Blvd. TO 2-1118 STEVENS EMPLOYMENT AOENCY MEN--Melal cuttlna «p. read preclJlon lmfnjmBnfs__S4j3 MECHANICAL OESIGH Engi««r BSME to S700 JR. DraflVrnan. 20-30, AAOeo. «» OEPT Clerk, 20-45 vrs. $555 INJECTION MOW S/U S«0 i ARC WtWer. real! B/P SS" i MAINTENANCE Mtch. ; toe. «!S (- I FREE--Sl«no. »5 ._ . . . . _ M M . FREE--Jr. Secy, S/H 100, FEE-Sra55rS~erk7»3S"V.}gO i - . A L o E LYON A TRUCK DRIVERS. ClaiS 1 -_ S3.10 10 13.SO MECHANIC'S . _. ... tt.TO UTIL. MEN, Swing. OT .. S?. SHIP. REC., several ..,, . »«.» MAINT. CPLE., shorl hrj. . .. i300 FACT. HELPERS lo tt.W All sriiftl. varloui area). PLATER. LOCAL 53.50 hi- MAINT. MECHANICS 171 13.2S MILLWRIunT .10 »J.» COMMERCIAL PBX/P.HCEPT./TYPE _ 1?^ IvDe 40 Vr'PM. Will tra'n ACCTS. PAY/REC __lo ««4 1 to 2 vrj. era. Several ooenlngs SECBF-TARIES. EPF ... .._» S500 DRAFTSMEM, Sr., Jr. i ^^ GE r N'l. M ACCT5.--Jrr''Sr." lo 5500 Degreed a- 2 vr. men REPRO. TYPIST-W «« STORES CLK «» Brafns Brawn needed PERSONNEL CLK. - t o 1450 ~ jr. backgrd. or 4934 Engr. b LONG BEAC BLVD JOBS! Tectmtcal-lnkslrIa|.Flnanc« OfrKe-Warenoust-Stock Shippers- Driver s-Restaufanl SKILLED I. TRAINEES "AUTHORIZED" EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Torrance and Lawr^fa'a 1407 cabrllfo 14773 Hawttxjr 320-1472 . Service We're Proud We're Opening an Office in Long Beach April Is! GUYS GALS CHECK THESE JOBS Secrelarv - W30 Personnel Secv 5i« Steno -... 5410 stai. Tvoisi ;:« Varl-Tyge to S^SO Tvolsl "3« Ofllce Trree . «1P *- Accts./Pav !«* Cterk Frrdav . .. . 5^ Receut'injsl . "75 Tdler Trr.ecs. . «» + ... . Jr. Draftsman DIsoatcN Clk. fnltes Stock CH Accountant . . INDUSTRIAL Driil Press--Punch Pres-.--lrst«c- kiri -- V/ar*hou!e -- Wtvn 1 Suos-vlsix^-Shecl Metal V/or 1 -- Lath* Oper. -- Fn^r.e Lat: Printers He'Dtr--Machfn'sli "B"-- Mechanics -- Slot* R Helrver---AsifirJJy rr.^n-- Lube men «. Drlvrrs-SI.50-S3.CO hr. A R O 3926^fLANT!C n AVE. L. B. GA 7-5494 AHRELL GEHL ACCOUNTANT, Cegre-, n^. ! mVFSTIGA'TORr «jrD. 1500 -* r* r MACHINIST: swing JSW LAB TPC, colleos chwnnlfv no exo. reo. . . . . . ti/0 CRHniT MGR. Triv'e S*0 f C-r ORDER DESK CLERK «*5 GFHPRAL FACTORY. »?S V.H DRIVER, ll'e trock ... S2.W KEY PUNCH OPR., tto. V6 TYPFST, IU« exo. . to tl» MEDICAL INS CLERK . .. fo UU SECRETARY, over 25 «0*l LAB TECH, rvo licence rea. S150 ACCTG. CLERK . . . 13SO+ TOO^ MANY MORE TO LIST JEWEL COOPER AGEt^CY STENO $425 + Good Sici'is, good lo»l Co. TRAINEES--MANY TO $500 + Lab Techj, ch*rnicar wwken. Route ?afe5 A SN30 15732 Paramount BL.Para. FRANCIE BARNHM.'.'S ALCO AGENCY PAT nOMIHO, Mgr. 2319 Lono Beach Blvd. ' «7-7415 SECYS-- Many fcp |ohj ,, I37S/*m' ACCTG CLK .... .. ..,,_ ........... «HS' PBX/CORD-l2-B:30 ...... *"*" LT GEN/OFC L.B ............... n7S FIGURE CLK-lvPC . ....... *"*» DENTAL SURG. ASST ...5300^'^ MATURE OFC. CLK-L.B.- .-1M3 OFC HOSTESS-- S. Pedr n .'"^W USD. FRT. OFC.-TXD. *1W TRAINFES-muU tvpe .. SWO'"S LAB TECH-- L.B. . _ ...... UM RECEPT-lvoe. . -. . .. .t 1 ^ TEACHER*.-- crerf. . S5700/S10«v. COST AfCTS .......... ?WH JH COST CLK . . _ , * " S GF.N'L ACCT-- rfeg ..... -_.*"·* ACCTG TRAINEE . . «V) JR ACCT-- 7 vn «') -f r«p. ^ c i INDUST. ENfiR-- Hm«stud/ ?W MECH DRAFTSMAN . ..« S 3 JR DRAFTSMAN ....... . WO TOOL DESIGN Olfimn . . . *?'; FNGIHFERS-- mnnv . to !W\ FACTORY TRAINEE-- L.B. . 1,90 MIILTIDTH TRAINEE . . JT^ OFC. CLK. _ , il. *1« rot LECTION TRNEE-- r«lall '"^ EXEC TRAINEES ....... «^« PAINT STOR^ MGR. exo. ,' tf m HOSP. JAH1TOR ______ . . W* ORDERLY O) . _____ ... .. S»0 SOFT DRINK SLSM, too foh. _U£D_ REL TRHE-d«o.__ VOGUE AGENCY" 4240 AiTanfic GA 7-4277 | Civil Tralllc hlttcli Sltnoora^erj Redcffrrce Reo. v;hen Emoloycd. 315 V/. Bfoadv/av HE 6-«m CLERK--MOTEL Mon or womo! ability to meet wilh the public. Excellent! ;| program with side ben«-( ;j fits and » promotion prp-j |j gram that will ama'z« : i [J those who are interested. '(} tallt to us. Come^b^ ;': 3848-A Suite 2, Atlantici i from 5:30 to 7:00 ;'; Monday thru Thursday.; /J- -i Help Wonted 24) COST CLERK · Permanent poilllcn available far Individual wilh analytical abllll/ *ome aodtrg machine t, ralculalcr e^Mrlence. Swr.e coll acccimllng expe- 1 rlerce Is deilrable. Mult b« high icr-.ool graduale. APPLY III PERSON OR CALL FOR APPOIHrMEHT PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. COATINGS RESINS OIV. US CREHSHAV/ BLVD. TORRAHCE FAI-7JM An EfKMl Oppo/tcnlly Errptovef """COST CLERK AI-IO Pfllnl SAlrt Oft Mo". P'in'-h Press Oor an Kr. Preferably i J ^-_r_ L .au «.?5 t\t'. · College b 1 pAYwiLcbx AGENCY! or MO 2 wiih Junior ines^ traininc account 'NURSES NEEDED AHanltc Ave. HSVi So. L.B. 81 FRAN MAC EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 1740 PINE HE 7-4907 SPECIALIZED SERVICE Trainee Skilled Office Jobs IMAHY LOCAL JOBSI * * * * FLO SAYS--Four Star Locations To Serve You We hava lots of Jobs SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5550 CLARK AVE.. LAKEV/WOO Conwercla|.Techrki|.M«Scal WEJIK7 FEE i FREE V(A S-S5JS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY STAT-TYP1ST _ ______ -»7 BANK TELLER . ____ ...... ~' Gen. Cafe Res't. 23AA _ (M(n,_Womeri) JOBS--MEN WOMEN OUR 515T YEAR We re»'es»nt the best c*'es FRY COOKS $ 16 fo $20 Mn.-iv fo*n. kc*r nfarbv (owns m'iKV.'ASHERi c* f e BUS BOY . . «al* /PRY COOS iTorrancel S" BROILER-FRY ... . *»···% FPY COOKS IDownev) . . . ^ FRY COOKS (E««rn _ Rm.-fMCO WAITRESSK . SCALE A'l arMS-flIt ihlftt-Top Pav V/AITRE5SES fDe«r1) -- Rwrv , B"arrl. ovxJ tfoj + . -S/20 I NO (feoom. fe« 11% oF 1st mo. r,v/[«H'S Eemo'ovmerit AO*"O i 316 Elm. t-CJVQ Sfach .HE_J!:WS \ Empl. Ages, (Menl 23B \ REFTNERY TR'NEES SERVICE REP. Cr. f 1102 E.M.J. Emolovmenl Aeenj Suite MO. CallforrJa Fetferaf ( 5505 Carsoa if.,- Lake*oo 421-UX4 or - _ . .. Art f:flu«T OooorluoJIv Pro-rating, ere. APTITUDE TESTS GIVEN APPLY 9 TO 4 Monday thru Friday Johns-Manville 223rd ALAMEDA i LONG BEACH 1 An tquil opportunity employer ' JOBMASTERS AGENCY MOBILE HOME Production Worlers CUSTODIAN FULLTIME " CUSTODIAN FM large new building, L*le*cxx jrea. llonl garden Musi be bor.d Able, hours II l.m. 10 7:30 e.m. MOfi. thru Frl. Monday--March 14th I to 4 P.M. Only Belmont Savings Loan Assn. 6300 Spring St. LONG BEACH NOW HIRING FOR Depi. of Navy (Federal Civil Service) · Welders · Machinists · Riveters · Shipfiflers · Chipper Caulkers App!y in Person Gate *5 Terminal Island LONG BEACH NAVAL SHIPYARD - S Equal Qi|Mrtunil)f Enyleyir MF i j

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