Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 19
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 19
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ID NEWS BRIEFS INDEPENDENT.PRESS.TELEGRAM-A.I9 '--1 »«««», Cdlf. tmtr,. Je..»y », lf» Pilotless Plane Downed by Jets Johnson Says Congress Ready tor Challenges IH. RICHARD. MACKIN Reds Won't Cooperate COLUMBUS, Ohio UB-A pilotless plane that got away from Us pilot at the Rising Sun, Ind, airport at 11:40 a.m., wu brought down about 1:50 p.m. Saturday by Lockbourne Air Force Base jets. It crashed in an open field near Chillicothe in Ross County, after flying wildly over a 110-mile area of Southern Ohio. The Lockbourne jets made the plane crash by "flipping" its wings, base spokesmen said. The pilots waited for an uninhabited spot in the farmland area before they approached to flip it over with their wings. The plane took off from the southern Indiana airport when Its pilot, Robert Murray, 33, of Rising Sun, attempted to start It. "I was propping the plane «nd the throttle must have been jammed open," he said. "I grabbed hold and hung on, but when it picked up speed I knew the jig was up and I had to let go." Re/ease Blocked BERLIN (UPD-East German sovereignty claims still blocked the release of an American Army officer who was taken prisoner one month ago Saturday when he bailed out of his aircraft over the Soviet Zone. Soviet refusal to intercede to secure' the officer's release posed the threat that he might spend more time in Communist captivity. Lt. Richard Mackin, 27, of Washington, D. C., bailed out of his small liaison aircraft Dec. 3 after he strayed across the East-West German border and ran out of fuel. American efforts to secure his release have been complicated by the East-Wesl dispute over the future of Berlin. , Asia Uprisings Spreading TAIPEI, Formosa (UPD--A high Chinese Nationalist official said Saturday "at least 600,000" Tibetans and Mongolians are opposing Red Chinese rule in a series of armed uprisings. This was the first time there have been reports of re bellion in Mongolia, the historic buffer between China and Russia which the Communists have declared an "autonomous people's republic." Former Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov is Soviet ambassador to Mongolia's capital at Ulan Bator. (Dispatches from India and Nepal last week reported violent opposition to the Chinese Communist rule in Tibet. The dispatches filtering down from hill areas bordering the Hima layan state said as many as 50,000 Chinese and 15,000 Tibetan had been killed in fighting since last summer.) Millionaire's Grandchild Killed CHICAGO (UPD--A young granddaughter of Swedish immigrant construction millionaire Bagnar Benson was killec Saturday when a city bus skidded into a downtown wall and toppled a slap of granite. She was Linda Benson,"- 4, struck on the head by the slab. Her sister, Debra, 10, suffered an injured foot. The skidding bus slammed into the granite wall protecting the garage's stair, from the street, shattering the wall. Coal Contract Extended WASHINGTON (UPD--The United Mine Workers and hard coal operators Saturday extended their present contract through Jan. 15 in hopes of. reaching a new agreement by lha date. The move was announced in a joint statement issued after a two-hour negotiating session in the office of UMVV President John L. Lewis. DR. RAYMOND,DENTIST, DENTURES PLATES PUT IN IMMEDIATELY AFTER EXTRACTIONS NO LOST TIME FROM WORK. You neid not bt without your teeth for even one day! Ask about DT. Riymond's IMMEDIATE RESTORATION PUN. Modern Dental Plates Aided by "modern" dintal plain mnteriali and "improved techniqu.»," uied in tht COR. tlructmn of dental platti Dental Sdenct hoi followed a "progmm*" poth Ihot rtiulted in dental plain more natural in "cppearanM," bitt« filling and more "torn fort able" to wear lhan thought pojiible a few ihert year» ago. 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J o h n s o n joined House Speaker Sam Rayburn, a fellow Texan, in forecasting that Democratic control of the new Congress will be responsible and constructive. Democrat! won their heaviest majority in Congress since New Deal days in the elections last Nov. 4. Johnson and R a y b u r n busied themselves Saturday with preparations for handling opening-day disputes over rule changes in their respective chambers. It appeared that both, despite reluctance to discuss specific developments, had their problems fairly well in hand. A bloc of six House liberals announced Saturday they had abandoned their drive to curb the power of the predominantly conservative rules committee, a move Rayburn opposed. They said they did so on the basis of Rayburn's promise that no new key legislation would be bottled up by the committee. "This Congress has cut out for it some of the greatest challenges in our history," Johnson said in a statement. The tasks we face were placed in bold relief by the Soviet's moonshot, which, whether or not it is successful, emphasizes the urgency of our situation." Johnson is chairman of the Senate Space Committee and headed the 1958 Senate inves- tigaton of this country's rocket and missile programs. He emphasized that he long has felt that the nation was "not going far enough fast enough' 1 in space exploration. Citing a tense world situation, pressing domestic problems and an "overriding" need for p e a c e , Johnson added: "I believe this Congress will face up to all of the challenges, and I hope that when it is concluded the American people will be able to say It was constructive, responsible, and dedicated to increasing the strength and prosperity of the United States." Johnson outlined his own general legislative objectives three days after the Democrats' election victory. He promised to meet President Eisenhower "at least half way." He also set forth a 12- point program of proposed legislation dealing with housing, labor, farm, space, atomics, depressed areas and other matters. DAVIS tanuaru Clearance CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS YEAR'S BIGGEST VALUES JANUARY CLEARANCE DAVIS Dpen Monday 9:OD A.M. to 9:011 P.M. Free Parking GROUPS OF DREXEL-HENREDQN TRADITIONAL CONTEMPORARY LIVING ROOM FURNITURE Wat NOW Leather Chain i Ottomans. Green, red, brown, tan. Both 239.50 179.95 Fine Aril Chairside Table, Cane bottom, Chateau finish 167.50 99.95 Welman Mahogany Corner Table. Leather lop 249.00 179.95 Heritage Mahogany End Table _..i05.00 6995 Leather Top Mahogany Siep Table 87.00 59.95 Quilted 3-Piece Sectional. Oriental beige print 1089.00 849.95 Henredon Cane Back Loose Pillow Sofa. Beige 694.50 549.95 Heritage Round Mahogany CocHail Table 149.00 99.95 Heritage Slate Top Round Cocltail Table 285.00 219.50 Leather Lounge Chairs. Green, Oxblood, Brown, Tan, Red. 219.50 189.95 Sreen Velvet Love Seat. 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