Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 19
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 19
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Car Costs More Than Gas, Tires (ED/TOR'S NOTE: How much do you know about what your car really costs you? One survey calculalss it would cost $2.21 or more every day just to keep a car in your garage without driving it a mile.) By BEN PHLEGAR DETROIT (AP)--Do you know how much it costs you to own and operate a car? For some people it may be their largest single expense. For many others it is second only to food am housing. der, Bel Air four-door sedan: Variable Average Costs Per Mile Gas and Oil .. 2.62 cents Maintenance .. .79 cents Tires 49 cents cost figures normally until the is nearly empty, then 1 refill it to the same point as when you started. Divide the number of miles driven since the test started by the number of gallons required to refill the tank. The result is the number of milcs-riDr- galloir you're getting. 'Maintenance is another extremely variable area. If you buy a new car you can expect to get by the first year wilh a few grease jobs and a gallon of anti-freeze. As the car ages it will cost more to keep it in condition. Tire costs again depend on your type of driving. A study by Runzheimer and Co., Chicago research firm, shows the average cost-per-milc for tires on cars used almost exclusively for business is slightly over one-half cenl. * * * * INSURANCE IS a fixed cost since premiums rarely vary with the mileage you drive. Taxes paid regularly, such as property and use taxes, also are fixed annual costs. Licenses and registration fees also are fixed by the year. Depreciation is the biggest single cost and the hardest to figure, especially for owners of new or recent model cars. Technically depreciation is very simple--the difference . between what your car cost and what you can see it for. Rut the value varies widely, depending on how you dispose of i t . The AAA says t h a t obviously there is no pat formula for determining depreciation. But it suggests one method is to determine the cash out- Jay necessary to replace the car with a new one in the same price class with the same optional equipment. * * * * FOLLOWING IS a breakdown of the national average EARLY AMERICAN MAPLE FURNITURE FIRE SALE STARTS TODAY 1326 ALAM1TOS lust North of Anaheim Coiti Fittl* wampum, heap big r«iu!ti. Call Indeoend. enr. Press - Telegram DtspTay Dept. HE 5-1161 America's 60 million car owners spend more than $6o|Runzheimer and billion annually buying cars,ll960 Chevrolet paying taxes on them, buying the gas, parts and accessories it takes to run them and the insurance. The American Automobile Association has put together some facts and figures to help figure just what that car costs you. First of all there are two types of costs--running costs and fixed costs. The running costs vary with how many miles you drive and they include gas and oil, tires and maintenance. Fixed costs are fairly standard even if yon leave your car in the garage for days at a time. They include insurance, licenses, taxes and depreciation. TO DETERMINE y o u r costs make your own test. The AAA suggest this easy method: Fill your gas tank u n t i l you can see gas in the filler neck. Record the mileage on your odometer--the mileage indicator portion of your speedometer. Drive tank computed b; Co. for eignt-cylin- Total 3.90 cents Annually $30.38 Fixed Costs Fire and Theft Insurance Property Damage and Liability ($25,000, $50,000) 109.76 License and Registration ... 22.40 Depreciation 646.00 Total $808.54 (or $2.21 per day) Thus, the company says or an average motorist driv- ng 10,000 miles a year, the variable costs figure to $390, he fixed costs to $808.51 and he total costs to $1,198.54, or 12 cents per mile. Runzheimer says that for mileage in excess of 18,000 annually, an additional depreciation allowance of $14.50 per thousand should be added to the fixed costs. This would mean that a car driven twice as much as average, or 20,000 miles, would cost $1,617.54 a year or 8.1 cents a mile. INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM--B-3 t,«rm beacn, calif., IUMSY. July It, ink Can Push U.S. Too Far, Robert Kennedy Warns K N E W P O R T NEWS, Va.lniating the American people." [UPl) -- The United States America, Kennedy said, is launched its n i n t h Polaris C A R B U Y E R S watch 'Auto for Sale" in Classified daily. To get a buyer--star an ad! Dial HE 2-5959 now. missile-firing submarine Saturday with a warning to Soviet Premier Khrushchev that America "can be pushed too far." Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy, speaking at the launching of the nuclear - powered vessel, the John Marshall, cautioned Khrushchev againsl not looking for a fight but| Americans are a "lough, viable, industrious people who will tend to their responsibilities in this climaclical time in world affairs." * * « * THE PRESIDENT'S brother said that, while Khrushchev is "not a Hitler," he has described this country as a "dy- making the same mistake asiing, stumbling horse which Adolf Hitler by "underesti- would destroy itself." MON. TUES. WED. ONLY Filet Mignon ,,, ,,,.««. Spencer Filets Bylll epic« Top Sirloins , y , h .M«. 75k Approx. 5 Lbs.. 5 Lbi. . . 5 Lbs. . , 5 Lbi. . . 5 Lbs. . . 5 Lbs. . . 30 Lbs. 30-LB. JULY B-B-9 SPECIAL , . Spencer Filet Top Sirloin . Boneless SteuV . Sparetibs , Ham , Ground Sirloin S1O95 18 County Fair Meats 6 1 7 8 Long Beach Blvd. -- G A 2-9551 EVERYDAY Beauty Aids §CHIP Lustre-Greme HAIR SPRAY Newl Spray for- R e g, nn^ hM C mutated for tint ed and bleached hair. 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