The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 9
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 9

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 9
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HARD WORKERS NEED BREAKFAST some of It hit her on the head!improved tract of land south of AX EFFICIENT BREAKFAST for working men includes citrus juice, oatmeal with apple slices, sweet cereal bread, and milk or coffee. By GAYNOK MADDOX [giving protein of top quality, ade- Factory laborers too oftenjquate to meet all body require- cut down their efficiency by eating |ments. poor breakfasts or no breakfasts. A nation-wide survey just made by Elmo Roper shows that the poorest breakfast habits in the country are among this working group. Factory men, the survey shows, eat their breakfast more hurriedly than women. Most of them dash through breakfast at breakneck speed. Scientists at one eastern university studies the work production records of. a group of factory workers who were paid on a piece basis. Some workers were found to be much more efficient than others; their work production was much higher. The research scientists then took a look at the meal pattern habits of the group and found that some members habitually ate no breakfast. Further study showed that these were the ones whj had the low work output records. When these workers changed from "no breakfast" to breadfast. their output increased. Also studies conducted at a prominent medical college prove that both to turn out have a good breakfast. Here's a good breakfast menu: A glass of blended citrus juices, oatmeal topped with cinnamon apple slices. (Make the apple slices like this: Make a syrup of % cup sugar % cup red cinnamon drops and 1 cup water. Add thin slices of unpeeled apple and cook until tender. Serve either hot or cold), while she was lying on the bed. The state highway commission has announced the opening of bids for construction of a standard grading drain and through bridges on the Easton to Springdale road, bounty Engineer H. V. Parr said' the total cost of the project is estimated at $150,000 and should be completed in January 1953. Gene Pauley was taken to St. Lukes Hospital in Kansas City last Saturday. He is suffering from an eye infection. Leonard Stafford has sold his grocery business to Theodore Speck of Leavenworth. M. Sgt. Wilbur Edmonds, who has been in Osaka, Japan, since last December, arrived in Camp Carson, Colo., last Friday and is expected to return home Tuesday evening. Gordon Reed, who has been in Korea for the past year, has arrived in the States and will b e home soon. Mr. and Mrs. Will Burdette, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ala were visiting friends in Weston, Mo. Saturday evening. William Ehart has returned home after a three weeks visit with his daughters at Lenexa. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Phillips and granddaughter of Topeka were visiting in Easton last week end. Mr. and Mrs. Steve McCoiirt and daughter of Atchison spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller and son. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Enright and children of Muncie have rented Mrs. Josie O'Meara's farm, west honey cereal kuchen, butter oriof town, for the coming year. margarine, milk, coffee. Honey Kuchen (Yield: 1 square kuchen) Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frey and f?m- ily entertained with a picnic dinner at their home Sunday for the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. R. Topping: One half cup brown S. Connelly, Mr. and Mrs. Bob sugar, % teaspoon cinnamon, 3 / 2 j Enright and family, Mrs. Josie teaspoon nutmeg, 2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine, a ,« cup bran flakes or whole wheat flakes. Mix together brown sugar, spices, butter and cereal flakes. O'Meara, Mrs. Doan Earl, Mrs. Lucy Scheerer and Laura, Kathleen and Jeanne Harnish and Mary Louise Peters. Mrs. Josie O'Meara is staying Set aside for use on top of batter.!at the home of Miss Margaret K u c h e r : Three-quarters cup Costello. sifted aU-pirpose flour, 2V- teapoon Miss Virginia Hansroth has quit salt, V- cup milk, % cup honey, l! her work in Leavenworth and will egg, well beaten, 3 tablespoons j entei ' Bethany Hospital in Kansas melted fat, 1% cups bran flakes or '' - whole wheat flakes. Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Combine milk, honey men and women are ableland egg and add to flour mixture. Collins farm, west of town ut more work when they i Add fat, mixing only enough to « employed in Leavenworl ood breakfast. combine. Fold in cereal flakes. .™, S £ U £J?L TVh, combine. Fold in cereal flakes. Government nutritionists say we | Pour into greased pan 8x8x2 should get about a third of the j inches. Sprinkle topping over bat- day's protein at breakfast. A fruit ter Bake in moderately hot oven cereal, milk, bread and butter (400 degrees F.) 2o minutes or un- an(J sjster an(J her famj]y; breakfast suppphes this amount, I til done. Kas., to begin nurse's ing- Mr, and Mrs. John Blaser have moved from Jarbalo to the Leo Blaser Leavenworth. coach of ERHS. is staying at the home of Mrs. Kessinger again this year. Thomas Mulvhill of Kansas City, Easton |ed Monday with the following tea]chers: District No. 11, Mrs. Doris Mrs. GolcTe Ala;p> o bi nson; District No. 6, Miss', •Jacqueline Wosser; District No. 72. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee, of Mrs _ Lucy No]1 . DisU -ict .N T o. 82 R.R. 3 Atchison, announce t h e, Mrs _ Eunice H yde; District No.14 engagement and forth coming mar-jjy rs 0pal Lawyer; and Districc riage of their daughter, Rita Marie i No 70 Mrs Anna Meyer Jarbalo and Vincent, Jr., and a sister, Sue Ann. Shrine Park, Leavemvorth. Mrs. her son and Mrs. Robert Fitch and child-lMrs. Truman Henderson and dau- Daisy Fitch accompanied Mr. and Mrs. and daughter-in-law, Mr. were Sunday gu Walter Wickey guests of Mr. and ren, Bobby and Linda, to Wichita this week where they were guests of Mr. ar$ Mrs. Ralph Fevurly, Jr., and sons. Tommy and Jimmy. The Fevurly family are ghters, Janice and Connie, Leavenworth. Mrs. Grace Knight and - Mrs. Max Scheller, Basehor, were Wednesday afternoon guests of Miss residents of Jarbalo but he has Julia Farrar and brother Guy work with a contractor in Wichita at present and his family are with him there. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Behee and children, Jimmy and Linda, Leavenworth, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lohman and daughter, Bonnie left Sunday on a several days fishing trip to Minnesota. Jarbalo Rural High School opened Monday for one half day with the following faculty: principal, R.V. Shinkle, and teachers: Mrs. Mae Henry, Gus Sarris and Gordon L. Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Berger were hosts Sunday for the Hamilton family gathering at their home. A watermelon feed was enjoyed in the evening by: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hamilton, daughters, Jean, Gail and Barbara, Mrs. J.W. Hamilton, Mrs. Deck, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hamilton and infant daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton and daughter, Linda, Mrs. Cameron Kelly, Mrs. Georgia Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Johnson and infant daughter, Mrs. William DeBois and sons, Mr. and Mrs. John Doolin and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James Chapman and Mr. .and Mrs. Berger. John Anneberg, Manhattan, visited last week in the home of his Farrar. Mr. and Mrs. Jewett Bennett and Mrs. B.L. Rossell, 'Kansas City, Mo., and Everett Somers, Tonganoxie, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Wager, Ann, Lynn and Joyce Wagner and Mrs. Kate Wager. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mason, Rossville, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bratton, Topeka, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Little. A.B. Copeland is having a new grade A. milk barn erected o n his farm north of Jarbalo. Fred Brune of Tonganoxie is the carpenter. Eston Little, Charleston, Mo., came Sunday and visited his parents, Mr.: and Mrs. Walter Little for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Heintzelman and children, Marilyn and David, Leavenworth, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Heintzelman and daughters, Rose Marie. Rose Marie returned home after visiting in Leavenworth in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Heintzelman Mr. and Mrs. Carl Heintzelman arid family. Lansing Grade School opened j Tuesday with an enrollment of 124 pupils according to principal Morgan. The faculty is the same as last year. Mrs. E.E. Hobbs is in charge of the school cafeteria. Rudolph J. King, pastor of the Methodist Church, is in Baldwin this week attending a five day training school. Mrs. Gertrude Mills of Leavenworth visited Mrs. W.D. Powell one day this week. Mrs. Lena Brooks is visiting relatives in Kansas Ci.ty this week. Work on the new fire station is progressing nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Humphreys were in Kansas City, Labor Day. Audrey Purcell was in Topeka ine day last week on business. " Lansing thl. J. C. Young First Lt. Jack VanMeter is on uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Ross (30 day leave, and is visiting his Quick, and son, Bill. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Miles and children, Atchison, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Miles grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Brune. parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.N. VanMeter He is enroute to Japan. Margaret Clughley, Dollie Levi, Beatrice Brannan, Marie Friedlund of Kansas City, Mo. were Capt. and Mrs. Vincent Heintzel- Wednesday callers in the J.C. man, Leavenworth announce the Young home. birth of a son, Clinton Leo, at Fort Leavenworth Hospital, Aug. 11. The baby's maternal grand- oarents are Mr. and Mrs. William Eaton, Marcelene, Mo.; his paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Leo Heintzelman, RR 3 Leavenworth, and Charles Flora, Leavenworth, is his great grandfather. The baby has two brothers, Billy Willing Workers H.D.U. held their annual picnic at a park in Leaven- enworth recently. There were 14 members present. A fine picnic dinner was enjoyed at noon. The afternoon was spent in visiting. Mrs. Mary Linton of Newton visited her sister Mrs. E. Eyestone and Mr. Eyestone several days, last week. Urs. Ward Kits-.* take place Sept. 30 at St. Patricks . Harnish were participants Church, south of Atchison. in the program at the Fort Drive In Theatre Friday evening. A num- Mrs. Helen Berg will be hostess j-ber of Easton residents attended. to the Womens Society of Chris- Dr James Savage and son Ro _ tian Service next Thursday after- bert of A Hamuchy, N.J. arrived noon Sept. 5 at her home east of) -j day to v j s j t his mo ther, Mrs. town. In case of rain it will beJL Ucy "s av age and sister and brother-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Con- at the church hall. Mr. and Mrs. James Hartley and son of Kansas City visited her grandmother, Mrs. Clara Stafford and aunt, Mrs. Thelma Thorn-' burgh last week. nelly. Mrs. J.D. Everett has been slaying at the home of her parents, and Mrs. Walter Johnson helping care for her mother who! Mr. and Mrs. Capp are building has been iu she also suf f e red a minor head injury when the plastering fell from the ceiling and a new room on their house i n the east end of town. Elmer Fitzpatrick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Fitzpatrick underwent an appendectomy at Gushing Memorial Hospital. The Fitzpatricks recently moved into the Schmidling house in the east end of town. Mr, and Mrs. Oliver Jones announce the birth of a son Tuesday Aug. 26 at Gushing Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pauley are the maternal gradnparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Jones are the paternal grandparents, Mrs. Mary Kreutzer is the maternal great grandmother.' The Ross family have moved from Leavenworth to the Meinert apartments. The last show of the season was presented Wednesday night and drew a large crowd. The shows were sponsored by the local business houses. Mrs. Estella Andermatt received a letter from her sister. Mrs. Minnie Gabbert who underwent a major operation at the Smithville Mo. hospital Aug. In, She is getting along nicely. Rev. and Mrs. John Hodge, Sandra and Gary, and Mrs. Lulu Robinson returned home Thursday from a week's vacation in places of interest in Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah. Adolph Sass suffered a severe heart attack on Saturday and is a patient at Gushing Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Heintzelman - and family spent the week end with relatives in Oklahoma. The first meeting of the order of the Eastern Star will be Thursday evening Sept. 4. at the Masonic Hall. The grade and high schools opened Monday for a few hours. Then resumed classes Tuesday morning., The Masonic Lodge No. 45 will' meet Saturday evening Sept. 7 at the Masonic Hall. There will be initiatory work. All members are ur-:?d to attend. The Masonic building association have had new linoleum laid on the kitchen floor in the Masonic Hall. An auction sale was held in Easton Thursday afternoon with Ralph Heidrich as auctioneer. The following grade schools open- Mr, and Mrs. Charles Miller --d daughter, Nancy, Schenectady T.Y., and Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Mill-; r, Leavenworth, were Tuesday quests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles lurns, Sr. Nancy Miller visited in .he home of her uncle and aunt until Wednesday evening. Mrs. Maggie Rice, Palo Alto, Calif., visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dohrn one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller and daughter, Nancy, Schenectady, N. Y., Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Miller, Leavenworth, and Mrs. Charles Burns, Sr., visited several days last week with Dr. and Mrs. Richard Swenson and children, Salina. Mr. and Mrs. William Black '-ave : sold their farm at Jarbalo :o Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Lowe oJ '."avenworth and Mr. and Mrs. hive purchased a four acre What's a tomato without Morton's? When it rains it pours ' *' THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Thursday Evening, September 4,1952. The American Negro is a new race of people whose ancestors represent many tribes in Africa with admixtures of white and Indian blood. IF YOU LIKE TO USE &. mma STMCI You can make your own for 14 a quart (save about 25$ a quart) ki every giant economy size ol this new a!l-purpose detergent!... 416 CPCf^lf'C Phone Shawnee 3l CWlV O 393 Fresh Drawn FRYERS and HENS Fresh, Graded Eggs Chickens - Cut up if you like Perry Wagle and Earl Hicks, Owners — WE DELIVER — FUN to be Slender and Trim BeaiUM'GH! r Here's the exciting new secret of radiant loveliness. It's SLIM, fresh grade-A milk without the fat, plus extra units of vitamins A and D. Helps to fashion your figure. Gives you an added measure of energy and nourishment ... Try deliciously different SLIM today, the most popular fat free-milk. Milk Producers' Marketing Co. 3250 Fairfax Road, Kansas City, Kas. Phone DRexel 9963 T.M. «is« © >»• ^*^ * «—*•** For a ( Perfect for regular OK^boHled starch • Contains ironing aids to moke ironing smooth and eosyl • No preservatives to turn yellow after ironing. • Why pay around 25< a quart for a bottled starch when yo» can ruck* your own, right at home, far a penny a quart? RICKETSON'S 5th Avenue Market 5th Ave. and Spruce Street When shopping at our market, get a couple of pounds of our delicious URGER 49* Lb. Visit The Skylark For Finest In Movies! TIL AP.M. NITES TIL 9 GOOD EVENING This is a busy week and so will the next be for the mothers getting their kids back to school. The old man is going to get hit hard for some extra cash for those books and school clothes. If you want to make your money go farther start saving on your groceries. We are offering low prices every day and not just a few on week ends. Don't pay more than 84c for FOLGER'S AND BUTTER-NUT COFFEE; MORE THAN C59c (limit one) for a three pound can of CRISCO; PARKAY OLEO 27c, 4 pounds 99c; KRAFT VELVEETA CHEESE, a big 2 Ib. box Sac; MIRACLE WHIP ONLY 49c QT.; REAL ICE CREAM-VANILLA, CHOC. REVEL, STRAWBERRY REVEL, IN THE GREAT BIG HALF GALLON FOR 69c. WE HAVE THE FINEST IN FRESH PAN-READY FRYERS, BEEF, PORK, LAMB, VEAL, LUNCH MEATS OF ALL KINDS, CANNED HAMS, SMOKED HAMS, PICNIC HAMS, just about anything you'd want. You have tried the rest, now try and eat the best! Our butchers are trained and can give you any kind of cut you desire. WON'T YOU TRY US THIS WEEK? C & H PURE CANE SUGAR, 10 Ibs. S1.05, is a good buy. We have "BUSTER" great big one Ib. cans of salted "MIXED NUTS" for only 89c; complete line of BRACK'S CHOC. Peanuts, Bridge Mix, Malted Milk Balls, Choc. Stars, Choc. Peanut Clusters, Etc. SHOP THIS WEEK AND EVERY WEEK AT JAHN SUPER MARTS! YOU'LL SAVE MONEY BY TRADING WITH US! TRY US AND SEE! Lipton's Orange-Pekoe TEA . . . Lipton Tea Bags TEA . . '. ViLb. 16 Count 35c 23c i-27* BREAD GOLDEN CRUST SAME SIZE AS 16c K. C. 3-29 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY HEINZ Ketchup - 23 H CI Id 7 »—«=> A , OC' 11 n lm BAB * F °° Ds HP O.D Pickles - HEINZ ALL KINDS-Soups

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