Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 34
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 34

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 34
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B · N«rthweil Arkansas TIMES,: Wed., April 71, 1976 FATEITEVH.LE, ARKANSAS · SIN Network Features All By :LEE MAKGULIES LOS 'ANGELES ( A P ) "CBS, NBC, ABC, SIN," read the Ad iii a broadcast Irade magazine. "Only oine of these TV networks can effectively reach qycr nine million Span- ish-Xinguage U.S. consumers." SIN?' TV network? What gives? r SLiN 1 turns out to be the Span ish International Network, and il is indeed a television network in the.ima-ge of ABC, CBS and NBC.' Except that all the programs on this' '· network -- · comedies dramas, - movies, newscasts, documentaries, even the commercials'. -- wre in Spanish They aren't dubbed versions of "Kojak .··''· -'They're all produced in Spanish. With 13-television stations affiliated *now, more planned and the over-all'operation turning a profit,-SIN has proven that mi- noritief can be successful iri Ihe tremendously co mpetiti ve brotictcast industry. "You have to offer something different, that people aren't get ling,''; explained SIN president, Rene"" v Anselmo; who has been with the network since it started in 19Gl at KWEX-TV in San Antonio.'.Tex. In SIN^s case, that something different" is an array of programs aimed at .the millions of - Srtenish-speaking people in the United States. There's, a hea\j emphasis, on news and public affairs.' - · COMMUNICATIONS VOID "There has been a. commu nicatEon '- void with , Spanish- speaking people," said Danny Viilanueva, vice president of SIN end : general manager of (he network's Los Angeles sta- (ion, -KMEX-TV. "Our success has "come because we have been able to fill.that void." Success didn't come easily, however. Anselmo, a Quincy, Mass.,, native of Italian descent, said he had to battle prejudice to develop the network. Advertising agencies nnd po tential sponsors just weren't interested in spending money on commercials that went only to pebpie who spoke Spanish. For one thing, there; .were" no ratings 'figures to indicate how large an; audience they would be reaching. For another, the assumption existed that most Mexican-Americans, 'Puerto' Ri- cfehs.ahd Cubans were too poor t o ' c a r r y a significant economic impact. But as Mexican-Americans began -to -play a more visible role iri-the United States in the late. L 19fiOs f more research on them became available -- in- clud ing ·· some that SIN commissioned' to reinforce its sales pitch.. · '· The conclusion was not only that tthere were millions of people'.:in the country who spoke only Spanish at hom«, but that-'their average income gave them"the same'purchasing power as irmny other eon- sumets. , - ' ; FOR SPONSORS Sponsors can theoretically reach a. major portion of the " counlry'S'Spanish-speaking population.-Besides KWEX in San Antonio'and KMEX in Los Angeles, SIN also owns and operates WXTV in' New Yort, WLTV "in Miami, KDTV in San Francisco, and KFTV in Fresno, Calif. There" are affiliates in Chicago,; Albuquersue, N.M, and Sacramento, Calif., and four more stations on the south side of the · U.S.-Me,\ican horder Growth, however, is no long er SIN's primary consideration, Anselmo says. Instead the emphasis ,:is on improving the quality, of programming, par- licularly by producing more shows of their own. , SIN r always has done some ordinal production but the bulk of its entertainment shows are imports, coming mainly from . Mexico,, but also I r o m Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia, There's one thing that won't change,- Ansclmo promises. It's the aggressive, positive role .each SIN station seeks to play in its ^ own community, More t h a n simply offering news and public affairs programs, these stations hike it upon themselves lo urge viewers to vote and heller educate themselves lo Inform them about health care and day care services, to tell them how lo make government programs work for them, to hold telethons, and to act as a collection center when there's fc disaster such as the recent earthquake in Guatemala City. Children Can Wear Soft Contaci Lenses NEW YORK (AP) - Children can be filled successfully with soft contact lenses at any age, reports Dr. John S. Hermann, a pediatrio ophthalmologist and director of motor anamoltes (eye muscle problems) at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. "Soft contact lenses require careful handling ami dailv disinfecting," says Dr. Hermann, "but in my experience property ·motivated 8-year-olds aic responsible enough lo care for soft contact lenses. Before that age, it takes the intelligent concern of a devoted parent to insert and care for (he child's lenses. However, we even have a lew 5-year-olds who handle and care for th£m. "Contact lenses give (he developing child a full field of vision plus the same cosmetic and psychological benefils Ihey nffcr adults. This is an important consideration for children who resist wearing glasses." We Gladly Accept Food Coupons Interested in a lower total food bill? Then Safeway is your store! Our low, everyday prices in all depaitments give you savings on hundreds and hundreds of fine foods Get the values you have a right to expect for youi money. Because quality always comes first at Safeway, you can shop with absolute confidence. Come to Safeway today and fill a catt brimful of great foodb at gieat savings. Safeway's ihe place to buy Meat! Ifs been true for years. It's jssst as true today! 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Wed., April 21, 1976 ·, B = ^orthwest Arkonias T1MB, "' A Most Happy Show-Off By WILLIAM GLOVER i AP Drama Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- "I.was F lucky lo come along just when I did," says M a r i l y n Chambers, a most liappy show-off. What .she might have done iri a Ecss liberated era causes a shrug and giggle. "I dont think I could make the housewife scene. As the latest "very big ca : eer .slap," Miss Chambers is j exposing (he charms previously Jisplayed in X-rated films and male magazines' picture lay , outs in a live stage show called 'Le. Bellyhution, 'It's: the first lime I've been iude"before an actual audience, lut that doesn'£ bother me a bit The re\ue opened at the Dip omat Cabaret a suddenly renovated ballroom in a rundown hostelry a half-block "off Broadway. This is not exactly n the-same league with playing the Palace, but the blue-eyed and hoydcnish 23-year-old feels= *, she has traveled a lot further up 1he prestige ladder than ^a such celebrated sister exhibi-vJ-u Eionists as Linda Lovelace and Georgina Spelvin. "*i To get ready for "Le Bely- ^ jutton," she sometimes went to bed \uth a tape recorder which ' could repeat dialogue as she slept. She also likes to perfume lavishly before slumber. I think t h e whole scene is changing." she says of the erot -- ic titillation so associated with v her reputation. , "The hardcore stuff is basically boring. What is becoming more important is r what is .going on inside, two people's heads and the whole romantic prelude. AROUSING MISSION Miss Chambers quite frankly regards- her mission in life as arousing spectators. "Turning, them on is what turns me on. Even if stimulation includes the possibly bizarre. 'There's a little voyeur in ev ~^_' o r j o n e she rahomlues Oh ^ I've lived own fah : asies. ' The Chambers start toward self-expression began when sfce. was little Marilyn Brlggs back WestporL Conn a sojjdly upper, middle-class community full of advertising - executives like her father and affluent i youngsters like herself and her older brother and sister. She gave, up high school cheerlcading -- "I haven't vorn underclothes since 1 .' -- For modeling career" Ifiat didn't ihe with parental hopes Jobs ncludcd posing for soft drink and hair dye ads and finally a veil publicized picture that ap _, jeared on a box of soap powder, That happened just before T ' nade the movie 'Behind the Green Door.M thought a bomb vould .explode when /the film came out. But the soap people «iew what they were doing -he bo\ cime out afterwards they \ e still got a ID year f contract for use of the'picture. f " c Miss Chambers .dcJesn't like .-, .0 be called a "porn queen, Because "Behind the Green Door" and \ "Resurrection of- Eve" .were the only .sex film: ihe has ever made. DF CORUM There have .been, of. course, a lot of widely distribule'd, highly imaginative still camera dis-- 1 .,: plays, a couple of books.-- one with Xaviera Hollander .=-- and- a monthly advice column toj sustain her reputation for sen sual candor. In conversation, however, she discusses matters with a decorum enlivened only wtth meaningful glances and a good deal of fidgeting 'Material things are fine but T would rather become more secure for a litle bit later so r won't have to worry." So most, of her money is invested 'where I can't touch it. Her behavior, she is certain, sn't symptomatic of the decline of Western civilization. 'The whole trend is healthy, ve'H never go back lo the Puri- an thing. Because women don't worry any more about getting Drcgnant'if they don't want to. They have l o o s e n e d ' u p ' a n d become aware of themselyes and their bodies. Songri-La, N, Cor. PROSPECT HILL, N.C. (AP) -- For the past eight years; ' Henry Warren, 82, has been busy building bis own Shangri- La. Actually. It Is a miniature village he has built of rocks in his backyard. He calls it Shangri- La, N.C. The village has a hotel, store, bank, theater, water tower, mill, doj* house, cow shed, Eire station, jail houses and a motel among other buildings. They arc several fept high. Mystery Fan CIIURCHVILLE, N.Y. ( A P ) -- Stephen Clarke, an English teacher, is a mystery fan. At Spcnccrport High School, he teaches a course in detective fiction which he created a lew vcars a^o inrt he his written a textbook on the subject. Clarke said he used mysteries as a device tor leaching the principles of logic and orderly composition.

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