Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 39
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FILTER COMES UP SHORT Express Rodney in Flashing Win . By ERME MASON Express Rodney, owned by Saul Finkelsteia and Jimmy Crnise, flashed to victory in the J 10,000 Sprinj Sophomore Trot at Santa Anita Wednesday, defeating the heavily favored 1-2 shot Filter by three-quarters of a length. A crowd of 8357 watched the Rodney colt take the lead away from niter on the backsti etch, open op three lengths coming off the far torn and then hold off niter at the wire. Another seven and a half lengths back for third was Lumber Rod. Filter, a leading HambltIonian candidate, was making his Pint start of the year in the race and appeared a little short. However, Express Rodney, who Isn't eligible for the Hambletoman this summer, had too much of a lead at the top of the stretch and won without Cruise using the whip once. The winning time of 2*1 1/5 is the fastest checking ever turned In by a J-) ear-old trotter this early in the year. . Going off as the second choice In the wagering. Express Rodney rewarded his followers with $6.60, $2.60 and 52-20, while Filter returned $120 and $£20. The show price on Lumber Rod was $2.40. ELECT TEN TO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME NEW YORK «V-Three oldiime football stars and seven modern players have been elected to the Hal] of Fame of the game, the National Football Foundation announced Wednesday. The oldtimers were Thomas Bum ' M e C1 u n g of Yale, rharles Buck Wharton ol Penn and George Woodruff player at Yale who was named for his coaching feats at Penn. All three are dead. T h e s e v e n post-1900 players, all living, who were! elected were: [· Alex Agase of Purdue and, Illinois. George Conner of Holy Cross and Notre Dame, Edwin Goat Hale of Mississippi College. Ken Kavanaugh of L o u i s i a n a State, Cliff Montgomery of Columbia. Pete Fund of Georgia Tech and Eddie Tryon ol Colgate. HARNESS'CAP ROY BETZ ·jaunaae. Aor« 4--Urn tai a O-Cn Meeting, flnrfma: »tt Pod I J» g.m. FIR»T RACE--Una*, tuidea Pact. T»Jrua and »g. Pana «u»i AWARD TO MILHORN Jordan High prod-xi J!«diBig Six in the NCAA playoffs Milhorn was one of two sea-. for the second year in succes- iors given special awards at sioa. Awards: tte UOA basketball banquet » in* IIM. tier. Thin. Jux-l c ml INDEPENDENT--f«9« C-l (Polifccat Advartisamann guard Walt Hazzard. Some 300 a l u m n a e friends applauded the Bruin cagers who represented the [ S ISSL. W * VVH JIM MILHORN Horseman Drail SAN MATED Cfl-K. R. V\ ar Relic Dies Darbyshire. 55, Canadian LEXINGTON. Ky. W--\Varjhorseman. died Tuesday at Relic, son of the great Man Bay Meadows race track o* War and sire of winners [while training mounts. He a p- of more than $4 million, is parently succumbed of a heart dead at 23. He apparently attack. was the victim of a heart attack. Tomorrow Let's Elect DR. JAMES BOARD OF EDUCATION X WE TAXPAYERS MUST INSIST ON EFFICIENT US! OF OUt ECUCATION COUAtS. Irecxt CGtrvnier) IHal Bra _ I SnaJvdai« Andy (Demit) . · Doctor Gregg (Lamrl 4 T«» Timer (LrohttiiB* U Chucki* Bin-* CarlnaJl * Mem* Rita CC«x) t Tran ·razull Haruver Wlllami JrJ . Swtnotima Gat (Tisher) Villaoo Raider (RAillioan) Meadow Hutco (Slunk) . LOfiCSMOT--CMUCKIE ·TRD i _ _ "Ttcd«roTi»cE-4Hiiiit~ct*muni p . Deserve* another ,-. Witt- not te tar away . Figure* tar a sart . Loo.! tor an Imorov* race . _ Sofia lonoshot chance _ Some races good enough . _ *.«ca ractna _ . Will Have to ImoYfive J* Moolah Bar Impressive in Workout act. j-«tar-eid» am Several three year old tli- gibles for Tuesday's opening »i 'ky of quarter horse action at *,Los Alamitos race course have r_ (Smith) . L Tbher~ '. Threat teda* -, _ ^ ._ . Not an impossible task. . T ken SPORTS SHORTS . Russet* T»ss C«rri Jrj f Garland (Jacobs) S Sri WocN*fi (UiThert ._ _ LONGSHOT--JIT FVICHT _ kee0 them 1 _ . Look for an Imerovt race . . Owtxitft chance trocn If ' . Traile* iled an th« m»t _ _J MJ 4 Radmjt* WTietitr *t Highwav Lass 4H^rra**n) turned in good preps. 1 Racing secretary Ed Burke carded a twin feature to 1 _,.., : off the 25-day spring -.{^meeting. The Inaugural for! 15J], three year olds and The Shue' -- [Fly for three year olds and .. Onrv need trot h« race , . FiTi well here . Not an miDcssifele task _ Willing fairf to touyb _ would rewire best _ Rate* a tonoshot cfcanc* , _ Civ* him a pass ^ . - .. clos* . j Anev"! June (Orenier) 3 Some Sur.ear (Cronkl 1 Pal Jimm» LutTieD S Shinelao.1 (ft-lcClimans) I Prjwrnj CNc (A(Sam%| ,^ LOMCSHOT--SOME SUfUDAT FOUtTH RACt--»-mik. Clann.ffl fact l-nw-«ltJt and IP. PUTM fUO*. OaJm- Int friCT GSM. . Mo!tiina to recommend * wontiv winow (Cmi^e) _ 19 a-Gen* Trail (Storyl I Grand Viooi* JULtc Dautton) . Moment (Hartsen) . Looked (rood winning last . " Ffourei an ttie » - . * « " ' . Had a rough fria . _ . _ , ,, 1 Trov Hetfoewood (Gerrv Jr.| ·»*·/ v* »* ..*·/ 4 Ottawa'* Manr Ana ICunninoramJ Could ttDset » Pensacola WeiT»n Fieia loom too Jouofi . - ' - '-" " Weed* a* easier fie'tf . W.H orobalv fc-alt HarOTic Vroublf Ihes* , 11 Blame rHanover (Adams) Ua-Attoa Tarr f a-Stc HOT-OTTAWA^ MART AN- FIFTH ItACE--T-fnila. CanaiRoned Tret. -rtar-«id» and «P fun* tuot. I Artnyar Reporf (Grenieri «*» upwt tttern S Davit Oawis Grartarn Jrj . 4 Miotvtv Signal Cro*e -1 ScotdS Flia lAcXerman) 2 Scokft Baim 0*jtton . . Will not be lar rf-y . . Could go ttie favorltt . . Reouirei best . . Had a rouch In* , BEST WORK for the Inau- ;iti gural eligibles ins in 18s. flat Si!stint by Moolah Bar. This is but one tenth off the 1 flashed by the brilliant Jet Deck, which has earned too mcch money to race in The :; Si;Inaugural. It's just possible, 'mi.however, that Jet Deck may I.»i be entered in the companion I feature Shue Fly. Both races are over the 350-yard dis- --Jtance. Moolah Bar is trained by Chamb!ess for the The New York Yankees in a runaway and the Dodgers by the skin of their teeth--that's how the UPI board of baseball experts tabs the 1963 pennant races. And, just so the suspense won't be unbearable, the Yankees will knock off the Dodgers in the World Series. Strangely, the defending KL champion San Francisco Giants rated no better than third in the poll. Cincinnati was second, only two votes behind the Dodgers. MILWAUvEE southpaw Warren Spahn, an 18-gnr.e If winner in 1962, believes he can return to the 20-game circle if manager Bobby Bragan pitches him every fourth day. "My arm is a creature of habit," said Spahn. "It's accustomed to working every fourth day and it must continue." ONDIXE surged across the finish line to take class A honors in the Miami-to- Montego Bay yacht race. Bolero and Escapade actually came home 1-2, but a 16-hour time allowance to Ondine made cer. it the win- THE HONOLULU prep runner who died after a 440-yard rice Tuesday, apparently died of a heart attack, it has been reported. nxrwr wna gainea rvcoonmm as a BOB- ·· to? bull. U ocad at ao* W . . . Many · =· MuUfaa ana MJka Sarasfer. Km. I · !· and i Meds. wvrv uwt vv wittnowm · *·" K (UiKn net toumn » Flonai. PATH CLEAR FOR L.A. MEETJ The anxious moments for the success of the 23rd annual C o l i s e u m Relays scheduled for May 17 apparently are over. The Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games, the Relays" sponsoring group, announced that the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and the U.S. Track and Field F e d e r a t i o n (USTTF) have agreed to follow the interim settlement drawn up by Gen. Douglas MacArthur. The only remaining hurdle for the event, which annually attracts top track and field stars, was to obtain the sanction of the Southern P a c i f i c AAU. _ SlXTM^KAiCJE--l-nuia. CaHdit.aiTe fact- tytar^A and BB. .»Brs«_«T0»._ 3 Fivino Scstchman C Dennis) _ . . . . . Servetf notic* last cTarl . _^ 9 Final Onv* (Kanseni . Jus» best Ihe teB one . 1 Miss Cvnttta Star (McKiraan) -. V.av take * ad . . I Oorabeiit VaHe» K.krv) Comirra eft fair effort t Lacfv Jgiontana (WTIlijms JrJ Hates * chanct " - - . Hanover Siih.l* rai.u tyoset - - ^ . e*rei 7 loan* H*l Kriea) U Jin-l Pride (Suarezt Record (wr tl Elvis Tcss tJacobs u vrwis Hanever (snerrenk ---- * ' Sherrrn .. ^ loiS HANOVCK tveft net at tit «do» -- stdc post ea help ^^ crobabhr weaken f iBures among straog!rrs . ScrsTcned Scratched - C * mllta ract - TMr '* ME *" d "' PM I OL !£! 4 L l ss Ouic* jo CCrurse) _ 'dna'* Sun (Crank) , i j^kf* J. fAdrtrml LONCSHQT--CHIX AitC JEICHTH KACE . Oooa rTtort last sTart . Willing But in tough . Orchf an outs;cJe enanca , . Fioures kaS likely - ii --- :ijGene ri»i estate of John Mawson and "·»ij»ppears ready to fly. _ Other creditable w o r k s "'have been registered by WiH «,! Win, Capri Deck and Tiny *j Charger, an *J j A casualty among The Inau- »J gural eligibles turned op in [Mr. Juniper Bar, trained by _ ,CaIvin Mims for Oscar Jef- ( fers Jr. The horse broke an - £| ankle bone sometime during - J J o r between an 18.4 workout. B«(gili:--Sn, April I--ANGELS vs. DODGERS--Eisi.all! 19(3 SEASOI CPEItR--TUtJ, APR. S--AMBUS TS. RED SOX tntmi Sect « trip --S5JO -MUIT-MACS--- 411S E. 7tl Sr, -- G t |.f0| . GE (4141 125 PINE LONG BEACH Vvi'ron tiVc a fclkaw smartly through Spring sumrret! Completely they're shrinta^e controlled, need no ironing, resist wrinkles, pact easily! All this -- ind 2 choke of handsome colors! Tr Vcronl polyester Nircoa rayoa Pork and Lock Your Cor in ihe Lincoln Fork Gorcg* r.-tar-'jldi »nd ·. ran* OJ r Of tarat Mar* Io betf . S Sochi* Hanovtr (MotiTnill . -- ~ " 4 He!rr Frost (Crar . 7 Hi« Craca Cron* tO^ttSMOT--ante ~»UMTM RACE--l^nlti n a^ijae Pal IBal ^dlan Fog ruer . Trot» tn mt jtrrlc* . . Pitcfietf a *.Ti« ftieti. . Meed* Jo Improve rmier) 7 fVFfctm I fort Kno« 3 Adios STev« (Crvisc) S a-PiuT* Queen fGrenierl . H«nover lSz:kl«) . Ilyllnn Leads Waves Pepperdine College racked -jj'up its eighth successive win -J'of the season Wednesday "?»» beating UCLA, 4-1. Former 1 Long Beach Poly star. Jerry (Hylton was the w i n n i n g [ pitcher. His season record is . Closed urn* of Vtrs* _ M** be placctf toa tow _ Should wm soon _ Only an ·ifttvidvr · ·J'*.' Crsfsa -- «|.» »ui% yalle* Key HARNESS RACE RESULTS of: f FIFTH RACE--* mil* a*vr: a 11900 7.8 Ewreu RaOner. Cnnsa I at J40 100 Filter. Cranam. Jr. . _.. I.30 Lumoer Rod. LWimiR . Scratched -- lone * Bn,[ Time-- IffT'i Ha scratchn. Viflieiagft I SIXTH R»CE--I e£a fai SECOMO RACE~1a miles pace: Uav^rlt. Rarer _^ 5.00 1-Of ·Vava Manover, · van Zarrten ».*9 Sunda roo. Elvira . Tiwa--?:«». SCTi , CAItT DOUa TMIRO RACE--I oMt "aca". Ftra Ttiema. KTievler 4 M 119 Laoy Purdue. Redccn 13 709 in SEVEHTH RACE--I mile ita Record Mat, wtteeier J.I ·attjted--Alibi Tans. jNita Traia. Cranam. Jr. LE PAID fTO-a Sc«t Creed. Crenier " le-- ?:BX " Tkni ·ll . toCTl Honor, MOST PKOIIlLE WIKNtt--tatfmita ttST KOHET r*OS*CCT--Oiu Crt- 3Ia«on's Special* 4n 15 IEIT Cosnr! E!T r. trud tacand. t--Qjia Jo. AldorA Tar-tre I--pa* Fre-gftf. ftcepfrY. HasR tim. ft Pot. . ·-- Port Knox. F.nnent. avA " T itT-- Ouirt M H IT . CMAftCE MT-- J» rfanew RECAP SPECIAL "LACK . . . Direct. William. Jr. · Tun* ;cy^. *a icrain^. FOU1.TH »«E-U m»« »act: Camt»an«r, Susxa _ »a J JMadow _ftcn. Storv U. rfinn* lAer, t^iti'. -- Tlma--l.u. Na scratcTcv Priaa Vootlen. i Vandyke Hanover. Cruna I T«p«--J0* »a »cre« 4 00 KmTH RACE--I aiila »ace: 7 a) Po^a Atfov Crwisa s.M - O^«n.«r ham. Jr. Hay Meadows Race Results ..._ R.ACI--i Cana. TMn.-- C»K« Ano: Diibri Imo. »n Fngttt Shara Co - Cartv. valdamar, Lavev Lark. ruiY cocti.1 TH1R9 RACE--Tl a-Placa Ayl Oama. T«li9ua« 410 IU ScoKk Fog. Pa^necg a a vane* Tuiio. C*cam«ni ___-- Tar.l :ST»- ATM: frDartirt , . . Fa-tf Canonet. Sorfir-MT S.n. Cheiion. Rama Sar*^*, S-mv Roa. ' F'SRT^TRICE--· fenem*: Kartfia Graiaia. Htftf _ I a) Sir Joupn. KaeM !*(· r^ Red. Powvn Ml At»: Imoofll »av«. not tranoe\»-. Arro»a*. pea ~ Ttrrx RACt-4 lunonn: ·K?y, nx ^ 1 ': « i- Ptatri lam. Con ujt Lai* Arrev. Pachact .--,--_-- a B Te»a-4.1L Aiso: Kxao Sun. Eesr EC ..TR'iyrrvS.l"'''* "" *""· Casnt . leg -- 4 a , . Roman Ayr, Edffa' hxw Crtmm Prwei. O. R. frf. Gree «-· DoOUl Pat. , ATM: PVa^t DM. Cnra - Aer* Seaca. Macs* Anerfcaa OrTiarit. mv« _ -- _ -- . ta Time-- IJ». A.1e: Canon. Prmca C)ou«. Leo T»ar lad. soo. at 120 . . «ACf-4 mnmn: ____ 3 « Tt ·JUKI: Camnal - _ wndnaxn. Tart --- -------- 1W Tma-- »;·**. ATM: »Pevo". aTnckv »a. JKWX tlXt. SKKT C.. t a « l Host. Cuoaolt. aV. Ragtlma. a-- Lttt |rn SMt-W. Pro . a RM Eanr. «rv» Ya»a Wca, Y«r» I Ma Way. !· 4 9 le --- _ » Ana: axxn Wasw. Por., . Swm Covo. trianar -»y.t SieDntnl Aerw nobia wroula. JKiner c^ Vigornn. a-- C2zrein-Rftiab-a Vacit Cmrr. p»cttrat» ALL COMPACT r" FOREKat CAR Ullf »*ui r«x ar] ncnano* ·A FUU 2I.OM-WIU CBAJAKTIC LONG BEACH TIRE CO. tacaiMK It Oar On PW« lor Oar a 492 EAST 4TH AT O.U HE 4-5043 Directions: Water it sparingly and America's perennial favorite, 7 Crown, will blossom into springtime's smoothest-sipping drink. Just try it. For best results, say Seagram's and be Sure. SCOT rsrunrs CUVBT. K» itn cm. r.xa i» XT u rror. e t cni ETW pint

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