Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 9, 1929 · Page 16
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1929
Page 16
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V - THE ALT06NA MTRROK-SATURDAY, NOVEMBER .9,, 1929 .... ....., EDDIE RUSH SHOWS THINGS TO ROOSEVELT .HIGH TEAM ophomore Grid Player Gives Grand Exhibition In Annual Game Between Rivals— Rush Skips Off to Three Touchdowns In 32-0 Victory. Eddie Rush, quarterback and captnin the Altoona High Junior Varsity lOtball leam und a sophomore for the .nroon and White, gave tho, Roosevelt unior High gridiron squnn n mighly :ort lesson yesterday afternoon. Rush biirki-d signals for the nopho- oro team In the annual game IB Roosevelt Junior High team. Guide of calling signals ho wns mighty ctlv« carrying tho ball. Roosevelt :igh failed to stop him and Sophs . alkod awiiy with thn win ,'!2-0. This same Kddlo Hush scored the 'rst three touchdowns for UK- Sophs nd It was Eddlo who put tho entire :;lu8 and Whitn team lo rout. Karly i the first period, with 8 yards to go jr first down, Rush .slipped around ' nd for 35 yards lo score. He dupll- • iitetl shortly afterward, his run being or 12 yards. In the second period ilush again skirted end for a toueh- • lown. The Sophomores, in charge of Coach IJenny Weinstein, who directed the rime squad ,is Roosevelt High students year, lent a willing hand to Eddie !Utsh and thn whole team was classy ri giving interference to thn hail-lotnr. tliish gave a great exhibition In ro- • urning punts. Ho was easy to see but hard to roach by the blue-suited players. Roosevelt High made but four first downs in the game. Soph." gathered In 10 first downs. Penalties were, few, being only for off-sides. Not a single player wan Injured. The Roosevelt team of Coueli Fred Davis wan In scoring position only once, in the fouith period when Hnniinv Merlne, captain, returned the l<U:k-oir 1.0 mldfleld. Roosevelt got an far as the 30-yanl line when a pass was intercepted nnd Roosevelt's chances of scoring vanished. Two bands saw duty at the game. The Roosevelt High Blue and White) paraded to the Held and boomed things during Ihe game. The Altoona High band was present to drill and the mu- ulclans remained to give u noisy rccep- ' lion to Iho Soplm. Sophomores kicked off to start the game, but Roosevelt lost tho bull in mldfleld when a yard needed for lira', down failed to materialize. The J. V.'s lore off a pair of first downs. Needing 8 yards to go on the 30-yard line for a first down, K. Rush stepped back to throw a forward pass. The pass from center was bad and Rush fumbled. He retreated and grabbed the ball and then headed around his right end, going 35 yards to cross the goal line for the first touchdown. A forward pass, Rush to Colella, scored the extra point. Shortly after thut tho Soplm grabbed the ball on a forward pas.s fumble In mldfleld. Two good g.-ims and the team was again In scoring poslllon. Rush look Ihe ball. Ho went around rlgh*. end for 12 yards and a second score. Shock rushed the bull over lor the extra point. Tho Ilrst period ended with Soplw owning the ball on the 42- yard line. In tho second period Roosevelt loathe ball in Sophs' territory. The Sophs began another march but It was liuHe.i as C. Watson picked up a fumble. It didn't help much for Roosevelt couldn't uin and Rush returned the punt well to Roosevelt territory. After u, /Irsl 'own Rush went over from the 10-yard llnu. The attempl to kick a placement for tho extra point fulled. Neither team did any damage In thn third period, the play being mostly in mldfleld. Roosevelt had tho ball on he;35-yard line when tho period ended. Roosevelt punted on the fourth down and. Eddie Rush got the ball and ran SO yards, being downed on Roosevelt's 10-yard line. On three plays the ball was on the 1-yard line. Whltcy Marshall went over for tho touchdown. Rush tried to rush the ball out he was tackled nnd the point was lost. A few minutes later as Sophs wero at mldfleld, Rush pegged a forward pass to H. Wilson, No. 10, a sub end. He was all alone und saw only Captain Merino between him and thu goal. He dodged past the safely man, going 43 yard! to score. The extra point fulled to materialize. Roosevelt High threatened to score in the plays utter the kick-off but thu march ended deep In the Sophs' territory. Pcretta grubbed a forward puss and he raced along Ihe sidelines, going all the way to the goal Hue. The play was culled buck lo Roosevelt's 30-yurd line, officials ruling Ihut he ntopped outside the line. Play ended shortly utter. Lineups: Sophomores—3'i HI—0 Colella loft end Plunkett Troxell left tackle, Martin Llchtenstlno.. left guard ....C. Watson Shute center Ferguson Yavaslle right guard Wylamt Watson., right tackle Hanley Kutoski right end .........Dumirua IS. Rush quarterback Merino JiJdgari left halfback Dodson Marshall... right halfback Patt Hhock fulback ... . f.upotoczny Touchdowns, E. Rush 3, H. Wilson 1. Points after Shock 1 (rush), Collella WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY /1 CtoT A IM M4 UJMCt-\ BOX WAMT "Tfc> FIND OUT WHAT \T LUCK', HOVJ FEEL. •, ^/OO <2r\T TH ALL. -•\ DOWM IMTO TVV LAST. ' V ~ —£-THEM , PLOP) AW' '-you WA£> A CAT. REMARKS,. BELLWOOD LEGION WILL BE AT HOME ON MONDAY To Muse and Amuse EAST BOW TO BAKER, 13-6 The Baker school team won a hard- fought game from thn East End school at the Driving park Wednesday afler- noon. The score was 13-6. Sluckey and Trush made nice gains through the line for Baker, each scoring ono of the touchdowns. In the last quarter Hughes, fleet Baiter halfback, got away on a wide run for 50 yards to East End's 10-yard line but a fumble on the one-yard line, lost. Baker another touchdown. Miller got away around end for East End's score. Welker's tackling featured Baker's defensive play, though East End could not gain at all through the line. This was the first game for the East End team. The Baker team remains undefeated by a grade school, having lost only to the Junior High Midgets, a team made up from the eighth ami ninth grade pupils, while the Baker team draws its players from the fifth, sixth, seventh and eignth grades. Lineups: Baker DeluliH LE .. Grove LT ., Stephenson LG .. Ertley C .... Bartholomew.... RG .. Faust RT .. Welsor ,. RE .. Kelley QB ... Davis LHB . Trush RHB . Stuckey FB .. Substitutions—Baker: ard, O'Delllck, Kurtz. Referee, Dick Fay. Eight niinnte periods. JEast End R. Hlnton Bair , DeLancey ...... T. Bowen A. Hlnton ,...C. Bradlield Hickes ,-...J. Bradfield McKeo Miller Smith Hughes, Leon- •Y" COMMUNITY. TYRQNE-HOLLIDA YSBURG HI MEET IN ANNUAL ARGUMENT^ ON MONDAY FLAYER 13 DEAD AFTER NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME The Armistice day will be celebrated at Hollidaysburg on Monday, Nov. 11, when Tyrone and Hollidaysburg High elevens play their annual football game. Dysart park is the scene of the battle and the rivals will clash In a kickoff at 2.30 o'clock Tyrone holds two straight wins over the county seat team. Burghers won the previous year. Both will be lighting hard Monday to take the decision. Former Tyrone-Burgher scores follow: 1928—Tyrone, 19; HolHdaysburg, 6. 1927—Tyrone, 12; Hollidaysburg, 0. 1926—Hollidaysburg, 8; Tyrone, 0. 1925—Hollidaysburg, 0; Tyrone, 0. 1924—Tyrone, 20; Hollidaysburg, 0. All former • games between the rivals have been played on Thanksgiving day, the team entering Into a new contract thin season switching the big game to Armistice day. Records of the rivals thus far this season follow: Tyrone. 21—Morris township ....-»< 0 $5— Osceola Mills" * ° 6—Clearfleld ...«.», 21 20—State College -r 0 0 —Mount Union ..». za...r>: 0 0—Beliefonte •; .•...o.... 13 Hollldaysburg. 37—Ebensburg ». •>.*« 0 19—Clearfleld >... 7 0—Altoona ..;«.. ,... 38 0—Bedford ............. ...:>. 6 26—Westmont » •« , 6 19—New Enterprise 6 Tyrone holds three wins, a tie and a two defeats to date. Burghers won four games and lost two. Both teams dropped two conference games, Tyrone standing a trifle higher due to a tie game. Tyrqne has three more games remaining playing Phillpsburg, Bedford and Altoona. Burghers meet only Mount Union 'and Williamsburg after the Monday contest. Both rivals have met Clearfleld this season and this game gives some comparison. Burghers beat Clearfleld. Tyrone lost. However, the scores won't mean a thing when the two rivals clash. Both teams annually play their best' football when opposed to each other. The Tyrone team will appear for the game attired in the ~ bridge orange jerseys, this being the first season for the colorful suits. The probable lineups for Monday follows : Tyrone— Hollldaysbflrff — HARRISBURG, Pa., Nov. 9.—Night football may be splendid for the fans, t a player Is dead today after tha first game of the kind played in Har- rlsburg. Charles W. Shaffer, star halfback on Lhe Greyritbck team, suffered a fatal heart attack as he left the field last night after the game with the Pen- irook fire company team. Shaffer was removed after the first few minutes of play, on account of an injury to his shoulder. In the second half, however, he played again and finished the game. ..-.. LJE ........... Jones LT ......... ^ Porsht LG .. ....... . Hoover . C ........... ' Beegle RG ---- Lingenfelter RT ....... ,.. Dangel Irvln ........... * RE . Heininger Derr ........ ..... QB . ......... Stultz Kckert Barr (c) Aurandt Gates ... Snyder Rodgers Blowers , Albright Friday .. LHB RHB . FB . ... Helsel Williams .... Kelly PANTHERS WANT GAME. The Cleveland Panthers, pro football team with an all star lineup want a game in Altoona on Nov. 17, or any other date. Any team in Blair county seeking a strong opponent is asked to write at once to the general manager of the Cleveland Panthers at 3554 East 149th street, Cleveland, O. Marshall 1, t ouclulown. (forward SpunRlor Hfrc Again Altoona football fans remaining at home today have an attraction at the Cricket field when Altoona Catholic High meets the Spunkier High team. And the stay-at-home football boost- era arc asked to pay especial attention lo this Spungler team, just because local funs are going to see more of the Spiingler squad. Spangler High will be a regular on the Altoona High varsity schedule in 11)30. Spungler IB signed up to appear In Alloona on Saturday, Sept. 20, 1030. The team takes the plar.u of Cresson High on Alloona's schedule. This same Spangler learn played here some weeks ago, opposing Hie Alloona Junior Varslly, Iho J. V.'s winning 18 lo 0. Announcement of signing up Spangler in place of Cresson won't be welcomed very much by Huntingdon High, us the main-line town wanted a date for 1030. Strengthen fur Game Altoona Catholic High la looking forward to the close of the 1!)28 grid season and Ihe yellow Jackels are pointing to tho annual clash with the Johnstown Catholics. This will be a real football game. It is scheduled ut tho Cricket Held Saturday, Sept. 23, prior to the college game thero Ihe name aflernoon. Johnalown la making big plans for Ihe game and tho Floods want to will the worst kind of a way. Johnstown is slrenglhonlng up some, too. Red Dougherty, fullback of Franklin High, quit tho Franklin school to enlcr Ihe Johnstown C. H. S. so as to play the big game. Another Franklin HI player has been secured, with two from Conemaugh High. In addition Johnstown cancelled a game with Mcyersdalu High on Nov. 1C so that tho loam wouldn't be crippled a week before the Important Alloona gamo. Jllllluwu Nut Tun Heavy Mark Good, city editor of the Wil- llamsport Sun-Gazotte, and a regular ill ull scholustlc affairs In tliu district, lamped Iho lltlle note In Ihls column recently relallvo lo Bllltown player weights and Murk pens a brief nole. "We do not have u backfled man who weighs 150 pounds," says Mark. "Tho lino is big, 170 pounds ut thu most, and that's atraitihl. "Whatever Ihe dope on Nov. 16 when tho learns meet, I still insist thut this Harri.sburg fellow who furnished you thu weight IB all wrong," concluded the editor. Just tho same, weight or not, Wil- lamsport is going to give Altoona a whale of a game hero on Nov. 16. And no fan will want to miss it, either. iVItoouu Van Keels Better An Altoona High football fan wrllcs In his comments after reading all Ihe letters sent in lately by Huntingdon High, and lie gets a good laugh at Huntingdon expense. "Those letters from Huntingdon HI sure did burn me up and I would like to tako up a few seconds time. I wonder If Hunlingdon remembers lhat tie gamn back in 1923. I think that was the dirtiest game that I ever saw a High team play. If I remember right dirty tackles put about six Altoonu men out of tho game. Bob Wicker was so badly handled that ho couldn't play for several weeks. Anil that's the year Huntingdon got kicked out of the conference. 'I for one believe that the Hunting don roughness IH the reason that High schools, respectable schools, eliminate Huntingdon. Not because they are big and dirly only, hut because they don't know what sportsmanship or clean play Is. This letter has sure reduced my steam-poundage. Thanks for the outlet." Things You Should Know That when Wllliamsport High plays here Nov. 10, a lot of Altoona High alumni will bo wearing both maroon and white and cherry and white because no less lhan four Alloona grada ai'o teachers at Bllltown . . . anr family homes are In Altoona. So Wolf of Bllltown has floodlights Installed ut his Held so he can make tho WIlllamHport learn practice up to 0.3t o'clock ut night. If for no other son, Hunlingdon wouldn't get a place on AlUmna's schedule just because of tho coach's reference lo "a practice game." Altoona High doesn't need rivals . . . tho team has too many challenges . . . und tho J. V.'s have to take care of some . . . and in 1930 the J. V. Iniim will have to play no less than nine games. Most all grid fans, scholastlcally inclined, will park their cars at Dysart park on Monday to see Tyrono and Hollidaysburg perform in The Bellwood American Legion football team anticipates a hard game Armislice day and is handicapped by the injuries sustained by Cessna in the game against South Fork, also the ab- aence of C. Benzle and -Pickens from the lineups. The Legionnaires have only been scored on once this season and have won all their games. The .consistent playing of Graham on end, Carr at quarter-back and Miller and Barr on half backs positions is expected to carry the Legion through for another win. The line is the strongest Bellwood has had for some years being mater- ally strengthened by Brandt. Kepner and Rothenberger who are • the best Independent football players produced in central Pennsylvania. The lineup for Monday's game with Juniata College Reserves follows: Jun. College lies. Bellwaod Legion Peel ......... 1.. RE ........ Mitchell Howe ..,-„ ........ RT ...... G. Benzel Hproul ........ «:.. RG ......... ..Gross Fisher ........... C ........... Brandt Playing in the "Y" Community Bowling league last evening Phalanx beat the First United Brethren team as Don Perry shattered two records. Ho got the high three game mark with 581 and also made a new single game total, 244. Phalanx won three straight games. Harshbarger Dairy won by forfeit from the Southern Rose team, the latter failing to show up. Lineups: Phalanx— Hauser .......... r ... 156 Szink 137 Perry ................ 163 Mohler ,.. 133 Wertz ja.. . Moore 109 Stere .,...* 132 148 151 184 175- .. .—302 125—413 244—581 .. .—133 123—298 121—230 156—288 MOST GAMES TODAY SERVE ONLY TO PEP UP FOR TOUGHER FOES Totals .....•...,...„ 688 788 7692245 First V. B.—. Curry ,,:-..-,, 156 185 161—502 Guyer ............... 130 152 124—406 Burley ._..-.>-,.. m .... 109 103 162—374 Plug ....'.-...:........ 100 100 100—300 Heverly .. t . 118 191 183—472 Cuirimlngs ...... LG Pentz .......... .. I-/T . Atluske .......... LE Lucas ..j. «... -...:* QB . Light ....... :..... RHB *.„,- Kepner Rothenberger Graham . ......... Carr Barr Totals 613 Harshbarger Hairy— Forsht 131 Brenner 144 Carr T . rt . >,.... 181 Cheers ,,...,.,*,...,,.. 178 Moff it ;, •;».•;• . •:»>t«:.tas^'« ^^ Fluke ;o>_»:c«:n«>w»»_... ^ '. . «i 731 710 2054, 116 156 145 137 101 .. .—247 155—455 110—436 132—447 110—387 175—175 Totals . . 810 655 6822147 .Southern Rose—Forfeit. .. Rowles ..... -. x ..-. LHB ......... Miller Hoffman ...... .. FB ....... >BM Blirns METRO TENPINS. Close matches marked the Metro Bowling league schedule last evening, Altoona Mirror leading by 15 pins over Power Plant while Elalrmont had a 7 pin margin over Altoona Barber Supplies. Power Plant won two games, however and so did Barbers, despite Ihe fact that both teams were low. K. Houston was high roller with 597. Scores: Smith 170 165 136—471 Heeler..-. 163 116 '...—279 Lavo 203 166 130—499 Haun '143 184 101—488 Homer 211 176 103—490 Hlmes „.,...: »:.».. 132 132 ...—264 Tolals »-«»..>i: w .,» 890 807 602 2356 Mirror- Heeler 150 192 180—522 Schmitt ...., 178 131 207—516 Browand 133 125 135—393 Rutherford 176 146 161—483 Kelly 145 177 138—460 Totals 782 771 821 2374 their annual game and it'a almost a toss-up as lo who will llnlah on top. Period score: Sophs 11 (I (l 12—3U Referee, Carl burket. Umpire, Dr. Ouy 8. Tippery. Head linesman, Paul Milburn. Substitutes—Sophs: It. Wilson for Colella, N. Wilson for Troxell, Cooper for Llclltenstinc. \Vnlto for Shute, Pot- ,ler for Yavasile, J'OIIHH for Watson, Wolf for Kutoski. Olunl for Hush, Neuwahl for Gliint, Luffcrty fur Alar- shall, Perella for Edgars, Cates for Shock; Roosevelt: Ntcodemus for Plunkett, Plunkett for Duiidrt-u, shlnglcr for Nicodemus, Mi-Clellan for Watson. ALTOONA HI PLAYERS OFF FOB JOHNNY GAtylE Altoona High school football players, thirty-four In number, wero given .t cheer at 8.30 o'clock tlna morning, eurly-riuing atudunta gathering ul tho High school to give the Maroons a Bendoff for thu gamu this ufU'rnoun ut Johnstown. The squad of players und corps ot four coaches, managers and cheer leaders boarded two Logan Valley busses, tiie crowd detouring via tho Buckhorn lo Johnstown. I Alloonu High pluns u brief workout on the Point grounds at noon today. Altoona High funs and thu band leave at 12.30 o'clock noon loclay on special train. Thu band will maroli from the station to tha Point grounds. I'fcNN f UN Til A I. Meters Mazdas Fuses Amperes Volts Kilowatts Insulatora 'Live Wires W. 3 llr. Rorkne seems to have some more horsemi-n Ihi.-) year. Hut up lo date tho opposition hasn't been able lo Hg- ure mil whether it's horses they ride, motorcycles or airplanes. They're horsemen, but they do most of their riding in Pullmans. How come the sport writers haven't started culling them Kookiiu-horoeincn? 7 p. m.•••Insulators vs. Kilowatts; vs. Meiers. 9 p. in.—Volts vs. Live Wires; Ampere* va. Mazdas. ALTOONA HIGH'S 1922 TEAM PHOTO DISPLAYED The lusl Alloona High uchonl foot- bull team lo humble Johnstown, the learn of JD22, managed by Paul "Slip" Mtlburn, now general sci/ietuiy of the Juniutu "V" with Curl Burlic-t, physical director of the Altuona "Y," us captain, la on display in the Klcventh avenue windows of the William V. Gable company. The picture, greatly enlargi'd. Is ;il- Iracting consideruiyie attention. Robert Wolfe, present faculty manager for Altoona High, was the coach during Ihe 1922 season. Those on the picture are: Mike Davis, Wally lii'ig, 1-ad Rollins, Boots Senianski, Connor, Ira Klblcr, Paul little, Pete Whistler, Frank Corljin, | i.oui.s Lelx Idi-ci.'used), Emory Bnr- gutvi, Myers, Bob Wicker, Kijdie Ul- lury, Tougliy liurkrt, rapt., Jack McCue, Howard Wuplc 1 , Dick Bartholomew, Bill Winebrennei'. (deceased), Wolfi-. Bill Breisaeher. fauulty manager, Mr. Connor and studeul manaycr, Ziy Milbura. In four the old duys it used to be horsemen." Thia has been tho enlarged, to about half a dozen troops. A Pennsylvania man claims lo have discovered Jack Qulnn's correct age Is 44. Jack will bo eligible In a few years to play at West Point. Albiu Booth has been hurl only once in Ills gridiron career. But then he never has played againsl Notre Dame. Donie Bush has been in Chicago for several days gelling acquainted with conditions. So far there are no bruises to report. They ought to investigale that Tennessee team thai hasn't lost u game in three years. They musl be using Ihe lively ball. We will be gmd to demonstrate to you (he Pilot Ray Driving Light iiia light turnu automatically will 'our altering and puU the light when ou need il. American Garage WO-tWO Urvvn Ave. Copley $12.50 $15.50 Clothes 1411 Eleventh Ave. Alt. Barber Supply- Stance "I 204 172—547 Hollen 163 212 204—570 W. Koeck ....»<...>.. 194 176 155—525 T Keck 104 164 154—482 ii-igard 166 150 158—474 Totals 858 906 8432607 Ulnli-mont— Saylor ,*,.-... 187 120 Mock 103 ••• K. Hevston 200 202 Hall 189 209 W. Heuston , 174 162 THIS WEEK AT THE Y. Monday. Father and son week) also week of prayer. Gable's girls, 6 to 7 p. m. "Y" Bowling league, 7 p. m. Tuesday. Silk mill boys, 7 to 9 a. m. Noon-day Bible class, 12.10 to 12.50. Hi-Y, 3.30 to 5 p. ,m. AREB club dinner, 6.30 p. m. Movies, 7 p. m. Senior gym class, 7 p. m. Inter-church Sunday school league meet, 7.30 p. m. "Y" Bowling league, 7 p. m. Wednesday. Junior gym, 3.30 to 4.30 p. m. Cadet gym, 4.30 to 5.30 p. m. Volleyball practice, Y.15. "Y" bowling team at Bellwood "Y". Railroad basketball, 7 to 10 p. m. , Tnursday. Special observance. "Y" Bowling league, 7 p. m. Friday. Silk mill boys, 7 to 9 a. m. 'Ladies' auxiliary, 6.30 p. m. Railroad volleyball, basketball, bowling, 7 to 10 p. m. Saturday. Junior _ and Cadet Bibe class, a. m. Recreational actlvllles, 9.45 a. m, Saturday Evening Bible class, p. m. By GEOKGE KIBKSEY. Staff Correspondent. NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—Three of the east's football leaders—Yale, Pittsburgh ajid Cornell—have slight breathing spells In their schedules today before they Jackie dangerous rivals a week hence. After beating Brown, Army and Dartmouth on successive Saturday's, Yale anticipates less trouble from Maryland at New Haven. Maryland beat Yale last year, 6 to 0, and has eight of the 1928 veterans back, but old Eli expects to win, even with Albie Booth resting on the sidelines most of the game. With the Princeton and Harvard games following the Maryland Invasion, Yale will conserve as much strength as possible for the two traditional foes. Pittsburgh, one of the east's two unbeaten and united teams, plays W. & J. at Pittsburgh but is looking a week ahead to the annual game with Carnegie Tech on Nov. 16. W. & J. is undefeated but has been held to scoreless ties by Carnegie Tech and Temple, both beaten. Jap Douds, crack W. & J. tackle, may give the Pitt eleven considerable 9.15 7.15 METRO BUOIU'IN. Heplogle 179 .. .—307 151—314 195—597 104—562 133—409 186—305 Totals 913 872 8292614 CITY TKNI'IN. W. Middle Division ............ 14 Mllllkan Motor Inn ......... 13 Yon-Gerken ................ I 2 Machine Shop .......... ....10 Morgan-Martin Ins ......... 9 Hart Eliectric Co ........... '•' AH. Car Shop ............... » Dlxon Molor ................. 8 Monday. 7 p. m.— Middle Division L. 7 8 " 11 . vs. Car Shop; Dixon Motor vs. Machine Shop. p. 9 m.—Mtlllkan Motor Inc., vs. Hart Electric; Yon-Gerken vs. Morgan- Marlin. .Monday. xTyrone at Hollidaysburg. xLewistown at Bellefonte. xMoiint Union ut Portage. xCressou at Huntingdon. Morris Township at Philipsburg. x Conference games. "FllN'floUNb IT YET" Once upon a time a young boy was out with a gun and a man who chanced lo meel him asked the lad what he was hunting for. And the boy replied: "I dunno, for I ain'l found it yet." Lots of people are like that. They shop around from place to place, and W. L. Stance 13 S Blair Tennis ; .-. 15 o Teal Dept u 7 Hersperger Assur ..,..,.... 11 7 Metro ..TV,., 12 9 Alt. Studio >. 7 14 Gables 7 H A&P Tea Co .....2 7 Tuesday. 7.30 p. m.—Blair Tennis vs. A&P Tea Co. 8 p. m.—Metro vs, Hersperger. Thursday. 7.00 p. m.—Stanco vs. Alt. Studio. 9 p. in.'—Test Dept. vs. Gable's. Saturday. xAHooniL at Johnstown. xCleurlleld at State College. xJersey Shore at Lock Haven. Meyersdale at Windber. Steelton al Wllliamuport. Fertidale al Everett. * Roaring Spring at Bedford. Ebensburg at Patton. METRO TENPIN. W. L. Burkey Boot Shop ,,..,-.r.v« 18 3 Alt. Barber Supply »..^.».j.-»a! 15 6 Blairmont >;.. ....:..:.i«>:< 14 7 Crist Barber ... »v.«>:ei.«>x«:t 10 11 Bayles Bakery ....>..........: 8 13 Mirror ..»•:• »»:•: 7 14 Car Shop Office ......aa..... 7 14 Power Plant 5 16 Thursday. 7 p. m.—Alt. Barber Supply vs. Power Plant; Alt. Mirror vs. Crist Barber. Friday. 7 p. m.—Blairmont vs. Bayles Bak. ery; Car Shop Office vs. Burkey Boot Shop. O.-M. TENFIN. W. L. General Office 8 • 1 South Altoona Foundry 6 1 Bell Phone .BB.. 4 2 A&P Stores i 3 3 Postofflce KS-"- * Red Men 3 Lions Club 0 3 Gen. Outdoor Adv 0 , 6 Wednesday. 1 p. m.—Bell Phone vs. Gen. Out- Office vs. South Al door Adv; Gen. toona.' 9 p. m.— Postoffice vs, Red A&P Stores vs. Lions Club. Men; if you should why. in many ask them Ihe reason . rases i'u?y cannot tell definitely; "they ain'l found it yet.' What those people are really looking for is service — the kind of service thai once and for all establishes a friendly bond between buyer and seller. Thai is the kind of service our friends say they get from UK. Thank you, frit-lids! See church pugo of this Issue. Largest lumber yard in Bluir county. Jamoa S. Fleck's Sous. Phone 7127. Adv. This Your Sett Why put" up with squeaks, squeals, growls that spoil your program. Call inc. I'll end the trouble, and give it mouths of new life and usefulness. I guarantee my work. W. C. Cross UAO1O Jittl'AIR SHOP Phone 2-4091 I T'S nice to jump into your car, knowing that you are going somewhere and feeling confident you are going to get there without any tire trouble. This feeling of confidence comes to every car owner who uses INDIA TIKES Sold By J. W, Wertzberger Service Station Car Washing—Repairing Battery Service—Alemiting Easy Approach from Ave. or St. Cherry Ave. and Fourth St. .flume 3-U«14 or 2-371U trouble aa it will be remembered that he played one of hia greatest games "iast year against, the Panthers. Pitt, however, is pointing for Carnegie Tech which handed the Panthers a 6 to 0 defeat last season. Cornell, without a defeat or tie on its record but without an outstanding victory, meets Western Reserve from Cleveland, O., at Ithaca. With Dartmouth as next week's opponent, Cornell is expected to use reserves and save its regulars as much as possible. Two of the easts big teams—Army and Harvard—Invade the middle west for games against big ten competition. Army plays Illinois at Urbana and Harvard mee'ts Michigan at Ann Arbor. Among the other important eastern games are the Dartmouth-Brown at Providence, Penn-Penn State game at Philadelphia, Navy-Georgetown game at Annapolis and Boston College- Fordham game at .Boston. Bruised and battered as a result of the Yale defeat, Dartmouth will attempt a comeback against its 'nemesis. Brown. Brown always has forced Dartmouth to the limit to 'win. Even when Cher-lander's great- green team was routing other rivals, Dartmouth had to block kicks to beat Brown 14 to 0. With Al Marsters, backbone of the team, through for the season because of an injured back, Dartmouth's prospects are none too rosy. • Pennsylvania, beaten only by California, 12-7, faces a hard battle against Penn State. With a revised lineup, Navy will attempt to win its first big game of the year against Georgetown. ALTOONA "Y" BOWLING. Monday. M. C. A. vs. Southern Nov. 11—Y. Rose. Tuesday. Nov. 12—First U. B. vs. Orinoco Redmen. Thursday. Nov. 14—Phalanx vs. Southern Rose. Standing;. Won Y. M. C. A. ... : . KK «. M 6 Harshbarger ....,...« 6 Phalanx .-,. 5 Southern Rose , >i 3 Orinoco 1 First U. B 0 Lost 0 0 4 3 8 6 Pet. 1.000 1.000 .555 .500 .111 .000 THisjpicture say si Change spark plugs every 1O,OOO miles Worn-out spark plugs cause hard starting, slow pick-up, poor idling, loss of power. All spark plugs deteriorate in time and need to be changed. After a season's driving or 10,000 miles put in a new set of AC's. . , That will insure easy starting, fast pick-up, brilliant performance. See your dealer today and insist upon AC Spark Plugs. 1C SPARK PLUG COMPAN! FLINT, Michigan © 1929, AC Spark Plug —Slip "Seat Cover Sale"— Coach and Sedan $2.98 Coupe $1.98 Victor's 1611 llth Ave. AUTO AND RADIO STORE 1003 8th Ave. GENERAL Time Goes a long way to make frlenda. J. A. LEAP 1722 Eleventh Avo. Everything for the Amateur Movie Maker COHEN'S Agents For Filmo Equipment 1117 Eleventh St. Open Evenings leopolcKBiqleu "THE OVERCOAT STOBE" Exclusive Hal Styling The "West London" A new shape in the smart Homburg model—bound edges with decided dip 'foi-e' and 'aft'. Worn off the forehead at a rakish angle .... Tobacco Brown, English Brown and 'Nu-Pearl are the new colors. $ 5 See Them In Our Windows

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