Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 4, 1960 · Page 35
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 35

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1960
Page 35
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PAGE 36 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N SATURDAY EVENING. JUNE 4, I960 YOUR STARS SUNDAY, JUNE 5. I%0 A R I E S ( M A R . 31 TO APR. IS) Tind out Ju*t what li 1* your par*.n«i* rxrwct irorr you an3 then cooperate fully to brm* about a swre plrasar.t And profitable syHcin C*!; a irvrrtins. P.M. dine em in it v )r »nri hnv»» fim. E chermln*. full of wit. Use Sunday vistly. TAimus (APR- » TO M A V w T;M Uut fir,* inpeniout nutui"* of yours to put sbocie nr plac whc re you worK: in ynpr* charming cretr. Be enlhusUtic. happy. Also, plan to live sa xhax ^x?u art »n :naplra;ion - to oihert. P.M. fct, iwxt wrek'* work p.*xm«i properly, G E M I N I (MAY TO J U N E 21) If attuned properly w;ih your iur. you *hoiild ari* this momizii with · ·ons on your lips. Be *ur* to «j 10 church of your ehoiw, drench impeccably. *nd :h*n off w?th pom* patiblen for * d«lu.tful day of /un and iroiie. M O O N C H I L D R E N ( J U N E S2-JULY 21) Much xim* atioulrf b« *pcnt today cic»nins and JT-Mrraajeir.*.» that your home i* perfectly lovely. Plf*« rio«« lies in cthpr way*, ;oo. Then hjv» fuem in for t«i or dinner, renew r.t. , U C O ( J U L Y 22 TO A U G , 51) i Grt *n **rh «un Un* moininf »nd '; jsM'i; thOM Jirr philoawphirs who r*n : JCive our »oul »n u p l i f t iferourh ; :hf ir f'xcfrUtM. *-rmon»- Th«?n, Ut«rr, ; rna cj»r» bf«".n to put InnpiraUon*! i '· idritu to wets, amrt'ti* v ".ih rtosirU · I k i n or fnrndr TOn YOUR COPY ; ! of CaircJl Ttyjhlirr'a 3 S- pane Fore rant j \ for oi:r own * : I;TI *or J u l y wnd o u r ! 1 blrl). rf*l** and .W 1 'no »l*mp*i tn · Forecast, Pattern Drpt . Turscn DaUv , . CiVirrn , j V i R G O (AUG. 22 "TO SEPT. X2i '. Get toc*(h*r vi'kh too** person* uho i n»v# NMrn Tncvvl ht l p ( u \ Ui y«u '.t^ , ' o u r r*r*-er todav and rr,»k* pi»nfl for ; i ihe f u t u r e trrprrsonaliv ana H i w i v . J t Uv» the I S f r vou hJiv* rho**n for ! i youmcii w.*i:ch !j ftfsi rutted tc j o u r i L I B R A (SEPT. 23 TO OCT K\ j Con c«ni raic upon ;h* hijtr.rsi Irv^l r.f '· *xsnartoun*p» vo-.j c^n rv-nrh !O!«N , | The-n contact tho« prmonn who ran ' hflp T»U to \ivc \r. ihi» h;chi*r pUn* j oi cx'Utence whcr* you truly rwloni;. ; S C O R P I O (OCT. n TO NOV. ?l) j You h*\f * Krex\ penchant /or in! vriU£ition. and th:x i* on* d*y v.'h*-n ; ou can Jnllow thla hobtiv Ttthu»- ! ta«licaj}y ;n whatever direct ion in ; mojrt irr.portjijit, HowrvcT, *i«* Thai j you jvmain on * very lofty lev* I. 1 P.M. hJiv* «r. amusinc Hm«, f. (NOV. n TO DEC. J l ) , A good day for the congregation of t romjia'Jble* in \vorit out certain loeai i that · !*· m u t u a l l y enjoyable »nd j piniiiablr. Pool renOuroM, talenta. P.M attend #TTrn« very /in* social : function. Be dn»mii: C A P R I C O R N (DEC. n T O J A N . H* »iii* you gri but ta M* key r»#nrmt wt» ran m*k* this « rtMijrhiiul rt*v (or you, !on't rsfskct tn jitow ihoawi in *nv panne :*h IP mp»niy ot;r w»! inteS2*itv mid nat- u r a l jM*n3M* of caution. R*tire early. (JAN. 21 TO F t B , 1*1 A fl*v to flwetl upon thff moM loftv prrwpts Or b* with Jndlvlduali of vrry f i n e crarartcr ar.3 rxccl!«nl haricpround. Know w h a t such »«o- ciirr* elf sir* train vou. loo. M«tt IM*W people, rxlrnd your knov.-!«r5Kt - kiaM Lei us show you how you can look year* younger, anil ·lay that M-a^'I PHONE EA 7-5936 for FREE demonstration FaciaLift of Tucson P I S C E S ( T E B . 20 TO M A * . 20i Irr.ponani \o;i JMV *tt«»nUr»n if th« m t u l t l v * flmhck you ect throuKhoul the J».v tnd mshv Ui*t wiil !rad .you in the pmi*r dircrtiona and help to tnrrea»« your »6undancr *nd w ^ l l - hftinK. P-M. be ·//ectlon^t* with tho»e -ou Javr. MONDAY, JUNE «, 1960 A R 1 E (MAP. 21 TO A P R . 15) I Vou »uftly can Irarn now from COM- j tuct with hlther-up«. or thojie for I whom you have much respect, juit ' how and where to bend y c u r cfforta ] in the future. Hnwrver, br active j In jroin* after lucft advice and let j ·n pjrly jtart. i TAUflUS ( A P R . » TO MAV Ml An associate, or «orr« npn-ifie jroup \* highly anxious to cooixrrale with you in Mme muluRUy-S^pnelicisl endeavor now. However, it bchoovci you to b* far more broad-mended H you «r« to obtain th« \'ery bc«t «- tulu. i «·§·······«····*·····' : NOW... J Serving Easlside !:.. TUCSON! ' afat. A A r t?tc I McMAHAN FURNITURE STORE 4812 E. 22nd St. · in Mayfilr Pl»i* Shopping J Center {···················i (FEi. 10 TO MAPI. ») Step out of your comfortable but dull rut today ind b» off to places wher« far more Interesting »nd remunerative outleti are available to you. Meet tho»« Important people. Re«olv« to live on a very much higher plan* ot existence. Copyright 1MO G E M I N I (MAV Zl TO J U N I «) A rfjy f«r creator arcompllxh^nent than tun hatn pouible lor jome ' time, And «|KO for rloinjt worlc that ; you reallv like. B certain yn\ir I c:o!hin« i* ipte ind rp*n. jewelry · JuJt rlshl. ese. Co-woriteri will co- operate f u l l y . MOON CHILDREN (JUNE IZ. JULY J1) · Surely th« bejrt day in *onse t*m« for J drfwjnc nicely and thrn conferrinjt ; wl'.h associate or hlsber-up to that | you a t r abir to reall/.e *ome fond ; ambition. Follow jidvicv. P.M. fine ) for nodal life or iporu that moil »mu»*. B* Jolly. LEO (JULY 12 TO A U G . 21) D»v houn art excellent lor handling any real ealate affaln or setilnK : builneu matter! nn a nure iolid j footlnn. Evenlnj li then ideal for i leallztnjt greater harmony with cloi- i r»t Ue» and then laklnK it ea«y »t ', own fireside. Relax. V I R G O (.AUG. M TO SEPT. 231 ! Step out early or set rfd of dull j duties quickly In A.M. Then you must do your Importint ihopplns. contacting of key personnel, or ameliorate condition in outiide «f- falrn. Tonight In line for llfht entertainment. FOR YOUR COPY of j Carroll Rlghtirr'a 18-page Forecast j for your own «ijn for July tend your blrlh dste and SOc (no »t»mtJ»l to ForecMV. Panern Dept., Tucson Daily Citizen. L I B R A (SEPT. 33 TO OCT. ») Tlrne to analyze your financial condition In A.M. and thrn figure out just how to Increaie abundance appreciably. P.M. confer with closest tlea and cement better relations. S C O R P I O (OCT. 23 TO NOV. Zl) A sood day to think over just exactly what your ambitions are and to contact those vital persons who can help you realize them. Then relax tonight at the sporti or amuse- mentf that most please. GROW. S A G I T T A R I U S (NOV. 22 TO DEC. 21) Much pertinent information can b* .voun now. If you itop talklne to much and to after it in a most buiineis-llke and practical fashion. Confer with financier*, authorities, et all. Follow advice given quickly. C A P R I C O R N (DEC. 22 TO JAN 20) There is every chance now that was not possible before to express your ability and willingness to cooperate with othtn in their con- ·tructive plans. Go out unclally together In the evening and have *. ball. Be charming. A O U A R l U t ( J A N . 21 TO FE». 13) Any civic ulialrs can · be performed mort wisely today, If you so after the right people in a most biulnrss- llke way and are very jecretlv* where a bigwig tjl concerned. B« Joyal. Labor diligently »nd p«r- HELEN RUSSELL . . . John Parker Wedding Planned In Kentucky June 25 is the wedding date *et by Helen Ruth Russell for her marriage to John Richard Parker. They will be wed at St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church, Louisville, Ky. Mr. Parker, a Tucson High School graduate, is the son of Mrs, V. C. Niemyer of Pacific Beach, Calif., and John S. Parker of Massingale rd. The bride-elect's parents are Mr. and Mrs. James E. Russell of Louisville. She attended SS. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing. 5 Tonj Loofe Like Any Honeymooners By JAY AXELBANK LONDON -- UPI -- Princess Margaret looked plumper, tanner, happier. Antony Armstrong-Jones appeared to have lost a bit of weight and had a shy smile on his face. These were the first good photographs of the honeymooning couple to appear in London since their celebrated marriage in Westminster Abbey May 6. What they depicted was exactly what one always expects to see in a young married couplts from any country, from any walk of life, and after any honeymoon. Most London papers filled their front pages with the .'pictures, taken while the Princess and her commoner bridegroom stopped off at the island of Dominica during their Caribbean cruise aboard the royal yacht Britannia. "You have not seen Princess Margaret looking quite like this before, nor, one may confidently predict, will you ever do 10 in public, and in Britain," said the Daily Mail. Most Britons agreed. The photographs .showed Margaret in t peasant blouse, her bare shoulders done to a golden tan by the sun and Caribbean salt spray, her hair cut very short and tousled! Tony, gone native, wore a short sleeve sport shirt with vertical stripes and tropical- weight trousers held up by * heavy leather belt The couple is due back in England June 18. MRS. JOHN BRETHOUR . . . Dolores Larsen , Average Teener Is 34-24-35 LOS ANGELES -UPI-- The average American teen-age girl is 5 feet, 4-inches tall, weighs .117 pounds and measures 34-2435, according to results of a survey released today by a Teen magazine which polled 1,500 girls across the nation. Planned Tomorrow At Pioneer Hotel A Black and White candlelight ball will be held tomorrow night at the Pioneer Hotel by the Tucson Unit No. 1 of the National Hairdressers and Cosme-' tologists' Assn. . The ball is being held in conjunction with the Tucson Beauty and Trades Show which opens at the Pioneer Hotel tomorrow and r u n s -through Monday. .Guest artist will T*s Mr. Rafael of Hollywood, Calif., a member of the official hair fashion committee of NHCA. He will give demonstration classes. ; The dance Sunday begins at 9 p.m. in the Ballroom. Tickets may be. purchased at the door. Jack Reid's band will provide rhusic for dancing. Serve A Chilled Dinner Appetiser Serve a well chilled fruit cup as a dinner starter. Slice a banana into icy cold canned fruit cocktail, add. a touch of fresh lemon juice, and ipoon into serving dishes. Serve with crisp crackers. Brethour- Larsen JPedding Dolores Jean Larsen and John Riley Brethour were married late this afternoon in a formal wedding at St. Philip's-in-the- HiJls Episcopal Church. The Rev. George Ferguson performed the ceremony. The bride, daughter of Mrs. Adeline Larson, 3008 E. 20th St., was given in marriage by her brother Ray. She is a Tucson High School graduate and em- ploye of the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. Mr. Brethour, a graduate of Tucson High, attended the University of Arizona, served with the U.S. Navy and is employed by the Tucson City Fire Department. He is the son of Mrs. John W. Brethour, 1703 E. «th St., and the late Mr. Brethour. His sister Connie Brethour of Hollywood, Calif., was a bridesmaid and Dolores' sister Mrs. Robert Jensen was matron of honor. Other bridesmaids were Sharon Godfrey and Barbara Kampe. Keith Robinson served as best man. Mr. Jensen and Dick Jenson ushered. 1 Dolores wore a floor length gown of chantilly lace. Tiers of tulle adorned the bouffant skirt. She carried white orchids and Hlies-of-the-valley on a prayer book, given to her by the bridegroom. Her attendants wore chiffon gowns with draped backs. Their bouquets of delphinium blue and pink matched the color of their dresses. The couple received guests at a reception held in me Garden Room of the Tucson Inn. The Brethours will travel to the Grand Canyon and California and make their 'home at 1425 N. Winstel Blvd. upon their return. Homemakers To Gather At University Homemakers from all over the state will gather Monday in Tucson for the four-day Town and Country Life Conference «t the University of Arizona. The public is welcome to attend any or all of the sessions. Registration will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday and from 8 to 10 a.m. Tuesday in Coconino Hall. . . Mrs. Bert Wood will preside at the' opening session at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the Senior Ballroom. "Prof. Douglas Martin and Miss Jean Wilson, assistant dean of women, will be featured speakers. A get-acquainted supper is scheduled at 6 p.m. in Louie's Lower Level of tfie Student Union B u i l d i n g . Cochise County and Mohave County Homemakers g r o u p s will have charge of the program. - Nursery facilities for children of parents attending the conference will be provided at the First Christian Church, 740 E. Speedway, LtU "Spaghetti" Dresses /or /nt cocktail hour . . . and tunwtar! 2239 I. Broadway MAin 3-7411 BUSINESS DIREOORY 1|BUSINESS DUECTOKY ACCOUNTING - A A .ACCSUNtTSG SERVICE "ADDmoNr HOUSEHOLD REPAIRS DOTY'S HANDY .. AX. »-M28. Cooler service. Painting. ~ I L*wn__service. Home repairs. INSTRUCTION AIROOM QUALITY ROOM ADDITION LtC. CONTRACTOR __ AL M3M JtOOM additioos Rcmodellnc. m« plans ti Deiicns. Financinc. Lie. Contractor*. 1A, *-«51. " BATTERIES" RXBUiLTS -^ t*M Up exchange -- all tj-pea -- heavy duty-- commerciaia-- dlescU. Complete repairs, Rechardng facilities. Roadninner. 4-11 446 S Park, MA. BONDS CONTR.'S LIC. BONDS l»tT^,i-/^-bii,v BUILDING Ic REPAIR -wffl tutor sradia S through 13; reading specialty. KA. BUSINESS DIRECTORY I SCHOOLS you. Employtra call us again i again for stenographers, aecrt- tan«, boolckeeperi, accountants, and general ofuc« workers. New students start each Monday. 6f ARKONA COLLEGE COMMIRCI JANrrbR SERVICE Profenional Bldg. MalnL Co. Janitorial Service _ A -* : i_ 8 --*? LANDSCAPING g. Broadway ' MA. f-1011 _______ _ _ S'PRINKLING SYSTEMS HELP WANTED, MALE 9 rfflSD an assistant in my I*nllcr Brush business Part time. Over 34 years. Car. Call after 1 ».m. Mr. Roth AX. I-7W4. 6XCtGQCNT~Tnechanlc; automatic transmiaslon man preferred. 10 year minimum experience reouired. Call for interview. EA. 7-llM. Latent toola, excellent working conditions. F.H.A. financing. MA. 3-S87» 2_Yda. fi__ tOPSOIL, «rav*l, fill dirt. Uand- tcaplng. Prompt. It«»s. JA. 1-0833. VARDWORK-- renovating top Mil, fertilizing, cleaning, hauling, trees removed. Bermuda lawns Installed. Reasonable-~prompL. EA. C-4323. AX. 1-304B. $·« vpeciaU under"~Patio Hoofs Alum. Awning. Cabana, Screen Room. Tjw^ALUMuM'jE.A 1 »-.a*»i i share of profits. Secured UPHOLSTERING MANAGER Small local plant showing phenomenal growth. Salary $150 weekly plus 4400 LAWN' SERVICE ' - . A X . .-MM. B~REAlTr} c" Grading. UveTinT cement. Also estimates., MA. 3-1515. "·""residential . I? n J 1^ f* * n U. « ^ 4 « U M B . 4«.«m4441lb. -*,,i«"' Tractor work only. Carlthens Land- alucco. merdal buUdlnc. Addition and remodeling aenlce. Plant--deslgnj; -- flnanctat;. IA. «-a51. Maker, patntlne. antique restoration. Call Bon, AX. »-10Iii. C5MJCNT WorV. block, jrtticco. patio walls. U yean experience. XA. 3-3317. BUILDING -- Remodeltng. Cement work. Planning. Free estimate*. Ucensed._MA._4-1198. _ LICENSED-INSUREb-BbN'DiED Quality Construction Company. guarantee* complete axtisfactlon for ·11 phatei of remodeling or additions. rree_^imatej._EA^ Tj^MU. kEMObrLlNG. Additions, cabincu' Jloroei. Bert gualitv work. Free estimates. BOB BUSH. General Contractor. Liceiued. Bonded. £A. FLOOR ARMSTRONG TILE and linoleum MOHAWK carpeting -- contract or ' CTaSTtfar^pfiSlsterST man." Recovery - restyllnc. i:. Grant Hoad. EA. 7-4475. WALL MURALS^ j tu rn abl e. jquired, HELP WANTED, MALE 9 Tucson Rapid Transit Heavy duty mechanic. Must have recent experience on over-road equipment. Will also accept applications for bu« operators. Apply lit 5. Plurner. fSRVo CTerk. experienced. Ferma- .nent position. Good Mlary. Excellent prospect for advancement Apply to Mr. Kert. Swan Drug- _iitore, _4B17 E. Speedway. ___ nCPl?RI%NCED Dinner cook and fry cook wanted. Apply In person. No phone calls. Triple T Cafe, 44*1 Benson Hljhway. HELP WANTED, MALE 9 MTIJUtrf court, ·pace. traTuTf couple in exchange for trailer References. KA. 7-3144. AUTO MECHANIC IN CHXYS- UCR PRODUCTS A PREFERABLY WITH TRANSMIS- Colored rock, gravel | -- white marble chips, _ ._...jinvestment of $15,000 re- Butch-i . secured and re- Appointm e n t! ORlOnJAiTTiand painted "tBemesT I K ij p Q 11 i n tr AU new ideas. La-Ro Studios. MA. U J C a l l i n g , MOORE CHEMICAL CO. 133 W. RILLITO ST. bulk or sacked, a colors--for lawns, planters, etc. After much research it experiment with leading paint Mfg.. we have perfected a long tasting plastic color ooatlnl for rock gravel. See our sample colored piles. WILMOT SAND fc GRAVE, INC. 1300 N. Wllmot Ph. AX. H-2333 LANDSCAPING. Brick work. Plant- Inr Decorative gravel. LOCAL EXPERIENCE. EA. 5-7M1. . . - _ FERTILIZER. 1 yard. »4JO. 3 yarda . . . _ . MA.JI;P«2«. GE3O31AL LANXiSC APING. fertlP izer. Hauling-- toptoll. Tree lervlce. EA. 8-4»ta. RELIABLE. Tree service aixi land- seapirur. Free Estimates. XA. 5-0338. WELL DRILLING CARi, pjstoft DRILLING CONTRACTOR Cor. 23th ti 4th Avc. MA. 2-7J1J LOST A FOUND 2 COST: EffilN WATCJI." black suede band. Vicinity 8th Ave. downtown. OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE. BE- WARP. MA. ,1-»04fl, rstaiL GARRirrT'S, ElTd MA J44 S. Tucson REWARD LOST: Black-white cat. 10 years old. Altered male. Missing .1 weeks. Owner heartbroken. AX_, 8-103J1 LOST": "Morthsidc. .. shaggy dog and iarge mongrel. Child's pels. Reward for return._MA : JI-02S3, COST: dirge black rhaggy female PoodU. Vicinity Oracle-Ut A v e - Rilllto. R«ward. KA. 6-0095, EA. «-4368._ REWARD!! YASBTiiAINTlSANCE of iETkiiS; j LOST: German Shepherd, blaek A GROWING ORGANIZATION Has openings for 3 high calibre men who desire » hlfh Income future. Men selected will be thoroughly trained ic will find a rewarding profession. For appt. call S-J p.m. KA, 7-0131 and ack for Bill. ' ROLLINGS HELP WANTED, MALE 9 FURNITURE «tore handyman. Repair electric appliances. Must be nobar. reliable. Call MA. 2-0481. · Hospitalization SALES ' Unlimited earnings from start. Will train~preferenea given to debit men. 1018 S. 6th Ave. Call flrtt. MA. 3-TSM or KA. a-»24. PLYMOUTH-DK »OTO~VALIANTj M AN with experience on tractors and machinery for farm work. Call Trailer furnUhed. If over 23 write MAYFLOWER Box 107. Indianapolis «. Ind. MA. 2-0856 Best Deal in Town Tor Spanish speaking Used Car Salesman. Only experienced top producer need apply. Phone MA. 4-I05J. ^*.K _^°£_ mln .*8 cr ' Appliance Salesman · EXPERIENCED · All major appliances) · National brand names · Apply In person 10 Mr. Jamee Small Loan Mgr. Or assistant manager with minimum 3 years experience. Top salary and excellent future prospects. Position In Phoenix area. Write lull details to B. J. Rhodes. Exchange Finance Co.. P. O. Box SM. Glendale,_ Arizona. LAWN SERVICE Own tooH. MA. 3-CM4. CARPENTRY llEMODELING - building repairs masonry. Tune-material basis. MA. 2^798. or MA. 3-34S). . CARPORTS, remodeling, additions. repairs, bullt-ins. masonry, lencei. _jatlos._EA._M73S. CESSPOOLS, SEPTIC TANKS' " SEPTIC tanks, sewer fines cleaned t Sewer connec. Reas. AX. S-14271 PRECAST SEPTIC TANKS" " Hayden Excavation. Ph. £A 6-6451 LIGHT HAtFLING L1GHTHAULING. Appliances a «pe"- cislty. Traih removed. MA. 4-3813. _MA.._3-44'7l! i _ EXPERT handling, appliances furniture, etc. Reasonable. EA. 6-37 JI. TREES removed, yarda and alj'eya cleaned. rubbish hauled. Lie Davis. JMA. 2-2038^ MA. 3-5430. HAEfLING of any kind. AftiernooniT Eves. Hoi. Sat. It Sun, MA, 3-7392. CLOTHESLIAfES AU type* clotheslines--mail boxes. Clotheslines' Sery. Co. EA. 5-0380 PENX'S clotheslines, mailboxes' garbage can holders. \IA. 3-0063 ' CLOTHESLINES. MA25o3CEs~in~ atalled complete. Work, material · guaranteed. Bob Glynn. AX. 8-7176. ""COOLING AND HEATING~ COOLER Service Maintenance Co" ,Qpen 7 day* « week. EA. 5-0434; WESTERN HTG-COOLING""COT~ ARCTIC CIRCLE COOLERS Refrigeration Service ISl_Hi_*tt_St.. ^-.MA^JI-JIM I SERVICE COOLERS. ] 2 years' experience. No job too small or large. MA. 3-0265. ,,_***· 3-8731. REWARD Small, male mlxed-up pur. Light. brown, answers to "Jake." Jimmy' Saundcrs, MA. 2-067S. j PERSONALS PAINTING . DECORATING PAINTINGV exterior, interior, cracE patching. Cooler service repair _work. Reasonable. EA. 5-57BS. Q0ALTTY A-l interior and exterior. . rates. Tree estimates, j COUNSELING and ANALYSIS. Ca' i MA. 2J293_for trustworthy . Detective to assist you. Modem, efficient methods of operating. Personal problems ana- ._ . lyzed with no obligation. Appoint- starting: compensation of up to $500 ments at your convenience. Call per month under a thrw year on- ]^1A_. _4^99.'r _ jthe-job training program. Men (ages PIANO-Accord'lon lessons. Y o u f i 31-30). AU replies confidential, home. EA. 5-9908. MA. 2-7423. J Phone MA._4^J«4l. ALCOHOLICS" ANONYMOUS Bay, JMAN 55 or over who can process nltes. MA. 4-41B3 !15 N Coxirt. I sales contracts and light office RELAX"WlTHr M A S S A G E . ' ! work - Previous experience Service Manager NEEDS QUALIFIED Service Salesman GENERAL MOTORS OR FORD EX IPERIZNCE. PREFERENCE TJNDER 40. I Don J. McCormlck WORLD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN MA. 4-5515 NO CALLS_yNLESS_QyALirjEr j Would you like to investigate t h e j L j C ) L / Y N / l A l N ' possibility of becoming a sales I ^"^ | representative for one of America's' With Sport and Foreign car ex-1 oldest Li(e Insurance companies? pcrienct. Call MA. S-SSM. ask " ' For one who Qualifies, there is a | civ ~ 700 W. Congress "SALES~CAREER 901 E. Broadway MAN !» take eharge of receiving department. Knowledge of sale* desired. Must h« cteady and able to accept responsibility. Write stating qualification! to Star-Citizen Box 1JC-G. Rail X Ranch. Patagonia. BREAIOTAST COOK WANTED Mutt b* evperienced and fast. Apply Johnies, No. 1. 3S45 I. Speed- wa.v. Male Clerk Typist Shorthand required. Tor detail mil Monday throusti Saturday between I a.m. and 4 p.m. MA. 4-8191 ex- trnslon 23. HELP WANTED, M A F 9A|HELP WANTED, M * F 9A RENT FREE Cottage in country in exchange for caretaking and yard watering. Adult, responsible couple, with rcf- HE^AXTHY~couple~with~ tra~ilS~f or maintenance work. Adults. No pets X^ y «.*£? d "Jliry. Sec manager. 44Z6 E. 22nd after 10 a.m. IS RECRUITING PERSONNEL FOR ! CASAS ADOBES BEAUTY SALON M A M ' * Previous Sriif P^p.^Box^SSMjjrucson, Artj. Swimming Instructor , --.ve active W. S. 1.. experience. -references and be at least 21 years. paper hanging. C^SRE%°r^ho^r 71 , ,, 5-j- ! GLADYS Me.chanT^unielin* Cert | S"-'^. COLORED man--home painting. Job 3328 E. Fairmount. EA. 5-8458. ·AJ'-S-SV- --_ ----.-·· -- - PRIVATE "INTRODUCTIONS"" i Service Station Man Price Thurs.. Frl., Sat. MA. ,,,,,,, H , tx perienced. work. MA. X-43tB. PATIO ROOFS CONTRACTORS Licensed contractor. Reliable MA] ' ALUMINUM PATIO ROOFS 1 of size--our mistakes save HI Prices incl. normal installation Sx27" natural alum, USB 9x22* natural alum J309 10x22' white baked enamel SI43 11x30' natural alum . . . . S21S WESTERN ALUMINUM Grant EA. i-3821 Mmt noon. I REPAIRS, additions or -will mod; emize your kitchen. Financing. LICENSED CONTRACTOR. MA. 4-80*2: if no answer call MA 3-7KW JJASOJ-TRY; Licensed ^ATT6 WALLS. Brick, adobe block con- J?T*?*_5f?rlc._.MA^^OSM. KEMODELING aind custom huildinET Plans and financing. Licensed conttjctor. B, V. McDougall EA. ^^jyAjLLS^. SRIcS^Block--Adobe7"The~Wrliht way. AX. «-sax,.Reasonable. D. S. Constr. Licensed Contractor. Phone MA. 3-2644 or AX. 8-3P1 2-7423. KA. S-8fl06. Lol? Murray. Lie. TUTORING -- Elementary grades" Hwv. hi«h school English. Experienced i '-- Jteacher. S1.50._EA._6-«:0. __ THISTlS PROPER Gentlemen 75-80. Lad If» 51-75 have clients waiting to meet you NOW All nationalities. Alice Abbott since V!W2._ Private license*! AX _8-09f)1 ES~YOUR" child behind In rcadinij? Summer course startinR June. Enroll now. MA. 2-4344. _ .... Apply belore Vinci's Tczaco, 310 Benson I No phone calls. I Electronic engineering) necessary i. 'lyde or Dan. CAREER IN · ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS Permanent, steady employment for qualified young men under 25 years o{ age for work with electronic equipment. Minimum requirement high school graduate with two years of math and science. Better than hiRh cchool education or training and experience with military electronic communications desirable. Paid vacations. sick benefits, pension and other desirable working conditions. Scheduled salary increases. Startins rate dependent on past experience and training. In reply give listing of high school math and science, activities since graduation from high school, your telephone number and address. Reply to Star-Citizen Box M2-E. MTsT£t^sTltcienttf1c' i «dvice win j (deeree helnful but not!·"^S^ERATION hclo solve your most difficult prob-! V. uc fo' ee J ' C l J J l U I , U U L I1UL Residential and lems. bu-rtriess or personal. Private !..,,.,.,:-.,, J\ A A i i e f Viowo ov. consultation. Appointment only. TCqUireaj. JVIUSI n3V6 CX- DRESSMAglNG JU-TIIIATIONS. sewing. Skirts. blouses, drapes a specialty. Quicic ^ dtUvlN r O':SCHO^l5 ARIZONA DRIVING SCHOOL-- F. w. Gantz Plumbing A Hei ijrai N._ Third Phone_ J.:A. 3 I'PLSSlBING " cooilri; repairs i censed. Gilchrin. MA. ^-M2C. tin AX. 8-8140 WCT a woman teach you to drive Cook's School of Priying^AX_a-gH ELECTRICAL ENGiNEERSVG KJECTWCAL EnglneerTi yrs. exp^ Iesi«n, specification layout. Comm.. Indust- residential EA 1-taa * IA. «.3gjg. I REMODELING ' ir-y p L '"Lpr .,. - --'. . . " " *,--^' --r-- i t*f*rffK i ceramic tiling corip by bonded licensed contractor. Spe- -^liring in remodeling and new ' - ~ S-4873. _ _ ROOTTNG EXPERT repa"iriHg7~re-'roofing "and new installations. Fast service. Rea- conr,? back to ti-«n -- AI5IES REALTY sold our land--need your signature 1o buy more of their good deals, _ SHIRLEY 10 clean carpets with i Sound be responsi-l_B for tape recording; production and cap Service m a n . commercial. If you do not know your services, then do not apply. C. Nicholt Engineer- Contract Work 1000 WORKERS ARE NEEDED PHASING IN TO START IN AUGUST Full Operation By 1 October 1960 J"* Aircraft maintenance personnel [especially T-33 or other jet ex- perience) HELP WANTED, MALE 9 CASUALTY claims adjuster. ak£ limit 3J, law degree or experience. Car furnished. Call MA. 3-5«V. THB FORT HUACHUCA PoUT'E change la soliciting bids lor Tennis Professional to give private Instruction at 'Tort Hunchuca. Arizona. For inform»tton call Mr. Gordon H. »oper. General Man- arrer. Bldf. 3071. t e l e p h o n e GL 8-3311 ext 4683. Written proposals must be received no later -yian_ 15_Jujje_19«). _ IT YOU will -work hard. I will ahow you how to earn $135 plus per week. Route work, sales background helpful but not essential. jjhjg.^ Married. _ Car ; _ EA i _5-«822 ATTENTION TEACHERS We can use 2 teachers tn take orders from regular customers while the regular Tullcr Brush man is on vacation. Ume. AX. 8-7803. Full or part HELP WANTED, M * F 9A COUPLE AGE 35-50 For management and caretaking of apartments. Experienced, reliable references. Live on premises, MA 3-6012. WHITE nuddlcaged couple to work in motel as maintenance man and maid. Permanent Job. Good salary and living quarters. References Retired Couple Or man to live in clean apartment. Do maintenance work for part rent. 3121 N. Cherry. EA. . _ . . ^ DISTRIBUTERS wanted for NUTSP LITE FOOD SUPPLEMENT and EDITH REHNBORG COSMETICS. Full or part time. Apply 3027 N. _Camnbell. or J°_hone JEA., 7-34IKI, SALESMEN 9B IF YOU really want to get ahead and feel you are limited in your present employment, here's an opportunity for you to become associated with a really fast- growing company. No sales experience necessary. On- the-job training, with a good income, for excellent management Pcttus; Days evenings. EA. JTOP INCOME career 1 . Mrs. MA. 3-7620; 7-1357. 1 GOOD honest hard-working aales- man. GILES MOTOR CENTER 711 N. STONE. WORK by appt. Call Mr. France. _7:30 'til t:30 p.m. EA. 5-4313. e; of recommending modifi-' _ ,,.,_ 0 Established cations in existing equip- j jf« i C-ACC LLHJL '"»_! X Air Force supply personnel FOR THE RIGHT MAN in the Tucson area. Take short auto trips to contact customers. Write O. T. Swallow. Prcs. Southwestern Petroleum Co., Box 719, Fort Worth. Texas SALESMEN 9B ELECTROLUX CORP. Experience not necessary, will train. 1231 E. 8th St. EXPERIENCED House Salesman One GOOD aalesman needed to complete staff in new office. Top commission, bonus, lot» of ads and full cooperation to a qualified man. For aptmt. phone Corvelli Rlty. EA. 7-6268 REGISTERED NURSE Needed for firl'» c«mp, hl«h' in the cool Cataluia Mountains. June l»th-Au«nrt Ith. Good salary, plu» maintenance. MA. 4-Mt7. SECRETARY For Doctor'* Office. Must b* excellent typist. Experience preferred. Wrtte_details SUr-Cltlien Box 1K-G EXPERIENCED FREEZER F O O D S A L E S . L E A D S FURNISHED. MUST HAVE CAR. TOP COMMISSIONS. "3831 E: SPEEDWAY. HELP WANTED. Femalt 10 Dictating Machine Operator TYPIST. MUST BE EXPERIENCED. O P E R A T E GRAY AUDOGRAPH MACHINE AND · E L E C T R I C TYPEWRITER, PERMANENT. 8 DAY WEEK. EXCELLENT EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. Apply INFILCO INC. «X)1 S. CAMPBELL AVJS, Phone MA. 3-5401 HAIRDRESSER Experienced. Full or part time. Exceptional position with good commission and guarantee. Apply in person Catherine's Beauty Salon, M42 Z. Sth St. SALESGIRLS Experienced in wiling women's apparel. Full time or evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Steady. Apply at Mays. 5514 X. 22nd, or 470B E. Broadway. . SALESLADY to sell on appointments only. Car necessary. Apply 260B N. Stone. OFFICE NURSE PART-TIME , Registered. Hours 4-8 P.M. Monday through Friday. 12-4 P.M. Saturdays. Apply Business Manager, Tucson Clinic 116 N. Tucson Blvd. FOR BEGINNING - review classes' in shorthand, typing bookkeeping. cashiering office machines call Lamson Business College Ph MA 2-7421 EXPERIENCED aewlng machine op- eralors wanted. Must have Factory experience. Miply Debby Mfg. Co.. 542 S. Park. Educational Salesman OR DOUCCr SALESMAN. Must be able to dose a sale. Have experience In direct jsales. Unlimited lead!. Opportunity to e*m minimum of JSOO wkly. Start at one*. Write resume including phone. Star-Citizen Box SUF. ' _ would like to hire a salesman or saleswoman who ix making $5.000 to 110.000 per year, who honestly feels he or she could make $30.000 to 140,000 given the opportunity. We want a "self-starter," a hard worker, and a salesperson who has sincere desire ta make the necessary sacrifices to be successful. Call XA. 7-4907 for an appointment. JSS SIT YOUR HEART ON MODELING Find out if "You" Qualify. FOR AN EXCITING CAREER IN THE MODELING FIELD The experience of Fashion s h o w . Photographic, and many other types of modeling, plus the look of a Model . Can be yovcr* forever. Call Now! EA. j-3333. or EA. 7-7488. EXPERIENCED f~ountairT~girl7~fuTI time. Casas Adobes Drugs. 7131 N. Oracle Road. BBIGGS . Jong f Lustre. Removes traffic paths. yard msintcnance busi-' ig S400-S500 month. Rce- icrs. Tremendous potcn- ment v Some professional'SJ.VSJt.'on* ^do^^Umr' experience 2as£iE!s»_2n]^_EA l .»-_«9H. HARRY It too late now besides you would never buv mr anvthing I wanted. MABEL desirable. ELECTRIC SERVICE WIRING--Residential commercial ^serv. Kermlt Oestrich. EA. 7-4281. M HOUR residential, commerclau -5TM a «i.PM 's_Electric,_EA^6-6637. ELECTRONIC SERVICES"' I jonable. Birdman Kooftog Co.. "AX. | ANNOUNCEMENTS P"OO33. I SAND AND GRAVEL : TRADING STAMPS ', Gretsn. BUiecift. Frontier. Securix- SPECIAL prices on pea gravel top! (Service charge SOc--12001. Ross, i , Joa 2 _*J 1 l_»and i _Call MA. 3-9332. [ E A . 7-4173. f8:00--1:30\. Licensed. i t i r f i m P n t BUS BOY/DISHWA«lra ! 1C to JO years. Neat appearance, incurs: U to 3 P.M. Apply in per. son after 11 A.M. at Ye Olde Lan.- * - i. item. 1800 N. Oracle Road -- Generous fringe bene-:ROUTED-* =---··---·"-·- 3*;fits, such as free life L, "^- - ' . L313 N. BTH AVE. ins., re ^ 'tt . program, paid'»J,»- Slop Card en Plaza MA . J-4S2« GONLAB ENGINEERING CO. «M._». 2rna st. IA. «-gem IA. B * EXCAVATING FREE SS7TMATES Stor* MA OPEN SATURDAY Gardes Plai. ^^ ___ APPLY Or EA. 6-45K5 FENCES Smith Brbs. Fences etr,olte ImctK* ,wr*plc« Wttmftr^ JtAeMl MA ?-0:*i SUMMER fERM "~ JHElf WANTED. MALE f DELIVERY BOY , nwor cc MA j?-aw t *BAf1BlG * COOUNG Befinnin* Jim* 13th. tp*d»l wrarwi; m typtnj[ «Sr shOTihand for pre- ;,_ ^. - coUftffi* yf personal use RcsruieiT' TM^"* nivs Own cxr _ __ courses n Gregg shorthand, typing i?£ te T 5 ^; rn - MARC O'S. bookkeepinit office machines ?TCR !n - :L °y«". , c "S. lns - J2 M 2 y oimch month-; PART TTMF ly ttrftkm rate*. Veteran approved' r / i j \ i J. HVJC, air coMTrtloned rooms Free -nark.! It your rvfrfrnfi »r» ff*s--KSd m *' "*X * ev 2. tn S tetsitnot 537 S (you're having trouble TrmTrtng ends MA. 1-7*21. Lam*on Bnstness m**t. Phoire KA. 7-8571 between ,» « noon. wi Employment Office £ Main Plant Nogales Hwy. or Arizona State Employment Service ACCOUNTANT- "" OFFICE MANAGER CTA preferred for buiicer's ofnc» Must be experienced coordinator. EXCEPTIONAL opportantty for right^ man. S«nd_ oetaOed resume ' to Day Jt Learn Weldinv Gl Anoroved State Aaerov«d Virtt elnrn Start ABC THATT »CTIOpl "MECHANIC owren Wanted. AM 'fs*»mr vi At* Cooler M Men tfoct work. TT~ TRAIW MI. EA. 7-4M« ' tcrvK* *xjma. IXA.'l-vtii or helper. Or,® , on new work. i -neea «PpTy. Stur-Cfitera Box 155-G. I man. Good opporrnriity. Dnrprry, on N. 41tt A«. IBM automatic machine accounting personnel Base maintenance personnel If interested, write qualifications, including education, training, ex- perience. State job p r e f e r e n c e and wage expected . . . Beiser Aviation P. O. Box 5417 Tucson $$( sis «t$ SECRETARY Excellent opportunity in downtown office for capable eirl. interested in advancement. Age 21-35. 5 day week, fringe benefits. MA,,_5-5S« WE TRAIN you and place you. See our ad on pages 73 and 305 of the yellow section in the telephone book. Ariz. College of Commerce. The Accredited Business School CREDIT CLERK. Experi Credit Dept.. N. Park. . ienccd rstsf. store. API College Shop,' HELP WANTED, FtmaU 10 WAITRESS Apply Kinsley's Cow Palace, __ . EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN Career opportunity In eales and merchandliinf, women's Iportn- wear. High rehool graduate. Age »-35. High earning potential with finest company benefits. Write and give full qualifications to P, O. 5S5.»Mjj r Apply Pennty's. Tucson WATTRESSES wanted. Aiply In person. Holiday Houat Cafeteria. . US N. Alvernon. EA. 8-81K. NEBPS LUNCH WAITREaSM WAITRESS First class. Apply In peraon. Speedway. _ _ MATURE LADY Live In. plug $100 monthly. Cook one meal. JVnir - hour care one child. IJght houaeworlc. Sunday* off and tome evenings. Call between flVe and «»ven p.m. KA. BARMAID WANTED Good steady lob. Top wages. No experience necessary. Apply Gino'a lSIi-37 W. 33rd St. EXP. WAITRESS Cocktails only. Apply after 4 p.m. Club__La_Jplla, 1000 S. ttfa. f Stenographer Permanent. Salary starting $26S per month, fl-day week. Typing. 65. Dictation, 100 minimum. Efficient. Experienced only. Call Monday and Tuesday. June ttii and 7th, between 9-12. MA. 2-1741. SECRETARY. Permanent position open tn downtown law office. Work for one attorney only. Legal experience not essential. Please reply as soon as possible to Star- _CUizen_Box_ieo-G.__ PART-TIME light housework, flow- .ing Wells area. MA..3-7901. INTENSIVE secretarial and business courses prepare you quickly for good positions. Graduates ar* placed immediately and without fail. ARIZONA COLLEGE OT COMMERCE 131JS. Broadway MA. 4-103}. WILL GIVE room, BD., oare to working mthr A child. MA. 4-5327. .Waitresses 19 midnight to a.m.. 4 to 1) ahlft--»45 E. Speedway. « a.m. to 4 p.m.--»45 N. Stone. Apply at Johnle's Drive In 2S4S H. Speedway. M35 I. Broadway. Phone EA. 7-4907 i LAUNDRY SHOE SALESMEN Exceptional opportunity. Must be experienced--Also need salesmen for summer months-. Apply 40 I. Pennington. SHIRT PRESSERS : Experienced preferred, but will it««h young, strong, capable girls. NO PHONE CALLS. 408 N. 4th Avenue. Legal Secretary Write Star-Citizen Box W-43 _ , , | stating age. experience and refer- Best working conditions. Best i ences. commissions paid. Contact Sales fcXPEHltNCfcD EXFERIENCED maid to care for house and year-old baby. Hour* 7:30 to 4 Mondays through Fridays. Must have ear and cood local reference*. No cooking. Con- jBjdcrable ironing. EA. 7-91 J4. EXPERIENCED sales ladies for ladies' dresses, sportswear and lingerie. For extra work evenings. and Sundays only. Prefer tho» who live close to atore or hav* own transportation. Apply after 1 p.m. to S. Reisier, Broadway Department Store. 4704 TC. Broad_way In the Swanway_Plaia. PERSON experienced in handlta* receivables in. volume. Contact | Personnel. MA. i-53a. | Gammon Placem't Serv. 1201 N. Stone Garden Tiara MA. J-4KM Asst. dept. mgr. ladies wear exp. Corsetiere. mature, exp. Bkkp. for acct. office, exp. Proilcient with 10 key add mach. »3T5 Executive Secty. ateno. wr «3n Legal secty, heavy «t«M Mn Dictaphone op. S day w»ek. IBM Elec. SAT, t Tg. I fee, nae S. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY , . secretary Speak Spanish Downtown Itcaticm Good ajilary and working . conditions i Write ST»r-CltJTtI__BQ*_ »7.VT I GIRL or youns woman for house- TH. e in a _ ^ __ WHITE woman to live in and car* /or elderly woman. Sam* ^experience. KA. jjjjg. Earn $17.50 1: up per day OPERATOR I _s« Adobes Beauty | siim sates field. 'Ex- ' " " " perience not necessary, but help- j TEI^PHONI solicitors, part timei ful. Xaual opoortunlt? for vonn«I *f OT *. Pleasant working condition*.' ialei person deslroTis of advance-! f* experleTKT necessary. Axrly ment. Particulars or your phone w Terson only. S-5. Rm. 9. «50 number to Star-Cititen. Box 1B-G.! N- tth Avt. REAL ESTATE WANTED » WOMZKT DELTvTCRy WORK gtOt- M1NG FROM BXTaWSIV« ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. MUST KE ABLB TO BK ON TEST ALL TJAY. BK AT »30 «. BHOADWAY *1* 10 A.M. * 3 T».W. SWAW FOR rOLL WETAILS. HAVI c*Txi«» ro» i SAUK POtSON EXdMJENT OfncK OOOF«aiA.TTOX * CQMM7SSTON. SH MR. BIRD, ARTHUH BKD «1« I. HOUSEKEEPER wemaji. t»bys1t~f«f 3 children and do lii-M hotnework 3KX N. Parfc. hoxape-rork. l" Amy WHITR WOMAN e* ye*n or «rer. for cookinr and lifht hwasowerk. Famfry of j. Llv«ln.«17» menOi. Permanent peeatlon. fctv» werlttnet ^^» fiT« P ,y. W*. *«- rtl* 466R. . COUNTER Western, Vewte*. tut of Medco. s «ff Aerplrefl Shoes. TnTl or pmt . : High cornmteions plus UOBOS. j Camriten Wn« for men nsj tcmnen. IWpnwm «trn«h*d free. Write to W. jr. TheiiBwn. Knwjjp Broi. S».-oe ; Ariion» , trutroctoT. Mewly Miftton, good salary. CeTI MA. l-fiis day*. IA. · «ft«r S "- * t .tmjiiBwn. rvtiesj/j £iux. oi.oc . v^ \-~ - -i -..- ---r.---- - . i _.-__,_j _ « Mfir. Cm?.. 9KI E. ffotflH Street. ^'WOMAV tf. «arre for two neys, ftve - i l«s Amreirs 21. CaTr/ornlK. ,' days ww*. Vrrt I-M. AT. *-oMH. jonrtson Apply jrtft n ^(uigi

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