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Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania • Page 13

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania • Page 13

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

qrHE EVENING NEWS, AyBDNESlUY, NOVEMBER U. IOTA OKIE BURKE IS TOP NOTCHER Have This Victrola Outfit Delivered in Time For the Thanksgiving Holiday WEDS CHAUFFEUR PALATIAL HOME IS DENIED HER 'i Brothers Object to Socieyt Woman Marrying" Her Servant HAVE HOME GUARDED Johnny Loftus Declares He Is One of the Best Boys in the Country This Victrola VHkSix Records and Victor This it the 9 "I have been watching Burke the last two years and he looks like one of the best boys In the country." These words coming from John Lof-tua, manager of Tommy O'Keef djr show that BYankle Burke has begun to climb the pugilistic ladder and that be Is regarded highly outside of the coal regions. O'Keefe and Burke box at the Coliseum Friday night and of this battle Loftus has the following to say: Philadelphia, Pa. Tfov. 9. 1914. Victrols XI, $100 New Tork, "Nov. 11. As a result of the marriage of Mlsa Elizabeth G. Album, Complete Compel, fifty-one' years old, daughter of the late George Coppell, banker, to her chauffeur, Robert Douglas Connors, her two brothers, Arthur and Herbert Coppell, took possession of her estate, The Towers, in Tenaflv. opening -manor News: Dear Sir: I have matched Tommy O'Keefe to box Prankie Burke In your town on Friday night. I would like to say a few words on behalf of O'Keefe. O'Keefe has boxed all the best men In the country, Ahearn, Leach Gross, Matty Baldwin, Ray Bronson, Al Ketchel, Otto Kohler, and Ray Camp- The Victrola is one of the Thanksgiving joys And it is a lasting joy. It kecps'on bringing to you the world's best music in endless variety, for ypu to enjoy at your pleasure. You'll be truly thankful for such splendid entertainment. Come in and we'll gladly play any music you wish to hear, and show you the different styles of the Victor ($10 to $100) and Victrola ($15 to $200). Easy terms if desired. N. Two special policemen were placed at'' the gate with instructions not to let any one enter. Their replies to questions Indicated they would stop Mrs. Connors and he husband should the couple attempt to enter the estate. oeii. He boxed Fred Telle heredast eejc ana it was the best fight or the a friend of the family said that night on necount of O'Keefe getting Banker Coppell left the property to his eldest daughter with the stlnu- knocked down twice in the first round and then' coming back and beating Itftlon that it should revert to the es We Repair All Makes of Talking Machines Complete Stock of Victor Records Always on Hand," Write, Pho ne or Call For Data-logme of Machines and Records. tate if she married, and that, displeased over her marriage, her brothers had determined that Connors should never occupy the family home as its master. His departure as an employe on 1 was saidt have been due to pressureb' roifght upon his wife by her relatives. She then had been married to him almost six monthB, unknown to her brothers and five sisters, Townspeople who know Mrs. Con telle the other five rounds. They have matched O'Keefe to box Joe Mandot at the same club In two weeks. O'Keefe and Burke boxed one of their best contests at Pottsville a few weeks ago. Burke and O'Keefe are both very clever boxers, and they will please most anyone hat cares to see a pair of boxers that are evenly matched in cleverness and hitting. They are both the same weight and size. I know that Burke has been trying to get started here In Philadelphia, and if he wls over O'Keefe it may put him in line to box Mandot. nors well expected her to return to The Towers last night and. In view of the attitude of her brothers In re-1 There is nothing: that will make a Winter Holiday so pleasant or more enjoyable than the sweet strains of a noted singer, a world-renowned orchestra, or the full, round volume tones of a Sousa's band. You can have them all if you own a Victrola. You can have more than thisCaruso will come at your bidding; Harry Lauder in his Inimitable way will tell. you stories of his regiment and sing you the folk-lore dittes of a great race. Schumann-IIelnk will swell your parlor with her God-hewn voice, and cither the brilliant Wedding March from Lohengrin, or the melancholy dirge of the Lost Chord will echo through your halls. The Victrola is the greatest entertainer in the world. It combines all the rare art of the great artists and reproduces whole and true the wonderful gifts that have made them famous. To be without a Victrola at any time is a misfortune. To be without one on a Winter Holiday is a calamity. WE HAVE OTHER OUTFITS SOME SO HAT TWENTY DOLLAR BILL WILL COVER THE TB. 'GOME 'INTO THE VICTROLA SALON AND LISTEN TO THE GREATEST OF ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. gard to her marrlape, they were not surprised that a guard was placed at the rate. The couple 'loft the Marlborotiffh- "Blenheim In Atlantic City yesterday I asked the matchmaker of the club if it would be all right for me to take the Burke match, and they told me to go ahead. But they have seen Burke box only once, and that was with Frankie Conway. I have been watahtng Burke the last two years and he looks like one of the best boys In the country. O'Keefe told me that Burke is a very good man, and that he must be at his best to beat 4iim. Some of the papers gave Oie last to O'Keefe and some gave It a draw; If they put morning in their automobile without saying where they were goign. -They had announced they would leave the hntel owing to the fact of their mar riage and their whereabouts being Stiff work was milllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Is shown Saturday, i 11 scheduled for today. touege rooi pan a fight like their last one, I think that they will please anyone that goes to see them box. I will arrive there Middies Work In Secret. Annapolis, Nov. 11. The Middies continued their secret stuff today after the dally grind against the scrubs. Two new plays that the coaches promise to be certain ground gainers will be tried out on Colby Saturday. It they work they will be per I with CWt nn tUliv iril disclosed. Connors, however, received a talegram before he left Atlantic City, in which he was Informed there was trouble on his wife's estate. Connors's aunt, M-s. John K. Ferguson, who lives at No. 264 Redmund street, Brunswick, N. the ad dress h. gave as his residence when he was married in that city, said yesterday that Connors and his bride had planned to purchase the Carpenter estate In that city and live there. She said they also Intended to buy a summer home In Deal. TIIIIIIllIfMMllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllItllllllfllllllll Princeton, N. Nov. 11.: If Princeton doesn't make a vastly better showing against Tale than, against Har- wou Id give this a little notice In your sporting column, thanking you in advance I remain. Tours JOHN LOFTUS, Mgr. of O'Keefe. -afA lha TImm will oiiAnr nawr fected for the army battle. The plays are built around Miles and Craig. 8tudenti Take Long Hike. Notre Dame, Nov. 11 Fire Sons The Great House of BARTFIELD AND McCOY -FIGHT LIKE TERRIERS coaching system for next year. Undergraduates today set on foot a movement to demand a radical change in such an event The plan Is to adopt a system like that in vogue at Harvard, where one man is employed and given absolute authority. The practice yesterday as encouraging to the coaches. Another tough scrimmage was booked for today and tomorrow, after which the squad will be given a complete rest probably at some by resort until Saturday. Cornell in Last Scrimmage 1 Ithaca. N. N6V; 11-Cornell had Victor Salon Public Square 32-34 Public Squat. Notre Dame students started from here today to walk to Chicago a distance of 102 miles, hoping to reach the windy city in time for the Notre-Dame-Carllslev foot ball game at the Chicago WhlteXSox base ball park on Saturday. The five students agreed seyeral weeks ago to make the hike if Notre lost to Tale. Big Salary for Waraer Pittsburgh, Nov. 11. Sport circles awaited with keen Interest today an expected announcement that what will probably be the last scrim I EVENING NEWS I LETTER BOX ifiiuiimmiiminiiti! Sporting Editor News: In last night's issue we noticed that Oene Gannon, of Milwaukee, Is anxious for another match with Tommy O'Toole. We are not picking opponents for Tommy, who is open to meet anv boy in the world at 116, 118 or 120 pounds. We would Just as soon match Tommy with Kid Williams, the bantam champion, as we would with Oannon. O'Toole stands ready to meet any boy the world may produce and this includes Oannon. All that is necessary Is to show us anything like fair inducements. O'Toole will be a champion and to gain, that crown he Is willing to meet any and all comers. Tours truly, Jack James, manager. PAYDAYS uienn Warner, Carlisle's famous mage work before the Michigan game McCutcheon, who hasn't 3 New Tork, Nov. 11. Unless Soldier Bartfield can pull a pretty alibi, it seemed likely today that the boxing commiFFion might rule him off the canvas turf for a period following his fight with Al McCoy last night. After receiving-one staggering wallop from Bartfleld's head when the two stumbled and clicked Ivories in the fifth round, McCoy calmly con-llnued hlB battering of the soldier. When the belt ended the bout in the tenth, McCoy held out his hand to shake -with Bartfield. The latter muttered something and both McCoy and Bartfield lashed out at each other. It took the referee four seconds and several spectators to separate the fighters. WORK BY THE STATE IN TUBERCULOSIS FIELD coach had accepted the reported offer played since he broke his hand In the Of $7,000 a year for ten veara tn nimn ENROLLING CANVASSERS FOR RELIGIOUS CENSUS OF THIS CITY ON SUNDAY Pittsburgh gams and Mike Kieineri. to Pitt University and take charge of who also has been Out for some' time with injuries, were both back in the llnuo todav. The saoad expects to me aeveiopment or field and track teams. be In Ann Arbor next Friday A big TAR BABY MAULS McMAHON The Lehigh A Wllkes-Barre Coal Co. pay day for last half of Octobs will be Saturday, November 14th al follows: At 2:45 Hollenback No. 2, Emplrl No. 4, So. WllkesSarre 5, Stair tn No. 7, Sugar Notch No. 9, Lane No. 11, Nottingham No. II. Wanamlf No. 18, Maxwell No. 20, Buttonwooi No. 22, Parrlh No. 23, Empire Bhoa Yards, Empire "Washery. At 4:45 Inman No. 21. JR. O. U. A. M. ELECTS OFFICER Officer for the military company connected with the council. Jr. O. XX. Facts pertaining to the work that the State is doing for the relief of people suffering with tuberculosis aro contained in a directory being circulated by the State Department of Health. In the publication the looa-lon of tuberculosis dispensaries throughout the State is given. In Luzerne County there are. four such dispensaries, one this city, one in Hazletnn. a third at Naxiticoko and the fourth at Pittston. The local dispensary is located at 184 South Washington street. According to the pub The enrollment of who Will numner 2,000 in all. and who will take the religious census of the city and vicinity on Sunday afternoon, November 29, has been started. Those in charge expect that the census will be completed within two hours after the first visit is The ward superintendents and assistants are as follows: BASKET BALL NOTES Los Angeles, Nov. 11. Tom McMahon's relatives should be glad today because a cop stopped last night's bout between McMabon and Pam Lahgford In the sixth round. It saved them funeral expenses. The, Boston Tar Baby" pounded McMahon to a pulp In the fifth and sixth, before th policeman spoiled the undertaker's game. READY FOR WORK. delegation of rooters will accompany the players. f' Yale Ready for Tigers, New Haven, Nor. 11. Tale Is ready for Princeton. Coach Hinkey today anounced that he has decided on the lineup to be sent against the Tigers Saturday. After a terrific scrimmage yesterdayhe decided on several changes. Instead of "Chub" Sheldon at right tackle, Bets will get the call and Von Holt, who hails from Hawaii, supercedes Sheldon as first substitute for Beck. Alec Wilson and not Aihsworth will start the game at quarter, but Ainsworth will be sent in later to relieve Wilson. Army Eleven is Hel4 West Point, N. Nov. 1L One touchdown was all that Army regulars get against the scrubs In prac The Hasard basket ball team has organized for the coming season and The Parsons High School Athletic Association held its weekly meeting Tuesday night at the High School auditorium. The meeting night Was Is ready meet all first class teams, the Conyngham-HUIstde, or the Flrrt Ward RODorl Kenworm, superintendent; B. F. Rossman assistant. Second Ward A. E. Symons. Third Ward Evan Challls. superintendent; W. M. Marsh and Evan J. U'ltiiorrtK asHistant. Hughestown Hose Co. team preferred changed to Friday. The basket ball team Is now ready for practice. The If acceptable answer through The lication there are approximately deaths from tuberculosis lit the State during a yeir. It is estimated that between 60,000 and 100,000 people in the State are suffering with the disease. players are asked to report at 7 o'clock Evening News. sharp for practice in Bucnanan 8 Hall tonignt. A. M. held last night. The eleWlon was conducted by Col. H. A. Kivler, of Nantlcoke, and following the business a social session was enjoyed nd re freshments were served. Addresses) were made by Gen. II. W. Taylor. Major Anderson, Chief of Staff Harry Stelnhauer and others of the First regiment, Jr O. U. A. M. The officers electeed were Captain, Wendall Rich ards; first lieutenant David Reeself- Fourth Ward Harry A. Cassedy. Fifth Ward J. H. Ricketts.C nixth Ward John R. Kline, super WEL3H TO MEET DUFFY. Chicago. Nov. U. Freddie Welsh, lightweight' champion, the real strenuous campaigner. Within the past three weeks he has met such tough gentlemen as Charley White and Ad Wolgast. Today It was announced that he will take on Jimmy Duffy In THIRD DEGREE NEARLY The Plymouth A. A. would like to intnndnnt- John Renowden and John play Newtown or Luserne at Plym tice yesterday and as a result-a oig KILLS SOCIETY HEAD shake up may be looked for before the cuth on Nov. 15. this challenge is OSTRICH EGGS FOR HER WEDDING CAKE Navy game, unless vast improvement a ten-round go at Buffalo, Not. 1. accepted answer In The Evening News, second lieutenant, Lemuel Sanderson At R. Davis, assistant. Seventh Ward Peterssupers lntendent; J. L. Behee, assistant. Eighth Ward Alex A. Freeman, superintendent; L. B. Jones, D. H. Crocker, assistants. Ninth Ward-T. R. Jones. Tenth Ward George F. Bird. Eleventh Ward H. J. Stenbauer, Chester, Nov. 11. Harry Hum phreys is Bedfast from Injuries re RICH STAKES FOR HORSEMEN AT THE PANAMA EXPOSITION ceived while being given the "third i Bloomsburg, Nov. 11. Ostrich degree' In a new organization in the eggs were used in tne wedding caKo western part of the city last night. r' r-nm superintendent; Lowell Andreas. served at the wedding of Mlsg Liva Trescott to Frederick 'Blencowe at Espy The bridegroomls an employe The Initiation, which was in the nature "of apractlcal Joke took- place Twelfth JamesH.Knorr. Thirteen Ward A. uruver, of an ostrich farm near here. In a bullalng at Third and Morton streets. superintendent; M. B. Reinecker ana George Johnson, assistants. Humphreys, a factor In the organ ization of the club, and who presided Fourteenth Ward w. u. maicnioru, upertntendent; O. J. Behrens, as mm mm i 1 iiitttii iiih iitm sistant. at the meeting, announced that there would be no Initiation; at the of the session the lights were extin-1 Fifteenth Ward N. Fincn, super A Sure Winner gulshed and masked men seized Humphreys, forcibly carrying him to intendent; E. F. Stivers, assistant. Sixteenth Ward John S. Hoffman, superintendent; Henry I. Kropp, assistant. Lee Park Daviif J. Williams. an automobile. He was taken to the outskirts of; the city, where he was roughly ejected frof the machine. Re i tV 4 "THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE" LET CHARITY RULE IS POPE'S APPEAL volver shots were fired, and in run ning through a field Humphreys stumbled and fell, striking his head against a stump. He was carried home In an unconscious 'condition, and was revived by a physi.clan. The affair "was reported to tha. police, who are lnvestl- A It Will lie une oi tne -Pope Benedict has host Cabaret Stunts -Ever Held in the Hall Nov. li Rome, Mil. UebMliiimnn te Kent a lener Archbishop of Antivarl, saying that since he became Pope he has striven tn dlminlBh the horrors of war, and SPECIAL meethxg EXCITINO INTERESTING AMUSING Pegging the Arclibishopas he had i beeeed the Archbishop of Cologne, toj A special meeting of bricRIayefg and masons will be Tield this evening at their hall. hin the Drisoners and wounded in i His Holiness expresses confluence that the Montenegrin Government will treat them kindly. In his letters His Holiness has ex- hnrtprl th nrrhblshocs and bishops to A Chance To Try Your Luck At The Hampton Cabaret Tomorrow Night STOPS HEADACHE, urge the beetewal-j E.I?obInsorfs Sono PAIN, NEURALGIA of charity upon wounaea prisoners, irrespective of their nationality or religious views', "helping them all and thus making once more shine the light of Christendom." Tht PontHlse--has-4triUen diner- Lueonr he lArchtishop of 9 ADMISSION FR1 Don't Scff er! GetaDime Pack- 1 take a lively part in the grief caused "BEEK Brewery Bottled b'- the spectacle of sucn misionunes, and by the thought of the war's fatal consequtences to your diocese both from a religious, artistic and material standpoints of Dr. James' Head-ache l4soMr. James Lynch end ChiU-ProcL ORDER MY RMONl A And Partner In Demonstrations OP THE FRENCH TANGO FOX TSOT, ONE-STEP New Features Satwday-XrT VJEWERJS NAMED F. C. Wlntermute, P. L. Drum and John A. Dombrowskl were named viewers yesterday to view a atone arch bridge with concrete extension crossing a small stream near the residence of.Alonso Rarlch and a. reinforced concrete slab bridge crossing a public road near the residence of Cyrus Straw, both situated In Butler township. Oazsle Patch; Tom Jtlorphj (left), Ed Geera and Waiter Cox. tS W1LUAM tTREKT eUR WIUCKS-RARJUI AQtKZt Ypu can clear your head and lleve a dull, splitting or violent throb-blng headache in a moment with a Dr. James' Headache Powder. This old-time headache relief acts almoat magically. Send some one to the drug store now for a dime package and a few noments afer you take a powder ftn will wonder what became thefheadache, neuralgia and pain, ifitop suffering It's sure greu gmt what you ask for. j. i More than a quarter of a million dollars has been ruaranteed for a long and brilliant series of trottina ind pacing events at the Panama exposition next year. Among the famous drivers who will be present are Ed Geers, Walter Cox, Tom Murphy, Lon McDonald and Billy Andrews. Amonr the entries for the $20,000 fiacin? races is Dazzle Patch, the sensational young son of Dan Patch, champion of champions and the fastest larMyLhorse in the worldjL,

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