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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 26
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D-2-- INDEPENDENT Ltl * '«' "** Start Mobil Run Today -.y..o By BRUCE YOUNG '2 V r-T Mrt«r $p»rt» Editor ·'· Trie flag Is up and 52 of the nation's 1966 automobiles are In the gate for the 21st running,'of the Mobil Economy RuriV . . . · First : post is scheduled for 6 this morning and the initial leg will cover 515 miles from the Ambassador Hotel in.Los Angeles to the Highway Hou£e in Tucson. ,· New "Detroit, cars of all makes and models will compete/in the annual test of gasoline mileage that will 'end next Sunday, ' 3,300 miles away in'Boston. i · * * * 1 life CARS are a cross section of this year's Detroit- built 1 automobiles: compacts intermediate-size cars,- standard-class 'cars,', grouped according to engine, body size and' price. ; .Thirty-nine men and wpmen are driving the course that wilHnclude desert, moun tairrs/'turnpikes and city traf fie: - ; = . - - . · · · Besides tonight's .-stop in Tucson there ..over rught stops in Aibuqueiri}ue, Wichita, St."..Louis, Cleve land and Philadelphia. - - -~t * * * * : ' r -jt.'RUN spokesman' said one Question which will S rejoived this year is the ef feet California-type. smog de vices have on gas economy Th.iSofs the. first year these devices have been requirec'e run. Sunday the fifty-two cars were .filled with gas under the careful supervision of the U.S. Auto Club 'officials and then impounded for the night The cars are kept under lock and Jsey by Mobile and US AC pffiqals so that there is no tampering with the cars ov erriigh't. i Northern, Calif prnia Ito Get Rainfall) , ! SAN "'FRANCISCO Wl -Rain""is''-.forecast today Northern California as fa soutrfas Pt. Reyes and Marys yilley; fqorecaster said rlU result from a- pressure system centered wes of 'Portland, Ore. and'mbvin northeast. Today's running time will e one of. the longest of the ip; the drivers will be on le road nine hours and 35 i i n u t e s and travel at an verage speed of 53 mph, of the hich again is one uh'n high marks. · · - * * « * THE DRIVERS will be re uired to make several stops or fuel, and also must reach ertain checkpoints along the ourse within an a l l o t t e d me. Thus, the drivers cannot de- berately slow down to con erve gas. Also, the drivers are very arefully checked by a USAC fficial who rides in the back eat. The drivers are penalized or breaking speed limits, de- berately slowing down or oasting. # * *- # . THE PILOTS rely heavily i their navigators to tel hem when to speed 1 up or low down and when anc vhere to turn. 'C. K. Enoch and his wife Jetty will be first ito embark his" morning and ' should be irst into Tucson. Enoch, driv ng a Chevy II,. is one of the avorites in the compact 6 ylinder class. Long Beach will be wel epresented in the nation's upreme test of gasoline nileage. Former world land peed recordholder Art Ar ons will drive a Pontiac Star Chief for Long Beach's Mike ialta Pontiac. » * * # ARFONS, who has goni iver 550 mph at Bonnevill Salt Flats, finished seconi ast year in the medium-pric -cylinder class. Other notable drivers 01 he run will bft Dick HarreV noted drag racer; Shirle ihahan, only woman to wi national drag-racing titli 3 aula Murphy, one of th ! astest woman 'drivers in th world; Carol Connors, note singer and actress, and Line Sullivan, who. at 17 is one o the youngest drivers in th run's history. Chevrolet has the large COMPLETE WEATHER Long Biich »rxJ Vicinity: NleM and morn I ay, fayt mostly sunny In tlltrt .ong. Biich TueidaV. O U T HK»IIV 3VTH today about M dsoreej. itna low ckudi ind 1n today and n$. Hign m downtown Long Beach vailabto high clouds today ird Tu«day, little tSJPt** .··* SUNDAY'S WEATHER KEPORTS Cillftrnla Lonff'Beach ..J....:. _. 69 ^°- ? "l«^_!!?_r-6« AVI ton __,, Bakersfleld ,,.., Bfo Bear Lake 41 l.*hpi» -- 76 :rrr~: Is - r---S Jlvlhe ' ' " as Fl Centro '.K F-'resno , -- Albuouerooe _ _ Atlanta . "TM.~ZI_. 69 53 Bismarck 54 30 Boilon ._ __ 35 32 .« Newport Beach il Pa|m ^prlnas . » San ~Be"rnardinb"~ San Diego --. 61 San Francisco . 62 __ Santa Ana . ,, 68 53 - ' Barbara ._-_ . ~ 6t u . _. rnn '- " VIC Miami Beach 73 Mltwauke* _.._ MltvwaDOlli-St. New Onesns _. Mew Yorfc Falrbanlci Fort Worth Helena Honolulu ._ IrxKanopoJij Kansas Cll ^ Lai V*fla» Sunday [n the 46 adlacent .. "jne. Me. r Calif. Lowest was W Eri Limestone, BJ^^mMmttMSAiteafaiatjj£i^ slalei was 90 In Palm Final Rites Held for Slain Rabbi DETROIT UP) -- Thousands of mourners attended funeral services Sunday for Rabbi«, Morris Adler. The c r o w d combrancM, the Interest conveyed to and now hold by said Truilco under said Deed o! Trust. In and to lh« following described prop- Th« northerly 260 Jeet of lat 3 In Block 3 o( AlunlUw Jieacli Towu- aHe. as per map recorded In Book 10 Paces 61 and 62 of Miscellaneous Records, and In Book S3 Taijcs 11 and 12 of Miscellaneous Records, In tno ottlce of tlio county recorder ol eatd county. EXCEPT^any portion of s«Id land if. _ lines lnK outside of the patent 1 lines 01 e Runcho Los Alamltoa as fuel existed at me iL,,« of the ovcrflowpd uveruuwea Shaarey Zedek Synagogue in suburban Southfield, where ic had been rabbi more than 25 years. A traffic problem 3ecame so. severe that some mourners had to park cars a mile and a hslf awa. Rabbi Adler, 59, spiritual | leader of a large segment of Detroit Jews and noted schol- ar.of his faith, died Friday of | gunshot w o u n d s suffered Feb. 12 in his synagogue at the hands of a disturbed young man. He had been in a coma from brain damage ,, Issuance of iho patent which »-ns 1 P 1 ' ornle1 °y Ue deposit of allu vlnn from natural causes and by mperceptlble degrees, for the pur xse ot paying obligations secured by said Deed Including fees :narges snd expenses of the Trux :ee. advances. If ony, under th terms of salJ Deed, Interest thereon and 5194.118.57 In unpaid principal of. the note secured by said Deed. with Interest thereon from Auiuat 1G. 1965. as in said nota and by law provided. Dated: March 1, 196S. FIDELITY: SERVICE CORP., Trustee By Audrey Schubach. -. Pub. Mnr. 7. H. 21. 1366 ( Ship Arrivals, Departures aiVa Sprue* , innlston Victory _; iplaln John (Grk-TXD Comsiltd by Marlnt Exchangi ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT Birth Operator DU t Sill _ ^ Mar. 15 Ralneir erman Line .-- Mir. 18 San Fran Ian Sia Opri. Inc Mar. u Topolobampo : -S*"J;, 'I'fSQS'- «o_*tar. is.H*iwn« -LB-122 \f R.ChamDerlain Co 174 Walerman Line -158 Ionia --B-12 Am. t . _LB-78 Kufflbit Oil Heflng LB-31 Mysllc S S Co assailant, Richarc since. Adler-s E. Wlshnetsky, 23, a member of the congregation, fired at the rabbi at Sabbath services. Then he turned the gun on himself, inflicting w o u n d s from which days later. he died three _lndef. E Weyerhaeuser ultcrest (Tkr) alms Mills (Tkr) _ ampton Roads (Tkr) . awallan Motorlt _145 Weyertiaemer Line Mar. 15 Alameda " " _Mar. 13 Houston . HX-. «, Co Mar. 14 Martinez _3S N«t^ Bulk.Carriers Jnc., Indef. .2W-A Matson Navigation Co Mar. ]5 San Fran omp elani il Javantl (Ind) ._ 1M Jayanll Shops. Co Ltd.Y lharenle (Fr-Tkr) L6-NYD Republic ol FrarKt YD Reimbllc'or Franc«r'^_jyf.f. ·f/Praiite -,.-..., --~ -.149 Pac, Csr. Tranjot. Co Mar. ]3 Oleum Br,,S Crflkrn=ra ffl%23GBSi ^.aiKr.'k'VfflSHS »e .(Lib) 4»D Tofcaf Shroplno Co Mar. 3 Black Warrior _LB-17 M. McCormack Lines Mar, 15 Far East _LB-43 Compacnle Gen. Gep. Paclitcw Mar. 16 Darw'... _Mar. 17 Aruba __ ,,_,,_,,_,,_ ar. 16 5an Fran ·an Mtr. Carrrers Co Mar. 13 Portland · - · -- ' "rw Mar, 15 San Fran orango (Br) cean Anna (Tkr) . -egon . jjpama Maru (Jap) arrakoola £wd) resident Polk rejtcJefife G. Vic! f?£' v ten . __ | Lli.. ,, _--,, 93-A Amor. President Line* :lor1a (Mex-Tkr) . 1W Mex. Pcrrol-um Corp " i Mar. 15 San Diwo Mar. IS Sallna Cruz . . LB-13 Slates Marina- Lln« _Mar. 14 I lanetro (Swo) ___. S4 Johnson Line .TM Mar. 14 San Josa TiifrVhViilrprc r Ciller J LB,18 Mllry Sea Trans. Serv. Mar. U Honolulu mtCimiKers, ^Nor) 72JT-D Barber Line . - M*r, " "-- "--·- .5. Cawr " ~ " " ~ " 'ashlrtflfon Bear TMLB-^I US BuiX Carriers Ir.c Mar. 14 _LB-50 Pac. Far East Unt _Mar. U'San F VESSELS DUE SUNDAY loess Leader (Lib-Tier) 172 Dumal Texaco^ Inc . X-dolph Oetker (Ger-tkr) 163 ^.MarlEnez Rudolph A Oetker VESSELS DUE TODAY ...ell Btrlfi From operator Belo Horlzonle (Ltb) LB-207 Muroran Retla S S _ C o ^._ Statewde Hunt on for Slayer of Nevada Pair FALLON, Nev. UP) -- Law officers across Nevada were alerted Sunday in a hunt for the slayer who shot a man and his mother Saturday in their isolated service station oasis on the desert near here. George Wilkins, Churchill County sheriff, said at least half a dozen persons, were 16901 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES SUMMONS Case Number SOC 11654 RAYMOND E. AKER, Plaintiff YELIX3W OAB COMPANY OF LONG BEACIT, a corpocatlon: JAMES W. TINDALL: DOE I DOE II, DOE III and DOE IV, Defendants THE PEOPLE OP THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA to the above named Defendants: You aro directed to appear In an action . brought against you by the above named plaintiff In the Superior Court of the State of Cnll- for the County of Los \nncles and to answer the Complaint therein within ten days after he service on you of this Summons, if served w i t h i n the County if Los Angeles, or within thirty days K served elsewhere, and you are notified that unless you appear and answer as above required, th plaintiff will take judgment for any money or damages demanded n the Complaint, as arising upon contract, or will apply to the Court or any other relief demanded In lie Complaint. Dated October 5, 1965. WILLIAM B. SHARP, County Clerk and Clerk (SEAL) of the Superior Court of the State of California for tile County ot Los Angeles. By B. GIGER, Deputy RICHARD I. ROEMER Attorney for Plaintiff 411 W««t Fifth Street Los Anoeies, California 90013 Telephone MAdlion 6-4451 Feb. 28, Mar. 7, M, 21, '6S (4t) LBI. after questioning on the killing of Dean Briggs, about 35, and his mother, Eva, a widow. 89613 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE On No. F.6508 March 30. 1965. at 10:30 o'clock A.M., at 3601 Wlisliire Blvd., Suito 337, City of Beverly Hills, bounty of Los Angeles, Stats of New Orleans Columbus s S Copr . Mar. U Ssljon ron Bay Victory Anc Wllmlnston, Dal. Prudential S S Co rudential S S Co -- Mir. 14 Salcon tates Marine Llnei _Mar. 15 Yokohama ErVd Vlcforv 151 - · Vic ' "SB Hew Orlea G QI f enlum rikrl LB.7A S«at., j^ N Y _ ,, ,, _ San Juan "MVchant l'L1bTLBTa~Khara Isi. Marcorfa Corp .--Mar. IS San "Juan ~B~ay _Hew Orleans States .. ... Golfito Unlled Fruit Co Mar. 15 Sar\ Fran Aission Buenaventura (Tkr) LB-76 Scatlle Malh[a;en's Tkra. Ind. Mar. 15 an DIcqo Isoml Maru (Jap) 4» Kot» N Y K Line _. "-- " T - s. Ind. Mar. 15 San Diego _Mar. Ifi Tobara Navy Ships in Port TWO Fallon.women Stopped California, Great Western Title Co., at "Saving Sam's," run by the Briggs for the past year, and found Mrs. Briggs, in the utchen, f a t a l l y wounded. Briggs was dead in the men's restroom. Mrs. Briggs was dead by the time she was taken to a hospital. Wilktns said she had been unconscious _Feilow3 Stewar _. ... .-. Nav. 51a _Pltr 9, Nay. Sta --Fellows Stewar and unable anything. to tell officers Pltr 15. wav Hlows S. St --Todd Shipyard [«· 16, Nav. Sta Pier 9, Nav. SI3 Cimarron -Com^lock Carmarant _. ampshlre County Todd Shipyard ven Pfer 7. Niv. Sfa. with 13 cars entered. Ford second with 8. am - __ Pier 15, Nav. Sia. Dale . 8-37, NSY D1aclienkV"ZZTM '. B-43, NSY natce Belhlehfm Snlr: rsh PI^- 17, Nav. Irien :_PIer 15, Nav. 1n{7 .TM Pier 15, Nav. Sfa. in, County ,,.. Btfhlrtienn Shipyard Dcflanca . TM B-33, NSY me Pier 9, Nav, Sta. iper Fellow* Stewart ncaoar Sub, Pier. Nav. Sia. Historic Spanish Monastery Damaged EL ESCORIAL, Spain ire damaged the root of the Ai'tery-Thickening Preventive Tested lonastery of El Escorial Sun- ay night. Police said articles i artistic value escaped the jakewood Blvd..,Space lower, California, that after the ate of March 10, 1966, he will not iv persona other than himself. Dated March 9, 1956. or obligations incurred 'by any persona other than himself. Dated March 9. 1366. (Signed) CHARLES ELLISON Fire Suffocates Valuable Dogs Three show dogs, valued at $1,000 each, suffocated Sunday when fire believed caused by a faulty electric heater damaged the Dresden Kennel, 4513 Rosecrans Ave., Lawndale. Firemeri said the poodles apparently were trapped by the blaze. Damage to the ken- structure was estimated at $300. a corporation, aa Trustee under the deed of trust made by Henry A. Collier and Pearl L. Collier and recorded Jan. 15, 19G3. in Book T2797 Page 153 of Official Records of Los Angeles County, California, riven to secure a» Indebtedness tr "avor of Claremont Savings anc ·aan, .ALSLrCiation, now tlie o w n e r nd holder therco/, by reason of the breach of certain obligations secured thereby, notice of which was recorded Nov. 23, 1965, in Book M2049 Page 671 of said Official Records, iyill sell at public auction x the highest bidder for cash, payable in lawful money of tlie i United Slates at tho time'of sale, without warranty as to title, -possession or encumbrances, the. fn- leiest conveyed to and now held by said Trustee under said Deed of Trust, In and to the following described property situate In the «atd County of IKJB Angeles, State of California, io wit: Lot 7 In Block "C" of Tract No. 2062 as per map recorded in Book 21 Page 176 of Maps, in tho office if the County bounty, for th ing obligations Deed, including the remaining principal .sum of $8,821.43, interest, adv u n c e s , - i f any, under the terms of said Deed, and fees, charges anil expenses of the trustee. GREAT WESTERN' TITLE CO., Trustee By Cora Apostolas. Assistant Secretary Feb. 38, March 7, 14, 1965 (3t) LBI. Lightning Seen Cause of India Air Crash JAMMTJ, Kashmir GW .-Lightning may have struck the Indian Airlines plane that crashed in the mountains near Banihal Pass Feb. 7, aviation experts said Sunday. All 37 persons aboard the plane perished when it went down in stormy weather in the Himalayas on a flight from Sprinagar to New Delhi. , Recorder of purpose of secured by paid pay- said 05723 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME Tha undersigned do certify they are conducting a business at 2329 E. Anaheim. Long Beach, California, under tha fictitious firm name of CHUCK BETTY'S BABY DOLL and t h a t said firm la composed of the following persons, whose names in full and places of residence are as follows*. Charles E. Hanger. 108 E. 230th Street, Wilmington. California. Elizabeth A. Hanger. 108 E. 230th Street, Wilmington, California. Dated March 11. 1966. CHARLES E. HANGER ELIZABETH A. HANGER Stale of California. Los Angeles County: On March 11, 1966, before me. Notary Public In and for snld State. ared Charles E. zabeth A, Hanger to be the persons personally _ , Hanger and £ known to me ,, _ . . . . . whose names are subscribed to the within. Instrument and acknowledged they executed the same. Legal Notice · 03706 CERTIFICATE OF CORPORATION FOR TRANSACTION OF BUSINESS UNDER FICTITIOUS NAME THE UNDERSIGNED CORPORATION doea hereby certify that it Is conducting a buatne^s located at 2516 Via Tejon, Palos Verdes Estates, California, under the fictitious firm name of INTERNATIONAL MARINE- CENTER nnd that Eatd firm Is composed of the following corporation, whose principal place irpor ' bui prim Dllow M. MASO^f, (SEAL) Notary Public Mar. U, 31. 28, Apr. 4, '66 (41) I^BI. S0400 NOTICE OF MARSHAL'S SALE No. 138 310 LOUIE W. POSLOF, ETC.. vs. Plaintiff DOUGLAS MAC MARTIN. ETC. Defendant By virtue of an execution issued jn February 23. 136$. by the Municipal Court. Lonff Beach Judicial Icipa listrii Pub. March 111 12. H. 1966 (3ULB1 Notice is hereby given by the undersigned J O H N C. TITLLOS residing at KOI Harding Street. Long Beacfi, California, that after the date of March H, 136C. he will not re responsible for any debts, liabilities, or obligations incurred by any persons other tlian himself. DATED: March 12. 1966. ' IOHN C. TULLOS ISS6 (30--L.B.I. of business is as follows: NAME OF CORPORATION: M. J. Richardson Inc. PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS: 3516 Via Tejon, PaJos Verdes Estates. California. WITNESS its hand this 2nd day of March, 1966. NAME OF CORPORATION: M\ S, RICHARDSON INC. SI, y. Richardson, President [Corporate Seal) STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES ) ss. On this 2nd day of March, A.D. 1966, before me, a Notary Public in and for said County and Slate, personally appeared M. J. Richardson known to me to be the President of tha corporation that executed the within Instrument on behalf of the corporation therein named, and acknowledged to me [hat such corporation executed ine 1C. MARVIN EDWARD WALKER (SEAL) Notary Public My commission expires 11/21/1969. March 7, 14, 21, 28, 1S66 (4t) L.B.L NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Herman Moreno Jr., residing «l 1115 E. Opp, Wilmington California, that after the date o: March 11, 1366 ho will not be responsible for any debts, liabilities or obligations Incurred by Any persons other than himself.Dated: March 10. 1965 Slgned/HERMAN MORENO .JR. Pub. Mar. II. 12, H, 19t6 (3t) I...B.I N O N - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y NOTICE Notice Is hereby given by the un dcrsigncd. Grace Eileen Chrlstenscn Notice Is hereby given by the un dcrsigncd. Grace Eileen Chrlstenscn residing at 23S E. Del Amo Blvd., Long fieach. California, that aftei the dale of March 11. 19G£. ;he vll not be responsible for any debts liabilities or obligations incurred by any peraon other than herself. Dated: March 10. 1966. Signed/ GRACE EILEEN CHRISTENSBN Pub. Much 11, 13 U, 1966. (3t Li.B.X. ----- et, County of Los Angeles. State of California, upon a judgment entered In favor of LOUIE W. POSLOF. dba CUSTOM. IRON WORKS, as judgment creditor,' and against DOUGLAS MacMARTIN and PEGGY M. mcMARTIN aj udgment debtors, showing a net aatance of $615.86 axlualiy due on said Judgment on the date of the ssuanco of paid execution. I have evied upon all the right, title and ntcrest of said judgment debtor n the property in the County of Los Angeles, State of California, ng bed described as follows: The West 50 feet of the caat 150 feet of Lot 4 in Block B of the Resubdivlsion of portions of tha Alamitos Tract and Alamltos Beach Townslte in the City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as p«r map recorded In Book 43 page. 9, et aeq, of Miscellaneous Records, In the office of the County Recorder of said County. EXCEPT the northerly 20.00 feet thereof. · ALSO EXCEPTING AND RESERVING UNTO THE GRANTOR her helm and assigns, all mineral, oil, gas and other hydrocarbon substances in under nnd/or that ma be produced hcSow n depth of 60( feet from the surface of said property, or any part thereof, but pro vided f u r t h e r that such reservation final! not entitle the said grantor, her heirs and assigns to cny uae of or rights in or to any portion of the surface of paid property to a 8986S NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No, 100.313 On March 30, 1566. at 10 o'clock A.M,, ftt the easterly entrance of the Hall of Justice, in the City ._._ ,.._, _ of Los Angeles, California, FIDEL- depth of 600 feet below the surface ITY SERVICE CORP., as Trustee u n d e r - t h e deed of trust made by LE ROT COOK. JR., and JULIA G. COOK, Husband and Wife, JOSEPH A.. BRODERICK and MARY D. BRODERICK, Husband and Wife, and SAMUEL SANSON CO., INC., a California Corporation, and recorded February 4, 1963, In Book T2S30. Paga 626, of Official Records of Los Angeles County, California, given io secure an Indebtedness In favor of METROPOLITAN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LOS ANGELES, now owned and held by METROPOLITAN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION' OF LOS ANGELES by reason of the breach of certain obligations secured thereby, notice of which was recorded November 30, 1965, In Book M20S3, Page 818, of said Official Records, will eell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, payable in lawful money of tha United states at the time of tale, -without warranty u to title, possession or thereof. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Tuesday, April 5, 19C6. at Ten o'clock A.M. at East entrance to County Courthouse. 415 W. Ocean, City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, State of California, ·£? the highest bl cell at public auction : publ .Idder. for cash lawful money of the United States, all th« rieht. title and Interest of said judgment debtors in the above described propert thereof as may so much necessary to satisfy said execution, with accrued interest and costs. Dated at Long Eeach, California, March 8. 1366. . R. KEATS, Marshal Municipal Courts, Los Angeles County By V. Moffltt. Deputy GLASS * ALLEN PlalntlfPi Attorney 1717 No, Long Beach Blvd. Comptott. Calif, Mar. 14. 21, 23, Apr, 4. 'M W) LBI. Our Consistent SALESMAN the Classified Ad is always on the GO!! '... Searching for the right customer for the right property Let Him w-o-r-k for you! |)rrss Crltgrain C Independent for expert assistance L B? AN C G H HE 2-5959 ME 3-0764 TO 6-1721 JE 7-9120 in Lake wood in Bellflower Gdn. Grove Announcements 00 LONG BEACH BAR ASSN. will help you oet a lawyer IE vcu need cnc. IIS Pine, Room 512 Trover AO ti FLY ^r EL CAPITAN CASINO WALKER LAKE HAWTHORNE, NEVADA EVERY DAY PACKAGE NCLUOHS ROUND TRIP AIR TRANSP., DINNER, COCKTAILS (2). CHAMPAGNE EN ROUTE, SOUVENIB CHAMPAI ~ " Florists FROM $2.50 FLOWERS FOR Forest Lawn Funerals HELPFUL COUNSELING ,, The Flower Shop In Forest Lavm CHARGE BY PHONE GENEVA 1-2517 or TAVlor 8-3131 Funeral Notices .GNE GLASS. :, LOUNGE ENT L I M O KEKO -- BINGO -- 21 CRAPS - SLOTS ASK ABOUT OUR V Ladies Nite, Stag Nifes DAILY FLIGHTS Men. thru Frl. 6:15 p.m. Special Fllta _.. -- a r t S:M a.m.. Additional Weekend a p.m. Sun. depart 10:30 am. Additional Weekend Fines FOR RES. i BROCHURE Beach HA 1-9351 VI 9-5568 ·Tax No Baoqage on Tours ADAMS--Jean C, 4237 E. 61h Sr. Survived bv tfavohler, Miss Maureen ; brother, J os« ph Cowan. Servlet Monday, II a.m. SPONGBERG MORTUARY CHAPEL. FOSTER-Clarence, 1363 W. Burnett St. Rosary Monday, 3:30 p.m, SHEELAR'S MORTUARY CHAPEL. Mass of requiem i Tuesday* 8 a'.m. SI. Lucy's CfojrjJK ; FflRSCH--Marcell E., 73, 1200 SI. Louli Ave. Survived bv dauo-nler, Mrs. Madeline Lens Ira; sister, Mrs. Rcmt Goosenj; crandsor.s, F. Landilra and Georca B. W. Coon Funeral Home IOTH OBISPO Long Burbank NEVYTON--Daisy B., 87, formerl/ ' or 415 W. 4th St. Survived bv twuOnttr, Mrs. La Rlc Cnaomanf crandwn, Jacfc Newton Rand; great prandson Jack Newton Rarw, Jr.; oreal , . Diana Joan Rand. Graveslcft service will be today, 3:3a p^n. at Sunnystd* Cemrterv. Servlca in charge of B. W. Ccon Funeral Home IOTH OBI5PQ AVE. A CARS DELIVERED ._ or from anvwhef" " AUTO PRIVEAWAY Funeral Notices imottell's ELSOH-Rmlolph Alberl. Ser. vice Monday, VI:M a,m.,Mot- RANKENFIELD-Carr^ Edna. Service Monilav/ 12:M P.m.. Mollcll's Chapel. .IVINGSTON--Nathan. Grave- si be service Monday, 1:30 P.m., V«teran» AdmrnrslratUin Ceme!erv, dlrecled Lv Mot- Idl's Mortuary. BUTLER--Frances E. .Strvlpa Mondai', 2:00 p.m., Mortell'i 'ARKER-- Etta, IK So. 23rd SI., San Jos*, ionr.eriy of LOIM B«ch. Survived, by niece, Jur« Brofcenshlre. Member of Lena Beadi V/omen Post *37R/ American Lewon. Service Monday, 3:« P.m., Motttll's ChaocL 'ARKS--Bessfe, 28« Cade. Survived fey son, J, . Frank; daughter, Evelvn ffurlz; sisters, Marrte Maaeff. Awclla Pearl BaVer; Haltle Tom- Elnon, Euo-rJa Oaxtn Ida Jones; brother, Franlj BaVer; 5 crandchllrfren. Service Monday, 2:00 p.m., SunnvsWe Me- mofial Park Chapel, directed by Mottell's Moriuary- \RNOLD-lrene. Service- Monday, 4:00 p.m., Mottdl s Chawl, CLOHtNGER -- Frank. .Servke Mor.tfavr 9:00 am. r MoHelii Oiaocl. MOODY -- Richard Frederick. Servke will be announced. MOORE--Elliabtlh HadleY, 433 V/. 7ih. SurvTved by dauoMer, Mn. Ed-^a Lantw; son, Al- rfen Mann; orandion, Larry Mann; granddaoffWers, Laura Lynn Mann, Sheia SJisrrtl and Sharon Ivlcevlc. Slrktlv prlvalc servlca Tuesday, 3:X pjn., Motlwl's Chap*f. Con- trlbutrons lo Cflv of Hop* YOHE -- MlsT^Ernma L.. 721 Olive. Survived by 5 nletes; 3 ncphe-^s, Rosafy M_onday, 8:00 o.m., MD If elf's Rwu!cm Mass Juno*y, t *:jn a rn., St. Anthony ca-'hollc Church, directed by Moftell's Mortuary. THOMPSON -^Ganell. Service will be announced. SELWOOD-Russell Edwarcf, 514 Roie- Survived by wlf» Maude H.; brothers, Ray mond, Eueena Claude; ' ter, ffi moncf. Euoena Clacd; ilv ter, M'n Grace Se*wood. Ser vice V/ednesdav, 2:00 p.m ISrVHieH't Chaoel. GILMOUR--Ernest Francis, m Cterry. Survrved by wife Lillian M.; rfaucMer*, Jew Corcoran. Audrey Porter Em a ~ /AacDoriaid; s o n s Charres R. Walter V/j 1 ixandchIrdren. Service Tuea Say, 2:00 P.m., Mottetl" CALDWELL -^~Ruftl EITiabettl 20?S Chcstnu*. ^"jlj*^.^ Lls MlefJia; son, 'Thomr" " t'^cSS-dHS'ty' fill's Mortuary. W BOYLAH - Lawrence Edwari Servlca will b* announced. GOLDIN--Elhef. be announcra. S*rvfe« wi CYPRESS - M1ELSEM--Miss Marlon I. Beloved dauahler of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nlelsert, niece of Mrs. Joann» La Bara, Mr. Nell E. Stenho)!, Mrs. Irvoa K. Kr.udsen, Mrs. Astr!d Nlrisen and Peier Nielsen. Service Tuesday, 1 p.m.. Church of Our Fathers, Forest Lawn Cypress. FOREST LAWN MORTUARY. Family request donations to Ihe Building Fund, Lono Beach Unitarian Church. 545? Atherton, Long 3each. PADGHAM--Irmel 0., 71, 1WI Golrfen Ra!n Rd- Seal Beach. Survived by daughter. Mrs. Beverly Ehrefh; twanosan, David Ehrelh; brolher, Bruce Orris. Me. S erial service Tuesday, 3 D.rn. imlty suoont contributions to Heart Fund or Novato CMc Foundation. Service conducted by B. W. Coon Funeral Home 1DTH S. 3BISPO REYNOLDS--Margaret L tt4 Harvey Way, LaVewood,' Re- culem Mass locfov, 10 ajn.. St.' Mana Gore-Ill church. La Ice wood Mortuary · 3936 Woodruff Ave. ' [HERMAN--Alfred V/., age 74, ef 10711 Frances Ave., Garden Grove. Passed away Morth 11. survived by wife, Tna; 2 sons, Serle E. of Tew* and Dcnald W., Lakewood; 2 tfauotitcrs, Mri. Dartene E. McMillan, Anaheim; Mrs. Dorothy Whittern, Lakewood; 2 sisters, ' Mrs. Helen Johnson and Mrs. ·· Emma French; 10 Dranatrwwen, Service Monday, 1 P.m. ai HONOLD-METTLER MORTUARY, Garden Grove. STEVE H'SOH--Agatha W.i1ls of 4S$ E. Ocean. Survived by niece, Mfn Av£ V/atls; sister-in-law, Eva C. Walls. Service Monday, l:3oj PATTERSON r 555 LOCUST AVE. THOMPSON--Amy E. 44AI Faculty Ave. Rosarv fcdav 7:30 p.m., Rwul^m mass Tuw- dav, 9:30, bolh at SI. Cv- prfn's Church. Laltewood Moriuary 3936 Woodruff Ave. TIGHE--EIIMlMlll of 650 Tt.tlDls Ave. Mas*, of Requiem " J -· ?:» a.m. S' ··--··--·- LAB'S MOR .. of Requiem MonddV/ St. Matthew'!. SHEE- RTUARY, directing. Funeral Notices 1 TAYLOR -- Lovemma. Service- will be announced. MOREHOUSE^fJaYvey Lincoln, 1713 Slanlon PI. Survived by wlf«,.. Hazel.; son, Jamei; DILDAY FAMILY Funeral Directors · Pacific Ave. of Anafwlm St." SURGE--William E., U.S.N.,ol WS Daily Ave. Service Won- day, 15:00 a.m.,DiIday Oiapd. ELLIOTT - Pa« J-...lSf Lccutf Ave. Service will bt announced. GOUGH-Iona M.. 303 W. 4th. Servke Monday, 3:30 D.TO., Dllday Chaoel. HINDMAN--Jtan D., 7O E. Md. Scrvlc will be artr.ounced. 1VES-- Eula,130 Sanls Ana Ave. Servke Monday, 2:00 p.m. Invnawel Saollst Oiurch. LIBy-Edn'a E,, 2110 Mae-noils. Service will be announced. WO BEE --Orb Frank, 3ZS W, loth St. Service Monday,ll:30 a.m., Dilday CFtapel. NELSON--Vflinam H., U 5.N., of National city. Service will be announced. PADDOCK ~ Frances, 1H N.' Mountain, Monrovia, Servfca wll be announced. .; SAM1ANO -- Molsei L. Servke will b« announced. SIZEMORE -- Dtymon A.. «35 Howard, Los Alftmitos. Service Tuesday, I p.m., Dllday Chaoel. TUMBLIM-Lucy |_, 371S S«- bern Av«. Service Wednelday, ) p.m., Dllday Chawl. DILDAY FLOWER SHOP HE 5-6388 or 436-9024

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