Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 38
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 38
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luck MUI- Ttocr. AM i na Iiwrthi Sfortj [fittr Divorce Hurts Rookie Grabbing the brass rings: · ... Chief Dodger scout Al Campanis has an interest- ,!ng theory on divorce in relation to young ballplayers. "A youngster who has a divorce in his family daring his _fonnulatrve years--from eight to about 15--usually 'doesn't have as good a chance to make it in baseball as the boy who has lived with both parents," claims Campanis. "A split home very often effects a boy's stability ',"·. and the instability later shows uf» when the boy is fighting other players to .Win a baseball job." Campanis. who has been scout* fyg more than a dozen years, has ample proof to .support his -ljirn 'I ... In the Angel press book edited by bouncing publicist Inr Kaze, the site 6f Saturday's game vs. the D o d g e r s (the National League team's home con- iest) is listed simply as ·tLos Angeles." The site of Sunday's game (in which t!he Angels are the home '^Jub) is designated as "Cha- Dressen Talking- He Likes Dodgers ~ (Continued From Page C-l) tell me he's gonna be a food,who might be available U the cat" Dodgers still feel that tuch a After pausing for a deepldeal U necessary. ireath. Dressen warned that Koufax was cot quite u to bet on a National League sharp Wednesday as Dresses pennant repeat would be expected, but neither was the sheer suicide. defense in a 3-2 loss to the · * * * Boston Red Sox. An error by FACT, you can't say Wally Moon, after two were hat anybody's going to win. There are tiz teams that bare a chance and even Chicago unearned. sn't a bad club outside of center field." The rest of Dressen's scouting report was classified in- HANK HOLUNGWORTH out ia the fifth inning, led to Boston's last two runs, both Koufax went six innings, allowing six hits, three walks and striking out three. He had considerable d i f f i c u l t y in 'ormation, including reports keeping the ban low. on a couple of third basemen JOHN R O S E B O R O continued to sparkle with his new specs, spanking a home run, a double and a single in raising his average to -50C (9-for-18). Roman Mejias tripled and doubled in leading !»ez Ravine." .. ... Red Patterson's Dodger press book, on the other land. lists both games in "Dodger Stadium." (The poor tourist could get confused.) t -- The newest Dodger, Bin Skew-on, is praying that tis ex-Yankee teammate Bob Turley makes the Angel '^quad. The reason: Skowron has an apartment ia LA. and Turley would utilize it (thus paying half the costs) .when the Dodgers are on the road. ;J . . I Sudden thought I wonder if the Dodgers now Wish they had been high bidders for the services of Bob Bailey, who looks like heU be the Pittsburgh third base- iian for years to come? (If you're not aware, the Dodgers lave a big. big hole at third base right cow, with rookie Ken McMuHen and cldtimers Don Zimmer and Darjl Speo- 'eer the battling candidates. As for Tommy Davis, the Dodgers are sadly aware that even a 12-foot monster with a 20-foot wingspread and a cet ia each hand couldn't kindle his wayward throws.) :i ... Note to a certain LA. writer: You goofed when you reported that Bailey and another PiUsburghtr. Jim fagliaroni, were teammates at Wilson High. Taint so. Bailey is a beardless 20. Pagliaroni 23 ... and there's no way the twain ever met. · * * * * J MAURY WILLS DEPARTMENT: Did you realize that through all of Maury's glorious base-stealing antics last season, one startling item has been overlooked? Mauiy broke another major league mart. He played in 165 games (including the playoff}--more than any other player ia history- ' ... WiUs has endeared him self to all first and third base coaches in baseball during his off-season and training campaign lectures on base stealing. Diplomatically declares Mauiy: "It's never x coach's fault when a runner Is picked off base. No coach in the world can drag a man back to the base. Blame the player, never the coach." ... Difficult assignment department: Attempting to pack the National League winner this season! Try it yourself. The Dodgers have the most all-around talent, but have defensive weaknesses (ind maybe pitching problems). The Giants certainly will have pitching headaches. And the Cincinnati Reds have the best balanced squad. If consistency means anything, the Reds have an edge. ... Why, the National League race looks like such a · scrambled affair now that one Eastern writer even commented: "Watch out for the PhiffiesT (And he was sober, too.) ... In the other league, if you pick ar'n't the Yankees you should have your head examined. They could fan. but so could the Leaning Tower of Pisa. WHO'S THE FINEST all-around player in baseball? According to an intricate rating system employed by the Dodgers, one man stands alone: Wiffie Mays. In the Dodgers' SO-point rating system (which includes batting, throwing, running, defensive ability, attitude, desire and aid-to- team). Mays is the ONLY player to achieve 100 per cent in each category. ... Appraised of this fact in Phoenix, Giant manager ! Ahin Dark sighed: "If he could only pitch!" ... Ex-Jordanite Dick Merritt hai been switched from fuEback to tackle on the Navy football squad because the Middies lost their entire first team from tackle to tackle. During spring practice, Merritt advanced from the fourth ! to the second unit On the fourth unit now is ex-St. Anthony end Ed Merina . . . When CharEe Dressen told thij writer in Florida that "aa pitchers are flaky" he must not only have been thinking of his own Dodger gang, but likewise of the Angels. With the exception of steady Ken McBride, the Angel starting corps is something to behold. You're wel ; aware of the eccentric behavior of Messrs. Dean Chance and Bo BeEnsky, but you may cot realize that Don Lee also is a special ease. Don not only can't sleep the eight before every game he pitches, but he also develops a different ailment before game time. The last time I saw him he was a laringitis victim _ . until his first pitch when his tonsils suddenly became act he again! Rigney, Rodgers 'in Love* (Continued From Page C-l) plained Gordon. "Now he's hitting the ball where pitched." TVE ALWAYS had a slow'^r?""^; bat as a righthander," said Rodgers. "I have to do something to compensate for it ut pulling certainly wasn't e remedy." With a confidence breeded y experience. Rodgers w eans at much to the pitch- g staff as aa order from Ugney or Man? Grissom. "We've got as good a pitch- :g staff as anyone," ex ressed Rodgers, a handsome ock of granite who may orneday be named captain ' the Angels. "You can't ex- ject them to consistently xk as good as they have 5 spring. You can't pitch shutout every day. But there's not a staff in this ague which is better. All ur starters are improved and each of them has the potential of a winner." * * * · CV THE soaring sixties, a name to remember is Buck odgers. AXSCt. ANCIEI: Tan Mrtana Is m e Infirmary Kst after being hit oa tie lee br a thrown Ban Tuesday. Ttie knee bat-hr bruised, but trainer Freddie edaka tatC catvd Salrtane vrould ba Kiartey revealed Itie souad wil not be cut anta Friday er Saturday. T«ra alien- ·s mvs- BO and since Sam Jones was it liven Jtie oeocrtunltv ta sits* on iis fria ITS ofcvlcu* toil ban bener re- iam Backed. Moeltcr started tor «ne Anot.. _ . _ _ pulled tiien muscle M his nctfrt teg. imly not Being to miss a turn." s«d loener. The soutnoew Yielded Two runs ·tree Inning stint, ftottl scored Bfl fete linnets' double. Rume*s homered oft to the sixth arid ene aut later l«- ._. eld H-it. ItJ-H. ttie fines! rookie ne Anpets have se«n ttils soring. ' four-bagger an? El. the Sox' eight-hit offense. CMS AND DATA--*ed Sex- largest ad vanca sale of trie sorttTO contriButed ·) ·n overflow crowd ef 1^37. . . Former ·mttanal Lemurs rumia wafin (4OS) Cic* wimams l.3«4) and Ed ftrtssoud (JOS) rank VS-J amono Red Sox hiV 1erx . . Did STuars liai been *-vlna to tfiak* · cfint cold lor a wvek. Tht for mcr Pirat* ttomt run kins ft«l tco · I disaDpoiltfinent M tar^ feamng otilv .21 wi« II ttnktoun U n official at Bah.. ttielr four years or training * Scottsdale . . . gx-Oodw Diet Williams pel itt Baa Ztnmer, J-n C_ _jhnflr Fottas* noting ffve - .- certainly change last ha baseball" TTia three are It* entv Dodger holdovers troro l«fc WDDamr last u Willie DavEs was held out of action agaie because ef a Bulled leg imm Atsftra wants him ready tor 9m City ries Saturday and iwetey. . . Eeysd and redre» win face the Angels to n first gama. KIUTU gees M trie finale.. t» Millar starts again* Cuts to Do-» ers* Arizona adieg al Mesa today. . t against mtror leagu- 3-tt . . KM Soi have . . Oofloers have Blaved games to a row betor- fftrte errorless Bjmes to commlTflno tw« boo-boos · total of O. Ttie game featured Ihre* of last -Vat's nartet of no-IUt Bltners: Kaufax. ti Menb-ogoetta and winner Ian Wilsaft. * .HI «_t tii-i» Ciiicy's Maloncy Tosses One-Hitter CairpaH Irm win lorries* Cincinnati manager Fred ( lips boosted bis average to i-utchinsoa beamed broadly].. 11 in leading Detroit with Wednesday after watching three hits. Jim Malocey and said "he San Francisco won Cleveland's Walt when Bond dropped a fly in the last in- might pitch us to the pennant.". ! Hutchinson, looking for a nine Milwaukee*! Denny Le- fourth starter to go with Joey Master and Tony doninger Jay. Bob Purkey and Jim five-hit Baltimore; and-St. OToole, probably found himlLouis used three triples and as Maloney hurled a one-hit-fa double to outlast Washing- ter through seven innings as ton. the Reds blanked the Mets, BASEBALL Cardwen. Face n V Caravan. L-*IHIam». and Howard; Itrsess. -- 1M CM 4S»^lt U I toe M JT»-- I t I --Associated rrta Wl. eohohj A COUPLE OF CUP1TS Jack Cupit has his No. 1 fan, wife Jackie, with him as he goes through practice round for the Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta, Ga. Jack is an underdog, but a gallery favorite as famed tourney gets underway today. EXHIBITION THE O.NTY hit off the 22- year-old fireballing tigfctlaiid- er was a two-out single in the K iJ?Sl%m^ x»m«»-i T i seventh. Meanwhile, Vada '^jTM» «·» «»- « " · Pinsoo and Pete Rose combined to collect five hits as Cincy evened their Florida record at 13-13. i^srai iaL In other games. MJwaukee'gJJ y^ [beat Baltimore, 3-2; Kansas j u ' 1tma ^ , aty drubbed Chicago's White JX^JJ^ Sox, 10-5; Pittsburgh toppled New York's Yankees, 6-4; St. Louis edged Washington. 6-4; Detroit slipped by Minnespta.lJJSS*'* 5-4; and S a n Francisco 1 whipped Cleveland. 4-3. i Don CanJwe!!' pitched the' w »? Pirate win and Roberto de- "· mente had two triples. Rookie Bob Bailey from Long Beach singled and scored an insurance run in the eighth. Juan Pizzaro, making his first White Sox start after a, long holdout, was blasted for nine hits by K.C. Bubba Phil-; Cri 0. SfaRart (TV Feu n and Taylor; Mslone.. »rosnan n an* Edwards. W-- MJIOOCT. t--Oral . m log «»-- t u t . 100 lie Bm-- I ft I and lanay; Egan Kt*r. Roland Kline and t-C-Dert; M), Shantz CS) and Sau _ W-WeiMunL L-- Mne. film Beack. I Fla. an eoe u»- « I · m m da- t · WuMur*. iwatsfcl. OHvi Halt Ol and Orslm; lernaster. (I) and Crandan, W--4.ama»- AFTER VIEWING FILMS Krt » lot m eta--» 11 Koufax, ferranosH C7 and Kosetiora: MonDououetta, Radalz Ifl and TUlman. W--Aftonbououetta. L--Koufsx. COOPER NO. 9 IN RING RATE NEW Y O R K (UPI-Henry Cooper of England was named lighter of the month'' Wednesday by Ring Magazin« and moved up to the No. 9 ranking among the world*! heavyweight boxing championship challengers. A n o t h e r heavyweight who advanced in the ring ratings was Cleveland Williams of Houston, Tex, who moved up from sixth to fourth place b e h i n d Floyd Patterson, Casshis day and D o n g J o n e s among the eontinders for Sonny Listen's title. "» .: ii · i CjmobctLc lAOIesHx I Hartm*i,» « un JC-. C Georgia Coach Felt Tide Had 'Prior Knowledge* » m m- j } } «nd Haller. w-- 6. rr. 1-J.mtman. * * * STANDINGS Amartcn Leaoal Kansas City . Ctilcigo Detroit Bestoo ·vestiirrsten . Hew Y»T* was shifted to athletic "I 1 ""* 'director, said he felt that in- ATLANTA (UPI) -- Georgia!who was investigating a pub-Jreported nothing unusual in 'ootball coach Johnny Griffith Iished report that Butts gave!the game. 'BhXukee said he saw nothing during the secrets of «ia Georgia of fen- The Georgia coach, who'gjl^fTM controversial 1962 Georgia- srve and defensive strategy to succeeded Butts when the " "* Alabama game Jo indicate Alabama coacli Paul (Bear)'ter Alabama had learned Geor-Bryant. pa's secrets, doozments in an nvestigation of the game| gators showed Wednesday. But Griffith ooking at films or tne game^wnere ine game was played in an opening game he did "have a feeling" the season. Mahama team had p r i o r mowlajge of Georgia's operations. National Lrxral ·ancjsca radar's Cames Cincinnati vs Chicago A at Uacoi w L ra. U · M U 1 Mt 15 SI -S77 13 IB .53 u 11 3a U U -S3« u 14 ja U 14 J17 10 IS OJ 7 II JXl \i t .we . 14 II .5*3 11 ii J2a I u 17 ja 11? 11 .50.11 II -500 . 1? 14 .467 : · n J7- . f II -W Griffith told state invest!-formation of the kind reported VhiiSwIia «. vaSSA a**" me same^tors that even his coaches to have been given by Butts iSSan^TlfraSSB'K SV-r'tcrt Hi iay. (who operated from the top to Bryant would have be«i l £-f,^H?. a *F.fexJ.-TMS-S.S X said, after of the Birmingham Stadium "vitalTM to an opposing team A^.?at Va--r_BeS.*aiif. Hc "arrFrIrt of the game, where the game was played in an opening game of the' "^in^ c ^fimnJ5re"ir*5SrnL*'' ' THE GEORGIA coach's recollections of the game were included in testimony given to| attorney general E WHEELCHAIR PLAY HERE UNDER WAY The fourth annual Lake- BASEBALL BRIEFS am Totals BLADES." (Continued From Page C-l) '·{This is unheard of when the S *. Seals and Blades tangle. } » » a a ,J THE LOSER of tonight's!-y {''contest wiH go into mothballs 11 until next October. The «·"·- Camoltad frana Wira The New York V*-**«_ alreatfv tur- flened bv m]ur«s te Roger MJTO, Wncirv farC Tanv KubeOt and TtmntT Trr-Jt more tad news Stellar Iturd basema* Cfchi lavar sustained a bruised ngnt band ta a game witn Philaatterua. layer can hardly move his rina finoer. x^-avs via fca t^kM chair basketball tournament gets under way tonight at Lakewood High at 7:15 p-m- Friday night's finals win be held at his rin* finger, x^avs' will be' r«ken ta dttermine 4 tf* linger Is hrokeil. The St Lours Cartfnarl. on ttie rec- ornirtendJtloti of scout Marty Mjrioa, ! ner faces Portland in the start J of a best-of-seven series in n5 ",t!i« drive toward the Lester torsan Totals i3nS.5tXr l " ta W: »-StT_.-i!Patrick ~~~ eat for Moeller M «m. c--watiM for »·«'»·». --~t-. Crta M 7m. d--Crounoed out for Farrtirl ,.rra rerwd--1 J.F, Ma»y (Cyr- JeSt rST" 4 m *""" "'" V'SSST.erS.^rSrrfcnam,, XS* SSEtJ^Ird r -ta*-» SF. r n ^^.S££*S;y~-^' '" r TM' f ""°" " Corn *. 28--Tmpifc Ryrret*. W«-- - 'v^.-- _. "«-- OrBtT ""· _ I I ;::; f Attendance JJOi The Garden Grove Bears, runnenrps in the recent national \Yhee!chair Tournament, will open the tournament meeting the Lakewood Stan, while at 4S p m , national champion Long Beach Flying Wheels '! meet the San Fernando Valley Hawks. The consociation game wfll be held at 7:15 Friday w i t h t h e championship JTTM Mic*lS*rS..i« '·«» ietttTgt-rtl f"°* »t W5 pjn. Friday. ?_»·_ ««l«_~!p:^T»TM.h..,j nett h ^ taahtlm i and the pubfie is invited. Chicago W»ta Sox. Cincinnati announced ttwt star outfielders Frank Robinsata and Vada -M»- so* win rgmaia M Tame*. FI*. for treat- men- of mtortn wraa V* CIU breaks camo. Bon plaverx however, are cected to be M the ooening day Mr* against Ine Ph.Kles. Houston Colt reliefer Jim went home from itia hosaital wim nr sfi.ufliAis ta -do anything vo« fvel Cke doing." Untlniuil underwent surgery for - maJipian. BrowHl to His rl^n teg early I March. The Uff Yort Mefs. already rktoen -'lift woes, leamel mat two of their ·egular ectfialcfcrs. FranH TMm» and HE SAID he would never have given an opposing coach the kind of information which Butts reportedly gave Bryant For teams that were equal, he said., such data would "be critical" and for those of unequal ability such as Alabama and Georgia "I think it would have some outcome on the game." Alabama, a 17-point avorite. beat Georgia 35-0. i Griffith said most teams earn during the season of opposing teams* plays in great detail but that this is not the case for an opening game which is usually preceded, as in Georgia's case, with secret drills. Ailing Wismer Ordered lo Take Checkup J.C. Agapn'ran presents BIG DOUBLE HEADEK SUNDAY, APRIL 7 AMA MOTORCYCLE TT STEEPLECHASE Championship Riders 230 9M. U S A C MIDGET CHAMPIONSHIP with Indianapolis Drivers 830 PJA. A S C O T P A R K 183rd and VESMONT AYE. Thum.crbirds Tangle Wilh Delroi The Los Angeles Thunder-iLB. Arena. Game time is birds win meet the Detroit MS, with, wannups at 7:45. A rear-opacity crowd is Stars Edge Kcrnals; T IS^-Ill Til ff HE.W JUKrw \fft --- LearlCIlLl'lajoffs oritrtd a medfca! The Buibank Stan took a two by a city doctor for Har- 1-0 lead in the California ry Wismer, former president Hockey League playoff finalsjof the New Yort Titans pro- Wednesday night with a 3-2 fessional football team, who victory over Bakersfield, at failed to appear in court Bakersfield. Wednesday to face a charge Bud Griffin, scored the that he failed to file tax re- winning goal in the second turns with the city. period after B a k e r s f i e l d l Wismer'i attorney said his rallied from a 2-0 deficit to dient was too sick to appear tie th« score. Gordon Cress-|and presented a private doc- .. *OT*7l *l«tsl D«#A sD «T-/tAl/4 *^-^T-^j4 »*^?^. _ f * T _ J L* * .L - A nv _ ^* Devils in a National Skating Derby game tonight in the Kid na«ehall expected to see captain Ralph W Kemals. VaHadares rf the T-Birds and The second .Gerry Rapp, of Detroit for Barbank and then Chuckjwas Passmore tallied twice . fcvs nu mars af age. tymt test Lor*_ l«acli area are wet Aoo*icarions a^ now available M taorttnj ooott storn tor a«ncii)a*kO)t M r« Lena Be*c»-La_ewootf Coir Liagi-f tn« too* w,« ooen an v. their last meeting. Rapp out- 'scored ValUdarej, 34-29. wen_aad Pete Rayfield scored tor's affidavit that Wismer [was suffering from severe for arthritis and gout. C r i m i n a l Court Judge game of the Manuel A. Gomez said a date series will be for Wismer'i trial would be --- : - t " -"-- set after the court receives the city doctor's report. JV Baseball Scores Prep Golf WilM U Carso* w JT. ttmm (X) 17. iv«v -- - a . TI BUDDY EBSEN DONNA DOUGLAS-TV* I .rm tint «cn tC FAMTLT KtCTUIPX SHOW Dam tITtJOfT I3U1TB3I--n rTOOf. UnDEJ--7T--* BRU KUT^tt s-Oisu K.CIU. esnum. "C. nurjon. n. mumssion a Deof Faa · Oack Im* . Kcpbc* Hew nla( Trommhsfom Ar* Owr Onfy BUSMWSI I AUTOMATIC TRAKSMISSIOI. EXCHANGE FREE LOAN CARS NO MONEY DOWN AUTOMATIC TRAN5MIS5IOH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION OVERHAUL 1440 WEST PACIFIC COAST HWY. OM tlocl West al La 14 Saaca fmvcy HE 2-3473 LONG BEACH DIW..IWI Liv--Vii ii«--Mi.liwt LJL 3 DAYS Of RACING! FRIDAY! SATURDAY! PLUS 3 DAYS OF THEi=ABULbUS . . · 12 RACES EACH DAY/ FIRST POSBTTOOM FOR BUS SCHEDULE CALL BRadshaw 2-4568 (9 AM Ull 5:30 PM) For plane service call VI 9-1949

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