Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 32
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I.';'? Page C-8--INDEPENDENT ' ' ···· it * 11 ' «·'"- *·*· *··" »· 1W · · Legal Nolle* NOTICE Of I N T E N T I O N TO ENGAGE IN THE BALE Or ''· ALCOHOLIC BEVERAQIB April 35, 16JT TO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN] Subject lo Issuance ol the license applied lor, notice la hereby given that the undersigned proposes tu s«l alcohnllo beverakea al the premise* · tteecrlhed ae follows; «33 f t llroadway · - - . - · Long Ueacti Pursuant In auch Intention, the .' unclsrelgned le applying to the De* ' partnient ol Aleohullu {leverage Control for Issuance by transfer of an alcoholle beverage license lor these premises aa follows: Trf. On-aale Cleneral Anyone desiring to protest the li euanre of aucli HvensMs) may file a verified protest with Ihe Peuartmenl of Alcoholla Bever.ce Control at hacraniento. California, e l a t i n g · grounds lor denial aa provided by law, The form of verification may ~ he obtained from any office of the Department. The premlaea are now ' licensed lor the aale ot alcoholic HI I AM ENTEIlPniHr-S, INC. Pub. May 11. 1957 (ID--U U. I. NOTICB Or I N T E N T I O N TO CNOAQB IN THK 8AUK OF . ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE* .' May J7. 1»37 TO WHOM IT MAY (JONCKMNt Subject to laiuanc* of th* license , applied for, nolle* la hereby Klver that (he umlereliined propose! to enll , aleohollo boveratfea al th* premleee, deecrlbed aa folluwai 3JUI-W Atlantic Ave. .,;. · · Lonx ileacli -- 7 1 , Purulent to aucli Intention, the . unrierilined la applying to the Dp partnient of Aleohullu Beverage Con · trol for liauanc* by tranaler ot an " aleoliollo beverage license (or II renses) for tli*a« pr*inla*a aa lol . ° W1 ' ON-HALE GENERAL / Anyone dealrlne: lo protest the ' laauance of aucli llceiie*(M inay file . a verified profit with th* Depart- nienl of Alcoholic lleverafje Control ' ' at Sacramento, California, elating ·round* for denial aa provided by Tin form of aa p verifi ication may , be obtained from any office of the premise! are now aali ot alcoholic A n o n l o l i . * Trinidad D. OUILLEN Pub, il«y 11. 19S7 (il)-L,ll.l. Department. The licenced for the ' ' 4*40* . NOTICB TO CREDITORS -- No. US. P.30MJ ' Tn th* Huperlor Court of the Stale · of California. In and for the County nf Lot Angeles. Ill Ih* Matter of th* KlUte of KDWAIID HIIII'l'EN WEST. alo known aa KUU'AKU · B, VVEHT. fJeceaaed. Legal Nolle* nue to Hi Interaction with V-rde dralnaga lateral, for tlon of the contemplated Improvement, along Candlewood Street from Ita Intersection with Knoivllle Ave* Palo . .. total distance ot enproiiinately 0.45 mile, within the City ot Lakewood, Call, fornla. and In accordance with the provisions of the plena and Bpeclfl* catlona therefor which are on file In Ihe office nl the Oily Clerk, Lakewood City Hall, 61)44 Faculty Areline. Lakewood, California. Kadi bid must be aubmltted to the office ot the City Clerk at o044 F*c* ully Avenue, Lakewood. California, on or before two o'clock P.M, on June C, 1867, and will In owned by the Clly Clerk on June 0, 1967, at or about two o'clock P.M., and thereafter will be submitted by the City Clerk lo the City Council tor action thereon at eight o'clock P.M. on June H, 1957 In the Council Chamber! at 600 Faculty Avinue, Laker ood, Cellfornla, PropoMl. must be submitted on the blank forma prepared end fur- nlatied for that purpose, which may lie obtained at the Lakewood City Hall. 5044 Faculty Avenue, Lake, wood, California, and at Mid olllce bldderi nny also obtain copln of the Plane and Specifications for the rontempleted work upon payment of rive Dollars (JS.OO) plua twenty csnta (SOo) aalea tai, per set. Bald !«yment ihill not be refunded and the Plane and Bpeclflcatlons need Dot ha returned. Kacli bid must he aubmltted under eealed cover and accompanied by one of the following forme of bid* der'a security: (a) Cash, or (b) Caamrr'l check made payable to the City ot Lakewood, or (e) Certified check midt pay- arle to the Clly o( Lakewood, or (d) llldder'i Bond eiecuted by an admllled aurely Insurer. · made payibli lo tin City of ' Lakewood. OFFICIAL CITY P R I N T I N O REQUIRES AND THE PUBLI INTEREST AND NECESSITY; Dl MAND THE ACQUISITION AN CONSTRUCTION OP A CERTAI MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENT AN MAKINU K1NU1NU8 JtKLATIN THKBErO"! NOW. THKRETORK, the Cl Council of the Clly of Long nsac orilaina aa follow*} Secllon 1. That a Special Munlc it Election be held, and the earn hereby called and ordered to b, held In the Clly of Long Beat Cellfornla, nn Tuesday, the 4th di aday, r th«« pu alifie rpoe* , of June, 1967, fo aubmttllna; to th* qualified vote of laid Clly a proiwaltlon of In curring tndebtadneaa and laauln bonda of aald City therefor In th amount hereinafter aet forth, an for the object and ptlrpoa* a*t forth In aald reeolutlon and hertlniftc tatad, Beo, 3. That tha object and pu pon for which raid Indeblednen iroimaed to b* Incurred and bond! iiued therefor la a* follow*: WATER B O N D PROPOSI. TION: Th* acquliltloii and con- ·ttwllon by the city of Long Ileach of a certain municipal Improvement and utility, to wit: addltlona to and extenaioni and Improvement! of the water aqi- ply and distribution ayitam ot "·Id c|ly, Including Ihe construction of additional distribution, collection a n d tranamisalon mains, treatment basin, pumplna; age tanki, and »·..-".!«"''" -!?."'.Si.« '^ iT«» »S".5 'S,/ elation, and atora , the acquliltlon of portion! of the water lystem of the Lakewood Water and Power Company aervlng territory lying within the city of Long JlearS and alao eervlng nerteln unln- corpnrated areaa entirely or auh- itantlally aurrounded by aald city, and Including the acquisition of all land, rlghti of way. pipe, fittings, hydrnnta, pumpa, tanks, valvea, machinery, equipment and other properly necca- eary for any of the foregoing. Sec. 3. That the estimated coi of the propoa-d municipal Improvement · deacrlbed In Section 2 liereo equal to ten per cent (10ft) ot the otal aggre n pe gate ioaal. aa a guara er. If lila propoaa bid price of auch iroiioaal. aa a guarante* that th* jldd . propoaal la accepted, ill enter Into and execute the awarded contract and furnlih the required bondi In connection tiler** with. In accordance with th* term* of th* aforementioned jpectflcatlona or In th* alternative auffer forfeiture or other provlilona aa provided by lectlona 379:13, S7U34, and 37B31 of the Government Code of th* State of California. In th* event that aurety bond la aubmltted In lieu ol he foregolne, It ahall b* rubject tion that th* auroty o thfl egolne, condit liereon be «rl)roved hy the City Incurrlne of bondecf Indeblednn Attorney. The Clly Council reaervea the or all blda and right to reject any or to walv* technical er Notice la liureby given lo creditor! «'P«»' ". ''' liavlnr claims acainst Ilia aald de. ""· the Intel c-den[ t u file, aald claim. In Ihe 0 ^!«««!'t to rora and dl Million. Elgh . Hundred Eighty-four Thousand Dol lin (I6.884.000.00M that the amoun of thn principal ot th* Indebtednea to be Incurred therefor la Blx Million Eight Hundred Elghty.four Thou sand Dollar* (16,884.000,00), Tliat the maximum rat* of Interest lo be paid on aald Indebtednea ahall not exceed the maximum rat permitted by law, to wit, five pe cent 165'.) per annum, payable annually for Ihe first year and aeml annually thereafter, the actual rat or rate* of Intereat on aald bond to b* determined at th* time of th eel* or aale* thereof, That If th* propoiltlon for th submitted recelvea number of votea. to the requlalt it, two-third ot the votea of the qualified vote - -- --. -..-,_ _..,. .... votlnff at aald election, Ixinda of ae crepanclea, IMo do eo^aeemi lo^best City In not rtceedlnir Ilia jirlnelrw resta of Ihe cltv, amount Hated In auch irul 'olllce of the. clerk of th* aforesaid court or to preaont Hum to the ' utideriltned at Ilia office of her At* torney, J. D. Uunderaon. 1111 Beeur. ',' Ity Hulldlng, In th* City of Long Jlnaeli 1, lit th* aloreeald County, , which latter offlc* la th* place of buelneaa of th* underlined In all , niatleri pertalnlnc to anld eitate. . fiucli claim* wltli th* neceiaary voucher* niuat b* filed or preaented ae aforeaald within ·! months after · th* flrtt publication ot thla notice. (Ml*d May Id. 1»S7. ANNA CLINTON WE-TT Knecutrti of th* will of **ld decedent. J. 0. Ourxteraon, Attorneyat.Liw, ' Hit Security Building, 1 Long Beach, California. , PuD*'May' ::. M, Jun* t. IS, 1957 ascertained the eeueral prevtlllng rate of per dleni waxei (or eacl craft or type ol workman needed la eiecute Ihe pronoeed contract, and U will be required thit nol leaa than aald ratea be paid to all auch workmen employed or engaged on Ihe work. The ralea ao aecer* open con- until Seven tained *r* aa followa; PER D I E M TRADE OH OCCUPATION · RATE Cement Klnlihlng Machine Op- eralor . ..(23.96 D a y . («-- L.JI.I. , NOTICE Of I N T E N T I O N TO .' ENOAQE IN THE 8ALE Of 1 ' ALCOHOLIC BEVERAQCS May IB, 1967 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: 8uoj*ct to laauanca of the lleenie applied for. nolle* la hereby £lvrn that th* UQderalgned propoaea to nil alcoholic txveragea at III* prem- 4 laea. deacrlbed aa fullowa: 1241 California Afenu Long lUach Purauant to auch Intention, the underalgned la applvlna; to th* D*^ partment of Alcohollo H*v«r*g* Con . trol for laauann on original anpllca * tlon of an alcohollo beverage llcenae lor thea* prrmleea a* follow*: ON-HALM IIEKR ' Anyon* d*.lrlne to protttl the · laauanc* of auch Uceneela) may file voting at aald election, Ixinda of eel ..... ...t Haled In auch proposl.ini _ . the provisions of shall be Issued and void Inr th Section 1770 In 1777, Inclusive, of object and. purpose aet forth in eelc the Labor Coda of Ihe Slate of propoalllon. California, Ihe city Council hasi Bee. 4. That the nolle for uli ' - election shall be opened at BeVen O'clock A.M.. of the day of aali election and ahall remain o llnuoualy frora aald time un... ,,,,,,. O'clock P.M., of the aune day, when «Ald polla aliall-be closed, except a provided In Bectlon 6734 of the Elee- tlona Code of the State nf California Sec, 6. That on Hie bajlote to be tiaed at aald special elecllon In eddl tlon lo any oilier matters required by lav there shall be printed aub* alanllally the following: MARK CnOSSKS (X) ON DA1 LOT PNI.Y WITH RiiniiKn " rTSU~OT «v.. ..-.CIL. (AIlbENTEK nALI-OTS MAT illTMA.TgE.rW.TinM'IN AND INK OH PENCIL.) INBTnUCTlONH.TO VOTBrtr^ To vote on any measure, stamp · cross (X) In Ihe voting aquare after the word "YES" or after the word "NO". All marks, rx- "PI the croaa (X) ere forbid* den. All distinguishing marks or erasures are forbidden and make the ballot void. If you wrongly -tamp, tear or deface thla ballot, return U In Ihe Inspector of elecllon and obtain another. On abatnt voter Ullots mirk a. ffoaa (X) with pen or penrll. Laborers--tieneril or-Conalruc* llou _ _.,,,__, 57.eo Iluggymoblle Man Cement Dumper ton 1 yard or larger mUen and handling hulk remrnll ,, _..,,,... 1928 Al'fltENTICr, 1 ): May be em* Ployed In conformity wild Hectlon 1777.6 of the Call* fornla I.abor Code KU11KUKN: All foremen not herein separately rlaaalfled Bhall be paid not less IhBll $1.40 per day more than the ually rate ut tn« nights, clesslflcallun In which Iw MsTM aupervlilon In Ihe all Ilasla TraileB end not leaa llian JI.IXI per day more lhan the journeyman rale fur lh« crall Involved In the Buu-Tradea. Concrete Curer -- Jmpervloua Membrane 1»,1J Crlbber or Bhorer __-- so.48 Klne Grader (Highway and Street Pavlnf Oiilyj : _ verified protest with Ihe Deparl-l oul p r , B ty n«nt of Alcohollo -leverage ixOiilrol'cnncrclt JJu Watchman Tunnel cU-.iKlcall.nn not Included In the, above achedule. Bklploader-- Wheel Type (with- 1 at Sacramento, California. alatlnB grounda for denial ·· provided by ! law. Th* form of vtrlflcatlon may lie ! obtained Iiom any offlc* of tin Department. Th* premlaea ar* not ' now hennaed for tlia aal* of alcoholic , " r " fM ' nODE r( T T . QHIKFIH i ·pub. May M, 1SS7 (ID-- 1*11.1. ^ 4 yds. but water level _., .. 18.68 5 yds. but I'M than 11 yds. water level .T, 19.08 Drivers of Truck! lrfjs.1 Fay- load Capacity: Lesa than li tnni..._ 11.44 Driven of Tran*ll Mix Truck! (under ,1_ydi.) _ _ 20.38 Drlvra of Transit Mix Trucks (:t ylB, or morel _. 31.48 ... v..,,..r...., --·l",' 1 " T TM cH Drl " r - Und ",.., Am In the office of 2.6UU gala. _....-.. M ,.. . 18.92 the A«l.t.n. B^'reiSrj.-^m'.^ Water Truck Drtver-a.tOO to Admlnlslrallon Hulldln-;. 'IS Locust ,° UO *"·· · - ».»· NOTICC TO eiooen* Notice la hereby given that the Board of Education of Ihe Long £·.? I^"., n. B .C'c D .',;:.rn,^ l w!',i Water "TrucH br.ver- Under ; receive eealed blda tor ............. . ...... Truck Driver*) gtype attachmenta)-^ 21, SO bile Miner Opera- 34.4S Driver-, of Dump Tnlcka of: ~ evel. yda, Leia than 4 yda. water 4evel. J8.44 leaa than . - Avenue, Long Ileach, California, ' , , to 11:00 o'clock A.M., June 1. ia, mi . 1967, Th* foregoing prevailing wage for the lollnwlrt- schedule Is based upon a workliiE - Sched. #M:i»-reieclrlcal eqiilpineol''l«y «'-lltht hours and In the event - . - . - * ihil laboreri. workmen or mechan* employed less than right Bched. ^SMK-Il-- Automotive equipment Bched. «3«-!j.D-Draftlnr equlpnient ' · · - ··' Bchtd. *:HiW-- Sealea , Belied. O3U32-C-- Steel atorac* ca huura per ilay th* rate of per diem wegea ahall be deemed |o be that fraction of the foregolnc ratea that Ihe number **f h^ura nt em'ilnynent beara to eight. Provided that over- llnif, ralei, tatea in ]av u,, S«lur- holldaya ahall oa;- Bute Californi , . - rholc* to *upplle* partially grown, or manufactured In the ' produced (Mate ot California. Th* Uoard of lnr the general provlalona herelnabove *et forth, the ·tretftht ntea aa Dpeclfled for flagman, guerda or watchman ahal) : i WATER UOND · | : PROPOSITION! I | : Shall the city of i · ' i : Long Ileach Incur a t , i i bonded Indeblednesa : , t : In the principal i i : (mount of IB.SHi.OOO : . ! : for (he purpoae of : ' t : the acquisition and i . . t : construction by aald i ; i : city of a certain mu- : i : nlelpel Improvement : t : and utility, to wit: :TE3 : : addltlona to and ex- : ; : tensloha and Im- i : ' i provementa of the · } i ! water iiipply and l ] ', : i distribution system t : t of laid city. Including i *i : construction of add!- : : 1 tlonal distribution, i v : l collection a n d trana- I . I 1 mission mains, treat- t · : i ment basin, pumplne : : 1 atatlon, and atoraga ; : 1 lanka and tha ac- : : l qillsltlon nf portions J i l of the water ryateni i . ' i . t of the Lakewood We- i ,-i- \ i ter and Power Com- : i ] wny eervlng terrl- i M ; nry lying within : · : i the Clly of Long : " t : lleacli and also avrv- l ·· i ! ng certain unlncor. : ' i 1 loratert *re*a entire- : : y or BUbstantlally i NO : : aurrounded hy eald i i · i city, and Including i ^ j : the acquisition of all : · i : land, right! of way, l ' ' t ' I pip*, fitting*, hy- t . ,' i : dranta. pumpi, tanki, l r j 1 I valvei. maclilnery, i : : equipment and other t y i t property necessary t · I for any of the fore- t THE UNDEH81CJNED doea hereby .' Mrtlfy that li* 1* conductlne on , Optlf.l InMrumenl Repair buijneai 4 at (III l.lme Avenu*. -Clly of Ixing , JJeath. County of l»a Angilei, Stale .. «f California, under lh« tlctilloua firm nun* of Act Optical Inilni- , ment llepalr and that eald firm li «ompo»ed of tli* following per»ona. " · whoa* namea and addre«a« ar* aj follow!, to-wlt: .... · \V. (i. (Jack) Speari, «40 Urn* Avenue, I/nng lleacli, California. WITNESS my hand tliU Slit day of May, w B6L , JACK , STATB Of CALIKHHNIA . - COUNTY OK LOB ANUK1.K3 ) a*. ON THIS Jlit day of May A.D.. 1 1957. before me, lluth C. 1'arka, a Notary ]*iibllo In and for aald Cnun- ' ty and Stale, rending therein duly rommlialoned and aworn, [terminally '. appeared W. C. (Jackl 8|»eara known In me to be th* jeraon whoa* name · la a\ib»crlbed to the within llnlru- tnenl. and acknowledged to ni* that · |l* eiectlteil til* Mine, IN WITNESS WIIKHEOr, I have hereunto aet my band and afflxM my official aeal th* day and year In thla certificate fir.t *hov. written, Rtrrll C. PARKS (SEAL) Notary IMhllo'ln and for · Hald County and 8ta(* ' Vy comrnlaalon expire* Jtm* Ifi. 19.14 Hay U. :». Jun* t, 13. 1941 (41) LIU NOTICB I N V I T I N G BIDS -- *On THE INSTALLATION AND » OONSTHUCTION OF CKMK.NT * ''CONCRETH CtinB. OtlTTKlt, , . · WALK AND DniVBWAYR TO. - nETHElt WITH AM. NBCKIU · : " B A H Y AND APPURTENANT ·"· WORK ALONG CANDLEWOOD · - - - RTRKRT FROM ITH 1NTKI1- ",; ' SKrrioN WITH KNOXVILLB . . A V E N U E T O VIIE PALO ·/ '. N VERDE DllAINAOB LATERAL, ' ,-.-- IN THB ' s i i » CITY OP I.AKRWOOD ·,-couN'rir or i.os ANQELES r , ; · CALIFORNIA CASH CONTIIACT NO. SOI3« ·. /,.' · ' · f NOTICB IB IIEnEHY OWEN that · ». th* City Council of the City of Uke. wood will r*«lv* **aled blda for . . fho complete conitruttlon and In' atallallon of cement concrete curb, walk and driveway*, to- '" «utter, walk a.nd drlvewaya. «»· till". ^« "'·"«·'«··«""··"" *;-,. «th.r with .11 grading.nd .11 Mher CITY C O U N L I I j O F - ' T l W CITY r«t Inci elaailflcatlon not ll«ted In the ached ule. hut which may be required to execute the proponed contract, ahall be commenaurat* and In accord with the ratea apeclfled for almllar or comparable dutlea. Wage* to b* paid apprentice* employed or engaged on the work ahall b* .Utermlned In the manner provided by Section 1T77.J of th* eforementloned Labor Cod*, S P E C I A L INSTRUCTION TO DIDDERS! Hidden muit aatlafy Ihemealvee by pereonal examination ol the location ot the propoeed work and by luch other nieana ae they may prefer aa to the actual, condition! and requirement! of Ihe work, ol billot (hall be uaed thereat. Said preelncla. polltna; plaeei and election ,~ - . officer! will be eel forth In the or- ami ahall not al any time after lub* dlnince calling eald general (nunlcl* mission of the bid, dispute, com* p,i riecilon, which said ordinance plain or aaaert that there waa «ny mtninderatandln-; In regard In Ihe nature or amount of work to be doM. DATED: May 14, 1»S7. JKAN llHANIJENIlUna Chief Deputy Clly Clerk '·I . Jt). jo HENN1TT, Deputy city Clerk City of Lake-rood Puh. May 11, 39. 19S7 (2t)--L.H.I. OFFICIAL CITY PRINTING O R D I N A N C E NO, C-3737 AN OIlpINANCR OF 1 TUB CITY 01' LONH 1IKACH, CAI.I- tnNIA, OIlDKltlNU, CALLING ANl PHOVIDINU FOll AND 01VINO NOTICB OP A BPE* CIAL MUNICIPAL KLECT10W TO JIB HKLD IN TUB CITY OP LONQ HKACII ON TUB 4Tlf DAY OK 1 JUNK, 1957, KOR THM 1'UnPOSM OP SUMMIT* TINrt TO TUB gUALIKlED VOTKHH OP SAID. CITY A I'llOHOHITlOM TO 1 N C U H 1IONDED INDKnTRDNEaB IlY H A I I ) CITY FOll A CKHTAIN MUNICIPAL IMPHOVEMENT. ANH CONSOLIDATINO HAID RPKCIAL II O N I KLKCTIOM WITH TUB IIKNRHAL · MU* NlrlPAI. ELECTION TO HB : HELD IN HA11 CITY ON THB · H A M E DATK, WIIEnKAB. the Cllr Council of Ihe City of Long Ilf.fh, t'allfornla, did on the 7th day of May, 1B67, by ft vole nf at least two-thirds of the member! of aald City Council, adopt JteMlutlnn No. C1377, en* t i l l e d , -- A RESOLUTION OF THE ilec. 7. Thai Ihe special bond fife tlon hereby called Is hereby ordered consolidated with the general mil* nlclpal election lo be Yield In the City of Long Ileach on the 4lli day of June. 1857, at which the qualified voleri of aald City are entitled to vote. The election preclncli, 1 polllnfl plicei, vollne; booUia ind officer, ol election for the election hereby oiled shall be the i.tne aa those provided for eeld general municipal election and auch electlona ahall be held In .11 respecta .1 If there were only one election and only one form will he idopled by this City Council on Max 11, till, and which will be publlahed in the lionf Ileach Inde* pendent on May 11, May 34 .nd M-iy M, 1967. tin. i That In all particular! not recited In this ordinance the elecllon herein celled ahall he held ai provided by law for holding municipal alrctlana In said City of Long Beach. K'f. t. That the Clly Clerk shall cerllfy to Ihe paseage and adoption of tine ordinance by . vote of at leaat two-thlrda of the member, of the City Council ot laid City .nd ahall C.UM thle ordinance to be pub- llahed once a dey fir aeven (7) dayi In the Long HMch Independent, . dally newspaper printed .nd pub* llshed In said Clly itx daya * week, and to be posted In three (9) conspicuous place. In the City of Long Ileacil .nd the same ahall thereupon take effect and be In force. At least three of aaltl publlratlona ahall be made it leaat ten (10) dayi before the date of the election hereby railed. No other notice of Mid election need be given. 1 hereby certify th.t Ihe foregoing ordinance was adopled hy a vole of at least two-thirds of the membere of the City Council nf the City ot Long Reach at Ita meellng of May 14. 1»57, by Ihe lollowlnr vote; Ayes: Councllmen: DK8MOND, . KEAI.EH.WICK. V .GARRISON.AHEHN, . ; .', JiAKKH.BPONUBKna, VEBMlLLION, Noeii Councllmen: NONR. * Absent: Councllmen: HEE8K. MARGARET U HEAHTWELL (SEAL) i.4.eel.*il mttA Anrnirtrnatlt WOflt OK lAJftll ItbAi^'i uri4rn\piint.n\i t uu. nimf AV, **, *»*» K^rV (or the^Jc? cons'rlcS'TlIA^Tni. rUllLIC INTEBESTi ,1957 (7t)-L.kl. City Clerk BEACH DBTKRMIN1NO Pub. M.y 20. 11. JJ, i3, 34, JJ, 37. S M A R T G A i S S H 0 P C L A S S I F I E D itHtaaary ..- 00 , INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ' DEPARTMENT PHONE i' - HEmlock 2-5959 jv CLASSIFIED V DEADLINE For Sunday Ada FRIDAY 5 PM TO SAVE YOU TIME THERE ARE BOX REPLIES · At The Independent, Picas Tolagiam olliea lor the lo lowing box«. - - t B.25U. B-2S1", B-.MI, B-3JT Ji-.lliUh. )l-3Blfl, I-4O53, 1J.413 II-3'.!Z, II-W2, J-31IU. V-344 K-^146, K-ltai, K-334J, L..IJI L-JSIB, 1/-3I1I, U-3H4, U-3II il.HI/, M-iun, M.JIJti. M.JSJ Al.auha, P-*/ll4. P-3047, P-4IM R.U77, n-3050. H-.14I8, H-37J R-38.7, 8.2073, H.2II74, K-224 M-H.», B.J30.. 8-2337, H-.HKJ . H-aasi. ».33H, T-4II4I, T-41HU T-4IXM), T-4UI2, T-4IWU. Funeral Notices ttkHWlcK -- Clauds Jl«rtuii, u( 7^ jxuna Vlite Ur|v*. Hurvlvsd 1, (isuKUtsrs, Mrs. llascl Kslm, Mr (.'·ells felislduni 3 krandchlLdrsn b s.r»l*irsnilchlldrtu; slilfr, Mr Itauus Workman, flsrvlfe 2:0* p.m. Thursilav at IIOTTELL'I · A er.KK CHAPEL. THIKl) AN ALAMITOH. *3HUN»~R«be«ca Jan* of 740 £«· Carson nl. Survived bfl daimh tars, Ulss Juanita BruBS, an Miss Jantl Bruos; son. ftobsrt ¥ Bruns, Msrvlee and Intermtnl a Um»tis. Nsbraika. UOTTF.LL' AND PEEK dtrstlers U than ol loeai arranf,.m*nls. T)UIlK:~Wmi*m Juesuh, of 32 It*1ondo Avsnus. tturvlvsd br widow, Jssils o.i dsuihler, Hr MolMrt 1*. Kssssndsn; eons, tlm W. snd Maurice w,j sevsn grand . rhlldrsn. H.rvlf.i lV.rtn.Mmv 1 a.m. al AlOl"ruLl/fl A FEE! ( I I A P K U TlllltU AM ALA MITOH. 211ftlBTUA -- irmianl Julia, o oWU La Pastda. Krlsruls ma call Tuss. allsr 12:011 boon. I llsu ef flowsrs, live It cants fund. Service WedMed*' I" 1 a.m. el UOTTKLL'K A PEEK rilApt:L IH(IU) AND ALA HITO8. sons, Frank J., Oeorfe /.. Wl hsm; thrse dsufhtsrs, Martha | · HOKS, Ainss F. Kos, Uarme D (liuiuon; two irandchlldrsQ ai» five frsst arsndehlldnn; tou ·lilsri. Ann Zllis, Hose Pstdvr Mk, Kale, Msrr Kllni er. Isrvlce l-uo p.rn. w«dn«sdsjr ll.lnbow Chspsl, llOHf, II11.1J WKHORIAL lUrtK, WIIITTIEH HOUR Illlld PlHtcTlNfl. jFAULDtv^Wiiiiaiii of Tsui DTT Mar AVS., lanf Bsacll. Bsrvle Wedntiday l;lnl p.m. at »IOT TKLL'H * I'EKK rllAl'tL, THIHII A N O ALAMITOH. flKCkKH-Oiorc ot H50 K. CKtf Blvd. Hurvlvsd br cousin, Ludwl Hsltiltf. Hsrvlfes Ttiursday, 1 a. m. si MofTEU.'" * PEEK I'llAPKL, TlllKU AHU ALA JiRAP**-- Leo J, of 343 Psrk Ave, Murvlved hr %l^ow. Chnslsbs ·l«pson, Russell Tsylerj 1 arsrw rlsiiRhlsr, Prlsnds mar ealfWM allsr 12 noon. Hcrvless Thuredsj i V. p ' ai MorrELL'n * PER] CIIAI'KU THIRD AND ALAMI TOR. LAKlB-Oeor|e It. of 3301 Bs Krsnclieo Ave. Survived py dsu«h tsrs Mrs. Inns K. Use, nut orsham: son. It Btsnlsr LeMs 1 Brmnddaushtsre. Prtsods me rnirvvtu. eflsr 10:00 a.m. Bervlf Triiirsdsv, 12:on noon, at WOT TKI.L'8 A PEEK CIlAl'tL, Tlllnll AND ALAUITOI. LnNnO-- MKhasl. ae 4S. of l4Ci Llndsn Av* Burvlved by wlfs Bshlna. gsrvl-e Wedessdey lliOO 244 REmNDO AVE LO^'hlt -- cHrsDe* Itolsed, of 7V rhvrrr Avv. Frlshtls msv eel Psrvtre Wsdnesdsv 2:00 p.m. T/lt lit. Ttcubtn K. Plstsrs snd Dr Jnrm-nn rulhoun offtetsllnr s HIOTTKLI.'B A PERK rllAPIL, THIRn A N n ALAMITOH. B B»th rt. Riis-T will be htl \v'-dn»sdsv, B:(io it rn,, et HPONO HERO UORTUAHY CHAPEL Ittqulsm mai* Thur«dav. a:no s m.. «l Bt. Athanaslus cathellt chliwh. K. 4th Bt.. Apt. No. 1. lurvlvsd hy ntphswe, Rslpti arwl Donsld rtimmmas: nts-e. Marilyn Ksr- iniHls. Frlsnds may esll wsdnss* riftv stlsr 10:00 a.m. Berries Triurtdiir, 'I:*' a.m., at MOT- TELI.'H A PEEK CHAPEL, TltlR!* A N H AliAMITOH, OET.KEH8-- F^lmund Ittutft, of :». rovina Avsnu*. Frlsnds mar rsl Tu.s. after U:M neoe. Bfrvlrs Tiiirsd«y, »:(X «,m. at MOT- TKI.l.'S A PEEK CHAPEL, THIRD A N D ALAMlTOfl. Qt'lTTTjiV^John J. of 102« Klfth Btrest Burvlved hyi widow, Alice: brother Joe*rh: slitsrs. IHO-IIS, snd Anna. limitation of 1r« Rnnsry Tiissflsv T p.m., MOT* TFLI.'B ANH PE»:K niAPBt., 3M end Alsrnltoi. nsnulsm Msss. WHn-idir, « .,m,, flt. Anthony's rsihoii* rtinr^h, MOTTKI.L'B A N D prRK M.'^CRAL DIIIEC. ToHfl, dlrsellnf. TTilI-- Itulh fomvsy, of 440 Orans. Apt. No, 1. Burvlved b; ·idowsr, Arthur C.I moihsr. Mrs. Arisvla Conwar' sisters. Clslrs Oonwsv, Edith plsres Jsn Koh. IsnrMrRsr; Anitre liaisrt broihsr, J Ursfory Ponwsy, Hseltstlon e the Roserr Wedntsrtay. T:W p.m., MOTTELL'B A PEEK CHAPEL. THIRD ANI1 ALAM1TOB; mass Oiur*V Thursday, 10:oo a.m. Hmnds may eill Tnssdsy eftsr 12:00 noon. VOTTrt.I/B A PEEK - FUNERAL DIRECTOR*, dlre«l. ^WESTMINSTER , MEMORIAL PARK Cemetery and Mauioleum rADl.DII. Wllllsm Knto-npmsnt ssrv. Wed. 3 p.m. Dlrsrtsd hv Uottsll's A Peek Morlusrlss BnoWNE, Dr, A, P. InlsrmsDt "rv, Wei)., 1:10 p.m. Dlrertsd hy Emerson Vortusry WTNNE. Nsllle M. iBlermeBt esrv. Wsd., 1:30 p.m. PI reeled by Ilellen A BOB Mortuary AWlTIDEB.~Joh» Intsnnenl strv., Ttinre. 1 tt.n. Plrsctsd by Dlldsy Mortuary BEBWICK, Clauds Interrnsnt strv.. Thure. I p.m. Plrsrtwt by Motlsll's A P»«k Morlusrlss ^·^sakB^^ I FOR ^^B CLASSIFIED · RESULTS · MECT ^^H cussro ^^H ^^^k ..^^HV r HEmlock 1 !-5959l FuntrM NotlCeM 1 *WavaJo Drive, illtoes, Arlsona Burvlvs4 by widow. Praar« broUisr. Donald. Bsrvless af Bis KjEK M^HTITAHV. TlVlRD t ALAMlToa. IN CHAHOtl OF l^K-AL ARHANflEMKNTD. WA1.KKR-- Mrs. Ellialxlh Ann. · «2. 01 S21 lloyrroft Ayr, tlurv **d by husband Jamas K. BsrvUs Wedossdar I'M. nimlHTENHEN-PIrfO , M. 344 HKIK1NUO AVE. Cord of Trionlti 2 WK wlslt lo siprsse our d»Sfert thank* to all our many frtsnds who shared our sorrow with our late breibsr, John U ormshy, Ormsbr Psmtlf. Funeral Dlrtcton 4 B. W7COON FUNERAL HOME Wltb * real heaae almoeiMra 10th A OMspa HE £»OOI CHRISTENSEN-PINO , , MORTUARY CHAPEL HOLTCMASOH I1L eM7* B1«th A UKUSl Ce)«lim« B 27tol Weslsrn, B Pedro. TH)-4441 follKflT LAWN. 1 fholts spei-s. OlIKKrl (IlLLa Cssistsrv-a lots o«tsn vlsw see. R, )n s. ItH B.DDOK iDMirgfeCe) 9A AUTO -- BAVB UoBlKly pymts. Ne msmbsr fses. Eves, by appl UA 7-4411, JsrojM, 2374 AtlanI i dA J-4iif Bora 2460 Americas The Varmsra lesuraoee oreup Personals 1 1 DIVOHCS ANONYMOUS Privets fllub lor divorced or wM owsd. Ceniblnattoa luslmsnt, Opsn ) days, DWOB III mldnllhl. ree psnil tor people liavlc* marltel dlfflsutllss. 2lii Amsrloe As. Ilk. t-aul PUBLIC INVITKI) Wednssdar * BUBdav evenings. "OUT ACQUAINTED UANC'ES' UVERY N1TK sicspt Monday ADMISSION 50o . HON-DANrERS WEIXTOMED " CLOVER BALLROOM 3.7H W, Plks, L. H. TilE WHDOll Are You e Meeksrt evaluate snd recreate .our life. J*srn oorreellvs Thlnklni ,. lit; 3-4»* III to 12 e.nv, PL B-UtSIt Anr Time LET l!k TEACH TOU To DANCK ao everyone will want lo be you! partner HI* privets lessons. 19.00 tll/U CAMTli. HM t-tlli eflsr UNHAppv with lubl Tr«m fo future s K u r l t y . s e a p«»«s o(. flrsr-- ens 2l-5«. Writs r.a. Ooi 2ul, Lotif Bss'h, tfU/4-- LXAliN 'ttt DANCE 11 lin. NUWI 4flsre«)M A svenlnis. Adulla e Iseos. Call 1IE e-soi4 Irsne Uenee Bluele, 122 C, 4UI ALONE) All SIM A faith. Write Bsverly Boelal Club. .Sen Clara, Bellfiowsr, Calif. TO f-USft. OHATTACHaU 1 XDULTs-Nrso«I Introduction. Phoa* HE 6.7M. Clsra Lens of Long fissch. WX'rcHEd eiperlly eUaa«4 and llmtd, l» Quaraiiteed l y««r. UKJJ'S (loubte-breuM suits slnsle- tied, 11480. Ladles' sis. reslyled, Rslrnsn, 229 ETlsl Bt, HH 7-41174 UADAU ROMA -- APC£|AL Palm. Card. Psychla Rsadlncs. 211 K. i«sids. lit; 7-efii DOHOTHY CABTI.E now slartlna: Kw clsssss In tsp, tMllet. ecro- II-, ror info. r:r! itr. ».kn«. ilCOIIOLlCB AMONIMOUB. e-ll p.m. wssk days. * a n . to 4 .e. BUD. JMI E JOlb (1 HE S-llM KoT^rssponslbl* for enr bills rusds hr my wits from this dsts en. Tom Orv«n. 6Mi DUir^AvT" 1 "^oY HIM IU:ADINa»-- Cards. Psychic. 13-1 daliy, l»3e Cherry, HE 4-7UI1. OVERWEIGHT - Arthritis - Allhm. Fr«e Info. 2IB E Bdwy HE 0-0245 OA l-4»44 HE «-MB] Al.'CQllOl.ll'S ANOtJVMOUJt OPEN DAILY Phone HH 6-B3JJ OIL Portrsll Artlit avallabis lor slttlni. HtJI-OeOO. AUTO perk. 34 hrs. |» r "mo.lii«luj- tng trutksAlralltrs. 140 Alsmltos Lo«t mA PoMd - U UNTXOQED DOOS IUPOUND1.D AT LONG BKACH ANIHrXL. eHELTRH LotSktlon. 890L K. WllioW CL Ph. OA T.S.*3i). Hour* 8 *-m, 10 A p.m. Moikltr Uirouih Frid.-y, 10 evm. to 4 p.m. Bstturdfty. ftua* dot? *nd holldiyi. Th foll*wlhf doii w«rt Impound »d and will b* hild I»r Ih* «wr»4r A Uy» (rom dsai* of In. pound mm t. Don not ndt.m«4 by owp.r mijr .MI pur* ChlMdl Utr zoth , UUth] fflTnili. tin. 300 Wtiurn ATI. iioO Ttrmlno .Uliid m-Jt. whit* * bitch, ' · iTW) Chtrnr Wl«»d ftmftiw. bitcst A whit*. · Co«h*r, mi«-i rtmn*. wbiu A Un WltLh Mrtjr who tailed itondo DOR End W*\» 10th thewklni 'M Lie, 34HO an Io4t MALR H K I I IT ANT HPANirL, Mil owntr TO H-JM7 * TO M3M LOST-- Ie«dy'.f Buiavk fold wateh with 2 ima.ll dlamondi. , VI*. M*r Co. Olft of d«e«e\i»d hmbtnd l R«w.,rd. HK 6**HIT, LOST-- Urowa~bilHold with Arthur AUa Mlll»r inHrlb*... it found call MR ft- 2331. lwAih«r band. HtnUmtntu. A** ward. Iltr. 7-Tr*lT. FLKAHIv-- Uit. 7-rr.-.ld .'hlliiie-hu* 1114141. r*d, vie. IOWA Pork Hhop, Compton. Rtw*rd MEt S«21»*,S. COHT-- Btu* )arakML whit* h»«d, vlrlnlty Woodruff 4 C«r«tm. UA Hl»f h A whit** Btll/Vow.r "* *E! D)«t-Vl. Wardluw i'.fii. MW U*. Or* ror Uul* Luiu»r i*ldtr Rlor*. OA B-834", LOST-- tan walUt. Contain.. t-rv« l«*min'.i I.D. * t»*r*on.i| ordtri. V)«. 1200 E. ProMwy, HH t»-»H»3 lovt TUlBltr of Bt. OfTMHu* A Bureham iVhool*, Pfi. n A OH 31 1). Haaxifi.e *«ni (rom top of rtni Frtdty L. B. RtwtM, I1B 8.2933. ^^S^m*TM**! t /th??n\ l x-*iMi T i Mil. ("ram* jli--i In imT «·». RejwiiM. HH ^.lAM. Travel ' , 15 FLY FREE ' OR Hael*ntla Hol«l Inn 1 ' CheUDf-ftlD*] TtMlf III Vegas IIIUWTIUB Cole Porter's Can-Can Evening Tour J27.50 INCLUDE* 1-15 TO UPEND . · . 4-- BUfl'lCT DINNER »-- BOTTLB CHAMPAGNE ' 4_FO|)R CHANCEa TO WIN 15000 IIOLK-IN-ONB IV-- LlMO, SERVICE IN ViaA* »-- HHOW HE8KKVATIOM Enlsrtalnment, dsnclnR 'til dswn, iwlinmirin. Uihl li«nlM toil. Douglps DC-3 DAILY rLtOHTB Long Beach Burbank DEPART · p.m. RETURN 2 a.m. ADDITIONAL KUdllTH PRI, A BAT. 3 P.ra. * » p.m. BUN. Depart S p.m. Rst. 2 a.m. THE OVERtTlTER, $32.50 )Mludse da luae room, dbl. eenip. 4*Doy Memorial , Week-end Special · 569,50 -..;.,, ST-73456 kJ JL / \J^L\J\J * VANT i or 2 t*iwtfn DES M DINK 8 via Dcnv*r. 'Ci pontl*e. leaving Mtiy Hal, aln-- Uay 3», Ph. HH WHWH ABTY UK 3 UKB Ulbk aU^T. \I^A. d IT V, Tulia. Bt, .Lou.*, Chlf^fi. Takt 2. OA ft'OSOB. Oil H F, ft-l^M. l«e,v* numhvr. J U I V I N U '14 ChtviMUt to |*nv*r. Church NoHe.t» 16 OA T*«52^ 2348 Qtan|« At*. Orel** W*!l«,da]r 7j30 p.m. EV, fcpN'A'MILLEB, IflftrUm*. Clrct* Wed. 0 p.m, CofisUilUtloD.! Emp. Agtney MM 23Emp. Agtncy MM - 3 ' - . Empfoymanf Agencies :. Are LlMutel an) kfideel by the Start* «f C«llfer.ld , . cue. Pledged f«~ i e IrMuJ A^.srtW*» , e Itmterl Privet, f .', e sVMHve ftreeisla* , · y.e leterltr ^. e Tea) Feravi feelflsM e lelleMlrrV W Offates*)s K SER ' ASSOC · AGE 2 Convenient Olllce Industrial ealeo trainee, unc Coil accountant, tnduitflal Claja "A" allcjall amembl |r. Accountant, some eiparl Draltaman.nnglneera, al! klr VICE ; ; . :IATES NCIES lo Give You ACTI01J ' uu J22 Stock clerk, unde^r 35 132 Salei trainee, college gradu Management trainee, carae ... , ... -- Partial L · · LONG BEACH Oil! · : Suite S02 TORRAHCn Olllce FLO BAILEY AatNClLfl -.1, FREE JODH (partial list) ' Asit. bkplnir, issm purch. to I32H Psrsonn*! «ssl*uril UIM Hr. cost aeet. loduitrtal. lo S vi Intsrrisl auditor, mfc. 1 w Trainee drsflsmsb tipsrj r . . FREE Jobs (partial list) Ont.r elk., lurn 1PU . to |5l« I^b. tKli., IIMH] .nilli U |1WI wk Hlok clsrk. Itsllflowir ,. s : UaiotsnsDGS elsclrlclsn , |2.u : 141 W. COMPTON BLVD. TOUPTON MFvsda 1.337. NKwrnsrk B-I031 1131 E. riREHTONK III. VII. DOWNEY. CALIFORNIA U Block Wssl of 1-akswood TOpa. 1-83S1 . CERTIFIED P-TRHONNirL KEHVICR AHFNrY Slrt K. HpWY HUlTri .JS 11.. NEv ft-Mfll Arcl,*cf*n. UdRtr ,.. , -.,,-,..- 450 Affiir, citrh, mri. co. -- . -- 3M) Ail)ul*r, crMIt ro,. car ..... 3i( Br. awt.. mtu. fOiJi --,-- - im'K .Ntit Htlmitor, *lectr, ,, -- ,,-, 1 TV r'himtl;, varlom ,,,,,.-,,,,,,-,-,,,.- Topi Hilfi, *!MtroDie f t r m ....mln. |?iX flal*t Knrr ·laclronlcf -- »,f5''il rnntr-wt lulion IWH Ordtr CUrk, t\*f. .. _.|5lo Wiiit?* trn*s ^ niir*r $^5y ; ; CALDWELL rriisoNNrL AGENCY 1» PINE sl.'ITB 112 1IB 3-1411 . N K v -il.I Br. rosl Arff., Ihd. up $700 ( f'hlflf Ar-1,, 35-46, .y.lsm* ....A^o r'ost Arc!., to 35, 2 yr. ··p 47ft Hfry. to V-I'rs. , lo 35 _..373 tip Invvntnry rik.. 2V45 32S rierk-Tvplit. 24-35 . 30n up Pslsi. nidi. mil.. speelslllH (,«·'' Mr. Haiti., eltrtronlo mfirr, 1700 . Qiisl. pontrol supsrv., ds|. lAnn Drufts. 3 vr. mseh. «kp. . 4W Opus flurfsee drtndsr Ooor omen -- ENORK -- RALEB KMI'/XITMENT' AOKNC'Y' 4*01 E. 2nd * 414 Kr»s Bltr HE 1-0714 HK 7.3S.S alB. under 30 $4QQ-I45C lating Only-- -· 110 W. Ocean Blvd. HE 6-2258 623 Craren, fA 8-6040 \ ALCO ci formerly known al BARNHILL _, Kl» Amsrisaa UA T-TI Outis.4* Bal*J. rood oppoftunltr, ·Klary + cu-nm, f «..|I*CIM rontlrurttot, dp, prtftrrt-J, bu will, Jr. Dr.lftimftn, 1 yr. *ip Op* ir*(.inian, U*ii. t AKti-, »truft. * mttctl. . to IJ.T6 h 4'bwmitt _...___.._ ^$ HtMarch I*v*lop, Ilm* itudy ITlKJ 4l*..*ra| off ic«, *xp , I3fl-i ('onirn 1 ! Ardit · f jpf*(illf*.__Op* In-sUlaton. bollirniaktri, tool m*k*r*v._._...,,_JJI,05 di CU» "A" ··MoibUti, th**t m*lal .. . |2,.)n.f2.3A U n n r O.hfr IViUlrni Oj+n !tll SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Hit E. , IW ;O«T AC(?OUHT. ,,, Ti l«5 INTFrtNAI, AUhtjOIl ._.To }»(!! J-KllKONNKf, AriBt., Ur«. To (w JIL COST ACCT. , _ _ I W W B :i-AjM« · CLK^Tralfle _»t. IJi HTO:K iH)Y^Sap!^.^.riellwl VVAHr:ll()UrlK l-Tfsl ,....! j.i.0 h PERSONNEL AGENCY loft K. Jroadway, fitiHi J01 PMONt HE fl-83.1 Pr coil «Mt,, to 45 ,, --_1«I OnUr t/V.. afv('i(. lj«Kd.~.T.TM.|3i H d l i n n rlk., I KM *«| JtiH - ln*ur. ti*Qti, 11.8. irAd*, yp «.*?·» · A/P 4*1 trk. *»p*r, ·«· op*n 1:1: In»[.»v( I *M*l('h, pin 12. BH h .LAKEWOOD Kmntavmsnt Aisnev 4113 Nor., tfsr. Ph. IIA t-I«U « Nssr lAhswoort A Carsgo In i^kswood Vlllaie Hralth Aldi 18 Prep School Inir. 22 ·~ Wl.Vnol M r.'m.'... M "i ' stesm irsatineaLJodByr HB »-3Sli9 Tall E, inth PH. operators Iran lotal tchl. 1U7 Paints Ave. OA 4.H.IO. 1 to B dally, Aat to A. ·TEAM A RUB 11-10 DAILY IfAfiSAdE Bltem 9 to 6. fill E. Tth KB t-e.18 Open Dun. JLWAL^TTE'H U.taphysici, ettarn. Fiit oiow. A M.»SK«, itn a-7711 UAIIY'8 UAHKAUE A I'OUlNIi'H KXP. orir. mi) E. Srd. IIK 1-4H29 QET trie bsit massais. Vsrmonl Baths. Itu- Plns^ HE 3.3U12 PHYBlCAL THERAPY (3ENDINE Nwsdlsh ma.iiiit. Ituth Ilartl. 13-7 Allantk. lit: 7-lSU. I«I4'1 ATLANTIC HE H-41H7 ilAHKAoK. COfXINICB. *(M E. 4lh. HH e-«32» Rait HemM, S.mlt.w)um» 20 LOS ALAM1TOS SANITARIUM . .tLDKHLT PjjTjlNTl^ BKD A ATfENDANCB RCO. NUItHB IN CilARQB LJCENIkU BY BTATE A CO. HR 6-0701 OH II B I-M1) ·j^ CRESTWOOD T^ ' For XIM, CARI! Hod, 1 slorv BKD A AllllUUAtOKY, BEE UH, 1775 Chrttnut IIK I-M467 HE e-4»5J NURHEI car* 34 hour.. Uonlhly Sit.s on llfs msmtMrshlp. The silsr Homv. 1016 N, llro«dway, Hsnta Ana. Klmhsrly 2-3614 " ATLATiTIO QUEST IIOUE ' Complete esre for e; srt. We Inv Is your Inspection. fiv2( Atlantis Ave. OA 2-0703. LOVINo care with room A buard for elderly ladlss In nl*s prlvais llcsiUMd horn., oood food A loea- PHIV, or semi pnv. Plsasiol hems. £KC«|. food A Bare, Njr« lounge with TV, Lady, OA T-N770 ACR08H from bl*W fk. Pleesiel surroundlnis. Oeod food, TV. Prtv, A Mml-prl. HE V-SIIS7, CkT m* care for your sklsrly molli. ·r la my horns. Pnvels mom. flA 4.052O. m.n or wom.n M.13 Msplv, Tl t-4111, er Boi S.. nnilowr THE KLAMINOO~HEHT HAVEN. IIATEI., nnris r«TM 143a E. 10th HH T-4311 12023 I,kwd. I»wny. TO V-0TK UYU Rest Home. A««J men. :4- hr. esre Or«d. nuru. HE -Tl»2. Prep School Inti. 22 REAL ESTATE SCHOOL Fr*tf ei«M«« -- ET»nr W*d. morn* . im, AH l«tni«tlen« by former a*cr*trrjr · mtna|»r of K*allr Board, alia f«m-p m*mb*r ot Tn* B*cr*tiri*« oounMi or th* National Awu*. ot JUal .Urtalt Ctl"-- Mdh- r*MrmIiOn| for FflKB ri.AHflKfl DEGLEY REALTORS 900 American HE 6-975] WAN1LD!-- 1 PRACTICAL NURSES Thousands needed to fill shorlets EARN J8-J15 PER DAY Mtm whH* ··rtilng. Kr** Info, NUHHF.H TKA1N1NO IlSHTlTUTlC HE fl-on«t or fail eoiievft tKAi* 'ESTATE BCiiooK*-- h*Ru ai Tu**, efc Frl. iHglty-Callf, Jol Iti* of n*al E«t«l*. - * 617 HO. W*.t«rn, I* A. ; COURSE"" Onalflsd peremnsl. Ph. UC J.U»., 10-J lor eppt. TO T-Oea» eves 1407 Mkswood Blvd. 8HEHUAN REAL EBTATH v'l^HT ruAPT'fl forvrnoRl HOIIOnL lor EL}:CTRONICH Ir.lnlnl In- eludes TV. Approvtit for vsl.rans. Kor dttalls jhpne HE_»-III40. Grade or HlglTSchooi . A T HOME. Dtploms, Writs COLUMBIA HCHOOL ' Hoi el, Pleo, Calif. SAKimU wllb Bis Hr, future irevsl. Ask M lor l.rnp. joo hoilssi, stw a or int. -round ]ohe HK K.MIIII Airline 8ehooli, faclfls ehstksr. «lo.lll wk \5orli ru.r horns, our mht. SKperls will train vou DsynlKht class, r-ft terms, iioor. Brh., 540 E. 7lh. HH «.l|nl ^*? K A E ppr«v F »d Y f« a AI| I f 1 «' I « ' MEv.da (I.TTH. OA r-esn. UB, Orn. eash * mss, wrap J«B H-4UI 12021 L. B. Blvd., Lynwood. Borbcrra Moss College of Rocl Estate ICnowlcdgo Tou esn't hsrdlr (IM 3 rre. e combin*! H»ltar and llannfs o( lUslty Uosrd sipsrlsrir. th*. risys. but BB 1 n . t r u s t e r w TRACT! you, TIIAIN mil, Sl«l PLACt^ you;.sll In A vrs«k*. If romlnnous. start HOW, III: M OIJtHT. DAY ANI NIOII C I, A H H E B. for HAI.KHMAN HKOKKII - n-K-N-E-W-A-U-I,- KXAMk. \Viint hmrhursr Ca OA 7-9U47 Become a Practical IJurie) EARH 18 TO J15 DAY Whll* l ruin inf. Ho hitch aehoo Mr»'!"E°°Gaylord'! 1 R.U. llsylnnl brhool of · * ' I'mrtlcel Mirslni isje AttinttB UK «-»7* nbl^RBiBUTrER School of Real Estate HAH1C INFORMATION * funds menials (slight hr sn evpenrnrei Instructor A itfllvs rtnltor. 1'rsc llril, KABY TO LEA UN method KNItOI.I, NOW -- Hn-elsl sal, rourss KRKK until Clsi. Is fllim Driving School ' .22-A PACIITIC DHlVINfl BC71IOOLH oil K Broadwev UA 4-0733 Help Wonted Men 24 AUTOUOBILB HAI.FBUAN .- . IT'S · EASIER;. , - TO SELL ' F-O-O-R-D-S J1QOO per month is easy EXPFHIKNCl! PRKFKHRED BUT NOT NECKHHAllY V TOP COMMISSION V FREE T.O. , V DEMO. PLAN V WEEKLY DRAW ' ' V HEAVY ADVERTISING «ee llsrb Bsneflsl befere noon. Oscar Maples 1 · 'Ford ' Kit) Ortrlllo Ave. Tertinn ^SALESMEN , i l.-' to Represent " World Famous .APPLE VALLEY · · ·· CALIF. · ' Earn $15,000 yr. up · ft WE Wll.f, TRAIN TOU TO BE A N A L K n M A N . A WITH DIUWJNO ACCOUNT. A BTAY AH OUK OIIKST AT APHLE VALLKT INN nUR- 1NU OUTSTANDING TRAIN, i INU I'llOUJlAU. Are voa erastlni vour rjotsfitlalT fn,L werK riAYit QA T-UM9 MR. 11INIO.E AUTO SALESMEN Ntsi] 1 nswi 1 used ear selssmsn Wondsrful Hours si Woiktne Cond. Kx|«rlsnce preferred tfut not 10tl"'P' LAMEBDIH -- PoBtlaa £01 N, Lona: Bsaeti nivd. C*nm|ton Or^n Pun, ~~ SALESMEN H-H y-Silt tin* homt furnlahlDK*. E-Z w**k1v urmt. top tvmrn- lMft K. _rompton Ulrd,. Conipt. NR j-2234 " ifmtin* 1'lr-* fUt*r» x M»rln« UMhlnil -,.. tltrhor Biat Bldl, Cn. 25-1 riniwry T*n*-)n.\l "ilaiwl Tallf ·h'up *xper.*nr*. lit !·*· 'only. Tool Oo., 1622.1 Ho. Hn'J-rt\ -- (lantt-n*. par tn rl^hf partv. Ouarnn, -il- ' iTv, rh-rrr Wardlow B^rvU-, 3«ol rtlTO rn*ch*n[* niuatl b* Uiuroly *xp. or* etulomttl* ir.inimt»toni. ' no ath*f* n**.! ·fply. Top W«§M . for rtfht nt*n. 65M Woo1ruff. ~V HTK it AN t4~WTi o~W*H ETi ~ wo hi? Afflf 3 11 .UXU4U Htlp WontMi MM 24 THE ' ' Notional/ SUPPLY CO. WIU, HIRE . : ft Welders Musi Rsed Blueprints , ft Moulder · LxMt** r»lt*rn Klaor Typ* ft Electrician- · ' Motor Winder ft Boring Mill ' .'··- Operators: 14 ah* Own Btriuptf THE' , Notional SUPPLY CO. ' "SltlCn 1912-A GOOD PUCE TO WORK" Corner Carion A Border Avt. Torrance NE 1-1701 KA ··1111 MANAGER . TRAINEE FUTURE UNLIMITED If. P. :. will employ ssvsrsl men BS branch. msnassr trslnevs, Ap- plieeats must he h*crl s«heol f rsd. u«lss, 2t to 2ft yvsrs of axe wllli e rar. This rxMltlon offsr* e secure futurs with spltndld adve*** m.nt opponuoltlss in ths ronvumsr flnsus IUI4, Use selected will bs paid a atralyhl stlsrv plus car allowariee, Olhsr' bsn.hts Include Kro*ip life tnnirsnee A hsslth ears A a llbsr«l savlruis A rsllrsmsnt pisn. APPLY IN PriKON HOUSEHOLD FINANCE , CORPORATION ' MS C. BnOADV/AY LOHG BEACH lOH »ACI!l,Tr AVB, * LAKEWOOI 17«l§ FKLLflXJWKR BLVD. III.LI.ri/OWER ' «IJ r. TOHITON BCVD. COUPTON I402H H. PIONECn NORWALK Machinists. 'A' EULLARD ENGINE LATHE '" MILLING MACHINE GRINDERS-PREC. I.U. A O.D. GEAR MACHINE '*. (OAl *rt)plo7*4i b*Br*fHl ... worklaf condjtlofi*. Western Gear 1400 E. Imperial Hwr. 1 USED CAR SALESMEN Would Ilk* lo h*Y* |«ro good r** llahl* yuuript man. If TUU h**» ),«4 any *kp*n*B«* In Hliiof omt * ' in aii4-r«M your )n^.m*. ch«r)t out pl«h, ntxxi floor Hfrt* tfwl m i n v frltif* bvntflti. H«i U*K UfHD ·"/ t-m* duflof tJt* day at SEVERIN MOTORS ' ' 630 AMERICA:; AVE. iNo phone cats, plcsssr SHEET METAL DEVELOPMENT . MECHANICS ' Muit h*»* minimum 3 y**r* iir- r r a f t *xp*rt*or* in (l|)il*n*iJ»* ·lalnl*H it*tl. Hlta.djr* *mploym»nt tar (ully qtiallftinl tn*n with foot work r*c*M, Xlnt wortfln( ouo-l, ARROWHEA"DTMPRODUCTS 23UO CURIIV ITKET.T ' N K A H «I«T A rluillllT NUKT1I IX1N4I HKACII CARRIER BOYS · GOOD PAYING ROUTES ... Vicinity Ocean to Anaheim 2 ll.ock* W.-l of Allsntle Orango Ave. lo Flood Control I'll. HE 6-2995 Delate 10 am. ATTENTION SALESMEN IJ.n now workirtft In ciKkwar*. -mrijiim*. *(«« HERE IT IS! Nn rrtdlt lurn down*. Jitw pmd* uct * -tOTTipetrr. flwift nrvmoiion lo ru*?it.t*it.*nt. ill|h«»i p«r m julrj, $loo ·« wMkly *al.,i7 draw, Ilnt|ydal.»-- in A*vF?*1i M M P.U. HM Mr. Paktr or Mr, M«ltni, AUTO~SALESMAN CHEVROLET On* of our top mtn 1* xolnr nark ···t crtatlBH in optnloit (nr *q · ·P*rlnc*4i man. I'trfinntnl Job. mom hi r luarant** Itiih.mum fom. million, lir-urn A *--«l (·(-.· b*h«l.l, H K K F: K. DAVES SEABOARD MOTOHS 1HTH AMU J*ACIKK; I*AN PKDRO TK 2-fl11l ARBOIl rMPU)T.U£NT AQKNrY 141 W. Ck,*n lit 2--«wi Br. Afft., h««vr vn-it n -- f ^y* Jr. AtH,. 2 7", «"· s^-j-i.* Ac«t.» .ii to U, O/O --1435 MAX. FEU 10% OP 1IT WO. MEN WITH CARS Good Wttklni localltki. 400 euttomtr rvu(.M fUtabll»h*1, N« , *ip. ji.H*Mary. ffu bond r*-iu1r.H.. Un r Mrnln. |3 p*r hr., full or · part (lm« Mork. Bonui il«i*. . 1I...S K. Wardlow, Apply Dor..'- ' Ing* only. m AUTO METAL MAN not i.Aaia WufeUPR cundlttoni. in Id YaraUona . W K. McPllf.ETKHa 14.V) A M K K I C A N ()UTH HAl.KrUtAN-- It you ar* hoi inftklnf IS.OOO a yr. drop hy and *A« u«. w* can pla*** iw*t ind r*» Ittbl* man |mm*d. Apply tt a.m. lo 1.1 noun except Thiir-. * Hun. ', onidtn Kru«( fukcry. 2«24 £, t'.t/i St., N.I.-H, MJlOUT-ltOUIl »eir-'rouB..l Itfht d**h*up of prlvat* ftaamr* . yard. .tUl tooli furnlih*d. In lang - , IitarS. ..riorl ilhitanr* Lad «t *. UUby Pmtk. IltO §«4nB. RlVKlT to work lull nil* *MfC I nilf». Wn-rt have chatlffvur'* II*. " r*f. efc efom* kngwltxlg* of O*M*H - Orov*, Ytllow Cab Co.* 10M4 ' ' OaM*D *lro». Blvd., O. O. «No phon* .Mill. ouso U A H for a«n. od.t*. WIU train -- Hu-» typ* -- «Tn -- · HeilM in 30 d*"*. 1300 I^ntf TUaUi Entplo*m*nt A|vnrf lift Pln*--TUli. _tfO HP.6-H,2ft !RVTc(5 ftallon D««d* 1 m*". 1 · for tay* M to B. 1 for n.(«, In 12. Hurt knour brak* * tun*-* up work. T*-uco flUUun. eWl W. IH HfEWA-ftbn -- Ih'*r*lllnf ffl'^vV"'^"...'!!.''.?', r-l.ll A-counls I'.rsbH nscsijsrv. Hiurr t" JJ35. A« open. Write . Bo» A-33S. IM.. P.-t. JAUHBIV- Sun1«T«. ««»l fe». MIT ·». rsntsr Bt, L Fsrameeel, , ;ijkH» A dlsmsksr, 'piastre noUU, , pert tlm. sv.nlnfs._lA M3M. , ^PAtil.B Hixsl rtlt. Clerk BlniTs, ., inust be beedsd, eubsr. 118 7*T7I« ·

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