Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 24
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tuslntss-forfustrtal 1 3 (fOl IALO M 1 R MOMF 1 RI7 MIR homt I »lor». over 1500 iq II. Ideiil lor anlluua shou. boo store, oltt thop, lulce bar or re dvclno salon, etc. 2-car garao C-2 lor 40XUS 10 alley. Directly lh» path ol prooreji. 6500 bl Orang» Ave. GA M7». L. Miller, 6530 Orang. GA 2-81i ~IND. SITES-ALL SIZES'" Vi K. Ofl L.8. Frav., M-J. 1 ic. + bldgi., Slg. HI II, M-2 3 «c., sour. N.L.B. oilerTM Others to 200 ac. U.A., Orange C BILL BROOKS HE 2-442 ATTRACTIVE 3100 sa. it. olllc Bldg^ litcd. 10 otilce spaces. Mat possible uses. Corner proper with lots gt parking. Km. to bulk Terms. REX U. HODGES CO. HA 9-702 2915 BoMllowr Blvd. 9,000' M-2 BLDG. Mod. heavy power, paved pkng nice olllce, 13,000' cor. lot, sin Hill.- -W3.0CO F.P. Trns. Mo lease, . BILL BROOKS HE 2 442 110x130 lot, this hoi spot ripe t development, 517,500. Terms. HUMPHRIES REALTY-- TO 7-270 9361 Alondra Blvd.. Belltlowcr Income Prop, for Sale 138 221 GRAND ' 7 NEW UNITS DELUXE INC SHOO; FINEST BLDG blf. In 25 years In L.D. Live' luxury and enloy -security. Wi take a home or older unils o lots In trade! 1 Or try $20,000 dn Ask (or BOB HENDON or MARGE LaBRANCH ^REXLHODGES'CO 29 . PINK NAPPER 14 NR. NEW UNITS East 1st. Balcony, inc. SI1BO Take some units or house. Try 525,000 dn. Ask for Maroe LnBranch or Bob Hcndon HE 7-2151; GE 3-5997; GE 0-876 15 UNITS 17 1-Bdr.; 3 sal.: on Bermuda Older Spanish stucco. Inc $975 Ask for Bob Hcndon or Marg LaBranch. HE 7-1251; GE 3-6781; GE 3-529 REX L. HODGES CO. A -- 1-BEDROOM UNITS Close In, E. dlh. Needs a Ilttl iixlno. Price allows ior this. $100 SPENDABLE MARION DAVISSON !1B Atlantic' HE 6-«I 4 UNITS (SHARP) Near Willow L.B. Blvd. 1 sep duplexes. Ono 4 vrs. old. 1 tlrepl S2SI Inc. S7500 or submit down. HOWARD BUTLER, RLTR. 6176 Atlantic GA 3-M7 10 Uniis On Claremont Close to Ocean Bay. 7 yrs, olc Furn. Sols. GD. Priced less times cross. Call McKav GF 9-2191; HE 6-679 REX L. HODGhS CO secured leases. Next lo foe super mkt. Priced right. Submit terms Coll Rav Crowell HE 7-1251; GA 3-OA?9 REX L. HODGES CO. BELMONT SHORE Two 8 unit aot. bldos., both turn AS LITTLE AS $12,000 DOWN A-l REALTY SERVICE GE 3-0403 Realtors 5273 F. 2nd 14 UNITS -- OCEAN "BLVD. 51.500 mo. 575.000 loan. TRIPLEXES -- H.L.B. «1S mo. $5,000 dn. OU5TINE, Kdlllor GA 7-5409 $ 3 , 5 0 0 D n -- 8 Unifs New. Nr. Disnevlind. 9J9 Robcrl SI. IN.C. corner of Rail A Eucliri) PR 2-1224 Cvcs. KE 2-2?53 BY OWNER 4 HOUSES ON 2 LOTS With hrtwd. frs., flrenlaccs, disposals, garages. 6543 Downey Av. 7 YRS. old. 2-br., IrtTiVhohio"*" 2 1-br. (urn. apts., 4 gars, of! alley, Vcrv clean mod. Inc. 5.335. Try 58,000 dn. or sub. Your BY OWNER 4 2-Bdrm. houses on on» lot. So. ot 7th, E. of Pine. Small dn. 0. W. C. Good Income. HE 2-3S18. 626 E. 5TH ST. 12 Units, Income SS7B + owner's 2-BR. By appt. Eve, HE 7-3116. ' Huntar GA 7-IBB9 GA 4-7990 J300 INC. per mo. 2-br. house, 4 oar. dots., .ill turn. 7333 Olive. r.-;»-. pi.'. Vi'ill tcr.ildcr trlr. as trnde. C.ill (or further Infor. CA 4-7003 or GE 0-1154. 6 UNITS. Money maker, inc. 5470 mo. Meters, alley. $32,000. Take o^od Iruit deed or modern duplex. HELDE, HE 5-1 412 eve. GE 3-4750 WE HAVE Side x Side Duple* WE HAVb 2 on 1 lot WE HAVE 2-bdim. fr.ime Eiich C-Z terrm, modest price ROSWURfA. Rc.lllor Ht 7 OJ97 SIX DANDY 2-DRS. Close In. Enst «idc. lull pr. only W6.SOO. Near new loaded w/ e*(ra,. Crabtree Corners, Inc. GE 3-4911 EL MOROCCO 10 Do Luxe Unlls In Xlnt. rental area. Income 52000 month. Try S25.000 dn. HA 5-1207 BKR. 10 UNITS, 2-BR. HA. 3 Vrs. old. Income S3 50. $10.000 down. Owner will help finance. LAKEWOQD HOUSING CORP. 10 6-J/36 HA 5-J514 IMM AC. new 12 unit «pt. house. Choice nclohborhood. Will trade f(ir smaller Inc. or oood T.D. _MOLP REALTY GA J-471? ONLY 510.000 tin. 12 units. Inc. 5560. Low rent -- no vacancy factor. OWC at 6%. Marge Drcver, GA 38143; HE 5-7557. rrlgg Rlly. 4 UNITS-- $11,900 Income 5230. Try 51,500 down. WALKER HE 7-7441 BEAUTY SHOf-4 stucco rental unlli only 2 years old. Income $475 + business 26 UNITS. Motel acts. 2-br. home. One of Ihe best location*. All rcdec. Will take some trade. Bkr. GA 6-1125. GE 4-7654 3 BR. HOME 4- 3 UNITS. NR. MAY CO. $3500 dn. 4 UNITS on Chestnut, room for 6 more units In front. Income $275. GE 4-2638 HAVE BUY'L-R FOR 4 to 6 UN'ITS, H.L.B. Maroe Drevor, GA 3-8143; HF 5-7557. Trloo Rltv. OWNER-- Sell or trade. 7 nice units. Choice loc. Inc. $470 P.P. $39,500. ^SIO.OOO dn. Piln. only. GE 4-2737. $31,500 P.P. 5525 INC. Close in 678 P.iclfiL HE 7-76fl7 6 vrs. old. Nr. Rec. Pk. M.inv f ie.ilures. P.P. 533,750. HA 5-1973. THREE J-br. units + -1-br. house, flood. Lkwd. loc. 55,000 dn. UN 8-fl870. DNTN. 6\h Linden. 7 on 1. New- Iv decor. MM) me. S 13,500. S3SOO dn. _ODEGARD, Realtor HE 2-4032 NEW 8-UNIT 1-br sot. bldo. $1600 rfn. phone Garden Grove. LE 9-1039 after 7 p.m. or sell. 2515 E. Broadway, L.B. IDHAL for nucst home. 6 room home Plus 2 1-br. apts. Easv terms. ^Ellison Realty HE 2-M15 4 units M 1175 Hoffman. YOU can't beat thisl 5 stucco u., 4 oars. Inc. 5345 mo. Tryf3500dn. P.P. $22,500. Holmes. HE 7-1291. THIS Ij » baroalnl 1206 Gladys. Home on R A lot, to alley, hu.imis, _HP 7-1 J91. UWNTWN bit nroocrtv. Gross income $5.800. Will consider T. D. _S3?,500 P. P. Grant. GE v-3323. 6 UNITS, 2 vrs. old. 2-br. c,l., 543,500. Inc. W90 mo., 57,000 dn. . OWNER, GA 2-7?93 4 0~R 6 Units oh E. "Ocean" ~Nn Bixby Pk. VJ\\\ consider tmdo. ^VANDENnFRG RLTV. GL 3-3846 BY OWNER 4 flats fum T-brirm. -t- wall bed. J277 f. Urondwav. HE 5-8202. 40x130 -- 527,500 STEVE SPINDELL HE 7-7431 f NEW itucco 1 BR. furn, aots. $5,614 vr. Inc. S7V,500 F.P . AL RUTZ REALTY HE 7-3547 2 4- FAMILY 1-BR, furn. f.Mv 8 PARAMOUN't7TunitsTS46S"*mor InZ _Low dn. Owner, TW 3-4706. 3 UNITS 51500 dn. 2 2brV"l 1-br. Ellison Rlly. HE 2 4415. TRlPLEX-Slonal Hill income $?00. 518,500. Smnll dn. nkr. GH 1-D1?4. 3-B~R. home -t 5130 inc. Close In. 5.tX3 so. 11. 5701 Lono Oc^ch nivd , Jow down. Tr-lrio. GE 0-171B. U 5212 IHC7~OHLY tU.SOO. Will _takC TD^. A-.I QAA-7501 GH 8-81M 2 HOUSES. "R 4 lot. $1P,/00. "51500 i _fa. _ A-J, GA * -JSOIj GE S 91«. ; 51.000 "DNJ~3"ON "lf"BiG"Lbfi ' . _IrMo! Wvles HE 6-1478, TO 7-0497 i I- Q. BLVD.-- income * *nh. Sell ,Jr fr^de. $32.500. Rltr. GA 4-90K * UNITS, enst«ld«. Inc. S270. $5,500 : d cwn. Stanley, GA 4-4051. Ineoint Prop, ffoi Sale 13 V New De Luxe 8 UNITS $2500 Down New. deluxe, ultra modern ties on Blt..ln ronoo oven. Garb, dls posal, nrchlltclurnllv rteilgne wllh malchlno colors. Aoiirox. blk. Ironi Dlsrtevland. In the bei exclusive Anohclm renlal urea Come lo our olllce, approximate! 2W blocks Ironi OlsnevlanrJ. 2180 Harbor Blvd. Anaheim JE 4-4350; evos. LI 4-106 rnrr DCMT rKtb KtNl for buyer wltn Income DBvIno ot balance. Hmlslde 2-BR. home t 1-DR. duplex, rented ol JI65 PC mo- Valuable lot. lU.OOO down DAY--HE 5-1126-- NIGHT MOORE 3A3 C. FIRST ST., fl! Elm Introducing 2165 Locust lo the wise Income buyer Lqvslv new -- 1 1 units Bullt-ln kit., not. wood, Illo. Apts. now renting. Ooen Thurs ILINE PETERS HE 6-7278 A CANARY YELLOW 7 unit ttucco wllh while trim Aoe: 2 years. Separate laundry Income: 5515. Hang onto your sen --orke only S36.500. Owner w accept 56,500 down CRABTREE CORNERS Inc GP 3-491 7 UNITS NEW ,1 3-BDR. I'/i BATHS On Oblspo. Inc. 5710. Try SlO.OOt dn. Ask for Marac LaBrnnch or Boh Hcndon HE 7-2151; GE 3-5297; GE 3-B7B PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP 4 stucco units wllh oaraacs. ol alley. 2 BRs. each. 1 blk. from Blxbv Knolls shopping, theaters transp. Xlnt cond. Potential nc 5300. Xlnt financing. GUIVER-KAPHAEL HA 5-125 24 units. 6-2 BRs., 18-1 BRs W-w cflrpcling. All new lurnllurc Swim. pool. 14 o.irs. This Is on of the Best. Will take some clca property as down. Broker G A 4-1125; GE 4 7654 All 1-BR. with 2 furnished. New roof, vented heat. Only 516,900 DNTN. 6 nice stucco units. Partly furnished. M3.500. Submit. Deglev, 900 L. B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 Income Properly 138-A {MOTELS TRAILER PARKS1 1 8 Newer Units Long Beach 2- Mr. for owner; husband am wife operation. Inc. 5650. Wil take trnde. Ask Bob Hcndon or Maroe LnBrnnch. HE 7-1251, GE 3-8781 or GE 3-5297 13 ATTRACTIVE SPACES All modern with underground w r Ino + nice 2-br. home. Adults only. Choice loc. 515,000 dn. Also olher parks available. REX L. HODGES CO. HA 9-7021 NR. COMPTON-SEARS Tral'cr cl. 4 turn, units. Lo 77x230. 515,000 dn. will handle. DISNEY-KNOTT AREA 14 units 4- 2-br. tiv. quarters. Homes for Sale 139 SAVE $1,000 2-DR., loc. lal. Wf kitchen bath, pntlo BDO. Ideal location. Worth 510,500-- Today, tmlv S7.SOO 557 ocr mo.. X% loan. Attrnrtlve down payment. Key at 5933 E. Sprino. BKR. HA 9-5917. $795 DOWN Bio 3 BR., SHARP! S99 MO. ELLIS-SCHRADER 5530 Athcrlon GE 9-J164 TENT BEATER 5500 down -- only $112 mo. linmcd. poss. Almost new 3-BR, In oood MOULD REALTY TO 7-7201 GA 4-2392 WALK To Ralphs, Cal's, Douglas from this gorgeous 2-bdrm. In the Mutuais. Trv 5695 tin. call Ronn c for details at MOULD Rlty. GA 3-6449, HA 9-6332 Bolmont Heights Loma CAPE COD 3-Bdr., l'/i Baths. Try $300 Down. Trade? Ask (or Mfiroc LaBranch or Bob Hcndon HE 7-2151; GE 3-5297; GE 3-8781 REX L. HODGFS CO. 4-BR's, 2 BATHS L.i roe living rm. with wall o olns^ overlooking pdllo. WAV cpli., ^plcioul kitchen, formic* Owners Iriinifcrrgd. 517,500-- terms. ROSE Rlty. open oves. GF 8-1 131 .FORECLOSURE Real clean 3-GR., dbl. uaraoo, hdwd. floors. Ice. lot. cinder blk. fence. Quick Possession. 5795 down (or less). Key ,il 5933 E. Snrmo. UKR. HA 95917. SUBMIT YOUR DEAL Customers with homes thdt w.inl trailers vlc» versa to trnde. Zfd Marsh. GA 30854: GE 1-3131 REX L. HODGES CO. 3-BR. ON '/j ACRE 1 ] I baths BrUst. bar. Hdwd. floors. 1900 so. ft. Ideal tor horse, chickens, etc. Call for details. MILLY BECKER. REALTOR GA 7-3B36; Eves. GA 3-1187 4%%-$695 DN. No Qualifying on this 3-DR.. lidwd. floors. Sweethenrt! 1 venr old. Cinder blk. fenced landscaped. Xlnt. nclqliborhnod. MEL MACK CO. -- GE 6 1 1 1 1 UNRESTRICTED 2-br., stucco -,, S650 dn. to FHA 3-br., triple blzo oar. __ . .513.500 2 homes on R-4 .____. 51,500 dn. ELLISON REALTY HE 2-4415 ! ! ! 5500 I 1 ! 3 Dr., 2-Balh- Blt.-lns. Dbl. oar. Fenced. 3 yefUi oldll MOULD REALTY GA 3-6449 Eves. GA 7-1604 SELLER IN A BIND! DcLuxe 3-br. 2-ba. W-w, drps. 18x36 pool. Try 52000 dn. Will trade. Separated -- Must Soil! Below market price. 3 Br., w-w, sew. din. rm. CB fence. Sharp. Pick un kev ftt 7274 Palo Verde. REX L. HODGES CO. GE 1-1371 NO CASH DOWN No 2nd T.D. 4-Br 2 baths, fircpl.. fenced, built-in stove, close lo shops schools. Like new NOBLE Realty -- HA 5-5159 !!! $500 DOWN !!! 3 bdrm., 2 bains, blt.-inj, dbl. oar., fenced. 3 years old. Don't miss It! Ask Ronnie at Mould Rlty. GA 3-64J9; HA 96323 NEW-- $795 DN. 3-BR., PI baths, hriwd. floors, built-in stove oven. Walk lo school. Move right In! EW 2 Br. stucco, buUl-in ranne oven, knotty uine kilchcn, gar., dlsp. 56.950 full orice, S700 dn., pyints. like rent. By owner. Phone UN 8-6316 or ME 0-36EJ. $1,500 Dn.-- Nr. Douglas t. Skyllnhs. 3-Bdrm, frpl, dbl oa- rage. Vnncanl Only 513.750. DAVID H. LEWIS HA 9-5S55 1374 W BURNETT 2 BR Nicest home in the area. Don't miss It. Will Gi, FHA cr C,ii-Vct. NORWOOD REALTY GA 7-3494 COLORED AREA Stucco home. 3 BRs., 2 baths. Fireplace. Garage. 1745 Lewis 512.7SO-- Small down. Vacant. Owner HE 6-3738; eves. GE 89869 $295 DN. Cost Included 1 left Movr In 3- br., 2-ba. Blt.-lns. 3 vrs. 511.500. WALKER HE 7-7461 S695 DOWN Lovely 2-BR. home. F.A. heat. Pay as rent. Move In todav! JOHN READ RertltV HA 56416 NO DOWN PAYMENT 3- 4 bt 1 bath. bit. -in stove, ovens Fenced Lflnclsc. On'y lew left. Cliff Uken, GE 3-046J. DR. 511,200-Vrtrflnt. Immed. poss. BKR. GE 9-2164 OLORED are.r No down pymt. 4-bdrm., 2 hath, built-in slove ft oven, firepi. Only a lew left. Cliff Uken GE 3046-1 Only $950 Dn. P.P. $10,950 New 2-br. Small lot. Map* Drover GA 38143; HC 5-7557; Trigg Hllv. Was $15,900. No'*$ 13,500 ? -*· Plaifl Barol 51.500 DnI Owen REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1251 GRACIOUS 3 fir. Loe. family rm. E x t r a b.itn. 51.303 dn. Un'csi. ELLISON REALTY _HE ?4415 2-RR. Furn. optional. Close to churrh f. bus. Open Jo c,'.i*r. M. Petfersen GA 3-1092; HE 20031 C-3~EAfTSinF. 3-brs., " bio lot, 2 ga'aoes. Low d^. F 512,500. Deolev, 900 L. B. BL-. HE 6-9751 COLORR) ftrffl. "l-Br. furn. 11,500 dn. «S mo. Bkr. h.E S83H. Homes for Salt 139 Open House Sun. 1 to 5 19?1 KNOXVILLE AVE. 3 Br. den, 3-wav frpl. 4Vj% G loon-- or will Col-Vet. DRIVE BY, CALL US 3503 Shlpway. Vacant. 2-Br., dbl ·oar. 4Va% 01 loan. 2009 ROXANNE-- TRANSFERRED Big 4-Br. den. Will carry 2nd SlWL'WiS'i'ilfE^rfe 5 H C X S58S! SHORT ON CASH?? CREDIT GOOD?? $395 DOV/N 2-sbry, 4-bdrm.. 2 bath. Hdwd floors. Immediate Possession. $395 DOWN 3-BR., TV 7 baths, loe, /enccd yard on!v 8 mos. old. Keys ot 5933 E Surtno. BKR. HA 9-5V17. WEST ANAHEIM BY OWNER 3-BR'i., largff Htchen with bullt-lr ranoe oven. All wool w-w carpel. Custom drapes. Drctiowa 1 covered Innot. Landsceped i brick planters Dbl. garaac w tl 10211 Sunset -- (Nr. Brookhurs Lincoln) PR '4-0701 BIRTHDAY SALES CELEBRATING 62 .YEARS OF TICKING YOUTHFUL PROPER TIES: 513,000, Lakcwood 3-Br., 2-cor oar 513,500, NLS 2-br. 8, d?n, 2-cargar 518,500, NLB 3-br., 2 ba., 2-car gar 519,500, NLB, 2 homes, C-2 100' lot S.\7iD, Coltaon tor 2. T inv lot O. HENRY, REALTOR GA 2-731 IN-SERVICE LOAN Use Ihls loan save interest on 3-bdrm., 2 bath Plaza home. Flro plf.ce, circular floor plan. 51,450 down. ELLIS-SCHRADER 2691 Bellllowcr Blvd. HA 9-5728 CAL-VET $600 DN! Monthly pmls. of only 567 for this 2-bodroom den In hoarl o: LaKcwood. ELLIS-SCHRADER 5715 Lakcwood Blvd. ME 3-5133 LUXURIOUS!! Is the word for this lovely 3-BR. family rm, homo. All the extras Including forced neat, bui It-Ins. 2 baths, slono flrepl., beaullfu yard 8. palio. Just move in -533,500. COMPLETELY CUSTOM FURN. ATKINSON REALTY HA 5-7468 EARLY AMERICAN Blxbv ared. 2-BR. den home. Entry hall, spacious livlnq rm., fireplace, W-W carpels, nat'l wood cabinets In n laroe kitchen. Cov. patio, near shopping Catholic church. 517,950. TRADE NOW Your smalt 2-br, for one of our bio 3 or 4-br. homes. We make tradlno an easy operation. GUIVER-RAPHAEL 4125 Soulh St. SEAL BEACH 2 bdrm. home on Ocean Ave. Hrdwd. floors, fireplace, dining rm., electric range In kilchcn. Nice patio. Dbl. garage w/sun deck, Good finnnrlng. BAY REALTY 138 Main, Seal Beach GE 0-1932 3-BEDRM., WtiST OF MAY CO. $495 DOWN SOD. dlnliuj rm., stall shower, service porch. Wonderful locat'o'i Easy, flexible terms. Key at 5933 _E._Snring. BKR. HA 9-5917. V-BR. HOME + APT. It will nay vou to see this unusua 4-Br. home with Sep. modern no: Nr. Soulh Allanllc. 519,950. E Z to buy. HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. 6176 Atlantic Avc. GA 3-647B BARGAINS-- YES! 1 3- A 4-BR., 2 baths Fircpl. Bit-in range oven. Fonced Nothing dn. Coll now UN 8-2236 LA '2-8321 HAZfcL'S REALTY Open 9 to 9 TAX FREE! Trade yours tor larger. InvcstorsI Stnrt you- rrat cstale. __REX_L. : -OGES CO. HA 5-1707 ALAMIiOS HEIGHTS SO, S-O-O-O HOMEY!! Colonial white with green shutters. Pale pink interior with beautiful V p^nclcJ frpl., tcfrlf;.. M.-O din. rm. tor entcrlMnlnn, winding stairway to 3 Brs,, I 1 /; baths, w/w cnrpetlng vou can float on a loc. separate rumpus rm. to delight your teenagers. CHING IS BELIEVING PROVE MY DLSCRIPTION MARION DAYISSON 218 ATLANTIC HE 6-4619 LOCATION! LOCATION! Roomy 2-bdrm.-- dreamy kitchen Only 57,000 dn.-- full price 525,000 Rltr. Call alter 5 p.m. GE E-53E9 YOU WAITEfb for this 2-br. ,it 411 Orlcna where vou can build. 518,200. Balrd. GE 8-06:8. GRACIOUS-- 4 brs., den, lannl. Sub. Jo Broumlcv, Rltr. GE 4-76 5 BELMONT HEIGHTS A DREAM TO BEHOLD Follow a winding brick palh open a door to picturesaue living. 3 BRs., l'/s baths- separate din. A brkfst. rms., carpeting, drapes, wood shutters. So spotless vou could eat on »hc floor!! A back yard, complete. v fenced, surrounded by poplar frees. A Dar-B-Q (or your summer meals 4- a 1-br. apt. over dbl. garngiji, SEEING IS net IEVING! PROVE MY DESCRIPTION MARION DAVISSON 218 ATLANTIC HE Wil9 WHY WAIT? Onubt If vou tind a belter VALUE In the whole area. A DANDY 2-RR. home for owner and GOOD 1-BR. rented home to p,iv upkeeo. A GOOD listing -priced to sell. BAEHR GE 8-434-1; GE 9 ;i91 REX L. HODGES CO. OCEAN'VIEW" H-flR. home A 2 single aptv over 4 gar. 50x143 R 4 lot. 57.500 dn. A-l REALTY SERVICE Open 1 to 5 3-!6 Argonne 4-BR. DEN-- $24,950 ? baths, w-w carpet. GE 8-7735 4S33 b. BDWY. -- OYO 2*brsV, 1 baths. Lower, Gar. Must be sold! BELMONT PARK Companion Of Contentment Bill In '53, Quality materials bv Xlnt. builder. 2-Br. den, 1'j ba. Real frpl. Sep. D.R. Cheerful kit. w dishwasher, etc. Pnv. patio. Cor. loc. 2-car gnr. Like new. A-l RTALTY 5ERVICF GE 30403 Realtors 5223 E. 2nd BELMONT SHORE 3-Br. Spanish Stucco Formal dining rm. Loe. living rm. Service porch. Dual floor furnace. Disposal. One of Bclmont Shore's finest homes. Pat.o. Fenced yard. Submit on dn, JOE HODGE REALTOR GA 3-7914 1400 South GA 7J1?6 See The Sunset On Alamitos Bay Ocean Front Beautiful 2-bdnn. den home. 60- II. fronlnqe. F : r enlace. Db'. oar. Plus unique guest apt. or renlal. BFTTY TEBBETS, Realtor Gfc B-3314; Gf. 3-2162; GE 3-3740 IF YOU'D PAY 512,500 C OR A HOME W o H a v o a BARGAIN For You! DUPLEX, actually 2 homes in 1 2-BR. ca., large L.R.-- Sco. D.R., modern kitchen, lop cond. 535.000 '· A-1 REALTY SERVICE GE 3 C403 Realtors 5323 L-. 2nd 31 CORONA-OPEN A tew steps to the bracn. GE ELECTRIC KITCHEN, vard. Room tor boat. ILINE PETERS HE 6-7278 PRICE REDUCE~D~$T6o6 3-Br, Rcdcr. R-4. 20x90. W. lo W. flc^ buy In shorel 516,500 F.P. Kight Rfv. GC 9-M35; cv GA 4 3019 2-BDRMi "NEWLY~REMOD"ELED W-to-w rarpet. New kitchen, diso. New financing 6%. Small dn. See 242 Covina Ave. GE fi-5366. EAST SIDE WE LIKE IT! Fv(ep!lon.i!1y nic* 3-b' , w-v/ car- pels, frpic., aarb. di^n , dbl. g.v. Sp^mVifs. Mnrtost prire. GE 4S9?C Rltr. 3118 C. 4lh ; " 4479'GOLDFIELD" F -M f : o» ^how-i Tihsrp 3 B--. SCO. dm'no rm. F-irco!. Many »x- 1r»s. Sco A bnv! Eve. GA 4-1457. HUNTER GA 7-18S9 GA 4-7990 Home* for Sale 139 BIXBY AREA OPEN DAILY! 3811 GUNDRY Be the first to see this pre-wa qualify home wllh 3-br. H baitis. Newly carpeted-- newly dec orateu. Hugt rumpus room to Scout meetings parties. 3618 WALNUT For construction, condition, prlc terms, we suoa«l thM vou sc Ihl^ flno 3-ur. horns. Unit heat 2:9 wiring, P.i baths. MAKE OFFER TO DUY OR TRADEI "' "fa , C. V. JACKSON, REALTOR 530 E. Carson GA 7-V16 3-BR. $1000 DOWN Flrepl. Living rm.-rilnlna mi. com blnallon. Uofing area In kitchen Submit on price. 2-cor gor. Lo JOET HODGE, REALTOR GA 3-7914 14TO SOUTH HA 9-968 "JUST DOWNRIGHT!" glamorous. 4-Br. with pool. Al TM. d S49.WTJ ICh ' RUniDUS Km ' C0f GLENN GUSTINE 3535 Attanllc Realtor GA 7-540 1 ! Spacious Corner Duplex 2 BRs. ca. MDO sq. ft. ea. Own erV has mod. klf., blt.-ln range A oven, carpet, drapes. Prestlu area at a moderate price, R fr CUSTOM" BUILT 3-BR., P.i baths, slall shwr cpied Ihruo'jl. Lots trees, dbl. gn rage detach. Lovely yard,. Cholc Bixbv area. Owner will help f nance. GENE NEBEKER Rlly HA 5-644 BIXBY KNOLLS "ANNOUNCING!" OPEN HOUSE-- 4225 MYRTLE This 3 + den lends a cheer u warmth upon entering. You'll se soft pastels. Interesting fircol. bcnutiful carpeting, Ige. kitchen Rrn. for pool, huge trees. We n vite vou to see. Only 542,900. GUSTINE, Realtor GA /-54tW BEST BUY IN AREA 4-BR., 31/7 BA., POOL 3500 sci. It. of luxury living. Laroo formal din. rm. Big fam. rm. w tt bar and fireplace. Expensive w-w cdrpels dr.iocs. Quality bit Berro, HE 7-1251. REX L. HODGES CO. 01 J EN SUNDAYS 2-5. VJ7.500 F.P H. ADEMA REALTY HE 2-98?7 CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS OPEN-- SEE THESE! 3540 ORANGE-Jwo on ]. Large home + Income garages. Evo GA 4-1457. V 3521 GUNDRY-compact 2 S, den. ID vrs. old. 24- It. gar. R-2 lot. Evo GA 4-1457. OPEN THURSDAY Loc. 3-BR., I 1 /? bds. Eve GA J 1457 HUHTEK GA 4-7V90 GA 7-1889 OPEN WED. 1-5 P.M. PRICR REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE! Sm.lll, spotless 2-bdrm cortifr hyme for 2. Sco. dm. rm Trv SJOOO dn. 3602 LEMON GA 4-0734 Viking Rllv. GE 0-1739 BY OWHTR-- 2-BR , w-w camel, ftcwlv dec., fenced vard, schools. Sacrifice 514,500. HE 2-6852 or GA 7-78«. CARSON PARK SHARPEST IN AREA We ain't seen em all, but our money savs this Is It! Laroo 2- BR., loaded with extras -and only ' ELLIS-SCHRADER 5715 Lakcwood Blvd. GA 3-6J76 CLEAN iimru H plnn 3 bedroom on corner lot with fenced v.ird. Double detached oarage. Droocs Srnnrate dinlnp room. L.irge kitchen. Service -porch olhcr extrns. W7W DO\VN. Sid. 250 JAV RELD, Rltr. ^01 E. Markrl GA 3-7951 Eves. GA 3-560? AS IS Bring Moo, Paint brush check book. Large 3-BR. homo wrcar II vino rm. Carpet Inn, drapes electric range included. S13,EOO. Low down payment. MOORF REALTY HA 5-1717 CORNER "D" MODEL Large 3-DR, sco dlnlnn rm, nreds little paint. YOU DECORATE SAVE SIOOO. Dbl gnraoc, walk to St. Maria Gorettl Church. GUIVFR-RAPHAEL HA 5-1751 LOWEST PRICED . . . 2-BR. ''A" model In area. Owner oo^no t,irminii. sci iclll Rea clean, cotnp'oiely fenced, good l.ndscaoing. DHL. o.irage. MCL MACK TO. OF F-H11 CiYTRY. CLUB MANOR OPEN"] ~TO~i^lS30~V, ; HALEY~ Pnlnt 8- Save! 3. DR. Nr. li.xbv shonpini center S. Schcrer Park. GA J OiNM Vikmn Rlty. GF J-R353 COLLEGE ESTATES !! WISE INVESTORS i! Sharp 3-DR., 2-batti -t- family room. Dmlt-ln stove, oven, dlih- w.iiher. Fireplace. \V-W ciirocfmo, custom drflncs Absolutely best buy In area! I Key at 6350 Ather- MO'ORE REALTY GE 3-J956 °HlS^sfH^K E |TC: T fl^ 3-BK. don, ? gorgeous baths. Duilt-lns. rear living rm. with t. replace. F : orrrri Air heat. It'i new. Immediate Possession. SEE THIS Large, vacant 4 BR. with rustnm- Ircd kitchen 15x18 family rm willi fireplace. 1913 so. ft., lots o 1 extras, immediate possession. DOMING UEZ 2-On-l su.000 Full Price, inc. SMS mo. Sub'ii : terms. Call R.w Crowd! HE 7-1351; Eve GA 30629. REX L. HODGES CO. DOWNTOWN AREA nomcv, 2-DR. Dntn. F.P. S8,;so' Sub. terms. _DeolCV. 900 I., n. Rlvd. HE «-9751 CLOSE" IN" coR~N£R~bu'pLExT l-Br. eatli. Bnih vacant. E-Z terms. Only 51,500 dn. Bkr. GA 3M7B EAST SIDE THIS OLD HOUSE has cvrryth'no! Idonl 6-room home for llvmn S. entcrtflinlng. CiosD lo iho ocean. Price 112,500 Easv terms. . . . Call to sec! MOORE 363 E. FIRST, at Elm HOME AND INCOME 3 Modern slucco units, 2 bdrm. home front, w-w carocts, 2 units rear, 4 grtmoes laundrY rm About 6 v.-i. o.d, oe.idiityi cond. Mav tako 7 or 3-DR. home in tr.ide JOE f-URR. Realtor GE 4-3J27 NEAR WILSON HIGH Large custom built 2-BR. home. Fn!ry h,iil. so.iclous I 1 vino rm., seo. din mo rm., lots ol tile m k tchen, bkfsf. area, alley, dbl. $16,950. ROSE Rlty. open nves. GE 8-1 131 OPEN DAILY 1-4:30 1027 ROSWELL Clean 2-BR. frame, hrdwrt., patio. __J3.000 On. BKT , OF 9-0941 3-B 1 ?., w-w i5k30 R.'R. Scr)"."di^; rnv DGD. Forced a r he At. J15.500. Tcn.ii. Clii Rii/ Croiven HE 7-17S1; GA JOJ^ REX L. HODGES CO. SIDE x SIDE DUPLCX 2-Br cjch u.Tt, turn, or unfurn 1 B.irn 4- 2Vj baths in owner's, 5C133 R-4 lo!. , MABRY GE fi-5732, GE 3-3J71 $70 MO. ) 3-BR. In xint. nciohborhood. R-^ hi . . . 30O.15 lo paved alley. /.ILL MACK CO. OE E-llll Nr. Bixby Pit. $6,700 7-DR., 3 gar. Daro.lin! Owen. R1IX L. HODGES CO. HE 7.1351 2 Homes! $9,900. Hurry Fnrd. yd.! r.'.ovc in! Trar'r' Owen R T X L. HODGflS CO. HE 7-12S LOVELY homo. Ncwlv redecor. m out. Owner must idl Low dn. VANOENBE^G Rltv. Gt 3-3MA OWNER*. ~ Rcdcc-w",itob~"Br.,' w.i'i- w,-,li crp!s , rlirtpo-.; fenced yard. Fruit trees. P"S Tcnolc. i hkfit. room. Lew down. G'-int, Gi: 9 ?.1?H. LGF. fi" Nwly.'netor.nM. (.. of fhr 7th. R ' t r . GP "5-1174. "l7 O R I Z A O V - ? Br. """so,l. 'dn. K-.Vi'v n---*"l C^ S 7^? OPEH"l-304-2??0 E7~UH"$T.~ 2 cri i i- A ? h- or «-?u.i «ii-hv/("ie. S'."VLL HOUSE, S-Trt!! lo!.' \V 7!n*. Oi!v ^i.SO-3 HE ?-7332 I iSTINGS'WA'NTrO" CU'.W.INGS R E A L T Y GL 3--W3 Homes for Sale 139 EA*T SIDE iTB'fi'! dup~ex" NT RafphT OnTv 513,000. Small lot. Stucco. Garb disc. Alexander Realty. GA 6-330J LAKEWOOD AREA PINK AND PRETTY Here's a real neat 2-BR. home In convenient location and only J3400 down to a 4'/,% loon wl h low monthly oavmcnts. D a y -- HA 5.1217 -- Night MOORE .. 4151 E. CARSOM, nt Lakcwood RIGHT IN LAKEWOOD $695 DOWN Real cule yellow white 2-BR liomc. Lots ot brick work. Gleam jng hdwd. floors. LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS GUIVER.RAPHAEL HA 5-1251 DRIVE BY M28 DOWNEY AVE $495 DOWN Unbelievable terms on this bio 3-BR. wilh dbl. delachcd oarage stall sliower, no qualifying neces sory. (i-ltcr hurry, key at GUIVEK RAPHAEL, 4IM Soulh SI ME 3-8112 CA 3-3111 SUBMIT $1300 DOWN 511,200 PRICE No refinancing This choice 2-br wllh carpels, covered patio oa rage loll. A real "Bonanza"! and only S96 S monlh Incl. laxcj. Cal WALKER LEE, INC. 2265 Palo Verde GE 9-2134 JUST LISTED ' 3-BR. with llrcDlace ^ In Lkwd Gardens. Swimming pool club privileges. Lois cl extras. On y SH,750. Submit on down ELLIS-SCHRADER 5715 Lakcwood Blvd. GA 3-W76 3 HOMES To build three dreams uoon. A 3 bdrrm. All rcdcc. throughout 1 with beautiful w-w walk-in pantry. Choose from 3 popu ar floor olans. Earn home mav be bought for the competitive or ce ct only 514,500. Try SISOO dn. FHA 30 YR. LOANS 10% MINIMUM DOWN 3943 Lees _ _ .3-Bdrm 665-1 Keynote _ .._..2-Bdrm 6127 Lokewd. Blvd. _. 3-Bdrn 4333 Dstrom 3-Bdrm 7032 Harvey Way 2-Bdrm CLNIER R E A L T Y ME 3-0/68 CHEAPER TO OWN with sma 1 down pymt. and SB3 a mo. you can own this 2-bcdroom homo with w/w carpctjng, double gar aoi? patio, near grade. Jr. and HI schools. WALKER LEE, INC. TOP VALUE LOW PAYMENTS Sole span 2-bdrm. home w th new wool carpeting, buill-in break- in st nook, covered patio w h BBQ, etc., .-all this in top location Jor S67 month. Call for detoils. WALKER LEE, INC. 6506 E. Sorlno St. HA 9-59?4 $1500 DOWN 3-BR., l'/2 BATHS Evcrythiny you wan! on a corner lot. Rrcolarc, forced nlr he-it birch cabinets. Much less than WALKER LEE, INC. 5549 VVOOdrulf Ave. HA 1-1211 NAVY ORDERS forces Lt. to sell lovely 3-BR. home. Forced nlr heal, 2 baths, entry hall, real fireplace, naturoi wood cablncls, lots of tile. A big yard, dp/id end slrcet. Sate for kiddles. 2 Blks. to shopping center. Only 52200 down. ROSE Rlty. open cvej. GE 8 - M 3 I $1450 DOWN TO NEW FHA Ponular 18 Model, 3 bedrooms. Kitchen ranoe, breakfast nook table, water softener, 2-car garage --nil this for only 512,950. WALKER LEE, INC, ·4100 Belltlowcr Blvd., HA 5-12U $95 MO. pnys all on Ihls extra Inrge 2-BR. ritMr Uoujidi. C.irpdled, buifl-m bookcases surround this brick firenlflce. Service porch. Move rinht In, no 2nd. Bkr,, 5131 E. Carson HA 5-7427 4% LOAN $65 MO. 3-BR., Immnculate 1 owner home. Hdwd. floors, service porch, fer'Lt'd, extras galore. Toner Really. W01 E. Carson. See Merle eves: HA M875-HA 5-7427. A REAL HOME for your Mmilv Is this tine 3-BR It's spoilers. In best area, spi cious. Nearly new w-w cots., f. drapes. Ltio. covsred patio. 51,750 down-- 514.950. ATKINSON REALTY HA 5-7468 JUST LISTED 7-BR. with new bkfsl. nook, SOD. dlnino rm., cnrpeted living room. CB fence, covered oatio. Good terms Call todav! Chns. E. Wright Agcy. HA 5-l?01 4-BEDROOM G.I, Resale. Has built-in ranoe, Forced Air heol, fireulace. 2 b'llhs. 516,300 Submit on down. MOORE REALTY GE 4-3464 $1,000 DN. 7-Bdrm, Den. W/w carpets and sliding glass door to patio slab. Close lo mMs. schools. Call ask tor fat. HA 5-7496 MOULD RLTY. HA 5-9573 PROVINCIAL BEAUTY Take over oaymts. on 4% Gt loan. Only S69 Mo. Lovely 2 BR. f den, nnnfled living dining rms , carotng. Manv, mnny other extras. GUIVER-RAPHAEL HA 5-1551 K c A L SHARP 3-DR., popular % 'lfi" plan. W-w thrnout. Dbl. on-age detached, planters, patio, l blk. school. Best location. 514.495. GEMF NrBFKTR Rlty. HA "J-149 LOW" DOWN "PAYMENT" Less than 51.000 moves vou in. Payments like rent. 3-bedroonii, patio. See todav HA 5-6444 Wofford Opon eves. JUST LISTED 3-BR., "F" MODEL, $2950 DN. to present FHA lean, AbiOlutelv Immaculate. Paymts. less than rent Quick POSS. BKR., Gt 9-0209 BIG "D"-- 179 W.O. PAYS ALL pvment. Manv xtras. Immcd. Po". LAKTWOOD HOUSING CORP. GA .17979 -- NE 834/9 CORNER D MODEL 3-BR. Stall shower. W to w carp. 5SO mo. 4 1 ,iio. Owner anxious. MILLY BECKER. REALTOR GA 7-3336; Eves. ME 05217 BIG'CORNER LOT 7-hdrm., w-w, fenced, cov. patio. Flreoiace f BBQ. Full price 511,950. Ronnie shows It. GA 3 W49 MOULD RLTY. HA 9-633? ~ SELLER~DESPERATE~~ Must sell cor. 3-br. 51250 to new FHA or take over JVj'i Gl loan Sharp. HA 9-5971, Bkr. 4409 BRIERCREST Newlv p.iinted 2-br. slucco, w-w r.vnot, dbl. gar. 4% loan Trv S1500 dn. Rllr. GA 4 40S1 VV-W, brkt^t nook, Dritio, tenred Vl'ri. HURPY ON TH'S ONE! LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP. ' GA ''.7979 tJF P-^479 ~ FAMILY~ROOM, FfREPLACE"" PANELLING SIOOO down buys the 2 br. tarn- i'v room you've boon dreaming of. TO 7-7701 MOULD RLTY. GA 4-239? "" IN" A HURRY? i We'll buy vour home k put the t.i'h in your Docket. TOI RfRT RETALTY GE V-Mdf, A T 7 N : CAL V t T i E»tra clean 3-BR. home. Close to tf-aov schM., tin',. SI. 700 DN. s.'iou.d hJidic. CnM for aoo't. _ G E N E _ N E G E K E R Rltv. _HA_5-Md9 f.iri un ?, leaving town Sell mv 3 OR., ?-b,i. Gl resale this wccV.. Block fence, cov ratio. RYERSON A ASSOC. GE 90209 3~BR., ONLY "$U ,600 YPV hdwd. floor*. Clean, db . OiiMoe, big lot. Won't last at 1h;s price. BKR., GE 9 0?09. ""31.000 DOWN C 2-RR., rarpetcd, dranes, fcn-cft, 1 hik. )··) c'em. sc^^oH. LAKFWOOD HOUSING CORP. TO A 3 7 3 A - HA S-7514 S/V^i DOWN "fn~ 5' 4\" FHA' lo.-.r.")o ?id T.D. 3-lxt'r-i ho-r.p. Wa'.k fo ^|-.1r^l·; ft rhr-riD ^0 rente'- V.ircnt. ;,'.we r-cht in. 0*ffr HA C ( S 7 1 S POPULAR MODEL "18" \V w. Dfl^.ii, 'cn^cd ^harr; HA«IT Rf.ALTY HA 5 J17 A f T N . iqe. I.IT.IJV, 5-Br. Lkwd. G.irder.s. ME 4-173?. Homes for Sale 139 i AKF\A/nnn AUPA NEAR SHOPPING Neat corner 3-BR. home wllh al ihe extras 4- cinder blk. fence clever ootlo. Walk to shopping In Day"-- 'HA 5 - 1 2 1 7 -- Night MOORE I5I E. CARSON, ol Lnkewood !! TRY $595 DOWN !! to Hf« FHA, 3-BR., closs to schools, shopping c, bus. This IS a buy! Day -- GE 4-3464 -- Nigkt MOORE 2«1 BELLFLOWER BLVD. $2,250 CASH TO LOAN or S500 down with 2nd T.D wll buy this real nice 2-BR. home. M7 per mo. Trade. Ask for Obson, HA 57427, Toner 'Realty, eves: TO 6-241 B. CAL VET $500 will move you In 2 or 3-BR. of your choice. HA 5-6444 Wofford Open eves. CLEAN 3-BR. W-to-w. carp 514,200 METRO REALTY CO. GA 7-0919 uAKEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES CUSTOM EXECUTIVE l,aroe beautiful home situated In one of best locations. Heavy shake roof, beautiful slone work on front karge lot, room for pool. Master R. 8. bath on 2nd floor. Call or GUIVER-RAPHAEL HA 5-1251 BRAND NEW -- READY NOW Beautiful provincial style. Fenced Indsc., sprklrs., 3-BR., liv rnt family rm., 2 firepi. Cots, thru out, drapes, complete elec. Mich GENE'NEBEKER Rlty HA 5-6W LAKEWOOD PLAZA . WANT TO SELL? List vour home with . . . ELLIS-SCHRADER-- A plc'ure of of vour home. In LIVING COLOR, will be shown to everyone oasiino our office from 7-10 p.m. each evcnlno. ELLIS-SCHRADER ' 5530 ATHERTON GE 9-2166 EASY TO BUY LET US SHOW YOU Carpeted for comfort, 3-br's. or size, close lo shoDDino for convenience. Only 51300 down. ELLIS-SCHRADER 2691 Bellflowcr Blvd. HA 9-5928. LIVE MODERN Beautiful location lor family liv- Iny. Ciirpcte . . . II vino room, tireolacc. Forced air heat. Bath off master bdrm. Low once. ELLIS-SCHRADER 5530 Alherton GE 9-2166 More for Your Money?? 1t-cn this 3-BR., in bath "iO" "Plan, is It! Fireplace, water softener, ??0 wirino. dr,ines. in'- Dbl. detached garaoc. Xlnl. location. Low price only $2,650 dn. Kev at 6350 Athorlon. MOORE REALTY GE 3-J966 TAKE ^ YOUR CHOICE Sll,900 full price, on one of Ihcsc (2) 2-bedroom sharp buys, many 'WALKER LEE, INC. 2060 Bellflower Blvd. GE 3-7493 CREAM OF LOCATION Near schools, shopnlna. Immacu- l.i'e 3-BR., 2l3ath, Urcpiacc, sprinklers, w-w carpets, drapes, stall shower. Nlrolv landscaped. Price terms attractive. GUIVER-RAPHAEL HA Q^iP SHARP 3-BR., 2 BATH Hdwd. w-w carpets. Drapes. Fireplace. Garb. dlsp. Service porch. Dbl. oarage. Fenced. d% loan. Priced rlpht. Will take 2-bdrm. home In trade. JOE FURR, Realtor GE 4-W7 !! PLAZA BEAUTY !! 3-BR., 2 bain-- fireplace, w-w, dbl. gnrage. Sharp Aldcn-bullt. Must sell, leaving area. $16,995. FHA MOORE- REALTY GE 4-34M STOP AND SEE OPEN HOUSE-- 7B18 Josle Ave. ? brlrm. tins nil the rxtrns. Perfect inside out. See Pal at MOULD REALTY or call HA S-"W 0-- HA i")W3. ROOM F-OR CHILDREN Close to school. 4-bdrm., 2 bath. Low down. Call Carl Terry. MOULD REALTY HA 5-7496 or HA 9-6101 3-HR. BEAUTY Most beautiful landscaped home In aroa. Xlnt. financing. Owner will carry loan. Xtra Vi baih. LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP. HA 5-7S14 TO 6-3736 BY OWNER-- 3-BR^ 2 baths," very clecin. Near schools f. shopping. Immediate poscsslon. 2809 Hackctt. HE 2-J4M or GE 6-2619 LAKEWOOD VILLAGE SAVE $3,000!! PRICE CUT TO $25,500 Save 53,000 Ihls week only. 3 br. family rm., w-w carpet, custom dr.inei, F.A. hentina, flreptnce. 1 ba'ns. Only J7.000 down to loan. ASH tor Girl, 1O 6-QJ46. Bkr., eves. HA 9-7E35. 5330 Lakewood Blvd. TREE-SHADED CHARM COTTAGE tn auiet triendiv neighborhood. Modern 6-rm. Tile. Many extras. Blf.fn TV g. HI Fl. Carprtv drapes. Nice furniture. AH for only S?.i£0 dn. $107.62 mo. A rea buv! 4B32 Whilewood. By apo't. only. L-Sanders, GA 5-1735. G4 ^."fl- 1 OPEN 1-5 4309 CHARLt-MAUML. $2,000 DOWN lhat's all. no 2nds. 3-BR., 60*135 lot. OPEN TODAY! THE WEEK'S BtSl BUY Modern 3-br. Lo*. f«m. rm. ? bn. Trv sm. dn. Seller transf. Has lo sell. Trade? Move In loday. HA 9-59/1. Bkr. ""3-BR. DEN-- WON'T LAST Only 516,950 remodeled. Rericr. New w/w rug, 2V? oar. Loe. lot. Best vlllaoe buv. Better hurry. RFX L. HODGES CO. MA "''" COLONIAL COLUMN^ Immediate possession. 120 fl. fronl- aoe. 2-BR. den. HART REALTY HA 5-1237 LOW DN.-- VILLAGE CUTIE 3-br., cxaulsite kitchen bath, custom drapes, w-w carpeting. GA 3-84S3 LOYLE5 GA 4-8896 LA MARINA ESTATES MANY "EXTRAS" GO~ Large custom-bit, 3-br,, 2-ba. n Stale Cnllpae. Spacious elcc. kltch. Sellino at loss Trade? REX L. HODGES CO. HA 5-1307 LOS ALTOS $2,500 DN. OR TRADE for this 3-BR. beauty. Has w-w oirpetinn, hdwd. floors, patio, fireplace, pice cool. Hurry on tt-.iv AOc for Rex. HA 5-7437. Tcncr Poaitv, Fves: TO 7-0737 DANDY 3 b'r' Home, wuli loc. 2 blks. to Soring Palo Verde shno- pmg center. Walk to schools. ONLY S13.900. AAAX LIVONI, REALTOR !! NEVER BEFORE !! could you buv a 3-BR. A den for only s 1-1,903- Owners none i must sell It! 3 blks. to BUwv. shopping. VnORF RFAI.TY GF 4-34M OWNER" TO"*»UYEH' SPECIAL! Prt'SliDt 1 -- 1700 S3. II. 8 rm. 3-story J-BR. X, don. 3 Unths. 2 fircnii. Lge. family palio. Now S39,9W. 523.000. 6*'. loiin conim. 4MI PINH GA 4-!0?2; GA 2-1236 STRATFORD SQUARE' This stylish 3-BR. features a la roc living rm., with wall ol g'ass, beautiful kitchen, Owner w II finance. 53.000 down. 516.500. EMERGENCY! Forces sa.'e of modern 3-br . 3-ba. for 512,900. W w. clo^e lo sen. Pick up krv flt 3334 Pn'o Verde. RCX I. HODGHS CO. GF 1-1371 3-BHDROOM.' 1-4 halh's," irg.'Ytving rm. VJ to W cols., n,itio, Jitt^ched 1-r.fir one. S 16.300. OPEN HOUSC DAILY. 5111 r. 37th HA 9-4SU NEAR OCEAN-- TRADE V^lll trade 4-Dr., ?-Bs. home. Nr. O.'.oin for Los Altos Home. RF.X 1 . HOOGCS CO. GC 1-1171 "401" 3 BR. A family rm., Vi bath;. Firrol . ?20 wir.r.g, Ige. cov. pftlio BUFJDGt-; REALTY -- E 3 OJ39 S0^t "V'333 F",vwood in' 32 d.Vvs. V/-.1I p-w 519.000 for Whaiey 3 or.. 2 bfl w steel sasn, shinole roof. B^ird Rr.iltor, GE fl-0428 CORNTR LOCATION 3 Brs , i"; ba!h^, w w e.irpcH. FirepMce. ?-c«r o«r. Only $14,950 G f n^nc-nc. Hi^tt, HE 7-3303. " ~ 3 D R , I'.'PATH -- 512,750" SltSil down. Re«r living rm., drps. lmncd:fl;e poss. Owner. GE 0-1106 un, .,«h, c.m., WM, M. ., m, INDEPENDENT. ,_||| LOS ALTOS "WELL KEPT HOME" CONVENIENTLY LOCATED TO SCHOOLS! Ihlj 3-bcdrooni home with dre- pl«i has loruc dining nrea lovely kitchen wllli cooncr hood over stove Dlus naturnl wood cab- ihls'ioSy ""· ° n 1/!% loon - Scc WALKER LEE, INC. «5M E. Soring St. HA 9-5954 !! Investors !! Speculators i! 51,000 dov/n . . . on 3-BR., 2 ba V/-w carpeting, droocs, nntura wood cabinet^, stall shower. Clean 8. nice! See this! Day -- GE 3-4966 -- Nighr MOORE 4350 ATHERTON, al Palo Verde YOU'LL LIKE THIS lovely 2-bedroom home In preferred arci, carpet drapes, lols Me, stall shower, patio, frui trees, double ooraoe.-New llstino, asking $13,900, hurry!! WALKER LEE, INC. 3WO Bcllflov/er Blvd. GE 3-7493 BREEZEWAY CORNER 85x110 LOT 2 bedroom fc convertible raneled den. Laroe value In fop area with t'nv price of 515,200 with $1700 dov/n. Call WALKER LEE,. INC. ??6S Polo Verde GE 9-2134 BIG FOUR Built-in elcc. kitchen, sharp woo carpeting drapes. 2 baths, 4- Bedrms. ELLIS-SCHRADER 5530 Atherton GE 9-21W JR. EXECUTIVE AREA Corner; 3-br. Sprinklers. H6 mo. pflVi all. Take over 4V:% loan. Imm. DOSS. Will trade. Pick up kev af 4373 E. Carson. RCX L. HODGES CO. HA 5-1207 NOW SEE T H I S ! ! ! After you have seen everything else. 2-BR., knolty pine den, frplc. Exquisite carpeting drapes brkfst. nook, 220 wiring. 53,600 dn. to cxistlno loan. FAE MATHEWS, Rllr. GA 40497 11 4-BDRM. -- BEST BUY See our home near Slate Co leoc -- ? haths, bio kitchen. $16.500. JOHN READ Really HA 5-6416 LOS CERRITOS FOR THE EXECUTIVE A New England gern of 4 bdrms. 3 baths mold's room both + separote guest room bait. + custom size heated pool on Vi acre of artistic grounds near Virginia Country Club. Nr. Virginia Country Club Designed for modern living nnd entertaining 9 vrs. aoo. This ow i- er-built, ultra smart, modern 2- br. den home with 2 baths has every genteel refinement. Fu! v luxuriously carpeled and draped. A stone's throw from Vlnilnia Country Club, A "MUST SEE." MORRIS HOLMQUIST ?132 Pacific .Rltr. HE 7-1281 "SERENE, BEAUTIFUL!" Lovely rn'nnial netrd mon7 trees with panoramic view ol golf course, terraces, pool. Sec this by apnt. GUSTINE, REALTOR G A 7-5409 SECLUDED PARADISF Lovely 3-BR. home. Quiet sired. Rear view llv rm., c!pr. kltch., 2-bath. Just listed. 531,500. JOHN RFAD Realty HA 5-6J16 MARINA SHORES Time's a'Wastin' Make offer on this lovely 2-vr.- oid home. 2-br. den, F.A, heat. Frol., P ba., bilt-ln kltch., dbi. Bar And assume 4~4 a '- Gl LOAN. A-l REALTY SERVICE GE 30403. Realtors. 5223 E. 2nd. NAPLES NEW i, MODERN OPEN BAY FRONTAGE 59 FT. Space for two boats. Unusual 3- bdrm., 3-bath home wllh exceptional view of Alamllos Bnv. This new home offers the discrimlna Ing buyer the ultimate In bay front living. Largo living rm. with floor to celling driftwood-stone fireplace, separate dining rm. complete blt.-ln kitchen. Cull Mr. Schcrcr for complete details. Eves. GE 4-8567. McGRATH-SHANK CO. GE 9-2121 POST-WAR Exfra nice 2-BR., dishwasher, fur- nare, ille, etc. Henr schools. BUSINESS CORNER NnnlM Plnrn (2nd St 5 1-BR. oosf- war house--only J18,950. MUNTZ REALTY 55M E. 2nd Renltor GE 9-2161 NO BETER VALUE 52,500 down. Bc.iutllul 2-br. So, o' 2nd. Near Bnv. Tastefully decorated Inside out. W-w riiroets drapes. This Is real MABRY GE 3-3471; GE 3-285-1 Across from Lagoon 7-BR. ' 4- beautiful family rm. Kitchen modern as tomorrow. Hioh concrete walls give maxl- rr-'im privacy. GE 4-8923 realtor 3118 E. 4th Unique 1 or 2-br. 4- Ige. den-- furn. '.'i blk. to Canal. Submit. Klont Rlty. 5556 E. 2nd. GE 9-0935 NORTH LONG BEACH ORIVF BY 301? CADE ST $9,950 TOTAL PRICE 2-BR on R-2 tot. VV-W carpetma. drapes, xlnt condition Inside. $975 down Guiver-Raoheal, 4125 South St. ME 3-8113 GA 3-3497 SPARKLING CLEAN DOLL HOUSE NEW PAINT -- NEW CARPETS Near South Mvrlle. Exlra sharp 2 bedroom. '47 built stucco with double detached garage. 40x170 fenced lot, with fruit trees. 511,350. J Cr w 1S p.Fr;D, Rltr. 401 E. Market LEAVING SOON! Owner must sell now. 3-bedroom home in good neighborhood, hdwd. floors, garbage disposal, Inrpc kitchen, dbl. oarage, fenced vard. A'-king SI3.500 Existing loan is ·i'V.rt Gl. Cnlf now! Gold Coast Realty, Realtors. TO 6-1768. NEAR JORDAN HIGH Spacious 3-Br. home. Varnnt. Move In. Reduced lo sell. Submit ^HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. 6176 Atlantic Ave. GA 3 647B LIKE BIG ROOMS??? NEAR ST, ATHANASIUS 5 rooms. 2 bedrooms. 1940 built frame. 1070 so. ft. Large bright kitchen. Ideal for additions. Only $10.950. TCTTIS. J. V/. REED, Rltr., 5900 Atlantic CA 3-5435 Eves. GA 2-1060 LOOK AT THIS! 3-Br. Electr'c kitchen. Gorgeous c.irnctlng S. drancs. Make this a MUST to sec! S. L. STARR, REALTOR 73.1 SOUTH ST. GA 3-14B7 NLB TRIPLEX-AM 2 BR. Inc. S2JO. 2 units less than 1 vr. old. Best loc. for rentals. Make offer on his. M'oht take tot as nart down. Marge Drevor, GA 3-8143. TRIGG RLTY. HE 5-7557 2-BR.-- $1.000 DOWN 40 x (30 R-2 TO ALLEY Vacant. 5-rm. plan, Blfl dining rm. D soosal. B'o oar. Good are*. RAT AJACK, 5913 Orange. GA 3-5469 6410 INDIANA 2-bedroom, newly painted, re- modclcdO kitchen, patio area. Onlv J9750, 5900 down. HURT SMITH CO., REALTORS 2 2-BR. DUPLEXES ON 8 7 * 122 FT. LOT A-l location. Tin-ton in A out. 40,1 r. -t- bg Inrv. rm. inc. S320. RATAJACK 5913 Orange GA 3-5469 "CUffHOUSE-- $1.500 DOWN Real clean, sharp 2-DR. wilh nice vard p.iCo. F. P. S10.500. HOWARD BUTLER, RLTR. 6176 Atlantic Ave. GA 36478 5621 LEWIS LOVLLY MODERN ROOMY RANCH TYPE MIR. BBQ. Near schools, bus A stores. -BR. HOME+I.BR. DUPLFX F.P. $50,500. Inc. $750. Furn. Try i3000 rin. MILLY BECKER, REALTOR GA 7 3836; Eves HE 5 06J7 4-ROOM HOUSE N.L.B. K'e.if po^t o f f i c e -- small down. Lot iOxlW-- C-1 rone HIATT GA 3 49,13 $9750. ROOMY 7-RR. ~ L B . Blvd. Soicious kitchen. Sprinklers. CALL NOW. HOWARD BULTER RLTR. $m Atlantic Ave. GA 3 W73 FOR" TRADE Homps from SJ4.000 to MO-QM that will take un to $20,000 homo in tMie. nurdoe. GE 30-ifiv. 7CXW ATLANTIC " PL.-- "i ACRE Cho ; c* Rant ho on hridl* nsth. Owner transferred. Appt. Call H. ADFMA R R A L T Y GA 2-1341 HAVE nuver* for"2 BRT~A~drn"or 3 hr. V.nrge Oeyer. GA 3-8143; HE .'-;557~Trigg Rlry. Homes for Salt 139 NORTH LONG BEACH HOME AND INCOME 3 bedroom hrne f $140 Inconn from duplex. Just what many o you arc looking for, Fine house duplex built '58. Something vou'l be proud to own I Good terms loo, may trade. HUMPHRIES REALTY REALTOR TO 7-2/07 9631 Alor.dra Blvd., Bellllownr Anthony Pool, Flagstone deck ·*- 2-br, stucco W-w, sep dining rm., loe bedrms. Thermo drapes, Dlshmastcr, covered patio ALL for $13,450. Low Downl Day -- GA 3-5441 -- Night MOORE 51,000 DOWN si20 mo. buys age 12 years 2-bcdroom duolox with hardwood, tile, furnace heat double enrage on alley. Front unl furnished-- Rents S90 mo. Rear un- furnjsjed-rcnti 530 mo. Pr ccd J. W. REED, Rltr. 5700 Atlnntlc GA 3-5435 Eves. GA 2 8328 PARK ESTATES STEP UP TO BETTER LIVING In this gracious 2-BR. home, In choice loc. $34,500. Reasonable dn. pvmt. consider exchange fo Income properly, GEORGE-. SWIFT, HE 2-3961 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 800 E. Ocean, Realtors. HE 2-396 Sports Loving Family? 4-BR. den on Ige. lot. Plcn v space for pool, badmlnlon i more. A"ev entr. Owner will trade BURDGE REALTY GE 30489 5459 OLETA, OPEN P.M NEW-- VACANT-SPACIOUS 3 BRs.. den. 2Vj ba., 2 trpls., reo L.R. Landscaped yard. Rm. fo LUXURIOUS home in exclusive Park Estates. Trade for u do home or income. Long Beach Bkr., GE 4-6406; GE 4-7886. ROSSMOOR PACIFIC ESTATES 3-BR. FR. Carpet draocs, re frig. A freezer. Sprinklers front 8 rear. Prof, lar.riscnped. Patio. Lots of extras. A hard to find mode WALKER LEE, INC. Hwv. 101 fi, Anaheim GE 4-7426 IMAGINE A sharp Plymouth model, 3 bed rooms, 2 balhs 5. family room W/w carpet, draocs, CB fence 8. many extras. Only S50DO dn. No 2/id. Onlv 1, belter hurry. WALKER LEE, INC. 2060 Bcllllower Blvd. GE 3-7493 UNBELIEVABLE: Spacious 2-story, 4-br., 2-ba. home with loe. heated pool. W.'w. Blt.- ln. Convenient. Hew Lovelv. A must lo see for the finer home buyer. Trade? BY OWNER Occupancy obo-jt Feb. 15lh Ranch sivle. Down payml. 54,250. $17,300 r.H.A. V/nle P.O. Box 629, Long Beach, Calif. Havo Buyers-- Rossmoor Homes Have new office on Blvd. to serve vou. Will advertise 'til sold. Pago Cunningham GE 1-3732 Farmhouse + 16x36 Pool Reduced $7,000 -- Must move lo Mississippi. -liKR. HA 9-5929. biGNAL HILI "EAVII^^UNtRY" OPEN 3375 E. 20TH 3-br. den, 2 ba. 6 yrv new. 2- slory. View. Berro, HE 7-1251. REX L. HODGES CO. 2345-47 CERRITOS HOME: + INCOME, ii's very nice! You must sccl 5?./50 dn. Very good forms. Eve. GA 4-3052. Hunter GA7-I889 GA 4-7990 UNIVERSITY DISTRICT $10,700 2-BEDROOM with dblc. oaraoe. A rent value In this urea t, lust SHOO down movci vou In tomorrow. Cull WALKER LEE, INC. JS« Woodruff Ave. HA 1-JI] WEST SIDE OWNER WILL HELP FINANCEI 2-BK. den. tilt.-m nel bar. W-w carp., drapes. Hdwd. doors. Nr. buses, schools. Low down payment. Cdll Ted Brown CA X-0734 Vlklno Rllv. OAJ-1730 EXTRA SPECIAL! 3-BR. W E L L LANDSCAPED. CLEAN A5 A PIN. Call us for details. BERNHARDT REALTY V5 V;. Willow GA 7-8412 2746 DELTA-- OPEN 1 TO 5 OOOD CUSTOM bull) 2-BR. Car- Deled. I ilc uath. 1st showlnal STOLP REALTY 819 W. WILLOW GA i-il\l ANTHONY HEATED POOL -l 2 BR. slucco. 4 redwood family mi., frpl., BBQ. 516,750. LARGE 5-rm. home, ?Vi yrs. old. Disposal. Thermo control furniico. 22xvO gnr., 501!0 R-2 Icncpd lo . r-MA ADDIICCi lor. KP. 12ouO. GA 7-6920 Minks Rlty. GA 3-5231 2-Bit-- $2.500" DOWN Loc. llv. rm., sop. D.R. Drive by 2543 Fashion Avc. Then cnll C. BROWN. HE 2-2600; GE B-6666 BY "Owner-- 5 rooms TlVj b«ths."Dl- chondra lawns. Close to freeway, markels. churches: loroe collection ol camellias, etc. 2516 Easv Ave. WHY PAY RENT? 7-BR., din. rm., tile, hrdwd., dKn., fenced, dble. oar. BKR. GA 4-3303 3-BR. Stucco. W-w caroct, natlo. Sub. dn. Bnlanco like rent. Al RUTZ REALTY HIT 7-35fi7 WRIGLEY' AREA VACANT!! OPEN FOR INSPECTION 3119 CEDAR Lrtroer roonv.,. real fireplace. DON BRISTOW GA 4-4911 WILLOW AT CEDAR /.- RYALS-BUILT · · Beautiful 2-BR. 1400 sa ft. Rre- plc. Sepr. D.R. Extra Igo. kitchen. \'i blh. to shonoino. BERNHARDT REALTY 495 VJ. Willow GA 7-BJ13 JUST LISTED . . ."$3500 DM! 3-BR. home. Loe. L. R., D. R. ( rcLenlly carpeted. Repented. Pago i Cunningham GA 4-81 13 5-HM. home. Many extrns. Nice b/ick vrt.-d. Palio. 515,900 F.P. 2-BR Stucco. W-tf enroots, Dool, I** tin. Dishwshr. $19,500 F.P. AL RUTZ REALTY HE 7-3SA7 JUST LISTED-- Immac. 3~-BR. home. Natural fireoSc. Loe. kitch xtrai. STOLP REALTY El? W. Willow GA 44712 3 HOMES, 1 LOT $15.000 55,000 dn. Bal. $100 mo. Nr. Pine. Pago Cunningham GA 4 - 8 1 1 3 Southland Cities Prop 140 ARTESIA 17617 AAAIDSTONF 3 bedroom, 4 vrs. old, Pi bnths, hardwood doors, dining room a nook area, rear living loom wllh sliding gins* doors. Asklno only S13.700 --Owner will trade or acccci small down. Immediate possession. BURT SMITH CO., REALTORS 9J;? F. flower A.'C. TO 7-7373 RANCH" STYLE' 3 bedroom home 1 vr. old. Draperies included. Hdwd, firs., fenced v-ird, double 0,1 rage. $14,300 F.I 1 . $1.500 down or can arrange low "CARSON ST. REALTY 17135 E. Oil-son. Arlcsla UN S1IU NF'.R MEW 3-bcdroom. 01 lo.m. S/386 flown. Full once S1S,«0. J»3a 70 Gl LOAN. 3 Dr.. hdwd., fenced. Imm. poss. TA 3-3W. BELLFLOWER $8,850 P.P.-- EASY TERMS Ruys this well located ?, DOSM- biy 3 bedroom home. Real homev. Hr. Lkwd. 8, Alondra. 12*1! II. room on rear of garaoe, street 8. alley entrance. J. A. MUELLER, REALTOR 178U Cart, Bollllower TO 7-37M Sharp as a Hound's Tooth 51.100 dn. No 2nd for 2 bedroom with wall-lo-wall carpel, large kitchen, close to shops schools. Ul.iOO F.P. Won't last. BKr. ASK to." Blanche, TO 607«. Fve. GA 3-3175 S9M L.lkewjod R' NOW IS THE TIME ~ Owner says MUST SELL. 3-br., 7-hath home. All mprfcrn textures. CIOSB to evervthlno. You must see th s r,:ie. Submit. ASK DICK TO SHOW TO 7-7J01 MOULD Rlty. TO 7-W3 ' Southland Cities rrop 1 40 BELLFLOWER " "· 3-BEDROOM HOME " : · double detached oarage on R-t' · lot, 50x150 to paved alley. Can build 2 more rentals. A very good)- ., buy al JI2.500. Owner anxious-*":'' submit on terms. MENSER MENSER " ' t TO 7-M50 R«. TO 7-W7J- V 1681? Bcllflower Blvd. ' ' *'IN BUSINESS SINCE 1921" ' ' $8,950 FULL PRICE 2-Bodroom home oaraoa on- . M-l zoned lot, in txcellent condition, hdwd. floors, floor furnac* with thcrmo., venetlnns/ water ' ' softener. *B95 down will handle* · so see 1! today) MAUSER REALTY CO. 9«7 Arlcslo Blvd. TO 6-1791 CLEAR 2 sm. houses on IBO. lor.- , Has SIO.SOO value lor 1 or 3-br. . COMPTON din. rm. den, I'/i baths, fireplace, bit-In kit. Owner, 1315 E.- Tlchenor nr. L. B. Blvd. NE 9-237A 3-BR., den. 1016 S. Chester Avoi, · " · Open 1-J. ? frpl. Musi ba seen. ' Rltr., HE 6-3966. HAWAIIAN GARDENS "CHICKENS" $2000 DOWN' 2 bedrooms tnd 16x18 den with fireplace. Large lot olus chicken house and run. One block to shop- Ping. Only SI 2,500. Call for details. WALKER LEE, INC. 4100 Bellflower Blvd. HA 5-1214 . DELUXE HOME Near St. Francis HOSD- Lynwood with 3-unll Income, l-vr.-old spa- clous 2-br., heated-filtered pool, 5 garages, blt.-ln acDlianccs, carpets, draocs. Like resort living, 525,000 dn. McConahav Rltr. ANoe'es 8-3221 NOKWALK DRIVE BY 15318 McRAE $395 DOWN Nice 2-BR In best Norwalk area. No aualitvlno necessary. Gulver-RaphacI 412S South St. *" ME 3-8112 GA 3-3497 . J200 DN.-2-BR. S6600 bat. $60 mo. PARAMOUNT HANDYMAN Can build another house on Ihfi R-2 lot In good location. Im- . . provcmenls In R paved for. Ha* older built 1 -bedroom now. Full price only S7000-- good terms. Gold Coast Realty, Realtors. TO 6-1768. Orange Co. Prop. 141 CLOSE TO L. B. Navy man transferred. Must sell this 3-BR. fam. rm. Hi ba. home, located wi'hln 10 mln. of Long Beach. S595 dn. will handle. F.LLIS-SCHRADER 11B72 Brookhurst LE v-7757 .. 3 4-br., v-ba., olt-in stove, ovgnj, fenced, landsc. Only a tew left. Cliff Uken GE J-AW4 LE 9-W23 , 176x164. Nr. Knotts. 52^,300. J5000 dn. Gannon. GA 3-8426; ME 3-4/53. ANAHEIM LAVENDER, LACE LOTS OF SPACE and we do mean space with 4 · GF.NEROUS SIZED BEDROOMS AND A FAMILY ROOM- pool sized yard, 7Cxl50, all secluded by tinted block wall. Welt- doslgncd for family living with massive floor lo eel Una Texas llmo-,!one fireplace, a huge kllchrn v/ith handy brenkfast bar and oil. the bullt-lns-- RANGE, OVEN, etc. Clear hardwood floors, forced-nlr -heat and 2 baths. A wall of sliding ginis overlooks a sprawling . covered palio. Individual detailing shown fnrouohout, with brick - Btanlcrs and distinctive roof line, wner transferred, so priced HI only $19,950, 4'/j% loan can ba FARROW SON, RLTY. . North Side of Santa Ana Freeway 1112 BROOKHURST, ANAHEIM KE 5-7294 JE 7-9642 Onen dally Sundav 9-7 after 6 p.m. cnll Kl 5-6131 _ COVERED WATER-HEATED ' SLAB FLOORS 3 bdrms., 2 baths, family room with frolc.; bit-In GE washer dry or; Kitchen wilh GE dishwasher. Landscaped fenced. Gl loan, balance $14,200 submit on down. BELL Rltv. GA 2-5400; PR 4-9278, $98 PER MO. PAYS ALL No 2nd TD. SparWIng 3-BR., " hdwd. Mrs., loe. family kitchen, covered terrace, (675 dn. Includes C °SOUTHLAND REALTY CORP. TAylor 8-4090 ONLY $500 DN. BUYS THIS 4-br., 2-ba. home, Including range, CE dishwasher, refrlo., auto, wnsher, w/w carpels, drapes, din- Ino rm. set Patios. DBQ. Walk to . shoos S. school. Payment s Ilk* rent. Owner. HE 7-35 II IT'S BIG, MAN! Anorox. 1,750 sa. ft. of luxurloui . living. Provincial 3-BR., 2-bath, fircolace, built - Ins, Intercom,. dn""". No b'd refuted. D rfce terms flexible. Key at 84)0 Kalcl- In. BKR. TAvlor 8-4801. Gl RESALE 6 mos old. 3 BR, 2 ba, C.B. fenced, nice tandscaolng. $1095 ' dn., 137.50 mo. total. TIDWELL REALTY 6032 Lincoln, Buena Pk JA 7-5173 5-BEDROOMS ! possible In this corner beauty. Large fenced lot, w-w carpels, drfiocs. bul It-Ins, wonderful location. Try S595 down. Key at MID Katclla, BKR., TAvlor 8-4801. 15 MIN. to Long Beach. 3-br., 2-ba., ' 2-car oar. Has leased for $150 mo. ' Fenced vd., patio, rm. for pool, thermo heat, built-in stove oven/ frol., 15x?0 llv. rm. 511,700 Gr '·· loiin. Submit dn. terms. Owner*" PRosooct 2-3334 or GE 9-6241 TAKE OVER PAYMTS.. 3-BR., 2ba., fenced, folc.. w-v*. carpets, patio Resoonslbla family lust move In. 5109 mo. Incl. all. NO DOWN. PR 4-4148 $ SAVE SAVE $ Only 512950 total. 4-br., 2-ba., . .- dranes, water softener, fence, · patfo, landscaped. Only 52,487 dn.. balance $78 mo. Pf: 2-4420. OWNRR-4-BR., 2-ba. 1300 sq. ft. insulated, diso., attic, 2-car oar., blk fence. Vac. 513,500, KE 57900 53V5 TOT moves you In today. 3-br." ' 2-ba., blt.-lns, blk. fence. JA 7-2291 BUENA PARK Let's Go fo the Country 5 Acres on main thorouohfare, with two 2-bedroom houses, all . the water you want, barns, bldos., fully !onced, ideal for horses/ cdivcs, or what have vou? This- ~ property can be bought $3000 under market value. Call lodayt Rylee Cogburn, Rltrs. ·" W19 E. Artcsla Bellflower TOrrev 6-0/53 TOrrev 7-1363 HORSES You can have on this lj acra which has loe. 3-n.r, 1 ba., hdw. . fir., w-w drapes. 4 yr. old home. Room for 3-4 horses w/barn. Fenced cross-fenced. It's a buyl LA 2-1112. 5-135 DN., INCL. COSTS 3-br., fircolnce, hdwd. floors, bit.- In ranoe, pat'o, cinder blocK tcnce. Payments like rent. ORANGEFAIR REALTY 7911 Orangcinoroe LA 2-2781 cllcf. ' HFAR FORECLOSURE Loe. 4 br., 2 ba.. fenced vd., folc.» covered natio. Needs a little paint. . Only 5795 dn S2.000 underpricrrt. Vacant Jan. 31. Hurry. LA 7-2834 EXCELLENT LOCATION Shiiro 3-br , 2-ba., drapes, fplc./ bit-in range oven, F.A. heat. · . 4V 3 % loan. Only J650 dn. LA 2-2853 OPEN FOR INSPECTION Gl resale. 3-br., hwd. floors, xlrai _o.ilore. S9 1 ? 1 ; d.n. JA 7-B377. OV/NER-- 4 i-flr., 2 ba., manv e'xfra's" Make offer. Low rin. TA 8-2904 , GARDEN GROVE WS FULL DOWN Immediate Poiicsiion 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bflths SUNSHINE HOMES Flower «, Tr-ivlor VVav, M. of Wtstml niter, E. of Rrookhiirtf LEhl 9-30M or JEfferson 7-9961 S1.49S DN Take over G.I. loan. 587 mo. Davt an. 3-Rft., 7 ba., blt.-ln R. 0. Gar., loc. fenced lot. JA 7-53?9 TW 'TM;?I TAKE car, boa*" bFtMiTeTfoFequity In sh. ro 3-BR Hi ba. home. W-w carpet. ng, hdwd, firs., lireDlnce: fenced. JA 7-S119, DIRTY S'BR. nom*. Hdwd. nVT. w-w cifDffH. C B. f?ic«d. HuOf vd. Payments M? per mo. Tot.ii price only til ,500. JA 7-51 1». J1495 CASH~!o loan" on lovely 4-br^- 2ba. home, w w caroeti, draoe^ oatio. JA 7-5119. OWNER -- S199 dn. 4-br, fple^ (enced, 2-car oar. TW 3-5W2.

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