Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 16, 1967 · Page 6
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 6

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1967
Page 6
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'AGE 6 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUESDAY, MAY 16,l96t 'Jd^^^^Br ·' " ·· ' "· rz7^«* n. » "v ' " *L- ·· · · .-' .-" »v , \*.-*;t Papagos At JFK Grave M. O Papago Indian students from the Oasis School in Sells stop at the grave of the late President John F. Kennedy in Arlington National Cemetery today while on a sightseeing tour of Washington, D. C. The students' trip, financed through their own fund raising, private donations and government grants, includes visits to congressmen and other officials; numerous appearances to perform Indian dances and explain Papago history and culture, and attendance at a baseball game. They will stay in Washington through Thursday and return here by bus. (AP Wirephoto.) FlOSMay Be Down In China SAIGpN (UPI)-A two-man U.S. Air' Force jet hit while raiding North. Vietnam may have gone'down inside Communist China, military spokesmen said today. In South Vietnam, a U.S. Army. force wiped out a Viet Cong band . in .a, stunning Mekong Delta victory but Leathernecks on the North- South Vietnam border "met such fierce resistance they could get supplies only by parachute. A. U.S. pilot of statement said the a missing F105 Villiams Voices Hops For Smooth Tax Shift Thunderchief fighter - bomber last was spotted on a course Monday which "could have taken him inadvertently near the North Vietnamese border with Red China. "We have no word on the two- man crew," a spokesman said. It was not immediately clarified why the Thunderchief, usually a one-man craft, was carrying two men. ' : The plane's pilot last reported he was "heading out" of the target area near the North Vietnamese MIG interceptor base at KEP, 37 miles northeast of Hanoi. In the dried rice paddies of the delta 50 miles south of Saigon today, troops of the U.S. Army 9th Infantry Division beat down the f nal resistance of a guerrilla force thev jumped on Monday evening. They reportec having killed 69 Viet Cong and suffering one American dead and 25 wounded themselves in TEMPE (AP)-Gov. Jack Williams declared today'the .main problem of the current tax readjustment program is "to get Ihrough it without too much dislocation." Addressing the Arizona Academy of Public Affairs, the governor said there is certain to ba controversy over the program. Williams said the $6 million reappraisal project carried out the past four years provides for the first time "a solid, clearly illuminated foundation 1 ' to revamp the tax structure. "Such a new, known factor will unquestionably be of utmost importance in assaying the Arizona economy's basic ability to meet jresent and future governmental needs," Williams said. He warned, however, the new information doesn't necessarily mean "utopia" has arrived for overnment spender?. . "It simply means that Arizona las been given a powerful implement with which to create a ruer tax equalization and a more efficient and equitable property tax system," Williams the first Arizona Town Hall sponsored by the Arizona Academy in 1962, had recommended in the way of tax reforms and what the legislature had done to implement the suggestions. . Williams' also recounted a number of other proposals concerning taxation and discussed various proposals by cities and counties to ease their tax burden. . The speech was part of the academy's annual meeting at which plans were made for tiiei Rev. Bass Charged Accuses Star CONSUMER CREDIT INSURANCE Fees Excessive, Congress Told From Paqe I ask the questions Roylston re-, 'erred to. When Roylston made his third request yesterday that newsmen refrain from detailing i he grounds for disqualification of potential jurors, Bailey moved to make the request an official court order. Roylston declined, saying no order would be .issued because n e w s m e n have "hearts of gold." "The newsmen's hearts may se," Bailey said, "but their editors' hearts are not." Roylston noted, in making the request, that he probably will WASHINGTON (UPI) --The health and life insurance that retailers require of installment buyers is soaking American consumers $175 million a year in excessive premiums,- Con- gress'was told today. Insurance commissioners of two states testified the alleged profiteering largely could be laid to lenders who accept kickbacks from insurance companies 'Sharing income they have received on exorbitant premiums. James H. Hunt, Vermont's potential jurors in order to se- le I a 41-member panel. He explained that although the 125 original veniremen were ordered not to read or listen to news accounts of the case, no such order has been issued to persons who might be selected for the second group. His reference to the possibility of a second group of pt^ tential jurors tempered courthouse sneculatiori that Roylston mbht declare a mistrial and approve a change of venue if the 41-membei panel was not selected after the 125 original veniremen were interviewed. commissioner of banking and insurance, told the Senate Antitrust and Monopoly Subcommittee-that "in most states, the debtor is paying excessive premiums and'needs help. "If, somehow, creditors were prevented from profiting excessively on the insurance, annual | savings of perhaps $175 million ' would be possible." Hunt added, "My estimate 6f $100 million a year a g o w a s timid. Actually the analysis may even understate .the fact..." He described the profits being made from the incidental sale of insurance in connection with loans and other credit transactions as "fantastic." Hunt/testified t h e ' s u b c o m - mittee opened f o u r days o t hearings as a start on an overall investigation of competition in the credit industry. Charles W/ Gambrell, South Carolina's chief insurance com- missionei, urged , the end of Feud Erupts Early DALLAS (UPI)--The police report called it ''a long-lasting feud" between "two neighbors, this solemn farce which is alied consumer credit insur- nce..." But Gambrell said he was not spous ng federal regulation of nsurance. "Indeed, freeing state regula- ons from the impossible bur- ens of attempting to reach the sal parties, the lenders, through egulating the insurers, who are eld in thralldom by the lenders, vould enable state regulation to address, itself to · its true unctions of regulating for olvency and protecting the nsuring public," Gambrell said. Hunt agreed that to a large measure, the profits are going o the finance industry and not he insurance industry. He said that "companies female. resulting in one striking the other with beer bottle, causing small laceration." Neither party was arrested. One neighbor was 6, the other 4. The Girls the action in the stronghold country. guerrilla The Rev. James D. Bass," 44, was charged today with Vehicular manslaughter, stemming from an accident last Wednesday involving, an elderly pedestrian. The accident occurred at S. 4th Ave. and E. 9th. St. during darkness. The victim was Joa- qiJin Mendez, 73, of 320.W. 37'h St. Police sail Mendez was" fa- next Tuwn^Hall session. It will bring state' leaders togethe'" to again delve into t?.x problems. Also discussed were .plans for another Town Hall to be held during the coming year -- the 12th in the series -- which will concentrate on mental health problems. : tally injured while in a cross- w'lk. The Rev. Mr. Bass, of 305 W. 2*rd St., pastor of the Southside Presbyterian Church, was summoned to appear next Tus'Bday in Division 5 of Superior Court. The charge is a high mis- j demeanor. .. '.., Workshop To Consider Land Use In Tucson Rate Probe To Be Reopened PHOENIX (AP) - The State Corporation Commission will reopen on May 29 an investigation of rates of the Arizona Public Service which began in 1965. The commission has had the matter under advisement since last November, when its investigators completed a $117,000 investigation. James Bros. Circus Will Appear Here The James Bros. Circus, sponsored by the Manzo Area Council, will give two performances Saturday at the El Con Shopning Csnter. A benefit, the performances are scheduled for 2 and 4 p.m. Admission will be $1 for children and $2 for adults. The circus -will 'feature Miss Elsie Berchtold and performinjT animals, who recently appeared in television's "Coliseum." In the act are two grizzly bears, two Siberian tigers, two African male lions and an African eoat -- all performing in the same arena at the same time. The Manzo Area Council is the show sponsor. The governor reviewed what | What should Tucson look like? In a nutshell, that is the theme of a two-day planning workshop at the University of Arizona beginning Thursday. It is an outgrowth of the Tucson Community Goals Committee's meeting in Casa Grande last fall. The workshop, open to the public, will go into all questions concerning land and how it should be developed here, according to the outline being circulated. Also getting attention will be traffic and urban beauty. TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. Serving Tucson for 60 Years! Local Long Distance MOVING By experienced men Capable movers can make moving a pleasure. Fallen Vauft STORAGE · Modern WarchouM Three out-of-town speakers are scheduled. On the program Thursday morning will be Corwin Mocine, University of California professor and planning consultant, and Scottsdale City Mgr. William D. Donaldson. Farrell Haady, vice president of the University of New Mexico, and Mocine will give closing observations Friday afternoon. . , Those attending will be assigned to small study groups to take up the various, discussion topics. Conclusions reached in these small grouo meetings will be brought together for a report at the end of the two days. Tucson Regional Plan Inc., responsible for the physical environment section of the goals report, is spearheading the workshop. Part of the workshop cost will be covered by funds obtained under the federal Higher Education Act of 1935. A $5 registration fee which includes two luncherns will bs charged each participant. All sessions will be in the U A Student Union. Convicted Bomber Is Top Suspect LAS VEGAS, Nev. "(UPI)--A man convicted of blowing up telephone relay towers in Nevada and Utah was sought today as the principal suspect in a bizarre extortion attempt that forced the evacuation of more than 2,500 guests from seven resort hotels in three states Monday. The suspect was identified as Dale Christian Jensen, 29, sentenced to eight years in prison for doing an estimated .75 million in damage to Bell Telephone Co. microwave tow- e'.-s in 1965. He was paroled last November. Authorit'es said a second suspect also was being sought, but gave no details. The evacuation of guests at all Del E. Webb-owned hotels in Nevada, California and Arizona came after a live bomb and a note demanding $75,000 v/ere i discovered in a 12th floor room, of the Sahara Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The crudely typewritten note demanded that Webb pay $75,000 or the Sahara and at least two other hotels owned by the construction tycoon would be blown up. No other bombs were found, however, and no money was paid. 5-16 "I only weigh myself on days when everything goes wrong . . . I figure those days are ruined anyway." JEWELRY STOCK C AUt OHVC, UAI C FIHLr EVERYTHING GOES! LANG FRANK JEWELERS which pride themselves on low cost service to the public are on the horns of a dilemma--either they play the game or they lose the business." Lenders seek the insurance companies which charge the higher price rather than the lower "because he g e t s t h e difference in kickbacks of one form or another," Hunt said. Many of the responsible companies "are reluctant to be a party to gouging the public and are not' aggressively seeking business," Hunt added. "Some of our largest group life companies--very efficient operators due to the economies of large scale--are only modest participants in credit insurance." Spring is a wonderful time to visit The valley is really green ... the desert shrubs and frees are m bright bloom . .. the air is filled with bird's songs ... residents are gardening in earnest . .. houses are a-building ... the 18 hole golf course is challenging. See for yourself, . . . · Superb community facilities - recreational - shopping · medical · Fairways houses · Townhouses · Acreages · Apartments · 12 sparkling new models 19 easy miles South of Tucson city limits on the Nogales highway -*£. "/I Place in. the Sun for Everyone'" Maxon Construction Company · Green Valley, Arizona 85614 BUD KALISH SAYS DISCOVER ARIZONA! Plan a shorl weekend trip and see your scenic slate. BUD KALISH Discover how you can add beauty to your car's interior with beautiful seal covers. Choose from turquoise, blue, red, green, brown, and charcoal. 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