The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 20, 1957 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 2
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»»f» * * Brazoria County LL Standings Full Cord Tonight.. THZ FACTS SKAZORIA coorrY LITTLB LEAGUE BASEBALL STANDINGS Through Tuesday, June 18 B-C-V League "V Velasco v Brazsria S Jaa«t Cteek 5 Clut* Braves 4 Clut* Dodgers 3 Lalsvi Results Brararia S — JC l Braves 8 — Dodgesrs 0 * Censing Games Tuesday, June 25: Brazoria at Clute (Braves) JC at Velasco West Colombia Major* (1st Half) Braves Dodgers Giants Cards W 8 5 4 i is 1 Lesgu* W 3 6 3 1 i Results Braves 7 .». Giants 1 Dodgers 2— Cards 1 ; CenUcg Tuesday, June 25: Braves vs Dodgers Card? vs Giants Anoleton Leegu*' (American) T«an> ' Yanks Red Sox Ketsrisns Kiwanis Latest .... Tanks 10 — Kiwa.... : Rotary 5 — Red Sox 3 Yanks 5 — Rod Sox 1 Red Sox 5 — Kiwanis 4 ' Yanks 3 — Rotary 1 Coining Gams* Thursday, June 20. Red Sttr vs Yanks Rotary vt Kiwanis Monday, June 24: Yanks vs Kiwaait Kotary vs Red Sox (National) TaUhvist^rs 4 3 Le«!en 2 2 Brave* 0 « LaiMi Results Tailtwisters 13 — Braves 8 Dodgers 8 — Legion 0 Dodgers 14 — Tailtwisterj 2 Legion 8 — Braves 8 Coming Games • Friday, June 21: ^ Legion vs Tailtwisters '.-Braves vs Dodgers TOesday, June 25: Tailtwisters vs Braves Dodgers vs I*gion fff^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^^^^ Bill and Tom with — Red Sox 8 Cubs 7 Bobcats 4 Eagles 0 Latest Hesull* Red Sox 6 — Cubs 3 Bobcats 4 — Eagles 1 Coming Game* (2nd Half) Thursday, June 20: Eagles vs Bobcats Friday, June 21: Cubs vs Fed Sox Monday, June 24: Eagles vs Red Sox Tuesday, June 25: Red Sox vs Cubs Fretporl M5aer* , (1st Half) "•Tears W ° Bra'-es 7 8 : White Sox 5 IKedski-s 5 Yanks l County LL Nines With two opening games sl- rttdy rained out, the Freeport Little League will try for the third-time charm tonight in getting their four team second hall rac; off the ground. The Eaglet are matched against the Bobcats tonight while the Friday action sends the Cubs after the Red Sox in a big game on the second half Half Ne»riy til the Little Learu j,,,.. re . C K.j ^IT^t nsv * re scne« the half a S-4 record, is Brazoria while i Jones Creek is in third, holding a • 5-4 record. The defending ~ ~~" champions, Chile's Braves, are way mark tod il appears that in fourth while the Clu' —.«-•---. Dodgers trail in fifth. „„,„ UVOI uw ilnal nsu Another heated race appears ', In LJ minor league games to be in the Lake Jackson Na- j Wednesday it was the Athletics ' * re the have: taking a 15-11 win over eo * j-"--^5<=i» imve. iajim& « lo-ii win over uie _ 8-3-2 mark as the Cards are i Redlegs in Texas l>sgu* games "Bht. °n 'heir he«ls with a 6-5 ; whiIe the Senators came out cs ""- , , .record. The Braves are still in!With a 16-13 win over the Ti- Raics have hurt nearly all | contention as they have a 4-5-'gers Jhi^^^/^Hs^Jl^iiT^X^^'*" Phillies a: i rhe spc - r * MU ^.w* (3«i Half) Thursday, June 20: Yankt vs Braves Friday. June 21: White Sox vs Redskins Monday, June 24: Yanks vs Redskins : Tusday, June 25: | Eedskins vs "White Sox I Laks Jacfejos Miner* (National) i Team W Dodgers 6 I Cards « I Braves 4 . Phillies 4 I Laiast RMulta ilt'odgsrs 2 — Braves 2 | Cards 2 — Phillies 1 Coming Gao Thursday, June 20: Braves vs Cards Dodgers vs Phillies Monday, June 24: Dodgers vs Cards Phillies vs Braves (American) I, 3 5 5 7 through with loop play by the last part of July as tournanvnt time will bs near the test week of July. Little League garass tonight . will ba reeled off ia the Lake 2 J'acksoa, Angletpn and Freeotrl * loops while the 3-C-V "aad 0 West Columbia leagues are tak- iag off this week for Boy Scout csalp. Angleton's American League Yankees are .the only team in county warfare that are unmark to lead their league by four full games. la West Columbia's four team race, the Braves a** on top with a fine 9-1 record, thus Jerry Spenem To JC.... Wharton Lands cr Cager Brazosport's I baseball pick, All-District has- playing ! tfc.-ti.jj. y---11., --V tii t^v. r_™_J liA * *" hardwood 8«»« for Whar- In both 19S6 aad '57 Speace handled third bsse for th« Exporters and was considered one of the top fielders in the loop. havinTone^the bSKS* arrhip"f7om7he7uni'o7coHege ««•* tatt?thU ^m lostmVk ta co^ty^cl^ 011 -!^^. •«« .?^ing up \ ^ has been Mtttog tt._W1 ton Junior College next year. Spence accepted a cage schol- - ; lost mark in countv artion , 2 ! .Freeporfs Red Sox flm half ver Z «"«««*"! thre.-year hitch 0 a,,,, 0 A --- -—-" at » ! ast c!l mark while Lake Jackson's \ c» v aui-vciJOAui LiucT'j'cai inn.ii i _ in Brazosport' Senior High. \ -in castujg While in high school, Spence !J° a - L 1 Si 10 LOCATIONS 8«rrta» . *• Brsxospart 24 HOURS A DAT 1» M. rarkla*. L. J. Ftu 1- Ml W. Broad, FrMpwi »-ill2 Fact-FM* FIckup * D«Unrr S*rt"r*d Flunueist m 4o*y at an Uate*. \Uht PbonM: 1-tOfl KUi Tom ?! Indians lf> Yanks 5 Fed Sox 5 White Sox i LaiMl K«uit* Indians 3 — R«d Sox ? White Sox 13 — Yanks 8 Coming Games Friday, June 31: Indians vs Yanks White Sox vs Red Sox Tuesday, June 25: Red Sox vs Yanks White Sox vs Indians Lake Jackson Minors (Texas League) Team W Senators 5 Hedlegs 4 Athletics 2 Tigers l Laie«! Semite Tig*r» 15 — Athletics It Senators 17 — Redlegs 14 Coming Qanws Saturday, June 22: In Morning at Gator Field. Athletics vs Senators Tigers vs Redlegs Wednesday, June 28: Doubleheader (Am»rie«s) Complete Standings Not Available Coming Saturday. June 22: Night Twinbil! at LL Park (National) Complete. Standings Not Available CoiVilag I Saturday, June 22: Mornig Twinbill at li Park American League Indians have! took P 3rt in Basketball, his •— '" firft love - and baseball. He is won 10 whila oae. One of the closest races inside the county, appears to be .„, itirn love, ana BaseBall. He is 7 also expected to play baseball for the Pioneers, who play out of the Longhorn loop. in the B-C-V'loop^where^tViei Right no ' v Jerry " is P^SW-S Velasco nine are now on tot>i with th * Lak * Jsckson Cardi- «ri«v, r- -. " ."»• na ] Si , ne Optimists sponsored -i summer play. ...j lot with Whar—, _,. will b« playing in the same league with a former teammate, Emmitt Baker, who is pUying for Tyler Junior College, kingpins in the Longhorn loop. with a mark of se\-«n wini against two setbacks. Riding in second place, with Two Chumps On Mat Cord Don Leo Jonathan, the Texas : Major Teen-Age baseball nine. | After the summer season,! Spence will turn his attention i to basketball and the WhartorJ school. I In 1956. Spence dropped in! 146 point? while playing under' Robert Wagstaff''s Exporters. I County Baseball t aud Braaoria County, Thursday, |"nng 30, !9tT , -^ ~^ , Sefs New Record. 1. • *"• Wood Scores 59 For Fpt. Record A Freeport Golf Course record, which dated back to Ift49, \vas broken recently when Willard Wood, a Brazosport golfer, a smashing . The old 1949 record was also held by Wood, that being 60 strokes on 18 holes. Wood, playiig the damp Freeport links Tuesday afternoon after the showers, turned the front nine in a SO and came toured 18 holes in 59 strokes. Dow lessons ft* mw «n b*. ing held at the Fr««port tximm on Tuesday afternoon* the women receive Thursday aft«moo»». Wood's ace on nuntfctt' nla* was the second in the pact JMr weeks on that hols M Gtooqp Hailey recently knock*! la hole-ln-one oft th« p*r th No. nine. Several Brwosport golfor* have come within a tow feet or inches in getting in aeej Ml back to add a hole-in one on | tnis hole in past weeks. the back nine for a 29 and a new Freeport record. The record for nine holes'is _ sparkling 2?, which is also leld by Wood, one 6f the area's top amateur golfers. On the front nine Wood was playing with J. P. SinRl«fary and Ben Goebfls while Bill om a «-V' lctory over Danbury Gunnels, Frank Currv and Ken- i recently ln a Teen-Age Softball ny Wlllenberg were plaVins gam0e ' • .. . .. with the record breaker over \J?S n S y ' B . 3rett *°* th « «"t he second nine. | Wild Peach run as he neored Wood chipped in on two and p" r , th t, "P 6 "'"*. '«««. while, "? on the front nine for !=" rl T ?»" ™i... L "' her Sm .«*> Wild Peach Topi Danbury Team Visiting Wild PMC* puHH out a 8-5 victory over Danbury BRAZORtA CCOJfTY BASEBALL CAHD . an ^ on ^,^ •However 106 of those points Thursday, Juu. SO: came in district play and thus Little Loam i placed him third in Shipper 1 3S " wrestlers ever to wwr e Tex i «s till, belt, will be one the two champions on ™ zoria County mat card. I ; he hit 517 points /or, i game season. His 41 j against the Baytown scrap >/wttii» cranial LI1C J ! Ganders tied a record 'osport's Gym. •• GARREHS' PHARMACIES FROM first to last, •Chicago fanj ar« loyal to th«ir bal clubs—to the WhiU Sox, first in the American league, snd to the Cubs, last in the National t t i In a Chicago man's fanhion «hou-, five of the mod«ls wer» pro football playert. By the way, what IS new in shoulder pads? Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theatre whil« att«nd a strap that is expected to take day night, with° some ^ild blows. ./ Wicks aaJ Joe Walllck will match holds in the openir The three event card will get underway at 8:30 p.m. Saturday night from the Brazoria County Fairground building which is air cooled, in Angleton. had been . Spence poured in 207 field goals, and 103 free throws during the '57 season In the 12- points to rank third behind James Smith of Texas City and David Warnell of Galena Park, in the loop scoring race. Sptnce was also considered a fine footbil! prospect but -'I YOU HEAR IT EVERYWHERE:? v "A 6ANK auto loan is best!" low cost no red tape k W K P rom P* aC "° n 9999 truly convenient terms of repayment IF YOU HAVi CHOSEN YOUR NEXT CAK, SEE US - BEFOBE YOU CHOOSE A FINANCING PLAN! : *." -"••'•- - -*" •" *THS BANK Or COURTESf THE FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK 3% PAID ON ALL SAVINGS JOB Cberry St. Freeport Phone 3-5261 Freeport — Yanks vs Braves: Eagles vs Bobcats Lake Jackson (Ni — Braves vs Cards; Dodgers v< ' Phillies Angleton (Al — Red Sox vs Yanks; Kiwanis vs Ro tarians Teen-Age— Brazoria County Juniors— W. C at Clute Yanks vs Redskins Lake Jackson Juniors— Giants vs Cubs Friday. Jun» lit Little League— Freeport — White Sox vs Redskins: Cubs va Red Sox Lake Jackson (A) — Indians vs Yankees: Red Sox vs White Sox Angleton <N -. .Legion vs Tailtwisters; Braves vs Dodgers Weet Columbia — Doubleheader at Galloway Field Teen-Ag- BRAZOSPORTS thaip ihooMag Jerry Sp»nc« wfll b« plar^a basketball naxt wason for ih* Whartoa Junior Cell-gs Jiv« as M iees«l!y aeespisri a cago scholarship frs-n ifcs ich»'. Spsc« w.« an all-disliict pick lani i«a- JOB and waa er.e of !).» highesl icorins Expotlsri in the past sBTBial s»>.s,oP5. Kij 41 point* agalnit Be»iown l=d a Brsioiporl Gym record thai ^as s«t bf Kirg.Holl. Gotors fongieWifJi Bayllty With only t'»-o defeats in 32 james. the Lair* Jackson Gators try for their 31st victory of the 195" season tonight j's they travel to B^y City ; 'or a single game. On Saturday night the Gators will be on their home ground= Webb-Schmidt Field, for a doubleheader with Pearl Beer of San Antonio. The Gators notched victory number 30 and tht Tri-Cdunty PAT'S OUTBOARD SHOP Announcing the Opening of.... SUNDAY — JUNS 23, 1957 Lake Jackson Juniors— Red Sox vs Pirates County Seniors— West Col. at Lak« Jackson County Majors- West Columbia at Freeport Softball crown at the same Jirne last Tuesday night with a ?-1 vjn o'-?r Airline Ft'crlu"-'. The win was eight straight in loop pla". Dink SHadenka Is slated to (eke over the mound chores tonight for manager Les Tolbirf- crew while Mladenka will "nare th-m wi':-i jnmcon? rkj Saturday. Gator officials have hopes that Hayc>n Lues will join the club hy Saturday • Jim Scherdi'i will start behind the plate, Lefty Unde-- ;tvood at. first, Rusty Koeni* holds down ?e-ond, Harvev ^".'hitehead at ?hort and E,1 (Brannon at H i;rd. i The outfield will be Jim ;Hembree. Billy Moore, Ross Ivy or Glenn Lippman. birdies, got an pagle on five! then a birdie on .teven. "he rest were pars for an even SO. A total of 22 putts were used 'or ths entire 18 holes, 11 com- nst each nine. On the back nine. W^orl had pars on one, two and three, then he dropped birdi?s in on | four, five and six to BO three under. A par on seven l»ft him three under 1 eight mit him four under the par 35. His tee shot on nine bounced ! twice and rolled into the cuo for an ace, thus cappint; off a round of six under par. Wood nit an «isht iron on rmmb=r nine and. was using a Dunlop bail. . For the 18 holes, Wood had an ace, one eagle, seven birdies and nine pars. j The Frceport course was :p)ayin? well for nearly everyone ss the afternoon 'showers ."•ere .makine the weens hold chip shots. The fairways held the showers goo'' and the ball I was rolling good from tee shots Activity on the Freeport course was heavy all this week •with Brazosnort vouths taking nart in Summer Recreation ]?'.e "H~ during the morning hours. . ..-.-, ....*., ,J*114ln t jand James Weathers scored in 'the fifth inning. Wild Peach's next game will come on July 3, Mow Jh* Army, we r»ad, wants io Uunch a men-mad* moon, )uit like the Narr plans. When » comes to tat- •llite eomp««iHon the skr iwms to b« the llmll. l r ; birdie "on ^S"^- c ' Christas island, IU . which is m the Indian ocean, is being transferred for free by Britain to the government of lia. Who jays there Istmas gifts in June? Ann-junclnic The Opening of BROWN'S M.vice Station and Trading Post M* and Main St. Clute '.•:ij Slmm't Service Station •IS'o buy and mil anything of value" FIESTA JULY 4.7 Get rearly noir! Vou'll FinrI All Vour needs At Palmer's. Author! red . Dealer , Johnsom Outboard Motors Sales A Service Sports Headquarters Palmer's Sporting Goods Clut* 5-2415 •HOP AXJ> >E»VICE DIPT OPEN 7 - DAYS A WEEK Wbetb«r your first lav* is fiaj'y bcttiar, fishing, racing or water tiding, you'll IOM your hurt to s Sp4*dlin«r! It may b* th* Lrira e!*«knM« of dwignthit you H fail for...or perhaps that sturdy, luU-for-lifeSpeidliiur construction is what will Uk. your fancy. Th«H sgain.itmaybttheflashing tp«6d and th« smootb-w-silk ptr- formsnce that will tall you "Here's the boat for me." Whatever your reasons, you'll never regret choosing a Spsedliner for lifetime boating pleasure. Set Oar Complttt Selection «f Water Sports Equipment WE CABBY PFLUEGER FISHING TACKLE! SEI THI NEW 1957 -ATWATERS NEW POWER! NEW DESIGN! NEW COLOR CHOl'CE! 9 exciting new outbe^rds Hard-working pickups that know &SZJ' ^ : Chalc* of gos-ioving 6 of high-parformanoa) V8*l Mor* wsofal* load Inboare) wh«*lhou*M 9* I Hutky b««il«« wWi banlwooti flssri , , , sr«ei *Ud ships. •• SUM t« M* «A*r Ch«v Trusyr* superb performeri th&t K=t i new stjmdird in outboard- ing plaaiurt, convenience ipj eaiy handlir.j They're super- quiet, th-.y bail jour boat — automatically! ask lot a Ires demonstration now —fc-njoy the thrills of ... T*r«n«, year to p*j >»P , -- »234.« i ___ --- $269.95 -- _ ----- J31T.M "19 box or tti* »*tn- bl»j IM-lAtfc box— and ltv« now 4-WV»»t OHvo MocUls with S.V.W. M4. Ing* up to 7400 pound* I •OpMa»d ol udra ra*. . Scotl 40 Sportster »i» »W* --------- •tlkttnc (72S.OO at ertr» eoei I p&cs-eetung PAT'S OUTBOARD SHOP SURFSIBE ROAD PHONE 3-4721 Chevrolrf dwiwl (anwus trademark Htn'l OH ootl popjui (:u*>p in CHEVROUJ •* v r TW ? ----- ^ • -=SEE YOUR LOCAL AUTHOKiaD * CHEVROUET DIALER t

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