Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 53
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 53

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 53
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C-12-- INOCPENDEN1 (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) __ CLASSIFIED HE j-s»s» 140 .Help Waited UO, Help Wonted .Htlp W««ttd (WOMIN) iMiHclp Wanted UO MEDICAL TRANSCRIBER' Muil kiotv medical terminology: Jvp* al Ifast 60 worn, 5 day wk. j c-nDlove benefits. Salary ocen See Mrs. Ju*asha. RIO HONDO HOSPITAL. 8300 Telegraph Rd. DOW- ! _rrv ___ TO U761 i MODEL PART flME j S^owrsm fitting fashion unotoara- i piy ce-nonst rat Ions. VOGUE AGENCY GA 7-4277 1 RN's MODELS " rxK'tcicp rece^sary. PA "* OK. To? Pav-No F?f. Ci\ Mr. Tvbrin; 3S3-IW NCR Oper. $390! ?:-33 Clark Lkviro. ME 3-£1^7 NURSES AIDS ORDERLIES Jjjny. Hoso. 2309 N. Sinla Fe Lv». NURSES aids, experienced dedj- ' j onlv, for convalescenJ haspi- ;·;; C-JT? "ba'v j IMMEDIATE OPENINGS FOR 11 PW 107 AW SHIFT NEW FULLY EQUIPPED Coronary care unit J76S PER MO TO START WITH EXPERIENCE IN PREPERATIOH. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT DIRECTOR OF NURSES WOODRUFF COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 3800 Woodruff Ave. Long Beach HA 1-8241 ..'WOMEN I ________ . . . . . . . . _ _ Switchboard Operator Automot i 'ie dealership -- Good r-sv · bruits. Cad after *· p.m. J33J53S3. ______ . ____ Telephone Answering Service Operator ior *nv ! .n VVPM o» electric IvDCwrtle*. ac- with figures, Will trair (or position. Permancri! »»·· lion for reliable person. Age 25 to 40. Call for app'i. 426-9J13 billing lion fo WAITRESS 4700 ET. 2nd St. 'WAITRESS (Local or Out) scale GWINN'S Ernploment Agency , 316 Elm, Long Beach HE 7-2SSS _ Available shift. , 4311E. Carson Lono Bench , ' TELEPHONE Solicilmq. No exreri : ence. Our office. «3-7607. TELEPHONE RECP RN's ALL SHIFTS 0 B R STAF-F 1 _ _ _____ ____ fnPLE'SS c^-ibTn'ation girls wanted 11-7 a.m. 12 ncon-3 P.m., ouaf ; «CO wk 5 day*, no cxo. ne««. · 71 J:*?SJ* i:5 if no an *gi_jj.)' 91SJ ; TypisHliller trnec to $390 A^thnvs Employment A9"ftv 11627 LB Blvd - Lvnwood 63V61S5 SlV WAITRESS weekend davs qmv LYMAN'S" Atlantic Av?. Bixbv WAITRESS, iwl I'" 1 * exwr. Aool 1 in person, cove Bowl, 311 W. Pac Cst. Hwv.. Wilm. 140 Htlp Wonted _(WOMEN1_ ' X-RAY its WAITRESS -- Exocricnced --- Apoiy 1715 \V. Anaheim Long Beach. WIG SlYLlSr. ExpcrfCocd pay. 535 PltJE AVE.,_L.B. WOMAN, mature to care for aged j mother. Lite housekeeping, ionw ' cooking, iive In. $200 mo. Room ; baard. Pleasant home. Local r e f e r - ; _*nces.._Lakewood Plaza^ZyjZia | SECRETARY «rcur«re Ivoing of xr.^v repori-i, recepticni't work 8. very lite book- kepoin? S-nd 'tsun^t lo Rox A 6367 independent. Pfes*-7eit-or«m. CRISIS in the iamilv! We hove nurses, practicols, oide^ 4 companions ior duty in home or hospital Ju" or part lime. AH employes thcr- ouflhly screened. Insured, bonded. Homemalkenjnr. 432-6^4.1 " . MATURE" woman, available as com... .. ____ _____ l n s . _ portion to elderly 01 In or out. Ref. lr i infirm. Live sured bonded. WOMAN, 25 to 35, to serve Ricr 2. sandwichfs In Billiard room. 4379537. _ ! WOMEN Derm.-inenl rosiiicrt*, ship I to handlt rossonsibililv. Good tv ; inn necessary, over 25 years. -26- Governs?.*;? US Employments ervict LIVE-IN housekeeper that k«DS « clean house. Dependable. Reis. Write Bsx A-3739, Ind., PresvTel* oram. feln Pine. Long Beach^ NURSE--EXP-. W PO.VLR ie.ving Tiaimng. Enroll ; row. No let. CStS. 1359 Locust · Ave. WO.'/.EtJ: V2T?5 V.rT (o~(!u' out cats!- ; ooues arcund Some. Also friends j WAITRESS (Out nt town) room, . nabors j?9-l?6S . bor-rd, xini tioi · S?49 mo. '· WOWEN (3) needed bv Emmoni · GWINN'S Emo'ovnieni Aaencv : Jewelers Over 16, carl time, car j 3.6 Elm, Lorn Beach HE 7 ??S5 nee. Call before v a.m. or afier 4 | "" SSES * ! 5TM- 633-S?£7 or S6J-1114 WOMEN or GIRLS Property Manage men! ! HOUSEKEEPER, live in, care lor 1 - · or 2 elderly persons. 230 E. 67th 180 ; V'av. NLB 5-8:50 , ' L!"E hwssfceeoer or batm'i, 5-dav wk., no live in, need transo. Vic. ylex of ap:s. Salary ·* ad- 1 Uiil. : 3*.v93?6_ Adults cnlv. No pets. , nVRYSiTriHG day · os^'giieV- M " aBsmen ',g s , :? ! "STi!. 1 lSTM-«r ____ _ "NURSES AIDES FULJ. TIME (4? BEDSt FERKWOOD CONVAL HOSP 3r3? Fornwooa Ave., Lvn* p ;oc! f none -?tl?*? _ 631 D347 "·NURSES AIDES 10 V.'ORK WITH CHILDREN Intercommunity ExrentiOiial ' 7-»siNITE SUPERVISOR I 5sr to S3/S ce.r montr, 63 v/PW, e 435-9637, 8-S. ____ _.. .'.». I ONG.BEACH.BLyD. _ | \VAlTRr.Ss excirirnr-d. .inrilu 1 PA- I riiic LA:!drng S/6 f'fliior.ima -t3i- ; CS05. t exoer. ncreisarv. Hr. 9-? Hourly vtaye c'us bonuses. Merchants Sampler 500 E. ji Carson Intercommunity Hospital PH. 835-7141 Mr. Reeves or ^-r. O'Conner _ Coil on Expert 210 Col! an Expert 210 Coll cm Expert ____ 1 APT tfjR - 31 units Incl rose's. 1 ., br. Cple, no children, rent com- , . _[' · pcnsatton Dd. Bacfcoround verified. HXPER. : Call^er_7_p.m._866 : 5254. . _ __Lik«_lM;_ i WANT to niiVnaoe 100 to 3fl6 unit · [A~RT- rf/.lE '. apT. Buildins. Have experience i d.iirv. ' 591-4757. CARE of on? cniid. ir.iant pfet.. hsv.k.. CXPCT. Ph. £32-7S35. tvpiit available 9 ti diojs delni^work. 42S- _ _ 3. 2S-1691. RN'S _ _ _ _ _ _ NURSES AIDES" TO WORK WITH CHILDREN Intercommunity Encecliortat _rniidf e^s Homg _ ?**i_Gr«r NURSES AIDES 11 10 7 i 7 to 3 Woodruff Gables Hosp. 17SQO So. V.'oorirulf Ave. Bcllllower 3 to 11 11 to 7 Woodruff Gables Hosp. i KS»^o^Vcodrujt_Ayc_. _BfiHiftwe_f j ^^ "Supervisori | Ct.i'roe nurses LVN's and Aide? ! Now acceutino NURSES AIDES EXP'D HILLCHESf CONVAL. HOSP. 34Q1 Cedar Ayp. Long __Be fl ch NURSING HELP RN's--Full Part Time SURGICAL TECH-Exper. PIONEER HOSPITAL UN 5j6291 emnlovment. Colo U«L§!!t_ 43J - 3 I52L_ You save lime and Money Whu You A TO PUCE AN AD IN THIS SiCTION CAU Miii Star in Long kach Mill Wl in Ldltwood Mln McCullougK in feltftowtr Mfu f*q% In Orang* County j RET1RLD couule to manage 16-unit apt. nouse. Free 3-br. apt. 4 utilities. B63.-Ci6p I OLDER couple to manage 26 Units downtown for furn. 1 br. SiO. Local rets, please Pn. GA 4-2644. --,, -IT- ! HSKPR. lo ewcrlv ladv, live in or '" out. Call 9 a.m. lo 6 p.m. 427JJM7. ; EXP. mflrs. Older -0 unit bide- i Dwnln. Sal *_JL"'^?_S±2lJl(IA ! Care of Children 185 Machinery ft T««B MS MtehUefy 1 To«b 5T MONEY FUN I'll P.W von lois ol money If YOJ «re ior having lots ot fi working conditions average, ciplinc slrong. resulli eifecti Try me. Mrs. Harrourt, 433-9983 Acoustic Ceilings GENUINE ACOUSTIC CEILING, Cover CTKM Mrm. NO ME1- _ 100% gu?r. Lie. im. Low ram. NURSES aitfe, Convalescent Hospi- lol. excerience preferred, apply 1730 Grand Ave. SAL DIALING FOR $$$ NO FXF'EHIENCE NECESSARY, GUARANTEE PLUS Fencing ~ __ ___ WOO D-- CHAI N~L 1 N K - B LOG K Priced riant! Guaranteed work ^G^s- ft Repairs ___ 4 ? J ;^1 WE build new fences and repair old ones. Also odd cleanup job*. __ 43J2725 Flooring Tile Painting, Paperhanging EXPERT PAINTING Licensed · Bonded - Insured Reasonable Prices 90 DAYS TO PAY I THE I N O c p E~N L E r I PRtSS : TELEGHAA-. AC--EPTS ONLY LICENSED CHILD CARE HOMES I U N D E R THE V.H.LD CARE i BI?Sc^B? U (1S!!VED^: ! UllLORHN'S C R E A T I V E CENTER ; Day Nursery School 7-30 A A'. -- 5:30 P.M. ' DOWN rov;N L.B.-WI CEDAR AVE ' AGES 3-5 PH. ^93-1193 or j?5-3_3j6 NURSING care ior convalescent. H*^ hwwh. Llvejn or Qjt. 4Sj-7 T Y P I S T wnms gen. cftice v.-ork C between S-13 ».m._GEW73t._ Work Wanted' 200 (MEN) _ ESCROW worker -- sound schooling. Older man. Come in right awav- «,700 mo. Box A-9320 Ind., Press- Tcle. W~ANT meat manager iob. 3/ vrs. exper. Reiercncei on renuest. 7326 Petrol St, Paramount 90725. _ MEN need p! urn be i ./ork. exrj. carpentry fence £. paint, for less. _ _y°/ /3?6 -NEED "work "seir.i reiired painter. Res, only, clrao. No mess. JJ2-01JS Swops Nursery, V: dOV, N U R S I N G G O L D H M H A V E N C O N V A L HSP. . 260 E. A\arket. taking applications | SALES for RNs, L V N s aides. i ALL SHIFTS 42S-4JB1 NURSES Al'DFS: All shifts Convalescent Hosp. 636-0346 Ofc. Mgr. Bkkpr. $700 FREE FREE local. Thru Mmts., also fee lobs. GENIE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY S.-.U Atlantic Avr. -J23-3618 Office Jobs--Temporary WESTERN G!RL/rv1EN 130 PINE MEZ.. L.B. OFFICE (1 girl) needs last accurate typing, some dictation. Good op- DO'iunity for sharp flirl v/ho can handle responsibility. 426-1393. OFFICE MACHINE FriEden and NCR. Apply Douglass Muffler Mfg. Co. 5636 Shul! Ave. Bell Gardens 773-1945 or 927-1417 (near L.B. Freeway Hrestone) OPERATORS Why" travel? Save money, work In Long Beach. Single needle, sew overlook, Dresser. Top wages paid. Work all year 'round. Lady's swim wear sportswear. Apply Califor- nl-i Holiday 1325_W. 16th J32-0349 S A L E S EDUCATIONAL school. Mr._West._ ORDER DESK A l t . around girl. Good typist, nhones, permanent. STEPHEN BLACK CO. 16394 Grldlev Rd. Csrrilos 865-5525 ORDER DESK to $400 TRFE FREt Phones psoDlc, also, fco jobs GENIE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY '5J44 Allanlic Ave. 428-3618 PACKFR 52.46 hr LEE STEVENS AGENCY (SART - Full Time, TYDing filing, .1.65 hr. Lakewood. 531-7^20. PART TIME ' PHONE GIRLS Age 17 B. over lo answer phones make aoDotntmenli. 2 shifts avail- »blp. 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. 3:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. ADDly In person 10-.6 onlv. 401^ E4TH ST. LB. PART TIME -- Students 17 ( lo answer phones. I76?6 npjHIr. Rl. PART TIME-MILITARY WIVES Promotion adv. Call -126-7703 FBX or*T. evening hours 2 to 10, ex- o=r prof, telephone ansv/erina sorv.. Cypress area, call Mon thi FH, 9 a.m. 10 3 P.m.. 714-823-4101^ ADDITIONS, plumbing, Rotor-Rooter, piiniino, Vast experience Lt- ccnsca, bonded, Large or small SALES, -relall, exP,^ T C=n,n. I ,0^. ci , i;5nl Con5|ruction c 1634 A 1 L A M T I C 591-J401 ' ;34-D5): or J2S.I002 ; RR,W"OD!:LING AT LOWEST COST ARE YOU I add-a Room Specialist. 3-53?5. ABOVE AVERAGF Owner Builder Construcjlotl_Serv. ^3ttW%$ H 'itS,P8h m \ v ?£g!^g°' lcr lm ^7^ SALF AVON CALLING Excel leni Work your coi....... neluhborhood ^piling AVON prod UCIS " FOR INFORMATION Call GA7047.. Ext. 4 FIBERLAY INC. Glamor Cost Seamless flooring. FREE ESTIMATE. ?P53 Snnta Fe 435-43H Floors--Sand Refimsh REX FLOOR SANDING beautiful finish, hardwood jr cement. One ROOM additions, remodel inn. fla- S?-? 5 !^.? 6 -^^.^------ i JOHNSON FLOORSANDING and -- i REFINISHING old floort like new. ' 2 3 Y r i ex ptriitnc_e._ *aO-1513 438-1169 (Eves. 43-1-2401) Qc Suoerlor Work Slnet 1?JS. ._UU_C'! Professional Painting SPECIALIZE IN E X T E R I O R Also inler^or. Protect vourselt against liability bv nlrlng a ..1C INSURED BONDED oainier Reasonable rates 431-1810 " EXPERT~PAiNf!NG . . . . . . . Reas. Raics. Work Wanted S91-2524 j twnMFHl T H E - - - - - - BUICK Riviera. Full PV.T. 27,000 ml. New tires. Sell or trade for 'A3 or newer Ford or Chevy Dlckup for equity. 423-6577 Oii9inal. ncwllrcs }i;n CAMPBELL'S FLOOR SERVICE Sand Refinish hardwood fir · rile. -I earning oDDOrmnitv. : ROOM ADDITIONS, REMODELING _k a .*.''J 0 -^i- 3 . J1 ^TM: 5 ' 5n - mrnlngs or afternoons at i G.*V SUPER CONST. 411.7713 SAND FINISH FLOORS trom HO invenience In vour own ~ Lie. Insured. Call ZIM--OA j-717* Antenna's SALES--Need 3, 18-56, new office i oneninos. Hioh school not required \ but must pass personality 8. apti- ' tude test Cn. sponsored training, j Salary open. 436-0770; 10-2 p.ny COLOR ANTENNAS We install repair 4M-787_1 Appliance Repairs Furnace Repair 20 year old Nat'l firm full or part time work No Investment $3.00 to S9.00 Hr. average Sarah Coventry Jewelry Inc. PH 421-583J SALESLADY Experienced In sellino. Will train to sell Hide-A-Beds Apply 10 a.m. 1o 12 noon SLEEP SHOP 501 LONG BEACH BLVD. SALESLADY: experienced selling drapes. Full or pail time. LEVY'S 528 Pine Ave. L.B WASHER DRYER REPAIRS. Alt makes. Free est. Csrl 439-074} _ Asphalt Blackcoating SFAL COATING i PATCHING, driveways parking lots. Striping. Small jobs ok. Free est. 435-9392 Bookkeeping Service FXPETRT personal bVkpg. needs tor your business. Mrs. Ward. At J?2-60j3. Brick Stone Work JIM'S Masonry - Waterfalls and Pallos. Brick work. Landscaping. Sprinklers. 430-9982 BRICK Stont work, fireplaces, veneer. Planters, etc. . 434-3203 FlRFPLACES. Veneers. Planters, ured. 423-9178 SFAMSTRESS head cutter, uuhol- sterer cushion boxing maker. Someone who's willing to work, good pay. 428 1271 ask for Nick or Lola _ SECRETARIAL JR. SECRETARIES We have immediate openings for several Jr. secretaries. Short hand K not necessary, but must 50 worn accurately. We offer our employees xlni. working cnnditinns, hours benefits. Come in for interview ACADEMIC INVESTMENT DIRECTORS 815 E Rosecrans, Los Angeles Or Cajl A^SI3 Cabinets KIT'-H C N 'em"drrlinn or CABINET WORK. We carry 50% of conlract If desired with caw mo. installments. Call ANY HOUR «9-7691. Free estimates. FURNACE SPECIALIST CLEAN. CHECK REPAIR NO EXTRA SAT-SUN 421-2237 FURNACES cleariEd/repalred. Lie. Controls a Specialty. 5?1-5513 Garden Serv. Supply LAWNS mowed, edged, trimmi vacuumed. Averafic size lawn, S10 ior 3 visits per mo. Married student, ?5 yrs. old. GE 4-2571 MY GARDENER Complete yard service. 431-0411 Prof. Japanese Gardener 436-0615 eves GARDENING lawn service at reasonable rates. Licensed insured gardener. 436 1978 COMPLETE Gardening, clean-ups. Free estimate* 866-6467 after 2 CABINETS, formica marble loos. Remod-nng. h'ree cat. 639-1603 Carpentry Reoairs -- a 1 I t Y p e s -Free estimate. Roofs, Windows, Fences, Gates. _ Patio. Plaslrr.^eJT. X34-V577 You Name H. I'll Build H PHONE 436-3S80: TO 7-9??^ SECRETARIES STENOS TYPISTS OFFICE CLKS. PBX Receptionist $370 FREE ALSO FEE JOBS Push button phones type 50 O'T CALL J605 L:B. Blvd. Suite 212 427-5443 PBX--WOMEN Ejtnprienred -- oarttime hours 9 10 i and 4 lo 8. Also full time swing available. Call between 2 ·! p.m. £34-1400. __^_ T O D A Y COME IN OR j CARPENTRY WORK--ALL TYPES ' __k^«!2L rs - Frpe Fst - 42J-ObZ3 \ CARPENTRY GEN. REPAIRS. : Small lobs mv sotclalty. 471-7498 ; WALLS knockfifl out. windows-doors | Additions, plaster. _ 4K-4469 , CARPENTRY. roofing, renainng i f, spn^ll Jobs. 51D up. _ 599-2797 ' CrFMEPAL dTDCnler -- cabinets. i Pfjnelino, door hflnoini. 423-4967 I nilfCH CARPFNTER, 20^vrs. CXP Rorair, remodel, add. TO ft-'-iii MOW edge vacuum, (lower bed fleanups. Frep Est. Free fcrlilizers _Ur_J!,_ljisure(l. HA 5 2537 eves m£W~~lawTis - prune · cleanups i.indicaue. AAo. ^Adintennncc. Hcd- man Gardening. 435-55tM 9 a.m.-4. CLEANUP or monthly, by Miv-io. Call 437-1793 alier 6 p.m. MOV/ EDGE. 510 MONTH. Full Maintenance, SIS. 433-5466 OAR'DbNER -- Experienced. Reasonable rdtes. Call 432-2604 after 5. LAWN Service-power eauioment. Reliable. 597-5856 BEST garden lawn care. Reasonable. Call Irish Jim, 424-2011 CUSTOM lawn service, apis homes. Bob Weeks, TO 6-0603 ECONOMY PAINTING . . _ . . . . . . lEN'i PKL5S. T F . L E G H A M WrCOfAMEriUi T H A I ALL BABY S I T T I N G ] -T REFERENCES 3E CAREFULLY I rMFCKEU. Miscellaneous _JWANTEDt j 01-FICE FURNHUPC ] 5 riesk'i with fornii-a lo?s, -i secre | larial chairs, will accent otfer tor , all cr one. ! RANCHO RAMBLER 1160 I .B^_Bl_. ; i PRAC. nurss. ing ;. nurso, exyei., li!c houseKcen- S, conking ior patient. 599-3533 'AJNTIHG, interior Exlerigr. V/atlpapering. V^ork Guaranteed. Free oslimple. 3603565 -OU'S A-l Painting S derorntinfl. Interior-Exterior. 520 rm. uo. Insured. Free est. 59M44A L. H. SPAINHOWER PAINTING, DECORATING Bonded Insured GA 7-1093 CALL John for a ocod paint job. Brush airless spray. Acoustic rpi|incis_a_snaD. GA B-1641. " Sbmv, brush or roll. " _ _ "PAINTING S o own work. price! References. 835-3023 . sible PAINTING, Interior 8. exterior. Very reasonable. UM S-8114 aft. 5. work guar. 632- PAPERING, My specialty 21 yean Painting inside. EStm. GA 3-4860 INTERIOR EXTERIOR Painting. BARGAIN PRICE! JM-72» " PAJNTiNG PAPERHANGING 25 vrs. expor. Fiee est. 591.23^9 Evei furnished. 439-3B PROFF5SIONAI painting. Reliable. Fast. Neat, reasonable. GA 2-6230. PA1 NT IMG "Apt. f pr-cial" S50 complete. Eslm. _free J37-62J6 PAINTING PATCHING, inter. cxter. Work ouar. GA 2-5567 Plastering Anything In Plastering ArousJIcal celllngSj patching, r«- EtiTco. Lie., reas. Free est. Terms. GA 2-4541 V. DAVIS Handymen i 1ST CLASS Camcnler Wor j ^rnl repairs. CARPENTRY-- Alterations, - P B X (Part Time] Good working conditions, mrdical riinif. CALL Joeann Cordon 639 2111 4200 E. Compton BI. Compton PBX--WOMEN Experienced--Pnrt time morning ?, evening shift, also full time swing available. Call between 1 i n.m. 63^-9603 PERSONNEL $500 FREE FSEE Gd. skills, also Ice lobs GENIE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5J4J Atlantic Ave. ?lL?i'! Pre Kindergarten Teacher Long BCDCh area. Also NURSERY SCHOOL TEACMFR Hawaiian Garden area. Slartina Salarv 51.65 hr. Mrs. 8:30 to 5:30 weekdays. Write ase, background, telephone number to Ruth Baker 21S« S. Pioneer Blvd. Hawaiian Gdns TO7I6 PRE-SCHOOL TEACHER CXP. reaulred TOP PAY TASK FORCE 9900 Lakewood BI., Downey 869-3033 SECRETARIES Carpeting CARPETS EXPERILY Installrt. All work ouar. 43)0046: 43S-66H Carpet-Uphol.-Cleancrs drying. Free e s t i m a t e s . Can anytime 12131598-1815; (7141 846-0781. AAA ADVANCE CARPET SFRVICE rarcct rlcanina! 1 hour rirv fluar- an'rcd work, free est. S12.50 fronl room 8. hall. Call «-71M CLEAN- "'iP.CI'i-.'.NStALL PH.' REPAIRS--Cleanmo REASONABLE. Ceramic Tile PRICING CLERK Exner. \vomnn wrtti mathcmolicfli flbilitv for responsible position. Paid vacation; other frinoe hone- fits in Citv of Commerce. Mr. Corbet: 6BS.533* RECEPTIOW15T -- billing clerk, Bkkpng cxper in Convalescent r-ref. Exlnt salarv. 634-9221. RECEPTIONIST * Interesting tOiition for stable sx. oerience oerson. aae 21-. 5 day wk. Must be accurate typist have icme knowSedoe of lite bookkeeping. Give complete Resume to Box A-10037 Independent Press Tele- .Secretaries, experienced m technical and sales fields ferred as related to electronics. Rcauirenients 60 wnm typing 1 irtl BATHS, kitchPn*, puliman tnDS, en trvs, (ireplaces, new/remodel. Lie. Contr. Free E-it. Interstate Tile Co. ^39-2107 fcxt. JQ3. ^^ 100 v n shorthand ! U S . Citizenship Reouired LOCKHEED ELECTRONICS Data Products Division Data Products Division A Division of Lockheed Aircraft 6201 E.RANDOLPH CITY OF COMMERCE Nr Florence i : NEW or remodel. LQC. or small ; lobs. Call anvtim* 21-7677 CERAMIC Tile Setter seeks \v · long years loc^il _r_efs_. J29-373 Concrete Work ROOFING PAINTING H au I inoVodd Jobs FreP est. 83^-12^ HOME PROBLEMS" REPAIRED Painting, lilinq, doors, windows lock-s toilet leaks J3A-OJXO ACOUSTIC CEILING SPECIALIST. Old ceilings made new. Fix any ceilings. No more cracks! Sound I hftat control. Wove no furnltur*. _Uc. ins. Bonded. Allor. 439-W5. _ ACCOUSTIC Ceiling Specialist. Parch plaster. No job too smnll. Lit. Insured. Bonded. JZ2-W- home, legi fast and accurate. _ BABYSITTING Birth Lakcwond South. ! WE BUY ! , Infant, Norm Loiv Used iurniture, .looli.inces -- «n- IJfUifS. 428-5723. Dnv or nite. V.'E~~B~UY icrap rrirtaia. iron, lunk cars, bntt., etc. paramount sales. 6000 Paramount Blvd. GA 3-5501; ME 3-07/1 CPL. Heavy hswrk, windows, walls floors. Transp. 571-3851 PAYROLL, lilc bookkeeping, general _°.'J!i: c -_H ( l u C? 9 fo 3. S67;;_Q4_3. BABY TittTng -- Needs work now. Mon. Iliru Fri. Bel. Si-ore. 43J-7D73. HSF.CLEANING by ii'r."or day, also jjmpl_._ people; reliable, ref. 597-D737 GOING on Vacation? Will toke loving care of your bird. 864-3632 BABYSITTING. Near Douglas. Reliable experienced. 421-2B2Q BABYSITTING-N.L.B. 422-5401. I BUY bed sots, chcsis, tools, garage misc. YE 01 OF BOOK SHOP Books Bought HE 6-4457 WASHING ft ironing, free -jirkuo. Delivery. HA 5-1935 or HA d-7765 i " C gf^jnt NEED a baby sitter? Dav or night, i lumber. bv the week or hour. 591-7465. 'coins. TR'AbER"'PETE5 il3fi-JM9 Machinery Tools _225 FOR SALE .;-.,: DUE TO PHOTO-COMPOSITION, THE ,.-,, , FOLLOWING EQUIPMENT IS AVAILABLE: MACHINES ARE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION G4-2, Serial -- 18768, Six Mold Disc, Mohr S«w, Feeder, Power M*g. Shift, Elec. Pot, Clin* Motor. C-4, Serial =22082, Intertype Feeder, Elec. Pot. Six Mold Disc, Mohr Saw, Cam Covers, Cling Motor. Model 5, =61351, Feeder, Elec. Pot, I Moq, 9 point Imperial, Mergenthaler Motor. Intertype =6459, Model C. 3 Mag., Bee. Pot, 4 Molds. Intertype =10610. 3 Mags, Topp Feeder, Elec. Pot, 4 Molds, Cline Motor. Intertype =7066, Model C, Elec. Pot, 3 Mags., Topp Feeder, Motor. Mergenthaler Model 36, =59817, Mohr Saw, Wids Mags., Elec. Pot. No Feeder, Motor. Intertype =25705, Model F, 4 Mags.--Split, Square Base, Elec. Pot, Margach Feeder, Mohr Saw, 6 Slot Mold Disc, 3 Molds, Quadder, Motor. Intertype =24044, Square Base, 4 Mags., BBC. Pot, Cam Covers, No Feeder, Quadder, Motor. 2 Miller Saws (Fair) I Other Saw (Good) I Saw and Trimmer (Stereo) I Nolan Router (Stereo) 5--90 Chan, lull length Mags. (Alum.) 2--90 Chan. Splits TWIN COAST NEWSPAPERS MR. SELL -- HE 5 - 1 1 6 1 604 Pine Ave. Long Beach, Calif. Machinery Tools 225 HOMELirE chain saws-chain sharpening. Few good used. Chain slws electric tool reuau. Pacific Coast Hdw. 2485 L B Blvd. 4277/38. SALE, now 225 Amp. AC welder. »;.!o. GA 7-1448 Or GA 4-5930 Air- co Distributor, 2100 E. v.'lllo' COMB. Bell A disc Sander, I'/i HP 220-J-IO motor. Heavy duty stand. Call 860 6129 AIRLESS Sprayer, must sell, I Ike new. Mee-Flo. complete oytlll. _Be-st olfcr. R. Logan, NO j4-45r,0 COMPLETE welding sfiorJ." pibl. welding truck, tic. 427-5566 HA 11225 4 ~pw~r: ' \aoli; 1501 SW-1973 G A 6 " 230 BABYSIT for working mother Wil- , High area. 43J-6457 9JO-1 M'.5 Cherry .achi ^A 3 MLB 30 FT by JO it. all metal bldg. .Must bo moved from paramount Pnrk. 14;10 Paramount Blvd. Send infor- l bid by Mirch 5th, 1V69 lo City 16J20 ColornrJo Ave, Pnr- Coins Stamps 250 NEW Stamp Store-- 409 L.B. Blvrf. Large assortment of stamps, ni bums, stamp boo'ts, catnlojuei. supplements. J32-BBI5 Cameras, Suppft«__260 Pre-lnventory Sale Photographic cctuipment, photographic supplies, tape recorders. AlANY MANY OTHER ITEMS BIG BIG ' SAVINGS CITY PHOTO 1719 E. Anaheim 591-56-11 CAMERA Repairman On Premises. NEW LOW-LOW Discount Prices on all Famous Brand Cameras and ProiOCtors. FIRESTONE CAMERA- HI-FI CENTER. "The Purpl« Building" 9494 Firestone Blvd., DOWNEY. ._ 16 MM Revere Camrrn never used. Rill Howell projector, viewer '· _spliccr $150. 433-2J6S. V/E BUY, SELL, RENT REPAIR Lskewood Camera Cntr. 630-3129 Mercurv__Camera Cntr. 432-4471 lAfA Fair'cNJd sound proleclor with access. Xl-it. conrl. il?5. 630-3769. ^'"i??' l^^%lSl^n^^£^^ W "* SXf- ffi^S^ ^l^^^ Cam^sVSii^s" 260 Cameras. Supplies_ 260 Cameras^Supplies _260 Camergs, Supplies 260 Patching Specialists _Sm«ll_Jobs. LIC. 596-4639 I PLAStER ceiling Spe'ciallst -- Patch ! PRUNE fruit trees, remove fenc n s and cement. Haul Irnsh^Clcanups. 591-8504 CLEAN up yards, garage*, vacant houses small repairs. Coll Rllev Brothers. 429-6S-H anytime. _. ..---. ------- .. .. _ tic. T day service. _ snrubs, ivv. i EXPERT SMALL PATCHING. DO HANDYMAN CARPENTER Call 437-6684 HANDY MAN w/ PU truck for odd jobs. Call anytime. 633 6054 LIGHT Hauling fi. Cleanups. Yards garages. 86S-3V54. "OWN WORK AND CLEANUPS. Reasonable rates. _ _ W : W74 PLAS"rhKl"NG. Stucco"/ Carrjentrv. Pdinllng. 599-3387 or HE Vim ATCH plastering interior" "cxt. Satisfaction guaranteed. 597-7528 PLASTER and PATCH work, any Kind, 25 years exoer. 591-0746 . _ __ NEED ""work, 'truck eauipm"e'rit7 cleaning, hauling, repalrs.599-1833 Hauling, Express Plumbing, Heating JLING-- Garage-- lot-traih clean H. Remove trtw, stirutR, ivy Irt, black loo cemtnt. Teir out T remodeling, wrecKino. Call BOB 421-3102 or 865-6982 · Call Singley For Stoppages - water leaks, plumbing or hcntina rep-iirs, remodcllna! NO EXTRA SAT. OR SUN. 531-7870 HAULING SAVE «S$ 10% disc, on written estimate. Prompt. Reas. Cleanup loli, gar., trash, asphalt, cement, bldos., trees removed. 421-5-106: S65-1934 Plumbing-Heating Repairs Work Guaranteed! SoecilliP »ll BY ORIENTAL--Hauling, garag« yard cleanup. Expert Tree serv. Allowance en salvage. Frn est. Guar. Lie. 425-1034 or 479-3444. In cooper water lines. Sfoppdpei. Violallons. Lie. J39-86S6. PLUMBING HEATING REPAfRS NO TR4VEL TIME ** HOUR CALI A LIC. PLUMBER 925-9144 FURN. MOVING it A R I S fRANSFEK--Lie. Ins. .Also appliance lite hauling Low rates 591-7853 or 591-0339 . TfMI: CHARGE 423-7375 1 WALKS, porches, patio slabs 8. tops. I NO lob too small. GA 7-7269 I ALL "KINDS "OF" REMODELING . LIGHT HAULING 8, MOVING. 435-9735 or 437-7529 L.ITE haulinn R. mo\ cleaninp. Call eves. 437-7529. FREE~~Hauitno tor usable discards _jrpm_h_ouie or_gjrage._ J26-30BJ. LIGHT movlnq hnullna. Garaoc cl.inina. 435-9735: ^37-7529. let live prices. Roofing "WERLE "ROOFING" co. All types roofs-repairs. Deal with applicator. 597-5466; 639-8416 garaae BLT WEI L ROOF CO. Est 1936 ! WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS. No dn. oavmt. Bank termi All tvnes recover. (24 Hr) UN ·?'" COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICE - - -T StBmos Appliance 8. Furniture Moving. k ptantei GA l-'H vom t. s/h, 2 vrs. Exp required, j sin'FWALKS-Patlos driveways ' ' etc. 591 9975 or J27-B106 Dressmaking RN's -- LVN's R!J relief, ? niohts ppr week, S31 -- : s35 o e r s t i K f . j £S35 V^ns St.. Prmnt,__ 63J-E271 RN fun time, 2Tl shift. siofrsaaoVe'r ! _??? V*J15 St. Par^m'nt 63J 32?l " """ ~ R N Downtown Lena Beach Dr's office. Metrical surplcal. ^0 l-r wceV. Salsrv orten. Write Box H-10097 In- dopencJcnt, Prcss-TclGflram. nio. Bell- SECRETARY for research ndmn. office. Tvoe 50 i stucco patch. Any size. worn t. s/h, 2 vrs. Exp requir ' ------- - Excel future benefits. Salary. SALARY S450 TO J500 HARBOF? GEHERAI HOSPITAL T£_5-82_?l_cxr._125g | pRi'VATE sewing lessons. Commer- Secretary Receptionist : C l 3 - s - h -°- r --- UiS - 8ilsic oalterns For Vice President of property m a n a g e m e n t company. Well groomed and mujt have ability to deal with people. Tvne minimum 60 V/.P.M. w/accurncv. Diets Dhonc, shorthand not rrquirerJ. _cgrJCRETE_WORK^ __ 133-2377 j Also lite hauling. DRIVEWAYS, Datfosi.brlcK^'taniers. ; LtTE hauling, reasonable rates. Call EXPERIENCED ROOFER NEEDS \VORK. No iob too smnll. Free cs- linrmtre. REASONABLE. B68-935J Alt types of roofing. Snow co^tino. Licensed, insured. -12118B1 b'dgs. Gpn. elf LITF Skillful -- Reasonable Call Phvllls-Marfe i3?/? 79 SEWING R alterations In mv home. BiO-?9B3 . to «00 call: s 10 to 12 or 1 lo 4. om: i "SFj^as^ 1 m - m ^- 59L80B; SECRETARY - CAMEO SHOP -- Custom jewing . _HE_?j985_ Age 2J throuoh 35. Advertisi .. u _ ,,, , .. . Dcot., National Publisher. Call ! dresses a specialty. -- - · · -434.33.1.. alteration. 7 8 0 Atlantic. _ _ _ SEV;1NG, plnin or fancy, children's , 4.13-00^ RN'S MEDICINE CHARGE 7 TO 3 SHIFT ' R E L I E F 2 D A V S PER WEEK PIONEER SANITARIUM ?fl7U pinr.rpr Blvri I akewosd __ 865-2226 RN's ICU 08 abovf fivr.rflgp salnrv A inrvjfi hewdts. Can Personnel Dcpt. between £:30 f. 5 P.m. Monday tfirouflh Friday- *?7-77«. Stanton Com mum t y_Hos pija|- R.N. Nursing Supervisor Chdllftnglng |X"l" on Avallnble for *.». with A D M I N I S T R A T I V E A B I L I T Y SuDrrvlsr merilcdl fliilsfa^l* I" MPifllv growing Merilcfll Cllnlrs. C o n t a c t : fiM.6(ll, ext. 31 "RN "i3T»"Tr»hi"iTi'" JJS5_Be«ch. Hosp I'2! P«_f»ir_Av; ~ RN"- LVN "" ." " PEDIATRICOFFICF PrfTrnCfS rf.m SECRETARY""' to 5 Men. Shorthand or speed writ- Ing. Ability to compose ttlters. Good appearance g, oersonalilv. Own transportation. 55 to dO \VAAP. Busy telephone. Excellent Cornsa- ny benefits. South Gale area. 773 4210 or 861 2205 An Equal OpportynHy Frnplover SFCRETA~RY EXEC SECRETARY Mflnagma officer of Savlnp! fc LOrin Association needs .isslstant v/ith top sccretnrial skills i extensive experience in morlqaqe loan servicing with JL or flosf-lv ft- l«ted business. Permanent, good salarv, new f, modern office, excellent benefit orogrrtm. Tor apD't call 597-2451, Mr. Suulre. i AETNA SAVINGS 2 2 1 ! Bellflower Blvd. L.B. S E C'Vr~1 VDinb, shorthand. Age n o fddor. OPPOT. learn the Iravrl; field. Travel oppor. Pleasant tcl. voice, ability to communicate cie- j siraOlc Apply 10-5 0-m. Haw^iiftn ; Polynesia Tourv 120 E. Ocenn j . Hlvd Suite 70S X36-8221 __ Secretary Dental Library typing dictation required. Mature woman preferred. Call -4248661 for further information. " Electricians 0 * · · · ·^- Master Electricians 57 *« **?* * * « * * f t * * Credit Electrician, Lie.. -- -- _ no over lime or travel cnaroes, same day service, 100 Amo Meter-Boxes, 110/220 V. Plua-lns easily Installed In exlsttno wails. FREE-EST. GA i-W3 Poor Semi-retired Lie. Electrician * sons, Mr. W. Co. Sm Jons, 25 vears specializing in nome wiring with absolute Fire protection. Member of Better Trade Burtsu. Sec our established ad In J"h* Yellow oaoes for frrc alter. FRF? EST. instant Credit Mike 3l- S?W. Dan 433-9W3. Bl» 869-2727. Llovd 368-3746. HAULING, all kinds, very lev/ rates. Please cat! 633-7/BO. Home MortRrnization ALL bldg. matnt. reoalrs. Carpen- ter-Dlumb.-elec., mason. Specialty, motels I, ODts. 633-19M, 633-1547. $5 Fixes Most Leaks * will reroof ^37-2929; J3J-SOH r XPEFJiF:NCL-D' ROOFER """ 'n^S WORK. Ho lob too small. Free estimates. REASONABLE 8* -'3'.4 FORD ROOFING -- Lie. 8. Insured. ·132-3632 Housecleaners ' WEVV ROOFS Bank Terms. I "" ^~ EARL'S WALL WASHING Kirch. (jam, $15 Flat oaint ex- wrtlv washed (no-streaks). Living room S15-S2Q. floor s waxed. EXPERT CARPET CLEANING. 430-4902 Sandblasting SANDBLAST--Rcstucco. Reav Lie. Ins-Free eat. HA 5-2674; 42KH6 Spring Housecleanlng V/all washlnp, window cleaning, wax (Irs.; shampoo runs nnhol. Stoves, vcn. blinds painting, (n- ifrr-Exter. 20 yrs. L.B. Lie. Ins. GE 3-8666 or GE 1.5308 t C O F F I uirwJ. Se . . nnir A 636S indcpendenl 'SECRETARY S/H, Ivplno, ocncral office duties. _5 day week. . 8SS ; 005? SfffTRETARY fnr rerscnncl dcpt. MAGNAVOX RESEARCH LAB Mrs. Flnr.h ?4 -0 ." 0 SELLING mach oner Exocr 0/locK \molc needie, ioocljil mflch. 13J8 ELECTRICAL WORK 720 Boxes, rewiring, plugs witches, etc. Can NE 5-7457 ""ELECTRICIAN PH. (2131 W3-5723 I HOME Owners Eleclriclflns need ; small lobs. Call Jim or Paul. ME 9-7530 (-Ht'E cstimales -- Services. Remodel Additions. Licensed ^38- HOLJSECLEANING romn._Scrv.,_frre pstimnlr ^37-lS.K " COMPLETE HOUSECLEANING Windows, Vrtll, Floors. Caroels Fret Est. J7I-75.-6 or JJ1.J057 S C A N D I N A V I A , WINDOWS, FLOORS. CARPETS. 436-3X62 Janitorial RYAN'S JANITORIAL SE~RvTC?~ Gen. clean un, v/lndows washed. Floors waxed. Fre« esllmalc. , --- -- jTr,: J, C Sows » i Ik i bonded Ml ; «7J- Ml MM M1.,.7._M1.MM Unolcum Linoleum J Tile Layer MATERIAL AND/OF! LABOR Ed Mcece 23-OMS; 599-3365 cvci Vinyl Linoleum--Savs 40% SMALL JOBS, TROUBLE SPOTS Call for cxncrt Elcctriclon Vrthl Electric felon 639-7530 ! STENOto$4IO i -^2T ; DAY WEEK Lie. Flcctrlclan rRPE ESTIMATE. ?a V. 3f085i SERVICE CALLS. I?0 smsll low. Free Esl. Lie. Etcc 597-^ZL 7 LICENSED ilectrlclinj desire wenc- no worn. Fr«e fsl. 411-4011 SEMI RET'IRED" '720" '33 «60I«S 1 vr. r x p , od. tvoe s/h. till lane Allen Profession;J Aojf' L.B. B:vri. Sui Fencing STUDENT over ;l7"q'ioa~iMkifS: 5 . n. fnr eoimttr work 41i-Utl, Suite 212 4275JJI' SAVE-Wood rMCM, q«IH. Runalrs. ;l7"q'ioa~iMkifS: I r«rml. Proe est.Mt-»SU; «i|.759li «.m..3:M Mn. LINOLEUM 51.65 sa'. Cartel 15c uo. Illo 8c uo. «3-3513 or «3-8673 BEFORE vou install, compare mv estimate. 6 vrs. cxper. 428-6917 Masonry BRICK stone work, -· nlers, etc.' neeer nlnn 1 Moving B"AiER' 1 "S~MOVING PAST i REASONABLE E 3.VWI 7 0»y.s M . GENE'S'MOVING--R6AS Lit. Iniurrt TO 7-W( HI 471t Sheet Metal FANS, biowerT fbFVentiTatTng res tauranls. homes bldqs. Kitchen sinks and hoods, stalnltss steel work, gutters, conductors. Htllare welding. Marine iheil metal nid repair work. MacCLOSKFY SHEET METAL 1315 W. llrh SI. HE KM Termite Control TERMITES AND ROACHES Free Est. John Lynn. 59I-J667 Tree Service TREE SERVICE Trim 8, Remove. Reas. rale. 429- _92I« TREES f. SHRUBi Removed or trimmed. Bell Bros. .._ HA 1-1612 AAA TREE SERVIC Pro-lint Service--I..B. f. Vlrlnitv Lie, ft Ins. .128-7015; 531-7108 EXPERT Tree trimming 8, removal. _ Licensed. Insured Coll 634-8550 COMPL. tree service. Your.kind of pr'cesl Lie. Insured. 8t;.3yOO. TREE trim, remov», clean UD i haul. Lie. 8, Ins. 63M179, 537-4726 TV, Radio H!-Fi Service REPAIRS In vour home S5 mln. estm; 520 Incl. oarls labor. Color or B f. W 773-OJBO T.V, Service, free transilor radio with B/W or color scrvlct call 927-6222, TO 2-3173 Upholstery 37th Anniversary Salo RE UPHOLSTERING SPECIAL o( 40% oil. Free Esl. Tavlormaid _ 6SSB Oronoe Av. OA 2-«39; MI-J293 REUPHOLSTER. Llv. rm. furn. Reas. Cust. work, all sh/les. AA And A upholslerv 1223 Cnerrv. Frcn cslm. PICKUP A dollv. 5910579, CAMERAS LENSES TRIPODS CAMERA BAGS PROJECTORS SCREENS PROJECTION LAMPS PROJECTION TABLES ENLARGERS .PHOTO PAPERS PHOTO CHEMICALS DARKROOM ACCESSORIES COME ONE! COME ALLI come see Minolta's Camera Show on Wheels at FIRESTONE CAMERA HI-FI CENTER Saturday, March 1st, 11 A.M, to 5:30 P.M. FILMS AND DEVELOPING PHOTO COPYING RENTALS UPE BfCORDfRS STEREO COMPONENTS SPFtKEB SYSTEMS SUPPLIES · RENTALS Stop through the rioor ol the Minolta Show But and you''* in one of Ihe moM luxurious nnd fully fouipped cnmcrn showroomj ever designed ... on or off wheels. It'i even air conditioned for Every item in the Minolta iin* ... from comaros to lenses lo filirrs lo flnsh^uns is duplny^d in \vall-to-woll showcmes. This equipment ...worth in exrsss of 550,000 ... is rrodily accessible lor' your *y(imino!ion nnrl use. Factory trained Minolta experti will fap o hond for your pprjonnl dfmon'.irniiom nnd «x- plnnniioni of Mmolio equipment.,. or lo answer any olKcr ques'ioni you may hove OM pholo- graph-/. DON'T MISS... the Minolta Camera Show on Wheels on 3/1/69,11 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. at FIRESTONE CAMERA HI-FI CENTER 7'/if I'uriilv Hiiililing! 9494 FIRESTONE BOULEVARD EAST DOWNEY, CALIF. 90241 TOpaz 1-2345 TOpax 1-1111 (1 Hlock Writ 0/605 fnry.) For Gorgeous Native costumed Japanese doll (Collector's Item) FREE DRAWING THE WEST'S URGES! SELECTION OE PRERECORDED WES 41 THE LOWEST tJWKrN! PRICES'

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