Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 12, 1962 · Page 20
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 20

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1962
Page 20
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Muddy Dilemma Calls For Action On Roof Drains Any fatiA painter who has worked hard painting the outside of a , house complains when rain spi 1 .'.- lers mud up onto Ihc freshly painted surface. This needn't happen. j U.'iemiirolled rain water can be 1 controlled »o it doesn't spatter j mud; all you need Ui do is to call your lnc.-l sheet molal contractor' in eheck ymir home's roof gutter needs Mel] fix the mud spatter premplly iind inexpensively. Hdul milters give other bene- f i t s loo. such us eliminating one in :he maim- rauses of wet base- OUR ANCESTORS fry Quincy HEALTH VALUE Don Cloney "There is no greater value on Urn market today than the mmieni miracle performing drugs your Doctor pi-escribes fur yoii." stated Don Cloney of Cliiuoy's lied Cross Pharmacy. "Hc«irille«; of cost, if the cost WL-IT hifili. and it is not. these drugs are the key lo effective recovery from your illness in the shortest possible time," continued Cloney. When your doctor gives you a prescription always hring il to Cloncy's lied Cross Pharmacy for filling by skilled, conscienlious pharmacists iu immaculate surroundings. You will always f i n d Cloncy's prices uniformly fair, the service courteous (Hid prompt. You will always find Cloncy's personcll interested in you and your well being, interested in serving your needs. Five in-lown delivery service is offered daily, and should you need short time use of sick room equipment-you'll find you can cither rcnl it or buy it at Cloney's Red Cross Pharmacy conveniently located in t h e heart of Eureka at 525 5th Street. Let Cloney's serve you. "What will you do with all your spare time now that I've bought you that new-fangled clothes wringer?" To Your Good by JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Dear Ur. Molner: I am a 39- year-old man. 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and weigh 101! pounds. After a double exercise eardio- ,ram. my doctor told me 1 coronary insufficiency. He believes I can eliminate this condition if I reduce my weight lo about 145 pounds, provided no hereditary factor is present. Can you add anything to his in- slruclions which may help?--J. G. This question reminds me of the ;\spiring athlete who wanted to be a distance runner. The trouble was lhat he insisted on carrying two 10-pound bags of potatoes. He went to a variety of coaches who advised him to slop carrying the potatoes around. One of the coaches shortened his stride, another lengthened it, and the third told him to buy severa different kinds of track shoes They all gave him instructions ii breathing. Nothing seemed lo help very much, aid he complained hitlerl) about their "ignorance", and tin vay they disagreed over various factors. At this point a friend observed 'Eat you're si ill carrying thosi bags of potatoes." "Aw, Ihut!" said the frustrated runner. "That's just one of the tilings they told me. I though I'd get all the others straighten ed out first." Do I make myself clear? Don't ask me if I can add ti your doctor's instructions unti you've done the one vitally irr portant thing that he rccon mended. (Juit carrying around those -ags of potatoes! Get down to Mfi pounds. His advice sounds :)od to me. Dear Dr. M'tlncr: For 15 years my husband has had a cyst on his lung the size of an egg. X-rays show no further growth, but our physician suggests an operation. My husband refuses. What dangers, if any .are there in delaying surgery?--WHS. F. R. The dangers are infection, hemorrhage or rupture into the pleural space, which is called 'spontaneous p n c umolhorax." This means that the lung collap- cs. Your physician musl have good reasons for recommending surg- FORTUNA HOURS: 9 to 6 Daily--Friday 9 to 9 BEN FRANKLIN for EASTER DRESS-UPS! Perforated Pumps WARM WEATHER COMFORT WEAR 199 Women's Teens' Imitation leather pumps with a smart diamond design. White only. Leather Pumps Sizes 4-10 Black or bone glov- elle groin leather. Patch Irim on center split vamp. Boys And Girls Easter Footwear 299 Pair Smart dress-up shoes for Easter children. MN FRANKUN; 1023 MAIN ST. RA 5-4121 BANKAMERICARD Dear Dr. Molncr: My 16-yoar- okl son has large breasts which ire so conspicious he refuses ui ippear in public in a swim suit, le has reduced his weight to nor- ual. Why do the breasts reman so liirgc'!--R. P. It may be that this area has not yet had time to shed the fa \v h i c h accumulates profuseh there. If sufficient time has pass possibilities include mastitis chronic irritation or glandulai imbalance. All of us are influenced by a mixture of a.'idrogcn and estro gen (the male and female hor moncsi. We arc all, both men and women, mixtures of the two If these do not balance adequate ly, then a person will have some ov;r - degree of characteristic of the opposite sex. This ordinar ily can be corrected by medica are. Therefore, if the boy's con dition does not show signs of cor reeling itself nuw that he is down to normal weight, 1 suggest tha he be examined by ea endocrine logisl (gland specialist'. Hemorrhoids can be cured! 1 troubled with fissures, fistulas tching and other rectal prob- cms, write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper requesting a copy of the booklet,. "The Rea Cure For Hemorrhoids," enclos- ng ;\ long, self-addressed, stamp- 3d envelope and 20c in coin to cover printing and handling. Dr: Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due lo he tremendous volume received laily. he is unable to answer in- lividual letters. Readers' qncs- ions are incorporated in his col- mm whenever possible. Window Uniis Aid Remodeling A l t met ivc, modern windov mils. \\IKMI properly selected am placed, can help the success ol innif remodeling jobs, and mear idded economy for home im- irovemenl, according to the An lersen Corp.. maker of high' juality window?. For instance: by enclosing a orch or brcczeway with window mils the enclosed porch or breeze vay can be attractively fur lished and, when healed is a ·lieeilul year-round family room Vet- from dust and rain. New windows can t u r n untiset i t l i e into added living spiico Icre. windows make the differ ·nee between a livable and un ivablc room. Kven with pood in sulalion. altic areas require plcn · of ventilation. Installation of a large dorrnci can provide sufficient fresh nil md light, and additonal spncc. There were 2.910 pedestrian! killed and more lhan lifi.OOO in jured on t', S. roads last yeai Because llley crossed hel\\een tin mlerseclions. New Forces In Play Parochial Schools Integration Heightens New Orleans Anxiety EDITOKS NOTE: Here is the first of two cfls- atchcs by UIM's national re- lor'ter wlio went lo New Or- eans to investigate the grow- ng controversy there over in- egnition of the city's schools, tccent developments have Brought new forces into day in New Orelans. The irsl dispatch describes these ·vents and shows how they lave heightened public anxie- ·y- Hy HARRY FERGUSON -United Press International. \'EW ORLEANS (UP1) - In ur hotel room is a tourist guide ok which says: "New Orleans. ditionally Ihc city that care got, is a lady of many moods." "are .has not forgotten New Orns, but has come to town for ong v i s i t and brought along of her sisters whose names controversy and anxiety. gal actions against racial in- ration of the public schools nothing new here. Lawyers the state and city have been hling against integration ever ce the Supreme Court decision 11)54. But on March 28 there was a new development that had nothing to do with the public were schools. Archbishop J o s e p h Francis Hummel of the diocese of New Orleans (ten counties and part of another one) ordered that all Catholic schools in the diocese should be fully integrated in Sep tember. His order did not include the words "Negro" or "integration." It simply abolished the system of separate 'parochial schools oli for whites and Negroes and · pro- somi vidcd that any Catholic child ;ould attend any school he chose. There are 527,430 Catholics in the diocese, a little less than half the entire population. All of Qi them knew immediately they were a dilemma. Their consciences had become ' battle: grounds on op: which two long standing loyalties warred against each other. As southerners they Were, taught that :he white race is supreme and must not mingle. As Catholics they knew the church holds that 'he color of a man's skin is Irrel- avanl. Be he white, black, tan or vcllow, it is the salvation of his soul that matters. · Most Catholics kept quiet. Among the Catholics, who didn't ere: --Mrs. Delphine P. Roberts who picketed Notre Dame Seminary carrying this sign: "Integration, the tool of Satan, is designed to destroy not only the white race and our country but Christianity and all civilization." --Rodney Buras, member of the state legislature, who endorsed a financial boycott against the Cath- Church. "They are forcing icthing down our throats thai we can't digest," he said. --Leander Perez of the New Orleans While Citizen's Council who was quoted: "Cut off their water. [nil giving them money to feec their fat bellies. If that is an undignified way to talk, about bish- is, let me remind you that this is not a dignified fight." And, finally, Mrs. D. J. Gaillot, president of an organization known as "Save Our Nation, Inc." She is the center of the storm. Mrs. Gaillot is a slender, intense brunette, 42 years old and a seventh generation Catholic. She has read the Catholic' (Douay) Bible through her adult life, memorized much of it and annotated ier living room with a bible between us. She read from the Book of Gen- Cily Swim Pool Site Considered AfArcafa School ARCATA -- The tentative pro. posal of the Arcala Recreation "Where?" I asked as we^sat in Commission to locate the city's municipal swim pool on Stewart Elementary school grounds, opposite Danish Hall, was heard by the Jie' passages which she believes ·efcr to racial integration. Her conclusion is that, ·regard- 'ess of the teachings of her church, God ordained that racial Integration was a sin and so revealed himself- in holy writ. Cites Bible esis: "And when Sara had seen school's board of trustees at their j'ie son of · Agar the Egyptian slaying with Isaac, her son, she said to Abraham! Cast out this sondwoman and her son: For the son of a bondwoman shall not be heir with my son, Isaac. Abraham Look this grievously for his son. And God said unto him: Let it not seem grevious to theeforthe boy .and for the bondwoman: In all that Sara hath said to thee hearken to her voice." "Mrs. Gaillot, your interpretation seems to be that Agar the bers of the blaclr races?" "Yes," she replied. "All whites are'members of the black of them." She cited a dozen more Biblical passages including one from the Book of Numbers ("And that the tribes be not .mingled with another but remain so"). . (Tomorrow: Mrs. Gaillol decides to fight back.) regular meeting Tuesday night at the school. The commission plan was-taken under advisement by trustees, who indicated they would seek approval from slate authorities. The proposal must still be approved by Arcata city councilmen. If the northwest corner of Stew- art'is finally selected as a pool building site, the city's consulting architect, William B. Merchant and associates of San Francisco, will be asked to advise on the Egyptian and her son were mem- siz e and cost of the facilily. Final project plans probably be brought to a.vole.of-the people. Meeting with the school's trus- race. Egyptians, Asiatics and all l e c s and administrators were ,t m,TM.. · . . - · Winfii Winfield Bledsoe, commission chairman; Charles McDerrriid, the city's part-time recreation director and Bill Hover, commission member. First agriculutral fair in America was held (n 1810 at .Pitts-, field. Mass. HUMBOLDTSTANDARD hursday, April 12, 1962, P. 20 Sixty years of work wont into elevision before it entered Amer- can living rooms after World Var II.. . MAIM I We Have NOW! Added With 'the 'same GUARANTEE ' OF SATISFACTION that has earned'' our leadership 'in expert Walch Repair. 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