Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1969 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1969
Page 13
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tii. April M, 1M9 · 13 DINNIS THE MENACE 'YOU SURE SLEEP SOWO,Ate.WlLSON! I BET THAT PHON PMG A AMU/GW 7//HBS I" Newspaper Drama Is Described As Shapeless, Unsatisfying By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer : NEW YORK (AP) -- 'This Town Will Never Be The .Same," Wednesday night's NBC special, was an earnest attempt to say something meaningful in dramatic terms about the death i)f a newspaper. It did make a lot of state- Singers Splash Paint On Gaudy Hollywood Mural HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- Every morning traffic screeches to a halt on the Sunset Strip as four mop topped singers swing up on scaffolds paint. They're and start splashing painting rainbows, goddesses, pyramids, clouds-the biggest, gaudiest mural in Hollywood's gaudy history. But, what is it? "It's like a panorama of our cwn lives and the life of the world," says Seemon Posthuma, one of the four artists, all members of the Dutch recording jroup. The Fool. "Like here we have an ice *e;i. a polar sea. and up above are the nine Muses, and over there is like a desert and the pyramids that symbolize, you know, wisdom." · After months in the making, the painting is nearing 12.000 «quare feet and six stories high and should be completed by the *nd of April. It's on the front and one side of the Aquarius HELEN BOTTEL Helen Help Us Theater, which the mural. commissioned Car Kills Child NORTH LITTLE ROCK (AP) r-Karen Lee Pool. 5. of North Tittle Rock was killed Tuesday when he was struck by a car ;as he attempted to cross a Bounty road near North Little Eock. * Officers said Pool was struck by a vehicle driven by Ronald ·B. Edmundson, 19. of North Little Rock. St. Raphels MEN'S CLUB DANCE Church Hall April 26 9-12 P.M. Live Music liy the Nils, Grits and Souls NOW Open 7 p.m. MARK T T H E A T R E r Sun. thru Thurs. One Fct. 7:45 Fri.-Sat. Features 7:00-9:16 2nd Big Week Winner of Two Academy Awards FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI rradwrlkmoT ROMEO ^JULIET ments, ones made every time a laper dies, about the public's oss. But the hour, by Ed di Blasio, was pretty shapeless and thoroughly unsatisfying from a dramatic standpoint. We were never able to care enough about the faltering paper or the people who worked for it--we didn't tnow them well enough--to become upset at their nlight. TIRED PLOT The story opened with labor presenting the newspaper's nanagement with take-it-or- leave-it demands. From the outset, it seemed a foregone con elusion that the paper, with declining circulation and advertising revenue, would fold. The story starred Barry Sullivan, playing the paper's middle-aged managing editor in a style reminiscent of "Front Page." The presiding over the newspaper's demise was not enough for an hour, however, so a subplot came along. A brash young reporter turned up some evidence that the managing editor's son was a drug pusher. Perhaps it was added to demonstrate that both the paper and its top editorial hand both had lost touch. E. G. Marshall had almost a cameo role as the publisher who decided to scuttle his sinking ship. When the hour was over, nothing had been determined except that a newspaper Was dead. The viewer left with the feeling that the program had stopped rather than that a drama had been concluded. LIVELY LECTURE It was followed by a superb CBS documentary, "The Japanese." which was a lively, perceptive lecture on the character of the people by former Ambassador Edwin Reischauer. Reischauer. now a college professor, said, "A nation doesn't have to be Western to be successful." and pointed out that the Japanese with "a thin veneer of the West." have found ways to handle difficulties, in eluding urban overcrowding, which we might profitably study. The most interesting portions of the hour showed Japan's colorful mixture of the old with the new--modern businessmen on a night on the town, frugging--in kimonos, high speed trains and efficient steel production in a land where men still practice swordsmanship and archery as self-discipline. Also shown was Japanese domestic life, with the man the undisputed head of the family and the woman's place still the home. It was a most successful pro gram-educational while cnter- jtaining. Recommended tonight: "The gend of Lake Tilicaca," ABC r:30-7:30 CST, another in t h e lacques Cousteau series, this ime exploring a South Amen can lake: "Meet George Waslv ntfton," NBC. 0:30-7:30. a close up of the man who became a egend. Dear Helen: I'm a 15-year-old Boy with an unusual hang-up. My problem is that 1 never have anything to look forward to or anything to live for. I blame my parents because they started me off this way. Monday through Friday I go to school, do homework, household chores, and on Saturdays I help my f a t h e r and sister with housework w h i l e my mother goes shopping and gets her hair done! My parents, both teachers, are kind of "dead" anyway. They never play tennis or golf or ski with the family, and they have set my life in an awful rut. The real problem is that since I have nothing to look forward to. I procrastinate and daydream, so I don't finish my school work, and its wrecking my grades. I'm smart and am told I have high potential, but I don't know whether I can't study because I'm depressed, or depressed because I don't study. I know what you're going to say: Take up a sport. But how? I'm so terrible at sports that nobody will practice with me. I never really l e a r n e d any games as I'm not actually in terested in them, hut now 1 realize sports and recreation are mandatory for mental and phy sical health. Please give me some suggcs tions on how I can get myself back into the swing of things. --Wasting Away Dear W.A. For heavens sake, get off yom apathy and stop looking at life through the small end of a fun nel! You've beemed in on a pho ny excuse for your failure ("My parents!"), a fine dodge for a fellow who won't face the truth E x p e r t counseling (or a strong re-think p r o g r a m 01 our own) might prove what NOW Open 2:0t Smith 3:22. 6:24, 9:31 Journey 2:00, 5:02. 8:01 F AN ALL-DISNEY ENTERTAINMENT ; i.* ·«»...Uimnl9 L ·' ! i WALT DISNEY Sense Of Fulfillment Angela Lansbury Enjoys Life Of An Actress c uspect: It's fear, not "dead arcnts" that keeps you home daydreaming. You won't try sports, making friends, relating --because you are afraid of re- ection, and it's easier to load he blame on your f o l k s than . "I'm responsible for my own life. With a little help and a lot of effort, I can learn to like myself and then others will like me too." Perhaps your parents could provide that help, if you'd a s k .hem. Leave off the rcscntmen and tell them the real reason 'or your depressions -- loneliness, isn't it?--and 1 think your 'unnel vision will be cured.--H. Dear Helen: I am 18 years old and this m a r r i e d woman is 23. We worked together last summer. She told me she was going to get a divorce. I saw her a lot after hours, and then she left me to take up with a gorid for nothing. Now I am a good friend of ier husband's, and have found out he isn't what she said. I feel r ;uilty about that affair, hut I don't really want to cause her trouble. She wrote and said rhe was sorry for dumping me. but I think it was because she didn't want, me in court for the divorce. K I tell about us. she will probably lose her three children as her husband wants to prove her an unfit mother. If I don't tell, he will hate me. and if I do. SHE will. I guess you can't make up my mind for me. but if you print this letter it may be a warn ing to guys that they should stay away from married (hut v'" ing) women!-- Jerry. Dear Jerry: No. I can't make up your mind, but YOU might find it easier if you answer one quo? tion honestly: Which parent will do best for the kids?" -H. By HAI. BOYKE NEW YOitK (AP) think one ol the greates'. gifts in life is the opportunity to work at something you enjoy doing," said Angela Lanshury. "It's this chance, and therefore they never experience a sense of the fulfillment of life." It was a loss to politics iiiid a gain to the theater when the British-born actress decided to follow her mother's example and embark on a career before the footlights. One of her childhood dreams- she is the granddaughter of George Lansbury. former leader of the British Labor party--was to become England's first lady prime minister. Miss Lansbury. currently starring in the Broadway musical. "Dear World." which gained tier a second Tony Award, has appeared in 70 films and numerous plays since she came to Canada as a w a r t i m e evacuee and got a S(iO a week jnb in 1912 doing impersonations in a night club. SPOTTED BY MAYOIt A year later she was w o r k i n g , C U M M I N ' S as a cosmetics salesgirl in a L n s ! A r k . (AIM nominations for her performances in "Gaslight." "The Picture of Dorian Gray." and "The Manchurian Candidate." Many film fans, indelibly ini- by her screen images, have automatically come to think of Angela as a crafty, wrinkled old lady--a Mrs. Methuselah. This rather amuses Miss Lansbury, a strikingly handsome, blue-eyed woman still in her early forties. OZARK OPRY Over 3 Hours of Country Music 7:30 p.m. Friday Night You Are Invited! PALACE THEATER Admission: Adults, $1.00 -- Children Under 12 Free Our Sponsors: Richard's Furniture 62 Auto Salvage John Reed Co. Charlie's Restaurant (Haley's) Gragg's Grocery Market Enterprise TV Midway Transmission layer's Gulf Ser. Sta. , "She's quite a character." said Angela, "and it's fun to have a crack at it." The remark is typical of Miss Lansbury, and shows why people in the theater are fond of her as "the professional's professional." This is her creed in her own words: "If you conscientiously attempt to give the best you can of yourself in every department Twir U.S. MANILA (AP) - A tptdil committ«e from the Philippine House of R*pre»enUtive« will tour three U.S. military bases Friday as part of an investigation to determine their strategic importance in the Far East. Some Philippine congressmen are seeking the return of the baser; so that the land csn be converted into farms. RIDICULOUS ridiculous for the public to think that the parts I play mg. reallv me." 'But the she said, smil- puhlic doesn't to know who you really are. They like to feel that whiit they think ahout you is true." In her next film role in "The Dreamers." she again essays the upper afic brackets as a tle- cayinp European countess stranded in Ihe past. Fugitive Captured PRISON" Prison FARM. officials of your life, you will indeed get the best back. By giving affirmatively, you can't help but end up on'the plus side of happiness. "Your state nf life will be happy and forward, not stationary and negative." ProKratm lire fup- plie.1 hy trlrrastinc utatinr.^ and KUhjc.l In ( without r.olic* KVOO, Julio, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (Chinntl 4 n «··!· in F*yeM«vill*) KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 ICtimml 11 M Mbl* in Fiyettnille) KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 Channel * «n cablt in Faytttevilk) "'KGTO, Foyetteville, Channel 36 (Ckanncl 1 an clfel* in Fayttttvillr) Angeles department store at $28! said I- rncsl Havis. M. of B i g j ^ ntUKSUAY week when Ihe l a t e movie magnate Louis B. Mayer, impressed by a short f i l m test, signed her to a seven-year contract at $500 weekly. Hollywood m a k e u p men have anointed her with a ton of Johns^n_aji(lJ^au2kj^icr_counties. goo to age her face to play the roles of hags and hussies which became her specialty. She finally escaped from this typecasting in the Broadway hit. "Manic." a sprightly romp in which, she won her first Tony Award. Her fine character acting also won her three Academy Award Cabin. Okla.. was captured two| N e w , weither, hours after he escaped here Spo'rtj . J. 3, 5. S. 7. ». 12. !« L nve Tuesday. . * t:X - Thine Davis was serving a 42-year project 20 term on conviction of burglary, Queen and I · · Jacques Cnustcau Time Tunnel *7:00- Over Ihe next two decades armed robbery and assault with must: intent to k i l l from Crawford. .. 1. 3. 5. 7 . .. fi. IB 36 Jonathan Winter* * 7:3* Ironside 2, Bewitfliod S Film Movie What's It All About, World * 1:31 Movie .. fi. Ifi Man With A Mlka » Weather .. ' At the World Tumi 3. 6. It + 1:00- Many Splcndorcrt Days of Our Lives Newly-wed Gim« J5ot'tor»i Guiding Lifiht Dating Game *2:M Another World ........ General Hospital ..... Secret Storm ......... *I:M- You nnn't Say ...... One Life to Lire.. .. 6. b. iti 8. 12 tdge of Night . K * I:" - .. 5. 6. 16 2. 3. 7, "« .... 8. 12 .... S. 6. K · M fX .By Air.Tlllra lln«»ll - Tnl.a «f f C^ ; 14 Daysrrr'ijar^ry'^;^ JDD/ HAWAII From Tulsa Group Departs June 7th Call or write for foMer OAHU, MAUI, KAUAI, HAWAII For Informltion. Call Fred Starr, Tour EK«rt, 442-«M H lff\ A CTi*M IDC -* 15 Sn ' Mcmnr ' al Drive p I x K A r l w U I W Tulsa, Okla. 74129, 918 NA 7-9797 See 1969 Model DON'T ATTEMPT REPAIRING YOUR TV ON YOUR OWN Do-it-yourself TV repairs can be costly as well as dangerous Don't take chances with your expensive T V . . . . call an expert to do the job! FOR PROMPT SERVICE AT ANY HOUR, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK . . . 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I, 7 r 9:00 - Itwpense Thcatr« 12 rtovie " Dean Martin 2, 5. 5. 7 (ewt. Weather 2. 3. 5. 15. 7. «. 12, ]«, M SIDNEY POITIEHODSTEIBER HEOT OFTK NIGH MULLIGAN. sraiRcase - Also - Color Cartoon · Color TVs E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 U)KC9U*Vet 2333 N. Colleg Service on all'Makes Ccnzie'c Raider* 3 1 Movie 1 locy Bishop 12 a »«I Harvey 6 Tohnny Carson ~, 3, 3, 7 ·k 10:35 - flovie FRIDAY MORNINQ- *·:·* LtfM of Ulm i *7:M- All Star Theater 13 Project · Today I, ». i. T + 7:N Newa «. If ncnts of Meditation 9 * 7:35 'arm Report 8 Tombstone Territory Llnkletter Dark Shadow! Match (Jame * 3:30 Bewitched Lucille Ball Mike Douglaj Hazel Munaterx Hidden F»cr= Dark Shadow *. '. I. 2, 3. Flintfltonc* 4:N -_. K« Bunny Children'* Hour Movie . « 12 . 2 '·. . M Flinlstonc* Mr. Zln| and TvffT Battnn Bewitched fun Club FlintstnncK * Rawhide . Three StoorM ................. 1Z Adventure* of Gulliver ......... S Perry Maeon ............... 1, 7 Mike DouflM (color) ............ 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