Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 19
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'A-20-INDEPENDENT(AM) i'a"? · ~ -- · v B C By Johrtny Hart HOW -STUPID ws THIS if?u ? / s r t e 6»OARD ^6Mr PUTYMfc. I f=We- PA/ OECCOJW OP ms PEACH ---#3' By Mell lazarus AH, 1 5EE V0UVE BEEN EXPRESSING WELL, THAT'S 600D, I SUPPOSE. A SISN OF, 6REAT CREATIVE SPIRIT.... Tnu* THAT rOAU.TH£ DIKT-MAKER*. "'ANIMAL CRACKERS By Rog Bowen -' DENNIS THE MENACE RECENTLV DISCOVERED TriW I POSSESS THE POWERS '(|OW MUCH 01DER 001 HAVE TO 6ET 8EFORE I CAN UNOERSTANOTMI5 STUFF?* CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Affectionate 5 Old fiddle. for short 10 Words of discernment 14 Tenor's delight 15 - winds 16 Sahl 17 Light 18 Coating for fiddle bow 19 Glass 20 Erode 22 Houdini forte 24 Shooter 25 One-on-one contests Solution to Yes: 26 Moisten 29 Fuel 30 Basket material 34 Sheltered 35 Pasha 36 Shandy's creator 37 Big shot 38 Sweet girl 39 Cheer 40 Clumsy one 41 Manifest 43 "Baby, Take a -" 44 Bet 45 Jewish feast 4S Mr. Sack 47 Step pan iterday's Puzzle: 48 The Host 50 Total 51 Quaryfor some dogs 54 Resembling a pismire 58 Voice 59 da Gama 61 Adam's turf 62 Thought: comb, form 63- Different 64 Post by 51 A 65 Sign 66 Peewee 67 Scenes DOWN 1 Die down 2 Vicinity 3 Mob act 4 Aquatic mammal 5 Last 6 Card 7 Abyssinian prince 8 Farewells 9 Dumb 10 Stalemate t! Cleanser 12 Water bird 13 Sunny times in Nancy 21 Card game 23 Material 25 Doris 26 Sound, e.g. 27 - and kicking 28 Luke 29 Kind of whiz? 31 Manacles 32 Growing out 33 Allude 35 Owing 36 Tree bane 38 Make oneself scarce 39 - and reel 42 Dior's abomination 43 Law group 44 Without purpose 46 Upper house 47 Routine . 49 Approve of 50 Night sound 51 Disable 52 "Hawk-Eye" 53 Roman road 54 -and eights 55 - fixe 56 Superman Clark 57 Concludes 60 That girl "I think i t ' s known as squatter's rights." SEEK FIND Statistical Terms P A S Q S R C 0 0 G E I F V I A E C N H T I V A ' I N B I N A M 0 U A E T S N Q E U I A C R I E F Q F U E R 0 B C N 0 N 0 V ' A K U E M W E N S L S Y A S Q S G 0 C R A A N R T D A W A F V C A A R T I 0 A R N U C D E Y 0 N N U Q C E A T L C C 0 R 1' A S K E W V G M S H C H E A U Q S A E P A P C Y N C E Y I A R P A I V C Y I H H B A F S T A T I S T I C A L E Q E H C N E I R A V S S E N F F I N 1 R L U N E R F R 0 M I B W C H C A M r c E N W E N Y A S E I M S 0 0 G T I R L U E K E I D M E T E D S Y K S E P W A N R E A S I R C C U Y A S K R A R N F R E Q U E N C Y V K F V Instructions: The hidden names Usted below appear forward, backward, up, down, or dieronally in the puzzle. Find each hidden name and box it in as shown: MEAN DECILES OGIVE BIMODAL FACTOR PARAMETERS CHI-SQUARE FREQUENCY SKEWNESS COEFFICIENT KURTOSIS VARIANCE Tomorrow: Nutrients toy Forecast for FRIDAY Your birthday today: Early plans tuni out more theoretical than practical and you spend months rearraiKins. adjusting, then finallv hit on more realistic methods in the latter half of the coming year. Much is gained in the process--wonderful moments of good feeling. Relationships thrive despite your rush schedules. Today's natives are partial to unconventional. original schemes. Aries (March 21-April 19): Formal notice arrives, or ordinary communications take on profound importance for the short term. Romantic appeal is high, particularly al a distance. Reach out for contact. Taurus (April 20-May 20): There's so much energy available that you and others scatter pieces even further as you attempt to put them toaether. Give everylxxiy a full chance to reevaluate situations. Gemini ( M a y 21-June 20): Today's natural tendency is to display deep feelings or reveal their absence. You can't fake :!, so don't try. Concentrate on m a t t e r s t h a i r e q u i r e n o decision-making. Cancer (June 21-July 22): Listen instead of getting v o u r story in first. You will be ahead usual temptation is to lake on more than you can handle. I,co (July IT-AM. 22): Older people seek attention, aren't so willing to give it. Bo a shining example of good fellowship Welcome as many friends as accommodated to share I in V i r g o ( A u e . ikSept. 22): Romantic and other fanciful qualities come to the surface. If you can have the dav off for fun and frolic, dp so. Tf not. keep things verv simple and at minimum levels. Libra (Sept. 2:-Oct. 22): Troubleshoot.. make a general search for mislead possessions. Taken jiglitheartertly, this can be a memorable day. Promotion of business interests is not favored. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Endless rounds of discussion are later found to have gotten nowhere. Accept it all as rehearsal or exercise: just don't sign any irrevocable agreements. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): P a t i e n c e and tolerance as. others shout! Your turn comes later and will be more effective. What is said now has been long in preparation but still isn't in final form. Capricorn it)ec. 22-Jan. 10): As long as it's only lalk; fine. : Don't prod anyixxly inlo action I or call a H u f f ' Ua'vo all issues open (or future negotiation. You i can reorgani/e fx'tter in the evening. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): The mood of the day has a pici'.ie j'.!2!iiv. Make jlraiy ui notes; there'll be details to confirm or revise later. Pistes (Feb. IS-March 20): Emotionally s a t i s f y i n g pas- limes, nostalgic t a l k of old limes are a pleasure. Routines of maintenance and repair arc emphusiwd. Avoid serious I'll ABNER BjrAICbpp AMP YET IS BIS lA6T'OTJe WAS I VAN, THE THAM. COWNK fO LOWEST 5LO80WIA "- LSTS ADW6RTISS OURSeiFS fis A HEALTH ""- VOUKKIOW HOW TOURISTS, we ATTRACTED HEBE IN TH6 LAST 50 YEARS-a NONE ff HEALTH FARMS -WHERE THEY /MAKE ttJ FESL - BIFDRR THAT HE WAS KMOWW AS IVAN THE TUMBLEWEEDS By Tom K. Ryan VOU STOP QUIPPJ.IN WITH UTTLE 10TSA U»CK.' YOUfe MAKING AWRJUY PAP PIVOtS/.' MARK TRAIL ByEdDodd I - YOU SAY YOU'RE "T LOAM AN OUTDOOS FELLA,HUH?.. ) ME WELL, DO SOMETHIW6 TO / YOUR 600P WITH AN AXE...WHUT ELSE CAM DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney ILL SET BDMEO NEVER TOOKOUT, THE GARBAGE; SOICXX5MILED IATMETOCWV. EB and FLO By Paul Sellers I HATE TO BREAK UP THE GAME, PUT I PRO/ tJT -M FLO I'p-BE- HOME BY TEN "P'tffi r $'*$ -A^l ARE \ THE eiPEBOARP, FELLERS, I'LL LAY I FOOp A --fsff ·1 ir- ^ 1 ,-s^ifl fC^fef, STEVE ROPER By Sounders Overgard ARREST THAT PAIR/ BUT WATCH THEM/ THEY'RE BOTH ARMED/ THERE'S NOTHIW6 HERE FOR you MEN, BUT WE'RE MIGHTY GLAD TO SEE OFFICERS/ JACKSON TWINS By D'ick Brooks THEYlL PANC EA3ILV AND THEY LL BE;' SURCOUNDEP Y THE TWE THEY IF THESE HCXISE-ST0PPECS ARE IN THE SANG WE'CE LOOKING FCC, THEYBE JUST WDS f SHE WCN'T BE, NOT WHEN ) I'M BESIM- HEG TWIN'S IN PANSB? f ^-^NING TO RNP MXI CON'T KNCW HDW f OLTT t OKAY, WE STO3NG THATJ1E IS. VsTOP HECEANP LiajTENANT? X GOCWECTHE ' PLAN? ARCHIE By Bob Montana WHY THE ,,_ DARK. GLASSES?) ...SO YOU SLEEP IN CLASS I AAA SUFFERING FROM CHRONIC PROBABLY AN ACUTE CASE OF THE 'LATE, LATE MOVIES"' MY DOCTOR. SAID I SHOULD NOT LOOK. AT BRIGHT ' WELL, WITH yOUR\ STUDENTS...YOU / CAN TAKE THEM OFF' WEE PALS By Morrie Turner YOU GOT TO PUT SOME SPIN ON THE BM.L, NIPPEK. GET YOUR. RACKET HAN IN THERE / IN A HURRY, I I YOU'LL LEARN, ' NIPPER / 7--H0W LON HAVE YOI BEEN ,---Ja

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