Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1930 · Page 16
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 16
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To Muse and Amuse By SI'OKTS BDITOH Wotltt Pleasing; ? em Th« Altobna Works baseball team, Pennsy system champions, are pleasing the ball fans and the Cricket field pastime has never been more popular than rieht now. The best ball teams available are stopping off in Altoona for exhibitions ' »na all the visiting teams have real « reputations. * The ball crowds for the Works 1 pamea have been record breaking all 'season and fans are giving real sup' port to the Boss Logue performers. W And the fine support of the fans is j needed, too. Heavy guarantees are required .for all the visiting teams, especially as no return game can be t>layed. The heaviest schedule ever attempted by an Altoona Independent team has been arranged for the Works and three and four games weekly comprise lh« game list for the balance of the season. Th2 Works players will do f their part and it'll be up to the fans if to make it worth while by their con> t , tinued attendance. Bttrj Hi Athlete Honored ! Frank "Red" Stultz, Hollldaysburg • High graduate this term, was highly { honored at the commencement exer- i cises at the Burg this week, being f selected as the winner of the annual ] Judge Thomas J. Baldrige $25 award - for tlie best all-around student. Stultz Is one of the county seat's stellar athletes. He was quarterback on the football team for three seasons. He also won letters in basketball and track, being the star sprinter of the Burg team. Red will enter Lehigh university in the fall and will go in for athletics at the college. J In winning the Baldrige award the 5 scholastic record and achievement, ex- It tra curricular activities, general school t«and community spirit, school and com- -munHy citizenship and habits in and I out of school are considered, t Frank intends seeking an industrial - engineering degree. He will also seek ' an appointment to West Point in 1931. Hard to Meet Expenses Dragging in the finances to "carry on" in baseball is a pretty tough proposition for a lot of independent and twilight league ball teams in Altoona and vicinity. On many ball lots no general admission is charged and all fans are invited to attend, to grab a seat or standing room. The hat is passed almost every night and ball teams have been depending on the collections to meet expenses. The collection business isn't a very profitable one for mighty few fans are generous enough to drop in a quarter, or a dime. One league, specializing in ball games every night, reported a total of 93 cents In the "hat" for one game and donations of less than $1.60 in two other games. And a couple hundred fans were present. Ball teams have to pare expenses to the bone to keep from going into • "athletic bankruptcy". And the teams ' deserve a lot of praise, and better support, just because they are carrying on even though they have to pay their own way. Have Hospital List Crist Davis, veteran flinger for the Altoona Works ball team is the first casualty of the season. And the ball fans are hoping that his recovery will be speedy for his services are badly needed for the heavy Works schedule, Crist has a broken shoulder blade. He was hurt in practice, a line drive from the bat of John Fagan hitting the curver and Crist had some pictures taken. The photos aren't the kind that one sends out as gifts, however, being X-ray prints. Watson, utility'outfielder, who made a fine Impression in the several games 1 that he took part in this season, Is also on the hospital list with a foot injury. He is limping around and he can perform if needed. Thing* You Should Know That the Altoona Works season Isn't very old but all fans of the Pennsy champions have plenty to talk about and a gathering of ball fans isn't complete unless someone, starts to tell about the great fielding or timely batting stunt of some Works individual . . . the whole lineup starring in one or more games, this season. Leo Carroll, who chucked Roaring Spring to a Memorial day win in this city is hurling great ball for Dormont in the Pittsburgh league and his hits have been very scattered all season.—-It took this Claysburg Blair league entry an awful long time to get started but after five 'straight losses the Bricktown entered the win column . . . and the team has fourteen more games in which to make up lost ground . . . and incidentally this is the first time ever than Clayaburg has been in the Blair basement. Just twelve new race drivers made their appearance on the AJtoona board oval > last year in the two race/i . . . and that's the highest total of newcomers in any one year on any oval, excepting the Hoosier track. ( It is rather odd but it's mighty nifty Just the same . . . the two Juni- ^•earn About Your Man From "SWEETHEARTS AND WIVES" 1118 ELEVENTH 8TBEET Brake Service Auto Brake Service uf A1J Kinds Sigel Motor Co. "The Super Service Station" MV-W Mill bt. Itlul 0118 Hou*ePabt$1.89 i Gil •™ '• •* — ------- ^•••.^••^^^••™^™""""~»™iw^ Zip Auto and Radio Supply Co. lilt Dili Ave Open Lurry lev f«r Bett) balUluctiuu Lbe National Batteries kTUUAUi. li.VlTEUV . Uibtrtbutur* ala college ball players who are Blair league members combined to win the final home game for Juniata college . . . the win coming In the tenth round on Bernard Andrews' twobagger and Zeke LaPorte's single. The Cricket field crowds nrc getting bigger and bigger and as Dewey Logue puts it, "we'll never be cramped for room, and there are seats for nil" . . . and that's one big reason why the fans continue to turn out for the Works games . . . It's comfortable. MAJOR LEADERS. (By United Press.) The following statistics, compiled by the United Press, include games of June 3, 1930. Lending Batters. G. AB. R; H. Pet. Herman. Robins.. 41 167 47 71 .426 Rice, Senators 4?, 179 43 72 .402 Hogan, Giants .... 30 102 15 41 .402 O'Doul, Phillies .. 34 128 26 51 .398 P. Waner, Pirates 34 123 25 49 .398 Home Klin Sluggers. Ruth Yankees. 17; Wilson, Cubs, 16; Bcrger, Braves, 14; Herman, Robins, 13. Huns. Ruth, Yankees, 50; Herman, Robins; Frederick, Robins, 47; Terry, Giants, 45; Rice, Senators, 43. Hits. Rice. Senators, 72; Frederick, Robins: Herman, Robins, 71; Terry, Giants, 68; Frisch, Cardinals, 67. Huns Batted In. Simmons, Athletics; Wilson, Cubs, 48; Foxx, Athletics; Ruth, Yankees, 47; Herman. Robins, 46. NEW YORK, June 4.—Marty Gallagher, 200, Washington, knocked! out Salvatoi-e Ruglrello, 206, Italy, (8). WITH TOT MAJORS. AMERICAN icsterdrty'* Results. Athletics. 4; St. Louis, 1. Cleveland, 8; Boston, t. New York, 13; Chttago, t. Washington, 8; Detroit, 4. today's Schedule. Athletics at St. Louis. New York at Chicago. , Boston at Cleveland. Washington at Detroit. Standing of the Teams. W. L. Athletics ............. : 29 Washington .......... ,28 Cleveland ............. 2fi New York ............ 23 Detroit .............. 18 St. Louis .............. 17 Chicago ............... 16 Boston ................ 13 14 15 18 18 26 25 24 29 P.C. .674 .651 .581 .561 .409 .406 .400 .310 NATIONAL tKAOUE. Yesterday's Results. St. Louis, 11; Phillies, 10. Chicago, 15; Boston, 2. New York, 9; Cincinnati, 1. ./Brooklyn, 6; Pittsburgh, 5. Today's Schedule. ' . Phillies vs. St. Louis, Baker Bowl. Cincinnati at New York. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. Chicago at Boston. Standing of the Teams. W. L. Brooklyn 27 Chicago ... 25 St. Louis . Pittsburgh New York Boston ... Cincinnati Phillies ... 24 20 20 18 18 13 15 19 20 20 22 21 24 24 P.C. .643 .568 .545 .500 .476 .462 .429 .511 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION. Atlanta 14, Birmingham 6. Little Rock 11, Mobile 10. Memphis 1, New Orleans 2. , Only games scheduled. NEW YORK-PENNSYLVANIA. York 0, Wllllamsport 1. Harrisburg 9, Hazleton 10. Elmlra 6, Scranton 7. Binghamton 7, WIlkes-Barre 8. MIDDLE ATLANTIC. Cumberland 6, Wheeling 4. Charleroi 6, Fairmont 2. Clarksburg 1, Johnstown 5. Scottdale 9, Jeannctte 10. WATC»WG 900R1BOAHC. hero: Art Chicago Gubs roOkW, whd fHttimfl his team to a 16 to 2 win ofer Boston. Teachout, making his second , league start, allowed only 7 hits ,«,nd made two hits himself, driving IJ» two runs. , •The Chicago Cubs, counte'd Out Of the National league pennant race because of the death of pitcher MM Carl* sbh ahd the loss of inflelder Rogers Hornsby, are making a great light to retain their 1929 league championship. Even Without Cartson and HOrhSby, the Cubs have too many good ball players 'to become a "pushover" for rival teams. . ' The Philadelphia Athletics proved they can win without the services of their star players., beating the St. Louis Browns, 4 to ' 1. Al gimmons, Jimmy Dykes artd Max Bishop were but of the game with Injuries. Bill Clark enabled the Brooklyn Robins to hold their three-game lead In the National league, pitching and batting his team to a 6 to 5 win over Pittsburgh. The St. Louis Cardinals nosed out Philadelphia, 11 to 10, for their first win In eight starts, and the Washington Senators snapped a 5 game losing streak by beating Detroit, 8 to 4. Babe Ruth's 17th home run of the season helped the Ne^v York Yankees beat the Chicago White Sox, 13 to 7. The homer put Babe two 'days ahead of his 1921 schedule. Wesley Ferrell won his eighth victory of the season, pitching the Cleveland Indians to an 8 to 3 triumph over the Boston Red Sox. Larry 'Benton proved Ineffective against his old teammates and the New York Giants walloped the Cincinnati Reds, 9 to 1. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. Milwaukee 9, Toledo 13. Only games scheduled. Differentials and Transmissions Flushed Free KOCHER'S AUTO SERVICE 2038 6th Ave. Dial 6770 t; 0, CHftlBf »Bft W1U MEfiT ITALY'S Bit* MAN June 4M**H<n> the huge hurnaft ttoin itaiy v «ho hi* been gullded ih and but of gotrte very tteouHAt fights in th6 short tittus he has beefi in this ceuntty, toihoMow night-*wn have a, chance to display hi* wares agiinst a more worthy toe than he has met to date. Meyer K. O. Chrlstner, who deserted the rubber vats at Akron,. O., when he was 30 to become a fighter, will test tthe Camera punch and also seek to determine Prime's ability to absorb punishment. While Chrlstner Is not considered of . knocked otf his l^t'titd Mwa* fottght some of the bftist ot th* JtmsM crop, otitiS ttt» BOSTON, June. 4-.^l*Atett»«rtn* BOS,n hurlers (o* .fcMttttji to $t<*gb Cubs won 1(5 16 S ffrKtrt th« Brakes, yes terflay. t eaehotlt, rtMttlt hurle* helping to Win his bydrlvlnf in 3 runs. English dfov* in 4. Blair and Grimm each made 4 Gub Kits. Chicago ..... i..k 000 063 R.».«. It 0 __,. _. Boston ......... ...000 010 100-- 272 Batteries: Teachout and Hartnett. Grimes, Cooney aftd S^ohrfer, Cronln. in the can Two brands of coffee may cost the same—but it doesn't take your taste long to discover which is the better value. A FIVE-CENT price on a cigar is no proof that It is * fiv*- center in value. Let your taste decide I Compare Baynk Havana Ribbon with any other five-cent brand on the market. We contend that it combines more good, ripe, long-filler tobacco, more expert blending and workman* ship than any other cigar selling for a nickel. ' . Extra Slit, 3 /or 30ci, S C (ton W. H. STRAUSS & COMPANY, Inc., Altoona and Johnstown, Pa. Goodyear can give you greater tire values because Goodyear t builds more than. of all the tires solJ. in Aineriea, the remainder being divided among some fifty manufacturers. "More people ride on Goodyear Tires than on any other kind." BY NO MEANS "ONE OF THE STANDARD MAKES" The leading tire companies are sometimes called "the big five"—their tires "the standard makes". We think this is a grand "break" for the other four, but something of a hardship on Goodyear. The fact is, Goodyear builds MILLIONS MORE tires than any other manufacturer. Goodyear gained this world-leadership by building tires that are emphatically and conspicuously SUPER- standard. More people ride on Goodyears because Goodyears are better tires to ride on! They are provably superior — super- standard! We will show you why before you buy. Low 1930 prices on all types. Will you call—or shall we? A really STUNNING new tire you ought to see New HEAVY DUTY New Goodyear Pathfinder Prices 29x4.40 $5.55 29x4.50 $6.30 30x4.50 $6.35 31x5.25 $9.75 32x6.00 $12.90 It gives you extra-style, extra-endurance; extra mileage, at ordinary heavy duty prices, Altoona Storage Battery Distributors H : ' ^'•'•v*: • v:'Hv^>?^-:>5 >.• ERE TCJd more 80O Chestnut Ave. Phone 7178 Open 8 A. M. to 8 I'. J.' ' . ' '•; ', ' '••_• '.I - ; ..';'. people ride on Goodyear Tires thmori any other kind /// -;." 1 • ''..V-'' The BIG Wb. can bf RED TOP hop ft* Th« lner«aj«d d«mond . . . record poisibls! We couldn't make it better . . , id made it BIGGER) ^ f FULL 3 LBS.-and all quality in every ounce. You'll like it too, for its UNUSUAL FLAVOR! j The Altoona Wholesale Grbcery Co. Distributors 305 Green Are. For the Best Selection of the Choicest Apartments 1 I in Altoona, turn now to the Rental columns oi the Altoona Mirror IU

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