Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 1, 1963 · Page 37
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 37

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1963
Page 37
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PWBABLYmWLY 0£C£W THIU6 I'VE wcMtMMMt \6ooo EMOUW, i^^ : m, WOULD YOU A QUEST/OH, THAT KILL TO We , UM P IT? REAL DOLL. ' HAVEIT? PEAR- WHAT THE HiCKPO fOUWAHT THATPOU. BRENDA STARR WHY CAN'T i BE¥ 'L' LIKE THAT LITTLE BIRD OUT THERE IN THE TREE TWITTERING \ i DO I HAVE TOGOTOVCRK ONABEAUTIFUt SPRING LIKE THIS ·3 BLONDIE WtLl,,,7HSRE 60ESNN SUDtR / AMD SANW / I VJOHQtR HOW / FAIUTVmi GO BEFORE. V VT COMES DOWN . CITIZEN COMICS PAGE 39 MAY f , 1963 THE GIRLS ·Try}- i^, · ' IT'S SUCH A CORNY TRICK-SHE'LL PROBABLY LAUGH AT ME I WONDER IF I SHOULD BRING- THIS APPLE TO MY TEACHER OH, THANK YOU, NANCY / "That Mrs. Ryan next door docs nothing but talk--all morning -while I've been on the phone with you, ihe's been chatting with people." NANCY A HUNDRED ) (DO YOU THINK SHE'LL 60 GRAMD' i-x ~=~--I FOR IT? ^^^S^EM^^S?^ W WHAT DO i -y^-*^-" ^~*^ : Wfr-;{ ASK FOR. «\Y \VE MUSTN'T BETOO GREEDY MY 5WEET/ WE'RE READY TO MOVEi\ ^jlOs BROKEN AFTER CONSIDERABLE PERSUASION FROM ME ACCEPT FIFTY/ IN ON OUR PIGEON, LOLA/ , . EVERYTHING'S WORKIN6 UKEACLOCK/ REX MORGAN BEETLE BAILEY ,'2 THE KANSER/ HE HA-5- ME/ THERE l^THE RIO 6RAMPE/ ONCE I'LL B -5AFe/ t'tL L£T THfT RANGER CfVK?e THI^- RUN A WAV jp^= »-»^-.i . *» I / __.*!.*.»»* JS^;** NOT £AININ'ON THAT LAREDO f i77"-rnv'.iii.ii' l-, - "!vi v i\^. : - I t*^V l i'. :? i* r ,· THEV BUKVA U.S.TyP£\'.AIMED TOWARD ~ .. ... _ UNTIU AN ON- T6REITOEV FROM A \ THE SITE INSPECTION-THEN CAMOUFLAGED TDK K- REVEAL IT AS AN ACT Op v I$H EMPLACEMENT... SAP FAITH IN THE _ OF THE WORLP AIMED . .-. A BUNCH OF \ ON THE 5IPE OF TI!E WORKMEM PIGOINS \ OBJECT AWAY FPOM THE CAMERA.' TELL ME WHY Why Doesn't Igloo Melt? Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY1 care of this paper. The Brltannlca Junior, 15- voiume encyclopedia for ·chool and home, will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: CHRISTINE DOBRY, 13 Baltimore, Md. The igloo, or snow house, of the Eskimo does melt when the winter is over and the temperature rises. Which is why Eskimos live in the open in tents made of skin during the summer. But it is more than just cold weather that makes an igioo as solid as it is. We can see this when we look at how an igloo is built. First a trench is cut about 5 feet long and 20 inches deep in a newly made snowdrift. From the face of the trench the Eskimo cuts blocks with his bone knife. These are slightly concave so that they lean inward when set up on edge. A circle of blocks is laid, then shaved down so that the blocks form a narrowing spiral as you go up. Then a keystone is cut. This has edges wider above than below and it is dropped into the space at the top. All the cracks and crevices are filled in with soft snow. It takes only a couple of hours for an Eskimo to build s u c h an igloo. Of course, larger Igloos take more time. In parts of Labrador, igloos have been built that were 16 feet high and 70 feet across! These were used for festivals and special occasions. But back to our little Igloo. The Eskimo has finished his work -- and now the housewife takes over. She lights her blubber lamp and feeds it so that it gives off as much heat as possible. Then she closes the door with a block of ice and makes the igloo air-tight. The snow soon begins to melt. But because of the curve of the dome's roof it doesn't drip. Instead, it soaks gradually into the blocks so that they are nearly wet through. Then the woman puts out her lamp and opens the door. The intensely cold air rushes in, and in a few minutes the house is transformed into a dome of ice! It is now so strong that a polar bear could crawl all over the roof without breaking it in. As you might imagine, a solid structure like this is able to stand up quite well through the winter---until the heat of summer begins to melt it. * * iii FUN TIME Win a Britannica Junior for Writing About-"What My Country Can Teach The World" Do you feel there is something about your country that other nations might copy? What do you think they can l e a r n from your country? Write a letter about it and you may win a 15-volume set of Britannica Junior Encyclo- paedia. Important: E n t r i e s must be addressed "My Country," Tell Me Why, Tucson Daily Citizen, and give your name, age and address. Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHVi Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awarded for the letters selected each week. IF YOU ARE PARTICULAR how your ippllancci ir» «crvlc»J . . . then call us . becaut* w« c«ri. Factory Authorized Service · Washers · Drytrs · TV · Disposer! · Phon* · Dlshwishers · R»dl» · Refrlgeraton STEVE CANYON SOMS D06S \ ARE FUN TO a AY WITH../ SOME D065 CHASE STICKS AND THEN 6RIN6 THEM SOME 0065 CHASE STICKS WHEN ^0(J THRQU) THEM... ARE PRETTY WHEN I TRV OTHER FIN6ER5 THEY POW'T TASTE NEARLY ASGCOP MAYBE MY THUMB WAS MAPE WITH A BETTER WONDER V/HY I MY THUMB SO MUCH/ HI AND LOIS PARDON ME. MAY I READ ONE OF MY LAV-AWAY-PLAN CUSTOMERS WHO WUZVE TALKIN' TO, PAW? YE STILL GOT TWO PAYMENTS TO GO LET ME CHECK. CALEB THAR'S MY TEN CENTS PER THIS WEEK, SNUFFY- HOW DO I STAND NOW? SNUFFY SMITH DON'T WORRY; THE TRAVEL AGENT SAID tT'S ALMOST IMPOSSlBltTOGET A BAP SHIP THESE PAVS. OH, DEAR .Mils SO OIRTY AND RUSTY, WEIL, HERE'S YOURSH1P, CHRISTY."BRUJA DEL MAR." ...THE "SEA WITCH'! STAY WnU HIM, Bin. T WANT TO GO HAVE A LOOK AT TUECAB1H. HEY DAD, LET'S WATCH IT IOAP/ WAY WE? BUZ SAWYER f THERE GOES THE I BIGGEST HAM IN WORLD.'/' TH'BOOKSAIDTH ORIGINAL NAME FO' NOO VAWK CITV WAS GOT-HAM-" ^ UT,AH DON'T SEE NONE AROUND. ·x~ LIL ABNER luaild it be too awfully much bother to drive me borne in your father's car? I could come back . for mine later.' Ten minutes V6 imperative, simply maybe Are imperative tnafc I be you in a / home by ^even and it's hurry? A a ^s a dy -a quarter of! The batterg is dead.' I have to get my Pop's car and give you -a push! glad to, Vvonne! GASOLLNE ALLEY BOYj IT'S NICE TO HAVE A PAY OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK! AND FOR6ET THE PRESSURES OF YOUR JOB! AND GET OUT ON THE GOLF COURSE! ...AND 3UST RELAX».' SMIDGENS THEVRE LOOKING FOR THE RAVEN WHAT IF THEY FIND THE X WAY WRIST RADfO UNDER HIS WING? ITS A TERRIFIC STORY. HOW ABOUT A PHOTO WITH THE RAVEN ON THE MAYOR'S SHOULDER? MAYOR DEBATES \ RAVEN OVER J U WERE HERE AND WE WERE LISTENING TAXES"? WHAT A / HEADLINE. / ,, DICK TRACY OWRAP6, If Y ALU A\Y UFfc OOK5 UKfc J 0£EN PlCKSTIWS to I m TAI? our of ICK£T COUNfffV NOTHIN'

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