Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 16
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 16
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A-li-INDEPENDENT.PRESS-TELEGRAM l~t !«»*. CaaU. Alaskan Leader Sent to Hospital JUNEAU. Alaska UP) -- Sud den illness of their governo THE TIME IS NOW TO TAKE THE WORLD FAMOUS DALE CARNEGIE COURSE GET A BETTER JOB BY GAINING SELF-CONFIDENCE GO AFTER A ' BIGGER INCOME W I T H H U M A N RELATIONS SKILLS AND WIN RECOGNITION BY GETTING YOUR IDEAS ACROSS 10 WAYS THIS COURSE WILL BENEFIT MEN AND WOMEN I, Incrant Polti I Cinfldtnca Elfittlwly ourtilf and Your Idaat our Bui With In; btf Nimii ind Xaaik an Tear Thin Flit Cantril Fur ind Worry Ii a Billir Giaiinitliaillit Dmlia Taar Hlddin Aalllliii II, Em Thai Iillir Jil, Man litBiiai ATTEND A FREE DEMONSTRATION MEETING AT THE Lafayette Hotel In the Ballerina Ballroom JAN. 5 AT 7:30 P.M. PRESENTED BV ERIC SUTTCN tempered the rejoicing of Alaskans Saturday night after they welcomed with pride and dignity the 49th state's admission to the Union. Gov. William A. Egan went through his inauguration ceremony and made a speech afterward; then was taken to a hospital for treatment of jaundice. . His doctor said it would be several days before It could be.determined how soon Egan could undertake his official duties. Egan, 44, underwent an operation here Dec. 9 for hemorrhoids and had not fully re- (Other Alaska storlu PHRCS B-6 and B-7). cuperated. He did not attend an official reception Friday night, but rested. The governor's physician said the new ailment had no connection with the operation. Earlier, Egan said, "We accept the proud challenge of statehood, and will seek to enhance the radiance of America's 49th star." No spontaneous celebrations followed word that Presideni Eisenhower had signed at the White House the proclamation admitting Alaska as the 4Sth state. Alaskans had done their riotous and joyous noise-making last June when the Senate voted to approve admission o the big Northland. That was the action that set in motion the procedures of admission that were completed by the President's proclamation Saturday. A few minutes after the White House ceremony, which came at 9:03 a.m. (PST) in this capital city of the new state, Egan was sworn in as the first elected governor. He took the oath of office from U.S. District Judge Raymond J. Kelly, in a ceremony n the governor's office, attended only by family members, 'ew friends and newsmen. Two minutes after Egan was sworn in, Judge Kelly admin- stered the oath of office to Hugh J. Wade, who became Alaska's first elected secretary of state. Egan and Wade both are Democrats. Two hours later, at bright sunshine bathed Juneau In crisp six-degree,weather, Egari ook the itage at a downtown Jieater : and spoke briefly on lie solemn meanings of statehood. . * * * Seven Rows of 7 Stars in New Flag WASHINGTON tffl -- The new U.S. Flag, chosen with an eye to the addition of a 50th state, has 49. stars arranged n seven rows of seven, with even-numbered rows indented. President Eisenhower un- urled the new design Saturday at a White House cabinet-room ceremony proclaiming Alaska .he 49th state. By law, the familiar 13 red and white stripes, depicting the 13 original states, remain unchanged but a new star must )c added for each new state. The 49 stars will be arranged in this pattern: * * if -b -k · i; * * * * * ^f * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The old Flag, with Its six ows of eight white stars each m a blue field, makes way for he new version which comes nto official use next July 4. ALASKA GOVERNOR SWORN IN William A. Egan stood before flag of Alaska to take oath of office as first governor of 49th state. Oath was administered by U.S. District Judge Raymond J. Kelly. After ceremony, Egan fell ill with jaundice.--(AP) Flag Company Loses Gamble FORT DODGE, Iowa (UPI) -- A flag distributing firm took a chance on the design of the new flag and lost. The Martin Flag Company here, one of the biggest flag distributors in the country, made a guess that the new flag would have seven rows of seven stars and the rows would be even. It purchased a quantity of the flags on a speculation basis and sold less than two dozen before President Eisenhower's announcement Saturday. The new flag will have seven staggered rows of seven stars while the other flags will be useless because of the even rows. James Vangundy, a copartner of the Martin · Co., said he wasn't greatly disappointed however. He said the firm had not .invested a lot of money in the wrong guess and the new flags will encourage sales because *hey are noticeably different than the old flags which will have to-be discarded. 15 Candidates for Council Seat Invited to Meeting Thursday, 7:30 By BOB HODSER The 15 candidates for the John Baker. special 7th District City Council election have been invited to a public meet-your-candidate pro jam Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ir the John Muir School Audito rium, 31st St and Delta Ave. Sponsor of the meeting is th Christian Social Relations Com mission of the S i l v e r a d o Methodist Church. Commissior Chairman Floyd A. Robinsor iviil moderate. * « ROBINSON SAID each can didate will be given five min utes to present his or her back ground and qualifications anc :ive minutes in which to answe questions posed by the. audience This is the only all-candidate meeting that has been sched uled thus far and, as Robinsor pointed out, "perhaps the onlj opportunity for 7th Distric voters to see, hear and com larc" all of them at on meeting. Election day is Jan. 20 to fil he vacancy made by the death last October of Councilman Jessie O. Florek. Albert M. Gracio, Oscar Langdale, Robert $995.00 to $5000.00 STORY CLARK PIANOS F O L K ' S PIANO and OIGAN SHOP 5119 N.LB. Blvd., Campion (Opposite Sears) NE 2-0411 Opon 9-9 Dally; 1-5 Sundeys D A L E C A R N E G I E C O U R S E Effective Speaking--Memory Training--Human Relations SEE ADVERTISEMENT PAGE B-10 Since the election is confined to the 12,825 registered voters in the 7th District's 58' precincts, observers, figurine on a small turnout--30 per cent or ess--think 1,000 to 1,200 votes the nine-member council. CANDIDATES ARE Carl M. Feldman, Frank S. Fisher, Mrs. D. McConnell, Harold G. Nixon. Harold E. Perkins, Alvin F. Slaight, Mrs. Miriam E. Smith, James E. Thornton, Allen B. Walker and Donald L. Wilkins. Robinson emphasized that the may be enough to win the seat church commission and the church are not sponsoring any candidate but are holding the Baker, Robert F. Crow. Sam meeting in the interest of good government. ARTHRITIS, NEURITIS Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica Stop Your Aches and Pains Now! 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