Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 31
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LOST 'COPTER PLUCKED; TO SAFETY g; ^^^ M ^^^^^^^^ Bww ^^^^^ |MHH ^^^ M ^^^ B ^^^^^H^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^n^H^lM^^^^^^^HHH , " . . , ' · ( Flying Banana Does Trick i ^^^ ·/ O' WATERVILLE V A L L E Y N. H. MV-An ice-coated,,little 1113 helicopter was plucked by hooki from the inow-covcrec lummlt of 4,326-foot Mount Out-cola Tuesday by ft Einnt "Fly. Miss Niekamp Dies, Retired L.B. Teacher « . Mls« Eunice Marie Nlckamp, 53, of 1250 E, 4th St., Apt, 8. retired school teacher, ' died Tuesday. Miss Nlckamp had taught at Webster and Mulr elementary schools here and was a member of Long Beach City Teachers Club, California Teachers Assn. and National Teacher* Assn. Surviving arc nephews, Ralph nnd Donald Cummlngi; niece, Marilyn Kcnnode. "Funeral »ervlce will bo at 11 a. m. Thursday In Mottell's Peck chapel. Interment will be at Prlncetown, Ind. Ing Banana" 'copter from For Devens, Man. Chief Warrant Officer (CWO George Brlnton of Dcwltt, Ark pilot of the big double-rotor 112 helicopter, said "we made It o the first IMS*. It was Ideal lift Ing weather, clear and cold." ,,, During the night eight Inche of mow had fallen, adding fresh top to two feet of mo' already on the mountain. Th temperature above zero. wan . 15 degree THE 'SMALLKB helicopter on loan to the U, S, Forestry Service,, wai forced down In th trees by engine failure on Ma 11. Two crewmen, who were 'lying the craft to Lincoln afte searching for forest fires ove he White Mountain Natlona forest, escaped with bruises and ilked down the mountain. Ln»t Friday CWO Ralph Mel bourne of Queens, U I., N. Y and CWO Robert Watlcy of Co- umtnu,'Ga., were sent here t direct ground partlea In clearing a «lte »o they could get at Ih' wrecked craft. The'small craft dangled below lie larger 'copter which flew i Stop Pain of Piles! : Stop it Today at Home --or money back! IrV DOCTOR'S TESTS. 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Itutant relief tor patient after patient! thrilling benents u won- atertulnewitalnlesiPatol ·rn suppositories--exact do**. ca*y to use. ointw ment also ·rallabli, ·tiaiaaira af Orara LaaaratwlM. IM. Olatai«al a«d «a»Haltarlaa, to a golf course here where It was dismantled and trucked to Fort Devens, Aiding CWO Brlnton on the flight was CWO Wilbur lsen bure of Ba.'llmorc, Md., and Crew Chief Muriel Tunncll ol Rosamond, Calif. ·.' -^.*«; Stowaway Jean I to Be Returned; to Honolulu Y.'V HONOLULU (in;)--Joan Bras, well, 21-year-old San Jose, Calif., Kir I who was vacationing here, Is belnc held as a stowaway aboard the Australia-bound liner S. S, Marlnosa but a Mat. son Unci official slid there I* no Indication she planned her unscheduled voyage. Miss Braswell was discovered aboard the ·Marlponn after the liner set sail Friday midnight. She Is to b* returned here aboard the S.S. Monterey for 'urther Investigation. 15th Rifle Co. Competing for Recruits Member* at Marine Corp) Re- lerve 15th Rifle Co., Seal Beach, are competlne In a recruiting drive with mcmberi of other re- icrve unlti In the eight-state 12th Marine Corpi Reserve and Recruitment District. . - - , . , Six reservists who recruit the most new Marlnei this month will receive all - expense-paid, two-week trips lo Hawaii next month to attend annual field :ra!nlne with Honolulu's 15th Infantry Battalion. , The Seal Beach unit has been granted a quota of 50 men for inllstment In a program which irovldes for six months active Itlty training of men 17 to 18!i yean old, There has been a gen eral stoppage of enltitments In his program by all branches of ;he Armed Forces, The enlistment period will extend untli June 15, ^__ " " . * ' · ' * . Vital Statistics Births MKMOHIAI, HOSPITAL IICH.MKK--Mr, ind Mr., H. A.. 15344 Cibell AVI., milflower. boy. May . TllOUfBON--Ur. and Mri, / K., 1121 K. H.pulvedi, Wtlmlnilon ,boy, Mir H, I f , II01TA--Sr. in,l Uri. O, P,, lUll j, im* i«-- Ixima Vlilw JAniua--Ur. loth HI., alrl, Uiy N. C1.KMCN8--Mr. mil Un. T, V., 147S . , , Dr.. boy, illy I. nd Uri, it., 10JJ . . . Oivlole AVI,, Ilrl, May ·· ArlllKI.U-- Mr. and Mri. U. K., 11711 rl.irlnl Ir., Anaheim, rlrl. May w. I 1 , , Ml) B. ., , UOOKE-- Ur. nd Mri, Corall M»iv . : T . W.. MH War, Bu«na Pirli, buy, Ship I Arrivals, Departures (Compllid by the Uarlne Eiehanie ' ACTIVE VEHH EL* IN fUHT He-Ill OpemUr ' Due la -..,.168 Htkellid Coail-TriniD _Miy ...241 Hirnuth * lemlxlil 22 _ Ind.flnlt* L~i3» W"."ii!"ChirnbiHlri"Miy"jrrr.«.nlrily vllli (Nori rhirin B. Jonri (Tar) 'hryill tPin-Tkr) '-'il.niyk i Dull 'rink A. M eori* oli · WHllan IirqiMia (I'an) .. · niiki alaru (Jap) union , _._« urna (Nori ..,, 11,111. J l l a l , ... ._. Ul-3 Th. Kail Allllll ?32-E Klivvniii - 77 Kiel Oil ollv«r J, Otaton ,^2IU Adminthoi Hhip _. Imliflnlti ~141 Blitu Hirln. «.y li Bin Mirco. I.I. _lof Hiiuiniy T.rmlnali . . M i y 21 London ,.J1J ClL * K. I'lUrn. ,, U.y 21 Yokohama J.H.S k. Una jMiy 21 tlriitob«l ·· Rnkunl t.lm May ?2 Nil Y.»k - iva Pielfl. A linen May 24 H-in Fr«n. S K. Una . Uay 21 Niw York DUE Tt'FJlUAV ,,., Opefalar '' Due tit Hall Far United Opinion -Uay 21 Kin Juin liiy W. II. Wlckirihim May 22 BeilUe ... Amirlun Mmchurlin May 22 Bin Krm. id Btltll Mlrln. _ --Miy 2J Yokohimi COHTELI.O-- Mr. and Mri. P. M,, 420 M» Villa AVI., Ullmlmloo. boy, CA' and Mri. D. J., «WJ Turn.r orovi pr,, Lakiwood, fir!, JSS-Ur. and MM, O.. 711 W. "W HI,, Wilmington, boy, M*J A. U^AN-Mr. in,l Mri. D. p.^JMSJ DAIllIfNO-^Ur. "and Mri.' J, Vv., Oli K. JSlh III., flrl, Miy w. HIlKllNH--Mr. and M r i . K i r l . B M 7 Al.'u-- Ur'°a'nd u'r" dydl.''ll6» Via Windl Av.., boy, Uiy in. llnlJ.Yr'IKLI)-- Mr. ami Mri. E. T. . 6«I3 faculty AVI., Lakiwuod, (Irl. BOWMAN-Mr. and Mri. J. E., Hit th. Toledo, flrl, Uay 10. PuNCHKH--Mr. and Mri. J, - . Ilirrl.t Lam, Anihllm, boy. May III. PIUCK--Mr. »nd Mr.. It. K.. »«i» D win AVI., Bouth Uil*. flrl, May .-. DAlI.KY-Mr, and Mr.. K. II,, 1131 HenAMB^-'Mr. ajjl Uri' II.' C., 12591 wlh HI.. ll.Min Orov., flrl, Uiy in. OONZALEB--Ur. mil Mri. C. A., IW72 Traik AVI., Wuunlnilir, flrl. " LAvU-Mr. and Mr., J. _A., 17B1 Chut .. 'j. E.. 1341 l^en*. Qirdin Orovi. twy j't'-llr and *Un. U II., 113 Uolln* ,KSa*!!li,. M Si "uTM. n. c, .20. Knoxvlll* AVI., Lakiwaod, boy, Uay CHo'WNoVEn--Mr. and Mri. U n. 2437 W. 337th St., Torraaci, flrl lul'l'^f-- Ilr and Mri. II rj., 1701 N. N.ptuna Ayi., Wllmlnilon, flrl, " Divorces Filed UN(I BEACH locK-- I»a P. vi. I*n r. AKNOIJ-- Mir/ A. vi. Paul O., NKKLY-- Billy I. VI. William E. WALL -- ralhirln* vi. Arthur f. I WINOET-- (]«! . . n V, VI. Amilla IL ·' V. VI. K.lhir B. W, vi. KJ|a 1. , . . rAj.THIIXl);-- Byron K. vi. Vl.rloo u UcNAU~ll«M W. vi. Linora C. Divorces Granted ' IJ)NII BEACH RrlDEH -- Alin* K. from Jlmmla If. I . Y H A N -- Donna - L, Irorn llolMrt L. MITCIIET-- Ann.Hi M. frum Itobirt T., Y£OUAN»-- Uunaa N. Item Uoaald H, · Ligil Nolle* NOTICE Or*NON.RESPONSIBILITY Notice 1* hereby given by the un- denlgned Doyle J. Davli, formerly reildlnr at M17'i lumona, llellflow- , Cillfornla, that after the date of t«ii«, ww. ", INDEPENDENT-- Pagi C-7 U«(l NctlC* The r*t* of eornpenaatlon for any cluilfleatlon not Ilitirt In tha ached- ul*, but whlcli may b* required to eiicute the propoaad contract, ihall be commeniurate and In accord with lha rite* ipeclfled for ilmllar or comparabl* dutlei. W*|fe* to be paid apprentice* employed or engaged on the work ihill be determined In the manner provided by fiectlon 1777.1 of the aforementioned Ijahor Code. H P E! C 1 A L INSTHUCTJON TO IllDOr.ItH: Bidden muit tallify themielvea by peraonal examination of the location of the propoaed work and by iuch other ineani a* the; may prefer a* la the ecluil eondl tlon* and requlrementa of the worh, and ahall not at any tlm« after *ub- ml**lon of th* bid, dtiput*. complain nr uaert that there wa* any mliundiritindlnx In raitard to tha nitur* or amount of work to b* done. DATED: May H 1957. JEAN llHANtENltUnO, Chief Deputy Clly Clerk - lly jn HKNNITT. Deputy City Clerk City of Lekewond L*oal Notice th* abov* mentioned addrea* upon * depoalt of flva dollar* (19) which , aum will h« refundad provldM plan* and apeclflratlona an returned In good condition within fifteen t» · daya after reception of bldi. , lly order of Hi* Board of DlrMtor* i ot tha LakewiMxl Perk, Recreation . and Parkway Dlitrlrt, May It, 1*97. -· i Hinted by Jacquellna M. Rynarion. , Secretary Pub. Uay 33, K. 1957 Cit--L.D.I. ' -- . . nil A V I , «lrl, Uir 10 BAKRIl-- Mr. 'M Mr.. lAliRETT--Mr. and Mri. O. J J37I Oulf Av... Wllmlnirton. boy, Miy I 1.AKK--Mr, and Mri. W, L., 1m -Mr""llrd l "Mri. 1 ' J. llrl, Miy 12. Mr., f. 'f }., 4712 E., I7lt Y., 1824 Arllnilori'lll., boy,"May 11. .....K--M. and Mra. O. T.. «7B3 Tri.k Ave., W.ttmlnil.r, bov Miy 12 5KKKRBOH--Mr. and Uri. Alllli. 2174 ., TUCKKH--Mr. Htlir* ft., boy. May 12, AkIYAMA-Mr. .md Mn. ·" Han f)ahrla| A MAHIN-- Mr. and Norfolk fop* A Tnlbot Yokohama Pulk Carlrri VEXSKIJt DUR WUHNE8IIA Fram OKrater hclMO Ocaanlo 8. fl. rintlico Fr«l OlHn .Norfolk fiorlh Atuntll Uiy 25 Porlt.nd ' Yokohama May 2 __Uay 31 HIM t* KaJI K»t J4 Para fait* -- . . o r Bari Franel B«n yranfl Kranrltea U«U» Amutll rlfi* F»r Kait neouvvr Canartl Orltana Iilhmli « ouat Italian ..-..ay nltad Krult ....U»y 3* Pu nadian TrtMl*. ^..May J Colony Ma latano 147 omirvllli Ant .....Vi MI Chimeil LB.10 ..Niw i\roi Coumintroi'*Anfl v . 1 -......r'oHTind Koulhirh 8tar ._ Ivinlina Ane Mn .Ba|nn Houil Oarni« Orilri -, II. Tilbody 232*A --». Baltimore Wiyirhliunr -- __JJ»r J4 Para __ ..... May 24 Ant ,, ..... -- __,.May 22 Yokohama UD« _____ . -- ilay 23 !· Ubtrtan da (Jn« ........ --- Mir 28 Hin Kran. }l. Wkkiraham _ ..... Wi/ 23 (4«war*n ·-- - " ..... Wi/ 2 .Uay 24 ., .'uerlo Armuell.1 .Miy 22 nottiroim Miy 24 Bin Frin. _ Vliy .19 Hin Frin. _.Uay 23 Km Antonio . . frirl. May 12. H.. o , R lr1. Mar -- . . , .. . l l H l h Dr., Laoa An «*!··, boy, Uay 13. OHNKlt-- Mr and iln, L\ H., 22031* V, H boy, IOIINK PllitKKlY--Mr and' Mi Indiana nt., flrl. Miy IS. ORHUIIN--Mr, ind Mr*. B. K., 21 I'nnama Ht., Wilmington, flrl. Ml RANHOM--Mr. ind Uri. A. C., · limit AVI., Rlrt, Uiy " 1333 for you., Canada Dry Hi-Spot the happy-tasting , lemon drink! Quenches your thirst, gives you . afresh, clean taste-awakened smile... A TASTE AWAKE C A H H I N O I f A M -- M r . and Mri. V, I,, r., 20W1 Knojvllll Ave , flrl. Miy 1.1 LEIDOWITZ--Mr. and Mri. J.rry, P123 , Laklwotid, boy, May RtiiilRON--Mr and Mr«. J. II., llampilead ltd., 1'a.idina. boy, 13 PKNKOFF--Mr, ind Mri. V, V. C., ·733 orliaba Av.., boy. Uiy 13. HIXIIV H.MIUJ4 IKMPITAL BCOTT--Ur. * Mn. IJonald L., 1M7 Allnnlle Av.., flrl, Uay 13. IIAIUIKUi--Mr. * Un. J. K., 1S7I 'Jiilrt 81.. boy, Uiy 14. IAKUOW--Mr. * Uri. Clifford, I77 Kill 2nd HI., boy, Miy 14. WIND--Mr. a, Mn. lUy Quon, 10771 rourt Hlrnt. Blinton. hoy, Miy 14. roilATII-- Ur. * Un. Ill tin rd T , 3024 K. Pielfle Coi.t llwy., flrl, Miy IS. PITT--Ur. A Mri. nlin, 4418 Van Oold, L«kl»ood, flrl, May 19. LAKBON--Mr. * Mr.. Howard W., MSO Ahrty H(., Lik.wood, hoy, Miy 10. IIUTI'llINUR--Mr. ai Uri. llobny P., «I5» kl 1-i.i HI., hoy, May IS, McMEANH--Uri * Mri. Uavld, M7 nl.dyi Av... flrl. May Is. BOWMAN--Mr, A Uri. Virll K., 2108 imlng HI., Artuli, boy. Uay 10. WJULIAMB--Ur. A Mri. 1m,, t" Trumin Boyd Minor, flrl, Miy 17, 'OMMilNITV IIOHI'ITAL CANIZAI.KS--Mr. * Mri. HoMrt, «0» Cimirlno, Likvwoo^, flrl, May 11 . May 22, 1957, he will not be re- a inonilhle for any dehti, lliblllllri or obligation* Incurred by liny per. eoiii otner than hlmielf. - Dated M«y 21, 1957. 5 Slgned/DOYLF! J. DAVIS Pub. May 22, 2J, 24, 1957 (3D-- L1II. . NOTICE QfNON. RESPONSIBILITY · Notice U hereby given by the un. denlgned Join W, Hobenon, ri- ·IdliiK t 20817 So Seine. Arleiia, 1 California, (hit liter the date of Miy 21it. 1U37, lie will not be re- I ipanilble tar «ny dihln. llbllltlr f ve o!jllfi«Uoni Incurred by any ittr- ·oni othtr linn hliiurir. Dil-il, May 20. I9S7, 8lKn«d/JOHN W. ItOnERSON Pub. ilmy 31, 23, SJ, 1957 (3t-- LUI. NOTICII I N V I T I N G BIDS FOR INSTALLATION AND CON- HTHUCTION OF THItKK SOhT- 11ALI, IIACKSTOI'H AND O.NB IIAHKHALL. U AC K H T O I 1 AT HIMON 110MVAK, J03K BAN JIARTIN, JOSK 6EL, VAI.I.K ANI MATKAIU PARK 81TJ2S. IN TUB C1TT Of LAKEWOOD ' COUNTV OP I,OS ANGKLK3 ' CAUFOIINIA ' ' CASH CONTBACT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVFM th«t th« City Council of the city of k«wood will n-celrn wilrd bldi Inr the construction and Installation of tlirni aoftball baclirtopa and one «Mball bachitop at Hlmon IJollvar. JOM San Martin, Join del Yalta, and Mayfalr I'ark «lt». within 111" City of Lakewnod. toKether with all Incidental and appurtenant work neceiiarr thereto, and In accord- anr« with the provllluna of the planf and ap* rlflratlnna therefor which are on file In the office of the City Clerk. Lukewood City Hall, RM4 LAKEWOOD PARK. RECREATION AND 1'AIIKWAV DIUTIULT NOTICE INVITING BIOS ' . FOR GRADING AND BURPAC- l.NU IIII^CK-TOI') DlfiTllICT JIAINTEWANCB Y A K D IX- CATKU AT «9» MX UN UT11KKT. NOTICE 18 IIEREBT GIVEN thai ·raled bldi will ba received by Hie Hecretary of tha Lakawood Park, Kecreatlun and Parkway Dlitrlct offlcea located at 5812 Arbor ltd., Lakewood, California, up to 4:31) I'.il., June I. 1SI7. for Kradlnr and ·urfaclnf (black-top) Dlitrlrt ilaln- t'nanc* Yard located at 6929 Ninon Street. Th« cillmated area to he ·urfaced la apiiroxlinately 28,DUU eijuara feet. 1'urinant ta thn provision* of Boe- tlona 1770 to 1711, Incluilre. vf the Labor Coda of the Stale of C»lllor- nla, tha Uoard of Director! of the I*akewood I'ark, Recreation and I'arkway Dlitrlct hai aicertalned the general prevailing ratea ot per dleni wae«a and th« prevailing ratea for Saturday, Sunday, legal holldiya and overtlma work, for each craft or typ* of workmen needed to execute [ha propoKd contract and liai adopted · win" nchedule. and It will be required that not leu than aald ratea ba paid to all nich workmen employed or engaged on work. Thi following achedulo contain! only thoaa Itemi Af tha adopted and amended wage acale which are applicable to all laborer!, workmen ind mechanlca employed In the execution of the proposed contracti. APPRENTICES may b« eniployed ( n conformity with Section 1177. S of the California Labor Code. RiaQERH: Same wage acala ai LAKEWOOD PARK. HBCrtEATIOM ,, AWD PARKWAY DISTRICT - : NOTICE INVITING BIOS ' ' . ron CONSTRUCTION AND IN- : BTALUATION OK A CINDBR-' 1HXCK WALL AT THE MAIN- * TKNANCK YAIIIJ LOCATED AT ! (929 MIXON STREET. NOTICB IS HERMIT OIVKN thai ' waled bid* will be received by the . Becretary of th* Lakawood Park, ' Recreation ana Parkway Olitrkt offlcea located at f12 Arbor ltd., Lakewood. California, up to 4:30 I'.M,, June 5. 1957, lor th* eonitruc. tlon and Initallatlon of * clndarv . block wall at the Vlalntinanca YaM located at Studebaker Road and Nlion Street. Th* wall to be ap- proilmately 42.r in lenfth and 7* above home Rradai. IMrminl to Ilia provlilon* of Sec- tloni 177U to 17KI, Incluilve. of th* I^bor Cod* of th* Hlati of California, (lie Hoard of Dlrectora of tha Lak*. wood I'ark. Recreation and parkwiy Dlitrlct hii ucertalned tha general prevalllnir ralei of per diem wi«i* and Ilia prevalllnx ratea for Saturday, Bunday, lejral holiday* and overtlm* work, lor«eacti craft ir typ* of workmen needed to e«icul* tlia propoaed contract and liaa adopted a wan* achedule, end It will ba requlrad that not lua than laid rale* be paid to all auch workmev arnjiloyed or enxaffed on work. The followlnn achedule contain* only thoaa Item* of tha adopted ' and amended ware acale which ar* ( applicable to all laborer*, workmen kna mechanlca employed In th* iircutlon of thepropoaed contract*. AI'I'ltKNTlCES may b« employed In conformity with Bectlon ·f the California Labor Coda. R1GOKII8: Bami . acale ·· the t or about two o'clock I'.fif. thereafter will be iiihmllted bv City Clerk to the City Council . action thereon at eight o'clock P.M. on June 11, I«.'j7, In the Council Chamber* at MW3 Faculty Avenue. nla. Uach hid muit he lubmllted In the office iif tha Clly Clerk at 6044 WKI.DKU.H: Same wane acala ai craft to whlrh welding Ii incidental. FOREMAN: All foremen not Faculty Avenue, I^akewoml. Callfor- herein Mparately flii.lll'd Hull be nla. on or before two o'clock P.M. paid not lea than I1.4U per day on Juna «. 1957. and will ba opened by tha City Clerk on June e 1967, Lakewood Proi tha bl ipoiala lank I California muit ba mbmltted on forma prepared and fur nlihed for that purpnar, which may be obtained at tha Lakewood City Hall W44 Faculty Avenue, Lake- wctod, California, and at aald office fildd»ra may aluo ohtaln coplea of the Plane and Hpeelrlcalloni for the contemplated work upon more than the dally rat* of the hlgheit claiilflcatlon to which ha hai aupervlilon In tha lit llaalc Tradea and not leaa thin .1.00 per day more than the Journeyman rate for the traft Involved, in the Sub- Tradea. CAIll'BNTEB8l Carpenter .1.3.30 Laboreri, General or Conitruc- craft to which riming la Incidental. WELDKK8: Sam* wag* arale at craft to whlrh welding Ii Incidental, FOREMAN: All foremen not herein lepirately clanlfled ihall be pU(t not leaa than 11.40 tier day more tiian ihe dally rate of the hlitheit elinlflcatlon In which he hi. luper- vlilon In the all Halle Trade* and . not Irn than 11.00 per day more . than the journeyman rate for th* rr*ft Involved In th* Bub-Tredt*. CARPKNTKHS: Carpenter -IU.20 Laborer!, Ucreral er Coniitruc- lion 17.60 tlon . 17,80 Klva and 20/1UU Dollar* (15.20) aet, refundable within five diyi a EHNKHT--U . OranivwIMid AVI. Miy I I . 11IND8-- Mr. * Ml Mri. Paul, 1U371 · A "taste-awaking" trick; Try a ^ frosty bottle o^Hi-Spot today. Let the bright, lemony flavor come to the rescue of your thirst and taste. Your mouth will actually feel alive, refreshed and happy...enjoy the taste- awakened Hi-Spot: smile. As a mixer -Canada Dry Hi-Spot Lemon gives a highball a delectable new flavor. !Get a 6 bottle carton... of Hi-Spot Lemon now I SPECIAL OFFER DigFCII, Kl'l WKAVKI1-- Mr. uardin Urovi, girl, OMtrfl, 2341 Pin* AVI., Rlrl, Uiy It, MA«TKKH-lr * Mn. William, 7»7S La Cirta Clrcli, UulBa Park, ilrl, Uiy 11. UAYfcn--Mr. * Mn. Fnd A., 2«5» Oolilrn Av... boy. Miy 11, ^AKDINA--Mr. * Mri. Anflln, 8041 Hnl'ltr HI,, IJuina I'ark, flrl. May 11. HTUKUKN--Mr. A Urn. Itobirt J., OtlfV I, M»y 11. . * Uri. CUrinti. 10t8 AlHmltoi. Iwlni, boy at Rlrl, Uiy H C O N N A i l Y -- M r . * Mri. \VIHHm. K.;'. Kimnnii Av., B.llflowir, boy, Uiy 12 DOTMAIIK--Mr. * Mn. I Hum. K. HITM Hallow, Lynwood, ilrl, Miy 12 LKIiKollIJ-- Mr. * Mri. Wuliy, 1217 uliln Av.., flrl, Miy 13. WH1UI1T--Mr. A Mri. Jimil. Ktl HI., boy, Uiy 12. DKATOH--Mr. A Uri. Illehird, 11324H Norwilk 111., Norwilk, boy, Uiy 13. FUMAH--Mr. * Mri. Jnuph, 1744 Con- .,iii«i* Av.., boy, Miy 13. COHI.KV--Mr. A Urn. Th 552U Oak HI., Blllllu . Uiy 14. CIIOOKH--Mr. * Mn. Kinnilh, Winllow ltd., flrl. May 14, ITZAINA--Mr. A Un. Ilarviy W., »»0» Cldir, U.llllow.r. hoy, May 14, VAN DYK--Mr. * Un. Jlinry, 11603 lusih HI., Arum, girl, May 14. BIIUKH- Mr, * Un. U.nnl., I til w. 23art St., WHmlDilon, boy, May 15. JACKBON--Ur. * Mri. Wlnfrid, 3JIO Karrn, flrl. Uiy 15. JUU1INEW1C2-- Mr. A Un. Wlllir, 801 Kill 71it, flrl, Miy ID. lUHC'llE-- Mr, A Uri Jimil, 13829 Kailbronk AVI., Billflowir, flrl, M i y 15. FEHL-- Mr. at Mri. Thomn, ».1»1 I^nor. Dr., Uanlin Urovi, boy, Miy in. QlUHlIAM--Ur. A Urm. Jack, IS507 Lonna Linda Dr., Rlrl. Miy I*. K I . U I H K -- M r , * Mri. Ha-vln, 872B Patrlrk Bt.. Ilvllflow.r, buy, Uiy 10 VAN UKIl Wr.llF-Mr. A Mri. ivinli; Urn. Thomii E., boy, of per , fter opening of bldi and return of Plani and. Specification!, to all but ccitRful hidden. Kadi bid muit b* lubmltted under ·ealed cover and accompanied n one of tha following forma of bid 1 der'a eeeurlty; (a) Caih, of (b) Caihler'* check mad* payable |o tha City of Laka. wood, or (c) Certified check mad* pay* abla to tha City ot Lak*wood, or (d) Dldder'a Bond evecuterl by an admitted aurety tniurer. -. made payable to the City ox Lakewood. and aald neeurlly ahall b* at laait equal to ten per 'cent (10%l of the total aggregate bid price of auch nrn|H}ial aa ii guarantee that the bidder, If hla propoial 1* accepted, will enter Into and ex*cute Ut* awarded contract and furnlih th* required bond* In connection thera- wllh, In iccordancetwlth the termi of the aforementioned iperlflratloni or In the alternative auffer forfeltura or other provlilona a* provhled by Hectlona 37933. 37934, and 379,15 of the Government Code of the State of California. In the event that ·urety bond Ii aubmltted In lieu ol th* foreeolnir, It thill ha lubjeet to th* condition that the curety thereon be approved by th* City Dperaton and Tender* of I'neu- nillln and Klrctrlo Tooll, VI- hratlng Machine!, and aim- liar mechanical tout* not aep- ·rately claiilfled herein 1 Crlhlwr* or ghnrrri ,,_», i OI'KFIATINO ENGINEKH8: Air CompreiKu 1 Operator--__ 19.9J Itoller Operator . Bklp Loader Operator Type .. -Wheel __ 31.50 Tractor Operator ·-- Bulldoirr, Tamper, Scraper or Drag Type Shovel or ilmllar type- 25.!S Tractor Scraper or Dra« Type Shovel -- Tandem 25.95 Trenching Machine Operator-- 21.311 Unlveraal Equipment Operator (Shovel, Dragline Derrick, Denlck-Darge, Clamihell or Crane) . 34.41 TRUCK DRIVERS: Driver* of Dump Truck* of leal Attorney. Th* City Council ' reierre* ..... right to reject an; to wilve techni any o leal e or all bid* rrorf and dli ._ ____ .._ crepanclei. If to do 10 aeemi to beil ·erva the Intereiti of the City, Punuant to the provlilon* of Section 1770 to 1777, Inclunlve, of the Labor Code of the State of California, aicertalned the the City Council hai general prevalllnK Hunfleld, I^k.wond, flrl, May WAKHENAAH--ur. AI u.. n.rry. « Ixti Anf.lii Ut., U.llflow.r, May 16. I.MMONH--Mr. A Mn. Olor(l. buy, 3427 Falrman HI., Lnklwoud. boy, Miy 17. OANTZ-Mr. A Mr.. Loul., dllu Wlnt- '* Mr.. Fndirlek, 821 8KYKOIU--Mr. llDlImin HI., wy.r PL. TKK--Ur. PL. b«iy f i r l , Mi Mri. Nun Miy 17. mia E., 2833 Miy |7. Hri. Krink. 17, HHW I'O»T: Loma Av. , flrl. u 11AI1IUB--Mr. £ Mn. Lakewood. flrl, Uiy 17, .·,,..,,M ... . ,,,, jjonald, 7142 Ilulna Part, boy, 1131 i ollva Discover Canada Dry Hi-Spot Lemon Soda Today! Hurry... Offer Ends May 31,1957 SAVEI5* bottles now only REGULAR PRICE ., . AMJKHKUN-- Mr. lit hT. MAHI'H IIIMI'ITAI, DEdKNIIAIl'r--Ur. A Mn. Aiirlan J, h i l l llannuck Jtd., Wlllnlnilir, boy. Uiy 17. O'l.UAHY--Mr. A Un. Dinlil J., 297 M l r a Mir AVI,, boy, Uiy 17. LKV1N80N--Mr. A Ura. Ti4 J,, ]2U Kami AVI., boy. Uiy 17. . LKVY--Mr. A Mri. Huy M,, 9707 Bnow- dtn Av... girl, May 17. J I A V E H - l j r . A Un. Donald B., 2370 Kim Av. boy, Miy 17, BKltiifcltKT--Ur. 4 Uri. Oonild J., 71BS lloovir Wiy, Park, boy, May 17. UcllONIIlAL--Mr. A Uri. Robert U, 6*1^11 luiuq Cirri., boy. May 17. WULt'F.--Mr. A Mn. U., 21« E. Hum.(I HI., boy. Uiy 17. UYKHi*-- Mr. tt Uri. Itobirt R. Jr., Ditil Wilton M., Uy. Uiy 17, S1I.K--Mr. * Un. oiori. W,, 2201 Hln. Ave., ilrl, Miy if, SCHKUHKH--Mr. A Mri. Adam R., 4217 Nllmmo Ave., boy. Miy 17. rate of per dleni wagea for eacli :raft or type of workman needed to execute the propoied contract, and It will be required that not lea* than laid ratea be paid to all ·uch workmen employed or engiged on th* work. The rate* *o ascertained are a* follow*: TRADE OR OCCUPATION · Carpenter fttructural Iron Worker...,, _ 26.00 Laborer!--General or Conitruc- tlon _ than 4 yard* water level___ 18.44 Driven of Dump Trurki -- « yardi but leia than S yard* w«|er level ---- __ . 11.68 Driver* of Dump Truck* -- 8 yardi but leu than 11 yardi water level 18.08 Drlvere of Dump Trucka--13 yard* hut leu than 16 yarda ' water level 19.72 driven of Tump Truck* -- 16 yard* or more water level--. 31.48 Driven of Trucki--Legal I'ay- load CafMirlty leu than fl toni 1M4 Driver* of Truck*--Legal Payload Capacity between C and 10 ton* , -,,,, ,,. 18.Ci Driven of Trucki--Legal Payload Cnpaclty between 10 and 15 tona ... ._-^ -- - ,, - Drlvera of Dumpiter Tntcki~- 21.48 Water Truck jirlver-- Under J500 Gillona ,, 18.93 Water Truck Drlur --SOO to 4000 Gallon* 19.81 Water Truck Driver-- 4000 Gallon* or nior* Operator* and Tendera of Pneumatic a n d Electrlo Tooli, Vibrating Machine*. - · and almllaf mechanical tonla ' n o t leparately claiilfled herein ,--... , 1V.39 Crlhber* or Shorere ._ 20.41 OPERATING ENGINEERS: Air Cotnpreiaor Operator Roller Operator -Skip Loader Operator--Wheel Type , Jl.Sfl Tractor Operator -- Ilulldour, Tamper, Scraper or Drag Type Shovel or almllar type.. 33.11 Tractor Scraper or Dree Type Shovel -- Tandem . 5S.I1 Trenching Machln* Operator- 23.20 Unlveml Equipment Operator (Shovel, Dragline Derrick, *^.~ Derrick-Barge, CUmihell or Crane) ________ S4.4I TRUCK DRIVERS: Driver! of Dump Trucka of leu than 4 yard* water level 11.44 Driver* of Dump Truck* -- 4 yard i but leia than I yard* water level __- 11.M Driver* of Dump Truck* -- · yarda but leu than 12 yard* water level U.OI Driver* of Dump Truck* -- 12 yarda hut leia than II yard* water level 1I.T1 Driver* of Dump Truck* -- la yarda or more water l*vel_ 31.41 Driver* of Truck*--Legal Payload Capacity In* than I ton* 11.44 Driver* of Truck*--Legal Payload Capacity between I and 11.61 30,48 Eight hour* ihill constitute a day'* work: It being underitood thit In tha event that workmen are employed leaa than eight (8) houn K r day, the per diem wage* *hall deemed to ba that fraction of Ihe per diem wage* herein- eitab- liihed that tha number of hour* of employment beara to eirht (8) hour*. Where *, ilnele ahlft Ii worked, eight (R conaecutlve hour* between 7:00 A.M. IIM! 6:01) P.M. Ihill eon- itltute a day'* work it itralfht time for all worker*. Forty (40) hour* between Monday 7:00 A.M. and Friday 6:00 P.M ihall comiltuta a week'a work · Driver* of Trucka-- Legal Payload Capacity between 10 ·lid Ifi ton* , ,,, 19, M Driver* of Dumpiter Truck* -- 21.48 Water Track Driver-- Under 2500 Oalloni ---- -- ....... -- 11-93 Water Truck Driver -- 2500 to 4000 Gallon* ____ ...... _.-- . 19.81 20.41 ____ ...... _.-Water Truck Driver-- 4000 Gal. loni or more ............ BuKBymohlle Mm ; Cement Dumper (on 1 yard or larger mlxen and handling hulk cementt ....._ . ,, 1928 APPRENTICES: . May be employed In conformity with Hectlon 1777.6 of the California Labor Code FOKKMKN: All foremen not herein leplrately rlaiilfled · hall be palil not leu than 11.40 per day more than the dally rate of the hlgheit clinlflcation In which he haa ·uiMTVIilon In the ilx llailo Tradea and not leu than il.OII ier day more than th* journeyman rate for the craft Involved In the Hub-Tradea. Concrete Curer *- Impervloui 17.60 ilralght time. All work In eicen of right (I) houri In any calender day ihall be at rate* of pay not lea* thin one and one-halt ( I ' i ) time* Ihe rale Indicated above. All work on Sunday* or Holiday) ihall be at rate* of pay not leu* than two (3) tlrnei th* nil Indl cited Above. Holiday* Ihatl be deemed to be Nrw Year'a Day, Independence tiy Membrane . Mock Hllnger Watchman , 19.61 , 16.00 UNHKIIUAN--Mr. 1H131 ivinho* Uiy 17. A Un. Kdwird L. Aoih.lm, flrl. . Marriage Licenses Noil U. Fiwbvr. Av.. Oinlina Qlorla M. Uooiillly, Han Prdro 1701 Pinh. Piul Am" ir.',"l307 B,' 6uniotk"Avi7 Cumidon 2] U«ry V. JauriailTpiiaderr* '""" ij Frederick J. Vinui. lai N. Culvir HI., fomplon Joan M. Ulttenbindir. 217 E. JonnMq Ht,. 4'on]Ulor) .,, v. BOirirvdl. Jit S.. Hit- IhlMn Av... Oomriton ., 23 Tanya T. Cord.ll, ili» g. Acitll, Edwlti A. Htri'ub.""2047"Aiimiioi"»i7 21 Lorrlta II. Loomli, 2047 Alimtloa Joatpli' A7"'»a«d*iu'r'~7J(f""AU»iiii« AVI. J| Blv.rly ), BrillbirUl, 3t*l Ual.y Av. ,,. 2' Ilirv.y B. Jam... u A. _ 2: Liura U. giat)lan, 1431 Linden Ava. ...^_ ^ 23 Joil K.' noniilii, 870~ijpiand~A"v.'.7 Bin Prtro _ JO E.lhir J. Uonll)o, 8«1 Upland AVI.. Hin Pedro Jo Roy II. Billey. 1413 Wllmlnflon Blvd., Wllmlniloq _ Wanda I K.l.l.r, 710 £, Hou- Robirt K. low.r., flin Pnlro Bhlrliy J. I^op. at.. !3bTUla~ni " - IS ,, ........ _ , ....... .... 6»3» £tkl»on ------------ Jn Joe B. Whin, 711 K. 4lh I _ Tti.lmi P. Clitk.. 711 K. 4lh BL A3 Homu T t John. 263K Wall 81., ... It PhyllM f., M.Elroy, 4T34 Nrl.polL I D David R. Winning. 6,137 llinbury HI. 21 K. Kliln, HI7 Ha« A.... B«liriow«r .,,,, 1$ Raymond O O'Bryant, 3eU Arbor Rd., Lakiwnori ...~ ^.. .^_ 18 Deeoaa K, Wllcoi, 34U K. !*·· · ..·!._ ^. ! -_..._,,._ = .. 1 -, 17 . _ C«ll C. Morrli. U Matilda Bllliril, 1 ..... ·. Nivy ............ »M Oali Avi._ Tunnel claiflflralloni not In eluded In the above icliedule. Sklploader-Wheel Type (without Dragtype altichmentil.... 21.20 Concrete Mobile Mixer Operator ,,,,......,...,,.. .. .. 34.48 Rotary Drill Operator excluding Caliaon Type , Palnticii . S3.92 . 2f).no . z:,o6 . 24.00 liruih rjpray Gun or Bandhlaiter. Reinforcing Iron Worker , Truck Orlv*rit Driven of Dump Truck* of: Le*» than 4 ydi. water level. 18.44 4 ydi. but leu than 8 ydi. wiler level 18.68 Driver* of Truck* Legal Payload Capacity: Leia than o (on!.Driven of Tranill Mix Trucki (under ,1 ydi.) .. ; Driven of Tramlt Mix Trucki (:i yd*, or mo The foregoing *chedUle Ii b*i«d IS. 44 ^ ---- .... -- . 21. 4( prevailing wage uimn a working Decoration Day, mlitlce Day, Thankiflvlng Day and Chrlxtmai. If any of Uie above holiday! fall on Sunday, the Monday following ahall legal holiday. b* conildered « The ratn of comneniatlon for any claulflrallon not lilted In the iched- ule but which may ba required to execute the propoied work ahull be commeniurata and In accord with the ratei ipeetflrd for equal and comparable claiilflcallon or for thoee performing almllar or comparable dutleii day of eight houn and In th* even) ,h*t laborer!, workmen or mechan- ca are emploj4d leu than eighl houri per day the rale of per diem wagei ' per day t ihall be deemed to be thai 'ractton of the* foregoing ratea thai he number of hour* of employment iear* to eight. Provhled th*l overtime rate 1 !, ratei of pay for Saturday*. Sunday* and holiday* ahall apply ta that* holld*y* ·· recog- nlied In the collective bargaining to th* par. .. .Ion or type of workman employed on the project. agreement applicable Icular craft, claiilflcal *rovlded, itandtng . however, that notwlth- the eneral provlilon* ge fo zj ill lerelnalmve aet forth, the alralght atei aa ipeclfled for flagman, puardi or watchman ihill be appll- :ahle to *, maximum of eight (8) mun of employment per calendar day, Including Saturday!, Sunday! and holldayi, for a total of not over orty (401 hour* per week, but that not leu than one *nd one-half f U i ) Imea auch ipeclfled rate* ihall be paid aaid flagmen, RTIardi nr watchmen for any jme worked In exceii f eight (8) houn per day or forty 40) hour* per week. Each bU muit be on formi to be obtained at the office of the Dlitrlct Superintendent ot the Dlitrlct al the above mentioned addren ami muit be acrohipanlcd by a certified or caihler'a check or bond, with ·n approved *urety compiny *· lurety payable, to the Lakewood Park, Recreation and Parkway Dli- trlct for an immint equal to at lead ten (10) per cent of the amount bid ai a guarantee that tha bidder? If luccenful, will enter Into * contract eatlifictory to the laid Board of Dlrerton of the Dlitrlct for the doing of the work contemplated, and the lucceanful bidder will b« required to file good and lufflclent bond* In -the lum of fifty (50) per cent of the amount of the accepted hid for the faithful performance of the contract, and for th* turn of f i f t y (50) of *cce 0) - per pterl b . cent of the amount bid to guarante* th* payment of labor ind material!. The right U reierved to i ' ' or ill bldi which Ih* lion rector* may deem It to ba to the bait Inlerait of Ih* Dlitrlct,'and to open all bid* lubmllted *nd/or ·w*rd th* contract for the above de- ·crlbed work, either it the meeting of th* Board of Director* to b* heN at 60(12 Faculty Avenue, Lakewood, California, on June 6, 1957, begln nlng at H;00 P.M., or any adjourn* ment thereof of any ipeclal meeting within thirty I3UJ day* thereafter, announcement of which adjourned meeting U made at aald meeting of Juna fi, 1957. or * apeclal meeting, notice of which li given In all hid den at lent 48 houn prior thereto, Work of conitructlon ilull begin ·I aoon *a practicable after the ·Ignlng nt th* contract and iliall ne completed within fortyflv" « day* after receipt of notice that the contract hfti been approved. Further Informal Ion will ba fur- tilihed and propoaed plani and coplei of apeclflcatlona may be obtained at the office of the Lakewood Park, reject any ird of Dl- Eight hour* ihlll eonilltut* · d*y'* work; It being underatood lint In the event Init workmen *r« employed 1'n than light (8) hour* per day, tha per diem wegea ikill he diemed to ba th*t fraction ol the per diem w*ge herein «t*b- Ilihed thit the number of hour* nt em|..i)ymeiit bear* to eight (8) hour*. Where a llngl* ihllt 1* worktd, eight (8 coniecutlve hnur* between 7:00 A.M. *nd 6:00 P M. ihlll con- itllut* * day'* work it itralftit time for ill worken. Forty (40) hour* between Mondar 7:00 A.M. and Friday 6:00 P.M. ihall commute a week'* work at ilnleht time. All work In exceii of eight (8) houn In any calendar day ah*ll b* at ratei of pay not leaa than on* and one-half ( l i ) ttmea tha rat* Indicated above. All work on Sunday* or Holiday* ihall t« *| rate* of pay rot lee* than two (2) time* th* r*l* Indl* caled above. Holiday! ihill be deemed to l . Jew Year'* Day. Decoration Day, Independenca D*y, Labor Day, Ar- mlitlce Day, Thinkiglvlng Day *nd · Chrlitmai. If any of the ihovi holldiy* fill on rlundiy, th* lion- day following ihall ba considered a legal holiday. The rate of compenMtlon for any claiilflcatlon not lilted In the tched* ule but which may be required to execut* lha propo**d work ihall h* rommeniurit* *nd In accord with (ha rate* ipeclfled for equal and comparable clniilflcatlon or for thoie performing almllar or com* , parabl* .duttea. F^ieh old muit h* on form* to b« obtained at the office of the Dlitrlct Superintendent of the Dlitrlct at th* ·bove mentioned *ddrei* *nd muit be accompanied by a certified or ' cuhler'* check or bond, with an · approved *urety company *· *urety piyible to the Lakewood Park, Hecre*llon ind Pirkway Dlitrlrt ' Tor an amount equal to *t lent ten (10) per cent of the amount bid ai a guarantee that the bidder. It ·ucceuful. will enter Into a contract intlifictory to the laid Coard of Dlrectora of tha Dlllrlct for Ihe doing of the work contemplated, ' and the aurceiiful bidder will b* required In file good and lufflcKnl bondi In th* turn of tlfty (60) per cent of the iinnunt of th* iccepted · ' hid for th* filthful performance of · the contract, and for th* ium of fifty (10) of accep ) per r ted bid cent of th* imuunt to guarantee th* payment of libor ind miterllli. The right I* riierved to rejeet . jny or all bid* which Ih* Iloenl i of Director* m*y deem It In ba to ' the beit Intereit of tha Dlitrlcl, and to open all bldi *ubmltlea *nd/or *w*rd th* contract for tha .above deicrlbed work, *lther *t th* !· a o v e e i c r e w , e meeting of the Hoard of Dlrectora to ba held at 6062 Faculty Avenue, Lakewood, California, nn Jun* I, . i»S7, beginning at B:oO P.M., or any adjournment thereof of any ipeelal · meeting within thirty (30) day* thereafter, announcement of which adjourned meeting !· made at nld meeting of Jun* Q. 1957, or · ipecUl meeting, notice of which Ii given to all blddir* at leut 48 hour* prior thereto. · Work of construction ihall bagln · a* aoon ai practicable after the t ·Ignlng of the contract and (hall , be completed within forty-flv* (451 ' d*y* After receipt of the contract haa been Further Information ' nlihed and propoied propo, lflc*tl , . notice that *r.'- ·pprovvd. . , rill b* fur- . plan* and cople* of «peclflc*tlon* may be nt- { tamed at the office ol th* Lake* . wood r*rk, Recreation and Park- ,.. way Dlitrlct at th* above mentioned ' ·ddreu upon depoilt of flv* clollir* i, which aum will be provided plani and clflutlon* ·re returned In good condition within fifteen (16) dlyl aftir r*. . ceptlon of bldi. By order of th* Boird of Director, of th* Lakewood I'irk. Reerea* · Ion and Parkway Dlitrlct. Mar U. 957. fil)tn*d by jMqu*Un« V. Ryntnon, · ·4**rr»Ury llecrelllou and Pirkwiy DUtrlct itlPub, Miy U. 25, 1957 (2D-L.B.I. ,

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