The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 20, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 1
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TCTMLL W. Ona KLMfltNTAIlT SCHOOL •! a*. wM leek . 1«< d,rf.«.> i._ «... i , UN Report Lashes Soviet UMriBv /fATIONS, .N. Y—inifm ever IMIUM< K» tH« TTr.!*^!;... n-_ -_.. «... Tht tbr»t main ctmriuunn* *• braUl Intervention of without Jnvi- July Election Voftrs Guide Prtpartd The Freeport and Lake Jack- json Leagued of Women Voters ;h»v« prepared a questionnaire iio be filled out 'ay candidate* jfor Navigation Dlrtrict com- I misfloner. .! The Voters Service Coihmit- ! tee* of th* two League* work- i i ed together on the project and jlhe questionnaire contains sp*. ; .cific qu stions to be answered 'by the candidates. When the questionnaire) are returned, the information will | ; be turned over to The Facts • and will b* published «s a vo- j erx guide in (he -Inly J issue i ; ;o Hid voter* in making thetr j ; oiloice in the July 6. election. 1 Compiling and ditrributine ! ; inch factual and non-partis»n voters guides is one of the ma! jor projects of the local ' j Leagues. : Celebration Planned At JC Building The final note on the Guy M. Oryan Community House •I Jone* Creek hM been palrt off, so ta celebrate the o«a*<on a dedication-barbecue l.»| be«og planned by tlie Jon«*f Creek Community Club. [ Date of the event has h*en( set as Saturday. June 29 with a dedication program to begin ,at 11 am. and the barbecue Europe. I dinner to be served at noon. 'There will be entertainment th 1967 FACTS Wtai* Firacist Parny cloudy *lth *„„..„,.,. showers and little change in temperature* through Friday. Low tonight 7«, high Friday Committee OKs Dstal Demand -LATE BULLETINS So/ons Claim /Many LMIB DULLEIINb- Cutbacks Desirab £ nvt»*.iru*-«t? A i r »._ .. . ^^ BIRMINGHAM — Former Congressman Laurie Battle promised to mai-e Alabama "the mo =< segregated stale in th« union" if -i« i. elected governor next year. DAYTON, l«. _ Five Houston Neg.oe, returning home from the owning of a lieu- night club were killed in a c?r-tn.ek -,»,h on Highway M e.rlv today. WASHINGTON _ OP -The House ApproprtattoM Commiftee today voted the Port Office Department most of the extra funds it wanted to maintain normal service, AMARII.1,0 — An Amaiilio Juni.* College student was shot to de,th tarly toiay during a »an, J.ght between Latin American group at a drive-in cafe. his frienos and WASHINCTOS -" Atty. Gen. a pp, al ed d,,, ctlr «. the Supreme C,«-rt todar t, r , ver ,, € a ,.„„,., ordfr prg _ veBttng th, gov»*nment from surrenderine G. I WiUiam Gir.rd to .Tapanes* for , manslaughter trial. JACKSONVIU,*. „.."_ Live .team loo.ed bv an explodm* p,m,p Hlled two ^amen and S e n(n ,slv l,» lrn . ed flv« others. IR« Na»y said today. . j day /ervioe. ; including amos ; The committee approved a n<lt sllu ' t '& 1 vn on Saturday? ' 'ent to the House , »upp|«. • "Several of these proposed mentai 133 million rloilai -i cutbacks, wnich can be »c- • money bill thai would brin<>! co <T'Pli!'hp<) Mo S3.325.00fl.0fl0 total fimd"! appear to the committee to be* .'available to finance posts) s« r .:very desirable, and in »1 ]o» 5 t •vie* in the 12 months startinc.: 01 " «««*. the committee i* »t } J "g '• ;a lo,* to understand *-hy ac• Poetaster General Arthur l( '"n has not been taken by the E. SuirmerfieM asked for i iKwtm*«ter general prior to twj B !»14P.500,000 and said unless hr i "me." the <ommitt»e ?aid I gat it before the start of !be " said (her* appears t» b« (new fiscal year h» would im- jpore drastic cuts j n service. r '° cla'i nminced It* ISO.OOO-word report, clusioni wer* based 10 The three main conclusion*!; of the committee. i representative* of ,-«<•"» «,,*• in vwm.« lor cntl- mark. Ceylon, Tunisia anrt'dren 11 and under, are avail- Uruguay, were the»e, Shanni* hle ' ronl members of the club SBOCL, Kr,- fc « ._ The U. moned Red, , 0 , „«,„„, 0 , th T lom Frida/ - Th * r ' N. Comm,.na- will nullify ,he 19S1 armistice N Command lodav sum- miL , arv armlgf . c< j ROLLS HIS OW» j BRAINTREC. Mass. _ 1p — ln * °' ' m ' l '-ion dollar • For the past 10 years. Phile-'' <ar i mon Tardiff. now 89. ha* grown his own tobacco and rolled his own cigars. During that period h ly 20.000 cigars from his lit tip. tobacco patch. b» ssiri (her* reason why second .publications and third bulk mailings should not required to be roned at a stv- . or v'tiy route service should not oe reduced to once d»ilv wh*r» practicable. ' .-.„ ."T- herP '' slron < r fc»tm* figures he has >vllh| n .the committee " t n< , T .. port Timtiniied, *cr ab&. t'rtn «ff iioney order sale, ,,. i( ' h , [X)f _ J ible saving of 26 mill--in •" '' There w "- ln • w .'"not an anti-Soviet It* cow-iM such" and wa« not foment- '' ' nere W8i - ln r »c*. inter- on evl.ied by outside agencies, as, foi-iveolion by force by the Soviet 4_ .Union lo crush the uprising (and to overthrow "» l«gai an£ j - supported govern- FP Mail Service Extended " A "d finally." , "Icommittee rannot •ern trend !n • fi, s.t id. 3 , , number, ' Bfam«df: ~ *~" I* Opening Is Delayed , ...... . tickets the 2 The revort w.i "' B spon. "«'d and wat ;ten»ous national uprising not|. VMr » »«b- 'Misted from outside and no* •a counter-revoliifiori to re*tr,r»| '*• old government " • "•"•* «e»er" Beiwd * The prenent government of Premier .Jano, Kadar "did 1 it the time of (to Install.- lion and do*, not now have about o OHkers Draw Another Term at the Charles preparation irf the C Knginoenn«|tfut would be needed »o reerh Popular siipporl .»d "the couit-lan aareement with the con hM t* »uy if from document it would become i( eonfocm (o apecUicitlOfM: and'it 'he ''intake '"""<* chairman: .oequnie Facilities will begin Setting city delivery before th» Po«tma»ter Tex R. Flaniken' :»*id today that r. H. CUmpitt. district operationi manager. had approved We £iN)uert of ; th« Fraeport Poat .bftjce for the extension. Thi» will provide carrier m.ail wrvice to about 250 fam- iliei now living on Ea«t 5th, dill. 7th. 8th and Pine S\r«»i«. The first delivery will Le .•>aia ^.he exientior. g house number and mail a\"f-f' re * ult c{ . bef o r f 'hey can receive mail at e made by toe city F'.aniken said that all mall must he addressed to «treet •cr-epmr -vi'h the :>'isinfsp. industry, 'bia (rtncrallv." ns:tpr and . c Irnpr»vem«j: Commme? iiorfer number for !hcir homes by • h« chairmanship of Albert calling the en;- hall. Damages High _ --. • -, In Freeoorf's Security Program Topic TllM .'., For FP League Meetings lwo *«ldenf$ XI r-« T,*.*n n C f • \ A*. _«M i • ._ _ . L. . . .. ^^ . ^"* '0 lUriOS rAti ilf ,ifJ J^ 'H" 1 » OMM Lathtran ttm* Oluawl'i'""* 1 ^" " "•••" '^9^*fitt-£Z£%w*' «**«i CtwiH Lutheran Chuwhin I CoMAl* llaaffWaall J S * ch * m '*' wilt »«l »!»• tim»t.£|, 1 ^-'" ckMK announce* tha11*""»i» »lWF»Wf >°f * 'grm«l, rlbbon-cuutng ', I •• longer be an 8 JO A « .... .. _ . Cb»Wb#r Mthajer Arnoidj •erviee on Sunday A »••»•«••" JreepoH worn- M»tM«» Mid thai he hatln'l! ^. Th» vortlup wrvice *" * hot herwlf to death lai* ««tiuU.y onmt^d the number will n»w f»U«w the Sunday TUCMU* night tn a bar in Cut lOf Sctteol »eriod and will be at Off, U. ' 11 • m, The victim wa» identified »i ~_o ^—. Mr*. Ruby ~ hulbaod 'la vhe reimpo«ition domination. welfare: »nd Lane, child Sdriie Aguire. REVIVAL TIME BAR RE, Mass. — w — The Barr. Thief and Rogue Deteot- ian a renuiry it haj been inactive foi T. seven .years Ttiiir town isn 1 ', «i)t- »e. periancjng a crime '.\ave o'' aerv-janytiung like tnal. The Society Mrs. John S C<i!d»»!l vi-ilipng lead a d]srnss:on of trie Fecifial !s,nt Sertirny Program .v Monday's \. t, rr.eetinKc of 'he ^^p^u*- of e\l Women Vo--rs (if Free port. T The niotr.:n£ unti «,'.,t n-?r ai 9:.1fi sm. m St Pj i; < p a , isii Houf* 1 a* '.c^i h-..! '',<• o be at trie nom- r.f \tr« Lron "ile report nf on sovernment security . .. '« being revived merely to pr»- information i*< historical imn'tmanfr. iielofn 1 !o • to futa:>h T-,o League publications. • I it>yr v An«i Securit)" and "J.iM Suppose," \vHll bo ii5Cd in 'he d,vc-M^-ion and members- ;irt- urKfd to read ihem prior 'ii 'he n\t*ciin3* A nmdm'.n on tho hills in The winch Uir League had n partic- I'^me i;!«r mtercit and how (hey 'ared in ihe last session of the inside the Frrep hut damage did mark. ,. " Clute nart no mi«na tneir citv !,, Tllt , ., "irtents wore i'Veepoi t. ni v( | " but aver Ho6t The, Ci«r <* L«fc» J«<**oa Or _ win HMt a Ju, fry .»« M*«I. = tml*,r, .aid frjalid. MW »he yr« of the entrtM in the ^•roe-ths-ktrldg* coniem. th»t tne*. mint be well ll>. whose • hundred. Kttiy o€ The routeit w.i ipurri the contribution of a first o i - ---••—.. ^.... -, «f . three-pier, ..,„»*,>,: i^l - h ' * u " 1 ' hy tne J. C. Penny Com bv S«ti Talk By City Lake Jickton City Judge Z. o MWM Ohnngtd The « i.m. m*M at St. C««i»lie Chureh tn MM bee«i *««e4 te I:M i.n. Otlur ^-or*ip tervic** will r* »»m the Mine Fe«l To Clow Set* today it 7:2* p m. Hlwj Frjdtr at J:2I a.m. S«5« rridar at 7:11 p m. ! meeting of the League of Worn 'en Voters of Lake Jackson. | .IiMiRe I*e will explain th. icitv wiirt ivsiem in a program i«lated to begin at 8 p m . in Ihe j Young People's Room or - St ,Xirri-iihy'« Episcopal Church rh» public is " od - I Members iet the formal j opening of their new Legion I Hull foiVFridav. June 28. fron- iV:3fl p.m to 10 pm Th. open iho.ise cflrbratton will include ,a yrugr^in of music by $*ti- ,'dent< ot the Bennett Guitar £A\e«l in Angleton. and refreshment* mill be Mrved. night's'open Karlfs *»'d the public ii ccr- dially invited to attend and view the new hall, which should be. completed by tha' date. The r.ej[ion»u ei recently, voted tr. donate their old I,e<ion Hall to the Angleton Ghi nm Jackpot: invited to at- ."routs, Mouse. for use at a Llttlr tW. lfi|h will h* O!.;H «l Monday mornuif .1 I . m. CoMtructioK work n th Cache Raided *« W^^^r^, r i2H.-± .^.-a* iHe!!r ^^^ ^ * irtn* raid-WMinMsf.1. »i^.. _„ :LT',l«iihlmi- rt * v or *• b *' or « m«king ,he .. Mid W«dne«i.y *ight on Hollywood Club, poured tn.«ide 'WM.- Ui» «dM> of p.nking new machine?, many Around Braxoiport MM, ». I. KIKK..ANl> ha> •»«»»*»< *« n»ai tar Ihe iri»«part wa iworlh of >lo( machlnea, many uf the rmwent lypg. Th« iiuthiue., Hacked neai- l> in rows, ar. beliuve, ha\ * oi*<*n whi^.d awav (»al ve.sioii Island night iwu w««ks l^o when V< Aasutani Attorney Citneral Ce cil Huu.n. A Inc. found wa» • collect ion or, obviously having been -eut use. •»l»is pa.«o||0i p i o 4 aui '" merits from WiKon in'n |t ' or " ?l '' crackdown ! ve "°" "I waAt to compliment May optimishi about tn. fultira of Gulf gainhlinj and !""•'' but 'i« la do with extensive pUi tiivc.stun eU»c- sort of rev^n h * sl «'«» s " l)t qaitt was jouiji tat |. f. A . gat uvwal publicity whan Her Joncn Cieek found <he wat cam ITreeport Wednesday tnif wenk m the raids t ,, look like «>minunted. stveril misconi.'eptioiit iwm^.'O'i in every wav uoi-siuic di.scussed in Galvestun and iie-iolft-r my /iill coop-'iMtion -•--. in« mentioned m the pie.s, *'»rds ine dtveiopnieni n/ 1 • V'"" ;—. .— ""I *"* °*"'* • «'*K»nt i-l'jb. j'-vnich »ti(»ild be in at i,>>i."JKieat navunil vacat-m ar,i |mu.ty club. clo a «i ^nrter an i where Jack Dempsey and o.h-i He said on,- was ".hM ..i eltenainment advam«e« " : m} . Unt i li ": > f" "" r ' V ,' 5 _ year '' * r « l «' t »ritie« of a by-gone e r«j.sfi,e s >nd omconie of the .e-'Attorney Oeneral j*i. bU.kuut »( VK« on the , C(|0 ,_ • , , in .•cmra.l ooa room of me , L of Free- MBLt, rfSaL, now Mm ma BUftNrrr of uai«na i . , . JKWXL LlfKKNHO- HfllS. W. D.i u a new r «l the U l-aajue ol Veto» . . . OBORGK . . .- ,»LI i* undoubtedly un* 4( tl|9 taaat ettQiitfiafU^ xnArtt- *-^- «< the new lUvKwide the —- •— ~*j (fcv«-« i,< w i •»<-.>•.« vnu 'n.n VI.IE i>i t nf ic- .11 tini icy (.iencrftt *aj ii mne.d »nd played, ii owned oy'een .11- election there ,;«d- He ai™ expressed thanka to (jittl Properuet, Inc., a firm;«on:e effect upon our eruorn- : "Mayor Clough and me varl- ihat m»nagt« real propeity|nient program. Thi« :t not ihciouj city departmentg wha f-n ' *« of Ihe heir« to thejct-se Our activity was plannedimshed evidence at our re Maceo gambling &vn/i,<<Aia Ln F.nhi-,,^r>' **A »u. ^..i i..i~ ~.,~~t u 'itn ih« "pay.oW" relieved F'ndir wan tUrked to th. calling with old-fashioned "one-aim bandit" machine* Dutl-Ceveced T.bln K»tunate» of the mirnbor of Maceo gambling fyndicai.. lin feoruary aid tha $ched<jl«'quea< " machine, fouad ranged froinj Behind A. Door |«« up m Fcl>i-uary and »«! Wilson'issued the statement .o.lw.« LMOiro J.OOO. Work ! The mam ballroom o/ >ht h.v, ^n operaiuig on .ched-i.fter iinunciion, were g,^ "d :r)g by hand l.ghu, 11 *a. im-ioW club waa cluttered with all.ule" .jam.t seven more GahAtn .powible 10 make an accurate soils of coin-operatsd He sa:d it wa. "purely a to- County nigth spats including KCCOUlkUng Until MdaV Ilia "»\a*r ,.lrf" ~. ~ ..^ _ ». ^.«- . . u _. J ,1 .!__. I , ., ~ . . . * cam. olf iDout hotn ?' r lolal damae» t o the • t n ,,, i , r9 n a iu«k * .irk wm, too r] 0 <, An-u/tn- number. two 'n tfe epon \^ tt . t ta fre M^M ;, alla «'"* »t me. imer»«ctjon J-ouitn anrt Cherry S'reets f "', e K r «°*P° r ' S-»onl ma.' r Iniildmg »t for af , . • , driving a car helong- n.h« to Doyie K~, mP ,,, ,„«„ v- K.I Newman of Houston •></ the two driven- Involved F '£ VS ~ , °j HM '-°*Poi-t Senior '•'iti studen'. u-a< wan failure lo „.,„, •••«.» '" th* *«S« accident ™P.^ of the wlHslon '"' "«i* Jii»o * water wl.u-n „ | uc . Ifd on ,„, ;. lo, nci,,- me schooi hu ,. din f'^eport fiienotn tapped of ":» gushin, »»ter by turmng •>lf m^.K-eailer several rn'n- '••>** of work. The accident and .-nning «.-.,„ ne , d on thA busy Frteport slieet for some tifiu 1 . Liuda Is Here A new «>oialn? m the Br*ii i.poi-1 a,ea is M s , ln ls oao l| .i •• arnv » : Dow Hospitai OE June 18 I ui. aa> Sue is the daugnie, of M;»a Mr.. J. R Thnr,, as J r . 0< •.orin frrtapoil. mochanwinsimcidencf" tl«t a law enforce- the piuah Stlinese Boooi. anrt. nev» nni- mem spleen he made in Gal- saw the attack on gambling _ — .. — . uv .. >r , ,.„ i.uTT .!,•- nn.iv apc- C Ln It t- niatie in i.»ai- sain iae aitacK on gambling o.m, !«d by Texa. Ranger chivs. tne raidcra explored veston fell shortly btiore the *nd vice it "nroce«dini on i Cwt. iotwy Kiwtnktlfm andliba tafl, w»«i-giwa pounds^iic-tiun. H« cud b» did aoiiWteauJt," | A »3a.00fl STRUCTURE to xplac. HM HM< Fit.b Sir..! Baplisl Mistioa Ii »a* contracted for thU week by the «9*u »oi;i9 Fr.eport First Baplisl Church. Contractor M. M. Mosl.y signs th« Hnal P afm ior Ih. building which will b. ol Jir.prool til* construction and «ir condition.d. i.Mk :-q ca «c. Buildins Commitu. Mamfa.t Hoy Wilaoo. and Fiisl Baptul Pailoi PhMaV S 6tawo, tight. >-ftct» fhaia bj Don Wilts*. ADS to ih* Bru«>pert Appear the tamr 4»j. «>0 V3MI or J.JJIJ

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