Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 24
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C-8 _ INDEPENDENT LMf ···* ll, 1H Television Log KHXT CkMMl 1 . KNIC Owml « KTLA UMUMl I KAlCCIlMliy KHJ U .ml f KTTV (.-MUM n KCOPC KPOLt K»T CfiMMl · KMIX Chunil M March 14, 1960 ~£ PAID ADVERTISEMENf 6:00 . ,2 Classic Mythology: Apollo 6:30 '2 Expansion of Europe * 4 The City-- What Is It? '7 Guidelines': Horticulture £ l ~ - 7:00 A.M. f 2 News with Mike Wallace ;4 (Clr) Today, Hugh Downs h7.-Scope: Plants (roots) r,9 Cartoon Shows (to 10) ·11 Russian Literature "i 7:25 '2 Clete Roberts, News L 7:30 7 Gypsy Rose Lee Show 11 The Hobo Kelly Show 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo -7 Girl Talk, Virginia Gra. ham, Marge Champion :·,.: 8:30 7 Tlie Pamela Mason Show - . .8:45 · 13 Cartbonaroony 9:00 A.M. 2.1 Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4 (Color) Eye Guess, Cullen £5 Yoga for Health: "Back" 11 The Jack LaLanne Show 13 Biickaroo 500 9:15 ^ Top Today 8:30 P.M.--THE'LUCY SHOW on Channel 2 In color. Robert Stack and Bruce Gordon of "The tin- | touchables" guest in a gangster spoof. 11:30 P.M.--TONIGHT on Channel 4 in color. Johnny Carson begins, a two-week stint with shows originating from Hollywood. |3 Guidepost to L.A. (3) 9:25) 9:30 . . -;4 Edwin Ne\vmari (9:25 " £2 The McCoys, \V. Brennari 'r.4 Concentration; H. Downs S5 Scarlett Hill (serial) fi7 The Mike Douglas Show. I'l Movies 'The Conspira- '·:· tor," Robt Taylor, Eliza- · befh.TayJpr ('50). :':··:· -.9:45, · , I .'· 33 Guidepost to Spanish 10:00 A.M. 2 Andy of Mayberry A (Color) Morning Star 5 Burns and Allen Show ? 9 Movie: "While the City i · Sleeps," Dana Andrews ? 10:15: ?13 Your Fed'l Exec. Board · t -· 10:30 \ 2 Dick Van Dyke Show 4 (Color)' Paradise Bay '; 5 (Clr) World Adventures '13 Bill Johns, News · - 11:00 A;M. ..2 The Love of Life 4 (Clr) Jeopardy, Fleming "; 5 Peter Gunn, C. Stevens 7. Supermarket Sweep ·13 (Clr) Treasure, B. Bumid ^ . nas : 2 CBS Mid-DayReport 1 11:30 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 (Color) Play Post Office 5 Movie: "High Powered," Robert Lowery ('45) , 7 Dating Game, Jim Lange i 9 Spectrum: "Spanish" Jll Sheriff John,'?. Rovick !13 Romper R'm., Miss Mary · , 11:45 i 2 The Guiding Light -.4 Frank McGee (11:55) 12:00 NOON ' 2 It's Keene at Noon J 4 (Clr) Let's Make a Deal ? 7 The Donna Reed Show 1 9 Film: "Eclipse of the ! Quiet Sun." Solar'eclipse y seen from DCS jet. 28 Paging Parents: Emotions j 12:25 ! 4 Floyd Kalber, News i 12:30 · 2 As the World Turns i 4 (Clr) Days of Our Lives ; 5 Movie: "I've Always | Loved You," Philip Dom i 7 Father Knows Best i 9 (Color) Faith for Today jll The Texan, R. Calhoun "·13 Dialing for Dollars :28 French Chef, Julia Child: : "Economy Cut Steaks" j 1:00 P.M. I 2 Password, Allen Ludden. · Ray Bolger, Lee Remick | 4 The Doctors, J. Pritchett ) 7 Ben Casey, Vincent Ed- · . wards, Rod Steiger ) 9 Movie: "They Won't Be! lieve Me," Robert Young jll Movie: "Thief of Bag. dad," Sabu, June Duprez 1:30 · 2 (Clr) Linkletter's House ; Party, Irene Ryan, Kathy Lennon · 4 Another World (serial) '13 (Color) Movie: "Simon ! Laura," Kay Kendall 2:00 P.M. · 2 To Tell the Truth, Collyer . 4 (Color) You Don't Say! . 7 The Nurses, M. Fickett J 2:25 ·i 2 Douglas Edwards news 2:30 | 2 The Edge of Night , 4 (Color) The Match Game. · 5 December Bride. : 1 A Time for Us (serial) '· 9 9 on the Line (interview) 2:55 1 4 Nancy Dickerson News ' 7 Marlene Sanders News '· - 3:00 P.M. · 2 The Secret Storm · 4 (Clr) PDQ, Dennis James '. 5 Our Miss Brooks · 7 General Hospital 13 (Clr) Mickey Mudturtle '28 Great Decisions '66: " "Resurgent Japan" , · 3:30 2 Loretta Young Theater ; 4 Movie: "Littlest Hobo," London the Dog ('58) : 5 Divorce Court, V. Perkins ' 7 The Young Marrieds ' 9 Astro Boy (cartoons) - I I (Clr) Billy Barty Show 28 Apothecary: Antibiotics 4:00 P.M. · 2 Sea Hunt, Lloyd Bridges 7 Never Too Young (serial) 9 (Color) Popeye Cartoons 28 Fire Dept. Training 4:30 " 2 Movie:' "Ambush," Rob,' eri Taylor, Arlene Dahl 5 (Clr) Geo. Putnam News 7 Where the Action Is, Chad and Jeremy, Jackie and Gayle 11 008th Man (cartoon) 13 Bozo's Big Top Show 34 Novela Semanal (drama) 5:00 P.M. 5 (Color) Shebang! Casey Kasem, D. J. Thomas 7 News Hour, Baxter Ward 9 9th St. West, Bobby Rydell . 11 Gigantor (cartoon) 13 (Color) Morgan's Alley 28 What's New? . 34 Operacion Ja-Ja 5:30 11 Winchell-Mahoney Time 28 The Friendly Giant 5:45 4 (Color) KNBC Report 28 Sing Hi--Sing Lo 6:00 P.M. 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 (Color) HunUey-Brihkley 5 Route 66, Martin Milner, Scott Marlowe 7 Movie: "Cult of Cobra," Faith Domergue ('55) '9 The Honeymodners 13 (Color) Lloyd Thaxton 28 Posin Giant: Galileo 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 6:30 4 (Color) KNBC Report ·9 Tall Man, B. Sullivan 11 Clr) Huckleberry Hound 28 Phys. Geology: Erosion 7:00 P.M. 2 (Color) Walter Cronkite 4 (Color) Golden Voyage, Jack Douglas: "Ceylon." Land of contrasts in na- tional origins,-religions, architecture, transportation. 5 Rifleman, Chuck Connors ables." 9 Twilight Zone: "Last Flight," Alexander Scourby. WWI British pilot lands at modern base, . thinking the year 1917. 11 Dennis the Menace 13 Expedition! "Russian Assault on the Antarctic" 28 Modern Math for Parents 34 Apasionada (premiere) 7:30 2 To Tell the Truth, Collyer 4 (Color) Hullabaloo. Gary Lewis hosts his own Play, boys,'plus Dionne Warwick, Noel Harrison (Rex* son), Bobby Rydell, the Mamas and Papas. 5 (Clr) Johnny Grant's Movie: "Roots of Heaven," Errol Flynn, Orson Welles, Trevor Howard 7 12 o'CIock Hjgh, Paul Burke, Chris Robinson, ! Robert Drivas/ A mishap during a practice run brings into the open the psychological problems of crack pilot who escaped from a German prison camp. 9 "THE SEA CHASE"--GLR if WAYNE-TURNER Lana Turner, Tab Hunter 055). G erman merchant ship is caught in Aus- trajia at outbreak of war. 11 The Untouchables, Robt. Stack, Nehemiah Persoff. 13 (Clr) Holiday, Bill Burrud: "Doorway to Eur- · ope," via Holland 28 Great Decisions, David Schoenbrun: "Resurgent Japan." Prospects for democracy, and her aid for underdeveloped countries. 34 Un Canto de Mexico 8:00 P.M. 2 I've Got a Secret, Steve Allen, with entire panel of "To Tell the Truth" 4 (Color) John Forsythe Bruce Gordon, who guests 1 as a hood in tonight's "Lucy Show," played gangster chief Frank Nitti in "The Untouchables" series which is still making the re-run route. That's why he's accustomed to people on the street giving him startled glances and then .ooking around for a policeman. However, he .really doesn't see himself as the gangster type. "I originally wanted to be an opera sipger and spent most of my money on singing lessons," he said. "After a few teachers had praised my voice and took my money, Itmet an honest one who told;me to forget it and try something else." The "something else" proved to be acting. Gordon has toured the world with Judith Anderson in."Medea" and performed with Katharine Cornell in "Anthony and Cleopatra." He's made, guest appearances on dozens of television programs, but people never mention those performances They simply remember him as Frank Nitti in "The Untouch- . "I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has come up to me and said he knew Al Capone," said Gordon. · * # * * ITALIAN was the language of the day when the princi- TERRV VERNON als of toniglit's "Run for our Life" episode get togeth- r for a chat. ·· Included in the conversing ere Ben Gazzara, star of the cries, Sal Mineo, Harry Guar no and Marianna Hill, whose ist name really is Pasquar illo. . ; It was Miss Hill-Pasquar ello who finally noted tha le group, perhaps, was be ng impolite. "Here we are .chattering way," she said, · and "Dick an't undersetand us." Trie director, Dick Benedict whom Miss Hill referred etorted: "The laugh's on you. Guesi vho's real name is Riccardi lenedetti. "I spoke Italian before Eng sh and I've just been .wait ng for one of you to say Ben diet's a crummy director." 7:30 P. M. "Hullabaloo" (4) in colo eatures Gary Lewis, Dionn Varwick and Bobby Rydell. 8P.M. "Daring Ventures'? (13) i olor brings films of an ou c igger canoe' race from Cat lina to Newport Beach. 8:30 P.M. "Arrest and Trial" (13) ha a murder drama. Many of th cenes were shot at the Lon Beach Nu-Pike. , 9 P. M. "Andy Williams Show" (· n- color features comedia Shelley Berman, trumpeter A Show, Jeanne Bal, Quinn O'Hara, Sheila James. Foster and three WAFs survive a transpacific air crash on what they think is a deserted island. 13 (Clr) Daring Ventures: "Holiday Adventures" with motorcycle races, Catalina-Newport canoe race, houseboat on Lake Shasta. 28 French Chef, Julia Child: "Economy Cut Steaks" 34 Comicos y Canciones 8:30 2 (Clr) Lucy Show, Lucille Ball, Robert Stack, Bruce Gordon. In spoof of "The Untouchables," a government agent persuades Lucy to pose as the girl friend of a gangster about to be paroled, in the hope she can learn the whereabouts of the robbery loot. 4 (Color) Dr. Kildare T, Richard Chamberlain, . John Saxon, John Marshall, Joseph De Santis (1st of 2 parts). Aspiring actor returns to bedside of .dying father, only to be rejected by the bitter man who still resents his- son's leaving home. 7 Legend of Jesse James, Chris Jones, Allen Case, Victor Jory, Regis Toomey, Kevin O'Neal, Tim Mclntire, Vaughn Taylor. Jesse and Frank drop in at the trial of an innocent boy brought before "Hangin 1 Judge" Parker as being a member of the James gang. 11 The Merv Griffin Show, with Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Hermione Gingold, Tiny Tim, Prof. Irwin Corey 13 Arrest Trial, Ben Gazzara, Chuck Connors, Vera Miles, Howard Duff Barbara Nichols. No clues or possible motives for young man's mystery murder in small town. 28 Cecil Brown; Off Ramp (8:40) with sculptor Daniel Johnson 34 Maximiliano y Carlota 9:60 P.M. 2 (Clr) Andy Griffith Show Andy is hesitant when Helen wants to play Cupi for the county clerk (Jacl Dodson) and the new i county nurse (Nina Ship man)^-e specially when h finds "the man still tied t his mother's (Mabel Albertson) apron strings 4 ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW if Cilor--Al Hlri; Chid Jmmyj Stitllty B»raun Andy joins the bearded trumpet player for "Shadow of Your Smile," and the British- ers for "It Was a Very Good Year". 7 A Man Called Shenan doah, Robert Horton, John Ireland, Nina Foci James Griffith, Rikki Stevens. In teleplay by Adrian Spies, Shenandoa traces an- old photograp of himself at a masqui rade ball with a pretty girl, and finds her married to a jealous sheriff. 28 America's Crises: "Rise of New Towns." First in 4-part look at urban prob lems, new towns and planned cities. 34 Tormenta de Pasiones 9:30 2 (Color) Hazel, Shirley Booth. The Baxter kitchen's turned into a chili factory as Hazel produces her pet recipe for a supermarket chain -- until an inspector arrives from the Hirt, my. singers Chad and Je city health department. 7 Peyton Place I Ryan O'Neal. The verdict's i for Rodney, erupting int his life and those clos to him. 34 Cine en su Casa (movie 9:45 9 Allan Moll, News 10:00 P.M. 2 (Color) Art Linkletter" Hollywood Talent Scout A singer, flamenco danci and comedy team are introduced by ; scouts Carol Burnett (whose ov special airs next week Greer Garson and piani Roger Williams, while Link brings back the Apollas and 8-year-old Tex Brocki. 4 (Clr) Run for Your Lif ·. Ben Gazzara, Harry Gua dino, Sal Mineo, Mariann Hill. In first half of 2-pa segment, Paul Bryan's li is endangered when he kidnaped in Sicily by tw brothers hoping for ra som to provide a dow for the fiancee of one. 5 (Clr) Gep. Putnam, Ne\ 7 Ben Casey, Vincent E wards, Franchot Tone, R A D I O MM-1N UU-I4M UIO-1M KUT-IIM KUS-fttt KFW-IMI KCH-IJH KM-441 KOH-IIM KDAT-IHI xm-tM Ktu-tn mi»-*ll MKD-IIM taw--111 ULA--mi KHK-lll KWU-I4M UX-lin KWKW-litt WM.-IM4 XTU-IW MONDAY, MARCH 14,1966 ·ECIAL BROADCAST-- · ; 10:25 a.m., KFI--Baseball: Dodgers vs; Tigers ; FM HIGHLIGHTS Paris Conservatory Orches tra at 8:05 a.m. on KFMU . . Danish Radio Orchestra at 10 a.m. on KCBH . . . Nancy Wilson at 11 a.m. on KNOB . Gerald Wilson at noon on KGGK . . . Irene Reid at 2 p.m. on KRHM . . . Malach- rino Strings at 4 p.m. on KGLA . 7:00 A.M. LAC--Jot Pvne.Show, : l--Pal bishop Recoil MPC--Dick Wflltllnghlll ABC-- Frnnk t'?mrnwa X--World Mewl K'i FOX--Dick Havnt- CER-Chrlil Falll ABC--John Bibcock Newi )X--Re»» :o rtflc Show GER--Sky Pilot i6£i8i Hi y rit 7:45 ds sinew Fl-Pat Blihoo; N rls: Paul * Cordlc R-Heaven Home Hr 8:00 A.M. : l--News; Geoff Edwards ABC--Pat McGuInness rms ABC-- News'; Don Allen NX-- Rea« Cofdlc Show FI-PalBrihop,Ntwj ABC -- Frank Hemingway GER-- Voice ol CM na Fl-- Gwff Edwards ABC-- Sports; Busin GER-- WorW Missions 9:00 A.M. (ABC-- John Bibcock News NX-- Hews Gc R-- Lutfie ra n How -ABC- Paul Condylls Show NX-- Ren Cardie Show f '30 GER-- Jctm*Brown Hrur 10:00 A.M. LAC-- Lotuiwn J Bgrkfey FI-News; Batter Up MFC-- Ira Cool. Show ABC-- N«w?; Brkfast CM) NX-- Nws; Arthur Godfrey FOX-- Lee Ross (to 1) GER-- Resrua Mission 10:15 ,R-- Baseball: Dodgers vs. Tigers (LakelarxJJ ll:3t (GER-- Ov«rcomTriB Lire GER-- Rtv. LeRoy Kopp 11:00 A.M. CABC-- Newt 'NX-- News; Art IJnkleltw GER-BIWe nslilutt KABC-- Dick 'WMrtlnolon KNX-Onllkt In Marriage M»e Roy (11:35) KGER-- Sunsnlne Mission CGER-- Blble°Fel!owshlo 12:00 NOON ABC-- Paul Henry New» NX-- Noon Hour News CGER-- Hioh Noon BIW 12:15 CABC-- Pamela Mason GER-- Dr. Qir Bible 1:00 P.M. Fl--Scoreboard .MPC-- Roser Carrol! (ABC-- News . NX--Newsl At Service ' -QX-Clilfl« Slone Show .*C-At Music Center- GER--Alrmalj from God Fl--News; bivld Starling ABC-Ooen Lint. J. weir .SER-N«WI in R«v«la!k (CER--W'ld OoDortunltlei 2:00 P.M. LAC-JMl A. SWyak Fl--Ntwsj ChU Ci! CK -ABC-- News KNX-News; At Service FOX-Blff Collie do e) GER--Social Security; Peler SlacX organ (2:10) en'Lin R-- Senior Cltlieni KABC-- Ooen'Linei J. W»|[5 ;ABC-Jc (NX-- KN KGER-Llft'lIno . 3:00 P.M. 'MPC--Gary Owens Show .ABC--News UMTS; Firing Llrn --Dan Plfce Show KABC-Onen'lJne, J.Wtili 4:00 P.M. :FI--News) Davisrtaw '-- JohniBabcock Newi .NX Newsdav KFI--Chuck Cecil Show :ABC--Hews; Alex Drelir KGER-Rev.C.T. Walbero KABC--Bob CorrcldlrtGi Tom Harmon jports (4:40) KGER-Rev. Abe Schneider CGER--ChrhVn Counseling KFI-Chuck Bennelt sports KABC--Paul Harvey, n«w» 5:00 P.M. FI--News; L. Chatterton ABC--Pat McGulnneu KNX--Lowell Thonwj; ~ (5:10] KFI-- Exec. VVlre(S:25) KFI-Worti i of*Sporlj KABC-- Newsound KRKD-- FuMon Lewlj Jr. KGER-ButWers of Faith KFI-Dav« Shaw, Hews KABC-K«tttlJacksonsotj 6*0 P.M. KFI-- News; Pat Bishop ---- iC-- Edward ... -'X -- Sque KGER-8a:klolh«B!t: . queakln' Deacon KABC--Allln'stale; Mews KFI--Joe Garaolola (6:25) KFI--Chalterion Shiw KMPC-Roser Carroll KABC-John Bsbcock new; KGER-Rev^ At Harlan JCFI--Chet Kimllev; Busln' KA3C-Flnanclal; Weather KNX--H. Reasoner (4:5S) 7:00 P.M. , 1--News; Bandstand ' i»rt» FI-Mortwi Beitty Ntw» NX-- Omarrt Almanac GER-Rev. Victor Rev. Victor Glenn Ft-Bob KefnTtm'jjo 8:00 P.M; : 4ews; C. schenkll Ichael Jackson . =rank Simon Show .FAC--trfeitJnd Concert KGER-- Voice Amerl canlj m r.GCR_A KFl-Bob Kerf tafW) LGER--J. Vernon McGee 9:00 P.M. ;LAC--PrtysH Llm FI--News; L. Chatlerlon CABC-- NWJ; ABC ReDorlt JEZY--Jim Cooper Show CFOX-OranS OleOorv KGER--Rev. Lee Shelley IFI-Bcb Ker" IABC--Nlleirne, Bob Grail FI--CommcnweaHrt CM) "GER--Dr. Orr/ Blbft KGER--ScrlDlu;« Com'nt 10:00 P.M. K?L-7N"".L.£tatlerton fRANSISTOB RADIOS fAPE RECORDERS WALDOW PLUMBING HEATING 24 Hour Emergency Service . * R«pair * Remodel *.RcMdenfiol * Commercial ./, »« it»» Chj'i* «· s«'- MOID OimTCHED MUCK! 630 Cherry -- GE 3-0943 KGER--Wilbur Nelson KFI--Lifeline' S CABC--Nltellne, Bob Grant KNX-Mlchsel JiSu5, KFI--Larry Ctiallerlon C FOX--Bill Patterson FOll $ R E N A U L T YOUR IEST VALUE FOR LUXUftT. POWER, ECONOMf * LUXURIOUS COACHWORK * 0 to 50 MPH. 1.8 SEC. * 38 MILE PER GAL. * S3« PER MO., IANK TERMS 11:00 P.M. J FI--News; Sports Flnl ABC--News K.NX-N«s; Michael Jcksn bR--Clarence Welch KFI-Larry Chatelrton . KABC--Hilellne. Bob Grant KNX--Music ; tJI bann KFI--Th!no Called Llf« 12:00 MIDNIGHT KLAC--Rav Brlirn (to ·) KFI--Ron McCoy (to S) KMPC-- P«l» Smith (to i) KABC-Hews; Nmtitllnt KNX--Music 'til Dawn KFOX--Hugti Cherry do*! 1460 Long Beach 11,1,1. HE 2-8916 Service open Till :«) P.M. Mondays ·Lesi than 59 per 1000 Mll.i RADIO TV TUBES 50% OFF ELECTRONICS 8635 tRTESIA ME 4-5555 ALL CHANNEL TV PORTABLES DOOLEY'S PRICES I MI LOWER! 1Mn.G.E.....S68 Juliet Mills, Robert Lipton. Two patients insist they've diagnosed their own ailments -- one as psychotic, and the other demanding brain surgery. 9 (Color) Passport Nine: "Story of Philippines" 11 (Color) Alex Dreier, News 13 (Color) Bill Johns, News 28 Marcel Marceau on Mime Marceau talks with Edwin Burr Pettet and Elliott Norton, demonstrating how the comedy and pathos of life are interpreted through mime. 10:30 . 13 (Clr) Vagabond, Burrud "Catalina Island" 28 Cecil Brown; Off Ramp 11:00 P.M. 2 News, Jerry Dunphy 4 (Color) llth Hour News 5 Alfred Hitchcock Hour. "Don't Look Behind You," Vera Miles, Jeff Hunter. 7 News, Baxter Ward 9 Movie: "Inside Walls of Folsom Prison," Steve Cockran ('51) 11 (Clr) Tom Dugean Show with Adela Rogers St. Johns, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Saul Leibel, Dale Alexander. 13 Movie: "Murder Will A BEAUTIFUL SHAPE INSULATED--WASHABLE TAB1E PADS 35 Vf Kinin · R'lh OiOii Itcrplcl WURTH TABLE PAD MFC, CO. 4S7 E. Marker £,\ Q.f,'^? L-inq Beach Wi', i-.'"' « STfcflPPED PEOPLE \ Love fhe Service of " Long Beach Engine Rcbuilders RING and VALVE OVERHAUL $ZA95 OVERHAUL Automatic Transmission 69 '99.95 MOST SIXES MOST EIGHTS Inctutiei rlnflt, 9«ifrtft, frfl, \*tiar, GA 4-0407 3525 Long Beach Blvd. Most Can FREE LOAN CARS Free Towing ladget Terms EcmkAmerkard Long Bench Engine trad Tranfmissien Rebvilders DUI» I M 71 Sen. IM Hearing Aid with HO BATTERIES TO CHANGE! New MAICO No Cords, Tubes, Wires .^ -Vk--^-- ----- -!---*---· Sealed-in Power Cell Recharges While You Sleep! See If ... Try If Today, at HEARING AID CENTER 9733 Hewer · TO 7-3017 BELLFLOWER Out," James Robertson Justice ('53) 11:30 2 Movie: "Walk East on Beacon," George Murphy 4 (Color) Tonight, Johnny Carson (from Burbank), with Bob Hope, James Gamer, Eva Marie Saint, Maria Cole. Shows are on same-day basis during west coast originations. 7 Movie: "Cry of the Hunted," Vitlorio Gassman, Barry Sullivan ('53) 12:00 5 Movie: "Murder in the Music Hall," Wm. Marshall ('46) 12:30 11 Movie: "4's a Crowd." Errol Flynn ('38) 13 Movie: "SOS Coast Guard," Ralph Byrd ('42) 12:45 9 Movie: "While the City! Sleeps," Dana Andrews 1:00 4 News Wrap'Up ' 1:15 2 Movie: "Wife, Husband Friend," Loretta Young. 2:15 9 News; Spectrum COLOR TV MOTOROLA All Channel UHF/VHF CONSOLE 348 Free Delivery, Set-up, 90-day Service In Your Homi (red Full Guarantee . . DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART 5075 Long Beach Blvd. NORTH LONG BEACH 12-in, Westinghouse $68 19-in. Admiral Deluxe Model.$98 15-in. Admiral Deluxe Model. $98 21-in. Admiral Deluxe Model 148.88 19-iri. RCA Victor Remote .. 168.88 12-in. RCA Victor Transistorized $94 19-in. G.E... 12-in. G.E... 12-in. Zenith .$77 FREE SERVICE FULL GUARANTEE DOOLEY'S Hardware Mart 5075 Long Beach Blvd. NORTH LONG BEACH finishes 1510 COTA AVE. Long Beach, Calif. 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