Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 52
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 52

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 52
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i*-a- %Af«*|tt4 ··* t nvvp vvwm ivv 1 CREDIT MANAGER FULL TIME OR PART TIMi NWW.UC TV I Atollwce store. T. hsnilt rtSacolinitlnj 1. ,,«,, ,T i t SS37i Si "" WM1 - CALL Mr - Cradil-CoHection Mm f ·or..TM!*!! Hwelrv stores In Norwalk ·rw. Good salary. Mcnv _ comMnv benefits. Pkasont pressure-free surroundings UN 4-7217 DEALERS needed In Long Beach, Orarnt County, nearby. 300 last , repeal Household Products. Some *" «arn U. uo hourly. See or write Rawttlgh, 4707 E. 49th slrttt, Los Anoeles. Ca. 900S1. DELIVERY WANTED: Boys or Adults io Deliver MORNING INDEPENDENT N E W S P A P E R ROUTES. DOOR-TO-DOOR IN THE VICINITY OF CHERRY TO A T LANTIC, MARKET TO 12nd. MUSI LIVE IN/OR ADJACENT TO AREA. CALL HE i- 1161. EXT. 2i3. DtPF. MANAGERS Zodys has immediate openings FOR: Jewelry or Photo Dept. Managers and Supervisors experience required. Excellent salary oenetiti APPLY IN PERSON ZODYS. LONG BEACH JEWELRY DEPT JACK KOCK OR SEND COMPLETE RESUME TO Box A6353 Independent. Press-Te . OR Call Jack Wool! (7U) 52S-TOJ An equal opportunity emolovpr DESIGNERS MARINE DESIGNERS DRAFTSMEN STRUCTURAL PIPING SHOP DESIGN Call (2 13) 547- II 73 OR WRITE RADOS ENGINEERING CMI TERMINAL P.O. BOX 830. San Pedro, Calif. Apply In person. Older male preferred. PACIFIC COAST Club, 650 E. Ocean. Development-Engr. to $1000 FREE ALSO FTE JOBS Mech. Engr. deg. preferred or 2 vrs col. or tolid exppr. in deMOn development, etc. aircraft components. Jam Allen Professional Agencv 3405 L.B. Blvd. Suits 212 427-SJ4S DISHWASHER (Over 21) scale GWINN'S Employment Aqenc 314 Elm, Lono Beach HE 7-2855 Draftsman . Detail For valve manufacture Phone for App't VAREC INC. 770-1500 An wual opportunity employer no APT;M AN /npTAi! Machine and tool drawings. 1 vr. board exp. and somt thop exo. helpful. STANDUN W43 E. Las Hermanns Compton 537-5230 draftsman-Engr to $750 Medt'l. tngr. background necess. PROSPECTORS EMPIOYMENT AGENCY 3414 E. 7m. L.B. 434-ttm DRAFTSMAN MECHANICAL with good detailing ability. ? veart experience desirable or col eoe ^BAASH-ROSS AvE 3 vrs experience. Complete knowt- erlge of mechanical hydraulic blueprint reading layouts, and checking. Surauue Englncprino 19300 S. Vermont Ave. Gardens DRAFTSMAN- STRUCTURAL Experience required In tlmbtr, Keel and concrete. WlOFFATT K. NICHOL, Engineers 2iO W. Wardlow Road, Long Beach DRIVERS Must have hnowledot of Harbor *rea. Apply -GOODWILL INDUSTRIES EDO W. Pacific Coast Hwy. DRIVER SALESMEN, LIMITED OPENINGS Mel-0-Dee 1601 W. 15th LBch DRIVER sis, married. Part timt 6-10 DRIVERS TOW TRUCK "UdSToNG BEAC N H°r,TK. C '" WlciTTECHNICIAN OR TRAINEE Electronic and mechanical back- cround required. We will train vou to service office dictation cauip- mcntmcnt. Over 21, neat flppear- unce. Salary, car allowance and company benefits. Call 666-J600. STENOCORD Dictation System 3755 Beverly Blvd., L.A. Maintenance Man Must have oood eledrlca background and own looK. Experience In manufactured plant. All fringe benciils. Apply MON., WED. OR FRI. 12150 So. Alameda, Lvnwood ENGINEERS --AIRCRAFT Aeronca Inc. 326-877 Estimator-Salesman FOR ROOM ADDITIONS FACTORY WORK Immediate opcnlnos for men train in 1MB nalion s Ir-atlino nunri ina materials manutncturino nlant Mini be in oood physical cond tlon, with oood work record. Mus bf high school arnrtualc. NON-DEFENSE WORK XLNT. SftLARY BtNSFITS ROTATING SHIFT WITH SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL CALL FOR INTERVIEW L U 8 - I I 2 I U.S. Gypsum Co. SOUTH GATE An Eaual Onnorlunilv Emolovcr FACTORY TRAINEE, car . St. S1.6 Gavlord Employment Agency H.TS Atlanllc Avo. 591-734 tmcpfti A C C BOAT BUILDER ALL CATEGORIES SPORTSTER MFG. MWt s. Downey Ave. Paramount. ME 3-537H ADRIAN'S AGENCY MANY FREE FEE JOBS 5305 ATLANTIC «H S1 FINANCE Westinghouse C r e d i Corp. Unusual onponunllv for jmbillo vounfl man Interested In workln for national sales finance c'r orevloui bank or finance cnmm ny expcr. 8, outside collcc on; d jlrable but not csscntia . Goo starting salary plus company ca Complete Insurance *£«?" ·WcW'Bf/KT.'ftnt.rf, 'fl^rtS,TMTM-TM*TM IttoWcMH WiHtlpWMH* ISO (MM) (MEN) FISH CUTTER Experienced n cannery work cr similar. 25*. married. Neat, intelligent, responsible, sober a. c- ! pendabie. Permanent work, rinpe bcntlits. Virile Box A-ICOS?, Independent, Press-Telegram RY COOK, graveyard shut. Tea oav or oual iied mar. 925-0964 Bellfl. ' L urnifure Delivery 5151 ATLANTIC L ULL TIME Travel Trailer Mfgr. Needs exoer. Cabinet Makers, Fiberglass help, Gel-coat Men, Hand Laminators/ Rollers, etc. ALSO Assemblers, Plumbers, sidewall, OAS'lS TRAILER Mf-GR. 10133 Washington St., Btllltraer GARDENERS j BULLOCK'S LAKEWOOD is interviewing for Gardener full and part time Excellent working conditions. ADD!/ Personnel Dent. Interviewing Hours f:30 to 11 a.m. and 2 2:30 p.m. 5005 Clark Ave. Lakewood An eo.ust opportunity employer -- - -..- |/ GENERAL Maintenance man for Health Clubs. Must have own transo. tools. AAust be cannble of handling all olases oi Bldg., construction equip, repairs. Su.t- able for man semi retired. Call Mr. Cox* Parnell 531-7676 GENERAL HELP WANTED 12 Men 19-35 IMMEDIATELY Part lirnt eve. 6-10. Ne^t, de- Dpndahle, married. Cal. driver's " $3. Hr. No Experience Necessary 925-5001:531-7730 Gen Office $520 Mature, lite tvne. SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5230 Clark. Lkifrl ME 3 81J7 ~~ GUARDS HARBOR AREA, T O R R A H T E COAAPTON LAKEWOOD FULL OR PART TIME Must be In oood physical condition. Uniforms equipment furnished, frinqe benefits, car S. phone necessdry APPLY fn S. Serrano, L.A. Wilshire-Wcst- ern area. 7 a.m. lo 4 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. or call Jack Hubbnrd 3B1-6D21, Efxt. 39 for Imiornatlon. GUARDS FULL PART TIME P NKERTONS, the nation's num her one Security guard service has ooenings thru out all the Long Beach area. Openings also exist throuah areas oi Los Anaclcs. Highest union scale In Industry fringe benefils. Fxcfllent oDDOr- tunlfv for advancement. Uniforms equipment furnished. Car phone essential. Vets brlna discharge papers. APPLY IN PERSON 4\7 SO. HILL ST. LA. MON THRU FRI AM TO S PM SAIURDAY 9 AM TO NOON An equal opportunity emolovftr HAND NAILERS EitDer. pallet and box makers. Too Diece work rate. 5955 Firestone Blvd , South Gate. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER decreed I.E. with M1M Blu» Card for method* standards work In -Non-Military Industry. Starting salary i600 to S7DO per month. Some experience desirable. VIRTUE BROS. 19B01 SO- SANTA FE COMPTON JUST NORTH OF DbL AMO Inspector/furn. exp. $2.50 Mathcws Emoloyment Agency INSPECTOR 3 to 5 vears experience In Ae o Space field familiar with mil- specs. Experience in Inprocess or vinvl Inspection on machine parts, Dve-went insprction helpful, but not required. Write or contact J m Cr Fl°L D xmlE METAL HOSE MFG. 777 W. 16th, Costa Mesa. 92627 INSPECTOR High schoo arnduDte to Perfo ni detailed Inspection of incominq pdrfs in process finished products in the electro-mechamra hand tool field. Musi be able to read blueprints, use a variety o Inspection ns ruments and tech niniiev Preter al least 3 yrs relat cd.cxper. incluiJinB mathematica X D |nt U wages, benefils, working con diiions room to learn gro\ with an expanding commrrc a nifinulat-turer whose business 1 not dependent on dcfenss con tracls. Piedse call or visit: Personnel office 77.I-H50. 774 5951 UNGAR Diy. of Eldon Ind. Inc. 233 E. Manville, Compton Inspector-Receiving Manufacturing Experience VIRTUE BROS. MFG. W501 So. Scinlfl Fe, Cnmpton IN C!AS A U C A E LTY SALESMAN New approach to mnrkctinq Cos uattv Insurance. 63J7202 B a.m.- JANITORS Mon or coup «-- experienced. 6vc ninas. Call 851-73 JANITOR-WATCHMAN 2!Vj hrs. per week on vjcekenri No drinkers. State ape Jorrnc emplovers to Box C, 6396 Ind JOBS at McDonnell Doualas In Lon Bench Huntinoton Beach JR. DRAFTSMAN CO. GROWTH HAS C R r A T E D POSITION FOR A RECENT TECHNICAL SCHOOL GRADUATE OR PERSON W I T H 2 YRS. OF COLLEGE TO ASSIST WITH DF-TAILED DRAFTING ASSIGNMENTS. FAMILIARIIY AND EXPERIENCED DRAFTING SMAt PARTS PREFERAnLY IN THE FMFJCTRItAL / O R ELECTROMECHANICAL FIELDS. XLNT SALARY BENEFITS GROWTH POTENTIAL. PLfcAS= CALL OR VISIT: Personnel office 774 595(1 57.I-S5S1 UNGAR Dlv. of Elrtfin Ind-lnc. 233 E. Manville, Compfon Laborers -- unskilled TEMPORARY Ions-- all sh'M* Cars or no cars. Open 6:30 a.m dnilv. DAILY DRAWS. PEAKLOAD CO. 212V/. Anaheim t LAB TECH 5 I 3 0 W K 2 vrs. exp. col. helpful, exn. D as n tics and/or fibcrolas. Jane Allen Prolession^l Aprncv 3605 LR Blvd. Suite 212 427-54: Lab Technician Need man to work in Mcchan ca Lab. Min. of 2 vrs college if (·Hired with n background ' Math S. Physics. Prefer somcon 2 ni"iorinq n Mechanical Enoinccr mo or related exper. APPLY 9-11 of 1:30 P.M. ^ ROBERTSHAW CONTROLS CO. L.B. BLVD. AT L.B. FREEWAY An fou^I Opportunity Emplc.vrr n Aocnrv Ul/ S. LB Blvd. 639-3?7 d ConKton : ""LTtHE OPERATOR 4 Yrs etpcr. Must have tools. 1 LINK ENGINEERING L rFNs"Grlndrr, exoer. Bauich / * Sine., Rm. W3, 19 Pint Av HE 5-8944 LEAD MAN $450 Mo. Salary Xlnt. adi/ancfme.-.t J, $700 potential v/itn maior So. Calif. Sffvice Co. Call S67-1523 QUOR Store ClerK, Exoer. Bo.nda- bie, sober, nights. A^Dlv S a.m. to 12 noon, 1742 Woodruff, Belli lower. IQUOR CLEKK. PART TIME EXP. 505S LONG BEACH BLVD. LIC. INSURANCE SALESMAN Top com... Top rf^aw, aft the leads vc-u c^n handl*. 6M-J207 Mr. LINOTYPE OPERATOR 27SJ Long Beach Blvd., L.B. vlachine Oporaiors V.'o re?d soc^i Qjalified turret lar^e operaiors (or ''ncl i 3rd shuis. Positions open for sieadv $. pornitinenl employment. ^V-usi Jiave experience. Willis Oil Tool Co. 3«l PALW DRIVE L.B. MACHINIST Dlanic pa,its. Some ntotd v.-crk, or ! jigs, etc. Excellent ODDortum- tv. Nv-Gl^is Inc. 7314 N. A^adison, Paramount. MACHINIST Radial Drill operator win boring bar Exp. SPANO CRANE SALES SHRV. 1/70 Cresion L.B. see Piesion MACHINISTS BURGMASTbR, Gardeno 321-3S10 Maintenance Mechanic G a r d e n a manufacturer needs exc'd Maintenance mechanic tor day snift. Steady Non-defense work. Union shoo. Manv frina«. Hourly waoe S3.01^ to S3.335. Call Mr. Hakes (213) 321-6520 lAiNT^.NANCE- SWIM POOL ROUTE F«iM:ri( reliable, none otner nee.T apply. Steadv Top isiary frinne benefits. Call ai- ter 6 p.m. X?l-2959 or 429-46J3. MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN Harvey Aluminum, Torrance /AN. Retired wtio lives near 3rd Loma. Part time Custodio duties 434-0/96 AN to assist manaoer in Factory branch aooliance stor«. Must M neat appearing. Paramount Store 634-1639 UN; lf.-20 hrs. v;k. Eves. Sat. S78.-10 v/k. Service men college sludents O.K. Aooly 992 B E. Artc- sia, L.B. 7 P.m. Frl. IAN INSURANCE: SALES rtAN or Horn- Const ructioji Soles. Top Commission. Call 639-1223 MANAGER TRAINEE Branch management trainino pronram now open to Qualified applicants Proornm will iearh all phases of finance manage- menl and operation, Icadino 13 branch management. Aopli- cnritb must be hioh school graduates have a car, some college helpful. Outstanding emolovec benefits liberal salary advancements. A so opemnq for experienced personnel in our decelerated training oroaram. APPLY IN PERSON PUBLIC FINANCE CORP. 215 W. Anaheim Wilmington 1607 Cravens Ave. Torrance MANAGER ASSISTANT $7200 tp S9000. Drapery Domestic store. Mail resume or apply. LEVYS 528 Pine Ave. !.. Rch. MANAGERS (ASST) Experienced Consumer Finance men to loin rapidly growing loan as. Excel., starting salary, outstanding benefits ano: rapid advancement. Call Mr. Swisher 6/51000 -- 2200 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa; or Mr. Hartford 437-0373-146 E. 3rd St. Lono Bench. PRINTED CIRCUITS F X P A H S I O N H A S CREATED OPENINGS FOR . . . Electro Platers Etchers Silk Screen Printers Processors : xpertence In mantjfnclurina 0 printed circuit boards preferred. U.S. Citizenship Required LOCKHEED ELECTRONICS Data Products Division A division of Lockheed Aircraft Corp. 6201 E. RANDOLPH City of Commerce Mr. Florence 1 .R. rreevvov Faual Opportunity Employer MATTRESS T3DD Edoe Operate Must be experienced. Apply LAKEWOOD COTTON PRODUCT MECHANIC Front end ?x muffler speclalibh Lots of work-- aood oav. Call Jac 869 9230 12 noon til 9 p.m. MECHANIC-- Forklift, r-lec. gas Good benefits. Call AN 9-07 MECHANIC Must be experienced on aut truck, forklift anrl plant servic Steady employment. Hunter Woodworks MECHANIC Franchise new truck dealer. Ni shop. Heavy dulv trucks. Overtim benefits. Contract Bob Lynn, 3333 Chcrrv Ave. MEN-(Alcoa-Cutco) 2-nart 3 fi time. College students servic men ok. Call 428-6542 urns, brushes, Insurance, milk or food routes? WMkins Products has openinq, part or iull time (or rioh MEN CAMPER MFG. Experienced onlv. Cabinet men metal men, plumber, electrician set-up men. South Seas, /601 Tal brrt Avr., Huntinpton Bench. MEN 'm Looking For n young man (over 21) w 10 is energrtic and is Interested in n cermoient in 1 lime iob, xvilh earninas o! 5500 to $600 ocr month Call^V/ts 597-824^ 10 AM Til NOON MEN SATISFIED WITH $200 0 $250 a week. Need no! call for » nterview. Ages between 25 S, 45 Must have at least 15 hours of eve ning time available per week MtlpWMNd ISOlHcl^ W«tH ISO Help Wmttd ISO (MEN) (MEN) (MEN) MEN VARIETY OF WORK F0» VETERANS AND EX-SERVICEMEN PURPLE HEART VETERANS 218 LOCUST WEN Wanted College Students or Retired Men For Afternoon DPI. 1 V E R Y OF THE PRESS - T E L E G R A M NEWSPAPER ROUTES. GOOD PROFIT PLUS CASH PRIZES. HOUSE TO HOUSE DELIVERY PLUS C O L L E C T 1 NO. MUST HAVE CAR OR H O N D A . AREA BETWEEN PACIFIC TO ORANGE. P.C. HWY 10 WILLOW. CALL HE 5- lll, EXT. 225 MEN-MILITARY Active duty -- oood Dart timt lob. Ship board o.k. Call (or Bppt. 634.3)10 or 423-MI6 MILLING MACHINE OPERATORS Exowlenced In aircraft oarls. Nr. 60S Freeway i Alondrj, A\tta! Products Mio. Co.. 10602 MODEL MALE ens fashions end Fashion Maoa- tie photo's. Also some TV commercials. S30 E*r hour. ' A T QUINLAN Ao?ncv, 531-9S50 243 Pcramour-t. Suite O., Lkwd. exp Midas, 933-0148; 71J-533-3194.' MUFFLER MAN Cull 426-7194, S-5 Mon.-Sat. NEED GOOD CARRIERS! ROUTES ARE NOW AVAILA- BLF WEST OF THE FLOOD CONTROL. MUST BE DEPENDABLE HAVE A RELIABLE, HE 5-1 161, EXT. 263. EDDY, HE 5.1161, EXT. 363. 'AINTER-handvrnan. mid. aocd- Also ant. manaoer. Eves. 439-7574. PART TIME WORK DELIVERING MORNING INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS TO HOMES IN WEST L.B- MUST BE DEPENDABLE! HAVE GOOD TRANSPORTATION. CALL MR. EDDY, HE 5-1161, FXT. 243. PART TIME Delivery mfin. Over 25 Use own car, no selling. Small i ems. Madison 2-0351. PERSONNEL ASSISTANT TO PERFORM IN WIDE VARIETY OR PERSONNEL ASSIGNMENTS FOR FAST MOVING DYNAMIC MANUFACTURING FIRM. DUTIES INCLUDE INTERVIEWS S, SELECTION FOR Al I. EMPLOYMENT L E V E L ' S , COUNSELING, RECORD KEEPING. GROUP INSURANCE, ADMINISTRATION, PRF'FFR 2 YEARS OF COLLEGE 8. AT LEAST 2 YEARS BUSINESS EXPER- 1FNCE + WILLINGNESS TO WORK WITH PEOPLE. EXCELLENT WAGES, BEN- EF1IS, WORKING CONDITIONS 8. PLENTY OF ROOM TO GROW W I T H AN EXPANDING COMPANY. Please wiite, phone or visit ELDON INDUSTRIES, INC. 2701 W. El Segundo Blvd. Hawlhrone /57-2I51 PFST Control licensed or trainer must be 21 or over. Benefits, salary comm., sick leave, profit sharing, health Ins. paid vacation, uniforms. Anoly In person. 2633 At PHONE SALES Life Magazine Saia rv + Bonus. $2.45 to S3.« M sale. Full, part/time. 424-0477 PLASTICS extrusion produdlo trainees. New 100,000 SO ft Plan All benefits. Age 23 v". up. ADO! daily 22600 So. Bonito, Wllm. Near 223 Avalon PLASTIC INJECTION Adams Bros. Plastics 6/5 034 # PRINTER GOOD PAY f BENEFITS POSTAL INSTANT PRES 114 W 1st SI. Long Brae 436-9589 or HA 9-6208 after 6 QUALITY CONTROL MANAGER exocncnced, statistical bac: orounrj send resume reference to Box A6352 Independent, Pres RADIO REPAIRMAN Qualified to repair transistor rad os, Phonos tape recorders. Goo pay, excellent benpfits. Steadv em piovment. No defense work. General Electric Co. 4511 E. Pac. Cst. Hvvv L MR. PAINE 597-4302 An eouol ooportunilv employer R.E. SALESMAN-S150 WK. Draw, little or no exoer. 0. Hare work. Complete listina and se trnininp aver. Comm. Bellflower Lkwd. offices. R E . Land Sales * Yucca Vail Coll WESTERN HILLS 869 2 J Torrance office. No license new ed 40 hr. week. Start at $600. Co A.C. (71J) 5!7-2536 for apooin RFPOSSESSOR Exper. onlv, own cnuinment. 438-3-150 or 421-1412 ROUTE SALESMAN ESTARLISHED DRY C I E A N I N ROUTE. GOOD OPPORIUNIT FOR MAN OVER V WITH SOM RETAIL E X P F R I F N C 75.COMMISS10N $110 A W GUARANTEE. PAID VACATION r APPLY Alert Cleaners 2000 E. ROSECRANS. COMPTON Help Wonted 150 Help Wonted IS [MEN) (MEN) HOW INTERVIEWING TOR RESTAURANT TRAINING ', Must Re NV.U Appearing and of Good Character API.E TO DEVOTE FULL TIME ! To a Grecr Position in the Kestauranl Business NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY ' WE TRAIN YOr | COMPANY PAID VACATION' 1 TO 4 WEEKS | HEAI.'III INM'RANCE SICK LEAVE tiENIIROl .S I'ROIMT SHARING PLAN BOB'S "Home of the Bifi Bor" FAMILY RESTAURANT 1 We arc a rapidly cxpam in.c orpni/alinn. progressive and able to ot'fcr many oppmtunitics startinr; as a -onk tr.nnce. Good Slarlinj; wages pirn inca s and .nilran.ilic p.iy increases. j INTI:RVII-.\\ 7 S ! \VI:DNI:SDAY, THURSDAY ] : RIDAY 9 A.M. to I P.M. - · NO I'HONT. CALLS I'l.liASF. 2 5 8 8 LONG BEACH BLVD. J220 BELLFLOWER BLVD., LB. j 5809 LAKEWOOD BLVD., LAKEWOOD An Eaual Omwlunllv Emolovfr t Technical Illustrator i Current opening emti lor a Tecnnic*! Uluitraior with * minimum of inrev ye art ixperivnc* in Orthographic «nd Isometric drawing, Penci *nd Ink wort. N«at hdneJ lettering and pa-f« up ft* lential. Bring sample s of work for interview. Eicclleni t«Ury. Fine working cenditioni Frea li^» Insuranct And medical t«netiii ! Contact perionn* clep«i*m*nt for intervinw Mon. thru Friday. $:30 to 4:30 p.m. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER HI-SHEAR CORPORATION 2600 Skyparl Drivt (formprly W. 247th| Torr-snct, Cant. Help Wanted ISO F (MEN) OUTE Salesman ror nallonwltlc companv. Appiv In person Ren Star Yeast, 543* E. Washington _ Blvd.. L.A. ROUTE SALESMAN b tor Industrial Laundry. 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., to service Cltv of Commerce. Send resume to Box A-Mu. Independent, Press-Teleoram. OUTE SALES OPPORTUNITY L AT ; HELMS '' BAKERIES s Estab Routes Available s Many Comnanv RcnclMi Malor Medical r DenUI Pd. Vacationi 5 Dav Week Small investment reauired (refundable) nierviews 6 AM fo 8 AM 426-0361 3000 Pacific Ave., Lono Beach ALPS ROUTE SALES ARROWHEAD HAS PERMANENT OPENINGS FOR ROUTE SALESMEN IN WEST LOS ANGELES LONG BEACH. ·veraoe monthly earnings $750+ alter route assignment. Paid troin- np. 5-dav wfek. Monday thru Friday. Excellent opportunity for advancement. BENEFITS INCLUDE Profit sharing retirement plan, company paid medical and hosoi- talizatinn insurance, paid vacation, tick leave, etc. ADDllcanti must b« high school Graduates. Minimum height 5'B"; 15i Ibs. Mln. aqe 21 vrs. Must have good driving records be m lop physical condition. Sales ability desired. Bring driver'* llcenit St military «ervic« record). 1NTFRVIEWS THURSDAY FRIDAY FEBRUARY 27TH 2BTH 8 A.M. to 11 A.M. 1 P.M. to 3 P.M. Arrowhead Puritas Wafers ZM5 DOMIHGUEZ ST. LONG BEACH An Mual opportunity Emolover SALESMAN Aqarcsslve, dependable/ neat ath- lelic-tyye, with good phone ahillty. Prefer 23 to 40 for diving schoo . (Inside). Sat. + comm. Phone Mr. Green (213) 971-6646. $300 TO $500 PER WEEK 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 5 days o werk. Must be self starter. Call Mr. Lindquist or come in In nerson 9 o.m. to 12 noon Monday thru Friday, American Sentry Systems, 2485 1 ono Reach Rl. 1 ona Beach. Phone GA 7-8921 SALES, e*p., men's wear 5100 wk + AEA AGENCY 1884 ATLANTIC 591-ddOl Sales Trainee Wanted By a leading national cigarette company. 21 years or over. Good salary. Expenses nmd. ? varatmns yearly. Automobile furn. for bus ness 8. personal use -f- many fringe benefits. Submit resume to Box A- 8831, Ind. Press-Telegram SALESMAN, no exp. nee. v/e train Queen City Ford 2302 Belf. BI. L.B. C A | CC oALto fit leost 3 years In area, college or enuivalent. Must hav« good v^ork record. No Hooters. Substaniiol base, plus commissions. Excellent training. Write, oiving full details about yourself. No resumes. Box 5ALE EARN THE MOST ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITTAN1CA Sell bv appoint only. Ph. 422-0976; 547-3810 young assistant S650+ commission bonus after first month irain na probationary period. Some College sales experience. For information CALL AN 1-0146 Factory Representative Southern California area, for leading metal cutting tools Mfo. Salary 1 commission. S^nd resume to P.O. Box 1051, L3 Habra 90631 SALES $ Money! TALKS Would you like to be a professional salesman? No door- knockers w a n t e d . Come in let us prove to you we are all making good money! $650 SAL. PER MO. plus comm in mgmt. DOWNEY 1 2 3 1 1 W O O D R U F F REDONDO BEACH 2810 ARTESIA SUITE A GARDEN SROVE 12422 LAMPSON AVE. SALES Auto Salesmen | WE NEED YOU NOW! i SELL CARS No experience necessary, v/e have qualified managers to tram vuu. i vou can follow Instructions, you can earn a good living here wh !e vou learn. Lots of floor time. Tor rlfic pay plan. Exceptionally gooc Cash Sonus for steady vear rounr employee oaid Dec. IStn. ADP v ir person, contact Sales Manfln^r RAY VINES CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH WILLOW AT LAKEWOOD BLVD SALESMAN, Inside, cxocrlcnccd Familiar with Industrial Hard elp Wanted 150 (MEN) SALES CAREER 1 vr trainino program. Waoe ' * L BE A MILLIONAIRE j n small Invesment can turn vou into ft millionaire in one vear. Ar- §ly S P.m. sharu, 3??0 Atlantic Ivd , In., suite ?02. THIS AD WILL NOT BE RF- PEATbD SALES aioe General Contractlno tirm reds representatives. Excellent Duortunity with top pay for riant sen. No construction knowlfdaft ecessarv. WP train. Del Bunch Corporation 303 E. Alo^dra Blvd., Rellflower (OPEN / DAYS A W E b K ) ALES, i;art lime rvrv Good s a l o r v . Car necessary. 923-9241. ALESMAN: exp. rnrn's wear steady position Write Box N51S5 Indea. Piess-Te|eorom j TIGERS! It you (eel vour roa: Is worth more 5SS Call Mr. Axtell, 531 82S5 9 to S ALES n "Unusual Opportunity WANTED: 3 men with sales background. College not necessaiv. The Independent Order ot Foresters has openino tor right man experienced in meeting the public. D;o- nltied, life-time position. Earnings commence Immediately. Should be $250 per week or more. Interviews by aop't. onlv. Call 9 to S Mon ALES RETAIL APPLIANCE FURNITURE SALESMAN Experienced. Excellent oav and fringe benefits. Apply in person. 3553 E. Century Blvd, in Lynwood SALESMAN For i adio amateur eauipment. HE 76MI ALESMAN-- Men* clothing. MUST BE FXPETRIENCbD. L.B. Uni- orm Co. 200 L.B. Blvd. Sales Trainee to $7200 FREE ALSO I-EE JOBS 4 vrs. Coll. over 25, married 3605 " LB ' BlvdT 0 s"ne 212 428-5448 SALESMAN, exp. Industrial Solid Tires Rollers. Age over 30. Salary comrnensuiaie with exn. Cal! 321-2060 tor appt. SALESMAN AUTO PARTS Youno man ior Santa Ana PEP eel. salary, worKlng cond. opportunities lor advancement. Liberal employee benefits include- hospitalization Insurance, tite Ir.sur ance pensisn fund. Apylv In person at 120 E First St., Santa Ana. SALESMAN, retail sales, inside. Paint, wallpaper, etc. Lxperlcnce not necess.irv. Excellent ouportun- H V. Cdll Mr. Rnrrrn, J95-7524 SALFSMfcN- direct sales, give away our ^urdv product. Unlimited comm ssion. Repeat sales. Exclusive areas, all leads furnished Com missions only. 8773401 or 935-8144, Ext. 40. about the best deal in town. Pnone (213) 433-9931. Electrostatic copiers $100 wk. -f sal. -f- comm. -f bonus 6?6-757fi MR. SUTTOfJ SALfcSMEN: R E. We riave leads and sale-producing program. Hign comm. earnings. Expenses advanced. Phone for Intervif-w, Fred at 42-7M/, Mon. thru Thurj. 2:00 SECURITY GUARDS Steady work. Good wooes io rlpM man. Call GA 7-IH7 SELL H05. 8. Medical Ins. Top deal, lends. Mr. Wright. HE 7-1JI4 SEMI RETIRED GENTLEMAN Vault accounting, bank tellina ex- nerirnce helpful but not essential to ooerflfe coin counters. Salary negotiable. Excellent workfno con- d tions. Must be bonddble. CALL 634-0^180 T O Y O T A AGENCY. 5 day wk. g salary. Send resume to Box A 7692 SERVICE slation attendants, cxoer., full or oarT time. Apply Don's Shell, 3199 Orange, L.B. Steves Mobile Service, 3974 Stude- Service Station Man mechanical expcr. Nonemacheri 5000 LONG BEACH BLVD. SERVICE STATION Full timr, I': times over 40 hrs C H t V R O N Station, Los Alflrnitos Blvd. at SI. Cloud 1625 W. Willow. UNION station SERVICE station salesmen, exp. Bondoblc. Full time. Fercis Enco Salion. 12?2 F. Anaheim, Wilm. SFRV1CE station Attendant o^r time, fuM time, graveyard, 2 yenrs ocal exoor. aaolv in person 1233 Master, Garden Grove fu 1 rcsponsibllitv operating a ^,ta t o n . Must be qualified. Inauire ir bnck oi 3391 L.B. Blvd. Exo. only. Full time. Too wases t commission. Apolv Edaewater Union, 2nd Pac. Coast Highway. SHOE salesman, for Manager Train ce. Also part time man, 18 to ? vrfirs. Inouire Hardy Shoe Stare 230 Pine Ave., LB. Help Wanted 15C INDEPE Itlp Wanted 150 H IMCN) _ SURGICAL f ECH : B 7 A\\ lo 3:30 PM. Coil Pers.jnM ; Dm'. bet»«1 3 30 AM 5 PM. Mo.i. tfircucl Ffi. S2/-7/4; Stantcn Cc-vjn tv Hospital. f EST'ENGR. Vo $850 c F R f E ALSO FEE JOBS j R?cc"t co'l«e rtidi. deo. or rear - d?y:fc. V.ecia-itcat comoonon'^ . r % Jan* Alien Professional Ageing ^ TOW TRUCK DRIVER FiWlfflCfd 30 IWf TRAINEE OoDorrvnUv la lea-n Statlsrc^. , *sV V-an v.! i"--3 "ra v.rrV ' ( r t * - j - ' IJT r.ped dWv 4306?4J FRUCK DRIVER to $3 - liar L3 Btva. IvnA-JC-3 "to) rl'^ TV" SERVICE c R T N C H R. OUTSIDE. P,-rmwil opoi-na t?r scbci ifiro'i- A^EAs"ol'DEST$*ciP.' AT. i MR. LINDSFY HUMPHRFYS MUSIC CO. W t -3RD H e " 4 W - I.V. Service, out vide. ; Pti. 43M101 UPHOLSTERER (CUSTOM! fvrcncncofl rc-r v.miV* :r.i*.lpa Gotnl \\a;;e\ S. bem.ts 3CflO L. Inuwn.M HA V. L\iv.\rcv1 I 537^300 WAREHOUSEMAN dept. 10 till' ordoii. NE906M WAREHO'USEMAN $2.50 ( I'.l iL'ti grotl, scrv.rr complclf* JEV.'LL COOPtR AGENCY 11701 LB Bltf-.l ftj-S-.'/?0 "WELDER-BRAZIERS ( Production exDerie.ic* VIRTUE BROS. MFG. N801 So. Santa Fe Comcton JUST NORTH OF nru A\\O i WELDERS ! Certified Short aiv A Hflirac i we dors. Experienced In ^ p'pp Wneei alignment nun. too (wy- ', JJOt H. An.ihrim V.'OODWORKlNG mach.nisi operator Exp. 21550 S. Wilmington AVP 1 R . Employment 155; Agencies MODELS Sljps 5 1o ItV n Jo Jl Miirnr.'i or ^ ngle. !-ull or part time. T E A ROOM MODELS : FASHION SID Dor show | !A H STYLE MAGAZlNF 1 MODELS .... . . . Stt hr.: SHOWROOM MODELS SLACKS . . 590 per wk. 5AFFTY OHVICF PROMOTION 52.50 oer liour COSMETIC DEMONSTRATORS NAT I O N A L FIRM. PHOTOGRAPH (16-30 v i s ) ISO per IbENAGERS B HOSTESSES.: TCEN-AGER ^ A l A L O G U E MODELS. All applicants intf-rvlewed bv closed circuit TV PAT QUINLAN Agency 531-9670 ADRIAN'S AGENCY We have many openings lust waiting for the riant person MANY FREE i FEE JOBS 5305 ATLANTIC 428-JS16 Help Wanted 160 (WOMEN) ASS'T Bkkpr-- gen'l office elc. 9-6 nm S40Q to start. Giant Electronics 634-5555 Asst Dental $368.33 SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5230 Clark Lkwd. ME 1-9147 BABYSITTER, live In. Weekends off. Prlv. rm, salary. 863-2863 Norwalk. BABYSITTER, working mother, mv home 5 davs, day* or niohK 3 mos old child 433-1791 BABYSITTER-- Housekeeper. Live BABYSITTER 5 day week my horn* Cv»rov; (714) 820-1155 nit 5 pni B A B Y S I T T E R wanted-AA.idison schools area-. Lakewood, 4?l-fl995 BABYSITTER. Oriental family, In my home. Ref. Vic 15th Maono- lla Call 43/-7605 alt 5 pm BABYSITTER In mv homa only Traffic Circle area. 597-8027 BABYSITTFR -- Reliable, exoerl enced, references reauired. Par time, D.m.'s. 2 Infants, in mv home. Lkwd. 633-7-ii Ref. Bucna Park (/IJ) 8289722 BABYSITTER Live In. Care 3vr. bov. Lite housework, Ref. 666-3116. BANK Experienced Part Time COMMERCIAL TELLER UNITED CALIFORNIA BANK 13916 Bay Blvd. Sea! Beach 430-1061 An Eaual Ooonrtunilv Employer TELLERS SECRETARIES Inanclal Institution seeking auall- tied personnel for Chief Tellers, Tellers and«. Starting salary from S350 to 1550. Norwalk a Ca e n"Mr. Hrnslev 848-4518 BARMAID nights, reliable; 630W3 BAR Maidi Day or mahl S2 hr. Playmate lounge 2913 E. Anaheim V/ Pac Csl Hwy. 437-9S4/ BARMAIDS, Inexocr., will tram- flame bar, 8513 E. ArSeiia, Btllfl. ! ton, San Pedro. 830-7231 BAR MAID, Bikini. Norwalk. F.lame, 844-9036. 10 a.m. -6 D.m. BARMAID, relief shift, m!n!-drr«. 2 davs, 1 nights. ?9?9 E. Anaheim. BARMAID, topless comg., guar. S250 BARMAID Young attractive, no exp. nee. BARMAID Mini Skirt TOD WHOM 537-47/7 between 10 a.m. 6 p.m. EARMAID, v o ·· n o atlrarl ve, ' niohts, neighborhood beer bar, no costume. Apply 12 noon, to 7 p n. 1720 E. Broadwav, L.B. BARMAIDS mini skirt girls wonled -- no exp ncceib, no dnncinp re- nuireri. guar $200 wk, nltcs Full or port time, B-2 am, 714 633-8695 if BARMAIDS-- German s p e a k i n g VAinted for new German Hotbrflu. l Aoolv in person. See Herman, 1490 Long Beach Blvd. ^32-9337 BARMAIDS-BIKINI Work In busiest house In Southern California. 52OT week guarantee No txperience necessary. THE HOLIDAY 10915 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Borings 944-65W BEAUTY OPERATOR International Hair Styling Is hk ng beduty operator, full time or part time. Guarsntee plus comm. Exoe- I r r e n c e d onlv. Call Wr. Mahioubru 4i?-?2S? " ' wood, should live in vicinity . ^ «*»^ r,i(ornntpp. Skill reauired. HA S- STANDARD STATIONS PERMANENT JOBS GOOD PAY! * Storting Salary S2.54 per Hour 5-Day, 40-Hr. *· Automatic Increases ·^Promotions FINE BENEFITS i * Uniform Furnished ·frPaid Vacations * Stock Plan * Sickness Plan ·^Hospitals, Medical *Lile Insurance Experience not necessary ' An equal opportunity employer INTERVIEWS 8-10 A.M. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 281H CANDLEWOODi CLARK ' LAKEWOOD : BEAUTY OPERATOR i Fves. must do high styles Guor - hioh commission. J27-9733 Mgr BEAUTY OPERATORS i Full time Guar. R comm. PRINCESS BEAUTY SALON 1 11303 LOS ALAMITOS BLVD. ,Lcn Afamitos 431-250 1 BFAUTY ooerators. Gwv's Houie 1 oi BeauW. 3000 Santo Fe. 426-3335 Beauty Shampoo Girl LitC'ised Part time. 1 JOAN JOSDQN B E A U T Y SALON Apply In person 2440 E 4th St. L ' B E A U T I C I A N , 03ft Timp · W I T H FOLLOWING J32-S?? BILLING-TYPIST i CXD 8- fast S7S. 5 dav wk. ·* V overtime. Raises accord|ng to aoi 1 nan Iv'rs. Pierce - 437-0*48 Bookkeeper -- Secretary , PERM. Part time for 1 man. E ECUTIVE OFFICE VARIED. RE SU.'AF TO 429 Wlnslow, L.B C'.l.i. 9031 i NDENT (AM) PRESS CLASSIFIED ME J-S")» Unj « lip Wanted 160 H 'WOMEN) Upr'Gin'l $500 Frc^, n'\3 *cc : or.% S ERRA EMPLOYMENT AGEN- r v «:o t^i uwd we "3"^' A!? HOPV C r c r :C"CCd A p f v A W , 176M Bc:if ower Bl. 10 ^65'S ASHIER. f.Vjtyre widow p'ff. AcVt : booi. More (adu'I rovcls. wr (f · nags. A nudisl public n-ons). Re- Dav or n:50t s-idi. Perfi. ococr. t3 S \*\i Men. friru F-n.. 4.1 / S;» j CASHIER-HOSTESS Co.iM.I C - o . ITrrvpw 11 ! o * · '"CASHIER-HOSTESS CacVH'i f * o In'trv 11 rs J A c e ?; 10 l.ur^s._SC^L.B^BivTi. Sniv tc-Wear. xlnt *ork cond. MOOERM ftOMFN 4J* Pine Ave. CLAIMS GIRL F re i roi;io')v f jppripvcc 'A 1*1 0:1 hi'j'.TKf -inency. C03 tr.n^'" 1 t«-r-e*'*s HE '-(Ull ~ CLEANERS-COUNTER " fxrcr. full timt. APD'v Swm ; CLERICAL, PA'RT TIME . Ornrrol oftlcc, rorr:vno^ S^r^c , t i p n a necess. f i c c i r o IV, M M ; 1 nno Rfccn Rlvri J'W 1319 C -TELEGRAM (PM)_C-II each, CalH . Thuri , Feb. 27. n«l tip Wonted UO (WOMEN) _ Gene r al Office lf!tjr«tlia D«lti'5r vxSfn va'te.1 po-t'jmtic', Rwjire T^yi \*i AQ-\-t/ w'i kfMjwietige of b^o*- dcsicaote b*jt not noss-3r/. Good st-»rtiri9 s^U'v v/;th liberal env p 'V« t«ie(.t^. Cootsrt ,'/r. $dv«ri. UNIVERSAL ClT CrrtiTCcro. 3/1 / Sou'h St. S-il 7'W GENERAL OFFICE ^ ·Arm M'S n-o tr) ^tari. Ptrmi-.f-' GENERAL OFFICE f GEM ' OIST. GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! f A R M - LEARN -- TRAVEL v.*? .'r? tree o travel iw fc.isteri rvs-iM rf'i'.is. F'OdJii ir.d rc'u'-n V.iit Si ncAt Apr-Mrina find rc-xiv n e.ivp immedici'eiv. Circ. · firi'ci tvjintion turnisr.ort. Appl^ r.'i 1 .* Rfntij!t. Kon,-i Hotel. 1-5 n.m . (k'LS; 13 To 25 imere^inj \\orv. r\ :LK. TYPIST to $400 «c : :-v^ 'R^^ivr '"-"·'· GHNi*? 1 F»nu v 6YM^Nr Ai-.tM Y Grocery Checker Exp. A E A A G E N C Y 1354 A T L A N T I C Wl M\ CLERK TYPIST ; BURROUGHS CORPORA! iON das ownspo tot dork tvmt Hioh vMool ordriodtc. A\.inv t r - n j e ti n -i · flits. Good workiny conditions A.I , v.incrr'ifnt 001:01 tumtv. OH- · DorHmitv emplovcr. Contatt Mrs = Sni.'th nt J?/-WOS tor iinromtmosit. C L C R K ' T Y P I S T Mtg r\prr d«irr,l , V I R T U E BROS. MFC. 193:i So. Fe ( oiro'on Ju-it North of Drl Amn Jl.lNiCAL. t li^ljno'ogi'J (rcfilstcrcd) lor or cii'ilc. 0 lioui wct'l.. no call. S.i'.iry oivri UN P 1 7 - 3 t.Vll Ail. 4 o.m. UN 8-W7?. """COCKTAIL " WAITRESS ! RIO TAN. 3? Lono Btacti Blvd. ! St clip's Club 1 ' Lnn'^' ! The Hnnr-vrnnoncr. 143 L.B. Blvd. The Playroom 741 E. Ocean : COCKTAIL WAITRESS . 3W3 A'lanllr Avr.. L.B. COCKTAIL WAITRESS Yfiijna, attractive, no cxo. noc. i PAGA PAGO. 131 E. FIRST 5T. CbCKTAlLWAlTRESS j Youno- atlractlve, no c«D. ncc. ILVLH DOLLAR 33 LB Blvd. 1 COCKTAIL WAITRESS SEE MR. ROMEO, 10 AM to Noon or ,il!rr 2 PM Java Lanes 3600 E. P^c Cst Hwv COCKTAIL WAITRESS Red Mill. US Locust. No exo. nee. COCKTAIL WAITRESS SINGLE. Broadwoy Cn!c, 1100 E. Rrooriwav, L.B. Innulrc 6 am lo 10 am Mon. tliru Friday. COLLECTION CLERK Hosnitnl Exo. required. Exec! trmnc uenelits. C.Tll Mis. Miller. S 2 / / 7 J 4 Mon Itiru-Fn. B:30 to 5 Slntilon Conmiunltv COMPANION, live In. Llic ''Ousc- work. S20 wk. 4- rm. and^d. COOK COFFEE SHOP Carson Area. Car Neccssarv. 10 ·"(! nm.-li P.m. Sun O f f -f3J-2ft2S COOK v/ith Hosoital Diet exp«r. Anolv In person, Mrs. Youno. Food Scrylc* Mgr., Pioneer Hospital. 17831 S. pioneer Blvd., Artesla. CREDIT CHECKERS Full Timo excellent opporutnUy (oi f mrrl- «nccd credit uiieckorv Too siil.iry. Plcsant working condition*. n| Ji- ^tnndina benotlts. Cdil Mi. Harl- Dental -- Front Desk Girl Must hove Knowledge ol Dcmstrv, all Dlioses. Mln. 2 vrs experience ^rjENTAt" ASsTsTANr" fhnir side, exDorlenred, p.cfJirnt DISPATCHER Wilmington Cab Comrxifiy 127 W B f.t. V/ilmmjlon_ EXECTADPl." S^VlV^i 1 0 ' 1011 " EXEC. SECTY. to $563 ennrg. knowledge, od. work bkard. Jane Allen I'rolcssional Agencv 3605 LB Blvd. Suite ?12 42/ HJ8 EXEC. btCKblAKT Too Skills-Career F/C BKKPR. to $600 + FREF ALSO FEE JOH5 Ihru T/B, 5 vrs mla. exo. Jane Allen Provisional Agencv 3Mi LB Blvd. Suite 71! 42/^4.18 Fabric Woman to $125 wk. M.ilhc«s Emolovmenl Ar.eiicv FACT-PACKER $2.46 ECHO AGENCY 17057 Ftcllflower BI. WM»'4_ FILE CLERK Intelligent, liphl Ivoino. own trn ^?; Walter 537-9131 "FULL CHARGE BOOKKEEPER EXPERIFNCLD PIONEER SANITARIUM 2 0 / l / P I O N L E R LAREV/OOn 865-2226 GAl '(-ndny'for Acertcv. Tvne oc»'l odice bkgrd. preferred. V/ill Iran, mgr. potential. 639-2972. free, advancement, also fe« marina Personnel agcncv GAL FRIDAY $430 FREE ALSO FEE JOBS normal Oulies, od. eo. strcno Jane Allen prolesslwirfl Ar -efiev 3405 LB Blvd. Suite 212 42! 5443 GAL FRIDAY 1 oiil olflce In Naples. Tyiilrc snorthand des.r.ible. Busy tc c - pnone. far nont. 439-02/4_ ._ GENE'RAL ottice lor H\»itn clubs Lakevjood area. Canable oi taV n? · shortnand, tvDino, maintains t.lci Age e. cD. r.o taclgr. as Icna a vou are interested n aoililv .c l°arn r. work. Call Barbara W.c 531^676 GENERAL OFFICE Part lime Good tjerscnalitv. 1 ·* tviilnu. Some credit en. LUTZ ALTO SALES 711 H L.B. BLVD., COMPIOI 439-3194 ; GEN'LOFC. L.B. to $"375 Billing, reoorH, phones, tvo? Jsno A len Profess, onal Anenc/ 360) LB'aiVd. SuiTC 212 J27-JJ4, Jane Allen Professional Aacmv 3605 LB Blvd. Suite 212 427-y. "GEN'L OFFICE . .. $35C ; tvoc, 10 kev add. m*:n. 3 ; JEWELL COOPER AGENCY U71 1 ; A P.iriimount 6^-ot* · I Gen Off: part time $1.6 I ' 4 hoi/rs daily, e^od tvoist HAIR STYLIST '.V.T'i frilowmg .'.V;st r.n HiC.H --1 -i i INC, .«. will-no io enter M-'.QD.'.'ARE Wrf~~C ; erV. Vin." JO._75W3 . 6 \l.iv wk. WIO Woodruif, Betltlr. HOUSEKEEPER . . " $350 Bev. Hii!», Palos Verd« MBC Agency 4-32-6444 ."·41- f-IRbT_ST, LONG R f A f H 'uiirc, N.-'tkwn GE 90-1.") 10 » "i Ovt- .-a -.- · n i '·'- wood 925-1012 after 12. o 'n 2 DOVS, 10 A 12. Ptcrcr .iv9 ,H»t 421-031? nftrr 5 o.m. MOUbEKEEPER I've "in rr on' V.'oik a !o 5 hrs. d,w_ _ :?23' ^ lOlJbi KLLPfcR"~wiiiiied inimcdM!- Is- lor clitetlv Ktdv 4V-9'.! i "mus'rkFrPER.'live in"mre norr-A L.^ Mir.ida, swim tool, i^l IHO.TI * T V VKQ mn. 4 nice kirts. Plrnic . all Belly 714-S94-2SI-1 ISKp'R'-Cook fo'r clderYv lari/ ^ em p oved son. Lignt work, undrr w. C,HI after 6 D.m. GE 4-1S7S 10U5EkfctP¥R"nfll»vsltter, live ."· out Los Alomltos. TurvSnt .t:0- 1774 lOLiSE'KEEPER child Ctire live In. full time. Prlv room. Reference IBM tVDist-e«ocrlenrcd in form tvr- ina. Wilmington area. Salary open Call Mr. Nesilev 830-6J04. K C Y PUNCH O P E R A T O R S SR. Full rind part time All shifts C.lll 43A-5M1 KEYPUNCH OPERATORS Temporary Starting April 1st for 5 weeks. 1 year experience required. Apply Now Applicants Only Apply in Verson Montgomery Ward 12051 IMPERIAL HIWAY Belwpen PIONEER N O P W A L K BI-VD f»i IMPERIAL. NORWALK An Eaufll ODPortutifly Employer KEYPUNCH OPERATOR Career openings fcr operators wilh at least l yr CXP. on Aloha Mu i '.prlc IBM equipment. Openlnn nc-M o f f i c e In Huntin'itcn Be.icn rioht off San Diego Freeway. Excel 'cnt fie" benefits. Pcrmcnrirt steady work. Pleasant atmosphero. DAY SHIFT Call for aooointment 334-1213 Unigard Insurance Group KITCHEN HFLP-- Lxocr. tor Conval. HOSP. 2309 H. Santa Fe, Lvn. KITCHEN HELPER Woman for oenerol cleamnn A dishwasher In restaurant. Davt, i a.m. to 4:30 p.m. -- J24-178 1 ;. LAB TECHNICIAN Physician Office Scott J Miaheli, M D. 6i!0 F Snrinij. 1 H HA 5 Mr» LADIES: P?ione catalogue orders here F, arounr! home 52.33 nr. lo Mart. HA 9-1865. LADIES A rA^rshall Field famllv ownM tn- trron^c has several ocenlnos In local area Age 25-50. FOR INFORMATION WRITE J E R R Y JOHNSON 4220 L.B. BLVD.. LONG BFACH LADY under 35 to assist' paralyzed veteran. Must drive. .!3^7396. LADIES-- Earn to $100 wk. FULL OR P A R T TIME LA BEE LINE FASHIONS Full if D.irt ti-nc. fJo exccr. need- cfi. Car nee. Increase -.cur rcr^Qi- al '.'/drdrobc 8. income. ' r,Vl «2-/032 or '71 M 523-?W T 1 LADY pensioner unaitachcd to csr^ : lor tlderlv ocntlemon, rm, acard : 7. small wlarv. 4J4-6105 Laundry-Shirt Pressers TOP PAY Dutch Villaqe Laundn/. ! 59ii E South, Lakewocd 34/-34iv ,isk for t,\r. Grant. 1 LDRY -- Active worker. Part time LEGAL SECRETARY i TCP girl to handle heavy de'.K in · Iniurv office. Must be e x - perienced. Sal at-/ S^OO. 4?5-l*il ne- fwecn 6 o.m. and 9:30 p.m. L I B R A R I A N S CITY OF LONG BEACH ; ts«-S73J. Lib Science DC; ; =hone Mrs. Henselmon 437-0) 11 LVN-- full Hm» relief. S2/-53Q snitt. : Mrs. Clark 547-1761 1 'gljYv'Jn's St. Prmt 434 32." ~ "LVN-- LAB" " tr 1^9 benefits. On .Uci. .'/il'.'' 1 UUI 527-77JJ y-nclri,' - F-' 3 30 311 '0 · r'-' '.VEST ORANGE C O U N T Y HO.Sr" LVNs Fu'l or cart time. Pttl nr nigrti 1775 Cr.cstnut An feu*! CDPorlumt o:Mj'rvg-_ _ 1 MAiD, motel, exrer., ovr '", ·· ' . tmic! Local Rcis. 5525 E. F.c. 3 Cst. Hwv. I ' MuR. to nclo rran.iae sna!i we! ·· i rire hcme. Mic33'e se ! acjv ^.r-» Sal occn. C-iir.i De L'ti L--".TJ 3i5-3452Cerntos. . . 1 MANICURIST for MoO Sr-^r. toMO^ s ino already rsMblishM in* Shop. Like-.vood Stearns 59M331 ^ ' · FPOSP -NT Tt \G"NCY ""E" Market. GA 2-lu;/ 3416 E. 7tn ' ~ JK-MOI MANICURIST - Gen'l Office $346.6 · BKKPR-t'xocrienrPfi. must also Ix; -,,··· · . .^.rr' t. tAf\ '· ,ibie to work on order desk A tyce General UttlCB . .TO ^^tU . im invoices. C.HI (213) 747-6335 for T DC 60i . ( ^g C(1 | C . fj n td LB . interview GOLDEN WEST AGENCY B K K P R exper. or recent ace! grad, 5 days, Bere!l_ts._42i-'r?12 Bookkeeper, Full Charge fcr Progressive construction Co Benefit*, Dormanent A sdvancemfn Call 564-4445 "BOOKKEEPER, F-C Must Ivnc. xlnt working cond. C "Bookkeeper-Full Charge For CPA office. Advancement btnedti. Permancnl. M44X4I. V \f ' 0 10 Rm 3U HE 7 C50I ; GENERAL OFFICE li^nSe F^i'ic-' Co. 63?0 AtUn t. Ave, Bell. 537-5:33 "G'ENRRAL oliicc. Fri-^ with . counts rcccivjpie, accounts oaya '/, urivroll. .Veitcrn LivcMCi:^ M l fr,ii Ca 17101 S. Pioneer, After H - "GENERAL OFFICE Swing ohif! (or hospital, g, Some PBX cxocr n«dcd. 8M W. Compton Blvd., Comoto 7 LLOYDS 8. JOSEPH J.13-94.S MA"SSEUSE-No L ,c. n«essarv. W'i. f train. ADor.__368;l«Z . ^ ' wdtre. Rec. ooed rc;r_-33-4\4Q. . ; McnfcTNE Treatment Nur,:, '· fi « I t ) S2.35 hr. 16910 WocGrutt. - B cil t I . ?iyer ] _ 1~" "MEDICAL"' !; SECRETARY AcLur.ite lvpi"0 o' X-r.iv r ena-'' 1 ' rcceotloniit worx .^ \c-y iiti n-iok- kceoiiy *(*"d resume to sox A n M99 IndcDendent, presi-l«;oor».

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