Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 9, 1929 · Page 14
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1929
Page 14
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^rv-sff^pwr:^ ^i "T^^v-p^^ ALTOONA NEWS OF INTEREST FROM SUBURBAN AND SURROUNDING HOLLIDAYSBURG Tile November meeting of the Hollidaysburg League of Women Voters will be held on Monday evening, Nov. 18, at 7.30 o'clock :'u the Young Women's Christian association rooms. Boyd A. Bnker of 423 Wayne street returned home this week from Ml. Clemens. Mich., where he had been sojourning for the past six weeks, undergoing treatment for rheumatism. Mr. • tinkir wa.s greatly bcnclitcd In health but contracted a heavy cold on his •way home and is nt present confined Mrs. street K. C. Hare left today of North Jiinlata for Philadelphia where she will visit her daughter Miss Louise Hare, who is a student nurse in the JfffcrHon hospital. Jesso May, jr., has returned to Harrisburg to resume his studies In Berkeley Business college, after a short vacation spoilt at the residence of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Calvin May of 321 Montgomery street. lo his homo suffering from a sc attack of grippe. ". The members of Circio No. 188, dies of tho Grand Army of the public are requested to meet In the I direction of Mrs. Roberts of Junlata odec'hull iu Die Walsh block this eve- j college, will be held na usual at the . rt ._ . . . „ . . _. c i V \X f* There, will be no session of the kindergarten class on Monday, Nov. 11, He- | but the Shakespeare class, under the nln"'{ at 8 o'clock for the purpose of ho'liiing u me.moruil service In memory of Sister Jean Corbln Murray, wife of .Marry Murray of 512 Front, street, who 'died on 'Friday morning. M. C. A. on Monday evening. Church of the Brethren--Rev. W. 8. Long will give a Bible lecture at the. Pine Street Church of the Brethren, ! Thursday evening at 7.4S. Everybody The men) markets nnd grocery stores of Hullidiiysbiirg, with 11 'ew exceptions, wlll'bi! closed all day Monday, owing to the holiday. St. riiul'H Muthodlst church, Hev. is welcome to hear this lecture. Holy Trinity Episcopal, Nov. Albion H. Ross, pastor—Holy communion at 7.HO. Church school at 9.45. Morning prayer and sermon at 11. Tuesday. Nov. 12, In parish hall, rummage Halo at 2. St. John's Reformed, Rev. Frederick I). Eystcr, pastor—Sunday school at I).30. Public worship and preaching services at 7.30, with u special Armistice day sermon by thu pastor. Tho regular mid-week prayer Ncrvico.H will be held on Wednesday evening lit lally prepared program appropriate, I 7.4!5, ill charge of the pastor. A meet' The public is In-1 Ing of the Men's Biblo class and tho | Ladles' Bible class will bo held on .Church of tho Brethren—Preaching | Wednesday evening, In the entertrtln- nichool at Z..10 [i. in. ICCM in the evening nt 7.',',(!. by the pastor. Subject, .Charles W. Campbell, pastor--Sunday I'rencbing serv- .Scrmon 'World's F'c ice." Special music by tin; choir. On Thursday evening lit 7.30, young l/c-iplc's meeting, topic, "What is Going on in World Affairs." Egbert Walters lit the leader, and lie has a spec . . J'o. the occasion. Vlted. -at 10.43 and nt 7. 4!) by Wilfred Stattl fer. Morning suhjact, "Thci Oentlc- nesJ of Christ." Evening subject., "An I My Brother's Keeper'.'" Sunday HC'.'.t'Oi at JI.45. C'hrir.tlatt Kndeavor at V, In all departments, Mrs. Ray- .mond Shaffer will hnvo charge, of the adult department,. Wo extend a special Invitation to any one to meet with HUB In th« iibiivn services. •>» Zlon Lutheran, Rev. M. Stanley Kemp, D. D., pastor— 0.45, Sunday •school; 10, M«n's Brotherhood Hlblo clans, meets in church room. All men welcome. 11, church mon, "Swords and services. Ser Plowshearsn," DUNCANSVILLE An agreement wan reached yesterday afternoon by the Uuncansvllle Business Men'.t association to close their places of business all day on Monday i nohscrvance of Armistice day. This Is contrary to statements previously made. While no arrangement has been made to suspend public school sessions on account of the holiday, an early dismissal following appropriate exercises is planned. Other than this, there will be no local observance of the holiday. The Armistice day schedule at the local post of Ace has been announced as follows: Tho stamp and general delivery window will be open from 7.30 to 10.30 a. m. and from 0.30 to 7.30 p. m., but the lobby will remain open throughout the iluy for the convenience of box-holders. Malls will be received and dispatched at the usual hours and tho rural carriers will make their regular delivery. State highway department workmen, under the supervision of Foreman S. A. Keller, have completed the repair- Ing of I ho damage wrought by the recent high water along the north side of the William Penn highway a short, distance west of the Fool of Ten school building, by the flood waters of Blair's creek. The water overflowed the highway and washed a deep gully at the edge of the berm, a part of which was also washed away. Many truck-loads of stone were hauled from a nearby Held and dumped Into the channel and the berm was later resurfaced. A. very dangerous condition existed at that point before the work was started, which is now entirely eliminated. The washout extended for a distance of several hundred feet. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Burk, former Maple Hollow residents, have become residents of Hj.xton, north of town, occupying the dwelling last occupied by Joseph Schilling and family. Funeral services for William Womer, who met an accidental death at \sh- tabula, O., were held on Thursday morning at the Carson Valley Church of the Brethren and interment followed In the Carson Valley cemetery. Mr. Womer was known among many residents of this section, having visited with relatives here at frequent Intervals and resided In the vicinity of Cross Keys for a short tme a couple of yeara ago. News of his untimely "death wan received with keen regret. William B. Plowman has concluded f'a trucking contract on a construction I project near Indiana, Pa., and return- Frank Burns moved on Wednesday' ed here. In the absence of Mrs. Plow- TYRONE ment room of thn church y.t inn close of tho mid-week pniyer service. At this meeting tho young peoplo will consider the proposed goal for tho church. Church of God, Hev. J. E. Strine, paBtor--Sunday school at UAH. Public worship and preaching services at 1.45, with sermon by thd pastor. Sermon .subject, "Autumn Voices." Senior Christian Endeavor at 0.30. Public worship and preaching services at 7.30, with sermon by tho pastor. S " r m o u subject, "Unspeakable Tilings." Tho regular mid-week prayer services will bo held on Wednesday evening at 7.SO, in charge of tho pastor. MARTINSBURG Armistice day sermon. 0.30, Christian Endeavor services, topic. "Up- footing tho Causes of War, "leader, tlci-oy Mclntyre. 7.3(1. church services; sermon; "Sweeping Your Own ^Dcorstep," sermon on social religion. ""Wednesday, 7.30, church night service -.. First Ilapllst, Dr. .7. 3. Bromloy, pa.itor—Worship and sermon at It and at 7.30. Sunday school at fl.45. Tho .Tudson Biblo class at fM.5. The Christian Endeavor society lit (i.^O. Mon•H-y evening, Knlghtn of King Arthur ' at 7. Wednesday evening prayer service at 7.30. Morning wubjuct, "Thu C''''.ilng Pence 1 ." Evening subject. .. . ''Tho Problem of Pr.ivcr." Strangers down to the alley back of G. E. I struck by a. skidding automobile re 'I'e a cordlil wel''O!nc. First Methodist, Rev. Burnett TJ Hart, minister—Sunday school with -(.•lenses for all at 11.415. Mo-.-rig worship and sermon at 11 a. in., subject, "List- In." Junior league with class At the monthly meeting of tho Legion auxiliary unit recently Mrs. William A. Lytle, presiding, the officers for 1930 were elected as follows: President, Mrs. Jesflo L. Waltc; vice . resident, Josephine Arnold; second vice president, Mrs. Rose Black; secretary, Mrs. Joseph H. Hewell; treasurer, Mrs. Harold Bering; chaplain, MM. Daniel Lebkicker; historian, Mrs. Herman Work; ssrgcant-at- arms, Mrs. J. Frank Davidson. Tho ladles will have charge of tho salo in conjunction with the post's anniversary program. A quantity of merchandise has been secured from bafco hospital No. 49, Philadelphia, which will be put on salo during the last two days of November and the first week of December. This merchandise is all made by ex-servico men in tho hospital and tho proceeds will revert to these comrades, the money being their sole support for themselves and their dependents. A Christmas box will again bo prepared by the auxil-. lary, Mrs. Sarah V. Hlller having been again appointed to look after this activity. Tro Junior American Legion met Thursday afternoon under the direction of Mrs. Herman Work, chairman of tho Americanism committee. The youngsters look forward each month to this llttlo gathering which Is instructive as well as entertaining. > Church of God in Christ, Rev. W. Wells, pastor—Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Y. P. W. W. at 6.30 p. m. Trinity Episcopal, Rev. Clifford L. Stanley, rector—Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. in. St. Mathew's Catholic, Rev. J. F. Looney, pastor—Masses at 8 and 10 a; m. Benediction at late mass. Sunday school at 2 p. m. First Methodist, Rev. H. Willis 9.45 a. m. Epworth and Junior at 6.30 p. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p.'m, First United Brethren, Rev. John R. Watson, D. D., pastor—Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. Christian Endeavors at fi.30 p. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. First ' Presbyterian church, Rev. Joseph A. Speer, D. D., pastor—Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6.30 p. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Columbia Avenue Methodist, Rev. George A. Duvall, pastor—Sunday school at 9.45 a. m, Epworth league at 6*30 p. m. Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. First English Lutheran, Rev. Edward M. Morgan, D. D., pastor—Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. Luther league at 6.30 p. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and BELLWOOD 7.30 'p. m. Bethel A. M. Rev. L. C. Taylor, pastor—Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. Morning and evening worship at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 6.30 p. m. Grace Baptist, Rev. H. F. King, D. D., pastor—Sunday school at 9.45 a. in. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. B. Y. P. U. at 6.30 p. m. Free Methodist, Rev. A. C. Thompson, pastor—Sunday school at 9.45 a. 'm. Preaching^ at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Salvation Army, Captain Hannah HushelpecX and Lieutenant Ada Jones In charge. Holiness service at 11 a. m. Bible class.' and school at 2.30 p. m. Public Salvation meeting at 8 p. m. Young People's meeting at 6.30 p. m. Church of the Brethren, Rev. John R. Snyder, D. D., pastor—Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. B. Y. P. D. at 6.30 p. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and '7.30 p. m LAKEMONT TERRACE from tho Elmer Burket property on South Market street to the Homer Hnrtman property on the same street. The Memorial park took on an Improvement on Wednesday In the way of a gravel walk, starting opposite the walk at the Mrs. Mary E. Klepser property and extending up to the man, who is visiting with Belle Vernon relatives, Mr. Plowman and daughter Evelyn are stopping at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wogan at Hollidaysburg. The automatic traffic signal light at the west side of the grade crossing at New Portage junction, which was out . 'Mr religious instruction at 'i p. m. 7.30 p. m. — The sixth of a. series of special Sunday evening sermons on "The Twelve Men Who Missed the, Trull." Subject, "Tho Man Who Hoodwinked Himself." A unique mid-week •service on Wednesday evening at 7.30 — V 'd'clock. The monthly meeting of the V&Unday School Board will be held on Wednesday evening after the mid-week 1 First Presbyterian church, Rev. T, Slacy Capers, pastor— Sunday school at 9,45 a. m., with Bethany Bible class for Ladles' and Men's Service club for Public worship and preaching (services at 11 a. in., with sermon by t.ho pastor. Presbyterian Mission Stihool at 7 p. m., followed by public worship and Horiron at 7.'tr> p. m. Young People's meeting at. the. Manse 'at 6 jt. in The Woman's Guild will meet on Monday evening at 7.30 o'clock, in charge of Mrs. F. W. Mc- •Farlnnd. The hostesses will be as follows: Mrs. George B. Miller, Mrs. •Homer C. McKllHp, Mrs. Beverly W. "Slattern, Mrs. Conrad K. Hreldensteln. 'Mm. John T. Rodkuy, Mrs. Archibald main entrance of the pavilion and j of service the early *part of this week from thence around the building and j following Its destruction by being down to the alley back of G. E. I struck by a. skidding automobile Strues.«!r'H burn. The stone were do- operated by Mrs. D. L. Miller of this ~ ' • •• •• • ])luce j s ,i Ktt in functioning as usual, flashing Its warning of trains approaching the crossing. Soon after the accident, electricians were rushed to the scene to repair the damage done, iiated by the Pennsylvania Railroad company und they were conveyed from the cur to tho park by trucks of A. ! IS. Martz and II. H. Lykens. G. B. Wineland donated the use of his electrically operated coal grab to unload the stone from the car. The Improvement was sponsored and managed by the Civil club. The walk Is for pedestrians and not for a driveway. All cars entering the park must do so by entering at the property of J. H. Kensinger. Rev. and Mrn. Martin Henry of Junl- iita and Mr. Lowery of Huntingdon visited the home on Thursday afternoon and conducted song service in the evening. Miss Annie Sell returned to the home on Wednesday evening after a visit of two weeks with friends at Suxton and vicinity. Mrs. Alfred Mock of Roaring Spring visited her mol.hcr ut tho home on Thursday. Martlnsburpr charge of Reformed church, V. Steinberg, minister—Services Sunday, Nov. 10: Martlnsburg, St. John's—9.30, Church school, C. Bonebrcak, superintendent; 10.30, annual meeting of congregation. Election of officers and reports of organizations. The budget for 1030 will bo presented for approval and the every member canvass begun. The con- Harnlsh, Miss Lldu McFarland, Mra. ^ £J 7 n ' mll ^the folk,wing' For N f W.i\iFllntrVtfi «* n nd M I'M flliiril I*T olnll.ll y I1IJII11IIM II.U LI 1C lUllUWlllfe . J. Ul . i-». JNewllngmim unu AHH. ^uutucr .,],,.„. r*hiifi,»u nnm>hT-**nir imri Hnrvi-v Tt TTMH^H Tim T)i>iiuhutm<liin Hiw U"* 01 . ^mlrleH nnilGUlCiUl UlIU rtill Vt-y SCOUUWU.- nu^n'thfCu'half in H«J '"->"' Pul " ™<» ™* the basement of the church on Mon- William Carper. I 10 Church day evening at 7 o'clock, In charge of Scoutmaster Norman P. Counsel Thu ^'.'"chu'rl-l/worsi'.^: ' will inert In the Scout I p ;, oahytorlall| .,„„',„, Park , pastor- evening at 7 o'clock, j Tho regular mid-week prayer services will be hold on Wednesday evening 4Vt 7.30 o'clock In charge of the pastor. ATTENTION /•,', Out of respect to boys who served in the World war, the undersigned . Hollidaysburg merchants will close their Business places until 12 o'clock noon Armistice day, Monday, Nov. 11. A linnhe Ctnlti A. JaCODS, btllllZ Preaching at 7 by the pastor, subject, "The Peace of God." Sunday school at 9.30, G. W. Dent, superintendent. Christian Endeavor meeting at 0.10. Mid-week prayer Wednesday evening ut 7.30. Maitlnsburg, Brethren — Sunday school, 9.30. This Is to be our Rally duy service ut which we are expecting every scholar und member present. Morning service, 10.30, message while other workmen erected .a new standard qnd Installed the necessary new parts. The machine operated by Mrs. Miller skidded on the wet highway at the crossing and crashed against tho signal light and a nearby pole, resulting In much property damage In addition to serious personal injuries sustained by , her, including a fractured pelvis, a fracture of the nose and other serious Injuries, which will keep her a patient at the Mercy hospital at Altoona for somo time while undergoing treatment. The three others in the car who sustained minor injuries, John Mar 1 ; of Altoona, Bruce Wenner, jr., and her daughter Shirley Miller of this place, have all recovered fully. Frank Kephart and sons William und Leroy of Second avenue, with several other friends aru enjoying a gunning trip at their hunting camp near Stormstown today. William O. Harlln of Altoona was circulating among friends In town on Thursday evening. Funeral services for Miss Kate Wulker, well known former resident of Mis^-Phyllis Houseman and brother Billy, who have been spending the summer with friends in Junlata, te- turned on Saturday to the home of their grandmother Mra. Carrie Cochran. Mrs. Doshia Shultzabarger Is confined to her home by illness. Mrs. Sarah Wilson and daughter Orpha are spending two weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Slippey of Hollldaysburg. H. Bradflold of Plank Road traveled with a hunting party to Bedford last week, where he bagged his limit of rabbits. M. D. Soyster, who has been confined to her bed by Illness for several days, is able to be a:;out the house. The Terrace Union Sunday school which has been meeting in the school house every Sunday afternoon for the past twenty years or more was officially abandoned last Sunday afternoon so there will be no more Sunday school there. The Sunday school is planning a farewell par^y to be held next Saturday evening, further plans of which will be announced later. EAST END Every member of Council No. 370 Junior Order United American Mechanics, und Council No. 116 Daughters of America, are invited to participate in the Armistice day services to be conducted In Third United Brethren church at 7.30 'tomorrow evening, and they are urged to meet at the corner of East street and East Harrison avenue at 7 o'clock and from there march into the church In a body. Rev. Walter E. Reifsnyder, pastor of Salem Reformed church, will preach the sermon. The genera! public also Is invited to attend the service, tho congregation of Salem Reformed church having joined in making this a community service. Tomorrow will be home mission day in Salem Reformed church and .the ladles of the congregation will carry out the program as supplied by the Home Missionary society. Mrs. Reifsnyder, wife of the pastor, will be the principal speaker at the services. The The John M. Anderson post of the American Legion will attend services In' the Evangelical church Sunday morning. They will be accompanied by members of the G. A, R. and the Spanish-American war veterans. Logan Valley Baptist, Rev. H. G. Dooley, pastor—Preaching at 10.45 by the pastor and at 7.30 by Dr. J. S. Jewell of Pittsburgh. Morning subject, "A Monster of Cruelty." Evening subject, "Inasmuch." Sunday school at 9.30. Young People's meeting at 6,30. Prayer and praise service on Wednesday at 7.3(J. Grace Evangelical, 719 North Second street, Rev. J. H. Furner, pastor —Preaching at 10.30 and at 7.30 by the pastor. Sunday school at 9.30, L. I. Garver, superintendent. Junior and Senior E. L. C. E. at 6.30, Miss Mary Yohn, leader. Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.30. Services at Pinecroft—Sunday school at 2; preaching at 3; E. L. C. E. at 7.30; prayer meeting on Thursday evening at 7.30. ' Olivet Baptist, Rev. Montreville Seeley, pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and at 7.30 by the pastor. Morning subject, "Even as Ho £s." Young people's meeting at fl.30. Evening sub-; The U-I-Go class of the Presbyter- an Sunday school met Thursday eve- ilng in the church parlor. At the con- luslon of the business session, a social lour was enjoyed and the hostesses, Mrs. W. W. Nancarrow, Mrs. C.'W. Nelson and. Mrs. L. H. Shaffer served a delicious luncheon. Others" present were Mrs. H. J. Kocher, teacher; Mrs. J. G. Black, Mrs. B. P. Cox, Mrs. W. A. Cryer, Mrs. S. W. Goodman, Mrs. C. H. Heberllng, Mra. R. E, Jackson, Mrs. G. H. Kephart, Mrs. W. K. Pressel, Mrs. G. A. Ruble, Mrs. J. P. SHk- er, Mra. Beck, Mrs. D. B. Bailor, Mra. S. Campbell and Mfs. G. W. Carpen- Tuesday afternoon J. M. Strlngman / .Imed the honor of killing the first wild cat in this section for several fears. The hunter said the animal vas an extra large specimen and was killed within on£-half mile of the city ject, tion. "The Completeness of Salva- Sunday school at 9.30. Bible class on Monday at 7.30. Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 7.30. Men's chorus practice on Thursday at 7.30. Prayer meeting on Saturday at 7.30. St. Joseph's Catholic, Rev. Joseph Brett, pastor—Mass at 10.30; Sunday school at 2.30; benediction n.t 8.30. Church of the Brethren, Rev. Galen R. Blough, pastor—Sunday school at 9.30, H. Paul Cox, superintendent. Worship at 10.45. Sermon subject, "Victories of the Christian Faith." Evening at 8.45, young people's meeting, Wilbert Campbell, president. Sermon subject, "Great Powers, in This -Life." this place whose death occu red Wed- £»- = £— of .pedal mus&l neaday at the home of a I «>ther at numbers and readings! Everyone is Bellwood, where she had been making attfind <f aervlc / whlch her homo lately, were conducted on . _, „,. 10 AK „ m -,.-,..,. „»<..„„„„ ir, ti,» Prn«hvt»rinn begins at IO.ID a. m. Friday afternoon in the Presbyterian church, in charge of her pastor, Rev. Julian Park. A beautiful tribute of respect was paid the memory of the deceased by the pastor In his remarks and u large group of friends uf.hembled to pay their lust respects, showing the iiin.-tiiiK affectionate regard In which she was meeting held. There were numerous floral of' ferings. The body was removed hero from Bcllwood prior to the services. Interment followed In the Presbyterian cemetery at Hollldaysburg. Joseph Wlnelund of Fourth avenue and Sixteenth street, who is employed Thomas Lawly, G. W. Wil'• liams Dept. Store, T. H. »» Suckling & Sons, Metropolitan Chain Store, Fair Dept. :;, Store, W. Harry Stiffler. ' Cor »urvlcc, satisfaction mill tmvlfiK 'on gliiHSCH, see Dr. \V. V. ISramiiii, I'uy Uldjf.. oppnKltti Court Hoiue. Adv. 'Rummage Bule, Tuesday, Nov. Holy Trinity Episcopal church. Adv. 12, Wanted to Hent nil old »lcli;li fur C'lirUtmus. WrltB S18 Mulberry Street, HollldnyHburK, I'll. i Adv. tt'lmt Cun a Woiiiuu Uo? Wurncr Bron. presentb "THE WON AN1» 1'HE MOUSK," with May McAvoy il Lionel lliirryiuore. Comedy, Junior Veur." Open 3 1'. M. NOTICE The Hollidayiburg Lyric Theatre will close at 11 p. m. tonight for alteration} and installation of the latest type talking picture equipment. WA TCH FOR OPENING DATE WOI I1IIIU nut Vll«3, -iw.uv, tnva&i*f-t** . — • . , "Ste.wurdHhip," by pastor. Another; as a cement nnlsher on a state load '-'.'•'• .... contlnct ne ar Beavertown, Snyder county, Is spending a few days at his home. Horace Harper of Newry visited among friends at this place on Thursday evening. ' Mrs. Blair M. Piper of 815 Third avenue, this place, who suffered serious Injuries in a crush ut the Seventh streot grade crossing recently, continues to improve rapidly at the Mercy hospital at Altoona, where she was taken following the accident, and it Is expected she will soon bo able to return home. Presbyterian, Rev. Julian Park, pus- tor—Preaching at 10.30 a. in. by the pastor. Sermon subject, "Blessed Are thu Peacemakers." Sunday school at 9.30 u. in., John Rolluson, superlntend- fealurii of this service is an offering for tin; church debt. Communion service, 7.30. McKuii, Brethren—Sunday school, 11.30; Bible study class, 7.30. Next Sunday, Nov. 17, we will observe Rally day In the morning and communion service in the evening. Wo welcome you to these services, James S. Cook, pastor. St. Matthew's Lutheran, Rev. D. L. Shaffer, pastor--Preaching ut 10.4S and 7.30 by tho pastor. Morning subject, "Jesus and the Nations." Evening subject, "No One Liveth to Himself." Sunday school, 9.30. Midweek service Wednesday ut 7.30. Church ot the Brethren, burg-Church school, U.30. Murtiua- At the WILLIAMSBURG Mrs. Elizabeth McClure, impersonator and reader of Indiana, Pa., will an entertainment in the Lutheran church, Friday evening, Nov. 15, which the public should not fall to hear. Mrs. McClure is being brought here under the auspices of class No. 18 of .the Sunday school. Tickets can bo purchased from any member of the class or at Miss Mayme Borst's store on High street. St. Joseph's Catholic, Rev. John A. M. Sostaric, pastor—First mass at 8.30 and second or high mass at 10 Sunday school after high mass for all tho children. > Trinity Reformed, Rev. Frederick Eyster, pastor—Sunday school at 9.30, Oakley Havens, superintendent. Morn- Ing worship at 10.30. Junior Christian Endeavor at 6.45. Methodist, Rev. W. A. Graham, pastor—Sunday school at 9.30, R. H. Free, superintendent; J. K. Morrison, counsellor of the , young people's department; Francis Lytle, president. Worship at 10.30 and 7.30. Epworth league at 0.30. Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.30. Lutheran pastorate, Rev. V. D. Naugle, pastor. Yellow Springs—Sunday school at 9.30, Raymond England, superintendent. ' St. John's, Clover Creek—Sunday school at 9.30, Roy Erb, superintendent, Clappertown—Sunday school at 9.30, R. L. Lang, superintendent. Morning worship at 10.30. Zion's—Sunday school at 9.30, W. L. Gosnell, superintendent; Paul C. Rearlck, advisory superintendent of young people's department; John Reish, president. Junior Christian Endeavor and Senior Epworth league at 0.30. Evening worship at 7.30, subject, "Love Worketh No 111." Music by the senior choir. Religious school Wednesday evening at 7.30. Kenneth Gosnell of Tyrone spent several'days this week with his grandmother Mrs. Elizabeth Lantzer, East Third street. ' Presbyterian, Rev. Samuel R. MacPhee, pastor—Preaching at 10.30 and at 7.30 by the pastor. Morning, sub- ELDORADO m Tuesday capturing his limit of abblts. Mrs. ENla Heller returned home from an recent trip to Detroit, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. William Lebo and son Donald of Pleasant valley were callers n the gap on Tuesday evening. • Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Beardsley, Mrs. Dively and Ruth VanAllman have moved Into city for the winter months after spending the summer at there .ountry home, Whilaway. Mardorf Methodist church—Sunday jchool at 10 a. m.;'Epworth league at .30; Evening worship at 7.30 by the pastor, Rev. C. W. Karns. Ladles' Aid society on Wednesday and prayer neeting in the evening at 7.30 followed by the Sunday .school board. Sanctuary Union Sunday school at 2.45. All are welcome to attend to :hese services. BELLEFONTE opening of the school, curios from ... . Africa will be shown. Evangelist M. ent. No evening services. A cordial J. Brougher at 10.30 will preach on welcome to all. "Mother und Home," at 2.30 p. in. The Evangelical Lutheran, Rev. G. on "Is tho Wold Getting Better?" | B. Hurman, pastor—Sunday school at and ut 7.30 p. in. on "Personal Evan- B.15 u. in., Churlas Clapper, superln- gelimn." All are invited to hour Rev. ' te.ndent. Classes for all. Christian Urougher this coming wouk. Praisa Endeavor society meeting at fl.30 p, service 7.30. Clover Creek—Church school, 9.30; preaching, 7.3U; 1). Y. P. n., Crori.s Roads Church uchool, 9.30; m. Subject, "Uprooting the Causes of Wur." Divine worship ut 10.30 a. m. Sermon by the puator. Sermon theme, "Memories ihut Bless and Burn." Instead of thu usual evening preaching service, the evening hour of worship will be devoted to the annual thank- otfering meeting of the missionary so society of the Allegheny synod of the Lutheran church, the speaker. The Junior choir will sing and members of the local societies will participate attend. This service o'clock. Hicks Memorial Methodist, Rev. D. C,. Felker, pastor-Church school ut 9.30 u. m. Epworth league meeting at 845 p. in. Divine worship, with preaching, 1U.3U. Charles O. Beery, pu.slor. Church of (lod, 10. I' 1 . Sipe, pastor— Martinsburg -Uiule school, 9.10; C. E., G.30; evening worship, 7.30. Prayer ,.teties"of the church, with Mrs. C. A. meeting \Vednesduy evening, T.'M. | Troutmon of the Women's missionary Woodbury—Ulljlu school, 9.30; morning worship, lii.'M. We will start our revival on Tuesday evening, Nov. 12 ut 7.30 ut Woodbury. Baker Summit --Preaching Saturday evening ut 7.45. SAXTON Eurl Cumiinglium und C. C. Glock- enler of Cleveland, O. aru .-.iiciniing somo liino with/Alrs. O. G. Cunning- | hum. lllss Iru Buruett spent I'hurdJuy m Altooau. Mrs. Willlum Kiley and duught.-r Putty Jeun of Pennsville, N. J., is \; iting her mother Mrs. O. G. Cun- uinghuni. Miss Gladys Abbott of tho Hunl- j ingdoii hospital .spent Thursday ul ' he. 1 homo here. j Misses Doris Pi-uucll und Mur^iia i Rhodes of tuc. Huntingdon hospital spent Sunday with their parents here. i Mrs. Thomas Worthing left lust ! Sunday for Chicago, 111., Gury, Ind., I uud Akron, O., where she will a few weeks with relative*, Word has been received in Belle- fonto of the illness of a former resident, August Gllntz of Mlddletown, R. I. Mr. Gllntz, for many years conducted the Garman hotel here. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bllger, tho former of whom is employed by tho state highway department, now stationed at State College, spent the week end at the home of Mr. Bllger's parents Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bilger on Spring street. A number of local football fans are planning to motor to Philadelphia over the week-end to witness the annual battle between Penn State and the University of Pennsylvania at Franklin field on Saturday afternoon. Members of the American Legion are urged to keep in mind the legion banquet to be held at 6.30 o'clock on Monday evening at the Penn Belle hotel. Attendance at Hie banquet will be limited to members of the legion and the Legion auxiliary. The public is cordially Invited to attend the legion dance to be given at Heclu park after the banquet. PLEASANT VALLEY F. L. Long of 537 Fifty-third street visited friends In Harrlsburg last week. Mrs. W. E. Barr of 534 Fifty-fourth street entertained at dinner Thursday in honor of Mrs. Hannah Irvin of Montrose avenue and Fifty-third street. A delightful afternoon was spent and Mrs. Irvin especially enjoyed the companionship of her friends as she is afflicted with blindness and always appreciates the sunshine in the form of friends. Those present were Mrs. Irvin, Mrs. Hilligas, Mrs. J. F. Ziegler, Mrs. R. -Hayes Wilson and Mrs. Guss Munzert. Mrs. Carrie Ketler, a teacher in the Junior High school, has been ill a! the home of Mrs. O. P. Ketler of 5115 Highland Park avenue. The monthly meeting of the Donnelly Biblo class of the Fifty-eighth Street Methodist church was held Monday evening with hostesses Mesdames Lloyd, Kerr, Moore and Chester Smith. The devotional service consisted of Scripture reading by Mrs McCr.acken; prayer by Miss Maude Woomer; singing by the class. Mrs E. C. Myers gave a reading. After the business routine, refreshment! were served. It was decided to hold the weekly cafeteria Wednesday noon in the church basement 'and anybody wishing home cooked food for lunch will find same ready every Wednesday. , Mrs. Blanche .Williams of Kyler town, who spent the past nine months in California and the state of Wash ington, is a guest at the home of hei sister Mrs. Lisle Hoover, 5500 Sixth avenue. Mri and Mrs. Merle Williams also of Kylertown, were guests a the Hoovei> home over Sunday. Mr Williams is a son of Mrs.- Blanche Wil liams. Clarence Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Hayes Wilson of 530 Fiftieth street was a visitor at the home com ing day at Junlata college on Satur day. Frank Kolk of Philadelphia, motor ed to the home of his uncle F. L Long of 537 Fifty-third street, when he spent the 'week-end. ject, ning Man. "The Inasmuch Folks.' subject, "Mark tho Eve- Perfect Sunday school at 9.30, Andrew Galley, superintendent; 2, Every member visitation; 6.30, young people's society of Christian Endeavor, subject, "Africa." Wednesday, United service and school, with special music by Brethren orchestra; Rev. L. K. Zelgler, Biblo address. Church of the Brethren—9.30, Sunday school, D. R. Sollenberger, superintendent; 10.30, worship and sermon by Rev. D. O. Cottrell, pastor of New Enterprise church; 7, communion and love feast. A large attendance or the church membership is expected at all services on Sunday. A cordial welcome awaits all worshippers, Rev. Levi K. Ziegler, pastor. For Sale: A new Kitchen Cabinet nnd Clilnu Closet. Elmer Kneel, .111) 1st St., WllllaniBburg, 1'a. Adv. CLAYSBURG J U NI A T A imlts. George Schultz, sr., returned home ROARING SPRING The story of the reformation or tho life of Luther Is Ihe title of a colorful pageant to be presented in St. Luke's Lutheran church, Thursday and Friday nights, Nov. 14 and IB. The pageant, is being put on by the members of St. Luke's .congregation assisted by ' members of the sister churches,' under the direction of Miss LaRue Chorpenning. The pageant opens and closes with allegorical processionals typifying "Theology Entering the Union" and "The Church Militant." In these the entire chorus participates. As .they march the singers will form the figures of the church: square, triangle, cross and star. The first dramatic scene presents Luther's life at the monastery, the scene following, his trial before the Emperor Charles V, at the diet of worms—the high point.of his life. The most beautiful scene of the pageant "Nuns and Novices leaving the Convent," represents the farewell of the abbess to the nuna and novices. The entire production is an attractive presentation of tuneful music, brilliant pageantry, line dramatic scenes, and gorgeous costumes and is full of life, color and motion. The entire pageant will be given each night, thus giving everyone an opportunity to be present either Thursday or 'Friday night. Reserved seat chart will be at Martin's store on and after Tuesday, Nov. 12. Trinity Methodist, Rev. George B. Womer, D. D., pastor-^Sunday school at 9.15, James S. Williams, superintendent. Morning worship at 10.30, with the observance of tho holy sacrament of the Lord's supper and baptism of all children will be held at this time, parents to notify pastor, and evening worship at 7.30, at which time the .sacrament of the Lord's supper will be continued and a special Armistice day sermon will be given by the pastor. at 6.30, leader, ' Intermediate league Otho Reffner, and BEDFORD Edward Hughes and Miss Made line Hughes motored to Altoona Tuesday morning to take their sister Mrs. Joseph Tuhney to get a train to Philadelphia. Mrs. Tunney had been visiting her mother, Mrs, Patrick The entire servicu In Grace United Brethren church tomorrow evening, will be musical, starting at 7.30 o'clock. The service will be under the direction of Mrs. W. G. Hawk, wife of tho pastor, who has been training the Young People's Glee club, and who now has them ready for regular services. The young folks, who will be In uniform, will sing many selections and will be helped in the program of several aoloista. There are almost fifty voices in the club und Indlca- liona point to a tilled auditorium. It is suggested that those wishing to hear the services should come early. The aocial committee of the Lowell Parent-Teacher association will conduct a aoclul in the school building Tuesday evening when ice cream, cake, home-made candy und pop will ut ilia iuv.ui nuv ici»ca n tit ^«. VIW.^MW • - . ill the program, which all ure invted to be sold. Ilie committee consists of .'---. • opens at 7.30 i Mrs - Mock ' chairman, und Meadames Clouse, Watsor. and Neugubauor. They solicit the patronage of ull person*;. NEW PARIS ««»"»»« J '• ,„ ,_ 10 " 15 RIDDLESBURG Rldiilesbuj-fc' chargo of the Methodist, Rev. Hurold A. Pruyn, piulor. Detiunce -U.30, morning worship; 10.3O, Sunday school. Couldule—10, morning worship; 11, Sunday school; Wednesday ut. 730, prayer meeting. Rlddledburg—9.43, Sunday school; <j.3O, Epworth league. Prof. Whysoug, leader: 7.30, evening worship. Armistice Sunday will be appropriately observed iu all of the churches pa thhi charge. Hughes, of East Penn street for the past three weeks. Mrs Walter Enfleld, Mrs. Walter Danler and daughter Mary spent Tuesday in Huntingdon visiting friends. Mrs. Eva (Hammer) Squires, who is visiting her mother on South Juliana street, motored to Wlndber Wednesday to spend the day with friends. Mrs. Lillian Feight and son Richard are spending some time in Roanoke, Va., visiting Mrs. Feight's mother. Rev. Albert Eyler spent Thursday in Altoona. , ,,,.., Dick Bowser of 'Eldorado Is visiting his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowser of South Richard street. Methodist, Dr. Horace Lincoln Jacobs, pastor— Preaching at 11 a. m. by Dr. H. L. Jacobs and at 7.30 p, m. by Bishop Joseph F. Berry, D. D., LL. D., of Binghampton, N. Y. Morn_ ing subject, "Significance of the Re- Chiirch of the Brethren, Charles L. lormatlon," special sermon. Sunday Cox, pastor— Tonight will close the school at 9.45, J. H. Hardman, super- evangelistic services which have been Intendent. League at 6.30 p. m., ape- held each night for the past two weeks clal armistice. Topic, i "What ia Cro- and the pastor will use as his subject, } ing on in World Affairs?" At 2.30 p. 'The Last Call." Many have come out I rn., Armistice day celebration, with a on the Lord's side during these meet- Ings and we expect a great day tomorrow in th • interest of His kingdom. Church school at 9.30. Preaching at 10.30, ~ " Sav 0, subj ed?" ect, "Can I Know I Am full program of music, a service rich in remembrance, rejoicing and loyalty. Bedford public is invited. Trinity Lutheran, Rev. George I. Melhorn, pastor—Preaching ut 11 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m. by Rev. G. I. Melhorn. Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. The Calvin Bible class has for sale Christmas greeting cards of an excellent quality, the prices of which are quite reasonable. You will want, to see these cards before buying yours for this Christmas. Some time before Christmas the class is planning to hold a bazaar and sale. Your patronage is asked. Nov. 8, Church council Church service ut 10.45 | meeting at the parsonage. Nov. 12, be visiting ministers with us at both the morning and evening service. Come enjoy the good things and "worship the Lord In the beauty of holiness." Bible study and prayer on Wednesduy evening. Reformed—Rev. Oliver H. Sensenig. paator—Church service at 9.30 a. m. Sunday school at 10.30 a. m. Greenlield Reformed—Sunday school at 9.4S a. m. u. m. Senior Epworth league at 6.30, with J. R. Wiko in charge. Church of God, Rev. C. A, Byler, Ph. D., pantor—Sunday school at 9.30, Edward G. Carper, superintendent. Morning worship at 10.30, with sermon by the pastor and evening worship at 7.30,. with special Armistice day sermon by the pastor. The members of the beginners and primary department? of the Sunday school will meet in the' Ladles' Hospital association rooms on East Main street, while the remainder of the school will meet in the Roaring Spring theatre building on Main street. The morning and evening worship will also be held in the theatre building. First Church of the Brethren, Rev. S. P. Early, pastor—Sunday school at 9.20, George B. Replogle, superintendent. Morning worship at 10.30, with an Armistice day sermon on "Peace" by the pastor. During the afternoon and evening there will be a young 'people's rally of the Churches of the Brethren of circuit No. 2, which will include tho'following churches; Roaring Spring, Albright, Lower Klahr,Leamersville, Queen, Claysburg and Upper Klahr. The rally will be held in the Roaring Spring First Church of the Brethren, and the afternoon services will be opened at 2.45, and evening session at 7.30. Christ. Reformed, Rev. John A. Campbell, pastor—Sunday school at Jl.15, L. B. Stoudnour, superintendent. Morning worship at 10.30, and evening worship Armistice day the pastor. Albright Church of the Brethren. Rev. Jacob Kinnel, pastor—Sunday school at 9.30, John J. Johnson, superintendent. Morning worship at 10.30 and young people's mooting at 7 and evening worship at 8, with messages by the pastor, both morning* and eve- The Emanuel Bible class of the First Methodist Sunday school met Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. I. S. Brought, 202 Eleventh avenue. After the devotions and business session, a social hour was enjoyed and tha hostess served a dainty luncheon. Those present were Mrs. Rose Bealc, teacher; Mrs. R. C. Cassldy, Mrs. J. H. Garthpff, Mrs. W. H. Wren, Mrs. Jennie Halfpenny, Mrs. S. P. Staub, Mrs. Charlotte Rodgers, Mrs. J. W. Heller, Mrs. Harvey Shlngler, Mrs. C. E. Saunders, Mrs. Sarah Smith, Mrs. W. M. Roland, Mrs. -Wesley Jines, Mrs. C. C. McClaln, Mrs. W. A. Whitman, Mrs. John Baker, Mrs. David McKinley, Mrs. Belle Traxler, Mrs. E. M. Zelgler, Mrs. Junlata Wertz. Visitors were Lenis Zeigler, Miss Lucinda Brought and Mrs. C. J. Messerley of Lock Haven. The Woman's Home Missionary society of the First Methodist church will hold their annual thank offering meeting, Monday evening In the lecture room of the church. 1 A covered dis.. luncheon will be served at 6.30 and a program will feature the evening's entertainment. All members are urged to come and bring a friend. The Good Will club held their annual masquerade • party, Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. John Craine, 1200 Boulevard. The evening was spent in music, games and contests. Those present were: Mrs. Myrtle McElwee, Mrs. Sallle Kline, Mrs* Bessie Parks, Mrs. Lottie DeyArmin, Mrs. Emma Hostettler, Mrs. Esther. Brooks, Mrs. Elizabeth Parks, Mra. Harriet Parks, Mrs. Maud Shuss,. Mra. Mildred Ashburn, Mrs. Cora Brubaker, Mrs. Jeannette Larnich, Mrs. Ollv» Lynch, Mrs. Mahoney, Alice Craine, Prances Bender, Hannah Boyer, Hal- ;ie Fettlnger, Harriet Craine, Geral- dlne Parks, Ethel, Edna, Irene and Betty DeyArmin, Ted Ling, James Craine, Harold McElwee, Ted Fields. Paul Mallery, Gaylord Shaw, Glenn and Al Craine, Walter and Luther Parks. Mr. and Mrs. William Sharrar of East Junlata recently entertained a number of friends. The guests enjoying a delicious sauer kraut supper. Mr. and Mrs. Sharar's guests were Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Swanger and daughter Marian, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Sharar and children, Thomas, Betty, Shirley and Jack,-Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Sharar and daughter Audrey; Howard Sharar, Washington, D. C.; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph link of St. Michael, Mr. and Mrs. John Swanger, Dorothy Bait, Teresa Dietrich all of Altoona; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thompson of Tyrone. St. Peter's Episcopal, Rev. Albion H. Ross, rector—Church school at 3 p. m. Evening prayer and sermon at 7.30 Grace Evangelical, Rev. A. Morgan Jenkins, pastor—Preaching by the pastor at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Morning subject, "Cease Firing." This will be the annual Armistice day service and all ex-service men are invited to attend. Evening subject, "Preparing to Go." This service marks the beginning of a special series of Evangelistic meetings which will begin each evening during the week, except Saturday, at 7.30 o'clock. All are Invited to attend these meetings. Sunday school .at 9.30 a. m., in charge of superintendent, W. E. Elder. T — '— E L. C. E. at 2 p. m. Senior C. E. at 6.45 o'clock. Next night has been designated as night in the special • meeting and the Boy Scout troop of the church will attend the service In a body, each to bring one or more'boys with him. They will meet in the regular Scout meeting at 6.45 p. m. Presbyterian church, J. O. C. McCracken, pastor—Preaching by the pastor at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sabbath school at 9.30. Junior Christian Endeavor at 2.15. Senior Christian Endeavor at 6.45, Glenn McNaul, leader. The school of missions on Friday evening at 7.30. * St. John's Lutheran, Rev. H. W. Bender, pastor—Sunday school at 9.30 a. m., John H. Porter, superintendent. 'Morning worship at 10.30 a. m. Sermon by the pastor. Theme, "Counting the Cost." Christian • Endeavor service at 6.45 p. m. Topic, "Uprooting the Causes of War." Leader, Mrs. George Buddie. Evening worship at 7.30 p. * ) $^•4 1 •. Junior ( ,or E. L. J Monday ..^4 as boys' ^ Theme, m. Sermon by the pastor. "Eternity." Teacher training Clayaburg Methodist charge, L. B. Barton, paator. Claysburg—Church school at a.30. Preaching at 7.45. Evangelistic services will be conducted in the churcli for two weeks. Sproul — Church school at 9.30. Preaching ut 10.30. Five minuto object sermon to children. McKeo -•• Church Preaching at 6.30. school at 9.30. NEWRY Methodist--Rev. W. L. Phillips, pus-; Mr. ancj ilrs. Elmer Long and sons tor—Sunday school ul 9.30; N. F. Rich- j Robert, Blair and Roy were Sunday ards, superintendent. j Kue sts of Chester Beegle und family United Brethren, Rev. Gertrude j in Altoona. Mitchell, pustor—Sunday school ut 9.30; E. G. Lohr, superintendent. Christian Endt-uvor ut 6.30. Prayer meeting with Bible study on Wednes- duy evening ut 7.30. Evangelical, Rev. T. O. Fuss, pastor- -Sunduy school ut 9.30; Roy Micklc, superintendent. Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening ut 7.30. Reformed. Rev. J. Eurl Dobbs, pas-j ing Sunday are as" follows: Bible tor -Sunday school ut 9.30; A. J. school at 10 o'clock; evening services Crlsrim:<i>, superintendent. All are welcome und invited to attend any of theao »ervlce». Church services for the week ut the Lutheran church uro us follows: Preaching by the pastor, Hev. C. K. Berkey, Sunday afternoon ut 2.30; Sunday school ut 1.30; young people's meeting ut 7; prayer service Wedi' • sday evening ut 7.15, Instead of 7.30 us has been thu custom. Services iu the Gospel hall the com- evening, Faithful Bible class meeting. Nov. 25, evening, Reudy Circle meeting at Mrs. Coru Bowers. Every Wednesday ut 7 p. m., Choir practice at church. Presbyterian, Rev. R. S. Caldweil, pastor—Preaching ut 11 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m. by Rev. R. S. Caldweil. Morning subject, "Soldiers." Sunday school at 9.45 u. m. Reformed, Rev. Albert Eyler, pastor—Preaching ut 11 u. m. und at 7.30 p. m. by Rev. Albert Eyler. school ut 10 u. m. Sunday GREENWOOD Another unined service will be held iu Greenwood United Brethren church tomorrow morning with u pruyer meeting, sturting at 9.30, preceding the usual Sunday school session, which will sturt at 9.45. The morning sermon's theme will be "World Peace." Everybody is urged to come to the unined service, which wus tried out tor the Urst time lust Sunday, but at which the attendance was cut down by the bud weather. Preaching ut 7.30, "The Call of the Other World." Christian ut 7.30. Calvin Stouch will b<j the I Endeavor at 8.30 p. m. Wednesday at speaker. We cordially iuvite you to 17.30 p. m., Church night and Bible at at 7.30, with sermon delivered ning. Mennonlte, Rev. Jacob G. Snyder and Rev. S. D. Yoder, pastors—Sunday school at 10, Samuel P. Snyder. superintendent. Morning worship at 11 with message by tha paator, Rev. J. G. Snyder. Evening worship at 8, with message by Rev. S. D. Yoder. Napier Mennonlte, Hev. S. U. Yoder, pastor—Sunday school at 0.30, Graver Dull, superintendent. Morning worship at 10.30, with mesaage by Rev. S. D. Yoder. Special communion services will be held during the day, with the preparatory services which have continued throughout, the week coming to a close. Special afternoon services will be held and also evening woiahip and communion at both services. Everybody is cordially invited to attend these, services. St. Luke's Lutheran, Rev. Clarence E. Naugle, pastor--Sunday school at 9.20. S. M. Emeigh, superintendent. Morning worship at 10.30, with sermon by the pastor, on "An Old Casualty List," an Armistice day meditation. Evening v;orahip at 7.30, with sermon by the pastor, on "Liberty's Doorway." Luther league at 6.30. class, Wednesday evening at 7. Prayer meeting, Wednesday evening at 7.45, leader, Mrs. Rebecca Wolfe. First Methodist, Rev. W. W. Banks, pastor—Preaching at 10.30 a. m. by Dr. E. C. Keboch and at 7.30 p. m. by the pastor. Morning, Dr. Keboch 1 will bring a mecsage to a mass session of the school. Evening subject, "The Influence of a Good Life." Sunday school at 9.30, I. A. Corby, superintendent. Epworth league at 6,30, Alfred Benney, president. All boys and girls from 14 to 20 are invited. Service In the league room. Young people's circle at 6.30, in- the lecture room, Miss Thelma Shellenberger; president. Last Sunday the Stevens Memorial Sunday school had 447 present and we had 501. We are now in the lead by 10. Every one should be on hand this Sunday. Special music all day by the choirs. The orchestra will play in the rn'orning service. All are urged to be present at the morning worship. Juniata Park Church of the Brethren, Rev. E. C. Bowser, pastor—• Preaching at 11 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m., by pastor. Morning subject, "Th» Kingdom und World Peace." A special sermon for Armistice observance. Evening subject, "The Christian Church." Sunday school, 9.45; superintendent, J. D. Brumbaugh. Midweek prayer meeting and Bible study, Wednesday evening at 7.30. A goodly number/ have been attending these services, but we wouM like to see more come out and dedicate their lives to the Lord. Sunday afternoon services at Riggles Gap. Sunday school at 2.15, with installation services for the newly elected officers following Sunday school. / Otterbein United Brethren church, M. S. Bittner, • pastor—Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m., by pastor. Morning subject, "The Gospel to the Gentiles."—Eph. 3:1-2. Evening subject, "Positive Christianity."—John 15:1-11. Sunday school, 9.30; F. H. Baker, • superintendent. Prayer service Wednesday, 7.30; J. G. Reffner. Junior C. E., Sunday, 2 p. m.; Mrs. A. H. Kuhn, superintendent. 'In- t,ermediate C. E., Sunday at 6.45; Mrs. David Hosteller, superintendent. A teachers' meeting to study Sunday school lesson on Wednesday at 7.15. Fresh eggs direct fro mthe nest ut market price. Call at 615 llth Ave., xervtcta. reading. KOAKING THK.VIltK Vuuug ia JX THE "I UK GIBL CAGE." A first National Vlta- pliuue Talking Picture. Ne\v* and Vaudeville. Junluta. Adv. FAMOUS Restaurant BETTER FOOD AT LOWEB FU1CKS Nest to Mountain City Bank

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