Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 22
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tmployrrunt Prep'rV n 29 * * * AVOID' LAYOFFS BE A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER Aoj ll-W. Ntw DSV ralei, J425 to Kll monfhlv. Soars tlm« trolnlno can now bo arrsnaed. For Information qualification tost, wrlta - " Proptity Management 30 WorkWanttd EXPERIENCED fitlrtd col*, to E ase 22 unlt«, downtown apt. ./for bdrm. *pl., ulll. cit«n. charge. HE 5-942 Work Wanted 31 7 MRS. Gen. cleaning Ironlntf _Emijloy ? d ample. He t-ini ical ret. HE 6-5561 Call An Expert 35 Call An Expert 35 CALL AN EXPERT These advertisers are EXPERTS in their line. Professional, Business and Household Specialists who are EQUIPPED, EXPERIENCED and READY to ServB YOU!!! L22Z3C Ijowekeeoerj,' couoles. Low wagu Swed, pointing Agency, «?3° ?enl« l r- A i. | l___Ri 1-mji RI 7.57 NURSE. cSFToriW7~ ' 4 v "' exp ' HE roiling, my homo, men --. ;,, · " ", "'» iiome, m fl°lhl[TO, uniforms, SI nr. M. _Jr'B slightly nxlra. HE 5i GRAD. prac. nurse. ""iable any case. D 561 TRpHTNU In m/ home or dnv ivo CjM_Dorls Ray al HE 7-9939. ' Aluminum Siding ALUMINUM ASBESTO jldlno. Very rcas. No dn., sn pymts. For free csl. call HE 6-77; IDEAL CONSJRUCTi0N CO. Brickwork FENCES--PLANTERS PaHoj. G/W-_5483 BRICK STONE WORK--Any Type 25 VTJ.JMP. Go 20 miles. TE 4-059 Cabinets ROY'S Cabinets. Small or large lob o.k. ME 0-303 CAEHNETMAKER-F-'Inlsh work ar kllch. remod. Free csl. HA 1-58: CABINETS-- Compl. homo rerriode Pallps, cement work. GE 4 679 Carpentry ADDITIONS REMODELING Patios, plastering, cement work Fireplace; and planters. Quail I work on I y^ G E_l_-692 FORAAICA~~cabfncts cVrpciitrV Expert workmanship. Satlsfaclloi guaranteed. GA 3-7807. CARPENTER -- GENERAL Day's work. Reasonable. Reliable Call GA 3-2754 CARPENTER --ADDITIONS, STUC CO, REPAIRS, PAINT. GA 2-607! REPAIRING--Free estimates Ode Jobs. AnytnIno^jcas. HA 1-399B EXPERT RerriodcUno, Reoatrln ^Cablnels. SmoHJob QK._GE 3-1 JTj G'ENE'RAL CARPENTER JHpURJDR_DAY. 0/4-717; WINDOWS, doors, remodeled, a'ddi" tjons panels. Rcoa. GA 7-52-15. Ceramic Tile ARTISTIC tile setting. Tubs, showers 4- dralnboards. Rcas. prices _jmrJ__f ree_es f I m a (a. G AJM376. FINEST CERAMIC WORK. liJlhT kitchens, patios, etc. Most reas Drlccs.Frcc pst. GA 3-1446. Cleaning, Rugs, Uphol. Rug Carpet Cleaning WEINHEIMER RUG CARPET WORKS 3720 E. 4TH ST __GE_W523 GE 4-68IJ Concrete Brick ,VBEAR~ST A"fb~crMT Hf~C ONTRS". All IVPCS cement work. 100% finan. _LIC. Ini. t-'rop r s t . _ _ H A _ 5-JJ63. NICHOLS cement contraclors! Fib loh too Inroe or too small. Cst * r ee-_1905_Lcw 15.__GA_6-3;o?. CONCRETE SAWI'NG" LOU W. TUGEL GA 4 2640 C. RAY LUNDBLADE licensed mqnf_contr._Frcc cst GA 4-Wi CEMENT CbTlTRACTOR'V'CAR. _PtNTRY. JOFT_SFr:RY, ME 3-5400 CEMENT polios, toDsrlaV. walks" No lob loo small. GA_7-7:69 CEMENT" WORK, drivcwnvs." P.K.O* A sidewalks._ _^ GE 6 3 3 0 3 CEMENT"" SLAB;., walk's." patinv _twrfilM^fco_«t. GA 3-li.ift Contractors Builders" BUILDER RESIDENTIAL «, INCOME UNITS Addllions f, Rcmodcl'na H Spec. 100% Financing Available NiHopo Const. Co, GA 7-318-I DOES"YOUR~KrrCHEN~ NEED FACE LIFTING Free estimates, al' IVDCJ. Remodeling Lie. Hfc ft-l?.W _ H t t e r 6. ME_3-]M2 V'-; ADDITIONS ARE OUR BUSINESS' ALSO LOUVI:RED WINDOWS _SCOTTj:ONSTkUC MON GA /-W?-f R"EMODE"L"ING~A ADDITION' 20 vc.irs O P - f-ree rsL Smnil mcnlhly Payment. IDEAL CON- _IRUCriON CO. HE 6 7 7 3 4 DREW CONST."CO. builds tor "lev.. New Remodel. Additions. CnM ^GA 3-24-11. Hrcp_c:t. jfnnricc_ ROOM'ADDITIONS" GA C-33J7 Hauling, Express ·to GARAGE--LOT CLEAN~"UP"* * ALLOWANCE ON SALVAGE ft » TRASH HAUL-TREE WORK 2 P^C^rSE: 4-1332 RES. HE 7-0843 '£hS h haullno ' FurnHure, Trash, _What hava you? Guar. HE 2-5801 NELSON'S TRASH HAUUNG" _Gar's cln'd. Odd lohv GA 3-1629. House Cleaners i : wl " 1 '"" a n d wall wash- Ing sorvlco, license, free esllmalc. I'3562 WALL washing serv. Windows, fir? _waxed, car_oefs_cleancd. GE 3-OQI8 _ Household Rep. Serv. ··iwui-. 3 J"dy ~ 5-cfny work. ""Ref __Whl!c. Call afler i p.m. HE 5-02 MASSEUSE wants work. pTefcTwl _c mrpprjcto r. H E 2-900? till 1 p.i IRONING, 85c hr. Pick UD d -J|y. e !J_ -P^JL'^ 1 ^' GE 3-56 ORESSMAKINC - ALTERATION 326 Lonia GE 3-12? DAY WORK, $1.35 + caTfareT ^ r ^_ HE 7-4845 ___f?rD. Fxper. Refs. HE 2-573 WILL "BABY-SIT E.sid?T"Kav'r~ _ChHd_mVMlf._GE 4-6464. WASHING--35c hr. Ironlno." Exc. WASH INI G~~~TrolilfKi'~ln~~my~lionie ,,_ GA 6-31?7 A-l colored girl wlsheVwork I; _hour, da_v, or week. HE 5-6931. KITCHENS WASHED COMPL $8 _OUR_.OWN EQUIP. GE 8-S8V. IMORTER--Typo Vour mall piece _jtccura'glv. Del, service. GA ?-?23: CLERICAL, general office exp., lu llrne, pormt. GE 4-0641. DAY WORK, $1.25 hr. + care faro IRONING 51 hr. Pick uo delivci IRONING by Ihe hour, pick L __ de I jvqr.__ GA m 6-14/ DRESSMAKING Alferations. 380 Sandwood, Lakcwood. GA 2-236E _ _ _ Work Wanted [MEN) APPLIANCES to UD service. Try us. Insurance 1 CAN, G E T . Y Q U ~ RECORD. Riohf rnonthlv. Call prices. Pay Janitorial Service : OR Coniplolo Janllor Service Call RED BALI. MAINT, SERVICE _D°V. NE 1-70392 rjljf, HE2.7J38 Mattresses MATTRCS5ES RENOVATED S7.95 bniie cover. Sflme snrlnus. 1-day Jf"'"- Fl«s,«llmalcs. L'st. 1937. K? 3-OTi ° r '" Sanla Ano ' A .TMF MATTRESS FACTORY 3J2S E. Ananclm, Long Beach Moving Storage .'.'OVIHO 8. STORAGE HE 6-395^ " _ TRANSFER-Lllo os». _hold_mnvlnq. _ HE 5-244J MOVE KREE KiTs 7206 _ ILvou_c«n_b!al our rales ?OBEtilS VAN J, STORFGE7'i"rTc- POOj^ man's_movrr. GE_B.B!34. AHN BROS. MOvirj'G. ?4~hr^ - £c - r yi_' n . s £I£^_L?_££jes. Gfc 4-0356! _Paintlng, Paperhan'gEg WALLPApT:~R~T~B"rjRMS., S3i~ nrludcs o.ipor J. labor. 1.003 samples brouohf lo vour home. Contraclor -- y years L B BOB_PRIEST.I.EY__HA7arj9 ^L ER .'9 F J' ' n 'crior. Residential industrial. Brush or Spray. RPM. rales. Free cst. Do own work rA' ·«*· C ?" ? n v"mc. Davsi jiA 2-3_629,_aller 1^_GA 2-3355. ACCOUNTANT--Offlca mgr., last ~ vrs. In pub. accto., 14 vrs ful charoe acct. oflico mor. All acdn fin. slmts., tax reports. Mr Lalfz _davs, VA_7jj63; _eyev._GEJ : 5?33 MARRIED man, 3~chiJdrcn7~won'l cooler repair work. Eve, or w ends. Lv. mso. 1640 Cedar, L.B _Would also consider misc. lobs ELECTRONICS TECH. Navy Waste Chief West Coast or West Pac P.O. Box 2352, L.B. JANITOR or foreman, need nigh work. 25 yrs. chemical cleanlno NE! 2-0019. RETIRED man wants lob, exper with sick. Also lanlior work. G [£^3927 V/ASH Kit., baths, windows, wax floors, etc. Free est., HE 2-2653 _ _ _ _ GENbRAL CLEANUPS HAULING HE 5-3124 PAINTING Inside outside. My owi equipment. Rcas. MAN with truck wilT jtcms. GA 6-2658. HE 54G.12 move small Work Wanted (Men, Woman) 33 ARTIST -- Comm., creative layout, finish, lech, illus., schematics, adv. exp., aircrafl CXD. Female, 3i, qopdjiar. HA 1-72J j SCANDINAVIAN cplo. Janitor se'rv~- Ice, rugs, uphol. house cleaning. Free cst. Rcas. NE 1-7823. Care of Children (Llccniid Hoi 33B PAINT UP! FAST, CLEAN, ECONOMICAL Residential-Commercial Lie ins Call Johnnie GE 4-0674 IF IT'S DUILDAE1LE. we build It. J. B. Jones, gon. const. GA 2-60b8 Draftsmen vour nla Dressmaking - HA 9-7735 Pfllntlng_i_decor. Injured. Lie. AINTING RE,VO"DEUNG."Tmal, APERHANGING, 75c Rdl "~'"!!? £ L_ G( iL mv_rirlce. HA 9-7065 L. H SPAINHOWER _ . J- 1 «5, nu ond Dscorntlno. GA 7-1093 Terms nrrBnoe_d. AINTING and paperhanotno. Ll- ccnie wild Insuted. Neat clean. _ H a.rn._lp_6_p.m. GE: ]-552fl SPEC" kit. en., 529.79. Baths7Tu5. Dulrh Boy paint. Work reas. GE PAINTlNGi~intrr"ior~E7tc7ior~r : rce _*".timale, C._V._luckcr. UN 3-6578 PAINTING-INTERIOR EXTbRIOR _Socc._Winier_ rales. GE 9-1541 INTERIOR f. K X I L - R I O R PAINlT ING. REAS._ RATES._HA_I-5J.|?. GOOD pa.ntcr pflperhangcr needs work._^ Rcos. GEJJ526. PAPLiRHANGiNG-A-l wor'k done. IF- vou wanj io~save on^palnMob", EXTRA spec, rates. Freezes(7 \VoFk "~ '~INTL-~RTOR~8rTXTERTOR Do wo'k myself. Free csl. HE 2-7813 I. IO- NSfc'D oalntlno contr., 18 vrs __L.B._Do_own work.^GA^Sto cve. SPECIALIZE In enamel kifrhTnT's, Only) LOVING HOM~L~cnccd~yrJ., bfll- «nced Fiioals, 15 minutes from Circle In L.B. Vi nil. N. ot Carson UN 5-67B3 The independent, ProEs-Teleoram recommends that all be c.iretullv checked rcgnrdlno baby _Lilljng and can* of minor children. MO r H C R'S~lovTno rare for »mafl boy. 1 block to orammar school. __Fun_on_ weekends. HE_5-1939 DAY care. Lie. 2 vrs. up. NT. Stydebaker 4 Stearns. GE 1-0310 WILL room board children, nice home. LOrain 6-8119. CHILD Care--Fenced yard, caulprncnl. HA 4-5467. Miscellaneous Wanted 63 ;Ws ingsr~il27~w"."~iith ______ _wk . day A Sit. H Ej-3566 PKUP old apollances scrap iron" Goodwill Iron Metal TE 5-60J2 ' _ 'lLLERS-Fiills lienvy dGlv 3" boll sender 574.50, lor limited lime oniv. Anorterl hnlts W 75 Iron. with Initial purchase. Used Sanders taken In trade. Pacftlc Const _Hordwarc,_]_22 W. Pnc. Csf. H ROYAL OAK "TOOL "GRIND "co. Tool A Cutter Grlnd' DnrJ Mil's fi. Shell Miscellaneous for Ss!a 72 Plywood ALL TYPES -- ODD SIZCO WALL PANELING OUR SPECIALTY HARDWOOD MARINE PLYWOODS 5«« our Booulllul Full Panel uvular Rack ol Vt Preflnlshed and A Natural Hardwood Plywoods Open 8-i, Sal. 8-1 L. B. Plywood 1851 Freeman Ph. GE4-7475 PENTRON"taD»~reninierr~j"si)cid. 5115; Electrolux automatic vac cleaner, nr. new, 180; washer, 516; TV, 522.50; skis wllh Dole I. bindings, 517; watch cleaner; slok- tng tools, crowns, stem A balance stalls, no. GE 3-1370 all. S p.m. Used Tires, $2.95" Largest Stock In Town KINGSBURY TIRES 3340 E. ANAHEIM GE 8-??BQ 210 MAGNOLIA AVE. HE 2-7554 GIANT RUMMAGE SATE Toasters, mixers, steam Irons, vacuums, TV + Ige. appliances. si UD. Municipal Auditorium, Saturday, Feb. 6th, 9 to 9. PUBLIC AUCTION GOVT. SURPLUS Hardware -- Tools -- Electronics 900 E. PAC CST. HWY., L 0 1 P.M.-^SUNDA^Y, FHO. 7TH 2-WHEEL Trailer, S-10; statlorTwaoori luogaoe rack, 520; Kenmore Ironer sweeper with attachments, $25 ea. 37 E. 56lh St., Apt. B. G A J^26J6_ ^ ·OOLS. BOOTS, DESKS, Office Equipment Thousands of smal Items. Visit Our Warehouse P A R A M O U N T SALCS/ 6COO Paramount Blvd., Long Beach. Miscellaneous for Sale 7', WE RENT Woihers--R«(r'g«ralor»--Ranoes Vac. Clu., TV set). Sew. Mach. Typewriters, Elec. Fans* Polishers ALEXANDER ELEC, GE 2-7469 FIRST TIME OFFERED IN L.B FOR MINIMUM-CARE GARMENTS, Clean only--dresses or coats 40c With steam air finish Me. Minimum cash a\ carry order $1.50 Minimum pickup 8. delivery «.«) FREE MOTH PROOFING OLVMPIC. CLEANERS 1765 Long Beach Blvd. HE 2-4674 __^lS_South_St. L Lakcwd. ME 0-238? Sporting _Goods 72~A GO'OD 30.0* .33 or Furnifuro for Sale WE BUY AND SELL Antiques, books, tools, power tools, cut olass, line china, curios, small turn., kit. utensils, all kinds misc. Rutherfqrd's 17QS Orangei HE_7-65J6 USED BUILDING MATrHIALS". Uicd store fixtures counters, lumber, glass, plvwd. plumbs. LONG BEACH Fence Material, 344J E. Anahalm St. GE 9-4509 25" TRIMMER lawn mower; pu'.h mower; Kingolawn cdgcr. Allo sax; ouitar; 'dl Mercury motor; '49 Mercury body; 2 spotlights --* .IQ l l c J_J l Jt!HL HA 1-S2M -ORMER Salesman for name Brand Waterless Cook-ware, wishes to clnse out several new $199.50 sets for $49. Mr. Kllene -- collect TRASH CANS A-l--THE BE5T--ALL SIZES 3031 _U_ng BeachBlvd.__GA_ 4-3814 make oiler. TO 1-6361 ALE or trade approx. 2 Jrurk loads of wood moulding. Must move mimed. Make oiler. TO 7-6361. ERVICEMFH establish your credit S10 down on washers, TVs, other appliances. A A Appliances, 715 _. Lon . g _Pc^h Blvd. HE 6-3I4S. W. beds comp., S40; dinTig seT S?0; bunk beds, 530; rofric., S35; range, S?5; mhc. 16719 Lakewood Bjvd., Bellflower. ! ELUXE Kenmore was ho r-y/r inner type, SM. ?4" boy's bike 16" boy's bike, bolh for $18. 6013_Lu rciioj _^Lai^ewoi TORG F I X T U R E S , R A C~k" TABLES, C A S L 5 , 5HFI.VIN' BY OWNER. GE B-3I21 \VHMney 1-5952. ?011 E. 41h, L. MODEL HOME FURNITURE MAPLE, 4 r 00m s may be bught separately. Original nrlco $1,41095 $?0 W o°er IV w«" p66 " Sh ° r IC " than LIVING ROOM MAPLE 8-Pc. hardrock maple, bed divan, high back rocker, tlub chair, 2 step tables, coffee table, 2 lamps; wns S349.95, now only $197.66; only J2.50 per week with 10% down BEDROOM MAPLE 5J" dresser mirror bookcase, headboard bed or poster, 2 night stands, 2 lamps and a 252-coil box soring matress with 10- voor guarantee, wns 5349.95, now 5197.66 rash or only $2.50 per week with 10% dov/n DINING ROOM MAPLE 54" extension table- 4 chairs; regular $119.95, now $64.66: optional 4?" maple buffet and hutch, regular S79.95, now 557.66. RANGE Gaffers Saltier, timer, clock, Hgnt, chrome manifold, automatic C-P. Rca. S239, now $159 REFRIGERATOR Hotpolnt II cu. ft., regular $293 Now J187. VAN ORDEN'S 2264 ATLANTIC AVE. Open avei. 'til 9 fr Brakes Relined $10.50 JIM WAYNE'S BRAKE 1101 E. ANAHEIM HE 7 CO TRASH CANS--META llbe-. 45-rjnl. Lt. wf. mcla! tJr S3. 5301 Cherry. GA 3-461 "ACUUM cleaners, new 8. like nev All makes, best orice-i, p«rls service. Woerncr's, 13B3 Chcrr Ooen Mil 9 n. m. HE ?-763 BRAKES RELINED $I0.5 Tlbbott's, l-JOl E. 4(h HE 6-2JO 1IDBLAST Special from S85. licdroom home or repalntlno L. B. Sandblast Co. HE 6470 PlckUD_R AIR CompreJsorr~porfab'Y, 75~"c J.iooor, excellent condition. J-2054 or GA 4-3239. PORTABLE. ME 3-7-119 " " comp're^or 105 cu II _ - ^^LJ^LLAJ 1 ^6. TOOLS A rnnch. wanted. TO* 7-636'l" _J7?U D^lJl!gwc_r__E?rvd_., Bcllflowpr SHELDON MILL, like~new~powcr TM ( ^.-_r rIcc U° ^clJ_._ME 0-1903. Bicycles and ScoptenT~66 SCHVVINN GIRL'S~2?"~B~icvcle7"s15! GE_3-111S Cameras, Supplies 68 ^AMERICAN FASHIONS ME -j-urs ALTERATIONS -- DRESSMAKING - · 7 .1Z_!L_ BraadwrtV _ J _^. GE 3-0010 Electricians a , ^ ,, women made j G S^^^^,|^ CORDAY Electric Co.-No |ob tno _imall. Days Sieves. GE 1 -03?I. ,,_construction. GA_4-51fl5. ' LOS" ALTOS IfLbCTKIC PH._GE^-161jS CALL EARL for cst. on vour rleo trie work. Lic.i rcas. GA 4-7539. ' PAINTING DONE - HE - 5 * 7 "^ _ I'LL PAINT IT BETTER FOR LESS _k il ^ 1so !^^_Nt_5;0!?J- ME 4-32t3 ANY KIND Pnin'tlng. Rtas. "Please .- l a . l| - GE - S ' 33w -G(! : '- 73CW -- .._ *'"-HR. PAINTING, interior dcro- . ^'mo. All_eguip. Llc._GE_j : 50I5 Excavating TOP soil flit Girt. Lots denned, cut A graded. Take out coiKrete _and blacktop. MF 0-J4DJ Fencing SAVE the "beauty ol vour yard. Tha Chalni.nk VV,iy. d-iha!n link 33c ft. in 100 roils. N* dn., t _Giiardla_n_F_nc 1 ,_5S50 L.B.__GA 4 X CHAIN li.ik 7 fMc'cT 25c ft7ln~103 ft. rolls. Harris Fence Co. ... _ G A 7-l4S7 j _or_GA J-9_513 BURROWS f-cnce Co.. 57~?9~~Cncr"rv Rpdvjood, block, chaln-tink. in. ,_stallccl. No dn. _FHA. GA 2-3347 FJooring Tile Plastering JACOBSON FLOOR SbRVICt SAND AND REFINISH 2-hr. 535. ?6 vcars in L. B. , Ph. GA 2 4590 or GA 5-3636 OLD FLOODS ,/.ADE NEW RESAND OR RErlNISHED--LIC. ^·REE EbT. ROBERrsON GL 34115 REX Floor Sandino, beaut~fu"nrnTsh. cleaned waxed. 1-dnv service.^nv tlme^ HA_1 : 5932. ZIM'S FLOOR SANDING Llccnsed__rjisurcd._ GA 4-7174 VINYL R, ASPHAfT tl'le"~srrvTp. _Ffco ost. Downey. ^VAlnut JJ7J9. Garage Door Service GARAGE door repairing Also dec., ^controls. 3316 n^_14._GF a-790/._ Garden Serv. Supply LA~N~bTCAPE ~"cJ«fonT "consultatioii", liitvn rcnovtition, spi inkier syi- i terns Free cslimalcs. HA 1-6936 or HA 5-1690 ' PLASTER patching, slucco repair. No [oh too iinall. Quick serv __Lic.,_msi.jrcd. _GE 1-1526 PLASTER" STUCCO RLPAIR. __RFAS. GA 7-90Q7; HE 7-54B1 PATCH pl.islerlno our scerlflfiy'. E_Mcp_wprk,_tiirar_ GA 2'-5007. P L A S T t R patching, 1? years exper" PAtCH~REP"ArR~6"u"lCK~SERVTCE FKL : e_ESTiMATF.^GA_2-9852.__ PLASTCR patch, "int. extT None __too small. Same dny. GA 2-8975 QUALiTY~ T CASfE~R~!N"G~~hv~~KEN- NEDY. Lie. Ins^J-IA 5__5725. Plumbing, Heating C~U$TO"M~PLUMBING~CO^ ft WATER HEATCRS f. ~~BEL : MbNT~PL(JMBERS PLUMBING $5 HR. CITY PHOTO'S Annual Pre-lnvenfory SALE BROWNIE S mm MOVIE CAMTRA Sronemelcr, rcg. 579.50 543 63 icoocmetcr Turrrt, rog. S99.50 559 68 j HUNDREDS OF ITEMS ' BELOW AND AT COST T7I9 E. Anaheim HF V A N V A S FOR A N Y USE (Yardag or sewn). Bill-RI to Sallmakers 13-i? \V. Jltli HE 7-657 OTH£:S POLES. Rollawav line"* Dryers Installed, rcnn'ring, re ng.__7jO E. Ma.'kct. GA 2-3467. ABY crib, malt, like new, t_ serit, nntiaue pot-bellied stove j.OOO f t . picture Irame rnol( ·ash"Cans, 50-Gal~$2.50 94p_Alnmcda,__\VHjii J _ TC 5_-766 ECORATIONS for Vaicntinc,~St ·'Jlncks Easter on display no 1 | TARPS, Awnings, Cnnvas~ Repairs I Pariimount Sfl'es. 60fM Pura-noim _B]va.,_L.B.__MU3-0//l; GAJ^SOl CHILDREN'S DRESSES--Our "once a-veir-- Vi PRICE SALE LUAN'S 3734 Long Beach Blvd Rental--Calc." Add'Mch. riect. typewriter Sl79.50._GA 6-251 EHCYCLOPtUIA'S" V.'orld~Scone,""l" vol., Ifko new. Best oltcr. See be iv/con 4.30 6 p.m. 13; Ccdai Apt. 33. _ "RENfWILL APPLY" Sieves, washers, reMgs. TV AA Appl., 715 L._B. Bl._HE 632-3 12xl2""8'6''xP'6" MATCHED'o'-av Hi Lo Wilton runs. 6' G.E. rctrig ·35,000 BIU Hfimrl Do;ib!e wflt _lur_ndcc. GE_3-2350_aftcr_5_p.m. NfcW stork ot birch, aili", nidhog- any/ walnut, plvword remnants. SALVAGE MASTERS M A T T R E S S re.iovalcd, your~6ve' 57.95. Cleveland Furn. Unhol. KODAK 35 M.M. COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC REGULAR SS4.50 SPECIAL $71.75 RADIANT SCREEN 50x50 $13.99 MERCURY PHOTO _J030 Long BeaLh_Blvd._HE_ 7 0601 Buildings to Be Moved 69 FABULOUS 3-bdmi., r^-hnt.h, built-in even ft range. Like new. Also sharp 2- CONSOLIDATED HOUSC MOVFRS CALL_COLLECT DAvIs 9jjlS Consolidalnd Houso Movers DAvIi 9 - 4 1 1 8 WEBCOR taoe recorder," (ully equipped. Bciiutiful conriillon II 5 '"l l cs.^S]50_Cdsh.__W,E_£_227._ "fRASH'CANS $3. DEL. _GE_8_flJ95_ODen Sun. ?3JJ_E. 17!h ADULT ha-r " cuts, "$1.30;' child's 05: ton e x p e r t Clock Baro p , 25r--LADDtRS lor rent per day up. Master.TM Scatloldinn fn. Pli. HE 7-1973 17IQ Seabripht IfrM YARDS used carpet froiii~50L per yd. Consolidated Carpet Cor.t. __1 "O^Hjn-ci Ptiono HE 6-6664 KIRBY VACUUM, like new. Attch. + polisher electric cookcr- Jryer. _j^5._HE_.? : 4U9. TABLES, counters, shelves, cash register, p.iint. sundries. Every- CHE~F 4-burnor siovc used verv little I?'6"xl5" carpet and pad. Lamps. ClieiiD. CiA .1 nws _ DOUBLE bed __i j ? (l _Whj) 2 WHEEL tVtied E. 4lh GE 4-9953 PLUMBING $5 HOUR" __St o p p ages A repairs.^ GA J?^947 REPAIR. REMO'DEL, CONTRACT _RU5S_ PLUMBING NE_S-B270 PLUMBING, SS'hr. StODPflnc ~re"- __p,i'r^ Lie, contr., 2-i hrs. HA 1-3430 F-URNACtlS. All types, vented "heat. Not undersold Lie. GH fl-9174. Roofing BILT-WELL ROOF CO.-EST (936 Recover Shingles Flatdecks No Dn. Payment flank Terms Roofer will call, not n salesman. __ UN 4-7546 DEPENDABLE ROOFS Terms. Bonded. Guar. 10-15-20 vr*. Dooendqbjc Rooting Co. GE 9-4437 ROOFING WORK "-- ANY KIND Free, b'sl. GA 2-58S4;_ NE_1-W49 HADDOCK ROOF' CO GE 9-6B01. """ E. Anaheim St. Since 1937. SANDBLASTING Renovating and Scalping - r " rcr '-_ri t i_P E _ _!i n 9 J 5,_Gi:_4.84.i7 L~A"N"DS~C A"p~F~levei. troblcals; p'ljne; trees removed. Snc;. in _ rilchondra._Jop_soil._Rcl._GE_£ : 1410 pcrr.i tnn will flf coniDlc'le lawn I _ cll1 Ll . .__ -,^!:- v -l c ^Toj-j75K I sheet Metal Gutters f.iOW a edoe, oen. clcflnnn. " hpgs._Haulmg. ML .S 317-1. DUTCH'S "awn rcnovnlm. Liwns_Dut In. 1W 3f " school secllon, fo be moved. M.950 delivered. ANpclus 2-41J3. Do-lt-Yourself "PLASTIC 71 Foam Rubber all life, 2c en. GA 3-7951 ' 66?9 At Ian tic 7T-A FOAM CUSHIONS 16"xl8" REMNANTS _ $39c Ib 79c SMALL REMNANTS I-oiim Rubber Couth Mattresses . _ 574 50 Plastic Leather Covered 3"xl8"xia" Stack Cushions, S3.95 520,0'M stock ol foam products to choose from ACME rOAM RUBRfcR ^UPP' x 344] E. Anaheim, L.B. GE 9-4903 411 W. 5th m Santa Ana Kl J6716-- Cnsy Parkij-o _ " ' " MLiN'S store fixtures. A.iarking f, _sewinp_nvichmcs, f tc. 11.__ 4-_9S5_?_. ELECTROLUXVac., SS.9S. BiQ trade Jns. Mnrks. 363 E._jl!li. HE 6-7345 CLOTHES"POLE"$6 6A ^4223 CLOTH window" sh'pdes. ID'-. ol(. Mason f. Tult, 5595 Atl.Tillc USED RUGS $10 un. HE 7-5170 _J.Vost Coast Rug Co., 1335 Cherry ELECTROLUX or HOOVER -- $9~95 526i ATLANTIC AVE. MUST UNLOAD HUGE STOCK REPOSSESSED FURNITURE APPLIANCES REGARDLESS OF COST EASY TERMS BLUE CHIP STAMPS, TOOI ALL STATES FURNITURE 1325 Alamifoi HE 5-8356 [Jint North of Anahoim SI. Furniture for Sale 73 B F TRANSFER STORAot OUTLET TWO WAREHOUSES FULL OF USED FURNITURE Beds 53 oo Innersprlng malt. .' J5 95 Chests ' Solas .'.."'from Rolrloerators ,, _,, fromi2995 Stoves from SM W ulnelt-. Sets ._ Uom 514.95 Rollawav, conipletB 51495 Bunk Beds S27 o Edrm 501. compl. 539 95 Simmons HldaDed J Zl 569.95 Can') List Evorything Open Friday! 'til 9 Terms 1131 GAVIOTA HE 7-M5S Long B»ch, Calif.. Wad., Fib. ], m« INDEPENDENT,. JHirnlture for Sal» 731 Plonoi Organs 79-t Rental Sale Special Furniture Wanted 75 MAPLE NO MONEY UNTIL MARCH 10, I960 Pickup brand new Eastern maple outfit. Payments hove been made to F-cb. 15th, I960. No money dn , 3 yi j. on balance. Only ilS.99 mo. Mflule bed, nltc si and, maple dresser, box springs F. mattre:,s. Foam rubber sofa, 2 maple slcp- t.ibles, maple coffee table, 2 table lamps shades, maole dinette table 4 chairs, pictures, Ihrow rugs, rancy pillows, etc. Tolal balance due $525. Pav cash or take over contract. No money down. Ask for Mr. Van's furnlfu Count 17217 Bel . 1 blk. No. of Artcila Blvd Open Mon. Fri. nites. Sun. 12-5 __ TO 6-8276 s or r. Van's furnlfure. ty Fair Maple Shops ellflower Blvd., Belltlowcr ·': NO GIMMICKS ·-.- BANK FINANCE ' " REPOSSESSIONS One llf-m cr A houseful 5 COMPLETE ROOMS Incl. range, relrlg., washlno machine, 11-pc. living room ict. S- PC. bedroom -.ct, twin bed, and complete dinette. Full price $259 Pay J3 weekly. Free delivery Out-of-statc credit o.k. ENCORE FURNITURE W VI. Alondra Blvd. (formerlv Olive) Compton .Bclween \Vilni FOR SALE REPOSSESSIONS MADE BY TIMES CREDIT CO. SEVERAL 4 . 5-RM. GROUPS INCLUDING (' 8-pc. modern living room set vjilh cocktail tables, end tables, Inmos A shndcs. ^ 8-DC. PR. set with dblc. dresser mirror, full or twin size hciidbofird. box snnno* matt »' 5-pc. dinette set, several colors shapes lo choose trom. i' 36" Roorr rflnpe cross-top Frloidalre rclrlncrator. Total once Including delivery A Initallfllion $364.43 Groups arc on display at our warehouse dt 5351 ATLANTIC, L.B. or call lor Information G A 3-5329 or NE 6-2749 All mcrt-hondisc sold on guaranteed exchange basis Ouen Dallv 9:30-9 5iit. 9.3C-5. Sun. 11-J Se Hflbla Esnanol Solid Eastern Hard Rock MAPLE BUY ALL OR ANY PART FREE to reliable pcrion. T A K E ALL OR ANY PART. Includes loam rubber llvlno room suite, wing chair, tables, lamps, 2 bedroom suites, drop-leal dining room suite, automatic w;sher- dryer combination. 14-cubic foot double door rctrig. AM-FM stereo HI-FI combination. This Is all IOP quality merchandise and U like NEWI Sold orlolnallv for over 53.200. Present balanco 51,588. No down D.ivment necessary. TAKE! OVER PAYME-NTS ON ALL OR ANY PART Can be seen dallv M l 9 p.m.. Sat Sun. 'tn 6 p. m Dlr. Ask for Mr. Gavin, 52.10 Lono G:a:h g;-.-j.. Lcaa Cca^h. 3 ROOMS COMPLETE including refrigerator range, bedroom sal, living room sol w/all accessories and dinotte, all-new rofrigcraior and rango (used), buf in A-l condition, all for only-$399 $30 down and then only $3.90 week. LOMS BEACH FURNITURE BoachJJjyd. EASTERN"MAPLE Going back East. Sickness forces me to give, up my 5 rooms o furnllure appliances. Full ance S5S9. Take over payments of 526.60 a month Group slsls of O'Keefc Merrill range wi!h griddle and hl-lo broiler. ' 2-door rctrigorator, i-oicce Ing room set, 2-picco livlno room scl, end tables, coflee table, and lames, high-poster bedroom ser complete; also twin beds. Al furniture In excellent condition Will separate for quick sale, in sloraoo at 6092 Atlantic Avo , NLB TOP PRICES PAID! One Dlcce or a houseful Esfatcj, business Inventory, furniture In storage. REPP MOTT, INC. 250! E. Anahc'rr. GE 9-0777 CASH N A HURRY! tor ranges, refrigerators good used fur;tmurc^CaIjUir. G(£_^-5604 WE buv used T Vi, washers, Irlgcralors cloves. Call AA HE 63?40 QUICK cash tor hcuscfu'l or part lumiturc, appliances/ tools misr. Knr£s HE 5-2397 5EST prices POlrJ for good lun Call B B Furn, before vou scl _J10p.t-._Anaheim G_E_4.p4ii WANTED--Plario." Prefer Spinel "or Grand. Wlll_nov_ca_5h. TO 22780. WANTED--Used ""turn. "iippii.inccs". H15TTE S"T~C A~S H~^~~R el r'i g~s t o v P-i'l ^vashcrs. Leonard's. GA 3-05?/ month rents new " .. 88-nola splnti piano. Used electronic organs: ,.., Lowrey no«' SSV5; $1235 Wurlltic 2-ln-l, nov: $895; Rep. M35 Thomo --? uiilv-SS95; JIWO Hammond 5745; J130 Magnus, 5?9. Manv used spinet pianos. Story Clark, GuiDransen, Wuriitzer, from J2/5. $10 down, J12 month. 13 good grand pianos, Knabe Kimbail, tVuriuzer, Monarch, Iroi 5395. P«y 512 men!*!. Househojd^pp|kinces 78 I WASHERS--SALE-DRYERST RtFRIGb.--TV.-RANGES V/A5HERS Frlgldaire aittoinalic J99.95 1 vr. guar.--Like new Bendlx Gyro. Aulomallc 599.95 Like new--I vr. guar. Norge DC Luxe Aulomatir. . ..S99.95 Like new--1 yr. guar. Mavtea. otiarantccd 559 95 110-320 Volt, New drver with any washer. Now or used ... S99.95 Wcstinohause [win^ . SI79.95 Bendix comb, oai . S19995 Vr Full guaranicc, delivery and normal Installation. Westlntjhouse comb. 52-17.95 Reoo.--? vr. guaranfce NEW! NEW1 NEW! Apt. refrigerator M49 95 No trade-In needed 14 cu. ft. frost free. Food compartment 5-door Has 110-ILi freezer; regular 5499.95 .5759.95 15 i-u. ((. Norgc upiicfc down, swmoout shelves . . . S399.95 10 cu. fl. GE S169.95 16 cu. ft. upside down dc luxe re frlgerntor romblnation S399 95 USED! USED! USCD! o cu. II. . _ j?.f 9 5 1 5 cu. It. Frloldalre 569.95 I 8 cu. ft. Admiral 579.95 Good used btovcs 519.95 TVs--TVs--SALE! GE Black dav-lite, new picture lube v//2 vrs. guarantee, casl- ers- 1\". Bettor than new guarantee -.5119.95 S10 down -- $10 month Aulom. portable phonograph $24.95 3-way comb. 21", new picture lube. Only ... 5129.95 Choice of blond or mahogany. Emerson 21" 1M 53995 -:: We have the lowest prices in town on new TVs, washers, dryer 6 combinations. THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL: Zrnlth S559 de luxe TV only 5359.95 with a good trade. Navv Crcrjft OK Open till 8 p.m. Monday Friday HEW LOCATION BAKER'S APPLIANCES 9th Pacific HE 2-3974 it good upright, st type pianos from $1 dilion-- guaranteed. dio spinet 25. Good con $10 down. 3 piano accordions S245-WQQ new now only 59?-$l50. Plav oerleU. McCRERY'S | PIANOS West's Finest Selection WINTCR. E S T E Y i CABLE All Styles Colors STORY CLARK, LESTER Many floor samples. Save S20Q, CONN ORGANS America's Finest Electronic 2 MANUAL -- PRICE S995 UP Many olher makes. Big savings. ' . FOLK'S 2119 N. Lono Beach Blvd. Coriiofon. NE 2-0-138; ME 5-S022. Week days 9-V-- Closed Sundny __ "Serving Music SlnccJ91ji;' _ "PIANO SALE-- GRANDS Baldwin fret.) wai S1795 ___ S1395 VOSB Sons, was S995 --------- S795 Behr Bros., mahog., was S695 5575 Story 8, Clark, S'4" was 58V5..SA95 MMtop Grand, was $745 ..... _ ....... S54S Used organs _____________ from S195 Many uprltes _______ ........ from $ 75 HUMPHREYS 130 Pine Avt. HE t- SALE RELEASE ME Of My Responsibilities Going back lo service. Left mv 6 rooms of modern furniture A, appliances stored in Long Beach Responsible people can faku over mv payments of $18.67 month, balance S2J7J5. Dlr. Uolhlng c r se big cross-loo rcfrig., automatic v/asher, 21" TV, ruo, vncuum cleaner, 5-pc. dinctfc set, U-p'cce living room set, 4-nr. hfdrootn se', bunk beds and boy's bike See at No. 3 Warehouse, 6086 A f - lanlic Ave., Long Beach GA 3-2533 AUo 6-rm. Gl home tor sale or rent. SEE AT HUB R:r^::::::d 5 nr.i. co;r.p!., including It PC. Hv. rm , 8-pc bedroom, maple bunks cornel, with itirlnos, mattress thcit, 5-pc. «2Sl!?' r;ln00 rc(rl o- flnl- dui 5399.95--vio down, week Ouf-of-Stafo Crodlr OK S E R V I C E M f N WELCOME REGARDLESS OF RANK TERMS UP TO J36 MO. HUB--6190 ATLANTIC ·d ! nn,_ __N.L.B.I V : ,- PUBLIC NOTICE :: Furniiure Appliances NEW AND USED Everything Will Be Sold Building For Lease 45'xl30' 1900 E. ANAHEIM SaH_FurnHure A Aonliflnrrs " GE 6cu.-ft. Refrigerator. 90-day Kclvlnalor,"6',j cu. It. rclrlg.. 1-yr" guarantee . 574 Frlgidnire, 7 ru. Jl. rcfflg. with cross-top freezer, 1 yr. nuar. S96 Hotoolnt 8 cu. (I. rcfrlg. v/Hh cross loo freezer, shelves on door, left hand door, l yr. guarantee 5114 Friflidairc, 9 cu. tt. de luxe"rclrii. with true cro-.'s-toD freezer, jnd automatic dclrost, roll-to-vou shelve'., in excellent cond. l-vr. gj.vanice . $144 GE II c.u. tt. double door rcfrio. 1 vr. ouarnntre S158 Fr«g!d,i!rc, impcri.n late model washer, tike nev/. I vr. tee. Installed 513? Wsvtno repossessed auio'mat; washer, used 4 months Ne« guarantee, installed _ S1 HILL'S 5650 Atlantic. GA 3-7J90; GA ?-7078 0 PEN EVj- Ijj NO S TjLL_9 -RIGIOAIRn relrlocralor7"o" T K'ooTe Merrill ons range. Refrigerator de luxe. Has separate cross-ton frcercr, rjlnl defrost, roll-oul shell, porcelain crKorr. Ranoe CP model do luxe. Fluorescent llnhl, bin ?4" oven, chrome broiler In oven, ccnler .simmer burners. Repoi- icMcd. Bill, bolh S27/.B1 or ns- -ue pavmenls J10.43 pe; mo They will deliver. Sen nt warehouse, 5390 L. B. Blvd., Any lime Sun. BALDWIN PIANOS - ORGANS Rent Irv Bc'ore vou Buv E-2 Terms. Special Savings on Moor Models RUSSELL PIANO CO. ·143] Atlantic G_A_ 3-W43 HAMMOND O R G A N S , Spir7eT Chord. Used. Attractive Prices. Few Used Pianos. HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS OF LONG BEACH 2188 Lakewood Dlvd GE 9-0918 NEW 88-note Spinet. ONLY $395 GLENN'S PIANO ORGAN ihOD 5155 L.B. Blvd. GA 7-5WO Open Monday Friday Mil 9 Radio Television 80 WE RENT TVs $10 MO. UP ALEXANDER ELEC. CC 3-7«3 Pet* 91 DOG TRAINING CLASS STARTING REGISTER NOW ... KING'S PET SUPPLIES 1IM E. P«c. Ot. Hwv. GA «-? THE DOG HOUSE Pet Shop Boarding Ktnri*! _11957 E. Carson UN ^-U COLLIKS, all ages. Stud $orvlc«. Terms If desired. 211 £. Corton St., Torrancg^^TE 6-7807. CHIHUAHUA DUDDlcs, sfiort or long) coat, jinv oeautlcs--various colors* __Lak cwoyu'.^7G ^;I635. DOG-GROOMING -- ALL BRHEDS I PAIR mated, Half-Moon Parrots or would trade for love blrdl. 77006 Arlirrm, Arlcsla. POODLE PUPPIES 575 UP. POODLE PARLOR, 2563 ATLANTIC GA 4-Q38Q FINL-ST Troolcal l : bh. The Reef. ?61i E. Alondra, f.milln. NE 2-4861 A.K.C REG. German Shepherd puppy. 936 O.Hvc. HE 5-9366. TOY POODLES--6 wks. old. AKC. _ HAJMX)92_after 6_^m. AKC registered wlrehalred puppies. 9 weeks old. GA 7-7B23. 7.1 THE NICEST boxer vou ever _saw. DAvIs 9-2116 rliscellaneous for Rent 96 Troll«r Pk., Auto Ct., Garagei, ate. GARAGE -- STORAGE OR CAR 2CXJ7 Olive, S6. HE 7-7687 Hotels Motels 97 WINTER RATES »12 WK., 1 PERSON. 1! FOR 2. ALL ROOMS WITH BATH Coffee shop, TV, downtown. SEAVIEW HOTEL 5J1 W. SEASIDE BLVD. HE 7-646T ROOMS with tile baths, SIS per week. Apis., $20 to $35 per week. Seal Motel, 212 Slh, Seal Beach ULLVIEW H O T E L " -- S7 weekly clean. Free prkp. 1875 Cherry WiN-INN HOTEL -- 1653 Santa Fa S7.50_wk^up. ht., tree pk. EASJDE" HOTEL GRANT, S7, S3 week. Maid service. 117 V/. 3rd. HE 7-9790. 1.50, S2 UP WK. RATES. DNTN. TV, Admiral Hotel. 612 W. Ocean. HARBOR HOTEL--TV, rates. !3_Harbor 81.. San Pedro TE 2-9082 /ib~DERN apt., also sleeping rms. 127 V/. 5th on alley. HE 2-7345 ooms for Rent 98 ACH. APTS---Centrally loc., pool, wk., mo., rates. Also slecplno rms. $15 up. 1777 Cherry, cor. Hwv. 101 rtANOR HOTEL--56.50 UP MEM TV lobby, kit. prlvll., pleasant Rms. 117 Bonnlo Brae. HE 7-9321. ZENITH combination record player 21" television, low boy, nev/ sot guarantee. Assume payments of $10.50 per month, plus Blue Chip stamps at ESIEHN'S, 3344 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. Open Eves fl, SunrJ/jvs par frh. LOVELY front room, park view* linens furn. See Pete In Rm. 2 UDstairs. 930 Maine Ave. TE 1-2293. REMOTE control 21" tab'e mode TV, ilka new. Fully guaranteed full price $125 Dlus Blue Chip Stomps dt-- ESTtRN'S, 3344 FT. Pacific Coasl Hwy. Open Eves Sundays. 19' console SYLVAN I A" mahog., 559.95. BERGMAN TV-HI F' 4207 Monfalr HA 5-197 Open Mon. - Fri. 9 to 9 GENERAL ELECfRIC Refrigerators A aulomalic washers 5% OFr ABOVE WHOLESALE COST. EEGHTOL'S FURNITURE 1372 W. Willow HE _7-6DjO G U A R A N T E E D -- USED Hamilton tins, dryer ?9B V.'p^tinohouso elect, dryer _. *68 MGiitoomerv W.ird, A-l ^78 Whti ipaol flijlom. washer CBB DcndU v.-nshcr-dryrr .o (n b. $165 Or $10 f] 0 \vn K, S10 mo W E S T E R N APPLIANCES __5?01_L.JJ. Olvd._ _GA__3JW76 MOVING". w'lrrV.icrrd'cc 1? cu n" nulo-nnlir Pliilco rolrlu. Cross-top trce;er A automnllc Roper rnnge, Irke new. Private ply. HE 66031 alter 6_n.m._ _ Kit CHEN range~deTivcrcd In- stallcd. Iflroc dssorrnient $39 uo. McKINNEY'S, 2430 E. Pnc'llc CortSl_ Hwy._ GE_3-5604 SERVICEMAN *stabliih your crodlt". $10 dawn on washers. T V s . other ·iDn'ian;ci. AA Artpllnnres, 715 " - 1 - RENT A TV .RENT WILL APPLY _A A APPLIANCES HE 6-32JB RCA-Vic tor 17" "TV comb, radio P, record olaycr. Good iond. WH sell or trade for table model TV. GE 9-735J. SLRVICEMTN rstnbllsh vour trcdil 510 down on washers, TVs, other appliance. A A Appliances, 715 _Lonn ne.uh Bjyd^ h[E 6-32JS^ USED" TVs, only $2.50 weeTTlv. FulT ouar. AA Appliances, 715 Lona Oeach Blvd. HE 6-3248. NU TV pic tube, SI per Inch. Table models, consoles, portables. All _jwarnntced. From S79. GA "-3533. R E CO R b~chnD"r7~(7eors69.95T~52^95 F A M radio fcomp.) .. ..W9.95 _AUpJO_ CRAFT^ 2738_ E. 10th. TV RENTALS $6 MO7UP Beach TV 225 E. 4th. HE 6-5633 MUST SELL T7" TV. Gd. cond. Guar Excel _Dlclur_e._GA_7-3588 or_GA_9 : 77S4 21" MUfYtz CONSOLE, $49.95 B A W TV, 5705 F ?nd GE Q-WiS fv"RENTALS--i?" 8, ?i" CAPRON Ty.^6257 L. B. Blvd. GA 2-1063 "TV RENTALS HE 6-4388 '59 PORTABLE Admiral 17" fv~ __B_H-in antenna. Reas. _TQ_ ii '-W20 21" DUMONT--TV. BifciTTbnsole. Good cond. Very rcas. HA 1-2188 2i""RCA "CONSOLE HE 2-9886 HI-FI 80-A Nt£\V Wallcnsok taoe recorder $139 STEELMAN port, recorder S1I9 HEW Thorons 124 turn table 569.95 NEW Gnrrard B8 changer 539.95 1.200 ft. Scotch recorder tape $1.49 NtTVV ID watt stereo amolifler 549 NEW stereo changer w / c a r t . 329 NEV/ Pickering 371, carlridgc 519 NEW SICDhen* 15" speaker $49.55 tJEV/ Stephens 8" speaker $71.95 Rablk Electronics, 6535 Orange _GA_2__35E3 "M-2754 ZENITH combination record" Dlaver CLEAN i m. adf. bath, on ocean/ reas-^gcnllcman. GE WJEH5. NICE quiet rm. in priv, tiome. Good loc.. 4384 Elm. GA 3-621B. 550 PER mo. Home privileges. 5438 anerucM, Lakewood. TO 6-S6?7 DNTN.--SB. Hskpg., prlv. entr., wtr. stiwr., ph., prko. 1200 Alamllos. DHTN. Hikpo. t-Mvate entr. Sliwr, Rcfrlg. 58.50. Man. 326 W._ 10th. S6 WK. Day worker. No drinker. Prlv. cnlrncc. 2535 Elm. GA 7-2386 HSKPNG. TV. CLEAN. WARM. _«4_L1me._S10._ HE 2-9393 38 WK Nice room prlv. cnf. Refrig. Genta. 225 W. 8lh. HE 5-X725. RM., nr. ocean, tub shwr., outside entr., S9. 1537 E. 2nd. NLR-Laroe Room and Board 100 HUNHNSTON HOTEL 1290 E. OCEAN BLVD. ROOM, with private Illo balh doily mold sirvlce; also Includes choice ot our 95c club breakfasts cholco of all our $2.20 dinners, 55.90 oer day. Two people, room with balh, including meals, 56.30 per day. This Is not a bonrdlno nouso, but o Boulevard Hotel. All rccms with Drlvalc calh. V,'o serve very axcellcnt food. Special weekly rates SJ9.05 per week UD Including meals, as listed above. For rci- trvallons-- Phono HE 66253 RM. BD., S20 wk. Men, outsldt entrance, lunches pocked. _9tS_PacH|c_Avc. HE 6-6112 SOUTHERN home, plenty ot lood. ' '"^Atlantic. GA 7-49J2 BOARD room. TV, family stylo TB 59B42 ME '4-3563 MEN, nice rm., lunches pkd. Miild jen/^Xlnt meals. HE 7*|754 GIRLS-ROOM BOARD. HE 6-3195 BESTl LADY Rm. board with prlv. family. 245 6lh St., Seal Beach. LEAVING TOWN . . . Pecause of Illness much sooner than expected, moylno into new trailer; would like to sell or have someone fake over mv con- trrfct on recently purchased dlr 3-Dc. foam spctional, tables, lamrs beautify: mahoo. bdrm. set. sea- mist tidrm. scl bunk beds, carpet- J^^dinmo srt 'V5B stove, Dlx. ?00i 2-dr. freeier-rclrlo., automatic washer, TV; bai $367. D iv X3.85 week. Mr. Thomas, 2?0 W. 2nd St., Snnta Ana RENT WILL APPLY Stoves, waihcri, refno;. «, TV 9-PICCE living room group. Complete Include* (modern)- in lonn he.ivv nvlcn (rleie xvith Er/k{''oHr^ SMW-EACHrstavrRTFelrlgTB-ft-F CSnil Men cn'd'""jblM. Sch^; ll3TG C w«i 1flClaimWi ""'fttWt* cofipc Jahic. Gorgeous larpc tall -- *J fl " nT n . _HE 7-6458 l.wiDi. Returned (rom showing DE-HUMIDIFiER. STOPS DAMP. Brand new Hnlancc all 5177.36 nr "E 5 5 * Mll -DEV^ IN HOME. LIKE pavmcnls $9.25 Dor month. Pctr " "~ son's, 6370 L. B. Blvd., N. L. £ ROV, nev iet guarantee. Assume payments of 510.50 per month, plus Blue Chin stamos al -ESTERH'S. 33« E. Pacific Coast _Hwv._ ODen_Eves i__Sund«vs. 3ASS refine '·neriker enclosures, reasonable. TO 7-7116. 80-C ®. · e o SEE AT HUB MANY REPO5S. TRADE-IN GROUPS 3 Rms. incl. Froo TV, $ | 9 S OUT OF STATE LHEOIT OK 5FR\'1CEMEN WELCOME TERMS UP TO M MO. HUB--6190 ATLANTIC ICor. Harding, N.L.B.) NEW clothes SI 2.95. ' 40-YDS. carpcf, Tweed ". S89.95 Dr[scoll__Caip_£l,_d008_E : _Anatielm G~t". 1RIPLE Whip mYxrfr~nr!v __ncw. J,: PTjCg. Hfa _2-l6iO GOETTING LUMBER CO -- uica _L u m be r.^19? l_jj edo ndrx Gt__4-.'5l7 KIRBY vac.uurn cleaner, ia'te'morte'f, __h.irdlv_uscd. ^nc. S3S. GE_ 8-0516. CERA.'.MC" TILE."59t ia".~l~UD. Handy Andv, 653J L.B._NE 1-6-l?3. STAUFFER~home reducer, lik"e~neW S300 vd!uc._SM5. WA_5-1580 R'FOUCING'TADLES. R"ENT,~BUY. TO GAI.l.ON~nu(iriuin7~plstl)'T~pu'rrTn", Tv.~?4"~Wesfinghouso tblpr~niod~ "M]SC""GE B'W?''""'" ""rxi: '' "· I Formi . c .ltoo_coitccjbic. HA i-ewa t-AL~Rcdii"-tians"nn~^nt"rrTr"i; ' BEDIM." SET."$1?S; CT. "icfrib" tron.SOc. H^Mvwflcd S t a r s AppSrfil ' 57S;_l-rla._Wrt^f*r. ?fl5. MF_3-69?7. lfl28_E. Bdwy._ HE /-7743. ' ] 7-FT. pool table, excellent ronrtl- CLARANCE ON SHOW C A S T S __HENSOrJ^S_SALVAGE _ HE_5-7325 Miscellaneous for Sale 72 GENT'S all wool twcr-d tor~~coXt - _ EXP. JAAN*fiSE"GARDt£NER ' __ _ . JA'PANLSE biirdcnr-r" cornDL jnt^hvjrio. GA_4 1 849S after 6. ' ^ " f GUTTERS -- DOWNSPOUTS, Flnsh- Ino, Vcnfs RoUr'nl Wk., VJc'd- Ing. F.irts, Blowers, Gen. Rena-rs. ^^at.CLOSKEY SHEET METAL J_31j W._lllh HE_6-4W. 9 termite Control MAINTrNANCfl TEBMITE Work Done. Verv Rcns. Dlfll TO 6-3?S3 or C.ill Collect. FENN TERMITE CONTROL _ _ . WOW 8, EDGE. $8 mo. . __Re«._rales._GA 7-5570, HE 7-R17A. " " _ _ _ _ Hauling* Express GARAr.r.s"~('iTANFriT Iravh h'niTf __ $3 UP-- GA 6-1607 HAULING^Tr.r-h. "Lo'M~dC.inrrf. i Trrrs. nowpr saw. sm.iii in _ Low COM. F-irnl. Ino^ GA 3- i / A M i N G A HAULING. irMh S, ru;n, elficienliy A re.T. . *-l)lf. ___ (.A ? £ _ _ _ _ . . . _ ·LITE Hnulmo~GflrrI ; ri'ino~^"Y«7f:I Cleanup. Free esf. Rcas. TE S9SS2. Tree Surgery TREES looped, Tr I r also feeding A spr imed, removed. avmo. r-rea est. ~i-b- ".^·-GA'-'-WS; NE 5 : 4;03. LOWfTST PPIf'rS-- frV«~ foonorf", trimmed. AKo lecd'ng A snrflvino, _ Frec_c-,t._Lir A mv GA ?«S._ VAN'S t r r e servirr. Toonmo. nrun- Ino A reniovlnp, hrprnf-rt A m- _ s u r f d . NE_l__3flS6. GA .S.9793. CAMPRCLL'S roi^rt'clr t r r e v-rv- ' RL'GS,, 6«9 f, 15x20" black while tweed. Nr. now. Both 580. SWFEPER~ l7 4a-"lrich WllshFrT'~rc(e«"[ tor inside outside swecplno _Ph. DA 6-S2IO "WE BUY" American" IndiVrTiternT's Indian Tradlno Post Highway 39._SJflnl£n,j;alli. UNDERWOOD" tvccwritcr, Mandarij model. Goad cond. s:9, ML 4.?3tf. l.'O THFATfiR Ip.ithr-r c MVitv GE X-79RO,_IO 7-8W-I. f PAiL(fR""luag. : i^er2-wheel.~ V,0. 1 CTC 6B131. _ Sa% DISCOUNT"on" llohf "futures". Bi«o, 1W RcdondO. Gti 4-6614. STEFR~fc'lllittf,'~b'eii~qu/iillv7'lO sficks, SI. I? J30I E. An.ihcun. Miscellaneous for Sale 72 Miscellaneous for Sale 72 \(c. ~ " _ "UPIIOLSTKRI\G "UPHOLSTERY'SALE 10!)'- Mvlon Fnc.-r BELL"" LOWER UPHOLSTERY TO Mi:4 or TO 6-6334 FACTORY TO YOU! Innerspring Mattress Box Spring ACME ECONOMY SET Ne\v *prlnos and new cover. Cottoi K craned, stpriliicd ar.d processed thronuh Acm^ s modern r.clea.iiog plant This Is « Vurd*/. wrll naddcd matlrc'n -;ct. Full s-ic, iio add.iion.ii. Free noiiverv. OPEN MONDAY A FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M. Acme Mattress Factory 3415 E. Anaheim GE 8-6758 or GE 9-4908 Quifting Business Sale 83 chairs 50c UD; dming room table S3.50; Duncan Phvlp f«ble 5IH; library tables 12; silverware ' (or lOr; double ht-ds S2; twin redi S1.50; oak commode; dresser; nnii tree; TV^ S20 up; house lacks SJ; ranges SS SIO; mantel clork S1.50; crutches 50c; electric Iron 25c; brass bed 55; round oak tables $15 UP. BUY AND SAVE SCOTTY'S RED DOOR 731 E. 4TH HP 6-1335 OPEN SUNDAYS _ _ _ _ _ FOU R MODEL HOME GROU PS lusl returned lo Hub Furniiure largest warehouse store. Price slashed for quick sale. AM furn HKe new. Used for display only Complete oullils tor entire home from 5388 Jo $966. Small monthly payments. Save hundreds of dol lars on each oroup. See on dlsplav at HUD Furniture, 606 S Lono Beach Blvd., COMPTON USED AND REPOSSESED Furniture, ruos nonllnnccs BARGAIN PRICES! New furniture R, mipliances ALL AT DISCOUNT PRICES k)0 F/Paelflc Coa?f h Hwy*" Open daHV__9Jg_6j-- Friday 9 to S MUST SACRIFICE'rompl. 5 roorm ol turnitijro. Rvervlhlng for i r ,°^ m ^ hou , se - , E , x "" cnl caf id- Of" 55.31 per wk. Sec at ms ot KLPOSSPSSED--3 (oniol. qood turn. Incl. romnleti hedrm. dinette. Bal." S1JS 3.V Hmls. S ? S 7 oer wk. Sec fit Hub, _B06S._Lonj Beach Blvd... Com n ton FOLDING chairs. Banquet ~tVbfe~~ SooC'al purchase. Virco folding' furniture offered at below dealer's pnrr. Limited lime. Etell's. TE ALL BRAND NEW Returned from model horn* 5 rrm.. comol. Incl. pas range Igc. Mn-llv i'rff \orgL- r e f r i g . Bal. due S463.ES- S50 down riellvrrs Our-of-State Credit OK ' Servicemen Welcome TCRMS UP TO 76 MO. HUB--6190 ATLANTIC (cor._^rdmg,_N.I R ) RFSPONSiBLC person can" lakc~hcd- room suite, incluclcs Mr. f. ;/,( h doi;blc dresser, nurror, nlte siands, bed--tomrle!e with box snnnns A nntftrss frai'ies, e'c. 2 hc.iut.ful Limps. Intenrf^ri tfi itriy but must le.t.'C lor coiist. See and t,ikc for h'llanco SJ33.16 or pvmts. J6.91 ( n I'"!. T h C / \V.H del. V i i t f t ' i K n J s C , ~ 51?{ LL- B - 0lvtl -' N.L.R. flnv time. JU^T R C T U R ' f k b frf.r.i ""mode; n( bc.vii lul (urnlturp Llkr nev^! S.wc i.lJO! Incl. large rcfr!g. K. stave, tn.npl. liv. rm. irp , ? bcrl- rfi«. .*. dm. rm A ' l tcr- S7J?. f / terms. See rn disnlav at Hub. 80(i ^. Luno 8ea-h B'vct . Compton. inerD~rirfg~ m'atfrcss" x snrinos. v/ sfeel .omplcfc. A !*Q nior FULL-SIZE l niatchino frnne, $35 1143.A_Holf _ LIVING m"scls. S99"fiS; dTnTuJT $3?.P5; bcdrm. ,etj. $^9.85;^. m.i'fi., lilies. id:iiDs, etc. Leon _J)rcTs,_Ji/64_ LOIIQ Rrvich Blvd. PAY S3.65 "week-- Leading ~1\nrnce en. h,!b 1 rmv furn. Incl Ltovc, rein a. Call W,r Bowers, Dlr " secreta -- . - -- NEVV D.inisii tv hnf^'i c o m h ; n n 1 t . drawers, w.iinuf f.nish. Cail _ _ relrlg. 1957 "HOTPOIWT" with (recilno co npfTrttncntV 540. GA / - I Q 1 7 KFNMORE auiolii. washer ^iTh 9 U ?OS4 5aVCr ' ° d ' C ° nd " W5 ' HA EXTRA" ice not. size ranqe S59 DON DAVIS APPLIANCFS _5A7 F. Willow GA ^-2019 HOTPOlNT"elec. . " over 550. _ - _ _ _ . - _ " - STOVF, S15;~rcfrigjralor7"535 "Good _condmon. TE' 5 7371 GAFFERS f. 5ATTLFR (ciJchcn "l^-J,' 1 .? 11 -^ 01 !^- ^ ncan - GEi 8-9B38 USED stoves "R,~TeIrig.~529~""uD __Lcp_n,-ird;s L 5264 Lono Beach Blvd. GE RANGE. ~30" " oven." delu«e fcaturps. SI50. GE_1 8876 RE-FRIG, wanted -- Hlphcst r*',h . v ^?I^ 1 _ ( L5!;jl9.!-_lBeiv^ HE 67336. MusicaMnsrruments 79 R L N r ~ R ~ A f ; D ~ ~ I N T R ' " Apn'ics to row . '^/A^?X^S^JIM _ Pianos Organs 79-A BRAND NEW SMALL STUDIO PIANO $399.95 PLUS BLUE CH'PS A T E5TERN-S 3344 P. Pacific Caasf _Hwv. -- open L : vci. p, Sundays PIANOS ADAIR'S BARGAIN ISLAND SALE TERRIFIC BARGAINS //.AYTAG DELUXE automatic WrUhcr and deluxe eleclr ic matchinn riryer, rcnossesied. luit llko new. Used only short lime. Washer, reoular $389.95, . . . . S?JB Dryer, icuular ;309.95 . . S190 New 1 year guarantee O'KEEFtT ft MERRITT delude Ofts range. Used short time. Excellent condition; «u Somatic even, clocv, light, griddle, cqol- ronlrol nfln»l. disanpoarino shelf, priiiovator, adlustable broiler. Sold new 5 53??.95 Only . .. ... 51JF Manv other terrific baroolns In used washers, refrlgeralors and rannes; also slereos, HI- FI televisions. WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMP. ADAIR'S BARGAIN ISLAND 900 E. 71h St. at Alarnltos HE 2-4-131 i ! TW c n i;_ n -^ n* ^'rcte": A,^; S iood^d i IY_*L Rad !9.^Kr» ^s'SK.JVJfic STOR, j NE * WSS§H!W;$ WI * ? I'^nc A^p H_C 6_?5?9 AA Appl. 715 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-3243 j MAS ninDt Drain, bench ;n- i HOMf ST Service call S?, hv JJD- irlrd. fir.ind ne.v organ gu.1:'- | anese-Amencan. Mas TV, Ml' Ice. Vcrv fe* hours of [iM/ S-:?17. full price, plus Blue Ch.o Centals--To Share 102 VVORMNG girl would Tike to shars 2-bdrm. home with same. Nice fenced yard. 1 child o.k. L.B. area. Call Shirley, work DA 3-4331 ^fao!wecji_8_a i riidj?. MAN sturlenT'oreferred, 21 to 30, share flot. Nr. City College. GA ?.?;a; afierjsjq. MAN, 30 to JO, to share aof. willi same. Ca'l HE 7-1690. Duplexes and Flats (FURNISHED) 103 BELMONT HGTS.--Extra large at- Iraclive 1-br. + wail bed Close lo all--school, bus line, stiopplna _ccntcr._3618^yermont. GE 4-0051. $80--Triple*, 1 Br, newly decor. Gas A water pd. Frea washer «, pcrklno. Baby welcome. 1858 J^injpeto. BF.r7TTl S., 3 rms7, adits., no eels Nicely (urn., turnacc, washer flrtr. 3_1_OS Msrgulta. GE S-63i4 BELMONT SHORE 7-hr, uoner. Hlcolv furnished. M25 month. Eves. GE -1.8547 AkGRATH-SHANK CO. GE 9.7121 BELMONT HEIGHTS" 1 BeSroom garago. $75 Adullj. TM ' -- Av»._ GE 8.8BOJ Ulll Dd. Nr. Jlh i S/0-l-BDRM. . . Junlpero. No oets. ?43JV'i GE 4-6/8! D floor. Ideal fr worklna irl or couple. 2 beds. Mod. kltch- n l l H LJl?5. ( . i _ ; 15 2 Golden " LARGE 3-bdrm. upoer, nicely fui- mshed. S!JO. _No_psls._HE_!-26fa ,,, S55-"l-BR. Child o.k. Y a r d _T5?0 Cherry Ave. HE 7-7164 S75-1.BDRM. nev/ dg luxoi diso . 'a_s_her.__U40_pmvsori.GA 7^J57 !GE, BRIGHT SGLE CLEAN 629 DAISY HE 795:6 W5 -- NICELY turn, lower Utll. pd. 2J?J'j Linden 1-3R. 51.SO HOME calls; buys used TVs ' _ _ _ _ _ 35.55 HA., Inner sprVno Mi,iltrcsV,~"boif snrmos, B F- Tr«ns'rr. Un- i (l^.rnerj Slor,nc OuMct, 1131 1 nfa. HE 7-M38_ __ j ~ _ _ _ _ 6-PC. blortl oax pining suile~Good rond. 575. Kenmore gas r^ge. 5-10. 2 blond end *!i:e*, S20 HA S 17H 5: " -,,-- rSTERN'S, 33-1-1 t:. Parlfir Cf.iit SM D ^j^U I ^^T^IKS CALLAGHAN MUSIC ^1.14 Atlantic. Ave. GA l 7-106 FAY.aU.'. J r;- ·.ftT"ii".'rtrij~bigdii~~ " nslrumcnts fn HI VOU'LL fmd whjt vou wart ,it (he h:o LEO SHU!.TZ ' A C R E OF F U R M T U R F " 7lh R, L B Blvd i or 1st i L. B. Blvd. I j FfJRCLD TO SELL Befluti7u"l 5 ! r,-.n. cf fum lurf. .ncludes e v e r v - , 1h:ng to furnKM large 5-rm. home , n-.'. 0'ily VH1.43. Pints. J23 43 per rr.n. Sr? all at Hub, 806 __S_._Lo-o _ Reach Rlvd..^ Comnfsn. 5-HP , mflrile f'nTih chpsfC""$l7 95 .*· PC. r'lrrt-r-e *cf, lenf 510 95 D!)i. rtul.o couth .S19.95 5-nr. Kroehler frioi* sect. S69 9S .* -m. orouos. AM r.-" *?59 95 _ Ccus.ns_ Fum. 4J2 L . _ Annhe.m. ' ? nrcr ^.-fm-ifll sofa, rockino cn,iir. niflti.n.rg .ofa A 71" TV. d.n'no rm. f.itjie A 4 (.h,vrj. 45 ' stove, i;»15 ruQ. V/Airtyt k i T T H f M'teria'A" hM,"ail"fcam rhr., rid f. r.orktail tblv. lamp-. Ri". set. 4ISS Ladoo.1. HA o-^flX) HOUSEHOLD'fcrn .":rc:ud. 1 'K*r- v/.n mo. )?»W. 2 antiquft tables. ' . . ^ SAL CM manic" 4-DO%!cr' twin with canspy matrhinp SlflnrJ S 7 S . CA K I T C H E N d.noltr misc. item-,. R set, 3 rn. CAS. 6?5 C. G t t N N ' S CIANO «, QRr.AN SV iliS L.B ; B-'vrt. _ GA '.'-M- ' DF.\LER f c r L-StC' Koh:rr f. c'-in'.'rlneSi. i · GLCNN S F'lANO i 51',-) I B Rlvd . _ O^O-! MM1W fi, F , NF.W T.'io.ii^' hi-fi"" comb, .it (0' , OLCNN ?, PiANO ORGAN Shoo f iISS i .R Blvd. GA 3-5MO : Ooen Mond.iv A fr-d^v 'til 9 _ _ ^ Sewing Machines 82 NEV/ Shipment $39.50 Machines Rcnliiis Repairs SrwiNG MACHINE EXCHANGE _9.n_p;p.c_A_ve. ___ VIE A^975 Z i G Z A G machines ___ ....... from $49 Late mod. straloht sewers (rom 532 PARKS SEWING MACHINE JK-d. GA 2-3007 _ _ _ __ 6 RMS. bfn:\ilu\ mahogany fur drfloei, CR. BV rm. oroup, -J:? m _ I U? t *-_JlL_^ 43C4._ S4 95 EACH-- innerVDnnsTmaVtrcs box spring. _ S A T Z _ _ __ _J_9W)_L._Anahp h-ROOM GROUP ... "~.~ _ Leonard's _ 5?44 L^ B. ~ " ' .'ic* H c · cft.vr. p kifch t NF.'.VLV .:·*!,'. Nl MoyiNorisfct iT" MOO'tTPN"" j'-p;C.-~ GLENN'5 PIANO ORGAN Short 3155 L.p B'-'d. GA ? 56JO ___Opon Mond.iv R Fridfly 'til 9 ' P R A C T l C b F'tANO"fror.i ^9*" G l f ' N N ' S PIANO ORGAN Shop 51SS L.B Blvd. (,A ?SMO Occn Mono/jv f,_r,idi\v 'til 9 v V U R L I 7 / f R "rirofln.~'rx-rHenrTon". fi.J.on. Cfl'l HA 9.41/'/ nflrr S p m A'rn. !!-'u F . - ' . ^ A I I dv/^jSun. TOP f flVi~M d f,r Any P7rtno". ReOfl-fl_C« fif f?nrt. TO /-DOS? rfrtkc. n-odei nr ccnrt. GA7.SJ37, i «,r-if ye n HORSES""boarded. box - cised dally. Also training SAM LINEBERRY* MANAGER _ 37/0 Golden Av^. OA 7-175S Pots _ ~9l POO DUES tor sals. 550 up.'iba'i / __Kosccrans Ave j__ CHIHUAHUA" puoiT A K C,_ijlrdS. Pyr-FTS Wanted (or 8 weeks. AKC. GA J 7137. COLLIE PUPJ/A'KC" Mo"th'eV"frt"ther? S5S10. __ UN 4-083S POODLE P'UPPIES 33:4 C. ANAHHIM POOOLf: pupp-CS.' RC^S. AISO Stud newly dccc r , ut'l pd , Almond. HE _ "?^ :RM - U P- Adults. Fenced~vZ _lP02_S_t an I e v HE 3-2436 !57--1-BR., Ol(i yd., wafer nd., stove", retnp. 497V; Dawson. GA 7-o;jj. $65--1~Br. BE L. SH 0 RtT^rbdrni. Closo~ _. e _ c . r vlhlng^ $65. GE 3-97_T3. $75 UP--Lovelv. loc. 1 o"r~"2-b'.""'f(v font or teen o_^.__833 W. 4tn. Pullman b'ftjh. 565. l^liijGflviot.i * Duplexes and Flats 104 (UNFURNISHED) $70-1-"BDRM. REDEC. Refr.g.. ditD. _ LGE. 2 B.R. upper w din r m NE'.V Sink, aisp . panel hrr, paint. Gloss -Jfli-Nr. Jr. M' S3S. HE 3-5?fi. S60-- NEV.UY dec. 4 rms 2472 Tm7 rir.i._ L P. cr PJi. T_yv;nojKs_ 3-OX5 S6S-- enitiiOL 1 , 1 Br.. stovi?. rcJr'lo" ' ' auto ' .. . 'r. Chi_ld_ok. HA 5-34iA iin' or 3-Ddrmr~W-w", -'_P ar - SS10 MnonplM. _ _ _ _ _ 590--5 ROOMS, c a rDeterJ," " _ _ VVRlGLCY lo. , 37IM M. Iow«r 2-br., e\tnn. . - . , . Ho pets._?07? Cn_«tnu'. ^Lf: Pi 0"R i T I N Y Tov S50. GE 3-12S2. ' lounge ehflir,'t'-Ve nev/.' GA ?4013. MlN. Jr..;;-, u £cr runs "stud serv- _' c ?-_ TOoar _?-01.t. C'OCIfFR'l-p'boOl ES--ROXFRS Cott.itio ft) ShODpff. TW 36417, US-UPPER 1-hr., furnace* W".""-"" Small" _ 1033 Redondo _ LG. l."BR"~urtr.rnr. hui". Adit! *«" "" B PlVf. ME 7-434*. Ch'-Crtn welc'om*" _ _ _ r ' A . *-WTt LG. 2-BOR-V. Nr." s'or« A "d *n\. _ Call n\\er ,1 p.m. $75. GE 9-')8S. _ _ 2-BR. G S6950. _ . _ _ _ _ , LO\VFRI'NG r«nt mr older fo Vi double 355,_815_Daisy._ EAIT L"B.~N'C« iw.""Oi»lft Tar7 UM. Pd Gar. S70. GE fi-7322.

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