Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 21, 1976 · Page 30
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 30

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1976
Page 30
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3? · Northwe'st Arkon«H TIMES, W*d., April 81, 19.76 47--Real Estate-Far Sato FOR SALE BY PRIVATE PARTY Profitable «tt acre broil« r w* 1 nev. *«[ iniii chicken houses (K'xT75' Pl«u btm«'(« or trailer space with water wrH, gas well, scrttc lank, and all hook- UTS. Located m H«y. 61 between Prairie Grove and Fambifiloa. Prtw 178,000, ·oojhle terms. Coll Ron Burns 846-2183 FOR SALE BY OWNER acres all TOWO! R-2 -- Fnxitaffe h Road, easement to OM Missouri . approx. \t mile east ol NW ,-\rka: .Mall. Call 521-4739 or EL-I960. LOVELY FAMILY HOME te cfUbllsIied neighbored. Large mi.._ room, formal dJnlns room, library//a mil: room 4 bedrooms. 3 bains. Large fenced backyard. H2.000. Call 443-2510 IF VOU WANT A QUALITY H05IE- ^OU WANT A MELTOV HOME 1757 S10UV CT 3 BR. swparafe dining, evtivM jou woo. ral cvllings. cu CORNER OF SIOUXp i CHEROKEE 3 BR. covered porch, carpeted, all 'tras. Buy now k pick your own colors See our homes' by CXntng by during day i or ·"call buitder MELTON HOMES 442-2826 521-3895 YOU "ASKED FOR4T1 Brand new h o n W - i n Faj-eUe\ille schfw. only S2SiOO" for immedinato posstsaon C-=ll Frances . LanKhmi tor "dftails, -H3 FINALLY t year i o'.d · horiie "in nice-ndghb»rh«x for ccuple and family ^vjth all 1 (hi range you'll like. WcitiM so V_\. i Call for mere ' information and location, Dojle.Vales 531-74731 MY GOODNESS, THE GOODIES! Trsih compaclor, - built-in 'rcti ins ·" lo mge. rural heat and air. brick, in nice ni bcrhcod arid the oivner ^·anis 1 . lo: Oh yeah, lha price Is only J23.SOO- CA Dole Vales at · 321-7*73. RESIDENCE WITH AN ACRE OF YOUR OWN Lovely home »it · h3 twdrtwrns fo- dininj room and breakfast bar in creT Central h'eat and 2 car gai [o only mentixMi = a'few of the no* Iure 3 "of this horn*. '(Even a pool table You-d love H. Call TraiK« Langh; (43-3157 "for appointrnent. S073-N. Collc-^e (Acrora fnxn "K-Xa: Frances Langbam «3-3! Chelia McDotiald 44MI Mary - Davenport " r S3I-5* Dojle .Yatcs i 521 i- Kadirve , (MUler JVat«« · 521-7- Bc* CSeiTie · 821-si FOR Sale ' By Owner- 3H acre Kid brdl«r" .ranch. 80,000- broiler paaty, aatonwtie · equipment, . abund, wster rmd grass. S bedroom brick dw bia 6 room tenant house 8^6- - '--Real E*tat»-- For Sal* OUNTRY CORNER 10 fW awM. mor« than 404 A Cood water «prl H «1th ^ onds; arid Jato, Nath-p ["tow home, 3 houses other oUbuiMmgs. Rcac- priced »nd OM-ner Rnatidns. \ 8S "2 bedroom home m 20 acres. 3 roilcr houses (20,000 Cap,) and mvenal dinss. Near Lincoln \ 650 -- 5 acre* «-ith pwid. Good garden rca and some Umber. Small run earn through property. 4 bedtvoms Fi replacei, 1 arge pump bouse with inlns und ssorage «t«ce- Jusl 2.7 .PS Irom Highway n South. eaU l- 1300 x \-\rES W. BAKER BROKER BARER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 618 N. College 521-1300 T: WORK HARD ! GET RESULTS .75 ACRES r\ Madison,County, abwt at mites "(wi ' Fayetlenlle.V about 7 end' of blacktop road. .More thai res open, balance is uuoded. Sto end. Dug: well, 2-room -snarly, f.o. oX cellar. Priced al KQffX.W CAT. HEiNEY REALTY CO. Hwy 16 East 442 9236 YANCEY REALTY 7--R*cri hjuia Far Sal* 47--Rwl Cttate--Far $«!· NEW HOMES BISHOP ADDITION SEVERAL UNDER CONSTHUCnOK Bedr«orm, 1 toll bath*, carpet, dlsfc ·asber, dJ»po*3l. electric range, c*ntr*l wat and a3r. lit brick,'fireplace option*!. Doubo wood paael«4 doobl* caru*. $28,500 to $31,200 VA Loan--No down paynwot FHA Loan--Lonr, down payroeol BUTTERFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT Tare WM* at Soclh WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 NEW horn* Boot Scfaoot. 3 bedroom, fuH brick home, ricctric kilcten-wiih lou oE wblnNs ,nd snack bar. IXnitu: room. Dm with fiwlare and booksJwlvw. llr- room 2 full ceramic baths. 2 cat ,,_...£?, ' man) 1 o.vlrus. Priced 138.900. Small tovji, by buitder, R9-2OT9. 47--Real Estate--For Sal* Farmstead First PD-12 First Hme ever listed with any rMHnr Outstanding poultry and livestock (arm. t65 tovcl KWS with 99 year lease on ad- diUonal Land- all highly I high . . dl Sams, corrals and working chutes, 10 and W,000 broiler capacity. Even' rking and making money. OV.TWI [n^anccd, down. Outstanding dairy farm RD 57 liu SUNDAYS ON YOUR OWN DECK While your husband""walk* to ttw' golf course Irom tri'* beautiful new ihrca bedroom Uo bath coateniponr) home \ilti extra qaaliLj In one ol FajttlE ·flle's niort rupular new artdidons. Largo aptn living nrea with, cathedral coli na4Ive doi» Kivt^ace, lully can custom dmprs, thermofwro wind built-in appllanras, sobs of storage, ix'G [auilscaping and red cedar privacy e ' fa SwTctbriar AdliHon lor $47,500.' Call 521-12SG. Older Home Two stoi^ 1 attractive' homo.' 4 bodtwons balhs. liilns room t din!n«. kit- brwikfasl area. Utililj' room MEAT unity i . txX. School district boasting an 1800 1. ft. 3 bedroom. 2ii balh Jinme wflh entral' beat/air, traced bavK yardi deck Kh a view, KttK-n bouse too! Call Susan today at 531-Ertffl. ACHES--2 story homo. 3W miles south of Prairie Grove en hardtop. Phor.e S45- 2301 W-2900 or 646-3820. Localcd In ore of the best (a: ConimiinhlM Jn Northwest Arkansas. 120 level acrw, ¥t mile ol btacktor frontage New dairy barn, and jtood hoinc. an " Tremorrfoiu income producoi This is a Honey RC-19 Beautiful no* bo UK en 44 level acres within 5 minutes ol Springdate or Rogers Home is BimHy faiwitimil, sj^acioui. brick all electric; £700 aq. tt.. ol !Mng ar»a where no expense has been spared. Sells with odJer rental, E»*i bam and Let us show you this one. . brew way. Lol 112x310-- p Inwed Call Jullrf of tuck at 521-630} or FREEMAN 521-6300 336S N. College ^200 Acres of Investment RD-40 JL5 per Licni, Hmborlind that, would riean up ivalli" good. Lois ol level land. Some mmka nbto t!n*or," sen'teed by gwd roads and weU located. It will to rtDrth a whole lot more in 3 years I 1 ]] betcha. REALTOR P O EOT 281 / Downtown Vxt To Djllons Prairie Grove, Ark.' 72753 IFFICE PHONE 81S-1I Bob, Yancey ; - . : Fil-32 Bill Yniirey' · : "·'- J6-26: ue ttebb 6 i ^ mas CTohVa ' . '. . -1S-5 .ice acrei, with n*ir new -1 bcdi bith home carpeted )ilh wood n ris fireplace. Also, has small barn 1 house.- good wtil, located Sn Prat Grove School disir^t- Priced $23,300. i Acres nice wooded land v-ilh spring iranch.\ located Ui milt* Irom state iigh«ay. Priced J4X!0. 30 Acres "good flat valley Isnd, located \orth ol Prairie'Grove. 1 all open-and in perm. pasture.'.A bargain for only $-32,200. "0 Acres good level land towled' B pprox 314 miles . J^drth ol Varmlncion School. iood lor Je\vIcqitient · pateuUal. 30000 Broiler; 3 hous-* msulaled and .lilomalic. 26 -ac«i-Iaod irt. pasture .to) has good 2 bedroom,"'1 bath htftne viild finish out upstairs, has 2 bed- cam mobile "home. «ilh peirri- addition muse also good cre*k and e\ccplLonal spring 2 porifl5 Ul this tor S59200 vith 5WEETBRIAR; ADDITION Under, construct Ion. .lovely 3 BR- 2 bath home. ' FH, kjtchen' vv/appliance-s. Call Katherinc "Fiser 5314303. PRICE REDUCED R 2 ^bath trfttcr home located on beautiful tree studded lot; Large buill kilchen. Call Twila. Alelton 521-imO. LITTLE HOUSE ld«al lor one or two!, 1 BR, hath, large carpeted. Call, Betty IJlIe 521-i2jJ. 5 ACRES Located fa bcauUful Beav-O-Rama Part. UtiJitJes antl j paved street Call Dave Fulton 442-Z5W. COLONIAL DESIGN BR. 2V4 baths, formal/in formal dln- . FR, rec lowm, 2 WB [irepiace*. Call Katherine Fiser 52!-1303. 2 ACRES , Suvot (South p. All uiiliilca avail ._ . . . toi street. 1 No impnovcmonls. Priced at OiJi -B 300 00 tv\LL HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 East 442-9236 .fSAAA^'Wv-WWH'V legal Notices FOR SALE BY OWNER Uramproved land. Good road, 2 ml!) v.cst off Highway 71 South. West For Peaceful 'and 'relied -SOW do\m. ' J3200 month.- iaeliidcs. interest ;lTxA-$T5Q i (75 per mmth. incuMes interest; EOA^LOOO doy,Ti, J100 per month, indudrs interest. Also 2 cha'toe Icpts at Bca\^ Rama Park nc\t to lake wi blacWop road. Rural water and electricity avail . No permanent 'trollens. Each SliO Ti, V per "rrvonUi, [ndudcs inle Cbll Dunald \Seai-er thonx) A nieM} 846-3318, SY owwr, 3 bedroom modem home Also 2 bedroom home on 3 acies. local- J at Durham. CMI!~ 643-MJ7 or .6*3-22,8 819 It's light as a breeze yet coz es-a hug of sunshine! Wrap into this beginner-eas sleeveless jacket -- ' a l l single double crochet. Combine colors of- knitting". ' worstei Pattern 819: Misses 1 3-18; 3S-4 included, $1.00 For each pattern. Add 3 cents each pattern for firs class airmail and " h a n d l i n Send to: Laura Wheeler' Ncedlecraft Depl: 450 ' Northwest Arkansas TIMES H-JX 161. Old Chelsea Sta.,'N T e York, NV 10011. Print Nam Address Zip, Pattern Number NEW! 200 -designs to hn crochet, qu ilt, sew, plu s FRF;E inside NEW -is -NEEDLECRAFT . CATA1.01 Send 75 cents, CrochcL with Squares 1. Crochet a Wardrobe SI. DAV I S tJTfl 1617 N College Office 521-8660 ryrc Da\is . - . . ^ : «2KI F-1290 FREEMAN REAL ESTATE CO F 1290 NORTHR1DGE. ADDITION ibinct All n COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS JtKHSnY C1VKN, Thit i pursuance ol Ihe authority nnd eiirec 0115 contained in tliu decretal orrlc: o[ Ihe' Chancery Court of \Vflihlngloi County, niada and enforcd on I h a - E t h of April, A.D., ]97S [n a certain e (No, 71-541 and 71-31!)) ihen rne therein between GeorRo Da\u Jr., Plniiiltfl an1 Tom Peorson, Jr irul Torn' Pearson, Jr. rnrt PiimeLl Con- itruotion Co.. Inc.. dercnd.'iiifs, tbe ur ph Pcndergraft--361-2371 Lse Howard--7gl 23« Art Clark--751-972* Ed Berry--751-1837 Steve Hucker 751-039; NEW 3 BEDROOM HOMES FHA-:--Small -Down Payment DOWN urt, as ra tsslon cf cnurt, extra storaee .buildins and attractive laiidsaapuig. Call Ucor^t Robb at 521.6300 days or 443-260i nfghfs o see. this attractive 1400 sq. tt. home for mly SJI.WO, and "Let George Do It. FREEMAN f[gl _, . 521 6300 3, KM.600-Sl.7iO down rlus closrng % Interest 30 years 4, Wl.500-Sl.400 down plui.closing A% interest 30 years a {29,500-51,200 down pins closing a^fj, interest 30 years 6. SK,7«J-J9;0 down plus riosine 8W:% [Dtcccsl 30 years S7. !23,450--$730 down plus closing 8 l c. intoresi 30 ye-irs (21,500-!650 down plus closing 8Hi7a interest 30 yea« JM.WO-?650 down plus closing Vh.% inleresi- 30 years flicsc homes can be purchased VA not! Iw-n -- JUST CLOSING COSTS. Ci C. K. Bales off. M3-*316 or res. 521-6353. MIS 3263 N. Co1I*S« TWO bedroom, I bath, large livingroon "" hen, Boma furniture, good rondlii« Lovers Lane SO Acres dtivelopmenl property, toad awl Old Missouri Iload, I ram Northwest ' Art PlaM r . fur tale at publi highest bidder, at the west door or entrance ot Ilia Cobrly Court House, In which said Court ts htld. In the County of Washington, within the Iwurs prescribed , by low lor judicial sales, on the lOlh day of May '1 30:15 a.m. 1976 the following escribed ren! estate, (o-nil; "TR.VGT A: Ifits Numbered One (1). Tivu (2), Three · ( » , Foiir (4). Five S,\ (6 Se\«n (7) FRlit (8 Kine (8, anil Ten tlO In Block . Num bercd Nine O 'of FerjinjEOii's Addition lo the (Sly ol Payettcville, Arkansas, as [)Cr plat o! snid Addition on file En Ihe blfice of the Circuit Clerk and Ex Ollicio Recorder of \\ashm £ ton Count% Arkansas TRACT B: Ixjts Numbered One 1; Two (2) Tljrxu 3 Elc\cn ( I I ) and Tivcti-e (I?) in Block Numbered Eight (B) of Ferguson's Addition to (he Uty o( FayeHevilte, Arkansas, as per plai ol said Adrttvm on file m the oflica of tlie Circuit Clerk arid Es-prfina' Hecorf- er of Washington "Oouiity. ArXansas. TRACT C: p«rt of the East Half of Hit \ortliv\est Quirier cf Section Eight, Township. Fifteen North, Range Thirty West, more particularly 'described as follows: 'From the Norlhwcsl corner ol , (he Norlhivcst .Quart tlie Morihwest Quarter, ; procecvl 1736.17 (eef; thence. South 1123.87 feet (o ttie POINT OF" DKC.ENNlNGu t h e n c e atang the ' South right of n a j Ifnc of a County Rcud South 16 deKreca 51 minutes East 112.82 feel, thenre departing said riaht of was line South !6 desrcc^ 51 minutes West 40C31 [ect , lliejice West 11 2.B2 feet . thonco North 16 degrees 15 minutes Kasl , -132.01 feet to Ihe point o: beginning ' nnd .containing 1.07 acrt? 1 ; mote or less, n i l ' in Washington Counly, Arkansas TERAiS OF SALE: On a credit of liret nionllis, Ihc piirrhascr belnc ·equired to execute d bond BS rcqufred by law and the order, and decree ol said Court in -=aid cause wilh ippro\e] iceunly bearing interest al the rate of 10 p«r c e n t . 1 per annum Irom date ol sale! paitf, and .i.ilten beiha retrained on. the premises sold (u secure Ihe payjnent of Ihn purchnse money Given under mj hand tJLS 9th d*j of Apnl A D Iri Com Vicio na Fj odorar a Pouy, Russian film , actress : who came to the United States to visit her father, inspects a Expecting bird bouse while her husband, Fred wails In their Santord, Conn, yard with her coat. Victoria remained in the slates after meeting her husband. She Is expecting a child:to t'tlay. (AP. Wirepho(o) ", * FOR Sale by Owner: 135 acres valley Is Near recreation lake. One mite i paved road. Phone 501/346#73G al p.m. S H R I V E REAL ESTATE Hwy. W2 N. Fayettevlll* U3-91M A f t e r Gail Br Henry LIFE fN THE COUNTRY Brand new, -1 BR., 2 bath home on acres perfect for a horse. Eteauilful live stone lireplace in ihc larec family room. Double Karate. Ctty vv^itcr and natural gajr. Fayettevalfe Schrwl l,strict -- Ast?ll. Price. EJ2.500. Call Bay Bunch 521-JW5, or vltice. R-2 LAND NEAR CAMPUS 3ft acre- 1 ; witWn walking distance n campus -- ooutd possibly carry 75 2 herf room arartmc-nl5.·· Kxcellept' Investment Oull Bobbyc Halbrook *132227. or office 4-APT. UNITS 13 moms UofA campus. Nectls somi improvements, bu{ Uie ffross rent is I2HO per rmnlh and Ihe priWis under 530,000 call Joa Bachus +126517, or office. COMMERCIAL . 71 frontage tn Fwcllcrille. Size of flpproNimaleiy IWX41V. Level land. imprm-emenw., Price J23,COO. Rxclu- CJaJ! George C, FauceUe 442-2277, WARNING CRDKII IN TI1L C E I A N C E R V COURT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, AllKANSAS ANN KIRK, Flninlirt Vs. KRVAL KIRK, Defendant No. K-76-323 Dcrcndant is warned to aprwar in this Courl within thirty dajA and mplaiiil of t h e Ptaintin in (he above cause. " - \U1ness my hanrl «nd sent of this Court this 9th daj ol Apn[ I!T6 Kollmp^cr, Chancery CJerk Bi Kaje fhnpp^ll DC ..-,n 11, 21. 28 May 5 WARNIN'G ORDER E76303 In [he Chancery Court ol Washington County. Arknnsns Judy Hierwoocf, Plalnllir, Oils court wllhti the eompl. A professional pe/son-lo-person serulcofoi families felocaling ir^lhe U.S-A, and Canada TRANSFERRED? AL HUGHES AGENCY - Is -our local representative for "Natior Senlce. A "no-t«l," oblisatlm" sen ice. desixned to aid you n moiing (o a new Area, r Maine, California, Florida, Little Rocfc, hand!e the details for you! Want e in Formation on this FREB SER- VICE7 Coll Al al 521-9030 today] warned to appear in IhJi-ly days ^nd ansv- of the P l a i n t i f f ; Jn the above entitled C11ISC Witness my hnnd 8t\d seal of In!' Court Ibis K1h iay ot April, (376. A!ma Kollmeyer. Chancer T Clerk By Jo^-ce Oxiki^y D C (Seal) 4(c 21, 123 May 5-12, FATJCBTTE WARNING ORDER K 76 -352 In Ihe Chancery Court of Washington linty Ark/msis Peggy L. Black. Plainlllf \s Hohfrt M.'Dlnck Jr.. Delentlanl Tlie Defcnrfint Rnbort M Bl s warned (o apjiear in Ifth cour Ihlrly daj-s anrf answer the c I the Plain! I rr in Ihe above cn1MI«d \Vilneis m hand and sc.n1 of Court Ink 16lh day of April, JS76. Alma KoIlmeiBr, ch.incery Clerk By Joyce Owkscy D.C, -He 21-23 May S 12 ' Busy days ahead? Slip into a few, free-moving ounces of fabric designed to f l a r e out comfortably all day long! Thrifty to sew in cotton. Printed Pattern 4927: Half Sizes 1I)W. 12», H'A, 16«, K'A, ·20'A. Sjze It'A (bust 37) lakes 214 yds. 45 inch. : Sl.OO for each pattern. Add 35 cents for each pattern for first- class airmail and handling. Send lo: Ahhe Adams . Pattern Dcpl. 438 Northwest Arkansas TIMF.S AGENCY -; BURBAN PLAZA -Suite 4 $86,500 Buys this cor,(cmoprary masterpiece. 2 native ttone ,.f ,\-7, n -I. pi an' win in w us i, i\i Miujaa i j m no Nifty Fifty Quilts ···f'- 0 ° ! 2« West 17 SI, New York, NY · u u · - · - · - - - - TM- Ripple Crochet Sew plus Knit Book $1.25 Needlepoint Booh i..$1.00 Flower Crochet Sl.OO Hairpin Crochet Book ... Sl.OD Instant Crochet Book .... ,.$1.09 Inslant Money Book ...'..81.00 Instant Macramc Book ... Sl.OO Complete Gift Book Complete Afghans No. 1! .. !2 Prize Afghans No. 12 50 cents Book of 16 Quilts No. 1 .50 cents Museum Quill Dock No, 2 ....50 cents : K Quills for Today No, S...,. 50 cents Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs . 55 cents lOOl'l. Print NAME. ADDRESS. ZIP. SIZE and STYLE NUM BBR. . . Gel a Sl.OO pattern free -choose it from NEW SPRING- SUMMER CATALOG! -Packed with hundreds of great sun si/ort, cily, Iravcl styles. Scut 75 cents for Catalog Now' Sew plus Knit Book I$1.25 Inslant Money Crafls $1 : CO Instant Sewing Book ...; .$1.00 Inslant Fashion Book .... $1.00 Of c. 521 -9030 Rn. 443-3295 "*-50LD ALMOST FINISHED We have 2 new 3 BR, 2 bath, bricfc homes e^c^i v.lh 2 car imx f.. Yfcn can rfx*SG'J'our [nur1or Best of alj, Ihe price Is jn U-HJ COUNTRY PLACE adding nca r new all Brick Thi bedroom home w1h u«M?ar Gara., . rjtral Vacuum System, (wo linths, fcuiil- fcLlchco, central air conditioning. One ri acre with good garden. West, just ofl ML Comfort Rd. Call us (or appoint- ROGERS iviwr area near Beaver Lake, thi; home Is located,, __, all clednc kit- ra r ga rage. Ca 11 G«ri Allen 521 6TOO. -enfngs 751 (W2D, L OLD WIRE RD. Acres of fir^e land lost right for A REAL BEAUTY Oulsandin£ -- sparkling thre bcJ mid . CaM for $39,500 Local Students Enter Contest FLOOR P L A N . Tins RAMBLING RANCH, with western accent, contains a central foyer touching on aU main areas. The highlight of the house is the rear living and dining rooms under a cathedral ceiling and separated by a rugged fireplace. Sliding glass doors lead to a covered terrace and large patio. Thei effect is private, yet open. The informal part of the house to . the left of theioyeris a houewife's dream. The bedroom wing is separate and quiet. Architect for Plan HA914P, with its 1,653 square feet of living space, is Samuel Paul, 107-40 Queens Blvd., Forest Hflls, N.Y. U37S. Anyone wishing to ask questions about the plan can write to him, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Brick vonccr, 3 Itn, 1 hath, 2 car car, , . rry 2rA mortgn^e. Outstanding OHULTZ AYLOR Realtors homfl near natterfield Schoolf fuxe Walt to. Wall carpet, MiJ Wood-burn Lug fireplace. Two baths will MnrWfl-tftp Vanilys. Tastefully dcooratcd Klrsl Gas squalily materials and work mam^iip ihrouRhoirt. Triced tes? l)«an jus (he ordinary IfnKum house. Call I/nda l.izenJy--Ml 6700 -- fivenings 523.5633. FRONTIER REAL ESTATE COMPANY 1015 N. College 521-6700 Referri! Twelve secondary education students from FaycUeville high schools wil participate in Ihe Seventh Annunl Declamation Contest to be held at the University of Tulsa Saturday. The contest will have participants from schools in Kansas, Missouri. Oklahoma. Texas and Arkansas. F.iyeltevilie H i g h School contestants arc Nina Rolloff, Loltc Rudh, French; Sam Sleel and Cristine Wolf, German: and Michael Rudko. I.ibny Stuart, and Cristine Wolf. Spanish. . Junior high' contestants are · - . " ' . · · · . ' · · , - Robert Buckley; Clark Mosses, Totld Walker, Spanish, tRamay; Dexter Brown and Clifton Smart, Spanish, Woodland. ' Thirty-two observers will also attend including M a r k . Riviere, exchange student of Bordeaux, France. Tcaclicrs who will accompany .Ihe students . are Mrs. K.ilhc Alhuscn, FIIS; and Mrs. Shirley Burning, Ramay nnd Mrs. Agnes B. Wallers, Woodland. Lake Cleanup Is Extended , The Beavor Lake Cleanup that was held last Saturday was hampered by high winds. Few people ' braved l\\c choppy waters lo ' help ' clean up the lake, so cleanup was extended through Ihts Saturday. Trash bags, for .people who want to participate in the clacriup \vill be available aC all commercial docks, '.at : BeayTO- Rama, at War Eagle- Cove Resort,' ami at Ames Pait Shop near the Hwy. 45 bridge. P i c k u p points for ,'a'c- cu mu! a led trash include -Lost Bridge, Starkey, Ilocky Branch. P r a r i ct Creek, Hospital H o r s e s h o e Bend, Hickory ICreck, War, Eagle, Granny Hollow, Btue Springs, and Beav 0-Hama DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau Property Management SpedalteU 521-2717 Hwr 71 and Gicen Acre Road Faycltcvlllc, Ark. Bill Lazcnby .. ies Davis Doug Hartley .. Linda Lazenby Gerl Allen 52T-5833 521-8220 442-6446 521-5833 7.51-8620 \OF7fOIMf OHe WILL '- 8UN6IN3WU KfK.:. · / ifM- /?«?. *«te 7a«.^.. laOKHSFOR. HHM..MKJ JCN9. 7fN6 :0em HSIAO-PIH6! SOT A I SHXT6UY, Of-SUKe.' 6MYHAK, HKFAC£ WPisoMce. A MASK or

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