Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 24, 1969 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1969
Page 11
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wttntn m*w Uw JtmfttUtittt Umll ·A.- -.·-**»: ·..:-rW/o:*#:'- MM fi*m UJ. WlATXf* Wftf AU. r Iff* it*Wt*4 f r«i»it«!i*n Net lni!i«*t*« £**«»!» U«*l ttntttt Weather Forecast Showers are expected tonight over the Pacific Northwest, North and South Dakota , Nebraska anil parts of northern Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma. Showers also are due from New England In New Jersey anil Pennsylvania. Cooler weather should prevail in the west with warmer temperatures elsewhere. Clear and cool weather is expected in Arkansas tonight with partly cloudy and warmer weather due Friday. (AP Wircphoto) Questions About Social Security One Doesn't Hove To Retire To Get Medicare Editor's Note: This column is a joint effort of public service by the TIMES and the Fayetteville Social Security Administration office. Sum Mat thews, district manager. Anyone having a question alraut Social Security is invited to send it to the Northwest Arkansas TIMES. Fayetteville. Ark. 72701. A l l inquires must be signed and should include address of sender. Names will not be published. By SAM MATTHEWS Q. I will be l5 in a few months, but I will cmilintio lo work. My earnings will be about $10,00(1 a year. Can I KV! Medicare? A. Yes, you do not have to retire to get Medicare protection. Just be sure to sign up for it at your social security office. seven months to enroll in Medicare -- the three months he- lore the month you reach 65, your birthday month, and the next three months. However, if you wait until the month you are (i5 or the three following months, your protection under the doctor bill insurance part of Medicare will be delayed for one to three months. THE WEATHER Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hif h Low Pr. Albany, rain 57 41 .03 Albuquerque, clear , 80 47 Atlanta, clear . . . . 70 40 Bismarck, clear . . 68 46 Boise, cloudy . . . . 62 40 .03 Boston, cloudy . . . 59 44 Buffalo, snow . . . . 43 38 .28 Chicago, clear . . . 47 32 .33 Cincinnati, clear . . 54 37 Cleveland, clear . . 42 40 .33 Denver, clear . . . . 73 44 DPS Moines. clear . 62 35 Detroit, clear 48 36 Fairbanks, clear . . 45 28 Fort Worth, cloudy . 78 54 Helena, rain 79 43 .06 Honolulu, cloudy ... 83 69 . Indianapolis, clear . 52 35 Jacksonville, cloudy 85 54 Juneau, cloudy 60 42 . Kansas City, clear . 62 49 . Los Angeles, olear . 68 53 Louisville, clear 56 3!) . Memphis, clear -- 67 43 Miami, cloudy 81 fiR .2' Milwaukee, clear .. 48 32 Mpls.-St.P. clear ... 61 34 . New Orleans, cloudy 84 60 1.40 New York, rain 61 45 .11 Okla. City, cloudy .. 65 47 .34 Omaha, clear 62 39 Philadelphia, cloudy 59 44 Phoenix, clear 90 56 Pittsburgh, cloudy . 42 37 .29 Ptlnd, MP., cloudy . 43 37 Ptlnd. Ore., cloudy .. 59 42 .30 Rapid City, clear ... 70 47 Richmond, clear ... 64 42 St. Louis, clear 56 39 Salt Lk. City, clear . 77 43 San Diego, clear ... 67 52 San Fran., cloudy .. 57 48 .0! Seattle, clear 56 40 .09 Tampa, cloudy 86 69 Washington, clear . . 6 1 43 Winnipeg, clear .... 64 34 Suspended PRAGUE (AP) -- Emil Zato pek, who won the marathon ant two other events in the 1952 Olympic Games at Helsinki, has been suspended from his job a* coach of the Czechoslovak army sports club as a result of recen political developments. Zatopek, 47, was an outspoken supporter of the liberal reform movement which led to the So viet invasion of his Communisl country. Informants said he was ques tioned Wednesday by military investigators about public state ments he made during the liber alization drive last year. NMrwwl ArUMM TIMIS, ItW, April M, IN* · It How Chang I ings Are Mode Life In The Corporate Castles Of America By JOHN CUNNIFF I NEW YOUK (AP) -- This is a itory of life in the corporate castles of America and how guests therein undergo the ugly transformation from princes to monsters. The transformation, which is revealed by years of scientific study by o n e of the country's foremost authorities on corporate life, is causing serious problems for many of today's blue chip companies. Dr. Eugene Jennings, a psychologist, author and management consultant among other things, described the situation the other day while preparing a chapter on his book. "Route to the Executive Suite." The circumstances are set in motion by the need of corpora- lions to find young executives. In their eagerness to do so they create the great expectation syndrome. ROYAL TREATMENT And what is that? It is a psy chological disposition created by putting young executives on rich diet of upward mobility and challenges. The young fel- low is moved along s w i f t l y ; He is treated like a prince. In fact, in his own mind he thinks he is just thai. His syndrome is perhaps most markedly illustrated by a young man with a bachelor's degree in science, engineering or accounting, and a master's in business administration. Holders of such degrees are the fastest moving young executives in industry today. The young man holding such degrees has an "expectancy ad live." That is, by obtaining the degrees he expects to succeed. And sometimes IIP expects to succeed even without the q u a l i t i e s the degrees indicate he has. MOVES SWIFTLY Now he enters a corporation with a need for young executives and he finds his impressions confirmed. The company moves him along s w i f t l y , and he is liable to fall into one of three categories: --The instant success typp who feels that success is just around the corner. He is a prodigious worker because he feels MISTER BREGER "Think you can finish soon? The neighbors are complaining to the Board of Health ..." Notes 5,117th Pay .he presidency is just one great leap away. --The success without trying type. This fellow begins well ahead of his peers, but he lias a defect. He is a game player, an opportunist. Me looks good, but game players soon are caught by sophisticated management. -The over able type. This fellow has the goods to match his own impression of himself. Even though he is moved along fast, his skills hardly have been tested yet. These are the princes. But at Ihe same time, in the view of the cnrprirnlinn employing them, they are guests, treated with unusual consideration and usually compensated equally well. CRISIS POINT However, their expectancies arc ahead of their achievements and the company's ability to ful- f i l l them. This soon becomes a crisis when they come up gainst something called the girth apex assymetry. In other words, alter running swiftly through middle management, where jobs arc p l e n t i f u l , they reach the bottleneck. There just aren't enough jobs at the lop for all the great expectors. The prince becomes frustrated, and he brings out his frustration on himself and others. He becomes one of the meanest personnel problems in the company. More ambitious t h a n wise, he becomes a monster to deal with. Moreover, he often ups a n d quits without so much as a thank you to the corporate host for all the training and fast action he has been given. WASHINGTON (AP) - ert Henry McBride, * career diplomat, is President Nixon'* choice to be ambassador to Mexico. He will succeed Fulton Freeman, who has retired froni the Foreign Service. Nixon announced Wednesday he would send McBride's nomination tw the Senate. McBride. 58. has been ambassador to the Congo since 1967. ; IS ALL ASPIRIN THE SAME? We don't know how carefully cheap aspirin tablets are made. But we do know that St. Joseph Aspirin goes through over 100 quality tests to make sure its quality is the best you can buy. The extra care we take... lakes extra cart of you FOOD FOR THOUGHT Siuie Iff April in Paris and Paris ianf can stilt be setn carrying loavet of bread--long, crusty, warm and unwrapped--through the streets on the way home from the bakery. I once observed a working-man pedal ling his way home on hii bicycle, while his dog trotted alongside, with a three-foot loaf of br*ad between hit jaws. Bottled ereen ellvei won't turn dark in the refrigerator i« you float a layer of olive oil on the surface of Iti* brine. A jimple d»«h of oregano trantports cream of muihroom soup into gourmet heaven. A poet once rhapiodiied about atparagui with Hollandaiie M "The greon and fold of my de- ligllt!" Mather than fi»h around for that bay leaf or garlic bud in the ttew, uit * rnrUI tnball to enclote tuch indiiMluble Itatoningi in the firft placi You won't have to fiih around for the bett place in town to eat if you know about SUZII WONG'S RICE BOWL. Visit -- toon for a real treat! RfCS BOWL Highway 112 North Closed Mondays Open 5-9:30 p.m. Q. Hou' soon should 1 s lip for .Medicare '.' A. We suggest you get Q. 1 plan lo cut down on my work mid to apply [or my social security henc'lits as soon as I reach 02. Hou much can 1 con- lintic lo earn and still l)f paid all my benefits? A. If you do not earn over SUHIO in a year, you can receive all your benefits. Also, if I you do not work in all months ;u: of the year, you can be paid ' y o u r benefits for those months, in i oven if your earnings do Ro social security office two or three months be for the month you are Co and apply. By doing this you will have full Medicare protection at the earliest possible lime. Q Suppose 1 ilun'l sign up in one of Hie thriT inmilhs before j I'm 6:i. Call I sipi up later? A. Yes. You actually have over $1.(H10 lor the voiir. 2-Woy Radio In electronics since 1929 520 N. Calico HI 3-2212 Communication vour 2-way radii headquarter!. IIUNIZEYOiRGlGSllJROTEGTYOUIiCieTilES! ti.'lr! Spray i-an SHEET'* EUAN ROOMDEOn 57' Air your rooms, Tianish nclors in seconds. Handy .spray leaves, a pleasant, langy aroma. 1411. oz. JMr1*l Irnmr ... SAMERTBAG It Quitted inmto MRlinMt 16 Runnctrts. Full jappcrcil do« Mro. Choice of wanted colon. . tttr rat-It ... HASTIC SHOE BOX 3 .*! Noal shicldnfT covcrccT, sec thm Imxes. 1'rotccls .-.Imrs; ]cccp3 them lonelily nv.iil.iWc. SATISfACTION GUARANTEEO-RE'PIACEMENT Of) MONEY REFUNDED LEWIS BROS. HOOVER Model 2901 VACUUM $ ]9 95 This $10.95 Model 8300 F R E E FREE a non-electric CARPET SWEEPER When You Buy The Hoover Model 589 at a LOW, LOW PRICE 4-CARPET ADJUSTABLE 1. Indoor-Outdoor 2. Normal 3. High 4. Shag This HOOVER Spin Drying WASHER will be demonstrated in our store all day FRIDAY and SATURDAY HERE ARE 9 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BOY A HOOVER SPIN DRYING WASHER Only '159.95 MSPWTMU h WISH! « NMrSiaUMO Sib SI THOKXJGWY TWU HWf KUVtll V-fc^ ^ sim iif 10 IM HUMS Of WMtl 100 GALLONS ROLLS OH LARGE CASTERS Large easy tolling casters lei fre HOOVER move about with conpieto «aie. Store rt in ontplaca,,,uso it In wiothor. FAMILY -SIZO LOADS 2 Double Shoots P'CI pillow cases, o» 36 diapers, or 12 mri's shirts. Washes even the rrost delicalo things. TORSO-ACTION AGITATION TT* wtlqua HOOVER ei«jry dlsV, located on tht tack of the wuhsr tub, actually iurg*s water tmoctfi the clothes. This remarkibJe v-.isri action cell clothes really clean. JAYCSJJ ON WATER U»s only 1/3 nit amount or wattl that post t'Momatlci uiv. Saves ID to 100 gallon tv«y 3 (rids. CASY 70 SHVICE !!° '"^."l 01 "? 1 . 16 * 1 ?" win i/j cu» or Kimw i? MimwiB myimnsntt an mi mmta M w MfDSM numb* Vf $a SAVES $$ OH DETERGENT Tbe wflihing action Is so eldcien^ tt needs less delef£»fii than ffl «8itatot (n lunblrr -lyfw «JI|ICT. || hU a SUDS-SAVER, too! WASHES FAST Tn» HOOVER » jsff 1 1 lull Iwd of llundiy in fOLf r-vei or lest, Ins glMT-'m; 1 !c'.j-« Vjinleia ItMl w«MuO. CRIES IN SECONDS TftiR clothes IHC 10-1 at Ira 9TOZtaf speed of 2,000 Rn., inii jo.iMei Uie w.nhei to oitract soap or Oft. tefgtnts Itiat cjn't bo limf 4 out. Uundry ccrci oot njlly tH^filf. NO PLUMBING NECESSARr Needt m pluxblnf, nitds 113 htlal* litlon. Just loll the HOOVER to «iy link, illpon Ihe hole Jrd SMU wmhlnjf. Pmp e.Tiptioi wsic.ef a-jto,iatic.tlly. nnfol imwli. Tloly » * · It · yiuulf wiihir. K»...|II ned tot witty itiv:;f. Easy Terms -- NORTHWEST CORNER OF SQUARE -Open Monday and Thursday Nights 'Til 3:30

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