The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 19, 1976 · Page 30
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 30

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 19, 1976
Page 30
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December 19. 1978 PAGE 4 HAYS DAILY NEWS Supermarket Chaihs Say Unit Pricing Premature AUSTIN, Tex. (UPI) Officials of several major supermarket chains say mandatory unit and item pricing in grocery stores is premature and could force the companies to raise food prices. Members of the Texas Food Marketing Association Friday told the Senate Consumer Affairs Subcommittee they opposed unit pricing legislation which would require stores to mark on the shelves the cost per unit eliminated. measure of each item. The group also opposes item pricing would require the price to be marked on each item rather than just on the shelf, which "warehouse" type grocery stores have Just Clowning Around Is Good For More Than Laughs NEW YORK (UPI) —Karen Gresch was under the table and didn't know what was happening. Jessica Hentoff's rubber gloves were on fire and Claudia Constant was running around trying to stomp out flames. The crowd roared with laughter. "We had never gotten such a response from the audience," Karen says. "I wondered what was going on. I didn't know what was happening." It was one of the hazards of the trade. Karen, Jessica and Claudia are clowns who include fireeating in their act. In the last year they have clowned and juggled their way across the continent from the Olympics in Montreal to California nad now, back to New York. They call themselves Tri- plopy. It means triple vision. It was at a California amusement park that Karen — who ( with a board across her front, bends over backward to become a table — knocked over the fuel for the fire eating act. One thing led to another and Karen and Jessica soon were aflame and Claudia was trying to stomp out the fire. The audience thought that it was part of the act. Maybe someday, if they can perfect it, it will be. Fortunately, there were no injuries and because only the fuel burned, there was no damage to any of the group's property. It made Jessica think of her mother's fears. Because of her fire eating, Jessica says, "My mother is sure that I'll have an early death." Triplopy got its start in 1974 when Jessica and Claudia, now both 21, became interested in clowning while taking circus classes in college at Purchase, N.Y. They organized a juggling act of their own and that summer the two New Yorkers found a vacation job with the Circus Kingdom. Karen, 25, holds a fine arts degree from Pace College. She has been involved in performing in one way or another since she was 13 and became interested in clowning through people she met while working as a magician's assistant. Karen went to work with a group called Piccolo Circus and met Jessica and Claudia when the two girls went to watch a performance of that outfit. Since then Triplopy has appeared both on stage (recently at the Courtyard Playhouse in New York) and television (Sun Up, a San Diego morning program). But they've made their real income from impromptu street performances where they depend on the charity of equally impromptu audiences. They say street work provides an "erratic income." But working the streets and plazas of Montreal during the Olympics this past summer, they were able to make over a thousand dollars. "It was enough money tq get us to California," Jessica says. Having experienced the audiences in Montreal, they were able to make a comparison with the street audiences of New York, where they usually work. "The people of Montreal were very kind and receptive," Karen said." In ,New York it can be tough. You can draw some rather hostile crowds." The trio produced their own show at the Courtyard Playhouse. They had planned to add another week but the absence of backers prevented it. The girls practice in a studio that is part of Karen's loft- apartment. They schedule their sessions around three things: —• When the studio is free, as Karen rents it out to other groups for extra income. — When Claudia isn't working at her part-time waitress job. — When Jessica isn't attending college classes for a degree in sociology. Frequent price changes make unit pricing expensive and troublesome, according to Richard Owens, director of merchandising for Kroger Company's Dallas marketing area. "It does not necessarily tell the consumer which is the product of the best value .to him or her," Owens said. "Different products represent different values to different consumers." Owens said it costs about $1,000 per year in the Kroger stores which use unit pricing. The technique Has not been implemented throughout the Kroger chain because it is too expensive to keep shelf labels up to date with unit price changes, he said. Charles Gilbreath, director of management services for the HEB chain, which operate 142 stores in South Texas, said mandatory unit and item pricing would be premature. Gilbreath also said price marking "tends to be a practice lhat is full of error. "Primarily, we have seen . some rather alarming wage trends going on across the country," he said. "It's (wages) a very substantial part of operating costs that must be recovered from the prices we. charge the customer." If wages continue to increase, stores will be forced to increase their prices, he said. Bernard Weingarten, president of Weingarten, Inc., said a survey of customers showed •unit pricing was not a high priority item with consumers. "We don't think this decision is one that should be legislated," Weingarten said. "We don't think a consumers' organization or labor union or any other third party should decide how a customer should shop." Estee Lauder Invites You to Spend A French Country Christmas With Gifts of Her Famous >buth-Dew Fragrance , V ' From the moment of its debut, Youth-Dew— Eslee Lauder's original masterpiece—has been the coveted gift of women who love its haunting, lingering fragrance. This Christmas, it's wrapped in a luxurious toile of French blue flowers on a linen-white ground—much like the fabric that was v coveted by women of fashion over 200 years ago. There is Youth-Dew to give in distinctive gift sets, in pendants and scent boxes, in blue and white porcelain containers, and as Fragrance in the Home. And it all carries the charm of the fragrance classic women love to receive. 1. Fragrance jewels (Boutique Eau de Parfum Spray 1 oz., Boutique Cologne 2 oz.) 9.50 2. Collector's Treasures (Boutique Eau de Parfum Spray 2'/4 oz., Dusting Powder 3 oz.) 11.50 3. Boutique Eau de Parfum Spray 1 oz. 5.50 2'A oz. 8.50 4. Bath Oil 1 /2 oz. 6.00 1oz. 9.00 D 2 oz. 15.00 5. Jeweler's Box for Solid Perfume 10.00 Not shown: Dusting Powder 9 oz. 8.00 Body Satinee 6 oz. 7.25 for ladle6 5 1101 Main Downtown Hay* tills Looks Back Getting Ready Construction continues on the Inaugural stands in front of the White House Friday. From this stand, Jimmy Carter and members of his party will review/ the parade after taking his oath as President in a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol. (UPI Photo) Bell Telephone Planning To Appeal $1 Million Suit SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UPI) — An attorney for Southwestern Bell Telephone says the company will appeal a jury verdict awarding $1 million to a former Bell executive and his wife who claimed the company invaded .their privacy with secret wiretaps'. "I think the verdict is entirely in error," Hubert Green said. "Nothing but rumor and hearsay was admitted in this case. We, of course, will appeal and we would expect it would be reversed because of this type of evidence." James Ashley and his wife, Bonnie, were awarded $150,000 and $300,000 respectively for mental anguish and Southwestern Bell also was ordered to pay $550,000 in exemplary damages. The Ashleys had sought $4 million from the company. The state district court jury Friday took only four and a half hours to decide in the first of two civil suits which have alleged widespread illegal wiretapping, illicit campaign contributions and questionable rate practices by the giant utility. Ashley -also has charged Southwestern Bell tapped his telephone after another lawsuit was filed on Nov. 15, 1974. That suit asks $29 million in damages for alleged libel and slander. It was filed in federal court, but has not come to trial. "A dollar or a million dollars, it makes no dif- ference. The fact is the little man finally prevailed over the power and the glory of the Bell system," Ashley said. Both state and federal authorities investigated charges of illegal or unethical practices by Bell after Ashley was fired as San Antonio commercial manager on Oct. 31, 1974. None of the investigations confirmed any of the charges. In a counter suit, Bell has accused Ashley and his friend, T.O. Gravitt, of bilking the telephone company with phony expense vouchers. Gravitt, the top Bell official in Texas, committed suicide in Dallas on Oct. 15, 1974, in the middle of an investigation by Bell security agents and left a suicide note ( saying, "Watergate is a gnat compared to Southwestern Bell." In his final argument, Green said the allegations were "something pulled right out of thin air" by a vindictive former employe. Green termed Ashley's allegations "absolute rubbish" which resulted from "hatred, revenge, anger, all working itself out. That's his way of striking back." fte, ARIES W MAR. 21 -^/QpR. 19 N 1-13-26-36 /50-61 -82-88 CANCER JUNE 21 -" /ir " 9-17-28-40 52-57-67 -54-65-66 -75-78 VIRGO xr, AUG. 21 w9 secf. 22 6-15-25-34 --^49-60-79-86 -By CLAY R. POLLAN- K Your Daily Activity Guide K 'T According lo Ihe Stars. * To develop message for Sunday, read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. 1 Present 31 In 61 Purchases 2 Be 32 Gels 62 In 3 Do 33 A 63 Promising 4 Be 34 Confidence 64 Is 5 Tolerance 35 Tockle 65 Person 6 Bold 36 Not 66 Will 7 An 37 Con 67 Confidence 8 Social 38 Regarding 68 A 9 Pressing 39 More 69 Task 10 Increased 40 You 70 Noted 11 Normal 41 Would 71 Today 12 Ready 42 Distant 72 Affect 1 3 Resources 43 Off 73 Appreciate 14 Can 441s 74 And 15 Action 45 Business 75 Your 16 Self- 46 To 76 Rosy 17 Problems 47 A 77 Looking IB Interest 48 Irk 78 Advice 1 9 Unreasonable 49 Helps 79 To 20 Nothing 50 Cover 80 Personal 21 Routine 51 Affairs 81 Slow 22 Picture 52 Hove 82 Or 23 To 53 Winning 83 Long 24 Associate 54 Younger 84 Your 25 And 55 Possibly 85 Duties 26 May 56 And 86 Win 27 Reliant 57 Faith 87 Run 28 Confront 58 Big 88 Acquisitions 29 Be 59 You 89 Popularity 30 That 60 You 90 Start , LIBRA ocr. 22 7-19-24-37/?? 48-59-71 SAGITTARIUS DEC. 21 2-12-23-35 47-58-69 CAPRICORN JAN. » 4-16-27-3»;O 45-56-80-85^ AQUARIUS JAN. 20 PISCES fit. 19 YS>^ MAR. 20^ 5-14-29-39 3-62-83-87 SHOE SALE Starts Sunday, December 19th, 1-5 p.m. SHOES Values From $13.00 To $28.00 NOW Handbags • Priced As Marked Entire Stock Not Included ALL SALES FINAL NO EXCHANGES AL'S BOOTERY On Last Two Years \ 4 LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UPJ) - Rep. Wilbur D. Mills, stepping down this year after serving 37 years in Congress, told a local business groife Friday anything he had dorfe in his last two years hi Congress hurt him more than it hurt them. "Whatever I did that did not meet with your approval was far more depressing to me than it could have been to you," Mills told the annual Chamber of Commerce luncheon in his home district. He was the guest of honor. The Arkansas Democrat lost his chairmanship 'of the Ways and Means Committee after his highly publicized affair with dancer Fanne Foxe in 1974 and later publicly acknowledged he was an alcoholic. He did not seek reelection. In his speech, Mills praised "the people of Arkansas, so willing to forgive. Arkansas is my home. It will always be my home." Mrs. Mills attended the luncheon with her husband and received a bouquet of roses from the Chamber. Symington Gives Successor Boost WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen. Stuart Symington, D-Mo., will resign his Senate seat on Dec. 27 to give his successor, John C. Danforth, a seven-day advantage in seniority. Symington said Friday he has submitted his resignation, effective noon, Monday, Dec. 27. This will give Danforth, his Republican successor, a boost in seniority over other freshman senators who will begin their terms when Congress reconvenes Jan. 4. Downtown Hays State Farm Raises Rates TOPEKA, Kan. (UPI) — State Farm Mutual has announced changes in Kansas auto insurance rates that will result in an average 13.1 per cent increase in Kansas insurance premiums. State Farm, the state's largest auto insurer, said rates for liability and collision coverages will go up Jan* 15, while rates for personal injury protection (no-fault) and comprehensive coverages will go down. The company said premiums will increase an average of $7.50 per six- month-policy period for 336,000 vehicles insured by the company in Kansas. A spokesman said the increase is needed to offset higher medical and auto repair costs. "This will only be our second rate increase in Kansas since August, 1970," the spokesman said. "We reduced our rates in 1972 and 1974. After this increase, our rates will still be only 17.2 per cent above the level at the end of 1970'." - Hospital room rates have increased 66 per cent since 1971. The average amount paid by State Farm on liability claims in Kansas for damage to vehicles and other property has increased from $220 in 1971 to $322 in the first half of 1976, a 46 per cent increase. State Farm paid almost $9 million in dividends to Kansas policy holders between 1971 and early 1975. Thai Ambassador In North Korea TOKYO (UPI) - Kasem S. Kasemsri, new Thai ambassador to North Korea, arrived in Pyongyang Friday to assume his post, the Korean Central News Agency said.

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