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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Saturday, March 6, 1920
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••#'£' Carbondale^-"Athens VOLUME 17, iCARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, MARCH 6,1920. ,. ' - NUMBER, WHO SLASHED TEACHER AND FORGERS SENT TO ST, CHARLES Also Boy Who Took Articles From Baggage of Hotel ' Guests arid'Attempted to Sell Them to Mayor Krysher — Declared Delinquents: . Albert Robinson, aged 14, the youth who slashed Floyd Rushing, a school teacher near Bosky dell a few .weeks ago, was : taken-to .St. Charles school for deiiaquents yesterday by the sheriff. The Robinson, boy cut the school teacher: with a -knife .during school hours •'whenr'Rust'i'ri-g,'his teacher, at- tempted'to correct the youth. .-Young Robinson ' just missed the jugular vein in Rush-ing's throat- > The youth who forged a check on Sam G. Hill, known as "Tennessee" Duke, was also-sent to St. Charles. The boy, several'-weeks ago, came to town .and. with, a First National u'anl: ALLIES TO OCCUPY BECAUSE OF CRUELTY OF EX-HUN WAR HEAD Special to Free Press: LONDON, March 6.—Allies have decided on- military and naval occupation of Constantinople in. consequence of treatment of Armenians "by Turks. General Ludendorff, former, head German military system-, accompanied by large staff, has passed through. Finnish territory on his- way to Russia.. RARE ENTERTAINMENT AT BARTH THEATRE Appearance of Famous Saxophone Sextette arid Baroness Rouskaya Feature High Class Enter. ta.inment. An unusually rare high, class program was .put on a.t the New Barth Theatre CLUB DISCUSSES PRISONONDITiONS Civics and Suffrage Club Meets at. Home of Mrs. E. B. Eckhard— , Mrs. Parkinson and - Miss Jones Hostesses. - The Civics and Suffrage Club'*met last -night at the home of Mrs. B. B. Eckhard on- West Oak street with. Mrs. D.-B. Parkinson and Miss Grace «Jones as hostesses. Ta-lks on "Our Prisons and Prison Policies" were, made toy. Miss Alice Millignn and Mrs. F. B, Bines. The topic of discussion was both interesting, anil educative. - .- •.,' . Current events -were given by. Mrs.. Stewart Chandler. The program was check attached the name;o£ Sam Gf. last evening in-the appearance of the: Hill.-He attempted 'to cash the check rio'bable Columbia Sextette, Harry Tlie Program was followed by which resulted'in his arrest. He said Yerkes Novelty Jazz'Orchestra and Harness session after which refresh- he was from ; Tennessee. Duke 'also Baroness. Norka Rouskaya.'the famous I meuts were served ^ th e hostesses. • ' Those present were: MesdSmea made - out-other worthless checks on Oarbondale business men. \ The-third hoy to be. taken to St. Russian dancer 'and musical artist.The sextette, the best ever heard in. Carbondale, played a range of most fie-Charles was Tommy Thornton, 12 j lightlul selections from excerpts or years old. The Thornton boy went to favorite 'operas to popular selections. | the. Roberts Hotel, and took-from the Their playing was of the rarest artist: Stewart. Chandler, C. R. Meffer't; A. D. Brubaker, Ed Reef, J. M. Pierce, F.'B. Hines, W. M. Bailey, D. B. Parkinson and B. B. Eckhard; Misses Alice.Milli- gan, Grace Jones, Florence King,. , lobby a traveling bag of a guest.' With | work. The Burlesciue Rhapsodie and!' Lllc >' K - Woody, Edith Bell, Mary the ibag he went upstairs -.into the' the Daxdenella scored great. room of another guest and pilfered through the-belongings in the bag. From the bag he took a razor and attempted to sell it to Mayor Krysher. This -was Ms fatal'attempt, bringing him into trouble'right hy unknowingly trying to sell the stolen goods to the mayor of the city. Willisville's Most 'Steagall and Dr. Delia Caldwell. CARBONDALE GIRL WEDS IN CEDAR RAPIDS The Yerkes. orchestra played with commendable technique and music of the most attractive nature. It put expression in 'the scores seldom heard. Their strains from -popular music were I The - following from' the Cedar Rap- captivating. The. "Bull Frog and -the. idS; Ia-j Gazette, tells of the marriage Coon" and the "Laughing Trombone" o( Misa EIla Cranlli daughter of Mrs. were tig hits. | Ben Smith, Route 5, Carbondale: Witih the musical organizations play-1 The marr i age o£ Migs E n a W. Crann. ing, much interest and enthusiasm.j .^^ Charles W. Holmes took .place centered around the appearance of Bar-j Monday at 1 p. m. in the home of the ' oness Norka Rouskaya-. She is per-, bridegroom's brother, .and sister-ins-—-— I haps the most classic dancer ever .seen ; la M ; ad . M Art H1 ,„„ .Thomas Jeremiah, mayor of.,Willis-1 . nflrVinil(1 l. lp . nnnBiHtR nt with the i o'-AV. 'rS-V-^' _;- .1""^•'' i ™^3i : ville, prominent in politics and seneral j superintendent of the Willis Coal Co., , Q£ consistent with the : of tbe program. Her dancing was : most artistic and classic nature. and one of. Southern Illinois' most ! ^ displavo ^- the highest type of abil- active citizens, died at his office at . Hel . 3elections on the violin show . His Willisville Wednesday afternoo'n. death came-suddenly following a pain Jnstoum'ent" in the heart. Jeremiah had been mayor j T o£ Willisville for ten years, and in a j. . larg-e way responsible in a business) way and other ways fo.r the growth i and prosperity of Willisville: - He .was 'born at Steelville, 111., and was 51 years of age. He was -a coal miner and for some years was active in the 'miner's union, serving at one time as national organizer. It was ed har in the light of ait artist on the pubUe is fortunate -^ faarth Theatl . e management ;£m entert . linmBnt ot this high South street west ing minister was the pastor of the Second Christian church, the Rev. William Earth.'At the close of tie ceremony a dinner was served to immediate-relatives only. The -bride has been a Dtrrse and her home is at Carbondale, 111. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and •Mirs. John C. Holmes .ol Independence and served with the Thirtieth Those occupying the left box were ] <u vis j on overseas. After. April 1 they HOLD-UP VICTIM LEADS CLEVERLY PERPETRATED POSSE IN HOT CHASE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE ON AMD CAPTURE OUTLAW COM, JOE M, ANDERSON Johnston City Man Hi§ Store and Robbed— Escapes and Opens Fire on 'Escaping Robber Who Sought Safety in Old Coal Mine. fa' Johns torn City .business man, the victim o£ . a daylight hold-up, jbined-by a posse of citizens captured yesterday afternoon the bandit, tol- lo\Ving a chase of m'ore than a mile to an, abandoned coal mine where the fugitive -sought safety. The 1 hold-up entered -the store and tied or locked up the proprietor and a woman employed in the store. He helped .him- s.eW'to a-handsome sum of cash. The pr-bprietor o£ the store -shortly escaped from the (bondage in which the robber h£d left him and rushed out in the street to see the holdup running down tlie street about a block away. The business man opened, flre on the man with his. money, firing : four times, none of the shots being 1 effective,' how- eyer. . '',...-, •At this junotibn of. the episode, citizens on the street. Joined the holdup. victim- and'pursued the daylight an abandoned coal mine was captured. • Sprague Bares Inside Facts on Failure to Establish Basjc Price. SiYS PM1F.H-ISQT AT FAOLI Mr., and Mrs. Chas. Sheppard, Mr. and almost tweiity-one years ago that he moved to Willisville, where, he entered the employ of the Willis Coal Co. which ias since grown to be a big con^ cern. The Willis Coal 'Co. now 'owns and operates two mines at Willisville, two at Percy and one at Sparta and also .owns .and '.operates the Wilco Dairy, xrae of the largest, fi-nest equipped dairies in ,the ttoited States. As general superintendent Mr. Jeremiah was the manager in control of operation of all of these industries, and it may readily, .be seen that with these duties and tbo.'se of -May or of Willisville 1 he was a very busy man. He was a director in the First National Bank of Percy. . High School Pupils in "As You Like It" Colored Ex-Service Men to Elect Legion Officers The colored former service men will be at the Free Will Baptist church tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock for the purpose of electing officers for the local colored American Legion Post. All colored men are expected to attend. (By-.Euls Garner.) The High. School.delightfully, enter' tained Miss Sarah Carter, Wednesday - afternoon, by giving her a surprise party. The occasion of honoring was. her departure for Columbia, South Carolina, where she expects to enter college. An attractive ivory manicure set was given her as a remembrance from her fellow students. The Domestic Science girls entertained the High- . School teachers Thursday at noon, Iby serving them a four course dinner. The Sophomore class favored the High School Friday afternoon by giving a very interesting program. A -' Shakespearean play,"A6 You Like It," was rendered. Following was the cast of characters. Jacques—Paul Barker. Jacques De Boys—Leanord Hiller. • Touchstone—(Ralph House. Audrey—Edith Maze. 'Silvins—Martha Bilderback. Phebe—Katberine Clark. Corin—Gilbert Toler. Duke Attendants—John Smith, El- •bert L,emmer, Hal Mountain, Kenneth M] . s Henry Brohmi Mrs . Graoe Lewls anfl B %y Barth _- In the otner box were AUorney and MT5 John gearing, Judge< and Mrs . Herbert Hays and prof anfl Mrg j; p Gllbert will _be at home at Independence. MAKY AT 108 ANGELES Miss Pickford Weeps and Flees From the Crowd. McCOUN'S SYNCOPATED JAZZ BAND AT DANCE TONIGHT McCoun's syncopated jazz band will make itls first appearance in Carbondale ,tonight when it plays for a dance at the Armory • Hall. Paul Black, a drummer of rare talent, is with the organization. Tbe band'-s music is said to be very fascinating.Th'e management has' assured good order and comfort- Whaii-n. i The play was well given and enjoyed •by everyone. Other mimbers.consisting of music were ,also given. More interesting programs are being planned and those -who are .interested'in the school ane welcome. The S. P. Q. R. Club had another meeting last Tuesday evening. The members are now wearing their, new club pins. Our Junior High School boys are to play the Junior High' School at the Normal Friday night. There will also be seventh, land eighth grade games. ' "Let Poor Little Girl Alone," Is Plea of Mother as They Reach Waiting Auto. v Los Angeles, Gal., -March 6.— Mary Pickford, weeping and worn, stumbled from the truin here o;i Jier return from Minden,.Nev., where Tuesday $he was granted a decree of divorce from Owen Moore. .1 Miss Pickford waited until the passengers hnd all left the car, then peered out, and. seeing newspaper!" men and camera men, flanked by a crowd of the; curious she way ol the opposite side of the car. As -she ran, with tenrs streaming 'down her face, she stumbled nnoyfeil. Her mother helped her up, and they fled to a waiting automobile und sped _ Miss Pickford would not pause to answer the questions fired at her by eager ihtert-ieivers, Ijut her - mother spoke for her. MARRIAGE LICENSES Jes-ss Anderson, Grand Tower... Salma Conrad, Grand Tower .20 .20 Fred Sheppard; Carbondale ........24 Daisy Chappell, Car'bondale 24 Fred H. Reese, Pinckneyville. .;.".|..31 Beulah B. Mansker, Pinokneyville. 28 onal matter," the' papers "This is entirely a pen- she said, "and neither nor the public" have- any right to be prying into It. .'Why can't you leave the poor little girl alone? She's nervous" and broken, up. Can't you .'see she's cryiiig? This is just -needless cruelty." EDWARDS SCORES IN INDIANA Files Petition for Presidential Prefer' ence on the Primary Ballot— •Eleventh-Hour Coup. Indianapolis, Tml., March 6.—Friday was the last day for filing presidential preferences on the primary ballot in Indiana, and a bomb shell was 'thrown into the Democratic ranks when a petition bearing the names of 726 voters was presented in behalf of Gov. Edwards of New Jersey. It was an eleventh-hour coup, staged Just before closing' time at the secretary of state's office. Head of Illinois Fair Price Commission and Member of Leonard Wood Executive Committee- Defends Attorney General. rhU-ii.L'o. Jliu-clr R.—The 'federal su- •_':ir I'litmlizatinn lio.-iril. ami uot Attorney General A. Min;li«;i palmer, was responsible for tlie ungoverned and sfIM!ct!U-tilar iii-k-e :i<lvanoe in sii);iH' after a IT'.i i;ent price hail heoii allowpd. lo .smirlwri refiner.-.'. iK-coi-dlu^ to Jfuj. A. A. Sfn-ajfiie, Jr.. head of iHe H.Unpis fnir pri'tii. cuuiiulssiou. A resolution iiiHluirizjiiir a judiciary committee iu- vestj\'iirioii of clifiiws tliat Palmer and I/iT-siilprit Wilson .were responsible for the high' sugar prices was piiy through the house of representnf-ives at Washington by a strictly party vote. Impeachment of 'the attorney general was hinted at. Incidentally. Major Sprague sent a recommendation-, to District Attorney Charles F. Clyne urging that he take up a f t once with ibe district attorney. In Denver, Colo., 'an Investigation of reasons.for the offer here. -by.the Amalgamated Sugar company o'f Denver of .beet sugar, at,'17. cents, while^cane sugar is Iiplng ;of£,er.e,H-nt 14 cents—with no drliveriu". In each ease prices qtiotiecJ .are t. o. It. seaboard. - Palmer Not 'at Fault: Sprague. • "Hesporisihility for the sugar price ris'o is nut -to |>» laiil at Attorney General Pn!mer'« .door," .s-aid Major Siinijiiie, • hiiiist'lf .si RepVih'llcan and member-.df hie- Leonard Wood executive committee., in i tit; nniijiie position of defending- 1'iilmer. a Democrat and possible pr'-sidentlHl- nominee-. "The supf-ir eqiializatiim hoard early last year had fi.-i'anseil l»- take over, .in addition .to (he 40fi,000 t'uis of oflier sui-'nr it held, Ihe sonthenc ct-op of a.p- t'lntximatel.v. 100,0()0 tons. it. .planned. to raise the price 'on Us holdings itf- ter that action, .tanking a differential in favor of the southern snjiars. so that a flat price of 11 cents a pound., for the whole .country could lie inadp. "Fix-ing of that: htisic price would hate prevented all the difficulties- in the whole country, the price would have remained at a comparatively low level and supplies would have been .abundant. The Attorney ' general worked,out this plan of price equalization, including the . southern sugars, the equalization board approved it. Then somebody, stepped in—-I do not know who—although 'I am certain it was not Palmer—and the'iequnllzqUpn board balked at the whole proposition. 1 Southerners Show. Cost. "Then tlie southern sugar; refiners- went to Washington and showed. Palm-, er their cost records. The southern • cane, growers are molasses makers. They can't make sugar and compete with other markets. When they go into; the rtftned. suear ^busine'ss they City Officials and Others ' 'Amused Commissioner Anderson Following' Council Meeting Last Night—Mr. Anderson at Loss to Grasp Situation. One of the most interesting! social events of the season took; place at the -beautiful bungalow home^ot City Coiamissioner and Mrs. J. M. "Anderson, on West Oak street last night. Early in the forenoon Mrs, Anderson telephoned Mayor Kryaher that next 'Sunday, was the 55th birthday .of Mr. Anderson and she would be pleased, to entertain .the city officials and employees at her home, after the council adjourned last night. The mayor'got in communication with all he could get on the phone and while the council was in session last night surreptitiously imparted the information to all others that he would be Expected- to clandestinely steal away. Night Marshal Ed Clark was to hold.Mr. And*er- •son on private business 'until, all could •ga'ther at the home of Mr. Anderson, when Clark made it convenient to stroll.alpng his beat, across the square and up Oak street to the Ihome. Then without any formalities they entered the home of Mr. Anderson. Both passed through' a darkened hallway, leafling 'to the ' lighted dining room, where to - the surprise and .amazement of Mr. Anderson he found the same bunch' he. had separated from half an hour previously at the -council meeting. • After' taking in the situation Mr. Anderson declared he was delighted. The dining table was soon ladened with a delightful .repast prepared by Mrs. Anderson and .assisted, by her niece,^.Mrs..Henry. Pabst. •'."'' • Mr. -Ancrarson i; -.entertained- the company by -beautiful graphophone selections amd while the record, "That Beautiful Land," was Ibeing played tbe men arose and. stood', with bowed heads to the beautiful strains of the minister's quartet. •The evening brought out- the delight of siichh affairs and all expressed aettop thait more frequent affairs of tlie same nature would be enjoyed. - inust seir at a ranch, hi^lier price, thaii the .island, c.'uio and the Aineriean beet reffnevs. -The attorney general told L the southerners that if such were the case, they.< could- go ahead and sell their refined sugar at 17% cents. "Wifh the southern growers getting IT 1 /! to IS^A cents. Hie other iiroiljic- ers-would not sell-for.prices-they liad been -quoting.. It is thus''seen t hb.r the equalization board aiul whoever it was that -stepped in" with the paralyzing influence; and not 'the. attorney general, were responsible.." 1 MEXICANS KIDNAP ANOTHER Rebels Said to Have Taken Peter W. - Summers at Salina.Ccuz- - For. merly of Michigan. iin, Mnrcli- 6.— Peter. W. Summers,'' ;in- .American .citizen, .has been lddnape'1. b;.' Mexican, rebels at •Salihn : Cruz,- -Mexico, according to., a dispatch Ip the state department -from 'that city. . - -' , N •* Tlve dispatch said Siii.iimers : wn?=- captured by a (timid under Jesus Marclln, who is holding him for a "ransom . of 1,000. pesos. . .... Summers is ;\ former resident, of Paw Paw, Midi., and' has been engaged in farming, and .in tlie mercantile business!, at Santa Lucretia, Mexico. ''•'-.. MORE CENSUS FIGURES GIVEN Joliet Shows Increase in Population of 3,702 and Muncie, Ind.,. .12,519. - __ • i Washington, March 6. — ^Population announcements for 1920. issucd'by the rensr.s bureau- include:' .Toilet, •' 111.,! 38,371!, an increase of 3,702, or 10.7 per .cent over 19fo ; Anderson, Ind., 29,767, an increase of 7,291,. or 32.4 per cent ; Muncie, Ind., 36,524, an increase ;ofO2,519, or 32.2 per- cent.-; • Xex^ ington,. Ky., 41,534, an , increase of 6,435, or 1S.3 per cent. Shreveport, La., 43,874, an grease of 15,859, or 56.6 -per cent. Kingston, N.' T., 25,884, a decrease of '24, or 0.1 per cent. ,Of the group 'at six cities'; Shreveport showed tbe largest growth Jn the decade from 1900',to 1910, the increase be- 1 Ingi.75. per cent;:- .. •-.•:.' ; Daniels Special to Free Press: WASHINGTON,;; /March 6*r-Seer<*- " tary Daniels told House .naval, com-, niiittee (tod-ay he would recommend naval, .building program .for next fisisaS year larger than at this eessfon ot 'Congress. •' •' ' - • • -•• .- . ' • " • ENTERTAINS AT FIVE " HUNDRED LAST EVENING Mr. ana ivirk Isaac Caldwell enter- .tained with a five hundred party" at. their home on Normal avenue -last, evening. -Dancing-was also - a- diversion. Refre^hmen'ts -were served.> • - Those'present were: "Misses Wolma. Beasley,- Helen Brafield, Bemi-ce- Brim, Minnie Doolin, Mary . Morgan and Mrs.. Frank Fannliazn, of Minne-- .apolfs, Miinn.; Messrs. Brvan DooUo> Glenn Brazil, Robert Davis, Joe Mo«Guire-and Earl Taylor. ERIN PAINTED AS '.VESUVIUS:. London Graphic Sajrs Eruption IE Duet —AIT Factions .See Red Over . Home Rule. . London, March 6.—The Graphic features a Dublin dispatch saying That: nothing can-avert a frosh tragedy- Jo.,Ireland except the ntmosi coolness oii. • the part of the 'authorities.,anfl tliat . any increase in the rigor of martial ; Inw will inevitably precipitate such a. tragedy, causing dangerous c'oraplSca- lions for America. The chief danger) according, to the- Graphic advicps, is the widespread conviction that a small'Dublin castle-clique • is bent on getting ' Ireland's .j'ontli iriro tlie open so Hint the morale • of the Sinn Fein may be broken. I)F- bloody reprepsion. - ' • , .. ' t . KILLED IN RAID ON SALOOM! Proprietor Is Slain and Two Other- Persons Are Injured at ',; Racine, Wis. Rsieinc. Wis.. Mnrclt 6. — In. a v h.r fcrieral fluents and loon! police oti- « saloon dno man \vns killed and f.wcr' injured. Bnrney Seknt, :i«ed fift^--- years, prnnrietor nf the saloon, was-. killod. Edw.ijid Pie), a Iticinfe dprec- tive.. was shot in Hie rij;!it hand. -Bert^ nerzog.'a federal ihsppctor from Milwaukee, was injured. It is said moonshine liquor was found in the SENATOR JOHNSON IN WRECK President Aspirant's Train Hit by Chicago A Northwestern Engine in South Dakota. Sioux Falls, S. D., March 6.—-Senator- Johnson of California, en route from Ynnkton to Wntertown, S. D., was in '• a train wreck when tlie Great'North-- ern train on wbicli he was riding was struck by a Chicago & Northwestern train at Davis, thirty miles south' of Sioux Falls. No one was reported injured. REPASS 'TRADE' RESERVATION One More Democratic Senator Joins.. ; Republicans in Vote-on the . Lodge Program, : . . ^Washington. Mnrch .(i.—Tlie resi'i-yjr-- tign to tile peace treaty declaring tlie reparaHons commission,' slialf -not".Interfere with trade between- the Unife<J i States niid Germany except with tlte?: consent of ibis, crountiy. was. rof.slopt- e<« witliout i-liimge'in the. senate by a vote of 41 to 22. .''Six Demscrafw— Senators Chnml)erlain, Oregon; dore,, Oklnhon'iii: Xugeut, Idaho; Reed, Mis-- souri; S)iields v Tennessee, and Smiths Georgia, supported' it," a" gain of one- Democratic vote over last November, .when tne reservation was adojrted.'S^ to 40. DUBUQUE WALKS IN COLS* Residents Ride In Cole) Trucks or Walk; Through Snowdrifts—Carmen Still Out-v J"l>nbn<iuer-iSai?cii ei^bubuque si&Oxs?' woke'up this morning witli the tber>' mometer hovering below the zero raarte to experience tlie second day of the- wprst cold 'snap this winter. Conditions^. were- especially uucttiiifortabie daring; -. the; car sh-lke and open pahsensOT- tracks trylug" to maintain n B<-Uednlfr- !were rnnnlbg greatly' l>eliind tUue on--account of the'enow; :. . ••••-

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