Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 2, 1950 · Page 4
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 4
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Writer Needs Quaint Past Tom Olson Tom Olson, most prolific Bible tract writer in the country, will hold two weeks of Bible teaching, and ··evangelistic" meetings at the Bible chapel, 1S02 E. North St., Noi". 12 through Nov. 26. Olson' is a brother-in-law of Robert LeTourneau, industrialist, who is well-known as an evangelist. Olson " is' editor of a religious : magazine, "Now," published ."by X,eTourneau. Olson is co-director of the San Francisco service men's center. He recently returned frcm trips to Egypt and Palestine. .Meetings will be held at 7:45 p.m. daily, excepting Saturdays. Olson win also speak at the 'll a.m. Sunday worship services. Korean War Toll Is 27,610 WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (U.PJ-- The defense ^department said today that'the next of kin of 27, 610 casualties .in Korea have been notified through midnight' Oct. 27. This was an increase of 909 over the number announced in the -Week preceding. The totals- were · 3,934- killed in ·action: 467. fatally w.qunded;. IS,- ;S79 wounded; 4.330 missing in ac- .taon, of whom two died after capture; 107.were captured and 450 re' turned td U. S. lines. " . The figures do not reflect all · casualties which occurred up to midnight last Friday. This is. duo ·"to the time,required for- units to .process their reports and get them -to Washington . where word is Awaited from next of kin that they .have received notification. .- The break-down by services -was: : Army--Total, "23,987. Killed in action, S.SSTi'-fatally wounded, 379; wounded, 16,132; missing in action, 4,139, ' including two ' who died Rafter capture, 104 captured, and 431 'ivho have ^returned- to U.- S. lines; .' Navy--Totai;"-2S4: Killed in ac- ··tion,'-:·;40;. -fatally -wounded, 4; "'wounded 19S; missing 1 In action, 42, ·Including .two--who have .returned -to U.. S. lines. ; .-." Marine corps--Total; 3,142. Killed ·in action, 492; fatally wounded, S3; ..-wounded, 2,53S; missing in action, ·-zs. : . ; Air ^orce--Total, 197. Killed i n j ;actioni.;65r, fatally wounded, 1; ··wounded,' 11; missing in action, 320, including 17 who have re-' - turned to U^ S. lines 'and three ·captured.' ' Sales. Tax Collections ^ Tor Period Show By CYNTHIA LOWRV- AP Xcwsfcaturcs Writer Anyone who wants to ,be an author of books these days better see to it that he has funny, endearing and slightly muddled parents., I have been making a survey o( the- publishers' lists, and I find thai- there are only about throe types of books being published, and that t is much easier to be an author if ou first make your mark as any thing but a professional writer. There are. of course, the "I-done- it" books, written by generals, people who lived in Moscow and people who met FDR more t h a n , once. These are after-thought books, most of them, written by people who lived stimulating lives in the middle of important event:;. I would love to write a book, but I have scanned my own life and find that Gen. Schmce never confided in me about his plan for invading. the Dardanelles: that I never got to Moscow, and the only time I ever saw Mr. Roosevelt he was riding down the" Bronx River Parkway very fast in an open car and', looked chilly. Crowded Field There-are the historical novels but that is a crowded field, be cause all the professional writer ,vho want to get their books pub lished are forced into it. They used to just invent heroes and heroine for historical novels, pick a perioc of history like the days of Qreen Elizabeth, and make up *a story. Nowadays, however, they are pick ing historical characters, doing re search on people and periods sn( taking just a few discreet liberties n order to make a plot and bright en up a page with some dialogue Otherwise you couldn't: tell a his- :orical novel from.a.history book This takes' a lot of work. 1 know one author who spent three years ust studying before he sat down a.t his typewriter. The easiest way to become ar author, . provided you're blessed vith considerate parents, is to write ^memoir of your own childhood. There must, have been a time'. round 1900 to 1912, when all parents were characters. Father vas pompous and always got him- elf into 1 unbelievable messes i-hich v gsy, scatter-brained mother ulled him out of.. The narrator, 'Uneral Peiicliug For Mrs. Barnier Arrangements for Mrs. June Elizabeth Banker, who died Tues- ay night " a t her home, 3621 E. lonte Vista dr., will be announced y the Arizona mortuary. Mrs. Barnier, 31, came to Tucson 1946. She is survived by her usband, Aloy W.; a daughter, inda Marie; her parents. Mr. and Irs. Dick Crawley, all -of Tucson; if a boy. Is mischievous. If a girl, she is scrawny, unattractive and left-footed acco'rding to her own modist writings but there are indications she's really pretty cute at that. Few professional writers were blessed with these pattern-type parents. It's these writing amateurs, and many of them are lucky enough to get perfect memoir-type sisters and brothers too. "o Help -Hero This .isn't going to help me a bit, because I'm an only child, and my parents never did anything verv amusing. Thought for awhile I had the basis of a good book in a great-aunt. There was a family story, about howe she attended the. Pan-American Exposition in her bed-room slippers. I tracked this story .down, .however; and found out that she had gotten hives frbm eating lobster and that _her feet had swollen so she couldn't get her shoes' on. Obviously; you can't- build a -whole .memoir' on story like that. All I. can remem- ber'of.'.mv own childhood that Was out of the ordinary was a perpetual Funeral Friday [ BeailiRateFromPolioIfowh For Mr. Krivel -----' WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (/P)--The "This rate was'equal to-the low health service reported to-jfor this period reported In 1949. series of head-colds. I. -suppose, ^under tho current literary set-up,.the people I really should be pitying are the benighted book critics.. They. are hired', presumably, for their .ability to weigh literary content, judge techniques and skills-of writing and plot-building." But when all these people come along telling the real, inside dope of a great historical episode, no critic can fool around with split infinitives and. story lines. Pie has to bustle out and bone up on tactics of Alexander the · Great, Marxian philosophy of world conquest, or various versions of the story of Mr. Roosevelt and how · Services -for . Frederick Jvrivel, who "died' yesterday in a local-hospital,-, will'be held at 2i p. in. tomorrow at the Arizona mortuary. Rev. Glenn C. Magee of Trinity Presbyterian church will officiate and burial;will follow in Evergreen cemetery; 3a% ttitlzt a Thursday Evening. Nov. day..that.the J u l y death rate for poliomyelitis was one for each 100,000 population, a two-thirds reduction from the same month lastl year. . The notional doath. rate for accidents--other than motor vehicle--- .lower this year than, for .the iirst The agency 'said pob'o is charac- seven *onlhs of 1940 and for. th«i terized by a relatively low death 65-and-pver group it was 8,7'pejj; rate',for the first.six months of thei cent ;' 1 ° welv -V; i" Mr° Krivtl, 76,-came to Tucson j fol ' t' 11 - 1 cll ' st seven'months of 1950 - -· - · -· · was as per 100,000 population, the 'in 190S from Richmond, Va. A salesman, he resided at 1233 N Survivors are a son, .Frederick John Jr.; a daughter, Mrs! ' Margaret Fees; and two grandchildren all of Tucson. THR CEREBRAL PALSY PAR- he picked" Truman for a runningjent meeting, announced for S p.m. --A this evening at the YWCA, has been postponed, it was announced today. mate. I'm. going to write children's boote in big type. Yes-If s REAL ORANGE JUICE WITH THAT FRESH-SQUEEZED FLAVOR! All the tempting flavor of freshly-squeezed oranges--just as they, came offl the tree! Rich in healthful, body-buildingjVitamin 'C. Best of all, itPastes good! Thriftier... .easier to store.-fry"a large economy can . today. No squeezing, no mixing. At better .markets everywhere -- the orange juice without that "canned" taste! lowest on record, the health service said. The service estimated the general death rate for the United States in July at S.S per 1,000 population, a new low for the month: The previous low record for July, 9.1,-was recorded in 1946 and 194S. "On a cumulative basis," the death rate for the first seven months of 1950. was 9.9 per 1,000 population," the.service said. year, an increase from June to a peak in August or September and then a decline to December. This year the disease apparently reached its peak in the week ending Sept. 30, the latest peak occurrence in 18 years. Last year--the worst for which accurate records are, available--the peak came m the week ending Aug. 20. ' The 3S-per-100,000 accident death rate through July, 1950, is 5.7 per cent lower than the rate of 40.3 for tlie corresponding period, of! 1949. ' The death rate for accidents other than motor vehicle for the 45-64 age group was 11 per cent MORE JOBS for MQRE PEOPLE VOTE 308 ArJzono Workman'* Compensation Committ*»[r* f. O. Box 3961, Photntx- A.J, From, T*mp«,[ Ceo. Piektrinfi, Yumg; Gto..Nogcl, Winilowj' Jock Praetor, Tucson; Vernon F«f*;'Pho»nIx/ of Good Eating! BEADY TO HEAT- EAT.fENJOY! A distinctive dish with true Spanish flavor that's rich and racy-- exciting and different. For delicious mealtime variety and a treat-far the 'whole family, serve it with shrimp, lacon, chopped meat, or chicken. At yourgroccr's in Afpeci.iIMcMcan Fiesta display in regular and new 8-ounce sizes, ·" PHOENIX, Nov. 2. (U.PJ --The ,:state tax commission reported to-i rtiay sales tj.x collections last month ·totaled 51,561,241, an 'increase of .1570,000 over September receipts. ."!The sum was more than $300,000 and a brother, Wesley, in Oregon. ENJOY PORK BEANS WITH THAT FAMOUS VAN CAMP'S FLAVOR! AG FOOD STORES /G FROZEN FOOD ALWAYS 0/£N SEASON Oriscoll, 12-oz. pkg-. A .r Strawberries JO Green Beans PACKAGE OF 48 BAGS - Set Your Sights on These Fine Food Values at Your A/G Stores S CAMPBELL'S TOJIATO. SOUP ICRIS5T CRACKERS 1 -A LOG -CABIN SYRUP 12 over the amount Itober last yean · collected in Oc- Also AvoiUbli In 4/SIh Pints S Holl Pinls Blinded Scotch Whisky 86.8 Proof 49 23 25' PILLSBURl-'S-- 20-OZ. PKG.-- 3c DEAI/ ·§ 40% V / ' f PANCAKE MIX 12/2 4% m* 24 35 45 23 85 23° TASTEWELL Margarine LOCAJj, FRESH, SJIAtL EGGS Yellow Cubes 1 MARY ELLE\, PBACH-AMIOJTD JAMS SCHILLIXG'S COFFEE AM'GKLVD....'.... snssroy i.v.v Apricots WHAT A T/?f4TJ^oil/own HOMEMADE PTOKIN Pillsbury 10. PIE CRUST MfX I w REDDI-WIP 49° PUMPKIN j"r c Libby's'No. 2^'can ' ·'.'.' EVAPORATED MILK «* c , Pet 2 Cans ' ; Catsup Browne-Vinlners Co., Inc., New York Identification heavy nickel silver sterling silver .... WHITE KINO'S 1-2 MAKES CLOTHES LIKE NEW 12 1 DZ. jar .,, can Top-Hat Quality Eastern Meats at Down to '£ar v Budg£t ^Saving" Prices I "ARMOUR'S STAR" EASTERN IDEAL FOR ROASTING, STEW OR FRICASSEE! Cut + O p:^/^ Order BONELESS "THE KING OF OVEN ROAST!" U.S.GOVT. GRADED '"Gpop."--. PRIME RIB ROAST R. I. Red Fryers s RIBS fresh WlleS, Famous "\fishbone" Cleaned Drawn · Wt Ib. COTTAGE HAMS BRAUNSCHWEIGER "WAKE UP TO A REAL AMERICA SLICED BACON RATH'S BLACIiHAWK" 69 33 WAKE UP TO A REAL AMERICAN BREAKFAST" A/G FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES Extra Fancy Jfcw Green CABBAGE ib.3 1° 2 YOUR A. G/GROCER RECOMMENDS DENMSON'S QUALITY FOODS WITH THE KITCHEN FRESH FLAVOR DEXMSOX 14-oz. Bottle Select Beef With Vegetables Dennison's Xo. 1 can 45 Chili Con Ccirne 39e WITHOUT BEAJS'S--DEXXISON'S XO. 1 CAX Meat Balls With .Gravy 1 Full Pound ' Xo. 1 can .... 45 SAVE SOAP '"'"""·WiVh""""" WHITE KING WATER SOFTENER AC FOOD STORES ····UBHBHBii AG FOOD STORES Combination Price SPAXISH ONIONS . SUXKIST IEMONS . ROME BEAUTY APPLES / Lb. Lb. tbs. 3 IO C 25° We have order blanks SNOWDRSFtS . Anniversary Edificn COOKBOOK TOO pages..; color p'riotos..- over 200 SNOWDRIFT For'Many Uses -WESSON OIL Pint Bottlo '...; (2 MEXKORK NIBLETS 19° Of. can Look for fhe A/G Sign Your Guide to . QUALITY FOODS LOWEE PRICES FBIENDLY SERVICE COMPUTE FOOD MARKETS Check This List for the Place to Shop in Tour XeJghborhood GREENOIANT F E A S BAILEY MORGAN 3900 South Sixth. Ave.--Phone 4-10.42 * CORONADO MARKET . 3154 Xorth Stone--Phone 3-9171 'it STQP-N'-SHOP SUPER MARKET 1730 Xorth First Are.--Phone 3-7092 if FIRST AVE. GROCERY (Hospitality House) 2904 Xorth First Are.--Phone 3-8512 RAMSOWER'S MARKET East Fort Lowell Road--Phorie"5-7111 MARKET BASKET 2512 East. Sixth St.--Phone 3-4211 if TOM'S MARKET 351 : Xorth Fourtlx Avc.--Phone'2-7232 ' if SOPORITO'S MARKET 39*4 East Speedway--Phone.5-9051. if PALO VERDE MARKET .3501 E. Fairmouat Are.--Pb. 5-9121 The A/G Stores in the Above List Marked with * also Sell Beer, Wine"and. Liquors in Compliance with Type of Licenses Held ' LIMIT RIGHTS RESERVED

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