Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 11, 1976 · Page 26
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 26

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 26
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'Um T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N - A festival of women's films will be shown over the weekend at the New Loft Theatre under the auspices of the Tucson Feminists in Media Collective. Six films, with a running time of two hours, will be shown on both Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. Distributed by the National Women's Film Circuit, the six films were selected from more than 100 entries in last August's Women's Film Festival held in Washington, D.C. The program includes two documentaries, an animated film, a Lesbian commercial, a woman's confrontation with a rapist, and a drama in which two women with different self- definitions leam from each other. The films were all made by women. The National Women's Film Circuit is a project of Moon- force Media Inc., a nonprofit feminist enterprise formed as an alternative and challenge to the power of the established media. It is Moonforce's goal to create a strong, self-sustaining feminist media by making products of media workers available to wider audiences. Tucson ^^·^^M^^^^M^H Of all menthols: Look at the latest US. Government figures for other menthols that call themselves low in tar. Brand D (Menthol) Brand KM (Menthol) Brand T (Menthol) Brand V (Menthol) lar, mg/cig 13 13 11 11 nicotine, mg/ciq 1.0 0.7 0.6 0.7 Carlton Menthol*2 mg. tar, 0.2 mg. nicotine. Carllon 70's (lowest of all brands)-- ·1 mg. tar, 0,1 mg. nicotine. ·Av per cigarette by FTC method. Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. Menthol:2 mg."iar".0.2 mg. nicotine av.percigarells.hy FTC method. Carlton Menthol 2mg.-- , newly reduced. Tucson \ Television, \ jl KVOA -5 KUAT -5 KGUN -5 KZAZ -B KOLD -- NBC PBS ABC IND. CBS Wednesday Afternoon NOON ' O MARY HARTMAN 8 MISTER ROGERS S20.000 PYRAMID O 700 CLUB 12:30 P.M. 8 THE DOCTORS YOGA O THE NEIGHBORS © GUIDING LIGHT 1:00 P.M. § ANOTHER WORLD ALL ABOUT YOU CJ GENERAL HOSPITAL © ALL IN THE FAMILY 1:15 P.M. O ENFRANCAIS 1:30 P.M. VEGETABLE SOUP § ONE LIFE TO LIVE THE ROCK MATCH GAME 2:00 P.M. § SOMERSET OPEN MATH MOVIE "Blood Alley." 1955 adventure starring John Wayne. Lauren Bacall. Pau] Fix, Mike Mazuiki and Anita Ekberg. Americans and Chinese escape down river to Hong Kong, pursued by Communists. Graham Kerr follows with cooking tips. (2 Mrs.) OJ FATHER KNOWS BEST O TATTLETALES 2:30 P.M. § DAYS OF OUR LIVES ROOM 222 IRONSIDE 3:00 P.M. CD LASSIE 3:30 P.M. 0 MERV GRIFFIN SHOW 1I LOVE LUCY © DINAH! 4:00 P.M. O MISTER ROGERS § SGT. BILKO THE LITTLE RASCALS 4:30 P.M. O SESAME STREET O ABC NEWS O ADDAMS FAMILY 5:00 P.M. O O ® NEWS © BEWITCHED 5:30 P.M. § NBC NEWS ELECTRIC COMPANY HOGAN'S HEROES © PARTRIDGE FAMILY O CBS NEWS Wednesday Evening 6:00 P.M. g B NEWS GETTIN' OVER Program about keeping your home pest tree. O STAB TREK O BRADY BUNCH 6:30 P.M. Q MATCH GAME Q LIVING TOMORROW O LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE CD TO TELL THE TRUTH 6:45 P.M. O NEWS FOR THE DEAF 7:00 P.M. O LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE Pa and Mr. Edwards make a cjesper- ale race to catch up with a caboose that has been released accidentally by Mary, Laura and Carl, who are trapped inside. (1 hr.) O WHAT'S COOKING? LeDeva Davis prepares lour deliciously different breaMasI menus. O OLYMPICS Today's scheduled events include men's figure skating, women's ligu/e skating, women's slalom, men's 5OOO m. speed skating, ice hockey and !ho men's 4x10 km. cross country relay. (3 hrs.) S HEWS PEANUTS SPECIAL "Be My Valenline. Charlie Brown." animated holiday special, is rchroad- casr. 7:30 P.M. § EVENING WITH AGRONSKY NEWS PROFILE MOWGLI'S BROTHERS Animated special based on Rudyard Kipling's classic children's talo ot Iho "man cub" who grow up among the animals of Ihc Indian junolc Roddy McDowall narrates. I 8:00 P.M. O CHICO AND THE MAN Jose Feliclano plays Chico's cousin, a famous singer, who comes between Chico and his girlfriend. Jeannis Linero also guests. O IMAGES OF AGING "What Are Old People For?" looks at the elderly as seen by sociely CD COLLEGE BASKETBALL Notre Dame is host to Villanova, (2 hrs.) CO CANNON A racketeer hires Cannon to hunt down the would-be assassin ol his wife. Robert Loggia. David Qpntoshu, Madtyn Rhue, Hari Rhodes and Chartes Knox Robinson guest, (1 hr.) CD CANNON BATTUES UNDERWORLD FEUD!! Advertisement 8:30 P.M. O THE DUMPLINGS Joe and Angela realize Ifiai a bollle of wine lelt to them in a will is very special \vhen two men make frantic efforts to gel it away from them. 9:00 P.M. O PETROCELLI A Iralernity-prank kidnapping suddenly becomes deadly realistic. Denver Pyle. James Daughlan, David Huddleston and Suzanne Zenor guest (1 hr.) O PETROCELLI HUNTS DEADLY KIDNAPPERS! Advertisement 0 THEATER IN AMERICA "The Mound Builders." Lanford Wilson's drama about adullory and murder in the setting of an archaelogical dig ol ancient American Indian burial mounds. (90 mins.) CD THE BLUE KNIGHT Vhe sav.ige beating of an elderly gambler sets Bumper on Ihe (rail of a loan shark "enforcer" but his case disappears when Ihe terrified viclim won't testify. William Smiih and Rodolfo Hoyos Quest. {I hr.) CD THE BLUE KNIGHT -TVS NEW BIG HIT! Advertisement 10:00 P.M. O O CD NEWS CD BURNS AND ALLEN 10:30 P.M. O TONIGHT SHOW Roy Clark and Slim Pickens are scheduled to visit. (90 mins.) O MONTY PYTHON O THE F.B.I. CD THE UNTOUCHABLES CD MOVIE "Strange and Deadly Occurrences." I975 TV suspense flintier about a lamily that movos into a haunlod house, stars Roberl Stack and Vera Milos. 11:30 P.M. O MOVIE; NEWS All The Kind Strangers" stars Sa- manlha Eogar. Stacy Ke.tch and John Savage. Seven strange orphans wilh vicious dogs turn a remote farmhouse into a prison for unsuspecting travelers who will either become their parents or disappear permanenlly. CD BONANZA 12 MIDNIGHT O TOMORROW; NEWS Xavifira Hollander, author of "The Happy Hooker," is Ihe guest. 12:30 A.M. O PERRY MASON Thursday Morning 5:20 A.M. CD FARM AND RANCH 5:30 A.M. CD SUNRISE SEMESTER "Presidential Power and American Democracy." 5:50 A.M. O REPORTAJE DE NOTICIAS 6:00 A.M. O TODAY SHOW Oscar Brand sings songs about Abraham Lincoln; Candice Bergen oilers n photo essay on a street beggar; Darryl Pontcsan, aulhof ol "Tom Mix Died for Your Sins." (2 hrs.) CD CBS MORNING NEWS 6:30 A.M. O NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY 7:00 A.M. O GOOD MORNING, AMERICA News magazine. (2 hrs.) CD CAPTAIN KANGAROO 8:00 A.M. O DATING GAME CD PRICE IS RIGHT 8:30 A.M. O LUCY SHOW 9:00 A.M. O WHEEL OF FORTUNE O EDGE OF NIGHT CD TUCSON TODAY 9:30 A.M. O HOLLYWOOD SQUARES O LOWELL THOMAS REMEMBERS O HAPPY DAYS CD LOVE OF LIFE 10:00 A.M. O MAGNIFICENT MARBLE MACHINE O SESAME STREET O LETS MAKE A DEAL CD YOUNG AND RESTLESS 10:30 A.M. O TAKE MY ADVICE Alana and George Hamilton; Patti and Gavin MacLeod are Ihe guests O ALL MY CHILDREN CD SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 11 .-00A.M. § CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES ELECTRIC COMPANY O RYAN'S HOPE CD LAW AND MR. JONES CD NEWS 11:30 A.M. O HIGH ROLLERS 0 GETTIN' OVER O RHYME AND REASON (D NEWS CD AS THE WORLD TURNS Thursday Afternoon 12 NOON O MARY HARTMAN O MISTER ROGERS B 520,000 PYRAMID 700 CLUB 12:30 P.M. B THE DOCTORS YOGA O THE NEIGHBORS CD GUIDING LIGHT 1:00 P.M. O ANOTHER WORLD O GENERAL HOSPITAL CD ALL IN THE FAMILY 1:30 P.M. O ONE LIFE TO LIVE CD MANNA CD MATCH GAME 2.-OOP.M. OSOMERSET O MOVIE "The' Spoilers." 1942 version of famous Yukon tale, stars Marlene Dietricli, Randolph Scott and John Wayne. Graham Kerr follows with cooking lips. (2 hrs.) CD FATHER KNOWS BEST CD TATTIETALES 2:30 P.M. O DAYS OF OUR LIVES (D ROOM 222 CD IRONSIDE 3:OO P.M. (D LASSIE 3:30 P.M. O MERV GRIFFIN SHOW CD I LOVE LUCY CD DINAH! 4:00 P.M. 8 MISTER ROGERS SGT. BILKO CD LITTLE RASCALS 4:30 P.M. 8 SESAME STREET ABC NEWS O ADDAMS FAMILY 5:00 P.M. O 1 CD NEWS CD BEWITCHED . 5:30 P.M. § NBC NEWS ELECTRIC COMPANY 8 HOGAN'S HEROES PARTRIDGE FAMILY CD CBS NEWS the local sponsoring group, consists of nine women who work in radio, TV, journalism and film. The Tucson group exchanges tapes with New York and Los Angeles on a bimonthly basis. Its aim is to learn new media skills and to communicate with other women's communities. The members are currently working on a one-hour documentary on women in the arts in Tucson. Admission to the women's film festival will be $2, with 90 per cent going to the makers of the six films and 10 per cent to Tucson Feminists in Media. ' The six films to be shown are: "And Then There Were . . . . " a three minute animated film that won the Prix du Film d'Animation at the 26th I n t e r n a t i o n a l Festival of Amateur Films at Cannes, France; "Dyketactics," a 1974 lesbian commercial made by San Francisco's Barbara Hammer; "Like a Rose," a study of women in prison; "Fear," a study of rape; "A Foot in the Clouds," women's reaction to an exotic artist in a small town; "The Emerging Woman," a history of women in the United States. Tucson,, Green Valley Singer to appear in two concerts Frances Yeend, a leading lyric soprano, will appear in concert in Tucson tomorrow, and the following night at Green Valley under the auspices of the Southwest Pianists Foundation. A native of Vancouver, f Wash., Miss Yeend has ap- ' peared in opera, oratorio and recitals in the Americas, Europe and Africa. As a member of the New York City Opera she made her debut in "La Traviata" in 1948 and joined the Metropolitan Opera in 1961, debuting in Strauss' "Eiektra." She sang the American premiere of Benjamin Britten's "Peter Grimes" at the Berkshire Festival with Leonard Bernstein conducting. Other opera companies she has appeared with include the Vienna State, London's Covent Garden and Munich. Frances Yeend Soprano Since 1966 she has been professor of music and artist in residence at West Virginia University and she is a member of the faculty at the Chau- tauque Institution, Chautauqua, N.Y. For her Tucson concert, Miss Yeend has selected works by Wagner, Schubert, Richard Strauss, Debussy, Ravel, Bizet, Falla, Verdi, Obradors, Turina, Barber, Sydney King Russell, Charles Naginski and Jeanne Boyd. The concert will start at 8 p.m. in Crowder Hall, University of Arizona music building, Olive Road at Speedway Boulevard. Tickets, priced at $5, will be sold at the door or may be reserved in advance by calling Mrs. Dorothy Moreton at 327-S921. The Green Valley concert will be at 8 p.m., Friday in the Green Valley Community Church. Movie Schedule APACHE Theater I: "Aloha, Bobbv and Rose" (PG) -- 7. 10:2); "While Line Fever" , Tneater 2: "Coverglrl Models" (R) -- "Air- BUENA VISTA 1 "The Hlndenburg" IPO) --7-55- port-75" (PG)--6:15,10:10. BUENA VISTA 2 _'jThe Man who Would Be Kino" |PG) CACTUS 'The Lite and Times of Grizzly Adams ' {G) -- 7, 10:29; "Mysterious CATAL1NA "The Adventures ol Sherlock Holmes ana His Smarter Brolhor" (PG) -- 7: IS. CINE AZTECA "Calinuln Inspector" -- 6:15, 10:02; "Rio Salvale" --8:05. CINEWORLD4 CINEMAS Theater I: "Sunshine Bovs" (PG) -8:33; "Smile" (PG)--6:30, 10-29 Theater 2: "Lies Mv Father Told Me" Mountain" 3 ' : '"'"'-- -e » Sla ° °' lh S Theater 4: "Killer Force" (R) -- 8 20.- House of 1.000 Pleasures" (R) -- 6:40, CORONADO Dog Day Alternoon" (R) -- 7-10. 9-30 EL DORADO 1 Barrv Lyndon" (PG) -- 5, 8-15 EL DORADO1 "Luckv Lady" (R)--7:05, 9:15. LA PLACITA Theater 1: "The Olher Side of the Mountain" (PG) -- 8:15; "Bans the DrumSlowlv" (PG)--6:30. 10:10. Theater 2: "The Sunshine Bovs" IPG) -- 6:15; "Where Does It Hurl?" (R) -6:30. 10:20. ThealerJ: "Huslle" (R) --8:20; "Chi- nalovm" (R) --a, TO'30 MIDWAY "Don Dav Afternoon" (R) -- 7, 1V20; "Drowning Pool" (PG)--9:32. · MIRACLE "House ol 1,000 Pleasures" (R) -- 7, 10:30; "Ccnlerlold Gins" (R) -- 8:50. NEW LOFT "The Ruling Class" (PG) --6, 8:45. PARK MALL Theater I; "Hester Sfreet" (PG) -6:15,7:50,9:30. Theater 2: "If You Oon'l Stop It, You'll GO Blind" ( R ) -- 7, 8:30, 10 Theater 3: "Jaws" (PG)-- 7:30, 9:«. Theater 4: "Shamooo" (R) -- 7, 10. PRINCE "Gone wllh Ihe Wesl" (R) _ 7, 10 18- "Basselt Brothers" (PG) --8:53. RODEO SHOWCASE CINEMA) "Swept Awav" ( R ) -- 7:15, 9:15. SHOWCASE CINEMA 2 "EmmantwlJe -- The Jovs of a Woman" ( X ) -- 7:-15, 9:45. TUCSON 4 Theater 1: "The Olher Side of the Mountain" (PG) -- 7, 10'30; "Bang Ihe i Drum Sfowlv" (PG) -- B:50. Theater T. "Mahoganv" (PG) -- 7, \\* "Once 1$ Not Enough" (R ) -- 9. Theater 3: "The Sunshine Boys" (PG) -- ?:»a 10:45; "Where Does It Hurt?" Theater 4: "They Found Atlantis" (G) -- l, 10:15; "The Neptune Factor" (PG) 22ND STREET ^Hustle" (R) --7, l|; "Framed" (R) The ratino guide below is used in reference to fne code svmbols used (n Tucson theater adverlisements. II is \n confer mltv with the Motion Piclure Code of Self Regulation. Ratings apolv to pictures released alter Nov. t, 1968 G -- General audience. NR --Not rated. PG -- Parental guidance sugoested R -- Restricted (Ihose under 17 not admlned unleis accompanied by parent or adult ouardian,) X -- No one under 17 admitted, [Radio Information in these list-, ings is provided by Ihe television networks and local stations. This newspaper assumes no responsibility for errors caused by late changes in scheduling. Tucson Network Stations KCEE (790) -- (NBC) Popular, standard and classical music 24 hours. KHOS (940) -- (ABC Entertainment) -- Modern country music 24 hours. KHYT (1330) -- (Mutual) Contemporary music. Sunrise to sunset daily. KIKX (580) -- (ABC Contemporary).. Progressive Rock music 24 hours. KOPO (1450) -- (CBS) Adult and pop music. Tuesday through Sunday, 24 hours; Monday, 5 a.m. to 12 midnight KTKT (990) -- (UPI) Top 40 Music. 24 hours. KTUC (1400) -- (ABC Information) News and information programs. Tucson Daily Citizen News, 10 times daily. 20 hours. KUAT (1550) -- (NPR) Educational, cultural and public affairs programs; jazz and classical music. Sunrise to sunset. KUAT-FM (90.5) - (NPR),Classical music, news and public affairs. 6a.m. to midnight. KWFM-FM (92.9) -- (ABC-FM) Multiplex stereo. Adult contemporary music, special features. 24 hours. Tucson Independent Stations KAIR-FM (95) --Stereo beautiful music, 24 hours. KA1R (1490) -- Contemporary good music. 24 hours. KCEE-FM (96.1) -- Multiplex stereo. Adult music. 24 hours. KCUB (1290) -- Modern country music. 24 hours. KEVT (Me) -- Spanish language, Latin music. Sunrise to sunset. KFMM-FM (99.5) -- Religious programs. 6 a.m.-l a.m. daily. KXEW-FM (93.7) -- Stereo Spanish language program. KXEW (1600) a Spanish language, Latin music 6 a.m. to sunset. WISCONSIN NATURAL GOURMET CHEESE 4 Bficki 8. I Round *9.95 mee DELIVERY IN TUCSON Miller'i GiNn PH. 327-2923 STORES OFFICES FOR LEASE HIBTOWN SMOmNfi CENTER 4500 B1K. E. BROADWAr SfM«r lrM*»ty D**. C*. 535 E. fcoWwiy · 326-J4H Homemade Enchiladas Why not tonight! Nothing lo it. Becausr the snrrel ingredient, the S.-IMCU, is made- for yon by I.a Victoria. New MIL!) or m-w'llOT A 10-of. ran is ail you nniul for a dozen grcal enchiladas. K i t c h u n - t c s t e d recipe on I lit; label. Also gel a dozen Corn Tortillas, Vs pound of Cheddar or Jack Cheese. can of Pilled Ripe Olives anil 2 m e d i u m size onions. Easy, economical anil delicious. "Food secrets of Mexico" WE BUY OLD COINS 820 ;»iii (;!,, Uncirculated Silver Ciiitm Of Face Silver Dollcin. Average Circulated W«« I'ny '190'"' 250% BID BOARD COIN AUCTION EVERY SATURDAY 2:30 GLASS SHOPPE COINS 4325 E. BROADWAY Tel. 793-88 11 Your Guide to WINTER FUN in Arizona AMBERIAN POINT LODGE Luxury rooms · Hotna Cooked Food ELECTRIC HUT · PRIVATE BATHS All under one roof 1noox Recreolionol Roam Hunring-Fnhirvg-Hiting Reiv. Phone 1-735-7503 Box 135T, Greer, B5927 PINETOP/LAKESIOE PINECREST RESORT Phone 1-336-452] · Housekeeping Cottages · Fireplaces TV Bo« 307-T, Pinetop, Ariiona 85935 MURPHY'S CABINS FIREPLACES · TV ACCOMMODATE TO 8 Phone 1-336-2332 "New Owneri" Earl B«tty B«Kh Bo» 117, Pine top. Mi. 65935 _ PACK 27 ROSETENNANT.M.D. announces ihi; opening of an office for the pructici; of INTEGRATIVli MEDICINE l i m i t e d to Gnneral Counseling, Hypnosis, nncl Biofeodfoiick 704 N. Country Club Road Tucson, Arizona 85716 Office: 327-2742 Rosidena:: 800-9817 By A p p o i n t m e n t Only Let us do your taxes. You can count on our tax preparers to do it right. No appointment needed. 3601 E. Broadway -- El Con Center Call 327-7392 Charge it with CKarg-all H O V\T HOME OWNKH'S WAY, ,,, Do-it-yourself »CHOO for Homeowners IA real chance to learn...step by |step...how to do your own jhome repairs and improvements^ Iciasses open tor men and women. Special ·discount for husbands and wives. Family Iplan--30% off for second member. Learn HOW to ·do it all. Plumbing . . . Electrical wiring . .. Wall · construction and finishing. From minor repairs Ito remodeling. [here's what you get FOR ONLY Eight 2 hour weekly classes · Your own ra · illustrated HOW manual · All classroom materials Bare provided · Open question and answer periods leach week · Advice on individual projects or I problem areas .· Step by step instruction by experts (There's no other course like i t . . . 1 Enroll early...Class sizes are limited ISAVE $5 -- ENROLL BY SUNDAY, FEB 15TH 95 EARLY ENROLLMENTd T \ BANKAMERICARtil LAZY OAKS RESORT ON RAINBOW LAKE Modtm, Spocio.il 1 1 2 ScA- loom Djiiie Houitkeepirg Cabin. Fully equFpwl, Fire- ptaeei. Accommodate large r group!. Speciol Ski Rotei. PST 1 JIM MECET R1. IBoi 1215 . Ph. I-336-J203 CLASSES WOOD ^ master charge ] HELD AT 7501 E. 22ND ST. ONLY START WEEK OF FEB. 24TH ENROLL AT EITHER YARD 7501 E. 22ND ST. MON-FRI 8AM-8PM LUMBER [ HOMC IMPROVEMENT CIMTEIS ' SATURDAY 8-5 SUNDAY 10-5 2750 S. 4TH AVE. MON-THUR 8-5:30 FRI 8AM-8PM WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY ONE WEEK ONLY 50% on your favorite designer wigs Even though we can't mention the name ... we can boast about the designer being the best in the country! Really! So don't hesitate a minute to cash-in on these terrific savings, Many styles in beautiful natural colors . . . all of 1OO% modacrylic fiber. Besides styles shown here, save on Fancy Free, and Temptation reg. $37, now 18.5O. Sorry, no mail or phone orders accepted. Hats and Hair. 8OO, Reg. $27 Petite Plus, J3.5O Reg. S3O Daisy, 15.OO ^BROADWAY

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