Independent from Long Beach, California on February 3, 1960 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1960
Page 21
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VI-- INDEPENDENT, ' »-·"· ·«·* «·"'·· »·*·· «D. '· " lmpl.Ag'clti(WMB.) 23 Empl. Ag'clts (Worn.) 2 i EMPLOYME we Consult These NT AGENCIES /Nibi^ Placement Experts FLO SAYS . . . . If your job isn't here . . . We have lots more. COMPANY PAYS FEE. CAREER SINGLE WOMAN, loti of travel with office in L.A. Smart grooming io meat people. A - i lacre- t,nal ililli to $500 ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY, no S/H on thii lecretarial job. Just Dictaph. tyoiif and moot th« salesmen st. $330 BE IN THE KNOW, key secretary and personnel. Lile worttng and talking with people st. $394 WORK IN BEAUTIFUL OFFICE, for young Long BoacS executive who needs sharp po icy writer typist st. $260 CO. WILL TEACH ofc. machines, for sharp elec. typist st. $294 RECEPTIONIST, mector and greater. Cordless PBX IBM billing $275 TYPE, TYPE, TYPE. Co. needs seven, 50 wpm olec. typists, public Iransp. to door ,, $280 FEE RECEPTIONIST, g r e e t the cus, type i file $260 KNOW 1 PHASE on Comptometer and this Compton Co. will hire st. $70 wlc. PARTIAL LISTING FLO BAILEY AGENCIES 141 W. COMPTON BLVD., COMPTON NEwmart 5-8038-- NEvada 6 - 3 3 7 2 8 7 3 1 E. FIRESTONE BLVD., DOWNEY TOpai 1-9281-- SPruce 3-3901 1217 S. HAWTHORNE BLVD., HAWTHORNE ORegon 8-6123-- OSborne 9-3615 · Offices Open 9 to 12 Noon Saturday \* * ALCO FRANKIE-BARNHILL'S Employment Agenrv 211? L. B. Blvd. GA 7-7415 OPEN UNTIL 7 P. M. BY APPOINTMENT Steno, s/H W, type 50. local S3CO File elk., type, PX relief, car 5270 Secv. lo assl. comptroller, work wilh figures, car lo $350 NCR 3100, bookkeeper, local ,, _ $85 wk. Msdkal insurance girl.expd. asst. lo doctor, will train to 1300 Tvplsl, personnel «xp., sharp, local _ S?95 Tvplst, general office, some A / R A/P . to 5275 ONLY PARTIAL LISTING GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 19 Pine Room 914 ML 7-0501 COMPANY PAYS FEE IBM tvpht, 19-?5. alert, neat, perm., nice ofc., L.B $260 Secy.. 25-40, local, car 5350 APPLICANT PAYS FEE Porsonnel Clk., typo 45, L.B., $295 IBM tVDlst. gen. ofc., 2 vrj. exp., Od. CO., NL8 5290 Credit elk. typist, 23-30 .5225 RCCCPI., II. type. 22-30, NLB. 52)7 Typist, G. ofc., PBX rll., u/30 5274 General Clk., type 40, alert, perm. 22-35, L.B. . . . . .5?Jfl Order CIK., like figures, u/30 5250 Acctg. clerk. 30-40, L.B 5275 Sharp Steno, 20-30, L.B 5330 MEDICAL Med. Ajstnt., od. exp., L.B. . 5300 Dental Asstnt., gen. ofc., 21-35, pref. previous exp., dnln. lo $350 + Front ofc. aiit. dr $225 up Indus. R.N., 27-45, L.B., car S350-I- STERLINGWOOD AGENCY Qualify Costs No More THESE ARE FREE FOR SKILLED GAL Fridnv, bkkpno. cxcer. WSO SECRETARY, olllce manager 5375 STENO. lob open now .._ 5350 SECRETARY In advertlslno He S/H S3K AP frlmdlv oroun "25 CO, enthusiasm charm . .. 1300 FEE FOR OPPORTUNITY STENO, COL benellls J369 A/R trainee, sharp oa! 5303 Sterlingwood Agency 763? E. FIRESTONE, DOWNEY TO 7-0904 FREY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 7317 Atlantic GA 4-0971 Close out desk* comptometer e*p. helpful S??S us Typist, loc., pricing billing 1300 CO. PAYS FEE ON THESE Stcv. lo Comptroller, top \ocre- tnrlal skill* . . . 5395-5415 OFFICE HOURS ? lo 12 2 to 4 Vogue Agency 4240 Atalntlc GA 7-4277 Clerk-tvplsts _ S225-5250 Exec. Secretaries ..._ 5325-WOO Models, full or prt. time _. Open V O N EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Reg. x-ray lech, local . W07 up S375A Allanllc GA 3-W05 Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 Experienced LAUNDRY Marker and Distributor APPLY IN PERSON Foasberg Landry 3337 E. BROADWAY OPERATORS Wanted, operators on Better dresses. MUST be experienced. Frfli coffee, transportation can tx arranged. Good pay, steady tmplovment. 11594 Atlantic, Lynwood Reg. Nurses 3.11-FuU Time Medieal-Suroical Woodruff Community 3BOO V.'oodrulf HA 1-82J1 BOOKKEEPER F/C 3 olrl olfice, wholesale [obbcr In Bell; best lob listed inv where- about 5400; Employer Pays Fee. Beneficial Employment Agency IP Pine Ave. ROOM 208 CLERK TYPIST Auto Insurance experience Preferred but not essential. Coasf Finance Corp. ?n T:. 4ih It., Long Bc.ich RNs-- Calif. Eligiblo" Part lime. Hours 7 to 3. PARK HOSPITAL 4201 E. 10th GE 9 2109 HOBBY-TIME PARTY ctemonilra- lors. Unlimited earnings f l e x i b l e hrj. No delivery or collect mo HA 9 5 7 7 4 or HA 94232 E X P E R I E N C E D BOOKKEEPER who can also prepare income T a n returns. Temporary work, Mrs. Kino, GA 4-5832. WOMEN 10- in flood health, aoe 18 Nurses Plarerrent, Cl 22'GA 2-0303 tAOlES, PART TIME, SECURING ORDERS. No exp, necessary. Call after 3 p.m. GA 2-2475. FRY COOK A.ioiy 1 " ~~i p m RAY'S RANGE?. 1190 1. CARSON LADY lor cri [l~c«r e . j-dnv wfek", _ Mon. thru f rr GE 3 Cj£8 P R A C T I C A L NUfte IHKlT' ilvf ".n" ^_5100_v. !h l,,, K .-n. C-! S MS B A f t V A i D w.lnfef.'. i;nd'fr"lO AnDiv WIN Hw«. Fll.d. Bflnto*pr. COCKTAIL" .VAITRFSV Vivo. a'ir.Klivt. i:« f: 0(C,in. P A R T or !|.1.tirVi«l«j«minr«f. cf^flc* P ov ut i.7;; J~Mi"«Sf PRESS CP,rs:or~i-»ofr" 5!1« c, Oak, RelifkMtr. CALDWELL PERSONNEL AGENCY 19 Pine Suite 312 HE 2-S45 Secy: gd. skills, Irn. legal . S3CO F'.'C Bkor. to T/B, car S433 TVDC, statistical, local _ ..5300 Sccv. u/30. gd skills, poise 5275 up Escrow elk., exp., tvp» 50 . S300 Sales promotion, 30-40, car MOO -Spcv., business bKgd J390 uo G'O, varied work S533 Secy., to controller, car 5350 MEDICAL DEPT. RN or LVN, olc. Lvnwood to S350 Exod. Maid for hosp S205 Adm.lg. lype, PBX, 3-11 . S252 GT'O med. group, local ... st. S750 Asst., min. type, prt. time Sl?5 Asst. emerg. clinic, Compl, S550 Nurses Aides, all shifts SJ30 Of... tijfic, t y p e SO si. SJGO LVN, current Catlf. lie. S2M Reco. Know Ins. S. Pedro S?50 uo Med. Asst. expd., give shols S350 One girl ofc., med. exp.... st. S25I X-Rav S, lab. tech. S350 LOUISE KRUEGER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 215 L. B. BLVD. HE 2-7981 5478 ATLANTIC GA 3 - 8 4 3 1 SALES PROMOTION GIRL-- Must be well groomed -Xlnt education. Ao«? 30 to -JO; car necessary. Wonderful oootv. for the rite girl and must be free to travel. S4DO + gasoline -- any necessarv expenses. Clerk-typist, 2nd shift, car. Type 45 worn 52/5 + nlte bonus Jr. slcno, Torrdnce area S31A Mod. Asst., recent., yno.. loc. S27S Intermediate tvnist, local $?95 Sham girl w/salcs bkod., v;;il train for Classified Adi. No typing nee., local S200 + * This is only a oarllal list o our good dallv positions. We have ? offlcci to betfcr serve vou. Our N.L.B. office is onen Saf BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE AVE. ROOM 208 GIRL ^RIDAY _ JJOQ MEDICA'L SECRETARY TOP Tor Eye Doctor STENO. S L _....S3M Kscrnw Bncxground BANK T Y P I S T DOE Note Oept. CLERK T Y P I S T DOE For Insurance Co. CASHIER f, G/Q S270 + Loan Co. BOOKKliLPER . . 5375 Auto Dealer exoer. SERVICE CASHIER S275 Auto Dealer exper S E C R E T A R Y + S325 Statistical Tvolng STENOGRAPHER + S300 All-around Genl. Otc. CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 205 E. fldwy. Rm. 505 HE 6-6271 Secy. In sales, new firm 5375, G ' O , c!;j;.in( cfc. ..??:-; Sleno., physical cduc. 5310 Rkor. trne., bank, lyoe . 5250-*- Bluc print exn.. It. type S260 G'O, typist, credit exp. S72S-*- Clk., acctg. dcpt. 10 Key ,...$294 MEDICAL DEPT. Asst., Uo/Xray CXD. pref. S250 UP LVN, (?) 3-11 11-7 ....... to $255 Aides, 3-11, local, exn. 5330 Unllc. lab/Xray tech, ofc local S350 Recept., med. ins.. Lkwd. S250 CANNON'S AGENCY Clerk typist, tree . S325 PBX teletype, fee 5300 Factory trrtlnee, fee $1.35 h.r 8721 Firestone, Downey TO 2-1B16 A207 Pacific, Hunt. Pk. LU 2-8231 PERSONNEL Lmplovment Agencies OLDEST IN TOV^N Choire of new lobs daily 4802 E. 2nd 414 Kress flldg. Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 Experienced Dry Cleaning Marker, Assembler and Repair APPLY IN PERSON FOASBERG LAUNDRY 3337 E. BROADWAY SECRETARY to plant Mgr. Gri EXECUTIVE SECT'Y Io Mgr Good secretarial skills 5425 LAvcfTv.'OOD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 4U3 Norse Way HA 9-S935 $23 WEEKLY in snare time for wearing lovely dresses suonhed to vcu hv us. Fricnd-to-li icnij F,is!i- Ion Plan requires no exoeriprire, canvassing or investment. Pleasant wav to add to regular income or household allowance. Fashion Frocki, Depf. D-3652, Gncinnali 2, Ohio. WORK 2'/2 HOURS A.M., 2V; firs. P.M. XLNT earning opportunity. Avon Mgr. will call at your home. No obigatton. Get information today. GA 7-0019 E*. 76. ATTENTION HOUSEWIVES "Cu"- vour Chmtmns bills tlucs " New Idea-- slart ihe now year o f f noht. Lves. B-ll p m. Aver. S45 or more daily, car ph. esscnhal. UN 8-4592 W A i T R L S S r s . Many"iobi, looil a"nd ncarbv towns . . Ton Pay FPV COOKS StO to $75 wk No deposits. Fee. 15"» ol 1st Mo GWiNH'S Empiovment Agen'v 316 Eirn, Long Beach HL' 7-7HHS WOMEN-- ALL" "AGES Needed for Preferred Jobs GRADUATE PRACTICAL NURSES B'ief Training Qualifies You Career Training Institute 3'8 E. 1st Cl. 2? HE 5-0105 GIRLS No txper. necessary. Part lime work. 70 hrs. week. $100 weak . p TM i5 E*--Afs:;;, n- '·" oaiiv RECEPTIONIST Doctor's office. Experienced onlv _Wiimmo1on area TE 5-6611. BEAUTY "COLLfcGE INS'f RutVOR Ti*esdav ihru Saturday (UROOR Rr.MJTY COLLFOf 465 VJ 7ln. San F'edro TF 7-li04 · HOUSf K F r P S R ' f o r V a r e " o * ~ C ^ ' C ' ly c.ouo'f Live in. 6 rt-ivs f. 7 niflh " . * · « v-fc. or ? - 7 - j EXP. dining room f, cocktail' wa-t- ' rcss. C'uh Norman, 10327 L B _B)vd.. Lvnwood. nftfr 2 p.m. ' BABY sitter. Ltv* in:""a childrVn". HA 1-7E37 | Ht Ip Wanted (Worn.) 2' Electronic Assemblers · Developmenta · Experimental · Prototype Top electronic assemblers capable of fabrication and'or assembly o comoiex electronic products. Mus be capable of working from en glneenng prints in wiring from schematic diagrams. Must have thoro knowledge of electronic comoonents, symbols and color code. V? Rvan Is loca'ed awav from pialor t r a f f i c congesllon, only 2 miles from the Pacific Coast, vet still less than 35 minutes from downtown Los Angeles tnd surrounding areas. INTERVIEWS Monday Thru Saturday RYAN ELECTRONICS Division of RYAN AERONAUTICAL CO. 2750 W. LOMITA BLVD. Befween Crenshaw Hawthorne Bl. TORRANCE DAvenport 6-9523 y NURSES (Registered In California) Tor Graduate Hui se positions at Rancho Los Amigos Hosoital near Downcv. Sal. S37S to begin. ADD v Personnel Office, SPruce 3-4331 or TOoat 9-0321. CAR HOPS WAITRESSES APPLY III PERSON OSCAR'S DRIVE-IN 4 1 2 1 WOODRUFF LAKEWOOD BREWERS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY REGISTER WITH US NOV/I OFFICE PERSONNEL --NURSES-- COMPANION-HOUSEKttPERS 71JO Cherry GE .1.7538: GE 3-6331 CLERK-TYPIST loV purchasing Ucpt S300 T Y P I S T . CALCULATOR OPR. SlftliLhcdl lYDjng S3J[ LAKEWOOD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY I« Narse w j y HA v-5935 LflKewood Blvd., Carscn SI. Dug. Placement Interviewer Will train comnctcnl. sl.iljle woman lor personnel counselor. Should have pleasing personality experience in commercial personnel or employment agency. Call Mr Dane. CALWELL PERSONNEL AGENCY. 19 HE 2-8JOI. GOOD HUMOR NOW HIRING WOMEN Top Sdles Roules-- 8 Hr. Ddy Guar.-- Bonus-- Beneti II 1601 W. 15th St., L. B. PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL BUREAU (Divli'on ol) I'Ror-rssiONAL NURSES BUREAU, INC. (Agency) MS9 Faculty Ave.. Lkwd. ME 3-0731 NEIVflda 6-5120 RN - 3-11 shill S360 Undergr.irts S'i55 F-rs~C-H-"E~R~ (rMPLOYMrfNT AGENCY STTNO-- W.ccl public., Pcd'ro' SJOO US Pino Room 603 ML 7-i9?7 BOOKKrEPER~Sni«iir~oflicc" to Trial Dal. to ^S CLFRK T Y P I S T (3J " ' lo S^OO S E C R E T A R Y , exnd to SJOO NaMcv Employment Agencv CT ' : SC "" ; LU ..Sri'" 1 "'" P ^ Wlbow 6.-, to 70-- Take full charge live m niodcrr. J-rm. home Pnv. rm. TV, phone, auto, washer. Mim be oood Dliiin cook. Gd. refs. widower living alorc s?s V/K. !o s t ^ r t . Box T-27S6, 1., P. t . 51ENO. IcanN downtown to S350 ST6NO, varied dulies, dntown (o $325 ACCTG. Clerk, use Comnl S300 LONG BEACH Employment Agcv. 115 Pine Suite 220 HE 5-1029 cLERK-tvDist ::::;;:::: s.i is DOMESTIC-- live in SliO COWPTON EmDlovment"Aoencv 719 S. Long Beach Blvd. NT 1-1173 PART'TIME'HOSTESS" Aoe ?1 to 40. J-lir. d.w minimum. /Wondavs ofl. SI. SO hr. Apply in person, 910 E. Willow. MIUULL-AGF.) Indy. lite housc- keoDlno and romo^nion for con- vrtlescino iddy. wnile husband w o r k s . Board rm. -f- *I5 wV. PREPARE NOW! For your future career as a nurse G A Y L O R D S Y S T E M of NURSING LADltS under 25. f r e e to travel. Trdnbp. turn. Immcd. drawing flcrt. S100 mo. sl.iit. No exoor nee. AUs. Stntnr. Srhuvier Hotel, 9 to l n.m. Tnurs. onlv. NURSES f. AIDES A\ed., Surg. O.R. All shifts Kdtella Community Hosoltal Sianlon. Calif TW 3-5051 Ben-/ wcsten. Director of Nurses POSITIONS ooen (or nurses. Aoc Jo JO vrs. MuM have knowledge of druos other nursmo routines. Call Mr. Rehnidn, TE 5-6611, 10 a. m.-4 D. m. NURSE Gr^dudfe P. unc.'ciar,idu,itc for office of tA.D on \Veit Side. Call afler i. GA -1-917S REGISTERElTNURSE" To work m Doctor's of dee In Lvnwood. For aoot. r.ill NT 6-34J4 WOMEN-- Hdve vou tfiought of an AIRLINE CARFFR? Sec our ad under Class. 22, Education-lnstruc- BOOKKEEPER, Went. St.ife AOC, fiKDor., sill, exocctcd Give r c f s A tcic numbei. Wntc Box A-2538, | _c o Irfl.-P-T. VO.V-C N aT'Girli- Work~eve~~~hr',~. I ro:i- cur o f f . ^ e securing orders on ononc. No f 10 Snidiv U.'J i T L I ! VVANfED-FuH 6r~ Part Time ; TUI'PfcRWARL Orn'or.str.ilni C.i'f Your IOC-T Ai»!Hon:cd DistnhiiJor i _ f o r ARpointnient. W E f c a l l 039J?. S A L E S L A D Y W A N T t D:'" InJrieitino work m g-nv/mo connonv 51 lo 51 10 pc- hr. C.ill A'.r. V.'ii:-,anib. Mh Q-6744. A".ANAGFMfc'NT~b~PpbRTUf77TY" w.lh Curn^ ,K (0 nbTi.v ' t o n cont-, v/.iitien. immert opening. 4500 Los Covotes. GE'3-9071. cflre for 7 children, w.ri occcot woman wilh l ch'ld. Smjli salary ' HA .-an-i ^OUs'EKEEPER-For voun^ COUD'C Nnoles nrff. \'.'''.c In wheel chair' Lwe in, 1150 mo. Gencr,oui time' _o f. Under agti 40. Of. t-1744 \RT ST~ncp"d{ MODELS. Aon 7 v~Mr. Ke:th Hunter. Ch,inrtpher Rcitau- rnnt. t?Q\ A'l.intic Avp. ' U O T H J R'S he^nc-, |.vc',n.~*.i»cUn"f ' m \''"r or h ol sr.lool O'H HA PBX. tvm-.f, vna ' ' c^l r- C rioov.'-r.7;,cr. r ^ C R j!00 '4Yl..n Domt.iv St.r'.no A-j^ry Hf! U-',? v 7, 7 R E ' i ! ' D '"' v ifl ' : - ("nor.c.iccd. fill L .B. B'vff. '·i- M/; P( P',0?iN(.L AM ·;( ." _?!«. :.. IW ST. Hf. 7 2 1 * D A Y T R V C00\. ' " ? V. 1 O C f . A N i 9 Htlp Wonted (W«w.) 2 I ]S \S HARBOR Ml ?V WI 85J, MENT AG fiB C Jl» 0/0 Clerk, to 25. Myjt bt deDendebte. Local . ., . $w Sleno to 30. Good slat, typist, It, S/H .... it. J28 V SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5070 .f^callv, Lskewood (Across Iron) NBW Safeway) MEt 3-SN7, H[£v 6-1434 Tvplil-bllltr, gd. w/llBures, loca PX relief, agg IJ.25, iharo St. 140 wk Trainee. Hie shlhdnd, local, age 18-22, 5 davs . SI. S2!S GIRL 18-26 Gen. office work with varied duties. No exper. rcou'rcd, bui must be good tvolst. 5-dnv week with oood starting salary. Posillon perm. Many emcloyee beneHts. DIAL FINANCE CO. Room 401 Kress Bldg , L. B $35 FULL FEE Factory girls $1.60 hr. (« trainees) 12 EMPLOYERS AGENCY 1507 E. Alondra at L. B. Blvd. COMPTON MANAGER A\en's Wear, local store. Give ex- Der., age refs. Sal. comm. or will sell Int (o Qualified p a r t y Write Box R-21V/, Ind.. P-T. EXPERIENCED laundromat lady Write Box No. N-56dd, Indea , P-T. State floe Qualifications. Help Wanted (Men") ~26 MANAGER TRAINEE Due !a our enpanslon program. v/e will select four men who would like *o make their future in the Retail Store A^nagernent field. V/e offer a thorough training course which Includes In Ihe store i classroom training periods. In addition to an excellent sal- arv while In training, our man- aoement employee benefits n- ^ PROFIT SHARING ^ RETIREMENT PLAN ^ GROUP INSURANCE [ f o r s e l f and family) Rclriil sales experience required, flge 22-36. All replies strictly con- f' send auallf (cations to Sterling Prusla, sales mgr., WESTERN AUTO P.O. BOX 5S3M, VERNON BRANCH L.A. 5S ASSEMBLY Mechanics (Wiremen) 1 mined! d Is openings in final niwnhlv. Must be able to read schematics and wiring diagrams, form and laca bun- riles of wire, ond layout work. Must hove own hand tools. Ploase Apply af Pervonnol Offics LEACH CORP. 15435 Susana Road Complon NE 6 106! MONTHLY DEBIT INSURANCE SALESMEN We arc pleased to say none of our RRST Y E A R men c.irned levs S7000 hist year. Unusual etiiu'ovce's (Ont-'dCt olus uood cdrrungs outs good ea-nmas in your pocket quiLklv. J80W S9000 end of ? ve/irv We DAV n teed salary tti^t Is substantial t. a liberal rommissian for Ihe sales vou make. In addition vou will lifcr vour monthly bonus. Send brief resume' to Aqcncv Manager, i.-o Boi No. A-5955, Ind., P-T. ^ IS HARBOR EMPLOYMENT AGENCY ORDCR Clk.. hydraulic exo. 5450 JR. Acct.. dcg. or exo. 5-150 V SALESMEN AND SALES TRAINEES Ditto Inc.'s new products have treated Ihe need for nddifiondl sa'esmcn. 21-30, college. Excellent future for men desiring management positions. GA 7-7496 WASHER REPAIR MAN MUST HAVE EXPtRlENCF. PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT. TOP WAGES. PAID VACATIONS. HILL'S APPLIANCES 5650 A T L A N T I C GA 3-2490 AUTO MECHANICS Need three experienced men. Sflliirv. We handle bolh fore^on and domeo'ic cars. See Jim Little DALE BROWN MOTORS 2J40 Long Beach Blvd. SALES OP'PORTUNITY Young hard working married man wilh car or station wagon to cover established t e r r i t o r y . Calling on hardware gilt stores. Salary p. commission Write giving resume o Inde., P-T, Box No. A-«l. 1 - vou know livestock, this Is lor you. New machine selling to farmers, ranchers, dairy cdllle men. Franchise territory all over Calrf. Ariz. Good comm. Wilfred Friedman Co.. 7731 Westminster Ave., Westminster. 1W 3-3969, 10-5 Wilh prospect to go on regular reiail roule. 95-35 vrs. Salary commission. S100 cash bond. MOUNTAIN VIEW DAIRIES 7?5 \V. Anaheim ACCOUNT AN 1 -- T O P PAY lor fax season. Man musl be caoiible, cx- ner., inc. t a x e s require nv'n. suoervision. Perm, opnort. pcs- sib'c. Applv Mac Frdnkel. LL. B., MEN under ?|, tree to travel. Trnnsp. furn. Immcd. drawing fleet, S'lOQ mo. slart. No cxner. nee. Mr. Slater, Schuvler Hole! 9 to 1 p m. Thurs. only. MAN to v/ofk wilh manaoer. T^ke ciders, deliver. Rawleigh foods, c t r . No Investment. Transportation furnished. j:o E. Anaheim hy TV TECHNICIAN Musl be gooo man-- for Inside S. outside work. Company estab. 18 vrs For app!. HE 6-3243. W A N T E D young aggressive man for sales of General T i r e s by area's oldest distributor. Salarv. comm. A bonus. Contact Leo Salisbury _ a t HE 6-9631. MEN to service "est"abTi"shed Watkms fits. No exp nee. Pay itarts im- mfd. S? S3 per hr 109S E. waidlow Rd. A.M/s onlv E L E C T R I C I A f J S Drescnfly engaged n cnniractmg. ODDortunitv to v/nrk wth eslablished contracling s-ryirr. VVntp Bfv A-1M Ind P.-T. POSITIONS oocn for m.He nurses Must h.we knowletfue of drugs 8, other nursing rnutinrs. Call Mr. Rc'.n.m. TE 56511, 10 ,1. m.-4 D.m. S3-SS PF : R HP. nro'tit^ tflfc'lni ord«r^ A de' vcrmo Hart-lngh soans. ctr No luvsMmen'. 3?0 Q. Anflhnm hc'firc 11 ^ -n. V.'ANTED P - i r t t . r r r w o r k e r s ,n r'rr- (··N.I. mc t r,.ii)ir.i ?L-,c.''!hlv. Skilled ' t d c l a r y prcdutlio'i r-ifn only /;r 3-?^;i SALFS.V.'ffN--Scil"' l.ind in CAlT ! S O P H I A C i T r . We ir.i.o for i Iconic, (ail HCLEN K O T A R S K I , , OV.'iNH'S Lniolovn-cnt Ag«ii'tv ' J16 Eim^ _ Fee I5 ;5 cf !-,: mo. j V A N T E D r»pcri"nre{l r t r u g ~ 7 n , i n ~ S-iMrv corn. Call T O r r e y 7-2793 ·iHer 1 D. r». MEED a young married man to hc.n r-.e .n nw bu-nncis. full or part time. GFT 3-01S3. ?L"ALS:LK o f f e r s ircomc unlimited, no invrsfini-nt UN i-660? eve Kuti C L f A N E P . E»O. Bnding a n d ! sc/*.no f-\n. Ane i9 0' o v e r . W r i t e Bo* A S9S6. Irid., Prrss-Tel. TELEPHONE SOLICITORS TO 7-'9"J UPHOLSTERER" ; fo-., c .t .-,·«-.,,, H f -.em BE A PEACE OFFICER ',r» r. ,»'.., ;-9, (!,·» parsr. / A P D . f - D nen/AQe ?-,.«. rVr anil r^-r. i-^n ?fl rn 1125 w*!*»i (·/ f-',. er Bruih Co. GA 7-C-131 ^^ioltrrV^f F t V O A V - T Stflndnflv ' fln ,'.',^EPAL W.ACHINlST-Drtvs. s n o r t e r s . GE 96S.1. .-,-,y)'on Ave., Dominouez Htlp W«tt*4 (Mo) 2 AIRCRAFT Douglas AIRCRAFT CO., INC. Horns of th» DC-8 Commercial Jet AIRLINER IN Long Beach NEEDS · Aircraft Assemblers MEN with recent aircraft assembly experience or men with military aircraft mechanic experience for 9 Aircraft Rivaling · Aircraft Electrical · Final Assembly Also 0 Aircraft Instrument Mechanics 9 Electronic Test Equip. Mechanics 0 Packaging Engineer Basic knowledge of mrlltarv and commercial aircraft packaging methods and procedures. 9 Chemist APPLY Long Beach Div. Plant Employment Office Lakewood Blvd. at Carson « A.M.-i PM. MON., THRU FRI. PART TIME If you had in the past a desire to learn saleswork... Hereisyourchance! · We train at our expense 4;Age 21-45 7*7 Have a Car v;; Evenings For Appointment Call Mr. Ray between 5-7 WAS- 14 14 SALESMEN AGE 19 TO 35 1 am lookma for . men who are ambitious, neat, aggressive t have 6 desire to earn. $1000 MO. l-BEST COMM. Plan «n L. A. Co. 2-- HNEbT Dfc'MO Program 3-- PAID VACATIONS 4-- GROUP INSURANCE No Phono Calls Pipase, 5CF flOB FAXON SAIO-- Maisger BILL BARNETT, CHEVROLET 1440 L. Comcton Blvd., Compton SALESMEN 7 MEN EARNED $2,300 LAST WEEK Nflltonn! Firm with World Wide Representation needs 4 additional men lo contact cstfltilhhed accounts unlimited qualified leads al no cost lo Salesmen. Area of Long Beach, South Los Angeles A Ornngc County. Ages 25-50. Car necessarv. For Interview SEE MR. CO8URN 1:30 P.M. Shnro Wed. -Thur, - Fii. 121M E 1 . Hlrc,tone Blvd., Rm. 5 NorwdlK AUTOMOBILE COUNSELORS THE HOURS ARE OFTETFJ LONG, THE WORK IS OFTEN HARD- HUT I N T E R E S T I N G REWARDING. EARNINGS CAN BE AWIAZ- NG AND THERE'S C X T R A OPPORTUNITY WITH OUR NATION-WIDE ORGANIZATION. EXPERIENCE NOT NLCCSSARY. TOP-NOTCH TRAINING PROGRAM. THIS COULD BE YOUR CAREER CHALLENGE. AGE 25 TO JO PREFERRED ASK FOR MR. ROBERTS AT FREtMAN A. McKENZIE FORD, 1033 L. B. BLVD., L. B. V SALESMEN WANT TO BUILD A FUTURE? Long Beach Territory Open W.intmg to build a future selling supplied lc.idb. Vou can earn from S32 to SIM) ft dav in an outstanding securities ssue -- We h;we a program v/hich can Drove to you hat in 3 to 5 years YOU can be woitli an additional J100.0M. Real estate ft insurance salesman t«he no e. Onlv hioh tyne men will be considered. 5225 Wilshire Blvd . Room 530. \VE 3-9119 SALESMEN EXPERIENCED IN SELLING PdllaFs, skids, wood boxes, erdtes and lumbar. Hunter Woodworks 1235 E. 223rd SI., Torranco SALESMEN Young men to work self lo h.-fihrst Dilv-ng posillon. Onoor- tun i dcs unlimited. Do what 1 say and you won't fce sorry. 100% NON-SMOKERS For personal Interview call TO 7-/390 between 10 a.m. 1 D.m., MACHINIST "B" For Non-Production machine ihoo vjork Oocrate en- Iriine, in.iling mdchmc shaocr, cfc. Non-ciHicn OK. Established 1 Do.vnc/ (O. Good p.^vs, bene- f i t s and worKing conditions. Ph. TO 7-8175 (or interview. FURNITURE SALESMAN Hxc usive early furnl- lure. Good wage + commission. FTxrellent w o r k i n g conditions. Cosed Sund/ws Muil h.ivc turnl- ure cxoeriencc. B E 1 5 Y ROSS MAPI P SHOP ] \/Shoo Salesman Also Mgr. Top Sal. + Com. -t- P.M.'s Exo. only. Shoe Kino. 12072 Rrookhurst, Garden Grove. 1 Ehigh 9-2303. Also Gcr.ico Shoe Dapt.. 9700 Lincoln Blvd., Anaheim. PROSDCCt 23860 '.ooen 129). RETIRED SERVICE MAN, l.nng Beflch resident, for part time wnrk, snnrox. 4 to 6 !irs. dally. 6 days week. Cishler or Idler ex- perien.c dcsi -aoie. Must be ac- ive, bondab'e steady And have car A nhonp. Wntf Ro* R-3A09, indrnedpnt. Press Tdcaram. ^ (GGRES~SrVE~voi. ; na men (o *elflm~- oofied c.irs. AM (o. henefitv Ao- piy n union to Ray Brnmlett. /.'.ART IH'S RENAULT ID/ S. Lona Beach Blvd.. Conio'on · A - J T ' f i''.V-:"rven ro^ 6 9~"n m. 01 f.'-e t**;cntior'p work S30 ner week. Call UN P-272A betv/ccn 6-7 n m. ONLV. | PA"RT"TIME s^«7"«vV~~SfltT$33s hrly. Fuller Brush Co. HE 24115, HA 9-8422; GA 9-3396. t Htlp Went** (Mt«) 2^ ELECTRONICS PRODUCTION FOREMEN (Day Swing) PSI, a well-known name In the electronics Industry for advanced design and roll ability In semiconductor products, s currently doubling the slit of Its production facility and has several excellent opportunities for qualified foramen to be* come a wirt of mis growing and dynamic organization. PSI foremen are responsible for the direction and adm n- Islratlon'of personnel in specified areas of semiconductor fabrication, assembly, test and evaluation, tn addition to the drive and initiative required In a challenging position, the successful candidates must have experience In an Indus* try where process and process control Is critical plus » background In one or more of the following Held*: ·A- CHEMICAL PROCESS ·fy PRECISION ASSEMBLY %V PLATING it ELECTRICAL TEST AND EVALUATION Experience supervising women most helpful . . . starting salary commensurate wHn training and experience to S600 per monlh No Citizenship Requirements PACIFIC Semiconductors A Subsidiary of THOMPSON RAMO WOOLDRIDSE 14520 S. AVIATION BLVD. LAWNDALE, CALIF. Near L. A. 'nlernational Alrpor OS 9-4541 ELECTRONICS HUGHES Research S Development in FULLERTON has immediate openings (or ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS with 2 y e o r j ' minimum exp«- rience in one of f h a f o l l o w - ing areas: · Digital Computers and Transistorized Circuitry · Magnetic Core or Drum Memory For full information ana 1 to arrange on interview ap. pointment, pladso call: MR. C. L FIELD MAdiion 9 - 5 4 1 1 or Et. 1135 HUGHES Fullerton Employment 3 8 0 1 W. Artesia Ave. Fullerton Telephone Solicitors Top Commission Daily Advance Steady Worlc APPLY IN PERSON 302 E. ANAHEIM, RM. 2 Homo Worbrs With private phones also needed ft FREE ft REAL ESTATE SCHOOL "PART. FULL TIME" MEN AND WOMEN NFEDED. INVESTI. GATE THIS OPPORTUNITY. WE WELCOME LICENSED SALESPEOPLE AND BROKERS It Costs Nothing to Call HE 5-8383 AUTO METAL MAN .. MUST BE FIRST CLASS Modern equipment plus many company benefits. SEC FRFD HIXOM BILL BARNETT, CHEVROLET 1440 E. ConiDlon Blvd., Common Loan Mgr. Trainee No experience neccss.irv. Excellent future for dlerl, nuallded man. ,ige 21-30. Car nee. (with ample car allowance). No selling. DIAL FINANCE CO. 1?30 Compfon Blvd., Comnlon. 1?? W. 5lh, Room 401. Long Beach TOP PAYING ROUTES NOW OPEN BENEFITS «, BONUSES APPLY TODAY GOOD HUMOR CO 1601 W. 15TH ST., L. B. MEN $150 - $185 PR. WK. While Ironing Dlus bonus. iliOOO lo S75 000 nr. year. Have (5) managerial nosll-ons ODCH. Rapid promotion. ADPIV dallv 9 n m fo 12 noon. Not Sat. Sunday. *11 C. Market. N.L B. Sales. 6 MEN 70-JQ. for full lime employment. Good hours. No cxocr. ncccssarv. Daily wceklv pay nbout S3 hr. possible to start. Annly Kcncber Bido., 1X1 Otean, Rm. 313, 7-B SHIPPING Clk., 11. tvoc, exn - .. J2.2S hr. Lcc Stevens f.muloynienl Agency 219 C. Compton Blvd. NE 1-3319 CENF.RAL "MACHINIST-- AH around ' mfichanie. Caoaole ol pioduclnn precision parts. Anplv In person Alter 9 a.m. SSVENSTRANO T A C K L E MhG., 1707 tuclld, L.B. T Y P I S T Clk., vnq., futurcfsL $250f Asst. froioht ciflinn elk. ^f. S375 TV tocns, sales, cngrs., etc. PERSONNEL Employmt. Agencies ·439? E. 2nd 414 Kress Bldg. MGR.-- Production exo. . .M33 LONG BEACH Emoloymcnt Aocy. WILL trflin 3 men to make hotter ttian averflgc living, wholesale food. King's Wholesale Foods, 11902 E. Firestone Blvd., Norwalk ' MARRIED, 2*-«, car. Start JUS' week. No exper, nee. Fuller Brush, Part time. MO weeK. Mr. Frame, j FR. i-Wll. ; INCOME TAX CONSULTANT : rpor'fncrd Sino'r. Aoe nr bar_ n e r . Oceansldc Call MC 7 06/0. BENCH t. outside TV "i radio man, , Must hr evDcr'cnccd DEAN'S, 975 l.ono Rf.ich Blvd. . VANTtb-T.o.i^cV'r.A'euv.e.i. :.:\.\\ have own CiV' Turnings HI 5*00 wk. Call TE 5 9.1AS. Ask for Tom i StnvYcp"X" ~^rri nisn,'~«po|i«ftc* rcpiir, an makes. ME 4 0 7 ) 3 YOUNG MAN, HARD WORK GOOD PAY GA 2-OW H*tpW«ttt4M» U ELECTRONIC TECHS ^ Stnior Positions I* Day or Swing Shift I* Extended Work Wotlc \^ Finest Benefits TEST TECHNICIAN Experience wild ·lectrlc test equlpmHfil. tranilstonzed circuits and olectro mecfiBii- Ical components Must bt able lo analyra test results, trouble shoot and recommend corrective acllon. * STANDARDS LAB. TECHNICIANS Must be capable of performing precision measurements on all electron)* test equipment. Knowledge of primary and secondary standards essential. Will be responsible (or certification, calibration and repair of al electronic test caulpmont. 2 vearj college or technical school orad- uate plus experience required. * RYAN is located away from major traffic con- jestion, only 2 miles from the Pacific Ocoan yet still less than 35 minutes from downtown Los Angeles and surrounding areas. INTERVIEWS Monday Thru Saturday RYAN ELECTRONICS Division of RYAN AERONAUTICAL CO. 2750 W. LOMITA BLVD. Between Crcnshaw Hawlhorne Bl TORRANCE DAvenport 6-9523 Double Your Income In I960 No More Time Clocks WE Will Train You EXPENSES PAID ASK OUR MEN HOW YOU CAN EARN $ 1 5,000 Yr. Up 14 Years in LONG BEACH If ccifi nothing to call GA 7-0989 wk. days MR. HINKLE $35 FULL FEE Welders, cert $2.85 hr. Truck mechanic* ,, 52.63 hr. Machinists lo S2.7S hr. Millwrights 53.75 hr. Punch press oos. ".'." 5 ? 4 0 h r . Drivers "A" 52.« hr. Lathe ops. "B" 53.25 hr. 12 EMPLOYERS AGENCY 1507 G. Alondra Comoton SELL VALIANT PLYMOUTH DE SOTO We need 2 too Salesmen. Chrysler experience preferred, but nnl necessnrv. Local/ with re cr- ences. TOP quality dealer. See Herb Belau. BOB McCLURE Plymouth - De Soto - Valiant Long Beach and Lakewood Slit f, Atlantic LOOK-- Salesman Wanted Sell from Long Beach's laroes selection of Imported cars. H'gh- 1 cst pay plan anywhere. See Lou Mirabiie. JAMESTOWN MERCEDES-BENZ DEALER AUTOMOTIVE MACHINIST Must be A-t all around. SI 25 per week. 3525 Lono Beach Blvd., L.B. EXP'D METAL MAN MUST BE ABLE TO ESTIMATE HIGH PERCENTAGE LAKE AUTO PAINTING ?5?.S F. ANAHEIM GE 8-5009 SALESMEN Professional fypc. Inside sales. To sell educational Ironing to young adies. High caliber only nred aoply. Top pav. Call Mr. Green, GA (5-1328. INDEPENDENT Order ol Fnrestcrv Dignified lifetime cost lion 75 to 50. Married. Must be bondable. Hn soliciting or travel. Retirement provided. Call tor Interview: GE 6-1113 AIRLINE STEWARDS. Interesting ground Jobs. Train now In L.B. tor positions with leading supplementary airlines thruout U.S. overseas. Cl. 2? HE 6-4263. GOOD DEAL! If you had previous sates exo. See Doc James after J:30 n.m. 1727 Oranae (Not coffee) PART TIME Earn S20 an evening. Military personnel onlv. Apply 1432 n. /III. 68 p.m. Wed. ·'· IMMEDIATELY ··':.- Three men to service customers on an appointment basis. Call between 9 12. HE S-7230. men age 5MS. Willing lo travel. Apply Mr. Daugherty, ItV) Cerrl- tos, 12 to 2, Tuei. thru Thurs. YOUNG MfrN, 18 to 7!, $88 wk. ouar. Perm, sales career. AM company benefits. No exp. ner. Start mmcrt. HE 5-3S2I till noon. R^"AL ESTATE SALESMAN Orange County evner. preferred. LAHL K. LANE REALTOR 532 PINE HE7-397S MEN with cnr for estab. Watklns Rfs. flvcrn. 5400 mo. to start. An- D v a.m. only. 716 Wilmington Blvd. VOUNG married man. Part timr. evening work. GA 2-W03 VIREMEN, Ling Electronics. 1515 S. Manchester, Anaheim. Help Wanted (Men) 26 I AM LOOKING FOR AN ASSOCIATE HE SHOULD BE: 2-- Highly ambitious and aggressive 3-- Desires of earning minimum of SI 0,000 annually within 5 years TO THIS MAN 1 CAN OFFER: A field representative in one of the Too Lite insurance Companies 2-- A rflmnrehensiv* framing , program 3-- Guaranteed Income Dlus hon^s CALL MR. WELCH. . .FOR A FRIENDLY DISCUSSION GA 3-8483 RitwMn Ml A.M. L empI.AgMcs.,MM 24*A Impf. Agocs,, M* n 2*A EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES ' MEN Consult These Placement Experts FLO SAYS .... V Check our free fee jobs . We have so many. COMPANY PAYS FEE INSTRUCTOR, much. tngr. and machint tool dtiiqn, + h««vy «Uctronics background ( a J900 CPA. SR auditor, gov't contracts and military el«ctronc« firm txp $1000 BUDGETS FORECAST, aircraft eloctronict btqd " J90Q WINDOW ESTIMATOR, a uminum Rabar .xp. $500 SHIFT ROLLER, familiar with (.,! rolling macfiTn.' opiralioni. Supervlio 30 men on night shift . J650-J700 RELIABILITY ENSR., r«pr«lent mfg. on all reliability problems $13000 yr IE, estimating of cost on all machinery 4 operation! .'to $750 PROD. ENGR., let up manufacturing techniques, tool- SALES TRNE., 85 dogreo, in training program IND. CHEM. SALES. 3 yrs. c or car expense JR. ACCT., 2 to 3 yrs. colleg a degree iido fo oufllda. Exocutivo to $400 allege chem. Car furnished FEE a acctg. working toward _._to $425 MATERIAL CONTROL, Hi grad., begin in warehouse to learn business fnn MAINT. ELECTRICIAN, kno chromasorfer d I t ' ' 1 ki- PARTIAL LISTING LOTS OF JOBS FLO BAILEY AGENCIES 141 W. COMPTON BLVD., COMPTON NEwmark 5-8038-- NEvada 6-3372 8731 E. FIRESTONE BLVD., DOWNEY TOpai 1-9281-- SPruce 3-3901 1217 S. HAWTHORNE BLVD., HAWTHORNE ORegon 8-6123-- OSborne 9-3615 Offices Open 9 to 12 Noon Saturday ·$ ^ J£ LOUISE KRUEGER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 215 L B. BLVD. HE 2-7981 5478 ATLANTIC GA 3-8431 SALESMAN-- some college, loca ' Xlnt appear t'"* 1 $£ car allowance + bonus + gas 2 TOP SALESMEN, musl have van storage exp. Xlnt. opoiv. age open M50 + bonus + gas ·*· car a'lowance. 1NDUST. Engr. . 5/50 1 PROCESS planner _LZs617 Cost accountant SJSO Actt., heavy pub., acctg S700 Meat salesman, whlse. knowledge of butchering _ 5100 wk.+ Ship a. ice, elk. 1-vr. exg, HI schl grad, well groom. 23-?6 S1.75 hr TV tech. B-vrs. exp., loc to S3 hr DRAFTSMAN (several) pressure vessel exp., type. Instrument electrical, 2 vri. exp. , to $600 CHt-MICAL EKGR.-- Fl.S. riegrce w'exp, S700. (3 vrs. college in chemistry, will train @ $450 ALUM. steel window estimator ACCT."to"r"cstab""flrni,""wlM""(raln, sharp well groomed vng. person w/sonie acclg. In college WOO UD ·n- This is only a partial list ol our good dallv positions. We have 2 offices to better serve vou. Our N.L. 8. ollirc Is open Sat. a.m.'s. STERLINGWOOD AGENCY Quality Costs No Moro TOOL Dejion. Ho (it. . lo s/80 MiE. new grad. O.K., Irnin *SOO SHEET mcUl layout SSSO INSIDF srtlcs, BS rlcoree W35 SALESMAH Indsl. fxo. u.'JOUM-t- ACCOUHTANTS (3| local «SO 4 GEN. OFFICE Iralnet. nit »SO MGMT TRAIHEK 2 Vri col. S325 + Sterlingwood Agoncy 7639 E. FIRESTONE, DOWNEY TO 9-0904 Vogue Agency 4IMO Allantlc GA 7-4171 Acctg., income lax CXD. Doe /··Jlo accessories salesman S300*- Ins. Adluster trnee U.600 vr. + Sales Irnce SB5 wk. V O N EMPLOYMENT AGFNCY DFTMN mech 1 vr exo S3SO UD DOE Set up man, DAP Prcis .. S7.SO hr. Order d«k clerk, Cxpd. .. S325 mo. 5375A Atlantic GA 3-M05 GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 19 Pine Room 914 HE 7-0501 EXP. parts man, local ... $100 wk. Alto Employment Agency 2219 L. B. Blvd. GA 7-7J1S BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE AVE. ROOM 203 A\A1NTENANCFT MAN SIO day Foundry eauio. SALESMAN % Aulo parts expor. MANAGERIAL TRAINEE __ iJJO BRANCH MGR to 5625 Assistant. APPLIANCE SALESMAN _ r GAS CHART READER _~$375 Petroleum exoer. BUMPER STRAIGHTENER . WOO Must be iklllod. A/P TROUBLE SHOOTER....i350 + 2 yrs. college. ORDER DESK CLK 5325 Bldg. supplies, OFFICE MGR WOO t A'R suoervlsor. LOAN COMPANY J500 Branch mgr. FREY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 2317 Atlanllc GA ^-0971 Ind. Estimator, mcch. structural take off J450.J5:0 Adlustor, LA area . .. S00 un Ouotdllon Clk., electrical S3 SO un Credit Trnc $.110-1 Sales f. Delivery . to woo. 0-xler ric^k. bldo. material S375 Chemist. Research, degree hr'o- ful but not nee. Emulsions A Dfllnt W,3 CALDWELL PERSONNEL AGENCY 19 Pine Suite 312 HE 2-8461 Rll. burioet, credit exp., u-'39 M7i Acct., degree, young . ...St. ii'M Credit elk., constr. bkgd., exp SJOO Admin, ofc. asst., S'H, IVDC 5J^tl Tool design engr., 2 vr. coll. 5S50 Jr. chemist, rotating shifts St.-V.00 Salesnian, van storage BUD. S5)D ojlci, oov't. o ^ e i a e d s moving iSG'3 CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SEKVICL AGFHCY 20S C. Odwv. Rm. 505 HE 6 4 2 / 1 LXEC. SECRPTARV tJOO i.p TIME-MOTION sllldv, 2 Vrs. roll. t. 1 vs. e*p. _ WOO J BANK TELLER, exn. S7SD un MAINT MCCH., oil lid. riiacri. MOO PROCESS PLANNER lo 5.1?'. SALES, DECKEL. YNG. SJiO-SWl TRAFPIC CLK.. CXDIl., vno. SJW CANNON'S AGENCY Lab Terh Trnee, 1 yr. chcm S3M Sales Trainee _ ViOfl Relrigeratlon mechanic J2.50 hr. UP G L -n. Clk. some acctg. bknd. 54.13 Drill press ,, . S2.J1 lir . Machine shoo helper J1.75 to S2 Jr. Bookkpppcr U/iO S1J6 rno Punch nress, set UD to ^2.63 hr. 8771 Firestone. Downey TO 2-IBI6 _/?D.' P*;lf!t. H-.-.-.t. Tk. LU 1 S:31 (2) CLAIMS adjuster trne". coiieoe degree ncc . . .. Open Alco fcrnolovment Aoenrv 2219 L. B. Blvd. GA 77-115 Help Wanted (Men) 26 Help Wanted (Men) 26 SALESMAN FOR BAKERY ROUTE $77 week WHILE LEARNING EARNINGS CAN EXCEED $100 WEEK! Many Make More! OPPORTUNITY TO GET IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF! YEAR AROUND FMPLOYMENT NO LAYOFFS Paid varrtllons Paid comp clc medical Hosoltallzatlon tor vou and vour liimilv plus weekly compensation \VE TRAIN YOU-NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Great opportunity for growth and promotion Age preference 25 to 40, married, with children. Opportunity to :om friendly/ growing organization. PETER WHEAT 7 BAKERY 2400 E. 1TTH ST. LONG BEACH or Phone GE 9-Jlll SALESMEN Freezer, auto. Insurance, books. vacuum or whatever vour hnc may be-- If vou are hapov or unhaDov or not making the money you were making-- Then-- 1 since elv believe-- 1 have somclhlna tn offer vou in the line of Tangible Mdsc., with an ever Increa-iing market every year. Gentlemen th i is wortn at least a phone call. District Factory Reo Phone ony 10 to 2 D.m. MR. RODGERS, HE 6-7965 SALESMAN Due to expansion we need one experienced used car salesman. H ghcst commissions paid. Insur- A*rr. ni'rl vncntlnns, etc. Established Chevrolet Dealer, large lot, big Inventory. Aoolv In Person to LANY POFF GLENN JONES Chevrolet U975 Primmnunt Blvd, Paramounl "A" MAN'S AMBITION"' Musi oa small -I ne needs A JOB does not call fE 4 8224 TV REPAIR T R A I N E E S for a short course. Sea School Ad Under Class 22. 557S Atlanlfc GA 3 1239 Cost Accountant ....$400 + Comoton Emoloymrnf Aoencv 719 S. Lono Beach Blvd. NE 1-11/3 FINISH CARPENTER UN 5-5243, 9-9:30 a.m. or 3-5 P.m. SALESMEN-Calf on binlnpj*. Easy to sell. No competition. 50^ comm. 1119 Pacific Ave, EXP. iervicr~Vtat'ftn~n)trnda"nT~F"ijU Dart flme. Bloomfleld £ Inv nprial Hw., Norwaik. V.DN-Havft voit lhouohrorAn~AlR" .INE C A R H E R ? SCO Our ad under Class 77. l-oucaiion-lnstru^ticr.. " Exoerlcnced "S'atlon 'Allend.intr 1 r*r) t-.v.e. l (ui) i,me. Nipht?. Texaco Stat.on 30! V/. Ocean R C A L FST. BROKFR-Salesman, to sell Own Yaur-Own aots., income and home;. Call HA 1-3724. E X P E R . Direct Sales Manaocr. Oondflblt with car. GA 7-C560. ACCOUNTANTS General Motors NEEDS Junior Accountants for training to fill accounting positions Positions require college dogma in accounting or related field. APPLY 8-3 P.M. Monday Through Fridflv EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 9925 Santa Fe South Gate LO. 6-4 141 SALARY $500 PER MO. TO START Sales mancioemcnf trainee t^' ocal o f f i c e of large cditern LC".' pany. J yr. training proaram Mcrff and In Phlladclohia. This posilio'i culminates in a 5 figure income within 4 yri. No travel. No previ ous sales experience required. No! door-to-door. Wo require collrof. 3 vrs. re^dency and presently f" 1 ployed. Ph. GA --0986 tor tnlf ' · view. Sorry, details cannot kn given hy phone. SALESMAN APPLIANCES TVs F YOU ARE rwerltnccrt *"H cfln reflllv sell, we htwo d r",ii oood onnorlunltv lor one ni.^' 1 A dciil with .1 ;ive-wire orom:: ' lion wMh Ihe vcrv fccsl lin.f^ ' the business. A discount ·.Id 1 " wllh an excellent 20 year rcuun- lion. M vou are sincerely mlcrpstH an Interview will be arranpcd Write Box A-3608, 1, P-T ft FREE ft REAL ESTATE SCHOOL "PART. FULL TIME" MEN AM WOMEN NEEDED. INVEST' GATE THIS OPPORTUNITY. V.'l: I'JPI rCW.E LICENSED SALLS- PEOPLE AND BROKERS. It Cot Nolhing to Call HE 5-8383 Help Wanted 27 (MEN. WOMIMI TELFPIIONE solicitors-- 3, musl w e^ner.. loads lurn. C 7 ood pArnira'; Slaggftrccl shifli. Aoplv or '.' 177? Soulh M.._L._B ; _G»_3' ! " Or luH-tlrr.e direct i^ "^ nerionne^Cnll HA V8404. Employment Info 28 ACTUAL "JOBS OPEN In 11. S.. H Am., Eurone Tn SIS.CCO. T""" paid. \Vrlle onlv Emn!ov fl1ff1t ' n * ' Ctnler, Room S2, 7» Sluart 5 · Boston 14k

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