Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 3
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ctionjine I y ^^^f Lara Bwctw Cali)., Man.. March M, UK P.O. BOX 230 ions Beach, CHH.HU4 Watch it melt · My family eats a lot of ice cream and .1 am concerned about the ingredients. Most cartons of ice cream in the supermarket do not A UTTIE UARY BIG MEN -TOPAY f^V ONLY UTTLE BABIES , 861M list the contents. What is the best ice cream to buy? K.H., Signal Hill. W h e n b u y i n g ice cream, you generally get what you pay for. The more expensive the ice cream, the better its quality. Ice cream ingredients are regulated by federal and state standards and generally consist of milk -.. . (al, milk solids such as . nonfat dry milk, sweeteners, such as cane and beet · .sugar, honey or corn syrup, egg yolk solids to improve .. the whipping ability, stabilizers, such as gelatin, and · emulsitiers to give a creamier (cxjure, extend the amount and help the ice cream keep its shape when it starts to melt. Less expensive ice cream will have more stabilizers and emulsiliers and as few of the natural ingredients as the law allows, said a spokesman for the . Dairy Council of California in San Francisco. Inexpensive ice cream melts into a frothy mound. A belter .quality product melts down lo liquid cream. A key to quality also is found In the flavor labeling. Peach ice cream is flavored with fresh peaches. Peach flavored .ice cream contains all natural flavors, but it may be a mixture of peaches and nectarines. Peach ice cream .-with artificial flavor added is flavored mostly with peaches, but with some artificial flavor tossed in. And . artificially flavored Ice cream contains no fresh peaches at all. JRE5S-1ELEGSAM (PM)-A-3 Electronics firm gutted by blaze A fire gutted an Irvine electronics firm Sunday, causing approximately J-100,000 damage. Eight Orange County fire units and ·! firemen took more than an hour to control the blaze at Cosmo Tronic Co., 16721 Noycs Ave. The company manufac- lures electronic circuit boards. Firemen were called lo the bln/e at 11:49 a.m. by a security guard at a nearby plant. Three firemen were overcome by smoke. All wen 1 treated at Tustin Community Hospital and released. A fire department spokesman estimated that (he (ire did 5130,000 damage to the building and $270,000 damage lo lhe contents. Cause of the bla« was still under investigation. Badly listing The .$l-million, 154-foot tuna boat, "the Constellation," lies,at a 45-dcgree angle in the Al Larson Boatyard in San Pedro Sun- day night after tipping over in a f r e a k accident while in drydock for routine maintenance, -staff Photo by KOHEUT OINN RETREADS Wiper I own a 1972 Mercury Capri. Al the end of Dccem- . ber 1975 there was a story in the paper saying ford · Motor Co. had been asked to recall some Capris because there was a safely hazard in a defective windshield- · ·wiper assembly. I have never received a recall notice. but the other day in the rain my windshield wiper flew . off. When I look it in tor repair 1 was (old it would cost ·me $37. Do I have to pay for Ihe repair of a factory defect? E.B., Lakewood. Yes. Although (he U.S. Department of Transportation asked F o r d Motor Co. lo recall Capris with defective windshield wipers, Ford refused to do so. The company claimed no injuries or accidents had been caused by the defect and (hat it was not significant enough to warrant vehicle recall. No vehicles ever were recalled, and owners have had to repair the windshield wipers at their own expense. In the dark I am 13 years old and my brother is 11. We go to Rnmona Park in North Long Beach in the evenings lo play tennis and several times we have put money in the meters for the lights and they just don't work. We don't have Ihe money to throw away. Can Action Line find out 'whal is wrong? B.C., lxng Beach. A new coin meter was installed al Ramona Park March 9, and after Action Line contacted the Long Beach Recreation Department, the lights were checked again lo make sure (hey were slill operating properly. Gail Blackmon,''assis(anl director of thai department, told Action Line the city has had major problems in keeping the coin-operated lights at the park tennis courts working because "people continually stick foreign objects in the coin slots." In checking the various parks recently, a city electrical crew found Ihe coin slots clogged with "wire, slugs, plastic play money, keys, chewing gum, foreign money and ice cream bar slicks," '. she added. Anyone who discovers a broken melcr should notify the recrealion leader at the park or the Recreation Department's sports o f f i c e al 432-5931. Miss Blackmon said the city is trying (o respond promptly to all such complaints and fix any malfunctioning court lights as soon as possible. Inheritance tax ; Docs one have to pay inheritance tax on less than S2.000? If so, when and where does a person pay this tax 1 II.H.. Lakewood. Whether or not any stale lax is due on thai amount depends on (he relationship between the deceased person and the heir. A spouse generally pays no lax on inheritances of less than $60,000; a minor child gels a ·$12,000 exemption; an adult child, grandchild, parent or grandparent gels a 55,000 exemption, and a brother, sister, niece, nephew, son-in-law or daughlcr-in-law gets a $2,000 exemption. All other relatives and unrelated heirs usually have lo pay tax on any inheritance in excess of $300. The amount of the tax ranges from 3 per cent to 2-i per cent depending on the relationship and the size of the estate. A rait chart has been sent lo you. Even if an heir is not required to pay any tax, he still must file a stale inheritance tax form within nine months after the death. After that time, inleresl will he charged on any tax owed. The forms are available from the California Inheritance Tax Division, 107 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif. 90012. A federal estate tax return must be filed with Ihe Internal Revenue Service only if Ihe inheritance is more than $60,000. This exemption applies lo all heirs regardless of their relationship to the deceased person. Stray shot kills boy as men argue An argument between (wo South Central lxs Angeles men ended in lhe d e a t h of a 10-year-old neighbor b o y w h o w a s struck by a stray bullet while watching the light from his bedroom window, police reported Sunday. Officers s a i d C h r i s t o - pher Hamilton, of 11216 I'armelee Ave., d i e d at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital soon after he was shot once in lhe neck al about 6:30 p.m. Saturday. \ V i l l i e D a v i s . 2 7 . o f 11221 S. Success Ave., later was booked for suspicion of murder in connection with the shooting. Officers said they also were searching for an unidentified man who report- e d l y had been arguing with Davis when the shot was fired. Crash kills driver, 15, in police chase A 15-year-old Montebello youth was killed and his three companions injured, one critically, when their car crashed into a bakery during a high-speed police chase early Sunday. Montcbcllo police said Paul Cano, of -125 Roosevelt Ave., was dead on arrival at Beverly Hospital after the car he had been driving crashed inlo Ihe Orowcal Bakery, -ISO S. Vail Ave., at about 2 a.m. Cano's 2 1 - y e a r - o l d brother, Robcrl, was reported in critical condition al the same hospital. Two other companions, aged 15 and 17, were reporled in satisfactory condilion, police said. Officers said the chase, which reached speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour, began in Easl I/s A n g e l e s w h e n sheriff's d e p u t i e s attempted lo make a routine traffic stop after noticing Ihal Cano was driving eratically. for Features for Free Installatim S34.95 normal inslallnlion valuo...Al no charge with the purchase ot any Whirlpool undercounter dishwasher 1 automatic pushbutton cycles. including SUPER WASH (or heavier lhan normal soiled dishes and RINSE-HOLD lo quick rinse and wash later SHORT lor normally soiled dishes. Our SUPER SCOUR extended cycle makes sure wash and rinse waler are hot enough to lackle the stubborn stull that usually requires hand-scouring. It's designed lo wash away lhat hard-lo-remove crusty, baked on (ood. All you do is scrape normally and load according to instructions. Also available in portable models ' This Ireo inslallnlion is for a normal changnout insinuation, replacing your old huill-in dishwaaluir with a now Whirlpool unclorcoiintor model. Any charges incurred buyond normal replacement installation will bo al Iho customer's oxpnnso Avniliiulo only to retail customers Not available lo donlors. buildoro or builder romodclors Two. lull size revolving spray arms under each rack ..provide a combination ol water pressure and wajcr volume that gives you excellent washabilily. Full-lime hllnring system helps eliminate ttio nood lor pro-rinsing. In Ihe soll-cloaning portion, lood parliclos are constantly lillmod out during washing and rinsing .Iho pump guard portion traps small bones, «lc Channel 68 Why is Channel 68 IKVST* no longer broadcasting 1 As an entirely viewer-financed television station, it was able to present many innovative programs and controversial points of view--perhaps it was too controversial to suit some. Is there any chance it will be back on the air soon 1 ? Mrs. A S.. Long Beach. Channel BS, operated since 1971 by the nonprofit Viewer Sponsored Television Foundation, ran short of fund? in Ihe lasl par! of December and had (o snsprnd operations, said a spokesman for (be Federal Communications Commission. "The station's management hopes to raise enough monty lo resume operations this summer." he added. KVST has never been officially licensed by Ihe FCC. The L'HF station operated with an FCC construction permit, which expires in April. Two freight cars derailed Three c a r s of a freight t r a i n derailed on a section of f a u l t y t r a c k in Wilmington Sunday morning, railroad o f f i c i a l s :aid Southern Pacific crews used a crane lo right the rars. which went off Ihc [racks near Henry Ford Avenue south of Anaheim Sired about 7 a . m . , they said Apparently t h e (racks sank beneath Ihe moving t r j i n . causing two box cars and a car carrier to derail None rf the cars o v e r t u r n e d , they added. Look at these additional Whirlpool values Bicyclist, 63, dies when hit by auto Antoni Mcrcngo, U12 Santiago St., died of head injuries at Hoag Memorial llopilril in Newport Be?ch at ' p.m. The driver of tbe aulo was nol cited nor A 53-year-old Newport Beach man was killed wra-n he was struck by a car while riding a bicycle across Pacific Coa=t H;sb- wav at Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach al 7 p.m. Sunday, police said. I N D E P E N D E N T VrtrtdJT. March . VWomt IS. No III ·»·« HE Hill (1*11.4*4 HE } Sttt ClHI PolUt* P ltc\Cl MM 4UCESTEO « £ T » I L P«KE HO«I Of LIVELY DULY 4)10 SUNDAY SUNDAY OHIY SINGLE COPY SUNDAY .. DULY · Y M A I l DAILY KO S U N D A Y SUNDAY OKI. Y held. Mtxlol C A T 1 7 1 UK 17.1 cu. K. No-Frost Model · 4.75 cu. (I freezer · Power- saving healer control switch · 2 adjustable cantilever shelves « Meat pan · 2 crispers · Optional Ice Maker t/cxJel LDA 5800 Super-capacity, 2-speed, 4-cycte automatic washer · 4 wash/nnse water temps · 3 load-size water saving selections · Easy-to-clean lint filler 15.8 cu. It. freezer · Dolror.t drain system · Super-Storage door · Textured sloel door · Porcrjiarn-onamoled inlonor · Ad]uslablo tomp. control · Available in color V/hlflpool gas dryer with automatic shut-oil · Cool- down care for Permanent Press fabrics · 5 drying temp sel- lings · KNIT cycle* TUMBLE PRESS' control NATION-WIDE TECH-CARE' SERVICE ORGANIZATION. A Whirlpool franchisee) and trained TECH-CARE' service representativo is near you if your Whirlpool appliance ovor neods servico. COOL-LINE' TOLL-FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE. Dial 800-253-1301 (In Michigan 800-632-2243) for information about operating, maintaining, or servicing your Whirlpool home appliance. FRIDAY 9 SUNDAY It IS Ul M O !4 HIM

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