Independent from Long Beach, California on March 14, 1966 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 22
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P«g« C-6 -- INDEPENDENT L * n » P. C. · '""· '*" «. By JOHNNY I1AKT ·31* POCO JOi; PALOOKA By HAM FISHEK I PON'T WANT TO TftKE flPVANTAGC OF YOUR GRATITUDE, MR-KEflTH... NOW OUSTfl MINUTE, STEVE; NflTUKALiy, I WANT TO PO SOMETHING FOKTHE MflN WHO SfiVEP MYSKflNPSON'S LIFE.' OFFERED STEVE PALOOKA THE JOS OF SPORTS KKKTOR . OFTHE KEKTH BUT IFVOU KNEW MEA LITTLE BETTEK, WU'P KEflLIZE THAT1 WOULDNt OFFER A POSITION YOU WEREN'T - (WflUFlEP FOR' NOW,.. HOW ABOUT IT, . STEVE?. fill RIGHT, :. KEATH I1LTAKE ARCHIK By BOB MONTANA ARCHIE, IS THIS- ~\ YES, THE RARE ANTIQUE) SIR/ FIREARM YOU ^S \T WANT TO SELL?.'J BELONSH x TO LAWRENCE OFARAHA! 'HE ALWAYS CARRIED . IT.... LOADED... _ IN THE. DESERT/' ) JACKSON TWINS By DICK mtOOK.5 . AP*. Jl 'MAY 21 t 3t*M3 1^*70-75*4-90 \ 4-12-ZZ-47 y51 -62-71 uo ' 3 JULYS. ^ 3-10-5^57 -By CLA.Y E. POLLAN- K . You-DoirWmfyGoid. JK *^ According to te Sfarr. «^ To develop message for'Monday, read wonfc correspond ing to nuirieTS 'rf yoor Zodiac birth sign. 2ConlroI 31 This 32 Is 33To 4 Unusual 34 Not SShooU 35To Any ^ 36Nc* 7. Start -- 37 Costs BTodcy 38 A lOMoy 40Abo.'r!* II You 41AbV 69 ImpclkiKa 70PubliaiHii5 71 Today 4 To 74 Cooperative 5 PomogrocWc 75 And SR«li« 25Hwr 78 Eye 25 Answering J65tx 27 D=y! 29P»pl. 30 Help 48 Since re X9 Frkmthi? 50 Past 80 Your 51 May 52 Will 53 For 54 Be 55A 57 You 8IOn £2 Be · 83 fa 84 Sox 35 Letters B6 Difficult 87 You I«V.2!^ 23-27-2J-3 54-73-7X SAGITTA1IUS WV.2J /. CAPUCOIN CCC 23 ^ JAH'.20^ 8-19-3t39/^ XI-64-76 ^ AQUARIUS . IAN. 21 ,£ rcB '"jpi 5M7-72 ^ rial FEB.20W MW.21 'X. . 7- 8-20.25^ 50-59-79-85^, THE BERRYS By CARL GRUBERT . ACROSS 1 Reporter'* concern. * 6 One of i pair. 10 Fellow. 11 Nautical · Irrni. 15 Gtm «tone. 16 Socks. 17 Great arli'l. 18 Phenomenon of Ironlier days. 20 Leading man, a la Cockney. Jl Certain vole;. 23 Talk- of the town. 24 Pan of S.P.Q.R. 26 Joial. 27 Astringent. 28 oblige. 32 Stringed inalrumenU. M English lockups. 35 Any small thing. M Flag. . 37 Dough. 38 Breakwater. 39 long . ·K Part of I he U.S. 41 Great 42 In tlie mind. 44 Mythical- female. 45 Certain French possessions. 49 Counly of Ireland. 52 Go after game. -53 Was a candidate, 54 Hor.est. 56 Kurile island. 58 Footnote term, 59 Seel. 60 Gallic man't name, 61 Architectural structure, 62 Sojourn. 63 Dickens character. DOWN 1 Crows if in. 2 River of Venezuela. 3 Crowning of A king. 4 Three, in llaly. 5 Kind of cloud. 6 Affects the emotions. 7 Sacred bull of Egypt. 8 Children's game. 9 Young, rich handsome snd unmarried. 10 Pure. 11 Dear ones, for short. 12 Italian wine city, 13 Bird sound. 19 Reclines la*ily. , 22 Goody! 25 Beverage!. 26 Nail's partner. . 28 Ill-humored. ' 29 Long Island resort: 2 word*. 30 Fish. 31 Potato buds. 32' Writer O'Flaherly, 33 Eihorl. 3t Frenchmen. 37 Art of disputation. 38 Hushand: Fr. 40 -- law, described in "Henry -V." 41 Coats, old style, 43 Speech of .a sort* 44 Flipper's cousin. 1 46 Nickname for 7. redhead. 47 The Blreel, 'in Paris: 2 words, 48 Chemical compound*. 49 Very eager. 50 Biblical peak. 51 .Orderly. 52 Luau dance. 55 Excuse: Slang. 57 Burmese. VOU HEAR ME, DEAR II SAID A BUNCH OF THE I ' OKAY,.,.,I GU6SS :_ MEANS CONSENT/ DCNT HAVE TO BE SO DRAMATIC--JUST PtAIN 'NO* -7 WOULD BE ENOUGH.' I SONNA MAKtMtf \ WASHINSTON? INTO A rtW i"^BW%. m MISS PEACH Bv MEI..I rvieeT Hei^F -AND SO, IN YCXJR CAREERS AS NURSES, YOU WILL HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO SEE FINE DOC-TORS AT WORK AND ROTTEN DOCTORS AT WORK- BUT ALWAYS KEEP IN AAIND THAT IT IS BETTER TO MARRY A ROTTEN DOCTOR THAN MO DOCTOR AT ALL.,, A JUDGE PARKER By PAUL NICHOLS HOW'P IT SOWITHJYOIJ 5HOULPNY REFER TOE STAMTON v^TO HELEN AS A PAME, , A W V ? j j MY PEAR.' SHE'S A, VERY PEKCEPTIV^ LOVE1Y UPY.' r A5 A MATTER OF PACT, X 6HE UNPERSTANP5 THAT I 3! SHE'S INSISTINS ON W AM OP UMITEP MEANS AMP TAWNS P6BOKAH ON WAtJTS TO Fl NANCE NOT ONt/ THe'TKIP BUT WHATEVER · THEKAPy WU. BE XECES5AKY FOR MY PARUM6 PAUGH- TEK5 KECOVEKY.' MVE HAVE THE HOOK WfTpIP 6HE6W ^ IT'S 0115T A QUESTION ·/HOW MUCH 6HES AS ID WHEN WE WANT 1 WILL1M6 TO PAY? FREDDY By KUPE IF YOU HAD ANV COrAMOM SENSE YOU'D TELL HIM EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK OF HIM « r^ 1 v^ IF YOU HAD ANY COMMON SENSE YOU'D KEEP. YOUR BIG- MOUTH SHUT I- DENNIS THE MENACE By HANK KETCHAM W H E N . CLEMENTINE By BOB STEVENS , SINGIM6'-.. " 'I'HAPPyFIH BUGS RUNNY THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW By SHORTEN and WHIPPLE Tv£ NICE GUY VJHO PUUS OUT OP A PARKING SPOT MO LEAVES VOU 50 MINUTES ONDfe METER mmr= WHAT APE- YOU GO1NG- TOBEWHEN.YOU'REBlr 1 THAT PEPENP5 ON HOWBIIGET/ BEAT IT, SYLVESTER! Y£(? K'OTHIN' BUT A MOO CHI M' BUMl YA GOT N'O SELF SHORT KIBS By FRANK O'NEAL *·// i-IV y#*- SIOKTY MEEKLE By.DICK CAVALL1 'KHZ.1HSCZ.GWH PBOIECT7CN THeyenouu? ee EWTHCD AT GOODWDiJNTTC HeeecAMesuc A H54CTH NUT,

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