Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 28
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;.P.q. C-4-- INDEPENDENT ·"*· e '" ( * *·*· ·*' "· 1W · .'Stolper went on to relate the happening at that court hearing a couple of months ago 1 . The prosecution apparently was try- Inc to prove that Matchmaker McCoy, a.i well as M a n a g e r piece of Billy prosecutor didn't ask question. Stanley sat chair. · Stanley, owned Peacock. . / . I SUMMONED to * the chair, ·Stanley was asked to explain an $800 shortage from Peacock's ' purse In the Raul Mnclns flcht, . "Jt went for publicity," tho jnanaRcr explained. : "What kind of publicity?" the pro»«cutor demanded. · "Oh, I had to give money to newspapermen, and thlnes like .that." Stanley replied. "Which newspapermen, and bow much did you clve them?" the prow-cuter wondered, ' " "It would be pretty unethical for me to reveal that," Stanley mild. "Besides, there were no many little expenses, It's nurd to remember." . "Are you sure that $800 didn't E o to Babe McCoy?" the prose' cutor asked. · ."Yes. I am." Stanley replied. - Fight manager Joe Stanley's baffling suicide early iJast Friday morning has continued lo puzzle the boxing .fraternity. Here, J think, Is the answer to It. '' "Joe had been emotionally up- n e t ' f o r the c o u p l e of months." says his close friend, At Stolper, who Is co-manager of Jo»e Cotero. , "He had often talked of sul* cldc. But a lady friend always kidded him out of It. The whole thing started when Stanley WHS culled to testify In the Babe Me. Coy Income tax Investigation." "You with to stand on that . . McCoy ( didn't g e t t h e money?" ·That'* right." Ntanlry Insist* ed from the witness rhalr. "Me Coy didn't ftt th» money." With this, the prosecutor spun silently around, and appeared to busy himself doing something else. He did not dismiss Stanley from the chair. For 10 minutes, there was si lence -. In · the courtroom. The another In the ·WHEN HK finally got out of that courtroom," Al Stolper re calls, "Joe was fit to be tied. He was near mi emotional break down. He was never the same lifter that." Stolper points out the rnther startling fact lhat both Stanley's brother and s i s t e r had taken their own lives. Suicide ran heavily In the family. 'About 6 o'clock last Friday morning," Stolper reveals, "Joe went to the apartment of his ady friend. He had SSTS In his pocket -- probably not much norc In the world. He dumped lhc m o n e y on a table and walked out. "Thai was the Inst time'any if his friends »aw him alive.'' (Tun* In Bob KHIey nightly at B on KM PC. .. CORRECTION Heading* of Hie 3rd and 4rh Merloni, Nylon, In Sunday'i Southland should have referred to .Armstrong Tube-Type \ I - . . . Nylon ' TIRES SALE PRICED AT CARLOAD SAVINGS SUDDUTH CO. , 27th and Atlantic GA 4-8149 Georgetown Brushes j" Off Leahy Report ? ^ i WASHINGTON WV-C«"T:e- town officials, suspecting «n 'April Fool's Day "spoof," Tues- 'clay brushed off a report that Frank Leahy was about to become the university's football couch. Upon hearlUB the story, Leahy said he would not return to coaching under any conditions. The Rev. Slephen Winters said "the only source connecting Mr. Le«hy with Georgetown was an article In the April 1 Issue of the foreign service , school magazine." Tho original report was credited to an unidentified Georgetown trustee. The school has had I no team since 1950. GRAND OPENING ; NOW IN LONG BEACH AMERICAN HEALTH STUDIOS . . . WORLD'S LARGEST CHAIN i . . (103 Studioi from CoaiMo-Cooitl TV FIGHT Lane 12-5 " v · . OverBrown DETKOIT (UK) -- H e n r y (Toothpick) Brown's t l f f punching h»« shortened the odd to 13-3 In his battle with No. 1 lightweight contender Kenny Lano tonight. A tvmk ago Lane was · 3-1 favorite. The bout will be televised nationally. Luna hns won 47 of 62 bouts, but »»ly s e v e n by knockouts. Brown him stopped 14 of his 2(1 victims, has two draws and tivo loues, Lane ha* b e n ten such » Ralph Dupas, Orlnnrto Zulurta nnd Kr»nkl« Kjff. Cotero Calls , 7th Round KO While 2-1 underdog Jose Lull Cotero calmly predicted a icv enth round knockout victory In its Gllmore Field fight next Tuesday against P a j a r l t o Moreno, Hollywood L e g i o n nntchttMcr Jackie Leonard Tuesday hinted that the winner of that bout might meet the winner of the Chcrif Hamla-KId Basscy fight In Los Angeles this September, Leonard tald both Cotero and Moreno were willing to sign for he bout and that he expected to hear from the other fighter* 1 representatives by the end of ths week. The Moreno-Cotero bout has caught on blE with Southland ana, probably because of the previous records of the two combatants, Moreno boosts a record of 33 knockouts In 35 touts,, and Cotero, also a dan* jerous puncher, combines a powerful left hook with a strong law. "Hole In one!"... calli for Corby'i atever the occasion... COEBTS A whiskey of rare good taste--from the world's largest distillery! BLENDED WHISKEY-86 PROOF-68.4% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS-JAS. 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