The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 19, 1957 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1957
Page 12
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Post Card Biggest Bargain In Communications Field WASHINGTON —4»— V.';1h tr^ival of the vacation ?»2?on. when miiiion? cf 'wish yea •w-pre here" r.oTes *vil5 be m?.fi- ed, Pe?trna*1er G^erV; Arthur E- SurrrrerfieM has described ^h« post c?rd as "!he mos: cf?- cotncal mean? of corr.rr.'-nK 1 '- t:on 'h? wond h?r ever kiowr His department e.-tin-;*:." ;: will d»iivsr 3.2"i. r T"l r 'Ol posts! and post cards tb:> r?-ar. 'Fo?i- al rfirdr are rre-f^rr.ped and d;rribut»d by the p->-1 -ff'cc: p^s* cards -j^ial?y !?2Ti:r<r a picture or rira'-ura sr.d are pri- vaieJy fo'in.' Th? Ecvernncrit i^u^d <r? fir;'. po?; = i <-ard 8* years 32? Ihit moriT-i--m :~7-,. nowevf. a dozen yesr? be'or- John P. Charhon of Philadelphia cc.iv- riEhted ihe idea and p<rrmir,c-d H. L. Lipman to ?el! "Lip-nan's Postal Cards." Uncle Sam horned in on the market, and Lipman wrt out of bu;inc?s. Actually. Austria, Germany. England. S-.v;:-er!ar.d. Be'gium. »nd the Netherlands issued pre- Ftamped postal cards be'ore the United States. Po=ta! csrds co?t one cent until 1952 when the price was doubled. Apparently. Summerfield thinks they would stiil be an '•'M-onoical means of corr- rTV.:ri ;c ?* I-ITI at three cen.? ..'5- ca'JFC he's urged a price :-i- crea=e to h«ip wipe cut the ' p-?t-,l dciid; : During World War I there •.va- a one-rent '?>: on po-':l CARNATION COTTAGE CHEESE LAKE JACKSON NO.l BRAlOfilA M0.2 WESTC WEEKEND SPECIALS *> r THUR., FRI. and SAT. JUNE 20-21-22 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES sr;rk v.-ith 2- "3 ; :-i!?nt W;!!:an ;«-K!i-.:fy. Si.r- pr-sediy. Mrp. McKir.iey dirin'l like the p^ U] rp of brr nu.-!:nir.i. ?nd most r.f the ;.62.V>00 cnrj; printed v.-«-re de.-'.myen. '."he few ^~;':l in existence- are *. ~-l- ucd by co;:'-c:cr- s\ J-100 fs:''~. In'rrnatsor.a! postal card?. ?t two cents apic-ce. were iirst fold in 1879. Double interra- repi}- cards, with already-stamped return cards attached, were issited in 1393 at four e c nts and p : .'rn::tted :m- mier^nt- to receive mtssage- from folk? in the "old countr;-" too pr*^r u> afford postage-. Air mail postal cardj, at f-ur cenl-. appeared in 1949. ol- though regular postal cards with three cents extra pos.jge were used before that. USDA Pamphlet Comes To Rescue Of Shopper Confused By Fabrics i By PATRICIA WIGGINS UP Staff Correspondent •WASHINGTON — W — The Agriculture Department hs> come to the rescue of .shopper? who get confused over fabric labe's and the flood of new clothing materials. A pamphlet, "Clothing Fabrics—Facts for Consumer Education." was prepared by clothing specialist Margaret Smith to help consumers "buy clothes. and fabrics in today's expanded —and often confusing—market. It notes that fabric labels ire ' informative." But it ah 3 notes that specific meanings of terms used on the labels must be understood to be completely fjre of what is bein? purcha.s- terms of appearance, construction, liber source, chief quali- !:".« and customary uses so the b'jyrr will have some idea of i v.-hat can "and cannot" be expected of each. One section note? that nylon. 1 dacron. orlon. acrllan, dynel fabrics are "resistant to nonoily stains but body oils and perspiration are likely to penetrate • the fiber and be difficult to remove." Also discussed are dyeing processes which affect a fabric's colorfastness. Single copies of the helpful guide may be obtained by writing the Office of Informa"- tion, U. S. Department of Aeri- culture. Washineton 25. D. C. For example, the term rayon- linen if explained as meaning t fabric woven to look like linen. It doesn': mean a cwnbinn-' tion of the t-.vo. Complete Glosiarr In another shopper's tip, the 29-paije pamphlet explain." tha'. while virgin, or ncv.-, wool usually is stronger and more re- filicnt than reprucefed ivtwl. » fabric made of good quaiitv reprocesed wool "mav be preferable." Author Smith provides a complete glossary of fabrics commonly found nn '.(/day's market. Each is described 'in THE XEW SEN RATIONAL: Cars Lubricated While in Sw»yinf Motion MOTO - SWAY LUBRICATION "Al TIU: SIG.V OF THE FLYING RFD HORSE" PLANTATION DE. MOBIL STATION Earl Laird DEALER PH. 7-C90I Zl» PLANTATION DR.' LAKE JACKSON "VICTORIA SLEEPS" are featured for this white-dotted gray »ilk ;ijilor cocktail dr*«« from the custo.-n collection, de- tit-r.ed by Shannon Rodgers. A p;nk ro-.e ia pls^ecl el th« waistline of a full, gathered ikirt. Q.L. "Mac" McKay candidate for CANAL COMMISSIONER Brazoa River Harbor Navigation District JULY 6 1. I will work for another railroad to our port. 2. I will work for a fresh water supply, thereby having water for new industry. 3. I shall fight for equal freight rates and abolish discriminations against our port. 1 I would work toward building another road t.i the harbor thereby relieving heavy trucking traffic m Freeport. 5. I am heartily in favor of expansion of the port, both present and iuture. 6. I will work in harmony with other commissioners for the betterment of the Navigation District. 7. Visitors and reporters always welcome. YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT APPRECIATED ! O. L. "Mac" McKay SHOP SUPER-VALU "FIRST" for "SUPER QUALITY" MEATS 2.ualiiy SHOP SUPE* VAP,U n u. s. CMC :~ OMAHA FANCY . . . REALLY TENDER MOUR'S STAR* BEEF ROUND STEAK SALE FULL CUT // ARMOUR'S STAR Franks • • * "SUPER QUALITY" 10WANA ALL MEAT SLICED JUMBO Bologna Lb. ROUND STEAK Lb. HOME GROWN WHITE FRESHNESS NICE SIZE EA15 HOME GROWN FRESH YEUOW SQUASH. CALIFORNIA FRESH GROUND ^ ^^ ROUND M_ ^^ki STEAK'69 BONELESS TENDER TOP ROUN0 j»jtAK BOTTOM CUT . . . LEAN SLICES Tenderized Round Steak. YOUR CHOICE Lb. AVOCADOS Lbi. Nice Sire E-ch "SUPER QUALITY" HICKORY SMOKED, THIN SLICED Tall Korn BACON Lb. CALIFORNIA FRESH Sweet APRICOTS II GROWN NEW mgj ED POTATOES.... 5 Lb. if SUPER QUALITY "FR^H" FROZEN FOODS * SEABROOK EXTFl\ FANCY CCOTH'S BREADED FANTAIL ORANGE JUICE... 6 . 0 , SCOTCH MAID BROCCOLI BLUE STAR PIES 15' JM/SRS X' 17c TURKEY 1 HEINZ STRAINED BABY FOOD GREEN GIANT NIBLETS 50 COUNT PACKAGE MEATS EA. 23 FRUITS AM* Vegetables EA. 12-OZ. EVt.vBfST PURE STRAWBERRY PRESERVES 12-OZ. JAR 1C LONGER GRAIN PATNA , . ^^^^ BUMILE BEE BRAND RED Adolphus RICE 29° SALMON Ko. 1 CAN C! LICIOUS C G BIG 46-OZ. CAN MARY BLAKE Assorted Flavors Swift's Luncheon MEAT 12-0z. TIN PILLSBURY'S BEST IDc OFF DEAL S I lyl> "' VM I I • / . nowdrirt SHORTENING Freshlike S EL Golden CORN B w Freshlike Cut Green BEANS • 23 liuiuitri Pillsbury BISCUITS 2 «" 25 C K*Am MIMIATUM MARSHMALLOWS 2 33 C TOUt MM WIU LOVI IT GAINES DOG FOOD 2 ' 31 C 2>4-QUAIT Mil AlUMIHUM WATER PITCHER ""'."'• 98 C MAC1C MIUK HOSE NOZZLES " IS AU ^ DA "° ™ 49° TOWN PRIDE SPECIALS CHOCOLATl SYRUP 2 70 JK CHOCOLATl FUDGE 2,.oJ7c STRAWBIRRr TOPPING 2 ,.o..37e BUTTIRSCOTCH IOPPIH6 ..2,.o..3IC PINEAPPLI .. TOPPING 2,.oJft ELLOW CAKE MIX 't CHOCOIATI OCS CAKE MIX t HITE CAKE MIX VI CIIAMT HOCO1 ATE FROST ILLHU«r I CHOCOIATI hmiuiY't IT-Oi. Pkg. l2-0i Siu YOUR CHOICE SIZE BOTTLI hLLSIUHY'J HOdMIAll I»<H !•>, CONVENIENT SUPER-VALtT FOOD STORE LOCATIONS BUCK GOLD STAMP REDEMPTION CEN l*«it«« Cf«lc f I91S ^ 6r*y C •»< V too* M«fh*l & f ,l.*d . Ui»^ * VWfc tyk. Ccvtti *. l*«hwrf U10 t,*« g r«.^. 4lO« Saullt Parji •(*« '«« Dcpoilmciif Mar* GtMantf i k.t* * »W» Ct»Uf I ill <<io «0«4 «*•"»••»•••» Lok« JcUiar •c«ui«iqnt }?2H H»eMaM AT*. >mtlh Vup«.-Valw. Kei.Ftl|( k.«m U «n V.f*- ta< *i.i. —. ». •* .. j .- KI-.--. < M-I »_ _,._»• ISO) *•• H « luffy White FROSTIKS THItI AKE 15 BONUS BLACK GO*LD STAMPS ON EVERY LABEL OF BLACK GOLD BLACK PEPPER FINE QUALITY PLRi FRtiH GROUND 4-0*. Tin IICK'S PURE^lh L|lll(lill4 • k« r ti Mg Van Ania*<u 1*14 North M*ln GK««A4 t k-(«' VAtw 4jid al MaitgMm ANILLA EXTRACT BIG 4-OZ. BOTTLE 7Sc CRE^M COMBINAT.^N DIAL OfftR K ':':\SD HUDN'jr' i Plus Tax 4-Oz. Size . . plus tax SPECIAL DRUG VALUES t% i\ LOi:ON 89 STOPETTE DEODORANT SEA AND SKI mm LOTION f f^f !: H- f F0» C.:.' • • , j . . . LUC ;v TI3ER Mk jj%f> HAIR WAX?ui- 39 C c 1C FOnMULA Mo. 2 etcAM c . >• ;R TONIC WILDROOTS- I0c Off—D.-il-fcCTANT Med. (Net) 8; 3 . 60c Tube or Btl i. 59c ss TELEVISION LOG WEDNESDAY 4:00 (2) Star Performance (13) Kitirifc's Party 4:30 (2) Looney Town (S) Mathematics (11) I Led 3 Lives 5:00 (2) Roy Rogers (3) To Be Announced (11) Range Rider (13) Mickey Mouse Club 5:30 >8) To Be Announced (11) Sports & Weather 5:45 18) Frontier To Space 6:00 12) World At Large 18) The Friendly Giant (11) My Little Margie '13) T. V. News 8:10 (2) Today In Sports (13) Wealnergal 6:15 (2) Channel 2 Newsreel (13) John Daly and the News (8) Magic Doorways 6:25 12) Weathercast 6:30 (2) Helen O'Connell (8) To Be Announced (11) Spike Jones (13) Disneyland 6:45 (2) NBC News 7:00 i2) Kraft Theatre (8) Featurette (11) The Millionaire 7:30 '.8) Geography of Conflict (11) I've Got a Secret (13) Navy *x>g 8:00 (2) This is Your Lif» (8) Kuht Fourth Anniversary (11) U. S. Steel Hour (13) Wcunesaay Night Fights 8:30 (2) Stage Seven 8:45 (13) Morris Frank Show 9:00 12) Masquerade Party (8) Great Ideas (11) Arthur Godfrey Show (13) Ozzie and Harriet 9:30 (2) Father Knows Best (8) Frontier To Space (13) Ford Theatre 9:45 (8) Sign Off 10:00 (2) The Tracer (11) City Detective (13) Movietime U. S. A. 10:30 12) Final Edition News (11) Late Show 10:40 (2) Weathercast 10:45 (2) Mann About Sports 11:00 (2) Tonight 11:55 (13) Late News 12:00 (2) Sign Off (13) Sign Off 1:25 (ID News Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn THURSDAY 6:25 ill) Morning Hymn 6:30 12) George Rossner (11) Rural Revoille 6:45 (2) George Roesner 6:55 (ID Island Headlines (13) Sign On, Anthem, Prayer 7:00 '2) Today , (11) Captain Kangsroo (13) Sonntrack 7:25 12) Today's Weather 7:30 <2i Tnday '81 Life Sciences 7:45 (11) 11 Video Lane 7:55 (2) Today In Houston (11) News 8:00 i2) Home (ID Garry Moore Show 8:15 18) Industry On Farad* 8:30 <2) Home <8) The Sculpture (11) Arthur Godfrey Time 8:35 (2) Window in Home 9:00 (2) The Price Is Right • 8) Man and the Aits (11) Strike It Rich 9:30 (2) Truth or Consequences (ID Romper Room 9:45 (8) Sign Off 10:00 (2) Tic Tac Dough j (11) Valiant Lady 110:15 (11) Love of Life 110:30 12) It Could Be You (11) Search For Tomorrow (13) Hollywood Theatre 110:45 (11) Guiding Light 111:00 '2) Movi» Date (11) Amos 'n Andy 11:30 (ID As The World Turnj 12:00 (11) Our Miss Brooks (13) Tumbleweed Time 12:30 (2) Tennessee Ernie 1:00 (.2) NBC Matinee Theatre j (11) The Big Payoff ! (13) Afternoon Film ! Festival i 1:30 (11) Bob Crosby | 2:00 121 Queen For A Day I '11) Brighter Day ' 2:15 (ID Secret Storm 2:30 (11) Edge of Night (13) Action Calvacade 2:45 (2) Modern Romances 3:00 (2) Comedy Time (11) Early Show 3:30 (2) Winners Circle (13) Krazy Kat Theatre \ rontri;ipornrr pier* wilh > -S-.n.Iin»vinn flaror l< lhi« n«w «i>fa. The armi have • limple welted trim and the »ofa hm tlirre ru-' .,111 'row. from ihe foam rubber Ural. Lowe hark ru-lim,.. ni n'-.> ',,<im •uliber. T.-fprred wooden left lire tipped wilh I«r: •• . . i Tin Fiiclier Corp.) hciiisinaker Hints By United Press in each end are a han^y painting aid. Use them for touching up tiny spots you may have miffed when painting, or Ir^r applying liquid scratch remover to furniture. If canned foods are used in i i salads, select the top grades, (Those used in cooking can be ; I of lower grade, without loss of ; I nutritive value. i y ou Ccln remove corn Eilki thoroughly by usinR a small, st jff brush. Prevent '.he corrosion of metal salt shaker tops by cover- ng the inside of the top with melted paraffin. Then, before t has set, open the holes by punching with a toothpick. Here's a tasty twist to chic- ten salad. To 1 cup of cooked,' happed chicken, add } cup each of crumbled, crisp bacon and dictd western-grown rel- ery. To^:s with cooked t itad -viing. Serve it in a red to- nalo cup, or a cooked artichoke, iroin iv.iir-h the choke las Deer. re:r.o\'fci. Serving 5j,:.t ])ea soup for unch or sunntr? Add to to 2 labk-spoons of California sherry ic-r serving and garnish the soup with bacon croutons. Make he ooutons by cutting cubes of bread, and sauteeing them tu a golden brown in bacon drippings. Wood en ware needs Immediate cleaning afi'r use. But never soak it. Use as littl? w.itef as po.sMblf in washintr. V. ^-rl \\nodenware become' :~ ;h- ened, smooth with j^mpaper hut don't polish, wax or varnish. To prevent sheets from catch ng and tearing on bed-springs, ; stick adhesive tape around the corners of the springs where- ever ther are sharp projections. AMBULANCE SERVICE Invalid Coach-Emergency PH. 5-2511 BRAZOSPORT FUNERAL HOME 138 LAKE JACKSON RD. ' CONSTIPATED? New laxative discovery un-locks bowel blocks without &»g, bloat or gripe Coniiipjlion is camcJ by »kat doctors call a -itinnj; " culon ihit, iiislcad of iclamin^ mouluic " it ihould. docs the o/l'.'i'.iti:: lob» the colon of io rniKu ;..o^siuic that iu conlcllli become Jtr.i Jutted, 10 dry that they block tiic t-ovid; to kUmnkcn that tiicy f-.l 10 cxcilc or iiimulato the wt:c to puic-e piopcli aai ejtpcU vaaic iioBi your body. If rittaia Durmal resulirhj, tha dry, •fcruulcu, cou&tipatini content* of vour colou which now blocL your bovt^i ouul be reaioutcneJ. SttanJ, bulk uuit be brought to >our colou to 3-T-*-t-T-C-H SIIMULiTt it 10 action; to a noting urge uj pur^c. tile l'«« capacity, plus t'otoNiiDl ilrtlc*- simiulatutj biJ». S-> clteanc it rt- licio eicQ Lhioiuc vOinupauoQ ove/- uitiht, C'ciio.Nxiu is >tl \o smooth, »o gentle it h.ii pto\cJ i.iic cveit for Kunicn in critical stages of prcgiuacy. Suj^rlur tu t'ld M)le bulk, salt or dru^ Uvjti^cs, Cui.(J.sAiD neither t{a&&. bloats nor giipw. v»ou'l mlcrtere *ilh obiorptioii of \iuniml ind othcl ¥alu- able fuo-i nutrirnu: in tlirucol IMU, Jid nut c^uac joah ur*otiicr rwciioni, >uur bodyl And CoLomio cicrci»«« >uur coioa to tune it igaiuit coruu>>» lion, uveruiglll! (Jet CoLONilli. II cj»-lo-tal.c tablet !onu .it any drug iuuulcr. toJj;! Only ''fti; t^-r the 60 l.ibijl pjck.i^c. bllilis lH»it:vc Itlief jt lc..s (iuu -- per ublcl.

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