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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 22, 1976
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A-2-1NDEPENDENT (AM) * PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) uw B««^ ciiit.. MQQ.. March jvmt_ People iii the news Next British First Lady may be Yank Picking up the pieces Three young women carry away belongings Sunday after searching path of tornado's destruction in residential Michigan community of West Bloomficld Township, a suburb of Detroit. Tornado killed one person and damaged or destroyed up to 100 homes and businesses in community. . -»pwi«jhoi. 1 JLJ -£"*. -A- .H_/ J l-l ^T-X. ±--t J Helicopter crashes kill 10 Gmh1nMl News Services Ten persons died in A r m y helicopter crashes near Ft. Denning, Ca., and Ft. Campbell, Ky., during weekend storms. One man was injured and another was missing. The bodies of seven soldiers were found in the ruins of a helicopter that crashed about 20 miles north of Dahlonega, Ga. A Ft. Banning official- said the aircraft apparently struck Aiken Mountain. At Ft. Campbell, an official said a helicopter which crashed in a windstorm Saturday, killing all \hrce persons aboard, should not have been flying. "Aircraft were not supposed to be up at that time," said Maj. Frank McGourty, information officer. "Severe w e a t h e r warnings were put out. Whether he (the pilot) a c t u a l l y got (hem or not, who knows?" The identities of all victims were withheld pending notification of relatives. Fishermen arrested SALMON. Idaho -- Fourteen men were jailed over the weekend as wildlife officials and police cracked down on a "fish- in" by more than 2T0 persons protesting a ban on fishing in the Salmon River. Most «f the men arrested, including those a magistrate described as some of Salm- on's "most-upstanding citizens," refused to sign citations for illegal fishing from the icy banks of the river near North Fork, 22 miles north of here. All pleaded innocent and were released after arraign- m e n t S a t u r d a y . S e v e r a l f i s h e r m a n carried placards protesting closing of the river, also known as "River of No Return," by the Idaho Fish arxl Game Department which said the action would protect dwindling populations of salmon and sleclhead trout. Bomb sniffers WASHINGTON - Romb sniffing dogs will Ite at work at airports in six more cities by June, the l«iw Enforcement Assistance Administration a n n o u n c e d Sunday. The Iminh-scarch teams of dogs and their handlers will go [o w o r k in Oakland; Boston: Rismarck, N . D . ; Jacksonville, I-'la.; Oklahoma City, Okia., and Seattle. .The teams already have been placed in 18 cities in a four-year program financed w i t h $100,000 it) LEA A money. The LEA A said the cities were selected so that no a i r c r a f t flying over the United Stales would be more than a half-hour's flying time away from a bomb-search team in the event of a bomb threat. Combined News Services T h e r e ' s an o u t s i d e chance that Britain's next f i r s t l a d y w i l l b e a n American. Two chances, to be precise, since two of the six c a b i n e t m i n i s t e r s c a m - paigning for election as leader of the ruling Labor P a r l y h a v e A m e r i c a n wives. Environment Minister Anthony Crosland's wife S u s a n h a i l s f r o m Baltimore, Md. Energy Secretary Tony Benn's spouse Caroline is f r o m Cincinnati. B o t h are writers, mothers, and former stud e n t s at Vassar, where (hey first met. T h e i r h u s b a n d s a r e locked in an unprecedented political dogfight for t h e i r party's leadership following last week's sudden resignation of Prime M i n i s t e r Harold Wilson, w h » continues to serve only until his successor is elected by (he parly's 317 members of Parliament. The results of tlicir first b a l l o t w i l l be k n o w n T h u r s d a y . Wilson's successor as party leader is virtually certain to be asked by Q u e e n Elizabeth H to m o v e i n t o 10 Downing Street and lead the government. C r o s l a n d a n d B e n n enter the fray as 33 to I outsiders, a c c o r d i n g to B r i t a i n ' s l e g a l bookmak- e r s . T h e y a r e p i l l e d against odds-on favorite J a m e s Callaghaii, B r i t a i n ' s foreign secretary, and the highly rated chancellor of the exchequer, SUSAN CROSLAND D e n i s Heale;-, E m p l o y - m e n t Minister M i c h a e l Foot, and Home Secretary Hoy Jenkins. Rul Crosland and Benn at least know they have Hie enthusiastic support of their U.S.-born wives, both of whom are in their late ·10s and have joined f u l l y in (heir husbands' political careers in addition lo their own lively interests. Airman Gen. Russell Daugherty, commander of (he Strategic Air Command, says the nation should make sure that SAC continues lo function effectively. Daugherty spoke Saturday night in O m a h a , Neb., on the 30th anniversary of SAC. Whatever is needed to keep SAC functioning is also "the nation's requirement," he said. CAROLINE BENN Helpful I r i s h P r i m e Minister Llam Cosgrave says he believes his trip lo the U.S. has helped convince many Americans not to send funds to "the wrong people" in Ireland. 111-re on an o f f i c i a l bicentennial visit, he joined w i t h Prcsidcnl Ford lasl week in urging A m e r i ca ILS and Irish not to don a t e money to organiza- Ijons which may channel (he f u n d s lo the terrorist Irish Republican A r m y for arms. lie also told a St. Patr i c k ' s D a y s e s s i o n o f Congress that Americans w h o contribute m o n e y "thoughtlessly or o t h e r wise" lo groups claiming lo do relief work in Northern Ireland were "helping lo kill or maim Irish men and women of every religious persuasion." Nutritionist J e a n M a y e r , i n t e r n a - tionally known nutritionist and a member of Presi- d e n t F o r d ' s Consumer Advisory C o u n c i l , has boon named the 10th president of Tufts University. Dr. Mayer, whose syndicated column on nutrition a p p e a r s in 110 newspapers, succeeds Burton C. Hallowcll as president of the 6,000-student univer- s i t y . H i s appointment becomes effective July 1. The 56-year-old Mayer, who teaches at Harvard . University, was born in Paris and received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Paris. He received his Ph.D. in physiological c h e m i s t r y f r o m Y a l e University in 1948. Visitor Vice President Nelson Rockefeller a r r i v e d in P a r i s on Sunday on a three-day visit to mark the A m e r i c a n Bicentennial celebrations in France. Accompanied by his w i f e H a p p y and their daughter Melinda, Rockefeller flew in a French army helicopter from Yen- dome, 100 miles southwest of Paris, where he paid tribute earlier in the ',day to Marshal Jean-Baptist* de R o c h a m b e a u , : com mander of French forces at the Battlo of Yorktown in 1781. The Count and C o u n t e s s M i c h e l ·· de Rochambeau entertained the Rockefellers at lunch at the ancestral Rocham- b e a u chateau n e a r V e n - domc. Can't win Solzhenitsyn Some days the Postal Service j u s t can't w i n , Sun. Mark 0. Hatficld's office noted Sunday. The O r e g o n R e p u b l i can's office issued a statement observing that the Postal Service recently returned In Die senator a letter he sent to a constituent in April 19T3. It was stamped: "Found in supposedly empty equipment -- Mailbag Repair Center and Depository." Hatficld's letter began: "Postal Service -- More Oregon residents complain about this than any other government service." Alexander Solzbenltsyn, the exiled Russian writer and Nobel Prize winner, claimed in a Spanish television appearance t h a t Communism has taken the lives of 110 million persons in tlie Soviet Union in this century. Solzhenitsyn said in the Saturday broadcast that 2 or 3 million persons died in the 1917 Russian Revolution, at least 63 million in purges and other intern a l actions f r o m 1917 through 1959 and 44 million during World War II. He did not explain whether the 44 million figure was battlefield deaths. r WHAT'S HAPPENING AT N i g h t t i m e allure. The long tunic slashed high to reveal p'jama panes. Seductive as it slips along the body in thinnest polyester crepe de chine. By Kasper for Joan Leslie. Celadon green. · Sizes 6-14, $148 Fashion Gallery Dresses Jewish prayer ban upheld JERUSALEM -- Israel's s u p r e m e court on Sunday upheld a police ban against Jewish prayers on Temple Mount in a dispute- t h a i has touched off tlie worst rioting in Jordan's West Bank since It was occupied by Israel in the 1W7 war. In other moves to try and end the disturbances, t h e Israeli a r m y ordered troops out of the West Bank town of Hebron, barred a rabbi from Hebron for allegedly sparking riots thoro last week, and closed for I-I days a Palestinian newspaper in A r a b Jerusalem t h a t had called for continued demonstrations. The actions came on the eve of a U.N. Sccuri- ly Council meeting lo consider Moslem charges thai Israel is trying to wrest Temple Mounl and other religious sites from Islamic authority. Israel, which had followed a policy of boycotting any meeting w h e r e ( h e Palestine L i b e r a t i o n Organisation iPLO) was represented, lias announced it will attend the debate even though the Pl.O also will be present. A pre-Christian Jewish temple once stood on Temple Mount, and Iwu mosques are located there now, making it hallowed to both Jews and Moslems. Angola pullout JOHANNESBURG - South A f r i c a will withdraw i t s r e m a i n i n g Iroiips f r o m Angola by next Saturday if assurances it has received on the security of a dam site they are guarding prove correct. Prime Minister J o h n Vorstrr announced Sunday. Heavily armed South A f r i c a n forces are dug in 15 miles inside Angola north of the South-West Africa border guarding the Calueque dam which is part of the giant Cunenc River irrigation and hydroelectric project. The Soviet-backed Angolan government has repeatedly told them lo gel out. The soldiers arc the lasl South African troops inside Angola although another detachment is guarding a similar site in the town of R u a c a n a . which straddles the Aiigola-South-Wcst A f r i c a bor- iler. Opera tour canceled R O M E -- A planned U.S. lour by Milan's La Sralu opera company has been canceled because of Italy's f i n a n c i a l problems, the Ministry of Tourism and Enlcrlainmrnt amimmced Sunday. AduUo Sari, minister of tourism ami entertain- m e n t , told officials of La Scab in a letter that the original budget for the planned tour "has substantially increased" since it was first made. "In view of this and of the the country's delicate financial and economic situation, we are compelled to cancel the lour. The Ui Scala company planned to perform in the U.S. next f a l l as part of the Riccnlemiial celebrations. However, the English Chamber Orches- t r a , with soloists Daniel Rarenboim and Isaac Sleni. will give a scries of nine Carnegie Hall concerts in New York in April and May as a British s a l u t e to the American Bicentennial. Russia assails Egypt MOSCOW -- In one of it.s sharpest commentaries y e t on Egypt's cancellation of the Egyptian-Soviet friendship and cooperation t r e a t y , the Soviet p r e s s charged Sunday t h a t Egypt has been waging a .-.Irong campaign lo weaken the anti-Israel alliance and lo wipe out .social progress at home. Writing in Selsk:ty,-i Zhizn, a newspaper aimed at rural readers b u t published by the Communist Party's Central Committee, commentator Sergei 1/oscv claimed Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's disengagement agreement with Israel had effectively taken Egypt out of the Arab front against the Jewish stale. I.oscv also claimed t h a t major portions of the Egyptian economy were once again coming back under tlie control of Egypt's "powerful bourgeoisie and foreign monopolies." 12 die in floods J O H A N N E S B U R G - H e a v y Hoods spawned by torrential rains left at least 12 persons dead in a suburb of the South African port city of Durban, and the eventual death toll may IK- much higher, officials said Sunday. Another 1.500 persons have been evacuated from tlicir homes in the Springfield area of Durban. 7 held in fatal fire NF.TANYA, Israel -- Police detained M-vcn Israelis Sunday on suspicion of aron in connection w i t h a hotel fire that killed fmir persons and injured 46. inclurt- iii.s six tourists from M i a m i Beach. Fla The l.ilc radio said some of the detainees were employes of the 200-room Park Hotel, which burned Friday night, bin police would not confirm the report. Police w c i e aUo looking into the possibility that an eleclrical short-circuit in the hold lobby could h a v e sparked the bb/c. LAKEWOOt) THURS., MARCH 25: Vanity fair informal: Meet Vanity I'air representative Gnil Snyder, and .sec in forma! modeling of Vanity I : air fashions, 11 p.m. Lingerie, 2nd level M O N D A Y , MARCH 9: Short Came Clinic: ! : or women golfers, u u r popular "Short Game" clinic w i t h golf analyst "Doc" K u s l i c l l , One day o n l y , 1 0 p.m., I p.m.-3 p.m., or 7:15 p.m.-9:15 p.m. Fee, 55. Limited enrollment. For reservations, call 63-1-5 I I I , ext. 371. T H U R S D A Y , APRIL 1. F R I D A Y , A P R I L 2 , S A T U R D A Y , APRIL 3: |.P. Morton will be showing his collection of semi-precious stones. Thursday and F r i d a y , 11 .1.111.-9 p.m., Sat- uid.iy, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Fine j e w e l r y , 2nd level M O N D A Y , A P R I L 5: Contr.ici Uridge: Bullock's new 8-week I n t e r m e d i a t e Series. Cl.isses will meet every Monday from 10 a.m. to 1 2 p.m., and 7:1 5 p.m. to 9: !5 p.m. Tin- cost per class, $2. Come .ilone, w i t h your favorite p a r t n e r , or y o u r entire bridge group Reservations arc r.ot necessary. L.i Cavcrna Room, Hasement level Shop Mon. iluu t : ri.. 10 arn-9:30 pm; Sat., 10 jm-fi pm; Sun., 12 noon to 5 pm | Bullock's Lakcwood, 5005 Clark Ave., Lakewood, 6M-5111

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