Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 3, 1973 · Page 15
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 15

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1973
Page 15
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Dennis The Menace Citizen Comics DASWOCD, WANTS TO KfJOW IP I CAN SO TO STAG PARTV .' HIM TONI6HT / °,«'sS/^zs/i ' ' t i **l I' '*" ,W "T SATURDAY, FEBRUARY, 3, 1973 · · · PAGE 15 THE ROUMP- HEAPED KIP.. IT'S 60IN6 TO BE A TESTIMONIAL PINNER FOR CHAKUE BKOUN ^W^:^ 'i SURE FEEL SOW WRTH6 DRIVE-IN AWIt PEOPLE/ A Five MiNure$ AFTBK A J THE weppiNe, r TOUP T~ / HIM WHAT t HONESTty TH0UW1 OF HIM, HE TOLP Mft WHAT W6 I H?NE$TLV THOUGHT OP M6 V AND lNO.' IT ^-- UBAKNBP THAT A AMRRIA6 TO THEFTE LA5TEP RY $ TJMfi .THAT, KI6HT AT THE WfllNNINfi- UKE i TOLP-WL; HE'LL BE HO NO/IT'5 NOTHING W£ CANT DO AWOTHeK TIME XT'Httseome TO WIVE t?U UP TO HEU.0-- CHAKLEXT THIS) HE'S COME 15 SAFE/I'LL HAVE -{ POHK TO EAJTTH/ STUPIO I HOPE I RUIN THE MX ,, / KfH/SCONNECT/CUT TO /HVSISIEK/ANP HER HUSBAND Rex Morgan NOW,MAVEYOU SOT,ALL THAT? you ALL RI6HT. 10 TO NOOM I'LL IF ANYONE NEEP5'/Me TAB NUMBER 1$ qe \-°77S. '60T.IT? 3E 1-1775. NOON TO TWO I'LL K AT OLDE /MILL INN ' · WITH MAR66, LOOK UP THE NUMBER. THEN CLU0, I'LL. BE M0ME · AT SIX, . Beetle BaUey WoUUP HE NOT ECOMS MOEE SUSPICIOUS IP I ATTEMPTEP TO THROW HIM OUT.' SHOULD YOU NOT BE RIP. OF THIS YANKEE, CANYON? WHAT. IF HE RECOGNIZES YOU? HERR PRO- FESSORAVS HAVE TAKEN YOU FROM YOUR WORK ...WHEN WE RETURN,! SHALL EXPECT VAST TRUTHS FROM THE PAST -TO'BE REVEAUEP BY YOUR. EFFORTS! -IlU TAKE CARE PRESENT -SUCH AS WHV SUEZ- SIZE 6EAR. TO 5UCIC UP SANP FROM A MILLSTREAM TRICKLE' Sieve Canyon DADBURN GeRWTl FEMALES PAW-TflKEVORE FILLER flLONS JEST IN CASE' Snuffy Suutb UTS|DIT. GRANNV ANP THE" CLEAK-UP CREW BECOME RESTIVE. NOWl HOPE WE'RE AS SMART AS WE THINK WE ARE, BUZ. I PUT THE- dEWELS BACK INTO THE TOWEL DISPOSAL JUST AS I FOUHt? THEM. BOTH CUT , KI AHD UHCUT PICTURES EMERALP5/' WRTH *IOO,-000 PUB LIC H E A L T H S U R E TAX isia OFFICERS. A V- THEM A LONG SICK WOMAN) A, .TIME.' ABOAKP. Buz Sawyer AM I LOSING MY MINP? I MY NEW FISH BOWL IS MADE OF INVISIBLE 6LASS Tell Me Whv! Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! cave of. this papen The New Book Of Knowledge 20 volume encyclopedia for school and home will be ir.varded for" the letter selected. Jn the case of i. : .2.vi3 qaestiaus, the" author of "Tell Me \v;iyr' will select the winner. Iciiay's Winrer Is: · '·': ' " · ; · , ; ' . ' . _ ' · '· No Winner On Saturday Men of music: 31endelssohn One of the most frequently played pieces of music in the world's great composers, was Mendelssohn. It is the "Wedding March" that we hear at most weddings. ' Mendelssohn, one of the word's great composers, was born in 1809 in Hamburg, Germany. He grew up in a very cultured! household and as a young man he spent his days taking lessons in piano, harmony, violin, drawing and languages. At the age of nine he 'appeared in public as a pianist and by the time he was 15 ha had already composed dozens of pieces, including symphonies. When, he was 17 he wrote an overture to William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and years later he composed the rest of the score. Mendelssohn then began to travel abroad and he conducted music in many European countries. Finally he settled in Leipzig, Germany, and founded the Conservatory there.' Mendelssohn was a'happy man who enjoyed his life and : his : music reflects this. His "Concerto in E Minor" is one of the most popular of all concertos for violin. Among his other great works are the "Italian" and "Scotch" symphonies, the "Hebrides" and the "Ruy Bias" overtures. He also wrote a great oratorio called "Elijah." Felix Mendelssohn died in 1847. * * * FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. Why can't they hang a man with a moustache? 2. Which is the faster -- heat or cold? 3. How many peaches can you put in an empty basket? ANSWERS 1. They have to use a rope. 2. Heat -- you can catch cold. 3. One -- then the basket is no longer empty. * * s DID YOU KNOW? The tallest tree now known to be standing is a California redwood called The Founder's Tree in Humboldt State Park. It is 364 feet high! * · * it- Answer to yesterday's Puzzle Box: Dancer, Acrobat, Violinist. Every Saturday in the Weekend Color Comics -- Andy Capp, Peanuts, Blondie, Brenda Starr, Hi and jLOis, The Wizard of Id, Nancy, Beetle Bailey, Rex Morgan, B.C., Steve Canyon, Prince Valiant, Apart* ment 3-G, Snuffy Smith, Momma, Gasoline Alley, Grin and Bear It, Dennis the Menace, Johnny Womter, Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A New Bonk of Knowledge Yearbook will be j;wardsd for the Iciicrs .-.u'cctfid each week. FINE /IF YOU. WANT TO GET UP 2O MINUTES EARLIER TD PUT FT ON WHY DON'T WE HAVE SOME REGULAR COFFEE IN THE MORNINGS FOR A CHAN6E, INSTEAD OFTHE INSTANT? HiAndLoi IHATE SHOUMNS APPRECIATION OUR APPRECIATION FOR ALL HE'5 PON6 A5 OUR TEA/WMANA6ER SIT AT-THE HEAP TA0L.eJ . 50 PLEASE TRVTO COME,, Tm.R*?.U. S.P»L Dif.--Alt riehts n WM · 1973 by Un»«d Futun ^yndicat*. l«. YOU kMOW,.PERHAPS IT WOULP DO BRYAN GOOP .TO SEE YOU FOR A FEW MINUTES; COME WITH ME.' lET'S SEE IF HE'S AWAKE/ ' BRYAN ISTHATKINP OF A PERSON-, .WHAT CAM.I SAY TO HIM, SAY1N6 I'M SORRY SOUNPS SO EMPTY I PONT KNOW WHAT THERE WAS ABOUT MR. ROPELL-- BUT WHEN'I OPENEP THE POOR I REALIZED THAT HE WAMTEP TO HELP US. NOT HURT US' NO, I POH'T THINK IT DOES.'' BESIPES, KNOWING THAT YOU INTERESTEP ENOU6H THE HOSPITAL TO SEE Hi M Will'MAKE BRYAN FEEL Apartment 3-G Wizard of Id AN? ITHIHK ITf 0UH60IH TOMAHAWK! W* NfXrMORWN6. AiBRWPA WALK* IHTO THE CITYKOOM.,.. W4f FOR N07HM6. IffTILL GETTIH6 HER FAC£ L1FTEP..BY Brenda Starr . 24 AND IT'S PL AST/C /..... .... WHAT DOES we haven't \ f When's TCIovia wants to wait /Hy-hm 1 wrann with -that' Sojpuaf Opvia'sri»ld an 4 bodi) but I \ th 1 biq till I qet my bills V£oS don't alt gittin hitched Unit's all riqht to-1 dau?A paid up and save · VV^rSM KS,^; married till they's eiqhtt) Sood bou.Slim Gasoline Alley I KNITTED A PAIR OF BED SOCKS FOR YOU, H EN RY / BUT HOW CAN T I CAN'T' ' YOU SEE WITH , JEFF'/wATCHING RESTS MV EYES/ Mutt And Jeff SURE! i USED TO BE A STICK-UP MAN. IN AN ALLEY! PERHAPS! HAVE YOU EVER PONE ANY PHYSICAL LABOR? POYOU HAVE ANY JOBS? YOU WERE A MUGER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY '. ' Smidgens

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